Katie Brown – The Interviewer

Katie Brown – The Interviewer (MF, celeb, oral, teen, cons,)

by Gyarados

I was so excited, Katie Brown was one of my favorite athletes.
Ordinarily I don’t get nervous but for her I was shaking in my boots
so to speak. It wasn’t that she was more famous or better in any
way than any of the other girls I’d interviewed but she was one of
my favorites. So when the boss called and offered me a small
interview with Katie for next issue I jumped
at the chance. No, I
was not hoping to sleep with her. I never go in with that
expectation. And to clear up a misconception I do not sleep with
everyone I interview, those are merely the only ones I really talk

We worked out the details over the phone, I was going to come out
to Colorado and meet her after she finished her daily climbs and
then interview her before she went home. I flew out to Colorado and
rented a car and drove down to near where she climbed. That morning
I awoke to the ringing of the phone. "Hello," I said not fully
awake yet.

"Hi Brian, this is Katie. there has been a little change in
plans. Can you come by and pick me up?"

I was confused and it took me a minute to fully understand her,
"OK sure Katie, I’ll be there in about an hour." I got up and
showered then dressed and had my morning coffee before heading out
to pick up Katie. Katie had a small apartment near the local

She came out of her apartment as I drove up, She was wearing just
her short tight shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt that she favored for
climbing in. she got in my car and told me where to go. "Do, you
climb?" She asked me.

"Not really, I’ve tried it a few times," I admitted to her.

"Well, maybe I can show you a few things. there are some bunny
cliffs were we are going too."

"I’d like that," This would like a bulls fan playing 1 on 1 with
Michael Jordan or something akin to that. We got to the cliffs and
she broke out her gear and started climbing with me holding onto her
safety rope. Not that she needed one, she could climb better than
anyone in the world and I had never seen her fall in competition.
that was on stuff far harder than this. I couldn’t keep my eyes off
her body as she climbed. She was perfect, not an extra once of fat
on her whole body. She was basically one 5′ muscle. And a good
looking one at that. oh, the things I’d love to do to her.

When she got to the top she repelled down and said to me, "OK your
turn. lets try you on the cliff over there?" I agreed and put on the
harness and started to climb with her giving me encouragement and
advice. I almost slipped several times on my way up then I did
fall. I was falling fast and then I felt the rope grab me. Spun
around a few times getting dizzy and disoriented. When I regained
my senses I saw Katie lowering me back down to the ground. "Brain,
are you OK?" She was shouting at me.

"Yeah, I guess I’m just not cut out to be a climber," I replied.
My head was spinning and I felt nauseous. She got me to the ground
and I was trembling.

"you sure your OK, your shaking pretty badly?"

"yeah, and thanks for the save Katie." I looked up into her eyes.
I saw something there I hadn’t before. Taking a chance I put my
hand on her cheek and leaned in close. She opened her mouth and let
me kiss her. Then she started kissing back as she unhooked me from
the climbing getup.

We broke the kiss and she said, "Wow." Then, we kissed again more
passionately than the last time. Katie hopped up on a nearby bench
and I got between her legs still kissing her. I tugged on Katie’s
shorts until I had them down to her knees. I looked up and saw her
simple white cotton panties and could barely make out her brown
pubic hair underneath. I kissed her panty clad pussy eliciting
moans from her. I slipped my tongue around the legs of her panties
and sampled her young juices. She put her hands on the back of my
head and ran her fingers through my hair as I went down on her. She
was dripping wet as my tongue explored her snatch. Soon she was
cumming through her panties and I drank every drop of her juices. My
head moved up her body kissing as I went. I lifted her shirt with
my head until I came to her breasts. I started to suckle on her
nipple like I was a baby. She was so hot and eager. She pushed me
away and Got on her knees in front of me. Unzipping my pants she
pulled my nine inch cock out and pooped it into her mouth. She
started sucking on my meat with all her teen skill. Her young mouth
worked me over taking me to the edge of orgasm time and time again
but she backed off before I could climax.

Then she let me pop out of her mouth and said to me, "I want you
NOW!" She laid back on the picnic table and spread her legs. She
started to finger her teen cunt awaiting my large cock. I slid my
cock into her and slammed it home making her cry out in pleasure. I
kept thrusting into her deeply pulling almost all the way out. When
Katie came she pushed my cock out of her tight pussy and I’d ram it
back in. Soon I couldn’t take it any longer and I came deep inside
Katie. I collapsed on top of her and regained my strength. after
making love to my favorite star, I did finally get the interview
which passed through the magazine without much notice. oh well, I
guess the world isn’t ready for climbers, but I know I sure am.

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