Katy and her Brother

Katy and her Brother

by: Tromeo Que

Content: Brother/Sister Incest, Shower, Titty-Fucking, Fellatio, Cunnilingus,Cream-Pie, Breast Play

Celeb: Katy Perry

This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Katy Perry had just finished with her latest tour, and was downright exhausted. She just wanted to relax and

unwind for a while, so she did what she always did, what a lot of people in her line of work do, and went back

home. Of course, she knew her parents were on vacation, but was surprised to find her brother, David there.

“Yeah, I’m looking after the place while they’re gone.”

“Oh. Okay. Listen, I’m gonna go to my room and take a nap. I’m really tired.” She yawned to emphasize her



Katy went to her room, and closed the door. She would’ve locked it, but these doors didn’t lock. At least not by

any modern means. The most she could do is hope her ruse would fool David. She quickly stripped out of the

clothes she flew here in, went in the bathroom, and started the shower.

As soon she got in, and felt the hot water on her skin, she felt a million times better. She flipped the top on

her bottle of body wash, poured it on the loofah, and rubbed it all over her; her shoulders, her large breasts,

her stomach, under her arms, her legs, her ass.

Suddenly, she had…a feeling. She didn’t know how, but she sensed her “nap” ruse hadn’t worked, and she could

feel him watching her. She never told their parents, their older sister, or anybody about it, but she knew, right

from the beginning, that David was in love with her. Her own brother, right from the moment he hit puberty, held

a major candle for his big sis. The thing was, though, it didn’t really disgust her, but there was something…

weird about it, which unsettled her, but somehow kept her from ratting him out. Of course, now, the press would

have a field day if they knew about this. Still, though, she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was that she

felt whenever she knew he was watching. It wasn’t a negative kind of feeling, in fact, it was just the opposite.

It felt kind of like…she liked it? Her eyes widened at this thought. No, no, that’s…that’s just…This is her

brother…That would be…

But the more she thought about it, and about David, the more she realized it was true. She wanted to cry, but

composed herself.

Later that night, she lay awake, thinking. She loved David very much, but could she really feel like…that…

about him? And, if so, what was she gonna do, avoid him for the rest of her life? That wouldn’t solve anything,

it would just make them both miserable. But she had to do something; she had to resolve this. But how? There was

only one way she could think of, but it didn’t even bear thinking about. But the more she tried to push it out of

her mind, the more she realized, it was the only way. There was no other solution. Reluctantly, she stood up, and

went in to her brothers room.

“David? David, wake up.” Her brother woke up, bleary-eyed.

“Katy? What is it?”

“Scoot over. I need to talk to you about something.”

“Wh-Okay.” David scooted backwards, and Katy got into bed next to him. “So, what’s this about?”

“Well, first of all, David, I want to stress that I’m not mad about this, and I understand.”


“I know you were watching me in the shower today.”


“That’s not all. I also know that you’re in love with me.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“It’s okay, David. You don’t need to deny it. Like I said, I’m not mad. I understand. But, there’s something

you need to realize. Now, you know the kind of position I’m in. And you know the world frowns on this kind of

thing. Whatever happens, David, this can never get out. Do you understand? Nobody can ever know about this.”

“I understand.”

“Good.” Katy’s heart about jumped out of her throat at the thought of what she was about to do. “Now, come here.”


Katy gestured with her finger for him to come closer. David leaned in, and Katy surprised him by placing her lips

on his. Both their hearts were running a mile a minute, as Katy began stroking David’s neck, and he, in turn,

rubbed her shoulder with one hand, and groped her breast with the other. Katy’s other hand traveled downward,

where she discovered her brother was already “ready”. She slowly stroked him through his boxers, as he began

kissing her neck.

“Baby, lie back.” David lay on his back, and Katy straddled him. She grabbed the bottom of her night shirt, and

pulled it off. David immediately reached up, and started feeling her up. Katy closed her eyes, tilted her head

back, and bit her lip, as her brother squeezed and caressed her big, soft tits. Her hand, meanwhile, found its way

into his boxers, where it wrapped around his throbbing cock, and started slowly stroking it. She then leaned down,

and kissed down his neck, his shoulders, his chest, his stomach, until she arrived at the waist band of his boxers.

Hesitantly, she pulled it down, and his cock came bouncing out. She glanced up at her brother, who she found was

looking back at her, then looked back down, closed her eyes, and placed her tongue on the tip of his cock. She

could hear David breathing heavily as she licked all around the swollen tip, and on that spot just under it, before

placing her lips on it. David’s sighs turned into groans as she sucked steadily on his cock’s head, as well as

continuing to lick it, while she stroked the shaft with her hand.



“Can I, uh…” Katy immediately knew what her brother was thinking of. She scooted up a little, and wrapped her

tits around his cock. She barely had to move at all, as David was actually doing most of the work, thrusting into

her bosom. It felt good for her, but she knew it felt even better for him.

“That feel good, baby?” she whispered. “Yeah, you’ve wanted to do this forever, haven’t you?” Eventually, Katy

sensed her brother was about to cum, so she took the head into her bosom, and rubbed her tits against it

vigorously, until she felt his hot jism spurt in massive amounts between them. As she kissed her way back up, he

whispered to her.



“I wanna do you now.”

She smiled up at him. “Lover, you can do anything you want.”

She laid onto her back, and he now started moving down, kissing down her neck, and her shoulders. He wrapped his

hands around her shapely bosoms, and started squeezing them roughly. Katy’s moans told David his sister was not

hating this. He stuck his tongue out, and encircled her already hard nipple, making it even harder.

“…uh…David…” He then placed his lips on her breast, and started sucking, as he continued licking the nipple.

“…Oh, David…” He alternated between both her nipples, giving her breasts the attention he knew they so

rightly deserved. Eventually, he started to move down, kissing down her stomach, even stopping to lick around the

rim of her belly button, which was always secretly one his favorite parts of her. He continued down, till he got

to her panties, which he could tell long before he got there, were already soaked. Gingerly, he moved her panties

aside. David had seen his sister’s tits many times, but this was the first time he’d ever gotten to see her pussy.

Closing his eyes, he again stuck his tongue out, and began slowly licking up and down it. “…ah…uhm…” He

caressed her inner thighs with his hands as he ate her out, sliding his tongue inside, tasting her pussy juices.

“…Oh, God, David…that feels sooo good…” As his tongue probed deeper, he found her clit, which was

practically pulsating. Keeping up a steady rhythm, he licked up one side of her clitoris, then the other. With

each stroke of his tongue, Katy felt the pleasure gradually increase, as she wondered how much David had been

thinking of this, too. When she finally felt the orgasm start to hit her, Katy’s body seized up, she clenched her

teeth, and then, in spite of herself, let out a high-pitched squeal so long and loud, it would’ve been heard all

through the house, if anybody else had been at home. The squeal turned into a hoarse scream as the orgasm spread

throughout her body.

As her heart slowed down, and she caught her breath, she felt her brother kissing his way back up. Grabbing his

head in her hands, she kissed him, practically sucking the air out of his lungs. Katy could feel her brother’s

once again rock-hard cock rubbing against her thigh, and started to dry hump him. David knew instantly what his

sister was signaling to him. Katy’s eyes shut tightly and her brow furrowed as she felt his cock enter her, and

fill her up. As he started to slowly thrust into her, she nibbled his earlobe, while he kissed her shoulder and

neck. Between gasps for air, she whispered in his ear, “I love you, David. I really, really love you.” She

wrapped her arms around her brother as he roughly grabbed her butt-cheeks and started fucking her faster and

harder, grunting with each thrust. “Oh! Ohgodbabyyes! YES!” David knew his sister was cumming, when her already

tight pussy clamped even tighter around his dick, and her fingernails started to dig into his back. As he felt his

cock slowly start to contract, he heard Katy, in the throws of ecstasy, call out, “Oh, God, David! Cum in me!

Please cum in me!” A bit reluctant, he nevertheless complied. Both their bodies shuddered, as David began to

ejaculate inside of his sister. Katy sighed with pleasure as she felt her brother’s hot seed flowing inside her.

A little later, Katy smiled as she nuzzled against her sleeping brother. She knew she’d made the right choice. So

what if no one could ever know? Right now, she felt like they were the only two people in the world.

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