Kiran Gets Raped

Kiran gets raped.

By Jim Johnson

I also attached the file.

IT was a dark and stormy night. Kiran awoke to feel her arms stretched over her head. She couldn’t move either of them! She was flat on her back. Wearing nothing but a white nightie.

Each leg was attached to two long chains which held her legs straight up in the air. Spreading them.

“Well I’m glad you woke up.” said Bob. Kiran shot back! Wha…Whats going on! Still half awake.

Be quiet! I own you now! Bob screamed! Bob’s friend Joe was standing beside the bed with a video camera.

“Get this on tape Joe.” Bob
said. Bob jumped on top of Kiran and his head moved down to her pussy. Kiran realized what was about to happen and started screaming! Stop! Stop!

Joe reached over and grabbed Kirans head. He then shoved a red ball gag into her mouth. Mmmmph. Mppph. That should shut her up, said Joe.

Her muffled scream and cries for help could still be heard through the gag. Joe positioned the camera on Kirans pussy. Still covered by her panties. Bob’s head again moved down to her crotch.

He then grabbed a handful of her panties with his teeth, and PULLED! RIP!! RIIIP! RIP! RIPP!!!

This wasn’t easy. Bob pulled on them with his teeth for a few minutes. The entire time it forced Kiran’s panties up her ass giving her a huge painful wedgie!

Finally RIIIP! They came off! It was a beautiful site before him. Kiran’s tight pussy. Which wouldn’t be tight for long. Bob’s head moved in closer to Kiran’s pussy lips.

He grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them. His tongue then moved in on her spread pussy. He licked her open clitoris! Sucked…licked…biting…

Kiran was bucking like crazy! His head was just trying to stay on her crotch! He licked faster! He knew she could feel every stroke!

And he knew that she was helpess! Kiran had never been OWNED like this.

Bob could literally do anything he wanted to her! Then….about about 5 minutes into the pussy rape…Kiran’s body betrayed her! She had a violent orgasm! MMMMMMMMMMPPHH she moaned and cried through the gag!

Bob sat up and looked Kiran in her big beautiful eyes. Did you like that? There’s more where that came from! She was still shaking violently. Scared. Not knowing what would happen next.

Bob then dismounted Kiran and took over taping. Joe jumped on top of Kiran and RIP RIP RIP! Her bra came off! Joe smiled!

Joe then let his pants down. It revealed a 12 inch cock! Kiran had never seen anything like it! She continued to scream and cry!

Joe then took the gag out. “I like to hear em scream.” Joe said with a sinister smile. Get a shot of this. said Joe. Bob then showed a shot of his HARD twelve inch cock.

It looked evil. His cock had an evil look to it. Almost like a weapon. Now show her pussy. said Joe. Bob then cut directly to a shot of Kiran’s pussy. Spread…helpless…open…


Then Bob cut to a wide shot. Joe’s dick lowered…slowly…slowly…in between Kiran’s beautiful long legs. Kiran’s pussy was unaware of what was about to happen.

Kiran’s pussy came into the shot. Joe’s dick slowly…slowly…lowered! Until the two met for the first time! Joe went to shove his dick in! But…it wouldn’t fit! Kiran screamed and cried! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Joe rammed! And rammed! and shoved! and crammed!

Like a swat team breaking down the door of a crack house! UUUHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGG!

Finally he got in! Kiran was still screaming just like Joe liked! PLEASE STOP! She shouted! Cried…begged..pleaded! but it did no good. It just made Joe work his dick into Kiran harder!

It felt like his dick was in a clamp. His dick violated her pussy. IN AND OUT! IN and OUT! But it was only three inches in! 9 more to go Joe told Kiran! AHHHHHHH!

With both hands on her ass cheeks..he began driving his dick deeper into her pussy! Rocking in and out!! Back and forth! Her ass and pussy were rocking back and forth as he forced his way in!

Once he was all the way into her pussy he would then pull it out…and then push it back in! 12 inches in..12 inches back out!

He was shaking her while doing this! Her boobs bounced! Her legs bobbled up and down! Kiran screamed so loud she almost lost her voice! Deep screams!

Finally..Joe picked Kiran’s crotch up off the bed…and held it in the air…and his dick just raped…and raped her pussy until she had another violent orgasm!

But Joe wasn’t done. Kiran’s orgasm was over…but Joe wasn’t ready. He continued to use and abuse her with his 12 inch dick!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Kiran screamed!

Finally he had a violent orgasm as well. He completely filled her pussy with sperm to the point of overflow.

It ran down her leg. “Clean me off now” Joe said.

He brought his dick up to her mouth. Kiran reluctantly opened her mouth and took his dick into it. She licked and sucked. DEEPER JOE SCREAMED!

DEEPER! DEEPTHROAT ME! You bitch! You’re my bitch!

Her lips wrapped around his cock! Up and down! Up and down!

Mmmmph! Mmmmph!

Her head bobbed up and down until her neck was sore. Finally after about 10 minutes…Joe came! Into her mouth! Kiran tried to open her mouth to spit..but Joe quickly held it closed!

Swallow it all!!! Mmmmmph!

Then…Bob and Joe switched places. Joe begun running the camera again. Bob jumped on top of Kiran and grabbed her wrists. He held them down while Joe uncuffed her hands. Then…they flipped her over onto her stomach.

Bob and Joe then each cuffed her hands back to the headboard. They did the same with her legs. Bob quickly stuck his dick in her ass!

Please stop! Kiran screamed! I’ll rip you a new asshole! Bob told her!

Plunging in and out! Grabbing Kiran’s hips! Forcing his dick into her little anus! OWWWWWWW! Kiran screamed! Please stop!

Bob loved it when Kiran screamed! Joe then put the camera on a tripod and got underneath Kiran!


He started sucking on her supple big beautiful breasts! Joe moved down and started eating Kiran out…while Bob fucked her ass at the same time!

Finally Kiran had a violent orgasm! OWOO! Ahhh! Ahhh! OOWWW!

They then kept Kiran as a slave forever. And they lived happily ever after.


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