Lacey Chabert’s Next Movie – Part 3b


The following story is a work of fiction and in no way is an accurate portrayal of the person(s) depicted.

Lacey Chabert’s Next Movie

Part three: Frat party FALLOUT… Continued.

My name is Daniel. I’m a college student down south. I am an ordinary college guy with a gift. I am a writer, a scriptwriter more than anything. I wrote what I believed to be one hell of a movie. The inspiration for this movie came from what I have experienced through life, my life! So I decided to take a chance and I sent it to Hollywood. I finally received information on it and was told that it was worthy
of Cinema. So I was in talks with this producer and he told me that the actor he had in mind to play my part was to come down south and live with me. To my surprise he changed the role to a female role. I was about to walk out of the deal not because I didn’t want a gorgeous Hollywood actress living with me for three months, but because this project was personal to me and didn’t think a woman could do justice to the role. The producer told me that Lacey Chabert had been chosen for the role I flipped and agreed immediately. The reason for this is because I was obsessed with this girl ever since she was a young girl in party of five and then she grew up and grew a killer body and I grew more obsessed. I loved everything she did, every movie she was in and to hear her voice on screen made me shiver. This girl drove me wild and she was coming to live with me. The day finally came and she came down south and I picked her up from the airport. She got off the plane and I swear an angel had been sent to me from heaven. So we talked and we went to the bar that first night and it seemed like we had always known each other. Well when we got back to my house I couldn’t take it anymore I kissed her and thought that she was going to slap me. Instead we made out and she gave me the greatest blowjob I had ever received and let me titfuck her! And those tits were the most beautiful big tits I have ever seen in my life! It was the best experience in my life up to that point. The next day I took her to class with me and she met my best friend Seth who is a ladies man and could tell they were attracted to each other. And mind you I had not revealed to her yet that I was like any other writer: an alcoholic and depressed individual. We made it through class and hung out all day and went to the bar later that night and Lacey and Seth were still flirting but I just drank that image away like usual. A fight broke out between this guy hitting on Lacey and Seth and I. Seth started it by hitting the guy who was feeling on Lacey and I went crazy as well. I took the guy and beat him to the point where he could have died and I scared Lacey and she left the bar in tears. I caught up with her and apologized and explained about my condition as an alcoholic and depressive. We talked and got a cab and she was a mental wreck when we got back. That night with tears still in her eyes she begged me to have sex with her. I had the greatest sex of my life that night. It was slow and powerful and I made her have an orgasm that night which made me feel like a million bucks. It was the greatest night of my life. The next morning we sealed the deal further by having wild fast sex in the shower as she wrapped her legs around my waist and I fucked her off the ground. Over the next two months we had sex every night and did oral when we weren’t having sex. It seemed like we fooled around and had sex non-stop. Over the past two months we were an item. Over the past two months we did everything together and were inseparable. She told me everyday that she loved me and I was the one. This was turning my life to shit slowly but surely. Yeah I loved her too but I knew she was going to Los Angeles after this was over and out of my life forever. But fuck it I was in love and being stupid.

Outside of a bookstore in a strip mall…..

Lacey walks out of the store wearing a pink tight shirt with overalls covering her huge tits. Her hair was in pig-tails and she looked like a vision from heaven. She was laughing as she walked and I came up to her with a magazine.

“Lace…… baby! This is a terrible shot of you! You look like a skank!” I laughingly told her as I stared at a magazine with her in it.

She was in the magazine wearing a thong and nothing else as her arms were covering her massive tits.

“Oh shut up Daniel! You know you are going to use that magazine in the bathroom later!” she said laughing…

“I don’t need the magazine baby! I have the real thing right here and you are better than my hand any day!” I told her…

“Wow! That is gross sweetie. But I am flattered and I love you so much!!” She told me as she threw her arms around me and stuck her tongue in my mouth.

I pushed her back against the outside column of the store and grabbed her ass and squeezed as I made out with her. I moved my hand down to her thigh as I lifted her leg to my waist and forced my tongue against hers. We were making out hardcore right there like we were going to rip our clothes off and have sex right there.

“Get a room!” some guy said to us as he walked by…

We didn’t care as we still made out because we were in-love.

I broke the kiss to ask my beautiful sexy angel a question.

“What do you want to do tonight Hun? I asked her.

“Well……How about you fuck my brains out as usual!” she said with a devilish grin on her face as she bit her bottom lip.

“I’d like to do that right here but you have a project to be working on for the movie sweetie!” I reminded her.

“Oh yeah I forgot baby!” she said with a sad, pouting, high, sexy voice.

“Well my friend Seth is throwing a party at his Fraternity house tonight! Should be worth a try.” I told her.

“If you want to then I am there but I’m warning you that you will have to protect me from the guys that are there because there will be some people that recognize me!” She exclaimed.

“No problem I will not let anyone touch you baby! I love you too much for that to happen!” I said.

“What am I going to do with you sexy?! She said with a sexy grin on her face as she leaned over and kissed me again.

We left the store and I drove home to my apartment. Seth was there sitting on my front porch.

“You guys coming to the party tonight?” he asked

“Yeah man we were thinking about it!” I exclaimed.

Lacey walked by and hugged Seth.

“Hey there Seth… stud!” She said with a smile on her face.

“Hey to you too Lacey!” He said.

As she walked through the door Seth glared at her ass as it swiveled back and forth with her sexy strut. Her ass looked as if it was going to rip through her overalls. And Seth I could tell was in-love with her ass. Yeah he like everyone else was highly impressed with her tits and how big they were but he loved her ass.

“Dude that is amazing…….just amazing brother!” he said staring at her ass while she walked.

“Yeah man and I know your going to laugh at this but it is my ass to love ok!? I told him as he could tell I was getting pissed.

“You mean to tell me that you and Lacey Chabert are an item? The Lacey Chabert! The Lacey of Lost in Space! The Lacey of Party of Five!

Lacey of Mean Girls!……And you believe that she loves you!? He asked.

“Ask her man! It is what she wanted man!” I told him.

“Alright man but let me tell you something man…You are the luckiest guy on earth!” He excitedly told me.

We left my apartment at eight that night. We kept the same clothes for the party because it was just a keg party and nothing formal.

We pulled up to the party at 8:30 and there were a ton of people there. I began to worry immediately. Seth grabbed Lacey by the hand and led her up the front doorsteps and into the party. I felt happy that Seth was the one actually watching her for me in case someone at the party tried something. I followed behind them and I actually caught a glimpse of what Seth had been talking about earlier. Lacey’s ass was perfect and looked incredible in those overalls.

“Hey fuckers listen up a minute. We will have a ton of girls in ten minutes but this lovely girl here is my best friend’s lady. So anyone that touches her is going to get fisted!” Seth warningly told the guys at the party.

This statement made me laugh my ass off to think he would do something so hideous to a bunch of guys…

Lacey grabbed my hand and we sat down on the couch as Seth went to get us some beer.

“Wow I haven’t seen something like this in awhile. Most Hollywood parties are so uptight!” Lacey said with her eyes wide trying to take it all in.

“Yeah this is my life sweetie!” I exclaimed as I squeezed her hand to let her know that I would protect her tonight. Hell… I would die for this woman!

Seth came back to the living room and handed me a beer and Lacey a cup with vodka in it.

“What the fuck man!?” I asked Seth.

“You are going to get her drunk as piss Seth!” I yelled.

“It’s alright honey! I can take it babe.” She assured me.

I still thought it was a bad idea to get her drunk with all these fucking Neanderthals about. I started drinking and I drank more and more and so did Lacey and that bothered me a lot. She was getting piss drunk and was slurring her speech I knew she was drunk by this point. Seth told me that he wanted to show her around the house. I was drunk too so like an idiot I agreed to it plus I wanted to get a smoke and didn’t want her to know it.

I walked outside on the porch and asked a guy with long greasy hair for a smoke and he handed me a pack of Camel Lights.

“No buddy! I mean a real smoke.” I told him…

“Yeah man got you right here brother!” he said as he lit the joint and handed it to me.

I started smoking the joint and me and my new found friend started toking it up on the front porch. We started talking well more like he was talking to me about anything and everything. He started lecturing me on how I voted for the wrong president and how the wrong guy got in office and is going to destroy this country.

“I’m a democrat you dickhead!” I yelled at him but he kept running his mouth.

He started talking about the big bang theory and how science was the answer and not religion.

“I don’t care fuckstick! Please shut your fucking mouth!” I yelled at him…

“So you wanna talk about abortion?” he asked me…

“No! I do not want to talk about anything with you. I do not want to know about politics, religion, science, and I love Cinema and entertainment but I don’t even want to talk about that with you! So suck off pal!” I screamed at him…

I had listened to this sap sucker for about an hour now and worried about Lacey but I was glad Seth was watching her and knew she wouldn’t be in any harm.

I decided to walk around the house and look for her myself. I walked around in the house and I thought to myself that every one has this stereotype about Southern people that they are ignorant. But if you listen to them talk and they will talk to you for hours about politics and religion and science until you can’t stand it anymore. I walked into Seth’s room and noticed that no one was there. I walked over to his closet and walked in it and looked around amazed at some of the stuff he had in there. About that time I heard the door open and two people walk in. I closed the closet door immediately. The door was one of those that had slits in it where you could see out of. I looked out and saw Seth holding Lacey by the hand leading her into the room as he closed the door and locked it. She walked around the room and looked around it.

Seth grabbed her and spun her around.

“Lacey I think you are the most beautiful girl ever.” He told her…

“Thanks Seth you are a sweetheart!” she exclaimed in a drunken state…

Seth grabbed her and kissed her as she tried to break free. I immediately thought of breaking out of the closet and killing him right there but for some reason I wanted to see more. She resisted the kiss for a little while but gave in and started making out with him.

He grabbed her ass as he stuck his tongue down her throat and she moaned. He pushed her up against the wall and started feeling her up he felt the inside of her thigh and moved up to her tits as he rubbed and squeezed them as they made out. She reached down and rubbed his cock through his jeans as he moaned. He unbuttoned her overalls as the overalls fell down to her ankles and she was standing in that tight pink shirt that made her big tits appear as if they were going to rip through the shirt. She was standing their with just the shirt and a pair of pink panties. She took off his shirt and pulled her shirt over her head and revealed her gigantic breasts in a pink see through bra. He kissed between her beasts and squeezed her ass as they continued to make out. He unzipped his jeans and slid off his jeans and boxers as he stood there naked with his eight inch cock hanging out. Then he undid her bra and suddenly her massive tan tits were loose. He immediately, fascinated at the size and beauty of her tits, began to suck on her nipples slowly as she moaned and she ran her fingers through his hair. He sucked on one and then the other for about 5 minutes at a time as she moaned a purred. She then started kissing his neck and sucking it and then moved down his body and sucked on his nipples and then ran circles with her tongue around his belly button as he moaned her name. This turned her on and she kissed down further and grabbed his big cock in her hand and stroked it and ran her tongue down his shaft as she reached his balls. She stroked faster and harder as she started sucking on his balls one at a time as he moaned louder and louder. She sucked on his balls long enough for his massive cock to come fully erect. She licked back up his cock and ran circles around it for awhile and then she slowly sucked on the tip as he put his hand on her head and moved it as she sucked him. She moved down further on his cock and slowly deep throated him and sucked him really slow and hard with him moaning her name louder and louder. She sucked him slow and hard for about 3 minutes when pre-cum started coming out. She licked it up and smiled up at him. Then she got off her knees and kissed him again. I just kept on staring through the closet and for some reason couldn’t move I just stared and watched in horror as the love of my life was pleasuring another man. They kissed more for about a couple of minutes and then he led her over to his desk and turned her around and started kissing her neck from behind and started massaging and squeezing her big luscious tits from behind. He kissed slowly down her small back and made it to her ass but he kissed her legs and kissed down then and then back up them to her ass where he bent her over the desk as her tits were hovering over the desk. He grabbed her panties and ripped them off. She squealed at the naughty feeling of having her panties ripped off. He stared at the perfect sight of her tight round tan firm ass gleaming in the light of his room. He immediately began kissing and sucking on her ass cheeks as she moaned his name this time. Then he found her pussy and began eating it and licking it from behind. She was moaning repeatedly this time. He ate her pussy from behind for about ten minutes. Her tits were heaving up and down on top of his desk as she breathed heavily as he was eating her like no one had before including me. He stood up and took his erect penis and slowly entered her tight pussy as she squealed as he slowly stuck it in further and further. He started speeding up now as he was fucking her doggy style with her bent over his desk. He was fucking her staring at her ass as he fucked her from behind and he squeezed her tits from behind. She was screaming his name and moaning as he fucked her brains out. Her tits were bouncing all over his desk as he slammed into her harder and harder. He leaned over and kissed and sucked on her shoulder as he fucked her to the point of climax.

“Oh yes Seth! I’m going to cum soon baby!” she yelled in ecstasy…

“Yeah baby! You love my big cock in your tight pussy don’t you?” He said back to her…

He slammed harder and harder knowing she was going to cum. She was screaming loud now in ecstasy. He grabbed her luscious hips with his hands and squeezed as he slammed into her three more hard slow times as she screamed.

“Oh…….God……Seth……I’…..mmmm……cu…….mmmm……in…gggggg!” She screamed one last time as she came all over his huge cock…

His cock was lathered with her lovely juices. He pulled out and whispered something in her ear as I heard her tell him no and then he kissed her on her shoulder again. And I heard her tell him ok but gently. He then pulled out of her tight cum soaked cunt and took his massive dick and stuck the tip slowly in her tiny asshole. She yelled in pain as he slowly stuck it in the entrance of her sexy ass. He stuck it in and pulled it out and so forth. She screamed each time. He finally worked it into her asshole further and further until it was all the way in and he slowly started fucking her tight firm sexy tan ass. She began moaning now and not screaming as she loved every minute of it as she had never felt it before in her ass.

He squeezed her hips again as he pumped in and out slow as she moaned in pleasure.

She started fingering her pussy as he fucked her tight asshole. He fucked harder and slower now as she was about to cum again.

“Oh god here I go again baby! I’m Cumming baby! O……..hhhhh….. Ye……sssssssss…

Fuck my gor……geous…ass baby!” She screamed…

“Oh yeah gorgeous you know I love you! I love your sexy tight ass girl!” he moaned…

“Seth oh ahhhhh.hhhhhh…hhhhhhhhh….. ye……sssssss!” she screamed as she came again.

He pumped in her tight ass for a little while longer and then pulled out and stuck it back into her tight cum soaked pussy. She squealed again as she felt his huge dick enter her pussy again.

“Seth yes baby fuck my twat baby!” she screamed!

He fucked her hard and fast as she came on his dick and he fucked harder and faster. Her mountainous tits were bouncing all over the place. He fucked her faster now and slammed into harder. She screamed as she came all over his cock again. He pulled out and stuck it back in her ass hard. She screamed loudly. She told him not to cum in her. He said he wouldn’t and would cum on her ass. He fucked her ass violently now as she screamed. She came close to telling him to stop but she let him continue because she liked it even though it hurt. He fucked her like he hated her but he was loving it. He gave about ten hard thrusts into her tiny asshole and then he came all in her tight asshole. She was pissed but then he pulled out and stuck it in her pussy one last time and came in there some. As he came he blew the rest of his load in her pussy and she felt it fill her up. She screamed and tried to get away but he grabbed her hips and held his cock in there while he sprayed his cum all in her tight pussy more and more. She was trying to get free but he grabbed her massive tits from behind and pulled back on her as he thrust his flowing cock further into her pussy as his cum spewed all up in her tight pussy as she yelled and screamed. He just kept fucking and fucking and Cumming in her. He was humping violently like he had no mind and was there to just pump in and out of her pussy. He sprayed more cum than any normal man should and filled her up and then with her screaming there was a knock at the door. He finally got his senses back and pulled out and more cum the last of it sprayed on her ass and leaked down in her asshole. He spun her around and started to kiss her when she slapped him and kneed him in the nuts as he fell to the ground. She slid her shirt on quickly and pulled her overalls up and put her shoes on and yelled at him…

“Seth you dickhead! I said no Cumming in me!” she screamed.

“Yeah but you let Daniel cum in you!” he yelled back…

“Yes but I love Daniel!” She said…

“Oh god Daniel! What have I done!?” she started crying and ran out of the house looking for me.

Seth walked out of the room and walked out back and started smoking.

I opened the closet door and it was as if I was a robot no emotion just horrified by what I saw and the fact I let it go on. I walked across the room and saw a mixture of Lacey’s cum and Seth’s mixed on the floor and I vomited all over his floor thinking about what just happened as it finally hit me and the shock wore off. I walked outside and Lacey straightened her hair up as she grabbed my hand and I could feel that it was sweaty from the sex she just had.

Her voice started breaking as she was scared that I might find out what happened no knowing I already knew.

“u…u.uu.mmmm. You ready to go baby? She stuttered as she asked me…

I just nodded as we walked to the cab. The whole way back she asked me where I was at the party. I was so shocked still that I didn’t even ask her where she had been the whole time. We got to the apartment and I paid the cab driver. I opened the front door for her and she looked into my eyes and asked what was wrong. She could see it in my eyes that I knew.

“I was in the closet Lacey! I saw everything!” I shouted at her. I stormed past her and grabbed the bottle of whiskey from under the counter and walked towards the front door.

She grabbed me and kissed me telling me she was sorry and that she was drunk. I lost it and grew enraged by her response and I just lost control and slapped her as hard as I could as she fell to the floor hard. She looked up at me and cried and kept saying I’m sorry baby… I’m sorry baby as I walked out the door and into the night with my bottle of whiskey that I swore off but I was now heading down that dark path of being an alcoholic again. All the hope she brought into my life came crashing back down again. There was no hope for a savior this time the only thing that could help had fucked me over and there was no chance of salvation. I was willing to roll over and die.

But that is not how life works and God works in mysterious ways. There would be salvation for me yet. Everything would surprisingly work itself out but not the fairytale way. It would work out in its own weird way. There would be a conclusion and ending to the whole situation and it was coming.

Lacey Chabert’s Next Movie: THE FINALE: Daniel’s Resurrection

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