Lacey’s Day Off

Lacey’s Day Off

Author: DarklordZ

Celebs: Lacey Chabert
Codes: MMF, anal, oral, first, mDom, viol

Disclaimer: This is only a fictional story. Events like these have never happened to the celebrity or will never happen. If you are under 18, find something else to do besides reading this. The comedy reference that is placed within the story is just for kicks along with celebrity references. This is my first story, so if it looks unstable or anything, bear with me.

Now onto the story…

As the morning rose in Southern California, a beautiful
starlet just hit the snooze button on her radio. A few minutes later, the radio went off. She was aiming for the snooze button again but hit the radio button instead.

“Put on your shorts and pack up to the beach, it’s another hot day in south California. Its 95 degrees with a 20 chance of rain today” said the radio announcer.

The starlet moved around in bead before deciding to get up. She looked at the time and saw it was 8:55 A.M. The young starlet known as Lacey Chabert got up and walked onto the bathroom and got into the shower. She turned on the faucet to cold water. She then rubbed her eyes and started to take her white shirt that she wore to bed. She took it off and threw it into the dirty clothesbasket.

The starlet was now standing in her bathroom, completely naked. She looked at her breasts and had the temptation of rubbing her own boobs. “Nah, but they do look good,” said Lacey as she got into the shower. Unknown to her, two guys were outside her house, looking at the nakedness that they saw.

“Oh, fuck man, she gets hotter every time I look at her,” the guy said to his friend. “Oh dude, I getting a boner by just thinking about her, hey let’s go home and jerk off to pictures of her,” said the second guy.

“You know what, fuck that shit. We did that for a couple of months and for what, we found her house and we just saw her naked, so no let’s not” replied the first guy.

“What do you mean? We go inside and fuck her” the second guy asked. “That exactly what I mean, we fuck her brains out good” the first guy responded. “Oh dude, hide” the second guy as he saw Lacey peaking out her window in the shower. The two hid deep within the bushes.

“Ouch, this hurts,” said the second guy. “Oh you think I got berries poking at my ass!” the first guy yelled. “Shh…we don’t want her to find us,” said the second guy as they crawled their way from the back.
“I swear I heard a Scrubs reference just now” Lacey said as she washed the shampoo off of her hair. She then turned off the water and got out of the shower.

After drying herself off, Lacey opened her drawer, looking for something to wear. “Oh dear, what to wear” she said in her mind. She found a light blue t-shirt and jeans shorts. She then got a black bra with a matching thong. The first guy quickly stood up and looked through the window as she bends over to put on her thong.

“Oh dude, you have to see this,” said the first guy as he grabbed his friend by his shirt and the two looked as she pulled up her thong. “I didn’t know a goody two shoes like her wore a thong?” said the second guy. “Well, she worked with Lindsay, where did you think she picked that up?” said the first guy.

Lacey then turned around and the two ducked quickly. The two caught another glimpse of her big breasts. She then put on her bra and the rest of her clothes and wandered into the kitchen. She looked around for something and found a bowl and decided to have cereal. She grabbed a box of Corn Flakes and pored some into the bowl.

The two guys kept walking to the front until the second guy stopped his buddy. “Wait Jake, how are we going to get her?” said the second guy. “Derek two things Shut…. Up” Jake said to Derek.

“You don’t think I wasn’t ready for this do ya,” he said to Derek. “No not really” he said back to Jake. He then took out a piece of paper and showed it to Derek. “Here are the plans, I like one and five better, and what do you think” Jake told him.
“I don’t know man,” Derek said. “Ok for once, step up to a man level and release your pent up lust that you have” Jake said to him. Derek remembered something that caused him to remember to hold back his lust. “You’re right, let’s do this” Derek said with fire burning inside his eyes.

Lacey was done eating cereal and was ready to step out the door; ready for her next movie role but then she got a call. “Hi lacey, this is director Ron Howard and sadly we must have the movie on hold for a while” he said.

“We will resume production within the next three to five months, sorry for any problems you may encounter” Ron said as he hung up the phone. “Drats, this was going to be another big break for me” Lacey said as she sat down onto her couch.

She turned on her TV and went through her Tivo to see if she missed anything she didn’t watch. She then looked around and said to herself

“Maybe I should clean up, I’ve been letting this house go to dirty for awhile” She got back up and started cleaning. Jake took a peek through her window and she what she was doing. “Well, what” said Derek. “She’s cleaning, damn” said Jake as he got off of his buddy’s shoulder. “Well, now what genius” Derek said in a sarcastic voice. “You still got that gun” Jake said “Yeah” he replied “Give it to me” Jake told him.

An hour later….

Lacey was clean inside and was heading to clean outside until she heard a loud gun shot from the back of her house. “What the…” Lacey yelled as she turned off her Ipod to hear anything else.

“I better check,” she said as she walked out the door with a metal pipe. She walked on down her stairs and saw nothing until she turned around and saw a guy holding his friend who didn’t look like he was responding.

“Oh dear, what happen” Lacey said as she placed the pipe down. “Some guy, shot my buddy as we were walking, the shot wasn’t too bad but he’s not responding” said Jake.

“Did you call the police and did you see who did it” Lacey said as she placed her hands onto the “injured” Derek. “I couldn’t catch his face, but he ran into the woods” Jake said.

“Help…me” Derek said faintly. “All right, come on in” Lacey said as she took Derek off of Jake’s arms and saw blood coming out. She took him up quickly to get checked out as Jake saw the metal pipe and hid it. “This could be useful later,” Jake said as he hid it in the bush.

Lacey took off Derek’s shirt and tries to look at his wound but is looking at his well-toned chest instead. “I’ll get some bandages for this all right” she said. “Yeah, you do that” Derek said as he fakes his “gun shot” wound.

Jake opened the door to enter Lacey’s house. “Wow, this is great place” Jake told Lacey as she walked past him. “Yeah, why don’t you check on your friend while I get the bandages” Lacey told him as she walked away as Jake turned his head and saw her butt moving through her shorts.

“Can’t wait” Jake said out loud. He walks over to her photo section. He sees her with many celebrities from Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels to the Cast of “Mean Girls” but there is one special photo that catches his attention. “Hello, what’s this” Jake said.

“Oh that’s my recent photo with my good friend and former costar, Jennifer Love Hewitt on the set of her new show” Lacey said to him from behind. “Do you still talk to her?” Jake asked. “I got talked to her about a week ago” Lacey said as she got down on her knees and moved Derek’s arm away from his rib area. Jake and Derek are now looking at each other, ready for their plot to take over. Lacey looks confused and wonder how this blood got there if there is no bullet hole.

“Is this…fake blood?” Lacey said. Before they could answer her, Jake quickly grabbed her arms and Derek got right back up from the couch. “What is the meaning of this?” Lacey yelled. “Oh come on, two guys and a girl, what else could the guys want” Jake said.

“Of course, you’re the pin in the plan” Derek said as he rubbed his hands around Lacey’s chin. “You see, we saw you in your recent movies” Derek said to her as her started moving his hands around her face and stopped at her hair and stroked it through his hands.

“You may not be a big star but you can’t take away the fact that you are so hot, that you may well be a goddess herself” Jake said as he tighten his grip on Lacey. “Well, I’m thankful for that, but…” Lacey was saying but was cut off by Jake.

“But nothing, we worked our way up to this point and they is no going back” Jake said as forced Lacey down onto her knees. “We are going to do this whether you like it or not” Jake told her.

Derek took off his belt and pants in front of Lacey. She can see his semi-erect cock through his boxers. “You know I could get help the second you let go of me,” she told them. “Hold her arms” Jake told Derek as he grabbed her arms. Jake went to his pockets and took out pieces of rope.

He tied it around her wrists and then he looked down and tied her feet together. “Now what was that about escaping” Jake told her as he grabbed her by the chin.

Derek resumed taking off his only piece of clothing. He took his semi cock and slapped it around her face. “Yeah, you probably like that but you won’t admit it” Derek said as he moved his dick away from her. A small tear was coming down her cheek and Jake wiped it off.

“Oh, Miss Chabert crying because she has dick to suck” Jake said in a mean toned voice. “All right, what do I have to do to end this” Lacey said as she sucked her guts up and said it in a scared way.

“Ok, you do anything we tell you if you disobey us, I have no problem to use extreme force on you” Jake told her in a demanding way. “You wouldn’t hit a girl,” Lacey told him. “Trust me I would, now Derek, sit your ass down and you open your mouth” Jake demanded. Derek did what Jake was told, as did Lacey. She opened her mouth and her head was shoved down onto Derek’s pubic region.

“Move that tongue around his dick and when I lift your head back up, I expect his cock to be fully erected” Jake whispered into her ears. Knowing that she could get beaten, Lacey started moving her tongue around his dick. Her tongue tip hit Derek’s balls as she tries to make his cock fully erected.

She then stopped moving her tongue and started licking his semi dick. She slowly licked his dick and then she quickly moved her tongue down. “All right, let’s see your work” Jake said as he lifted up her head.

“What the…oh wait, I think I know why now” Jake said. Lacey didn’t answer him as she kept her mouth shut. Her eyes are in that cold stare state. “You mean…” Derek asked Jake. “Yes, our little Lacey hasn’t been introduced to sex” Jake told him.

Still in that cold eyes stare, Lacey didn’t move an inch. “You’re a virgin, aren’t ya” Jake asked her. “Fess up and I take it easy on you” Jake asked her again. “Fine, I’m a virgin” Lacey told them. “One hot ass virgin too” Derek said. “Shut up and untie her wrists” Jake said. “Your letting me go” Lacey asked

“No, we are now going to take your clothes off” Jake told her. Derek untied Lacey’s wrists while Jake grabbed her blue shirt and lifted her shirt up to show the two her black bra. “Hard to believe these are real…or are they” Jake questioned her. “Oh course, they are real” Lacey said with a mean stare.

Derek reached behind her and undid her bra. He pulled her bra slowly to see the full wonder of her tits. “Oh yeah, they are just perfect” Derek said as he threw the bra across the living room. “Thanks…I guess” Lacey sarcastically said. Derek was now staring at her boobs and reached his hands to feel them but was stopped by Jake.

“You idiot, retie her wrists up again” Jake yelled at him. “All right, damn” Derek said as he retied her wrists back up. Jake then picked Lacey back up as he got onto his knees and slowly started rubbing her ass.

“Oh yeah, this is good, just good” Jake said as he grabbed Lacey’s shorts and pulled them down. When he lifted his head back to Lacey’s ass, he noticed the thong from earlier.

“A virgin wearing a thong, you don’t see that everyday,” Jake said before he kissed her butt cheeks. “Can we just get this crap over with?” Lacey said. “Hurry to lose your virginity, Lacey” Derek said as he continued his groping on her breasts. “She’s right, get back down on your knees” Jake demanded.

Jake moved over to Derek’s side and took off his pants. He took his cock and signaled Lacey over. “Don’t think of this as a losing virginity rape kind of way. Think of this as Sex 101, where the only way to pass is to get fucked” Jake told her.

“Just shut the fuck up and give me your dick” Lacey told him. He laughed for a moment before cracking his knuckles. “Hmm…. that is the kind of talk that could get serious beatings” Jake said as he grabbed Lacey’s head by the back and dragged her over to his cock.

“Not yet, a few more cracks like that, you may be the one who regrets this” Jake told her as he jerked his dick to full attention. Derek was already at full erection as Lacey looked over to his cock and was thinking that his size could be 10 inches. Derek saw her eyes meeting at his dick. “Jake, wait” he said. “You better not have second thoughts about this” Jake told him.

“No, let her suck me first since I’m already hard” Derek said. “Fine, but you better suck well,” Jake told her. She gave him the evil eye and crawled to Derek’s dick on her knees. She mouthed the words “Thank you” to Derek.

He then looked at her and opened her mouth with his fingers and then inserted his cock into her mouth. He slowly made her gag on his cock. Lacey’s eyes opened wide, can’t believe that this is happening to her. Derek shoved the rest of his dick into her mouth by holding on the back of her head.

Derek held on top this for a few more seconds before letting go. She slowly breathes in air and then she realized at that moment that she liked it. Wanting more of it, she moved her mouth and signaled Derek to resume his hold on her.

“I think she’s starting to get the hang of it” Derek said as he put back his hands on the back of her head. “Let’s see if we can release the true personal of Lacey Chabert” Jake said as he let go of his own dick and moved to Lacey’s backside. Lacey was now making more gagging sounds as Derek continued holding his cock in her mouth.

“Let go now” Jake told Derek. He did and Lacey gasped for air. Jake told Derek to pick her up and placed her on her hands and knees on the couch. Derek grabbed her by the wrists as Jake grabbed her by the feet and the two set her up on the couch on her hands and knees.

“Continue the deep throat, Lacey” Jake told her. “Fuck you” Lacey told him back. “No oh no Lacey…fuck you” Jake said as he got on the couch and shoved his cock into her ass. “FUCK” Lacey yelled, as she never felt the pain of ass fucking.

“Derek, shut her up” Jake said. Derek placed his cock back into her mouth. Jake slowly began his thrusting into her ass. “Oh yeah, a nice tight virgin ass, now who’s fucking who” Jake said. Derek also began a thrust into her mouth, making her choke on his cock once again.

Lacey was feeling pain that she never felt before, an ass pain but part of her liked it. She began moaning with dick in her mouth. “Oh fuck” Jake said as he thrust forward into her ass. Derek reached to her boobs and began twisting her nipples. She started moaning louder as Jake thrust faster into her ass and Derek pinching her nipples.

Jake stopped when he looked down and saw that his dick was almost into her ass. He held that position for a bit as he heard to louder moans of Lacey. “Derek, get your dick out of her mouth” Jake said as he breathed in air. Derek moved his dick but continued pinching her nipples. He then began resuming his thrusting into her ass. “Oh fuck yeah, fuck that ass,” Lacey moaned out. “Well, it looks like we got something” Jake said as he continued his pounding into her ass.

“Maybe she’s just saying that for us to finish quickly” Derek told him. “Are you toying with us because if you are, then I have something in mind to continue your torment” Jake said. “Well, what did you have in mind” Lacey said as she was out of breath. Jake pulled out of her ass and got off the couch. He untied Lacey’s feet but he grabbed her and picked her up as he lies down on the couch and placed her on top of his cock.

“This… Derek, let’s DP her” Jake said as he put his cock back into her ass. “Into her pussy or double team on her ass” Derek asked. “Let’s go with ass first,” Jake said. He places his hands around her hips and slowly made her bounce up and down on his cock in her ass. Derek moved in and slowly inserted his dick into her being occupied ass.

He got the head in but couldn’t get the rest in. “Man, she’s tight” Derek said. “Force it into her” Jake told him. Derek grabbed the armrest of the couch and shoved it into Lacey’s ass.

“Ohhh fuck yeah” Lacey yelled. Derek looked down and saw that half of his wang was in her. Lacey rolled her eyes in pleasure back by the double ass fucking she was receiving. Jake moved his hands and placed them onto Lacey’s big boobs and rubbed them. Derek got only a bit into her as he slowly began pumping in and out of her.

“Yeah, you like this don’t you, two big dicks into your small tight ass” Jake whispered into her ears. She didn’t want to admit it but she never felt more alive. “It’s all right,” Lacey said between breaths. Then she moaned as Derek was now pumping a bit faster and Jake was beginning to pump into her.

Lacey felt like she was in heaven but then Derek pulled out of her and she realized that. He moved his dick into her pussy. “Let’s see if you’re tight in your pussy too,” Derek said as he shoved it into her pussy with no problem. “Oh yeah, oh fuck” Lacey yelled again as now she was being penetrated in both of her holes. Jake saw his opening and pumped faster and he hit Derek with his right arm, telling him to do the same.

The two are now pumping faster as Lacey moved her tied arms over Derek’s head. She pulled him in for a kiss but he pulled his head away that upset Lacey. “MMM fuck yeah,” Lacey moaned. Derek then kissed Lacey on her breasts as Jake pulled his cock out of her ass and flipped the two on the other side of the couch. Lacey was now on top of Derek as Jake moved behind her and slowly insert his dick into her pussy. “Now you have two dicks into your pussy, what do you have to say to that” Jake said.

“I’m coming” Lacey yelled. Jake heard this and with all his strength, he pumped faster then he even did. “Oh yeah, your going to lose your virginity soon” Jake moaned. Derek also pumped faster to make Lacey lose that virginity. The two moved in rhythm inside her. Pump after pump, Lacey could feel that her time as a virgin will end in three… two… one…

“OH FUCK YEAH, I’M COMING” Lacey yelled at the top of her lungs as her eyes rolled back. The guys felt her hot girl cum poring out like a waterfall. Lacey moaned as her orgasm continued for a bit longer. The guys also continued fucking her. After a few second, she stopped. “Oh yeah, oh…” Lacey moaned as she looked like she was ready to pass out. Jake pulled out and got on top of her couch. He stood above Lacey, telling her to open her mouth. She wasn’t opening, so Jake opened it for her and shoved his dick into her mouth, making her choke once more on cocks.

“Oh fuck, taste your juices” Jake moaned as he fucked her mouth. Derek thought of an idea. He pulled out of her pussy and went back into her ass. “Oh yeah, my cock sided in easier” Derek moaned as he began fucking her ass again. Jake held his dick inside Lacey’s mouth for a minute as she began gagging on his wang. Making more gagging sounds then before, Lacey felt lightheaded, so she hit Derek on his kneecap. Feeling that while fucking her ass, Derek looked at Jake and knew it was long enough for him.

“Jake, pull out she’s kicking me in the knee so I think she can’t take it anymore” Derek told him. “Fine” Jake said as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. When he did, Lacey gasped for air. Taking in deep breaths, she began regaining her breath. “Oh man…Holy Shit” Lacey said.

“Whoa, didn’t expect that from a Christian” Jake said. “Yeah, well whatever” Lacey told him. Jake got off the couch and got down on his knees and slowly licked her wet pussy. “Oh…. mmmm…. fuck yeah” Lacey moaned. Jake licked faster while Derek kept fucking her asshole. “Mmmm yeah Lacey, what a tight ass” Derek commented.

Jake stopped licking and slid under her as Derek was on his knees banging her ass. Jake inserted his dick back into her pussy and began fucking her again. As Jake was banging her, he grabbed her big tits and sucked on them. Derek grabbed her hair and began pumping faster. Lacey moaned even more as she began a second coming. “Oh fuck, I’m going to come again,” Lacey moaned.

Derek pulled out of her ass and went back to her pussy. He quickly shoved his dick back into her as the two are fucking her brains out. Derek grabbed her hair again as Jake bit her nipples. She couldn’t take it anymore, so she quietly passed out. The two are still DP’ing her pussy, but are now aware that she passed out.

“Oh fuck yeah, she couldn’t handle two dicks” Jake said as he placed his hands onto her face. Derek pulled out once again and went back into her ass. “Oh shit, her ass gets tighter everytime I enter it” Derek moaned as he grabbed her hair and began pumping into the unconscious Lacey Chabert.

The two kept banging her, as she was still unconscious. Derek pulled Lacey’s hair all the way up, which cause her head to lean up. Jake grabbed her nipples and bit them, switching every few seconds to her other nipple as he kept pounding into her pussy. Lacey regained conscious and yelled at the top of her lungs again.

“I’M COMING” Lacey yelled again. Another flow of her cum flew out onto Jake’s cock. “Oh shit, can’t hold it in longer,” Derek said as he quickly pulled out of her ass and told her to suck it. Lacey sucked Derek’s cock, making him lead his head up as he came inside her mouth. Her eyes open wide as load after load was being fired inside her mouth.

“Oh fuck” Derek said as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. “Do you spit or swallow?” Jake said as he humped harder into her pussy. The two heard a big gulp from her. “That answers that” Derek said as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. He then got off the couch and back onto the floor, smacking her ass when he got down.

“Well what else was I going to do with that?” Lacey said as Jake pulled out of her cum-soaked pussy and told her to suck him. She licked the tip of his dick and then Jake shoved his cock without warning into her mouth again, making the head hit the back of her mouth. He held that position until he came.

“Shit, swallow it all and don’t send it up,” Jake said as his cock erupted with a huger load then Derek. His sperm it the back of her throat, making her choke on his cum a little bit. Jake pulled his cock out of her mouth and gave a little slap around her cheeks with it. Lacey gave another loud gulp of cum-swallowing. “How does it feel losing your virginity the way you did” Jake said as he untied her wrists.

“Even though you guys were jackasses, I hate to admit but you really can fuck a woman” Lacey told them as she looked around for her clothes. “Good, good… now we can move on to another person” Jake said. Lacey looked up at Jake, wondering what he meant. “Wait, what are you talking about?’ Lacey asked.

“You really don’t think you were the only one we wanted to have sex with, do ya?” Derek told her. “If you are talking about who I think you are, I will call her to tell….” Lacey said before she got knocked out from behind with the metal pipe she took outside.

“Derek, grab her bra and thong” Jake told him as he threw the pipe on the floor. “Jake, how are we going to get to her house?” Derek said as he got his clothes, her bra and thong. “Easy, Miss Chabert here will take us there” Jake told him as the two got dressed and walked out the door. Before Jake closed the door, he grabbed the pipe and the picture of Lacey and her friend.

“You got to love it when a plan comes together” Jake told Derek as the two got in their car and left, leaving Lacey nude inside her house, unconscious, and her friend in trouble to getting what she got….

To Be Continued…
Next Time: Darkness over Love

Well, I hope you like it. Sorry it took too long, I got Writer’s Block near the end. If you like to comment on this story or to me, just email me at the forum or at my email address or for 360 users, MaxStar100. I’m on Live most of the times, so if you can’t catch me on those two, check Live.

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