Laetitia’s Wet Dream

Laetitia’s Wet Dream

After staying at this very ritzy hotel often used by various
celebrities I made an investment. I made a copy of the room key and sometime
in the near future I would use the key and explore all my wildest fantasies
with whomever occupied the sweet. A few months later I returned to the ritzy
hotel and staked out the sweet. Early one Thursday evening an extremely sexy
female figure exited the sweet by herself while talking on her cell phone. I
followed her, listening to her converse to her cell phone. She was mad that
her male friend/lover couldn’t join her this weekend and she told him
that it
was ok though. That she would just enjoy her time off and see him when she
got back. I smiled when I learned of her weekend plans and went right back to
her sweet. I used the key and re-locked the door after entering. I occupied
myself with a pair of slightly scented socks (that she had worn yesterday no
doubtidly) while I searched the sweet and preparing for her arrival with a
suitcase filled with items I brought with me that I would need. I found a
notebook of her and when I opened it I was speechless at the sight! It was
full of pictures of Laetitia Casta posing! I took in a long inhale of her
scented stockings and smiled as thoughts of perverted sexual satisfaction
swam around my head. I prepared for her arrival by setting up 2 video
camera’s in the corners of the bedroom ready to record at the flick of my
thumb. I grabbed the tazer gun from the suitcase that I would use to subdue
her with. Then I placed a siringe filled with sodium penathol in my pocket
that will be used to keep Laetitia unconscious while I have my way with her.
I also brought some stacker2 with me because falling asleep was the last
thing I wanted to do during my visit with Laetitia. I brought a poleroid
camera for various stills to pin up on my wall at home too. A few zip lock
bags were inside the suit case which would hold any scented articles of
clothing I wanted to keep of hers. I peeked out of the window down onto a
tennis court and observed Laetitia playing for alittle. She had on a sexy
little white skirt showing off her flawless legs and a tight blue tee-shirt.
I licked my lips just thinking about her perfectly shaped and scented feet
pressed against my face! After an hour she finally walked off the court. I
hid in the closet and waited leaving the closet door slightly ajar. I smiled
and pressed the record button as Laetitia followed my plan perfectly and
entered the bedroom. My loins were going crazy and my heart was pounding so
hard at the sight of her. She stood right in front of my and removed her
tight blue tee-shirt revealing her perfect breasts beneath a sexy white bra.
Then she turned around and bent over to untie her sneakers and gave me a free
look at the white panties underneath her skirt. I made my move immediately,
and stuck the tazer in her back. I grabbed a handfull of her sexy long hair
and began tazering her. A crackling sound and some electric lights shadowed
the bedroom while Laetitia winced in pain and collapsed foward onto her bed.
She spasmed for a minute and then was still. I smiled and dropped the tazer.
I pulled out the siringe and administered it into her right ass-cheek! She
never made a sound as the siringe pierced her tender flesh. After all of the
sedative had been administered I licked the tip of the siringe in a very
seductive manner while thoughts of Laetitia lying unconscious beneath me swam
through my head! I loaded up the siringe with more sodium penathol because
this was only her first injection of the powerful sedative. I placed the
siringe on a night stand next to the bed and returned to Laetitia’s helpless
body. I placed my hands on her thighs and began to grope and fondel her
perfect legs and ass! Her fleshy ass felt so good in my hands and not before
long was my face buried into her panty protected ass. her scent was delicious
and after that little bit of foreplay I removed her panties and tasted her
luscious backside! Her ass was flawless! It was clean and very well shavened
and after I sucked on and savoured her horney ass I undressed. I undressed in
record time and flung myself atop the slumbering beauty’s figure! I forced my
hungry shaft into her perfect ass and fucked away! The first orgasm was lost
inside her ass after only a few seconds of humping. The experience was
breath-taking! I pulled out and drug Laetitia up onto the bed and mounted her
backside again. In the missionary position I humped Laetitia’s ass again, but
this time I lasted much longer. I moaned and grunted while every stroke was
heavenly and the sight of her sexy face below mines drove my crazy with lust.
After humpng Laetitia Casta’s ass twice I was relieved to say the least, so I
undid her bra and rolled her over onto her back! Her breasts were a vision of
beauty and I quickly began to massage them! I massaged, fondled and groped
them while I sucked from her nipples. I could taste the lactate from her
breasts and became a addicted to it! Laetitia just laid there and let my
enjoy her breasts the way they needed to be. I slid down to her perfectly
shavened cunt and also took my fill. I licked and sucked on her tight cunt
for about 10 minutes before I mounted the sexy model and began fucking her
missionary style yet again! My meat drove into her with such rage and the
sight of her helpless figure straddling the bed beneath her was an enjoyable
vision, as was her sexy face as I french kissed her! After 10 minutes I
finally released another powerful orgasm and deposited my hot jism into her
womb. I couldn’t stop kissing her though! She was so hot and was definitly a
great kisser and I became a one too! Now I was satisfied so I took a stacker2
and grabbed a chair from the front room. I sat down at the bottom of the bed
and eyed her sock and sneaker protected feet. “Now I will explore my
foot-fetish side Laetitia”, I said as I reposition my satisfied manhood. I
undid her one sneaker and enjoyed the warm, pugnant aroma of her sock
protected foot. I removed her sock and enjoyed her pugnant foot for quite
some time before repeating the process with her other foot! I became drunk
and light headed from her scented feet! The tasted delicious as well! The
felt so good pressed against my face, exactly as I had invisioned! I crawled
up onto the bed and forced her legs and feet infront of me! I felt her up
while she laid there in such the uncompromisingly positon! Her skin was
flawless beneath my hands and soon enough I engorged her ripened ass with my
manhood! I banged away after sinking all the way inside her! My hips
repeatidly slammed into her hilt and her legs and feet swayed hypnotically in
front of my vision! I moaned and grunted even more this time as her back
straddled the sheets beneath. Finally after 15 minutes I exploded inside her
again releasing a painful orgasm! With as much strength that I could muster I
performed a few last things. I tied her wrists to the headboard and gagged
her mouth. I positioned her figure under the covers on her side facing one of
the cameras with her socks and shoes on. I administered another dose of
sodium penathol to her flawless backside and then climbed into bed with her.
I pressed myself against Laetitia’s back and my manhood layed pressed against
her ass crack (for later useage ofcourse). Then I passed out and rested up
for another 2 days of fun with Laetita Casta. I exhausted the tapes in each
camera but didn’t care, I had 6 more tapes in my suitcase and would use them

a few hours later…..

I began humping Laetitia Casta’s avaliable ass and passed out again.

the next day……

The next day was filled with much more foreplay the before. I took pictures
of her in all kinds of poses and got close ups with both cameras. I did all
kinds of perverted things to Laetita and I kept her unconscious with more
doses of sodium penathol. I slet atop of Laetita Casta that night after
humping her ass and drempt of yet another day of fun with Laetitia.

day 3……

I awoke to laetita stirring around beneath me so I administered another shot
of sodium penathol to her violated backside. I wispered into her ear “I hope
you’ve enjoyed your little vacation”, then I said ” I have alot of things to
remember you by” while I dangled her socks and panties concealed in there
ziplock bags in front of her view. The drug had begun to do it’s job when I
said ” you’ll also be starring in my home movies as well as a snuff flick and
I will have necrosex with your freshly dead body as well before I take my
leave”! Her eyes bulged at the ideas I presented her with but there was
nothing she could do to prevent it! She eventually passed out for the last
time while I fondled her butt and another day of incredible sex followed by
pictures and perverted gratification continued! Sunday night I carried
Laetitia Casta body into the bathroom and filled the tub with hot water. I
refocused the camera’s to film the long awaited snuff flick. I placed
Laetitia into the tub and joined her. I layed ontop of her and while she
layed submerged I fucked her and snuffed her at the same time! Bubbles
escaped from her submerged mouth as I fucked her pussy. The water from the
tub ran over as I plundered her dead figure! When I finished climaxing I
rolled her over and had yet more anal sex with her! More water escaped the
tub while I fucked laetitia Casta’s ass like no other. 3 different positions
I fucked Laetitia’s wet ass before releasing another load of jism to her
ravaged ass. Finally I sat ontop of her chest a picked up her head out of the
water. Now that her face was more visible to the recoring camera’s I opened
her mouth and placed my manhood inside her mouth. I fucked her face with
great violence and moaned outload at the feeling. Her tongue slid beautifully
across my dick as well did her lips! I held on to her hair and skull-fucked
the beautiful centerfold until I began to climax. I shot some of my wad into
her mouth and the rest on her nose and face, completing her sodimization! I
climbed out of the tub and focused in on Laetitia’s sodimized face while she
slowly slid beneath the waters edge! Her body layed motionless in the water
as I faded to black. It was a dream come true for me. I packed up my
camera’s, pictures and other newly aquired items as well as an empty bottle
and siringe. I wiped down ever surface inside the room as well as the
doorknobs careful not to leave any clues behind. I took one last gaze upon
Laetitia Casta as she slept beneath the water in the tub and then took my
leave as well as all the very fond memories of a weekend most would have died
for. It was a very wet dream cum true vacation not only for Laetitia, but for
me as well……..

story by annonymous

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