Legacy Of Dark Shadows

Fic Title:Legacy Of Dark Shadows

Author:Andrew Troy Keller


Pairing:Kirsten Dunst/Natasha Henstridge/m


Summary:Three college friends were driving towards their spring break destination,only to have a flat tire cause them to spend the night in the house of a female vampire.

Warnings:Strong language,vampire sex,male/female sex,female/female sex,graphic violence


Let me ask you folks this one little question before I go ahead and tell you the story that I’m writting right now:Had any of you folks ever had the pleasure of reading the novel entitled INTERVIEW
WITH THE VAMPIRE by Anne Rice or watching the 1990’s version of the hit series DARK SHADOWS on NBC-TV with Ben Cross as the vampire known as Barnabas Collins?

If the answer to the question that I had just asked is ‘yes’,then I do believe that you would be unnerved by this particular story,which had began on April 30th with three college students–one of them a Kirsten Dunst lookalike–who were driving along a stretch of Ohio highway to their spring break destination.

Then suddenly,after they had gotten off the highway and started looking for a place for the three of them to stop for some lunch,something small and sharp had just punctured one of the car’s tires and caused it to roll right straight into a ditch.

Well thankfully,all three of the college students–whose names were Amanda Pollak,Jason Blalock and Kirk McCarthy–were unharmed and able to get themselves out of the car,which was the good news.

However,the bad news was that they all had no choice,but to look for someplace nearby for the three of them to spend the night and wait until the next day to start walking to a possibly nearby service station.

And so,after they had all realized that there were no other opitions at that time,the three friends had started walking down the road for about a mile and a half and were about to give up hope of finding a place to spend the night.

But that was before a certain Kirsten Dunst-type beauty named Amanda Pollak had spotted something that had looked like an old and steardy townhouse and pointed it out to Jason and Kirk.

And after the two boys had gazed upon Amanda’s discovery and let out a sigh of relief as well,the three friends had started running towards the townhouse with hopes of finding someone who would be understanding enough to let them spend the night there.

And sure enough,as soon as they had opened the door and stepped into the house,someone had slowly walked into the room,allowed a small smile to appear on her lips and welcomed the three new arrivals to her humble home.

That had caused the suddenly startled trio to turn quickly around and discover a Natasha Henstridge-type beauty standing in front of them and telling them that her name was Melanie Cattrall and she was wishing for them to stay at her home.

And after they had looked at each other and agreed that it was either stay at that place or take their chances with the open road,the three friends had told the hostess that they had decided to spend the night in her humble home.

And since that was settled,a very pleased Melanie has decided to show the three friends to their rooms,only to have them stop at the top of the stairs after a curious Amanda has spotted a portrait of two women who had looked exactly like her and Melanie reading a book in front of a fireplace.

After she had walked over to Amanda and placed her friendly hand on Amanda’s shoulder,Melanie had told her and her two friends that the women in the portrait were her ancestor and her lover and it has been done just before the both of them had suddenly died in 1882.

Anyway,after she was finally able to show her guests to their rooms and told them that dinner would be served momentary,Kirk and Jason had gone into one room and Amanda had gone into the other room.

But suddenly,after she had gotten herself settled into her room and started looking for what to wear for dinner,a woman’s hand had suddenly appeared from out of nowhere and placed itself on Amanda’s shoulder,causing her to turn quickly around and discovered that a nude Melanie was standing in front of her.

And then,just as she was about to ask Melanie what she was doing,a small-smiling Melanie has placed the tips of her fingers on Amanda’s lips and told her that she had been waiting 123 years to feel the sweet lips and warm flesh of her lover again.

And just as she was about to ask Melanie what she was talking about,Melanie had placed her hands on Amanda’s cheeks and kissed her ever so passionately on the lips,just before Melanie had removed all of Amanda’s nude body and they had placed themselves on the bed.

And then,after Melanie had started licking all over Amanda’s body–all the way down to her hot,wet pussy and carressing her firm breasts,Amanda has placed her hands on Melanie’s bare shoulders and asked Melanie to keep on touching her and sucking her wet pussy dry.

Then suddenly,even though she had tried to hold it back,something inside Melanie has caused her to grow a set of fangs out of her mouth,drive them into the unsuspecting Amanda’s silky thigh and start sucking the blood out of her.

Just then,after he had stepped out of the room that he was sharing with Jason in nothing,but a bathrobe,Kirk had tip-toed his way over to Amanda’s room,knocked on the door and said that he was sorry for being such a jerk during the last spring break and wanted to make it up to Amanda by letting her join him in a hot and steamy shower.

But then suddenly,after the door had opened,Kirk’s eyes had suddenly grown as wide as saucers,for instead of only seeing Amanda inside the room,he had also spotted a bare-ass naked Melanie standing in the doorway and inviting Kirk to walk right on in and join in their little bit of erotic fun.

And then,after he had suddenly realized that it shouldn’t be a good idea to look a gift horse in the mouth,Kirk had decided to take Melanie up on that offer to join their little sex romp.

And after Jason had poked his head out of our room and spotted Kirk going into Amanda’s room and the door had closed behind him,Jason had let out a small chuckle and figured that it would be better to let Kirk and Amanda have their fun and quickly snuck his way down the stairs and into the library,where he was able to discover an open book on the table.

And then,after Jason had sat himself down and started reading the book,Kirk had removed his bathrobe and started pumping his stiff cock in and out of Amanda’s hot,moist sntach,while Melanie was watching them and carressing her cunt.

Then suddenly,after that wave of suddenly bloodlust had came over her once again,Melanie had slowly walked over to an unsuspecting Kirk,placed her hands on his bare chest and drove her fangs right into his throat.

And after Melanie had started sucking the blood out of his body as well,the second of her newfound vistims had no other choice,but to start pumping his stone hard dick in and out of Amanda’s snatch harder and faster until he had finally came.

Meanwhile,back in the downstairs library,a wide-eyed Jason had suddenly came upon the section of the book that tells the tale of what had really happened to Melanie and her lover in the year 1882 at the hands of a mysterious gentleman known as Gabriel Collins.

And after he had read that as a result of her encounter with Gabriel during her family’s London holiday,poor Melanie had murdered her lover by draining all of her blood,causing her to fake her own death and go live somewhere else as a recluse,a shocked Jason was finally able to put two and two together and realize that he and his friends had better get their asses out of there,while they were still in one piece.

But then,after he had stepped out of the library and ran back up the stairs,the look on Jason’s face had changed from shock to pure fright,for a devilishly-smiling Melanie was standing right in front of Amanda’s bedroom door and his two friends were standing right there with her…and all three of them had the look of hunger fro blood in their eyes.

That had caused Jason to run back down the stairs and into the living room,where he had suddenly spotted a crackling fire burning in the fireplace,causing him to pick up one of the extra logs,allow the fire in the fireplace to set one end of the extra log ablaze and toss the newly-burning log right in the path of the three charging vampires.

And after the flames had started burning away at the three drinkers of human blood,Jason had samshed open a window,climbed out of the burning house through it and started running away from the scene just as fast as his own legs could carry him.

Well,People?What do you think?Is the story that I had just told you someone’s idea of a sick joke?Or is it actually a tale of a so-called ‘horror fantasy’ invading our own real world?Of course,that choice is yours to make.



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