Love & Lust in Skyrim Chapter 12: The Burglary Job

Title: Love & Lust in Skyrim Chapter 12: The Burglary Job

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Emmy Rossum, Jessica Chastain, Cate Blanchett

Codes: FF, oral, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: Picture this as a (sort of) porn parody of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


We fade in on a general store, where we see a Bosmer(Emmy) leaning over the counter, talking flirtily to the shopkeeper(Jessica). “Oh, stop it!” Jess laughs.


“In Dibella’s name, I am being sincere.  You know…” Emmy reaches over, and touches Jess’ cheek. “It can get lonely, hunting in the woods for days at a time, just me, and my thoughts.  Would you be open to having…a little fun?”


Moments later, we see Emmy straddling Jessica on the latter’s bed upstairs, both naked, lips locked.  After a bit, Emmy leans forward, allowing Jess to suck her hard, pink nipples. “Uhm…” Emmy moans a little, while, unseen by Jess, her attention is on a lockbox on a nearby table, as she reaches into the pocket of her leather armor, which is hanging from the bedpost, pulls out a small table knife, and palms it.  She then moves down, and squeezes Jess’ large, white breasts, while sucking her pointy white nipples.


Emmy kisses down Jess’ stomach, until she arrives at her moist, ginger-rimmed pussy, which, in our first close-up, she starts licking. “Oh, yes…” Jess moans raspily, baring her teeth, and grabbing the back of Emmy’s head.  Back in the close-up, Emmy two-fingers Jess’s dripping wet cunt, while she licks around her clit. “Ooh!” Jess cries out, starting to buck her hips, as Emmy fingers her faster and harder. “Huh!” Jess gasps out loud, and arches her back, as she climaxes.  Suddenly, with the hand holding the knife, Emmy gives Jess a small cut on her vagina, right next to her clit.  This results in Jess freezing mid-orgasm.


After a couple seconds, Emmy gets up, and smirks at Jess’ frozen form, as she again reaches into her pocket for her lockpicks.  She then effortlessly open the lockbox, inside finding a small collection of valuables, including a sealed piece of paper.


Moments later, Emmy’s back in her armor, and pocketing the loot.  Before leaving, she leans over and gives Jess a quick kiss on the lips. “Thanks.”


It then cuts to Emmy standing in front of a stone tomb, on which she presses a button, causing it to slide back, revealing a secret passage.


We now see an underground chamber, where an Altmer(Cate) stands, wearing Thieves Guild armor.  We then hear echoey footsteps, and see Emmy walking towards her.


“I take it you obtained the letter.”


“Right here,” Emmy says, holding the paper up.


“Excellent.” The two converge, and share a passionate, open-mouthed kiss, as Cate takes the letter from Emmy. “And I think I can guess how you got this.”


“Whatever works, right?”


“Hm…” Cate gives Emmy another kiss, then whispers, “Come…”


We now see the two naked and embracing on a big, fur-covered straw bed, lips again locked.  Cate starts kissing down Emmy’s chest, pausing to lick and suck her almost achingly hard nipples.  As Cate continues, kissing down Emmy’s stomach, she asks, “So, the shopkeeper?  Did she enjoy it?”


“Mmm…” Emmy moans, brow furrowing, as, in another close-up, Cate begins to eat her out. “Yes…” She then giggles. “I actually paralyzed her in the middle of her climax.  Don’t know if that means she could still feel it, but if it does, I envy her a bit.  Huhm…” Back in the close-up, Cate begins to finger her, while licking around her clit.


“Did she pleasure you?”


“Uhm…No…” Emmy starts to writhe under Cate’s tongue. “She didn’t…”


“Good.  That honor belongs to me alone…” Shortly after, Emmy lets out a shrill whine, body twisting on the bed.  As her orgasm subsides, Cate comes back up, and the two once again kiss.


“Hm…switch with me…” The two trade places, and Emmy immediately kisses down Cate’s stomach, then, in another close-up, buries her tongue in Cate’s drooling, golden-haired cunt.


“Ohhh…” Cate moans throatily, face contorting. “Oh, Mara…You’re so good to me…” Biting her lip, Cate feels herself up, as, back in the close-up, Emmy moves her tongue up and down inside her juicy slit. “Oh!  You’re already going to make me…Uhh…” Cate starts to clutch at herself, as, again in the close-up, Emmy finger-fucks her audibly wet twat. “Yes…Yes…Yes…Ooh!  Yes!” Cate’s face twists, as the orgasm spreads through her body.  Suddenly, her eyes pop open, and her mouth gapes, as she freezes in place.


We then see Emmy come up from between her legs, holding the knife from before. “I hope you’re still feeling that…” Emmy moves up, until she’s face to face with Cate. “I do love you…” She kisses Cate’s motionless lips, “I never lied about that.  But, as I told you before, I will never trust an Altmer, especially after finding out how you’d planned to take care of me.  Oh, the city guards are coming, and they will find their female elf, surrounded by her hoard of stolen goods.  I just hope they get here in time.  You see…” She then holds the knife up to Cate’s face. “What I just pricked you with?  Not the same thing I’ve been using on all our marks.  This is something special I had made up.  If you’re very lucky, the guards will find you in time to give you the antidote.  I’d say you have…about twenty minutes, plenty of time for me to grab the share you promised me, and a little extra for my trouble, and be long gone.  Well, anyway…” Emmy gives her another, more intimate kiss. “Thanks.” She then gets up and leaves, as the scene fades out.

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