Lucky Bastard 12: Premiere to Remember

Title: Lucky Bastard 12: Premiere to Remember

Author: MiamiLyfe

Celebs: Hailee Steinfeld, Sophie Turner

Codes: MFF, MF, oral, anal, public

Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy


I hate getting dressed up, but none the less I current found myself in a tuxedo in the back of a limo pulling up to the red carpet of Pitch Perfect 3.


“Just so we’re clear, next time if you’re ever my date to an event like this again, you’re coming home and have sex with me.” Anna Kendrick said as the limo came to a stop.


“Deal.  Thanks again for doing this.”  Anna had agreed to let me be her plus one to her premier.  While the two of us have been friends with benefits ever since our first meeting, tonight the unspoken plan was for me to finally hook up with her Pitch Perfect 3 co-star, Hailee Steinfeld.  It was no secret to anyone who knew either of us that we were extremely hot for each other and up until tonight we just never seemed to see each other at the right place or right time.


The door to limo opened up and the crowd erupted in cheers as Anna stepped out.  I followed behind her and got roped into taking some pictures with her for the photographers who were out in front of the step and repeat banner, though none of them had a clue who I was.  When the photographers told me to get out of the way, I quickly made my way up carpet to the theater while Anna stayed behind for pictures and interviews.


A bunch of people were huddled around making small talk while they waited for the stars to work through the red carpet and for the show to begin.  I walked around a bit, but was not really interested in networking or making small talk.  It was about 5 minutes later I saw a tall red-head standing alone over by the far wall playing on her phone.  When I saw her face I immediately recognized her as Sophie Turner.  I had not seen her since she and Hailee had left Olivia’s infamous 20th birthday party early.  Knowing she was one of Hailee’s closest friends I was guessing she had come here with Hailee so I went over to her to strike up a conversation.


“Hey Sophie.”


“Oh hi,” she said in her lovely accent. “It’s Ed, right?”


“How have you been? I haven’t seen you seen you since Olivia’s birthday party.”


“I’ve been well. Hailee will be excited to know you’re here.”


I couldn’t hide my smile after hearing that. “That’s good to know.”


“She is still upset with me for making her leave that party early. She’s called me a cock block ever since someone forwarded her the video of you & Liv.”


“People need to stop spreading that video.  It’s only a matter of time until it gets leaked.” I said as I looked out over at the chaos still on the red carpet.


“Oh and that would be so terrible for you, won’t it,” Sophie said sarcastically. “A video of a hot actress cumming all over your giant cock. You’d end up with an onslaught of girls like Haiz who just can’t wait to get her hands on that monster.” She paused for a few moments as her eyes drifted down to my crotch and then started up. “You know, I’d be a shame if something again got between you two finally shagging.” This caught my attention right away and I stopped scanning the red carpet crowd and immediately focused right in on Sophie.


“What does that mean?”


“Oh nothing. It just it’s obvious how hot you two are for each other and it’d just be too bad if something or someone got in the way of you both hooking up” Sophie said trying to play coy.


“Cut the crap red, what do you want?”


Sophie smirked at my bluntness.  “Alight then.  I love Haiz, I do, but she’s gotten a little too flirty with some of my past boyfriends and my fiance. I want to even things up.  And what better way to do that than to get a taste of something she’s been wanting before she gets too,”  Sophie said as she grazed my crotch with her hand.


I looked hard at Sophie, then back to the long line of celebs still on the red carpet, and then back to Sophie once again.  “Alright, fuck it.  But we gotta be quick.”  I took her arm and we moved down one of the far corners of the theater, heading away from the Chinese Theater.  We somehow ended up in the closed movie theater next door.  We quickly made it into the women’s room and once inside I began undoing my belt.  Sophie began to bend down onto her knees before I stopped her.


“Nah unh, stand up, bend over the counter, and hike up the dress. You sad you wanted a taste of what Hailee is going to get tonight, so now you’re going to get it.”


“Oh really? No snog or anything, straight to shaging, you and Hailee are really going to like each other.” Sophie joked as she slip her thong down and raised one knee onto the countertop.


“Joke all you want, in five minutes you’re going to be cumming on my cock and begging me not to stop.”


“Someone is confi…. Wow… that thing looks bigger in person.” Sophie’s mouth hung open as she looked over at my now exposed throbbing erection.


“Sophie, if you want to do this,” I said as I grabbed my cock and waved it at her, “we’re gonna have to do this now.”


Sophie quickly hiked her dress up further, exposing her pale but shapely bum. Stepping up behind her I slapped my rod up against her shaved pink folds.  I could feel how wet she was.


“You ready for this?” I asked, not really caring about her response.  She was in the middle of saying something when I slid into her hot wet pussy


“OH GOD! Yes! Stuff me! Stuff me with that big knob!”  Yelled in pleasure into the mirror as I fucked her.


I was jackhammering my cock in and out of the Game of Thrones star for a good 10 minutes and she’d already cum once when all of a sudden we heard the door to the bathroom.


“What the fuck?”


Me and Sophie froze and looked to the door only to have Hailee Steinfeld looking back at us.  We were all frozen in stunned silence until I finally said something.


“She blackmailed me into it”


“Hey!” Sophie said a bit perturbed at the way I threw her under the bus, though she was still bent over the sink counter with my dick lodged in her snatch. “Hailee I…”


“It doesn’t matter.” Hailee cut her off while walking over to the counter. “I snuck up here because I need to get off.”  Hailee pushed Sophie’s leg off the counter and then jumped up onto the counter.  She then slid over in front of her red headed friend and hiked up skirt revealing a very wet pussy with a landing strip.  “I was going to masterbate, but if you want to have sex with him that’s fine, you can repay me but eating me out.”  She then grabbed onto the back of Sophie’s head and pulled her down to her pussy.  Hailee then looked up at me, “Fuck her all you want right now, after the movie you’re all mine.” She gave me a wink before moaning loudly as Sophie began eating her pussy.  I’d been frozen ever since Hailee walked into the bathroom thinking I’d blown my shot with her, but after hearing I didn’t I went back into drilling Turner’s pussy.


While I had enjoyed having sex with Sophie and watching her reaction in the mirror before, now now looking into Hailee Steinfeld’s “O” face as her friend ate her out was something else. It did not take long for things to build towards their climax.


“Aww yeah, that’s it work that tongue,” Hailee moaned using one hand to push down even more on Sophie’s head as she pawed at her tit through her dress with the other.  “Almost there! Almost there, Almost…” Hailee then quickly grabbed me by the back of the head bringing me in and jamming her tongue down my mouth as she came on her friends face. Maybe it was finally kissing Hailee after lusting after her for a few months, or maybe it was just the buildup from pumping in and out Sophie Turner’s snatch, but as we made out I released my load into the Game of Thrones star.


After calming down we all began to get straightened back up.  Sophie told Hailee how she kind of blackmailed me into the situation, and Hailee forgave her but also told her that she wouldn’t steal her boyfriend and jokingly told her that had she wanted to fuck her fiancee she would have.  Me and Hailee left the bathroom first, after having gotten fuck and eating out her friend it was going to take Sophie longer to get look presentable.


Me and Hailee made some small talk on our way back down but as we were set to rejoin the rest of the people at the premiere, Hailee stepped in front of me.  She cupped my crotch and told me “Now remember tonight you’re mine, so try not fuck anyone between now and the end of the movie.” She then gave me a quick kiss before running into the crowd entering the theater.  I walked into the theater and took my seat next to Anna.


“You reek of sex” Anna quipped.




“Maybe.” And then the lights went down.


After the movie me and Anna met up with Sophie and Hailee in the lobby.  Me and Sophie told the two stars how much we liked their movie.  As we chit-chated it started become a little tense and awkward, and Anna quickly cut through it.


“So, these two” pointing to me and Hailee “need to get going so they can fuck each others brains out.”  She then locked her arm around Sophie’s “Now come Lady Sansa, let’s go find a well hung Dothraki horde to fuck.” And with that they walked off to head to the after party, and me an Hailee went to the limo line to get us a ride out of there. While waiting in line for the limo me and Hailee both began to have our sex drive rachet up. I had my hand firmly gripping and squeezing her firm ass and she whispered some of the dirty things into my ear.  Finally limo pulled up and as he opened the back door he asked us if we were going to the after party.


“No, where going to…” I turned to Hailee “where are we going?”


“Where do you live?” She asked giving me the same blank unknowing look I gave her.


“Pasadena.  It’ll take 40 minutes to an hour to get there.”




“What about you?”


“Ummm… I technically still live with my parents.” Hailee said embarrassed


“So, I’m guessing going there is out of the question?”


She laughed, “Yeaaaahhh, probably not the best idea.”


We were quiet for a minute or two while we thought what to do.  Finally I turned to the driver and just told him to just take us to the nearest five star hotel with a vacancy.  He gave a quick at Hailee as she got in the car before giving me a knowing smile and saying he’d have to check his phone for a vacancy but he thinks he knows of a place or two.


I got in the limo and shut the door behind me.  As the limo began to drive off Hailee quickly straddled my lap and without a word the two of us began to make out.  My hands roamed all over her body as she began grinding herself up against my crotch.  The driver interrupted us over a car’s PA system saying that he found a vacancy at the SLS in Beverly Hills and we’d be there in 10 minutes or so.  I covered Hailee’s mouth as I pressed the button for the PA and told him that that sounded fine.  I didn’t want the drive to her Hailee moan as I finger blasted her.  Once I let got of the PA button I also took my hand off Hailee’s mouth.


“Take you dick out I want to fuck.” Her hands began sneaking down towards my belt.


“Nah, not here.”


“Why not?” She asked giving me pouty face.


“Not enough time.  Once we start with that, I want no interruptions. So we’ll just have to find another way to spend pass the time.” With that I shoved her off my waist and onto her back on the seat.  I then slipped down and pushed her dress up to her waist.  Exposing her tasty pussy to me for the second time, only this time instead watching her friend eat her out, I got the pleasure of diving my head between her legs.  Time seemed to fly by as in no time it seemed the driver gave us a status update that we were just minutes away.  As we pulled into the hotel I had my mouth sucking on her clit and two fingers driving in and out of her twat.  In a last ditch effort to make her cum before the limo stopped I pulled my hand out and moved her hips a bit before giving her the shocker.  Sending two fingers into her pussy and my pinky into her butt caught her by surprise in a good way as she soon was cumming all over my hand.


The limo came to a stop in front of the SLS, Hailee and I got out of the car looking flush and a little out of breath, but not to bad.  I gave the driver a cash tip and he told me I was one lucky S.O.B.  Hailee and I then both walked quickly together across the hotel lobby and towards the front desk, holding each other tightly with my arm around her shoulders and hers around my waist.


“My pussy is so wet I can literaly feel a few droplets running down my leg. I hope no one notices,” Hailee whispered into my ear as we approached the front desk.  The receptionist at the desk greeted us and immediately recognized Hailee, she began gushing about what a fan she was and how she couldn’t wait to see Pitch Perfect 3.  Hailee did her best to play it cool.  I told her that we needed the room, the receptionist told me they only had they only had one of their smaller rooms types of rooms with a single king bed available.  I told her that was fine it was just for the night, but she insisted on trying to see if she could work something out and find something better. She was unsuccessful and just ended up wasting our time.  Time which seemed to be going at a glacial pace as she got us our room information.  When she turned to finally get us the key Hailee again whispered into my ear, “I swear if she takes to much longer I’m just going to get down on my knees and blow you right here.”  Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your opinion I didn’t get to find out how serious she was as we were then handed our keys and we hurried to the elevator.


We made out as we rode the elevator up several floors.  When we got to our floor we both speed walked to our room.  Opening the door, it was a small room with a large bed and sofa like seating in front of a large window.  Hailee had not walked three feet into the room before she began sliding out of her dress. She hardly broke stride as it pooled around her feet and she stepped out of it, while continuing on shaking her nude ass as she walked over to the window. Hopping up onto her knees the sofa she stuck out her butt and bent forward to look out the window.  I took off my jacket and was unbuttoning my shirt when she told me we had a view of the pool.  Bent over the back of the sofa with her ass up in the air and her head looking over her shoulder she told me I should come take a look.  I quickly stripped out of the rest of my clothes, Hailee let out an audible sigh when my cock sprung free of its confines.


Walking up behind her I peered over her shoulder to look out the window, making sure my dick grazed her pussy as I looked out


“Ummmm… I’ve been waiting to feel that thing since seeing that video of you and Olivia.  I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve masterbated to it.”  Hailee confessed as she rubbed her wet pussy against my rod..


“Maybe we can make our own video.”


“I don’t make a sex tape with someone until at least the third date. I’m a lady.”


“Sure you are” and with that I finally slid into her pussy.  We both let out loud moans of absolute joy and pleasure.  I had almost my full dick in her pussy when I just stopped to enjoy the feeling and take in the moment.


“By the way, this doesn’t count as a date.”


“Then what is tonight?” I asked as I began thrusting in and out of her.


“Sex. It’s all about sex.” We were not going at full speed with her meeting each thrust of mine with a backward thrust of her own.  “Really great sex. Shit, I love your dick so much!”


“Hell yeah it is.”  From the get go the two of us seemed to have great chemistry. She meet every thrust of mine by pushing her hips back to meet me.  We’d only going been going at it for a few minutes, but between the build up on the way over and finally banging the girl I’ve been wanting to get with for a few months, I wasn’t going to last much longer.


“Shit, sorry. I need to get this first load out of the way.” I said as I pulled out.


“That’s fine, so long as you can keep going afterwards.”


“I will.”


“You better.”  Hailee then spun around to face me. Grabbing my cheeks with both her hands she gave a big deep kiss. “I want to taste you.” she said then moving passed me and jumping onto the bed.  She then spun around and laid on her back with her head hanging off the side.  “Come fuck my face.” Hailee said opening her mouth up wide.  I quickly moved over to the bed, placing my hands on the sides of her face as I lined up my cock and sunk it into her mouth and down her throat.  I soon began fucking her face the way I fucking her pussy just seconds ago.  I loved the feeling and based on how she was toying with her clit and at times almost seemed to be giggling as I fucked her face, she seemed to be loving it too.  I warned the Love Myself singer that I was about to bust my nut, but as I started to pull out Hailee reached above her head grabbing my hips to hold me in place with my dick still in my mouth. Knowing what she wanted, I let it rip  shooting off ropes of cum down her throat but pulling out so the last few shots hit her face.  When I was done I turned around and fell back onto the bed.  Hailee spun around giggling, using the comforter to wipe her face clean.


“That was quite a sizable load, hope you still have something left in there.”


“Are you kidding? We’re not stopping tonight until one of us either dies or my dick falls off,”  I joked.  Hailee was now sitting on her knees next to me looking down at me.  It was really the first time I had gotten a chance to take in her fully naked form.  Looking over from her small landstrip above her obviously recently shaved or waxed pussy, to her darker colored areola and thicker hard nipple.


“That’s good to hear.  You taste really good by the way.”


“Speaking of tasting good.” I said as I reached out to grab the girl, but she quickly spun out of my grasp.  However we still ended up where I wanted with her crotch grinding against my tongue, only now I had the added benefit of the two of us 69ing with her on top.  Hailee blew life back into my cock as I munched away on her cunt.  I was so lost in her twat I didn’t even notice she stopped blowing me until she pulled away from me.  She slid her her pussy down my body coming to a rest right up against my cock.  I watched as if in slow motion as she lifted her hips up and sunk them down with my dick splitting her pussy in half.


“Aaahhhhhhgggaaaawwwdddd” she cried out as she worked my whole cock into her.  “Jesus I don’t know what I like more, how deep you are are how much you stretch me out.  She then started riding me reverse cowgirl style.  As she built up speed, I could not help but me mesmerized by the site of her ass bouncing and twerking on my dick.  I slid up closer the headboard, putting some pillows behind me, so that I could sit up and have a better angle to watch her.  She lost her balance as I pulled her up the bed with me so she dropped her hands down to the bed so she was now hunched over with her ass sticking out even more so than before.  I could not held but give it a slap a few times, leaving a red handprint on her firm right cheek.


She’d already cum once while riding me and I was getting close as well.


“Turn around,” I told her.  “I wanna see your face when I cum.”


“Fine” she said standing up and turning around. “But I am still on top, we’ll do however you want next time.”  She then dropped to her knees and again sunk her hips down atop my cock.  Since I was still in a sitting up position, instead of watching her ass bounce I had her breasts right in front of my face.  I could not help myself from leaning forward and taking her tit into my mouth.  I mauled her breasts as she rode me.  Licking, sucking, biting her nipples as I groped the other with my hand, and then switching to the other.  I only stopped when

She took hold of some of my hair and yanked my head back and stuck her tongue down my throat.


We made out as she continued to grind her hips against my crotch.


“You need to slow down or I’m gonna cum,” I warned her.


“Yes, do it! I’m almost there! Come in me!  Come in me as I come!”  Hailee yelled at me. “YESS!”


Feeling her pussy tighten as she came, I stopped holding back “Fucking hell!” I bursted out as I released a cum into her pussy.  As our mutual orgasims tied down we both collapsed down onto the bed.


“It was… your birthday… yesterday… right?” I said while trying to catch my breath.


“Yeah.” Hailee said, also out of breath.


“Happy birthday.”


“Thanks.  You got me…exactly what I wanted… a nice big dick… and a good hard fucking.”


At some point after that we both passed out, but it was not for long. I was woke up several hours later to a dark room and the feeling of Hailee rubbing her butt up against my erection.  We were spooning, still naked and on top of the covers.  I had a hand draped across her and my hand was palming her breast. Hailee had her ass pushed back into my crotch and was slowly rubbing it up and down.  I could not tell if she awake or not, but when I back away a bit she groaned and shoved her ass back further to meet my crotch.  Still not totally sure if she was awake or not so, reached down to take hold of my cock, I rubbed it along her ass crack eventually moving it between her legs sliding it along the pussy lips. This caused her to moan loudly.  She was already warm and wet so she was either already awake or having a very good dream. I continued to slide along the her outer lips but it wasn’t until I started kissing her bare shoulder that she finally let me know she was awake.


“Bout time you woke up.” she said turning and looking over her shoulder.


“You been awake long?”


“Not too long. Just woke up to your dick poking me in the ass and I was trying to decide if I should wake you up or just roll you on your back and take care of it myself.


“Well I’m a wake now.” I said before giving her a quick kiss.


“Good, cause I want you to fuck my ass.”


“Really?” Hailee just smiled, biting her lip and nodding in response. I kept sliding along her pussy to try and lube up my cock, even it pumping into her twat a few times to try get it nice and wet. Unfortunately the first time I lined up and tried sticking into her anus we were not really getting anywhere so I had to spit into my hand and rub it against her rosebud.  I even stuck my finger up her butt before taking aim with my cock once again. Lifting her leg up a bit I push my cock into her ass again.  With some effort the head of my dick finally slipped in.


“Oh my god. You’re stretching me out so much, but I love it.” Hailee was enjoying it so much as I fucked her tight asshole that she was practically laughing.  I worked my dick in and out of her butt in the spooning position.


“Come on, harder! Fuck me Harder!” she begged, so I turned us over so we were in doggie.  She gripped the headboard with one hand and used the other to play with her pussy as I continued to pound her ass.  Now with leverage I could really work her ass hard.  With each thrust her ass shook and my balls swung and slapped against her pussy.


“OOOOOOOhhhhh my god, that’s it really give it to me!”  The harder I fucked her, the more she loved it. I’m amazed that whoever was in the next room didn’t call the front desk to have someone come tell us to keep the noise down, because there is no way they could not hear Hailee yelling.  Especially when I started spanking her ass as I fucked it, that seemed to really set her off.


“Good damn, you are absolutely loving this.”


“Yes, I fucking love the feeling of your big dick in my tight ass.”


“Keeping talking like that and I am going to end up cumming in it.”


“Yes! Do it! Cum in my ass! Please, cum in my ass!”


Hearing year pleas did it.  “Shit!” was all I said as I unloaded my seed into her ass.  I then pulled out letting the last two shots paint her lower back. When it was over I dropped down onto the bed and Hailee rolled onto her side and faced me.


“Nice job. High five.” This caused me to chuckle and I gave her a high five.  Hailee then wrapped herself around me and we feel asleep.


The girl had a unquenchable sex drive, and I could not get enough of her.  After we spent the night of the premier screwing until we both basically passed out, then we spent all of the next two days in that same hotel room either having sex, eating, or sleeping.  While it was clear this girl was a bit of a freak, Hailee also showed off some of her exhibtionist side as well. Once opening the door to let in guy with the room service while completely in the nude.  The guy obviously enjoyed the view as evident by the tent in his pants as her turned around to leave. Then another time while food was being delivered she yelled for them to come in while she rode me reverse cowgirl style on the bed.  It was a different guy this time, and after the initial shock of what he saw, he slowly walked to the far nightstand to put down the food, making getting a good 270 degree view of Hailee ride my cock.


We didn’t just sleep, eat and fuck.  We also watched some movies and talked while we rested, though one of the main topics of conversations was about sex.  I told her about how I first found out I was larger than most guys, and some of my recent hollywood hookups.  She told me some of her stories like about the first time she meet and had a threeway with Anna Kendrick, gave me the details about the threesome I had heard her and Olivia Holt had, and also how she, Anna, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow and Alexis Knapp invited a number of the crew members who’d been there for all the Pitch Perfect movies up to Anna Kendrick’s suite to thank them properly with a full blown orgy.


I woke up on the morning of day three surprised to find that I was in a empty bed.  I was disappointed until I heard someone moving around the bed.  I opened my eyes to see Hailee hustling around the room wearing my dress shirt from the premiere.


“Ummm… what are you doing?” I asked her as I stretched out trying to wake up.


“Sorry, I have a bunch of stuff to do today.” She then jumped up onto the bed. “Sophie is coming over to drop off some clothes for me.”


“When will she be here?” A smile crept across Hailee’s face.


“Don’t worry, we got time.” With that Hailee took off my shirt and yanked down the bed sheets.  Even though I’d seen her naked for most of last nearly 60 hours, I still loved looking at her body in its nude glory.  Hailee straddled my legs and went down on my morning wood.  I was enjoying another great blow job from actress/singer when we were interrupted by a knock at the door.


“Hailee it’s me.” We heard Sophie Turner yell from the hotel hallway.


“She early” Hailee said as she jumped off the bed and answered the door once again in the nude. While she opened the door I grabbed a pillow to hide my throbbing erection.


“Jesus Haiz, really?” Sophie said as looked at her friend standing nude in the hotel room doorway.


“What? Not like you haven’t seen me naked before.”


“That’s not…nevermind, here” Sophie handed Hailee a gym bag as she walked into the room.  “And oh my god, this room absolutely reeks of sex. You weren’t kidding about going at it since the premiere.”


“No she wasn’t”  I said and Sophie then noticed me on the bed, nude except for a pillow over my crotch. She blushed slightly and tried not to look directly at me.


Oh! Umm hey Eddie.” she said.


“Well, I better go shower.” Hailee interrupted. She made her way towards the bathroom, but made a detour coming over to the bed, and bending down to give me a deep lingering kiss.  At some point she must have grabbed onto the pillow that was covering my crotch, because as she pulled back from the kiss, she also quickly tossed the pillow off the bed exposing my hardon to the open air and to Sophie’s gaze.


“No sense in hiding what she’s already seen” was all Hailee said before heading into the bathroom and shutting the door, leaving me and Sophie Turner looking at each other in awkward silence.  Sophie’s eyes drifted down to my erection, which was still glistening from Hailee’s spit, Sophie bit her lip as she looked at it.


“I can’t believe you’re still hard after being locked up in here with her all this time.”


“Honestly neither can I.  I think she might have slipped something into my drinks.”


“I wouldn’t put it passed her.” A loud silence now filled the room. ”I’d be a shame to let that thing go to waste” She said as she approached the bed.


“You sure about this? She’s only in the bathroom.”


“Please, like she didn’t set this all up.”


“If we’re going to do this, you have to be on top.  I my legs are just jelly.”


“Not a problem.”


“Also shirt off, tits out. I’m not going to miss out on seeing them a second time.”


“Fine.” Sophie quickly got rid of her white shirt and bra.  Climbing onto the bed with her pale white breast with light pink areolas and very little sag, out in the open for my gaze.  Sophie now stood over me pulling up her skirt and showing off her pussy.  Unlike the night of the premiere where she was freshly shaved, she now had a couple days of growth of red haired.


“No panties, hmm?”


“While we were on the phone Haiz got kind of graphic on her description of what you two had been up to. I had to ditch them, they were too wet to continue to wear.’ She dropped down to her knees and grabbed onto my rod, lining it up with her pussy before sliding down my pole.  “Fuck, your dick really does feel amazing.”


“Yeah, I bet.  Tell me, you and Anna hook up with anyone at the after party?” I asked as she grinded her pussy on my cock.


“Anna did. That girl’s libito may rival Hailee’s.  Oh fuck yesss.  Soooo goood.  I went back home to Joe.”


“The fiancee, you to screw?”




“Tell me, were thinking about him or that fat cock you’re currently riding.”


“I love Joe.”


“That wasn’t the question.” I responded, giving her ass a slap. “Answer my question.”


“I…I…” with her hesitating I took hold of her hips and used the last bit of energy I had in my hips to rock her body with my cock.  “Oh god, oh god…. Your! I was thinking about your fat cock and how it completely fills my twat, OH GOD!” she squealed as she came, thought she did not pause and continued to ride my cock through her orgasim. We continued for a few more minutes, with her shaking the bed as she rode me, until I heard the shower turn off.


“Shit Sophie, we need to wrap this up.”


“I want to taste you.  I want you to cum in my mouth” she said breathlessly.


“Go ahead, but I don’t know how much cum I actually have left. Your friend pretty much drained me.”


“I don’t care” And with that Sophie Turner rose off my cock and shimmied down the bed so she could lay down and take my aching member into her mouth.  Taking the head into her mouth she began blowing me.  She did her best to deep throat as much of me as she possibly could.  I fixed up the pillows behind me so I could angle myself better to watch the redhead finish me off.  As the sound of the hair dryer in the bathroom started up, it drowned out the sounds of me growing as I came fully emping whatever was left in my balls into Sophie’s awaiting mouth.


“Mmmm… Hailee was right, you do taste good.” Sophie commented as she crawled up the bed and laid down next to me.


“Glad you enjoyed it.” I was just about to pass out when I heard the bathroom door open.  I wasn’t sure what Hailee’s reaction was going to be, because with both of sweaty, out of breath, and mostly naked (Sophie still had her skirt and heels on), it was pretty obvious what we were doing while she was in the bathroom.


“You two fucked again?” Hailee asked


“Yup” Sophie answered.


“Was it good?”


“Oh yes, so good.”


“Good, by the way I’m counting that as my engagement gift to you.  Now put your shirt back on so we can leave.” Sophie didn’t have a response this time.  She simply got off the bed and the two girls left as I passed out into a blissful but much needed rest.


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