Lucky Bastard 26: The London Trip pt. 1

Title: Lucky Bastard 26: The London Trip pt. 1

Author: MiamiLyfe

Celebs: Sophie Turner, Emma Watson

Codes: MF, oral, public, cheat

Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.



I sat in the passenger seat of Hailee’s white Land Rover and she was in the driver’s seat. We were parked outside the Van Nuys airport. I had to travel to London for a meeting and I also wanted to meet with another guy to buy a script I loved while I was over there. It was also going to be my first time ever visiting London, so I was staying for a full week to also do some sightseeing.

“After that meeting on Thursday, I’ll have a bunch of free time to see the city.”

“That’s great, you’ll love London! It’s such an amazing city.”

“Yeah, I’ve wanted to go for a while,” I said, “Oh, and Dove gave me tickets to her play.”

“That reminds me I got you something,” Hailee said before reaching into the backseat to grab a bag. She then reached in and pulled out a value-sized box of condoms. “Here, for your trip.”

“Thanks?” I said as I took the box. “Ugh, Hailee, is something wrong?”

“Wrong? Like what?”

“Well, when you went to New York for the MET Gala you spent every night the week prior at my place, you had me finger you the entire way to the airport, and when we got to LAX instead of dropping you off curbside you had me park on the top floor of the garage, made me get in the back seat, and you sucked me off. You almost missed your flight. And now I’m leaving and you’ve been keeping your distance the last couple of days, and then when I mention Dove you hand me a box of condoms.”

“In my defense, her last text to you before you told her we were together was her telling you that she wanted to dose you with Viagra and set a new personal best for orgasms in a day.” Hailee chuckled, I didn’t but it was a true story. “Aw Eddie, nothing is wrong. Trust me,” she then leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I then pulled her into to me and kissed her. Soon we were full on making out in the front seat of her SUV. We went at it, making out passionately, for several minutes. We did not stop until Hailee was sitting on my lap in the passenger seat and I had a hand up the back of her shirt unsnapping her bra.

“Wait, wait, wait. We have to stop.” Hailee said as she pulled away.

“Alright, what the fuck is going on?” I said very agitatedly.

“I should have told you about this before, but you know how Sophie and Joe eloped?”

“Yeah of course.”

“Well, before she did that, me and a couple of other girls were planning her bachelorette party and I was planning on getting her a stripper.”


“Only he’s not just a stripper, he’s kind of a gigolo.”

“So for her bachelorette party, you were going to hook your friend up with a male prostitute? Sure, why not.”

“I just kind of thought, why not say goodbye to your single life with a big well-hung bang. But then she eloped and it didn’t happen.”

“Still not sure what this has to do with me.”

“Well… you’re going to be sharing the plane with Sophie to London and I want you to fuck her brains out while on the flight.” Hailee said that all very quickly and it took me a moment to fully process what she said.

“Are you serious? Wait so have you been avoiding having sex with me, to what? Have me all bent up and horny so I’d be ready to have sex with your friend?”

Hailee noded. “Kind of, yeah. Look it’s not that big a deal. We were both up front about this being an open relationship. As long as you come back to me I don’t care, you know that. We know how we feel about each other.” I did know all that, and we both agreed to keep it an open relationship because of our schedules. However last few months neither of us had really had to be anywhere outside of LA so we’d been pretty exclusive, and I’d been pretty satisfied with things. “I don’t care if you fuck Sophie or Dove, or some other Harry Potter rejects while you’re over there. End of the day I know you love me and you’re mine.”

“Yeah but..”

“No buts. I Hailee Steinfeld, you’re girlfriend, am telling you to get on that expensive private plane I rented and go have incredible sex with one of my best friends, Sophie Turner. I’d think for most men would be overjoyed and not need any convincing to do this.”

“Well, I’m not most men.”

“I’ll say,” she then reached down and squeezed my crotch through my pants and we began kissing once again. A few minutes later we broke apart and said our goodbyes. I grabbed my bags, and the extra large pizza I had gotten for the flight and headed into the airport. Eventually, I made my way to the plane and boarded. The pilot, flight attendant, and Sophie were all already on the plane and waiting for me. There were a number of big comfortable leather seats in the middle of the plane.

“About time,” Sophie said as I sat down next to her. Sophie was dressed for comfort with her hair in a ponytail and she was dressed in an unzipped hooded sweatshirt, t-shirt, and sweatpants.

“Sorry, Hailee had to explain a couple of things to me,” I told her and gave her a look.

“Ah, okay,” she blushed and looked away understanding what I was talking about. After that, I buckled my seat belt as the flight attendant explained a few things. Mainly just the safety info and telling us that if we want any alcohol that legally she has to be the one to serve us. She then sat down and got ready to take off.

“This plane is really nice. Hailee really went kind of all-out huh?”

“It’s nice. You should see the private bedroom in the back,” she then leaned over to me and whispered, “or rather wait till you see the bedroom.” She then laughed as she sat back in her seat.

“So, when did Hailee tell you about her plan?”

“Her originally plan or this one? Because she told me about wanting to get me a stripper to shag days after I told her I was engaged.”

“And this whole thing?” I said gesturing all around us.

“I told her I was planning on going home for a couple of days a month ago, and like a week later she told me you were also flying out at this time. It wasn’t until Saturday she told me about how she wanted to set us up.” We then sat in silence as the plane took off. “So what do you think?”

I turned to look at the Game of Thrones star. She had her eyebrow raised and was giving me a sly smile. “I have not given much thought. Hailee sprung the whole thing on me basically as I was getting out of the car. What about you?”

“I really don’t know. I mean when we did it before it was really good, but I’m married and your dating my friend, it would be kind of weird.”

“No weirder than you blackmailing me into having sex with you in the bathroom.”

“I didn’t blackmail you.” I just looked at her blankly. “Okay, maybe I did a little. But don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it.”

“I couldn’t even if I wanted too.” We laughed, but that was followed by another awkward silence took over the aircraft.

“This is just awkward now, isn’t it?” Sophie broke the silence.


“We need booze.” As the plane had leveled out at this point, Sophie got the flight attendant’s attention. Sophie ordered a bottle of white wine, and told the attendant she didn’t need to worry about bringing a glass, and I ordered two cans of coke and four mini bottles of rum. Once we started drinking our nerves started to dissipate and we relaxed. About an hour into the flight, I had finished off my drinks and Sophie had almost polished off the entire bottle of wine by herself.

“You know, I don’t blame you for not wanting to go through with Hailee’s plan. She’s told me a lot about you guys.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yes. She told me that you two shag like 2 or 3 times a day. Your knob probably deserves a vaca almost as much as the rest of you does.”

“Actually we haven’t done anything sexual for almost a week. She was, I guess, trying to make me save up for you.”

“Aw, that’s really sweet.” Sophie’s hand suddenly found itself resting on my thigh. “So you must be feeling kind of frustrated then? Knackers just full of baby batter.” He fingers now stroking my inner thigh. I looked over to her, and I could just see the drunken desire in her eyes.

“You really want to do this?”

“Well, I’d hate to disappoint Hailee,” She said as she continued to rub my inner thigh. She then got up, and made sure to push her ass right into my face, she slid past me into the aisle. I quickly got up and went to my bag and grabbed one of the condoms Hailee had given me before following Sophie to the sectioned off bedroom. Walking into the bedroom I shut the door behind me. Sophie took off her sweatshirt as I looked around the room. It was pretty basic with a carpeted floor and a queen-sized bed. My attention snapped back to Sophie as she yanked off her t-shirt and pushed down her sweatpants revealing that she wore no underwear. Looking up her body she had a few changes since last I saw her body. She had a few new tattoos, her pussy was completely bald, and both her nipples had barbell piercing going through them.

“So,” she said as she struck a pose, “How do you wanna get started/”

“Lay down on the bed. Hailee set this up for your pleasure.” As she climbed onto the bed I took off my shirt and kicked off my shoes. I then climbed up onto the bed. Picking up one of her legs I slowly began kissing the inner part of her ankle and moved up her leg until I found my face buried into her British snatch. Sophie was already moist as I began licking her pussy with long slow teasing licks. Splitting her lips open I slid a finger into her and began flicking her bean with my tongue. Sophie put her legs up onto my shoulders and her hands to her breasts.

“Hailee is lucky. You’re almost as good at this as Massie. But I really want to feel that big cock of yours.”

“Not until you cum,” I freed my head to tell her.

“If you insist,” She said before pushing my face back down into her wet twat. I went at attacking Sansa Stark’s pussy for another couple of minutes. Using a free hand I reached up and also toyed with her pierced nipples while I tongued her box. She gripped my hair hard causing my head to jerk back when she finally came. As her orgasm died down I kissed my way up her body, stopping at her breast to suck on each nipple. After spending a minute on each nipple, I moved further up until we were face to face. Looking down into her post-orgasmic face, I moved down and we kissed. Just a few pecks on the lips at first, then Sophie opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into my mouth. We kissed for a few seconds, and then we both stopped.

“Umm, that just felt..” I started to say and Sophie finished my sentence.

“Wrong?” I nodded. “Yeah I know, I felt the same.”

“So what do you wanna do?” We paused for a bit, and finally, Sophie answered me.

“How about we skip the snogging, and just go straight to shagging?” Laying on top of a naked Sophie Turner, I was in no position to disagree. Taking a condom from my pocket I then began undoing my pants and pushing them off, I took position between her legs. I quickly ripped open the wrapper and wrapped up my tool. Taking my cock into my hand I slapped it several times against her wet folds, before positioning it. I was about to push my cock into her when she stopped me.

“Wait, wait, wait. Get off the bed and stand up. I want to do something.” I climbed up off the bed and stood over to the side of it. There was not a ton of headroom since I was right next to the wall of the plane. Sophie then got off the bed as well. “Joe’s kind of short, especially when I wear heels, so we never get to do this,” she said. Sophie then grabbed her leg and, showing off her flexibility, lifted it up so that it rested on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her as she took hold of my cock. Rising up on to her toes on the one foot that was still on the ground, Sophie angled herself and then pushed herself down onto my cock. Her body did a slight shudder and her eyes rolled back as she went down on my dick. “Fuck I forgot how good it can feel to really get stretched out. Hailee is so lucky.”

“Can you not mention Hailee while we do this?” I asked as I slowly slid out a few inches and then pushed back in.

“Why?” Instead of answering directly, I just turned the tables on her.

“You like my dick better than Joe’s? Do I fuck you better than your husband?”

“Okay, yeah. Let’s not mention either of them. Just fuck me.” We did just that. I cupped her ass with both my hands and kissed up and down her neck and collarbone as drove my cock into her. Standing with her leg up in the air against me, limited what we could really do. Grinding into her and using shallow stokes I fucked her, the best I could in that position. Deciding it was time to switch things up a bit after a few minutes, I lifted her up and threw her onto the bed. Getting back onto the bed between her legs, I took her leg and threw it behind her head. I had seen her do it while sitting in clothes on the Graham Norton Show a few weeks prior, so I knew she’d have no problem doing it naked on a bed. I then took her hips and pushed into her. My bell end had no problem fitting between her wet lips. Unlike on while standing, I had a lot more freedom of movement and was about to really start pounding her. Sophie reached above her and arched her back as she started moaning louder and louder. I bent down to her tit and took her barbell piercing between my teeth. I gave her nip a quick suck before pulling back a bit with her piercing still between my teeth. Sophie let a scream that was a mix of both pain and pleasure as her nipple was being pulled on. I did the same thing to her other nipple before changing position one more time. Flipping her back over, Sophie continued to hold onto the headboard as I began fucking her from behind. She came in no time as we started to shag her doggy style. I never relented though. I kept pounding her pussy, giving her ass the occasional slap until I could clearly see a red hand print on each cheek. It wasn’t until Sophie turned her head and looked back at me that I noticed her hair was now free from its early ponytail.

Nearing the brink of cumming I pulled out of her snatch, flipped her over, and pulled off the condom. Tossing to the floor, I took hold of my dick and began jacking off. It only took about a minute before I blew my load all over the Game of Thrones star. And what a load it was. Having been a while since I came, I had several days worth a spunk blasted all over her chest and tits. A couple of drops landing on her neck and face. Sophie laughed while making a couple of jokes about the size of my load as I crashed next to her on the bed.

After resting in the bed for a while I put on my boxers and t-shirt and had Mary, the flight attendant, heat up the pizza I had brought aboard the plane. I also made sure to take a few more condoms with me as I headed to back into the bedroom. 45 minutes later, I was now laying on the bed, dressed, with my head propped up on pillows while Sophie was still naked laying on her stomach, and there was a half eaten pizza on the bed between us.

“So how depressed were the other women in your harem when they found out about you and Hailee were becoming a real thing?”

“First I never had a harem. I’m not a Sulton.”

“Okay, sure. Your lengthy list of fuck buddies then.”

“It wasn’t that long.” Sophie rolled her eyes at that. “Most women I only sex with one or two occasions. I’ll admit some slightly more, but most of those were like on set flings. Of the women I kind of had a regular thing, Bailee is now afraid to cross Hailee, Paris, and Kelli both have boyfriends, and I wouldn’t be shocked if they have another side piece as well. Victoria and Olivia both get along really with Hailee and both seem generally happy for us. And actually, I’m not sure Hailee wouldn’t be totally opposed to trying out being a thrupple with either of them.”

“You honestly think she’d be open to it?”

“I don’t know, but it wouldn’t shock me. That said I’m not going to try to coax her into it. For fuck sake as it is I consider myself lucky as fuck.”

“Yeah, you really should you lucky bastard,” Sophie agreed as she picked up another slice of pizza.

“The only person I feel a little awkward about is Natalie. I think she was started to develop a real crush on me, and she’s ghosted me since February. I’m hoping she not mad or something, and goes fatal attraction on me.”

“Or maybe she’s gagging for it and she’ll jump your bones next time you run into her. Who is Natalie, by the way?”

“Natalie Alyn Lind. She was on the show The Gifted.”

“Um, blond girl? Large jubblies?”

“If jubblies mean tits, then yes.”

“Bet you miss those.”

“I… look I wouldn’t pass on Hailee for any other women. Heck, I’d literally kick you out of this plane right now if she asked me to.”

“That’s sweet, though a little mean,” Sophie said as she finished off the slice.

“Yeah, but I’m just saying I love Hailee. But yeah, Nat had amazing tits and at some point, I’ll probably miss them a bit.”

“I bet you’re going to miss sliding your big long cock between her big pert breasts?”

“Are you trying to get me aroused?”

“Yeah, of course. Why else do you think I am still starkers?” After she said that I got off the bed and moved the pizza box to the floor. Pulling off what little clothes I had on, I climbed onto the bed and pulled Sophie leg over to me and she quickly understood what was happening. Sophie climbed over, straddling my head and lowering her face to my crotch we began to 69 on the bed. No sooner did I begin licking her twat did I feel her lips wrap around my rising dick. We went at each other for several minutes, her tongue bathing my dick and balls occasionally giving my bell end a good hard suck, getting me plenty hard. Meanwhile, I worked tongue and fingers against her clit and between her lips getting her plenty wet. However, this was just foreplay.

“You arse,” Sophie complained when I pushed her off of me even though I knew she was near the brink of cumming.

“Whatever, just lay down like you were before,” I told her. I had Sophie laid back down on her stomach as I put on another condom and I moved behind her. Grabbing her ass roughly I spread her cheeks a bit and angled my dick down between her legs. Pushing my bell end into her minge Sophie let out a soft moan. It didn’t take long for Sophie so be back up to the edge of climaxing as I fucked her prone bone style. She finally did cum as I leaned forward and upped the tempo a bit. We kept going for another 20 minutes, switching positions several times. Sophie came two more times, once while I held her leg up as fucked in the spooning position, and the other we came near simultaneously as she got on top rode me.

Afterward, Sophie climbed off of me and we both got under the covers and got some sleep before we arrived in London. Mary was instructed to wake us up when we were about an hour away from landing. After getting a few hours of sleep she did just that, using the intercom on the plane to wake us, I woke up having my arms wrapped around the naked Game of Thrones star as she slept with her head on my chest. It took us almost 30 minutes to get dressed and also use the bathroom to freshen up a bit. When we were 20 minutes out we were told to get to the seats and buckle up.

“So did your wedding gift or one last fling or whatever this was live up to what you were hoping for?” I asked as we sat back in our seats in the middle of the plane getting ready to land in London.

“It was pretty good.”

“Pretty good?”

“No, it was good. The only thing that could have made it better was, I have this one fantasy that I never told Hailee about.”

“What is it?” I asked. Sophie slid over in her seat and whispered it to me.

“Seriously?” Sophie flashed a dirty look and nodded in response.

“Why does that turn you on?” I didn’t even have time to respond before her hand was feeling me through my pants. “Oh my god, it did didn’t it?” Sophie then looked to see if Mary was looking at us at all, but she was in her seat buckled up not paying attention to us. Sophie then began undoing my pants.

“50 pounds says I can get you to cum before we land.” My dick though not fully hard yet was in her hands and out in the open.

“You’re on.” Lowering my pants and boxers a bit more so they were out of the way, Sophie stroked my dick, using spit for lube, until it was fully hard. Sophie stopped long enough to put her hair back into a ponytail, then bent down and took me into her mouth. While she had sucked me earlier in the flight, this was different. Sophie was now attacking my dick with hunger and enthusiasm she did not show before. She was determined to get me off. Sucking hard on my tip and using her tongue to play with it while also using her hands to feverishly jack off my pole.

“That feels amazing Sophie,” I told her as I moved my hand to the back of her head, “but you’re going to need to do better if you’re going to get me to cum before we land.”

“Fuck my face. Grab my head and fuck my face,” Sophie then opened her mouth wide and went down over my cock. Cupping the back of her head I pushed her head down my cock, holding it for a minute and pulled her back up by her ponytail. I began to face fucking Sansa Stark in our seats on the plane. While I doubt Mary could actually see anything, there is a fair chance she could hear the squishing and slurping sounds coming from her. I took a quick glance out the window and pulled her off my dick.
“What’s wrong?” She asked. Before I answered we felt the wheels touch the ground.

“I was afraid you might bite down when the wheels hit.”

“Oh okay,” She said and went right back down onto my dick. She bathed by tip me with her tongue. “Are you close?”

“Yeah, I am” I grunted. Sophie then undid her seat belt and slipped down to the floor. Sophie continued to blow me as we taxied in from the runway. The plane came to a stop when I finally blew my load. I shot a bit into her mouth before I pulled her off my cock and splashed the rest of my jizz onto her face, catching her by surprise.

“You’re such a dick,” Sophie said, but from the smile on her face, it was obvious she enjoyed it and wasn’t actually mad. With the plane now stopped she got up to headed to the bathroom, as did there was no way that Mary didn’t see the side of Sophie’s painted face. After she cleaned her face we grabbed our stuff and headed out of the plane. I helped Sophie load her stuff into her limo that was taking her Northampton, where she was from. Sophie and I hugged and said goodbye. She also said she’d text me in a couple of days before when she was planning to visit friends in the city. Once she was gone, I got into my car and the driver headed towards central London where my hotel was.

Two days later I was leaving an office building making my way back to Liverpool Street Station. Figured I would stop and get some lunch. I looked in on a couple of places that I decided to pass on and move on to the next place. It was while I was looking at the posted menu of the 5th restaurant that something caught my eye in the window. It was a woman sitting alone at a table reading a book, whom I recognized. Figuring the food had to be pretty decent if she was there, I decided to enter. I walked in and went right for her table.

“Hi, Ms. Watson,” I said. Emma Watson let out a sigh and marked her book before putting it down and looking up. She had obviously been expecting that it was another Harry Potter fan coming over to bother her for a picture or autograph.

“Hello…wait, don’t I know you?” she asked.

“Um, yeah we met in Atlanta in 2017,” it was obvious she was still searching her memory to try and remember me. “We met at the hotel… elevator,” I told her in a lower voice. I could tell by the way her eyes lit up that she instantly remembered me now.

“Oh wow, um hi, ah,”


“Eddie. Right, sorry. I probably should remember that considering…”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

“So, umm, what are you doing here in London?” I then told Emma about why I was in London, both for business and to tour the city. Emma let me join her and I ordered some fish and chips for lunch. We talked and had lunch for about an hour before Emma had to leave.

“Emma, I have an extra ticket to see The Light in the Piazza tomorrow night. Do you wanna go?” She thought about it for a second, I thought I saw her eyes giving me a once over.

“Okay. Here let me give you my number,” taking a pen out of her purse she grabbed a cocktail napkin and wrote down her mobile number before handing it over. She then gave me a quick peck on the cheek before leaving. I put her number in my phone and texted her as I took the underground back to my hotel.

The next night, after a day of touring London, I met Emma outside Southbank Centre. I was dressed somewhat casually in jeans and a nice button up shirt. Emma meanwhile looked fantastic in a little black dress and black heels. We said our hellos with a hug and another peck on the cheek. We then made our way inside and got to our seats. They were dead center about 20 rows back.

“These are some cracking tickets,” Emma commented.

“Yeah, Dove really hooked me up.”

“Dove? As in Dove Cameron?”

“Yeah, she’s a friend and told me she’d leave me tickets when she heard I was coming across the pond.”

“A friend?” Emma leaned over “Is she a friend friend, or a friend like your other blond friend in Atlanta?” I looked at Emma, she had an eyebrow raised and a smirk on her face. I cleared my throat and looked back to the stage.

“We’re friends.” I could see Emma make a face and shake her head as the lights began to dip. We sat through the play, enjoyed a drink at intermission, and gave a standing ovation at the end. When it was over and people started filing out of the theater I told Emma that Dove had wanted me to stop by backstage afterward. Emma was hesitant as to what to do, but I talked her into going backstage with me, telling her that I’m sure the actors will like knowing she enjoyed the play. It wasn’t until we started walking that I realized what an idiot I was and what an awkward situation I was about to put everyone in. Had I just gone by myself backstage, it was a sure thing Dove was going to want to hook up. Heck, even Hailee knew Dove was making a move by leaving me tickets to her play. At the same time, had I just left the play with Emma I felt pretty confident based on some of the looks she had given me and the way she leaned into me while watching the play that I probably could have ended up in bed with her. But now I was taking Emma backstage to meet Dove, and running the real risk of screwing everything up. Luckily fate intervened.

As I got to the door Dove told me to go to a large security guard stopped Emma and me.

“Hi, I’m Ed or Eddie, Dove told me to meet her backstage after the show.” The security guard gave me the once over and looked down at a clipboard in his hand.

“Not on the list” was all the security guard said.


“The list. The list, the list of approved guest, you’re not on it.”

“Yeah, but I have Dove text right here, I…”

“I don’t know who those messages are from. Just because you name a contact Dove doesn’t mean it’s the one in this play.”

“Well, if you could just…”

“Look, mate, you’re not the first bloke trying to get past me to meet her. I don’t know what you’ve dreamed up in your head, I doubt she has any interest in meeting you. If you really want, there is a queue outside for people looking for autographs. Try your luck out there.” I knew I was not going to win an argument with the guy, so I just told him thanks and turned to leave. Emma was trying hard not to burst out laughing as we walked away.

“Did you really think showing him a text would work?” she asked.

“I wasn’t thinking. Though it’s probably best he didn’t look at the text in that thread. Probably not something I should be flashing around.”

“What’s that?” Emma asked. I then unlocked my phone, and went Dove’s text chain, scrolled up a bit, and handed Emma my phone. “Wow that is really graphic,” she said as she read some of the things Dove had written a few months ago.

Leaving the theater we were both kind of hungry and wanted something quick and simple. There was not a lot open but there was a Pizza Express within walking distance that was open for another hour. Inside there was not a ton of other people there, thankfully, because after we ordered Emma began to quiz me on my sex life. Asking about me and Dove, asking some questions about Natalie, and then about when was the last time I was in any kind of real relationship which I then explained my situation with Hailee.

“So what about you?” I finally asked.

“What about me?”

“You’ve been grilling me about my sex life, what about yours? When I googled you yesterday…”

“You googled me?” she asked cheekily.

“Yes, I googled you to see what you’ve been up to. And when I did it didn’t seem like people knew for sure if you had a boyfriend.”

“Does it really matter if I have a boyfriend or not?” She asked, again seeming to tease me. I almost told boyfriend or not I’d happily screw her right there on the table in the middle of the restaurant, but I didn’t want to come off as an overeager asshole.

“Okay, then let me ask this, in the last year or so have you done anything like what we did in the elevator?”

“Have I had sex? Yes, I’ve had sex.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it. When we meet you were complaining that you never got to do anything wild and crazy. So have you done anything crazy since then?”

“No, not really. I did it once on an open balcony, but it was at night and we were really high up.”

“Alright, one more question,” Emma leaned in mockingly like she anxiously awaiting me to ask. “Once we finish eating, do you want to go back to my hotel?” She smiled broadly.

“I thought that was the whole reason you invited me out tonight.” We quickly finished eating and paid our bill. I then requested an Uber to pick us up. We got into the car and played it cool. Rather than have the Uber drop us off in front of the hotel, I had it drop us off on a side street about a block and a half from the hotel.

“Why did you have him drop us off here?” Emma asked.

“I figured you wouldn’t want an Uber driver tweeting out that he just dropped Emma Watson off at some guy’s hotel,” I told her, but that was only part of the reason.

“I guess that makes sense.”

Waking down the quiet residential street I looked around to make no cars were coming and there was no one else around. When I was sure that we were alone, I pulled the former Harry Potter actress in for a kiss. We made out passionately until I picked her up and placed her down on one of the safety posts running along the sidewalk.

‘What are you doing?” she asked in a hushed tone as I dropped down to one knee.

“Shhh…” I hushed her, “just go with it” I told her as I lifted up her dress and moved my head underneath. Using one hand to slide her black panties to the side, I then gave her pussy lips a long, slow, forceful lick.

“Oh god, is this really happening?” Emma said with both excitement and fear in her voice as she put a hand on the back of my head. It was obvious that she had just shaved that day as her pussy was as smooth to the touch as it could possibly be. Unlike before in Atlanta, Emma was now mostly shaved with the exception of a well-groomed tuft of hair above her pussy. Using my hand to pull open her lips I dove my tongue into her minge. Emma almost lost her balance on the safety post, luckily she did not fall backward off of it, but she did have me stop momentarily so she could just stand up and lean up on the post.

“This is so wrong,” Emma moaned as she moved both her hands onto the back of my head.

“Want me to stop?” I asked as my head was still partially covered by her dress and my thumb rubbed her clit.

“No. Please don’t.” She pushed my head up against her. I want right back to eating her tasty crumpet in the middle of the London street. Emma bit her lip hard to muffle her moans to try, and as she got closer and closer to cumming her leg started to shake. She finally came as I used three fingers to blast her pussy and I sucked on her clit. For just a moment a high pitched cry escaped her lips, but she quickly covered her mouth.

I moved her dress off of my head and stood in front of the Harry Potter star. Her eyes were closed as she waited for the waves of pleasure from her orgasm to die down. When she finally opened her eyes, Emma jumped forward and kissed me passionately. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her right back. Maybe it was because she wasn’t friends with Hailee or because Hailee hadn’t set the whole thing up, but unlike with Sophie, there was no awkwardness in kissing Emma. As we made out hotly, Emma somehow spun me around and suddenly I was leaning on the safety posts Emma was up against a minute prior. She then pushed away and squatted down. Her hands went right to my pants, undoing my belt and fly.

“I can’t wait to see this thing again,” she said as reached into my pants. I jumped a little as I felt her cool hand reach into my boxers, grabbed my shaft, and pulled it out. She smiled brightly as my dick came into view. “Ummm, it looks just as nice as I remembered it.”

“Have you been thinking about my cock?” My question made Emma smirk.

“Just be quiet and enjoy it,” she told me as she leaned in and kissed the tip of my cock. She did it repeatedly and then began kissing her way down the side of my shaft. Emma had just wrapped her lips around the bell end of my cock when suddenly I saw the headlights of a car turning down the street we were on.

“Shit, car! Emma get up!” I alerted her. Emma spat out my cock and quickly stood up. I turned away from the oncoming car and put my hard dick away. Once my pants were zipped up I took Emma’s hand and we quickly walked the half block to the hotel.



This is Part 1 or a 3 part arc. Part 2 will feature Emma Watson and Dove Cameron, and Part 3 will have Sophie Turner, Emilia Clarke, and Hailee Steinfeld.

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