Lucy Lawless and Eddie Olmos: Checking Out Lucy’s Perfect Tushy Hole

Lucy Lawless and Eddie Olmos: Checking Out Lucy’s Perfect Tushy Hole
author name: James Bond Loves Lucy Lawless (David Kashfi)
Lucy Lawless, Eddie Olmos
codes: MF, cons, nc, rape, anal, mDom
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* this story is a work of erotic fiction especially to the best of my knowledge, although Lucy and Eddie have been good friends since Final Cut filming in June 2005, and he has given Her good neck and back massages


Lucy Lawless took the big white bird in the sky out of Vancouver International
Airport with her friends and colleagues from the cast of the new science fiction series she was working on, Battlestar Galactica. She greatly enjoyed working on the show and earlier in the year had announced to her fans that she had signed on for about 10 new episodes in the show’s third season this year. She had moved to Vancouver with her two boys and daughter Daisy in late April this year, 2006, to a house in the suburbs to live there while filming. The months had passed pleasantly and she really enjoyed doing the show and living in Vancouver. Years ago, from what seemed another life, she had lived in Vancouver for over a year attending William B. Davis’s famed acting school there. This was in 1991. She had heard about it from a friend while in Europe after she had left Auckland University and travelled on her “o.e.”, or overseas experience. She excelled at his school, the William B. Davis Centre for Actors Study, studying drama and he taught her a lot of valuable acting lessons including in movement which she would later use in the role that made her world-famous and incredibly successful in acting, her dream, Xena: Warrior Princess. Unfortunately though, during this time her first husband Garth had become homesick and was not happy in Vancouver, and her marriage first began to experience problems. She recalled her training fondly however and a plaque with a memorable and heartfelt quote of hers was displayed on the wall of Davis’s school. As Lucy looked out the window of the plane at over 30,000 feet, and the attractive white clouds it flew over and sky, she remembered the quote had actually mentioned something about flying.

Davis would later play a famous role in the science fiction and conspiracy series “The X-Files,” focusing especially on conspiracies involving aliens and the exploits of two FBI agents. Lucy recalled guest-starring on the show, filming in LA in the summer of 2001 after Xena had ended. Most of that series had been filmed in Vancouver. Chris Carter, the producer and friend of hers, who had had her limosine door opened for her at the Emmy’s in 1998, had called her when she was vacationing in Hawaii with her husband Rob and her family in the summer of 2001. She had accepted to do the role of super-soldier Shannon McMahon for him and it was a friendly gesture.

She was currently playing D’anna Biers on BSG, who had first masqueraded as a muck-raking reporter and partly inspired by Christianne Amanpour of CNN. However, her character was soon shown to be a Cylon, a robot “race” created by humans that rebelled against them, and had taken human or humanoid form. D’anna was Number Three, the leader of the Cylons, or a leader high in their heirarchy. This season she had had much input on the growth and arc of her character, involving from a book she had recently finished reading by Robert W. Firestone. She had sent some emails to David Eick, her old friend and colleague from working on Hercules, and he found her to be very intelligent, well-read, and even intellectual though she was incredibly and breath-takingly beautiful. He also thought she had a humorously perverse sense of humor sometimes. He thought some of the ideas she had in the emails were a bit crazy in his estimations.

Eick had first worked with her as a producer on Hercules and she thought he was a humorous American producer who was frequently telling them to sex up the show. Later though in the latter seasons of Xena she found herself suggesting just the same thing, sexing up the show! He had asked her to have a major regular role on BSG, that of Saul’s wife Ellen Tigh, but she had turned it down. She didn’t want to commit to a regular television role soon after Xena, needing to take a rest and raise her young children, and she also didn’t want to play a wife. She called it the “Anne Archer” factor. You play a wife, you get screwed she said. She wanted to avoid sex scenes on television for now, if she could.

So the role had gone to another actress, and she had a bare footsie scene under a table with the actor who had played Saul, and they had had some sex scenes, including one when he had orally stimulated her genital area. BSG aired on the Sci-Fi channel on cable so more could be shown than on broadcast, and it was known for its sex scenes. In fact, Canadian actress Tricia Helfer who played Cylon Number Six had had a number of these scenes, even including one when she was brutally grouped raped by the human crew of the Pegasus in season two.

Lucy took time off after Xena and mainly did guest-appearances and some singing, although a brief role on the WB show Tarzan in the fall of 2003, filmed in Toronto, after she took another actresses’ place was memorable. Unfortunately the show still did not make high enough ratings despite her incredible beauty, sexiness, and acting, and she had not had enough screen time, and it was cancelled before they had wrote larger scenes specifically for her. She also did two television films in 2005, Locusts and Vampire Bats playing Dr. Maddy Rierdon which she enjoyed much, and said was the probably the closest character yet to herself that she had played. They were filmed in New Orleans and she grew to love the city and was upset when a devastating hurricane flooded the city just as she was entering the last week of Bats filming at the end of August. What she hadn’t known though was that if it wasn’t for the hurricane, a very devoted and obsessed fans of hers who called himself James Bond Loves Lucy would have arrived in the city, as he had twice during Locusts filming in early March. After he had learned she had left the city before the storm he still wanted to arrive to protect her and later regretted he did not go to Baton Rouge, although she would soon leave that city in a few days as well. Soon after the hurricane in early September he became convinced and witnessed that he was developing superhuman powers in order to protect her, and little did he know that he soon would be thrown into an insane asylum which would sap them for months with drugs that would interfere with their psionic nature, until the start of winter.

He was in fact developing them when he had watched the BSG episode Final Cut and remarked to himself that with them he could toss the man who had shoved Lucy’s character in the episode if it had really occurred. Not long after Lucy had filmed Locusts, and starred in the Seattle Men’s Chorus production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in Seattle in mid-May, with Bond in the audience at one point sitting directly to the right of Sharon Delaney, she had thought to herself and decided on an interesting change. She felt it was brilliant both professionally and personally. Lucy went to famed and successful celebrity hair stylist Craig Gangi in the Beverly Hills, of Avant Group Make-up. He was located at Christophe Salon, Liane’s Hair Stylist at Christophe 348 North Beverly Hills, zip code 90210 (like the television show!) and business phone number 310-274-0851.

Lucy had told the hair stylist that she felt like a “housewife with a naturally mousy, weird brownie-blonde color and to do something about it.” Craig had obliged and she heard him put his cell phone away after he had received a call and he had spoken in Farsi. Craig went to work and Lucy became blonde, and afterwards she was stunned because she felt he had transformed her from a housewife into something more glamorous. She felt it was a shock to her system, and she actually cried there sitting in the chair for two hours after that. Gangi had said it was the biggest moment in her professional career, and he would later help her with her hair and make-up on a reality singing series she would do in 2006, Celebrity Duets.

After she had became blonde, Lucy would soon film a part in horror/thriller The Darkroom of an emotionally abused, depressed, and neglected housewife Cheryl in LA in June 2005. It was soon right after she had become blonde that Eick had contacted her and she had agreed to do a guest starring on BSG as D’anna Biers. She flew off in June to Vancouver for two weeks to do the part, for an episode to be called “Final Cut.” Soon afterwards she had a singing appearance in Provo, Utah, in early July, at which Bond would be present albeit with an all points bulletin having been issued for him across half the nation.

Lucy much enjoyed filming Final Cut and working on BSG that summer, and had made quick and good friends especially with two cast members, Edward or “Eddie” James Olmos, and Mary McDonnell. She had become particularly close with Eddie and liked him and would later say he was the sexiest person on the entire show. She also would befriend Canadian actor Flick Harrison who would play her cameraman on the episode. All were stunned by her incredible beauty and sexiness and she appeared much younger than 37.

At the moment, Lucy looked over just a few feet to her right, from the airplane window to her left, and saw Eddie. He looked peaceful and relaxed. What a man, she thought. She loved his sense of humor and his humanity. She was thrilled by him. The plane would be landing in San Diego in a matter of hours, and she had momentarily put her reading material away. She would often either read or listen to music on plane flights. They were headed to the Comic Con, a large event for sci-fi, television, and comic and film fans, and this was her first time there. Her Xena co-star Renee O’Connor had attended in 2005.
San Diego International Airport, or Lindbergh Field, was not that far away. Originally a Spanish settlement, the city of San Diego was smaller than L.A. and actually was quite close to the Mexican border in the southern California. The Convention Center which held the annual Comic Con was southeast of the airport and near San Diego Bay and the Toll Bridge in the city. Sea World was a popular attraction there, and there were many naval stations. Although not as large as other large cities in the state, it had three large universities. The long-time Xena and Lucy fan Sarpedon also made his home in the city.

Lucy shut her eyes and tilted her head back on the seat and relaxed, thinking of Eddie and the Comic Con. She was expecting to have a wonderful time there, and Sharon Delaney would be meeting up with her in San Diego soon. She had some news including that she had been contacted through her music teacher, Eric Vetro, to star in a new FOX reality singing series late next month in August. She didn’t like reality shows but since this one was about singing and would give her the chance to sing with some greats like Smokey Robinson, she just couldn’t pass it up and didn’t want to regret not having done the show was she was older. She would be annoucing to her fans the day after the Comic Con, before the after-party on Saturday, that she was going to be competing in this new short-run series.

It was Friday, July 21st, and an attractive and warm summer day in sunny San Diego. It was rather hot outside. Lucy’s presence really heated things up even further. She had entered the panel that afternoon in a room that had just previously held a Superman panel, with Bryan Singer and Richard Donner, about their new film Superman Returns. Singer had announced the next Superman film would come out in 2009. Lucy would actually later work with Singer the next year on a pilot for a new ABC primetime series, Football Wives.

Lucy was announced and she entered in a lively and happy manner, dressed very attractively in sexy white and wearing sandals, and with her lovely blonde hair, figure, and skin tone, and beautiful large blue eyes, she was so incredibly beautiful and sexy she stunned the entire room. Attendees would later say she appeared to gorgeous to be real! Her fan Bond would often would the same thing!

Dancing slightly demonstrating agility and then bowing, she sat down on the lengthy table at the panel. A glass of water was in front of her by the mike. She joined Ron Moore and David Eick who had been announced before her. Humorously she grasped the mike and gave a brief sexy Xena yell as her background on the series had been announced. Directly to her left was David Eick, and sitting directly to her right was actor James Callis who played Baltar on the show. His character had developed a romantic and sexual relation with hers on BSG. To his right was Aaron Douglas, who played Captain Tyrol. Eddie, wearing a brown shirt and jeans, sat farther right to Lucy on the edge of the table, to Douglas’s right, and directly to Eick’s left was Ron Moore, the other BSG producer. His wife often read and sometimes posted on the official BSG sci-fi forum, known as “skiffy” to some fans. She had actually seen some of Bond’s drooling, loving, and devoted posts about Lucy and his plea that she tell Lucy how much he loved her. Bond hadn’t received a response from Mrs. Moore, though he became quite well-known on the forum for his love and devotion to Lucy.

The panel received much applause and was enjoyed, and Lucy answered several questions including about her character. Very early on Eddie had made a funny remark consoling fans that they would not imitate Star Trek star William Shatner’s one-time famous remark to one of his fans to “get a life”, and Eddie remarked humorously to laughter that he would not say that and that people who said that should “go get their assholes checked”. The comment brought much laughter, including with Lucy. Eddie you rule, she thought. He could be a riot.

Lucy mentioned that she would be in a 10 episode arc, and did not comment on the rumor that it would be her character that would “die” at the end of the arc. In fact, D’anna would be retired by her own Cylons, although the writers could bring her back if they wished. Eick had wanted to sign Lucy on for longer, but she couldn’t committ to a longer stay in Vancouver. It would interfere with her family life and her boys would also have to go to school. She did however note a closer new relationship between Starbuck and Tigh, and a scene that she found humorous where it appeared that Adama caught the two in a compromising situation. Lucy purposely did not give away too many details.

Numerous fan blogs reported about Lucy at the con and how incredible she appeared, including at Some blogs would delete Bond’s loving, adoring, fantasizing, and drooling comments, while others such as,, kindly would not. Bond would become famed in the BSG fandom for his love and devotion to Lucy, and just about a week later in early August he would be invited to and actually given his own forum at the Frakheads BSG board, at

The Roadrunner blog reported that Lucy appeared just too gorgeous to be real, and it echoed true in Bond’s mind as he had read it. He was considering going to the Comic Con, and hiding on a San Diego university campus blending in as he had done on the BYU campus in Provo, Utah, the summer before, but he passed up his chance this time. Later he told himself, weeping and feeling hopeless because he knew he could never have Lucy. Maybe you’ll see her again some other time.

The panel had concluded in about an hour and a half, Lucy drinking her water periodically, and there was much applause. She and the other BSG people left the room and she walked close by her friend Eddie. The after party would be tomorrow, and she had a sexy tight blue dress in mind to wear for that. For now she had made plans to go to eat out with Eddie and a few others at a restaurant for the evening and she walked near him as they left the room.

Eddie noticed Lucy walking toward him, near him. She fell in with him somewhat. Lucy thought one good and oustanding trait she had was the ability to pick good friends. As they were leaving the room, exiting, she whispered to him that she was looking forward to dinner that night and the after party tomorrow but had developed some tightness in her neck and back. Eddie was great with massages and had massaged her before, and he nodded compassionately and said he could work something out with her before they ate that evening.

Olmos was an experience and observant man with a sense of humor. Of Aztec and Spanish ancestry, he had been born and grew up in East Los Angeles, known for its gang problems. His most acclaimed role had been as a math teacher in “Stand and Deliver”, from 1988. Incidentally, when Bond was at Mendenhall Elementary School in Plano, Texas, his music teacher Mrs. Mundy, who often scolded him for misbehaving and acting silly, had recommended this film and lauded Olmos’ portrayal. The name Edward James Olmos had thus been familiar in Bond’s mind when he had heard of him again many years later.

Olmos had accepted the role of Captain Adama on BSG in 2003 when the series began, a remake of an earlier one from the 1970s. He played the part very well, and was known for being particularly good in authority roles who inspire people. He liked playing Adama. He was not nearly so serious when the camera wasn’t rolling though. An experienced rock singer who had actually played at the West Hollywood nightclub The Factory, which Lucy had sang at in early November of 2005, he was an acclaimed actor and had received an Academy Award for “Stand and Deliver.” Olmos had grown to know Lucy quite well actually, better than most knew and the fans were aware of. She liked him a lot, including his efforts to reach out to children and stress education, and saying away from gang life and the risks it brought. He promoted responsibiliy and made numerous appearances in this efforts per year, and told kids “If I can do it, so can you.” He was referring to his difficult background growing up with gangs in east L.A. He had served as an ambassador for UNICEF, which Bond actor Roger Moore had also done, and during the violent L.A. riots in 1992, which had included some incidents of group rape of women, he had stepped out with his broom amidst the violence and chaos. Olmos was an intelligent, determined, and brave man, experienced as well, and has come a long way from his childhood.

Lucy was neighbors with another famed Hispanic actor, Eric Estrada. Olmos had starred as a police officer in “Miami Vice” himself. He had grown to know Lucy well know, and had met her family. He also knew she had recently apparently had some very hot sex with her husband and in his experience, including with women and knowing Lucy, he knew the signs. Lucy did not try to hide this.

Olmos was protective of her. He knew she had a lot of fans, including some obsessives. Among them were feminist lesbians from her Xena days. There had been a few frightening incidents with them in fact. As he and Lucy left the room, Lucy feeling a little safer from all the obsessives (some of whom were reputedly even stalking her as the saying goes) with him, he looked close to her height in her sandles but not quite. He actually stood a little above 5’8″, close to 5’9″. Lucy was about 5’10.”

Lucy looked incredibly beautiful, stunningly so, and wore a large golden necklace. Her attractive white shirt had a v neckline that exposed much of her upper chest. Her skin tone was very beautiful. She wore her wedding ring and large earrings. She wore attractive white pants over her white sandles, exposing some of her famed very beautiful feet and toes. Eddie had laughed when Lucy had made funny faces on the panel with Callis.

Before Lucy and Eddie had left the large building for the Comic Con, she was interviewed with him by a reporter for IGN. She was incredibly, stunningly beautiful, sex with her would be beyond belief any could see from her appearance. The interview was stunned by Lucy’s beauty and aroused by her, and Eddie chuckled. He stood with Lucy protectively. He could see the interviewer staring at her. You want her huh, Eddie thought. Take it easy boy he thought, she’s with me. He stood by Lucy protectively and made it known to the interviewer he was protecting her. From the weird obsessives, stalkers, even interviewers who looked like they were about to bust a nut seeing Lucy. Lucy smiled beautifully into the camera and gave the interview, feeling safer and protected with Eddie, and happy.

Eddie Olmos had a way with women. He was nearly sixty years old, but Lucy found him sexy and attractive. He appealed to her. She liked him as a human being and thought he was a great one. His protective and supportive attitude with her helped too. Eddie had had a rather large amount of experience with women. Some had had more, but he had had girlfriends since he was a boy growing up in east L.A. He had grown and gravitated toward rock music, then acting, getting away from the gangs, but he felt some Chicano and Hispanic men just knew how to better handle and be with women. They would be at ease with them, flirt with them. Some other European descended men just didn’t have what they had he thought. They would be tight, nervous, not loose or appealing to women. Men like him, and he knew more, really knew how to be with women especially gorgeous women like Lucy. They know how to relax, to have the woman relax, to make them life, put them in a good mood, and ultimately really how to get them in bed and have them both really enjoy it. He knew Lucy was incredibly beautiful, and had a great warm personality and was intelligent. A woman like her was rare, hard to find. She was also busy, he knew she was raising two young boys. And here was this interviewer from IGN practically drooling over his shirt with her. Tsk Eddie thought. He didn’t know how to behave with her. He wasn’t in. He couldn’t get in like that. He might just annoy her though.

Lucy felt comfortable and happy with Eddie. Eddie at times would have some flashbacks to his earlier life involving the gangs in east L.A. Boy, some of the boys he had grown up with could really show her a good time but it was dangerous too. He was glad she hadn’t ventured to that area. Some of them had sometimes raped women, they would be almost animalistic about it with Lucy. They could turn this beautiful housewife into their sex slave, on a purely sexual level, bringing out the sex and sexuality in her really, with deep hardcore acts, to her core as a woman and a very beautiful one. He felt protective of her.

After the interview, Lucy and Eddie exited the building and he confirmed he would help her. Working on BSG was hard. She had filmed a scene with an African-American actor that was more physical than some of the other scenes. Nothing like Xena fortunately though she thought. Sometimes she would get cramps and knots in her neck and back muscles. Yoga really helped but at the moment she didn’t have time for it. She loved massages. Eddie said, “Lucy, don’t worry, I’ll handle it. I’ll have you feeling wonderful in no time. Relax. You’re really going to enjoy yourself tonight and tomorrow,” he assured her.

She wanted to hug him. “Oh Eddie thanks! You’re a godsend,” she said.

Eddie had an idea and directed Lucy back toward the hotel the BSG people were staying in. “Just give me half an hour and you’ll feel like a new woman,” he said. Lucy was eager and very grateful. They took the elevator and went up to Lucy’s hotel floor. They walked toward her room, and she took out the card and swiped it, opening the door. She and Eddie walked in, and she shut the door behind him.

Lucy looked at her watch. “Well we’re supposed to meet up with the others in just a couple hours. Barely enough time to relax. Eddie, I really appreciate this. I’m getting a crick in my neck and back, good God. You are really helpful you know,” she said, and meant it.

Eddie nodded. He had given her good massages before. Lucy said, “Okay…why don’t I lay on the couch here?” She looked at it. “Nah,” she said, changing her mind. It was too small. She needed somewhere where she could fully lay on her stomach, arms out above her, so Eddie could do his magic. She said, “Alright, back here. I’m going to lay on my bed Eddie.” Eddie followed her into the bedroom of her hotel room. Lucy first removed her necklace, reached and grasped the hem of her white shirt, and then took it off and dropped it onto the carpet. Eddie saw the loveliest, most beautiful and sexiest back he had ever seen, with Lucy’s white bra. Her cleavage was incredible, and her hips, and her beautiful gorgeous stomach with its skin tone was beautiful. Eddie saw the cutest, loveliest, most beautiful navel above her pants. It was cute and very lovely. What a woman Eddie thought. Her stomach was fuller and more ample than some of the anexoric looking models of the day. Eddie could really appreciate a very beautiful and lovely woman when he saw one.

Lucy kicked off her sandles to the carpet. She was now barefoot. She had very beautiful feet Eddie thought. He had never seen a woman with feet that beautiful. Her toes were amazing. He thought her husband Rob was the luckiest man in history. Wow. She was so stunning. Lucy turned and then climbed onto the bed. She then lay on it, on her stomach, her arms streched above her head ready for a massage.

Eddie knew massage oil was the best for this and apologized that he didn’t have any. He offered to go buy some quickly but Lucy said it was alright. He climbed onto the bed. He began massaging Lucy’s neck, the back of it. She moaned. Soon after a minute he worked down to her upper back. He couldn’t avoid touching her white bra strap now and then. Lucy moaned in relief. Eddie was so good with massages. When he had gotten to her lower back, just above the hem of her white pants, he stopped. Lucy acted surprised. She spoke. “Well don’t stop there EJO!” she said, calling him by his nickname. “C’mon Eddie. A real good massage goes down farther to the lower back,” she said. “It’s alright. Don’t be shy,” she told him. “I’ve gotten lower massages before. When I was up in Seattle last year doing Gentleman Prefer Blondes, I had the choir boys rub me down with oil and massage my back. I hardly had any clothes on,” she said. It was true. Bond had actually heard of this story from one of the choir boys himself, and it had happened on a Wednesday.

Eddie obliged her. When Lucy finished talking, she had gotten up on her elbows, and then grasped her white pants and lowered them, along with her panties. Her entire lower back was visible, nearly to the curve of her buttocks. Eddie continued, massaging her. Lucy loved massages.

Eddie was enjoying himself, massaging her beautiful back. It was a very lovely back that had been shown on camera on BSG this season bare. She had also shown it on Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen, filmed last year shortly before she had gone to New Olreans to start filming Locusts. How time passed, she thought.

Eddie was proud of himself, knowing he was helping her and doing a good job. Somehow, at some moment, his mind had drifted and he suddenly found that he had gotten carried away. His massaging hands had slipped lower, beyond Lucy’s lower back, and touched her buttocks. They felt incredible. They were firm and tight and yet felt smooth, and were full. She had one of the loveliest asses in the businesses Eddie thought, and that he had probably seen. Somehow, Lucy lost in the moment concentrating on receiving the massage, having encouraged Eddie not to be shy or prudish with her, didn’t say a word. Eddie had continued, and his hands had brushed over her buttocks.

Lucy finally gave a little moan when she realized what had happened. “Eddie,” she said suddenly, with surprise. It had happened. Eddie quickly withdrew his hands, realizing it. “Oh…Lucy I’m sorry,” he said embarrassed. “Got carried away their.” He was more nervous than he even sounded. He had touched Lucy’s butt for more than a few seconds. If Lucy told Rob about this he was not going to be happy he thought. He didn’t want the BSG producers to find out either.

Lucy realized what had happened and forgave him. She finally gave a little chuckle. It was sexy. “It’s okay Eddie,” she said. “No problemo dude. The Seattle boys massaged my tush. It actually felt great.”

Eddie felt somewhat relieved and breathed out slightly.

Eddie was stunned when Lucy propped herself up. “Okay I’m sorry,” she said. “Maybe this is sort of my fault.” She walked up off of the bed. Then Eddie’s heart skipped a beat. “A really good massage,” Lucy said, “goes low. To the tush. I like them like that.” In an amazing move, she grasped her white pants and then took them off! She dropped it on the carpet. She looked at her watch. “We have time,” she said. “You’re doing great Eddie keep going. It’s okay, we’re both adults. You know me, I know you. We work together closely. We’re alone here no one else can see me. We’ve both been married,” she said. “I trust you,” she put in importantly, and she did.

Eddie Olmos thought he had gone to heaven when Lucy again lay on the bed, on her stomach, in the same position. Except this time she was wearing only her white bra and panties! Oh My God Eddie thought! Then Lucy surprised and stunned him even further. As she lay on her stomach, she curled up and put her hands behind her on her white panties. She lowered them to her thighs, baring her entire buttocks before Eddie. They were incredibly beautiful and so lovely. Firm and perfectly shaped, so sexy, and full. And looked smooth. Eddie stared it at. As his hands, trying not to tremble, began massaging her bare buttocks, staring at the top of them, he found himself growing very hard and erect. He stayed as professional as he could but was really aroused.

Lucy gave a soft sigh as Eddie continued massaging her buttocks. He went lower. They felt awesome, incredible, and really looked it too. Eddie couldn’t believe this. He was so happy Lucy trusted him and confided in him. He was sure this was a heavenly sight she normally only treated her incredibly fortunate husband to.

As he stared down at Lucy’s beautiful bare ass, massaging it, now to the lower part of her cheeks, he thought back to the anal sex jokes he had heard growing up in east L.A. In the barrio. Pussy was the name of the game, but he had heard about doing women anal. Anal wasn’t just for gays. Doing a hot woman in her tight ass felt great he knew. He had done it before when younger but it had been a while. Latinos had a high sex drive. It was cultural too. Not just a form of sex, it was considered an act of more domination over a woman, and submission on her part. Between the two. Sometimes he thought on occasion in the barrio the men and even older boys would break girls and women in this way, with anal sex. It could hurt women especially without lube, and cause pleasure at the same time. But much of the pleasure was especially for the man, particularly with less lubrication, in part why it was used in that way sometimes. Women were tighter there.

Olmos drifted off into his fantasies as he massaged Lucy’s perfect buttocks. When he had gotten to the lower part, he began pressing her cheeks together, pushing them, and repeating this. Sort of like he was reaming them. Lucy moaned. It felt incredibly erotic.

After a minute of this, Lucy said “Oh Eddie…” She sounded very aroused and from the pleasure almost like in a different mood. He could tell how horny she was. In her late thirties, her sex drive was very high. “What was that you said today? About people needing to have their assholes checked?” she said.

Eddie gave a little chuckle and said, “Yeah…um…that’s part of the massage see. To make sure I’ve done a good job, I need to take a looksie.” He chuckled again and Lucy did too, but she sounded very aroused as well and was breathing higher, and faster. She really had enjoyed him massaging her buttocks liked that and it had felt great. Very pleasant. She was actually developing a sort of secret fetish for having her buttocks massaged.

Lucy was in on the joke too and Eddie was very in the moment with her. Her buttocks were incredibly beautiful and arousing, layed directly on the bed before him, and he was very aroused. “Let me check,” Eddie said, and had a feeling she wouldn’t protest, as it was also part of a joke.

Eddie gripped both of her asscheeks and pulled them open. Then he took a look at her anus. It was so lovely and incredible beautiful. Oh God, Eddie thought. So beautiful. So perfect. So inviting. He thought back to the barrio jokes and his younger days of anal sex with women. It had been a while. Lucy had such a lovely asshole! Good God Eddie thought.

It was pinkish, proud, sort of bold and fairly large, and perfectly formed. A bit like a starfish. Eddie suddenly took his tongue out, slowly bending toward Lucy’s anus, and touched it with is tongue. Lucy shuddered and gave a moan. Eddie continued, and gently and deliberately started licking around her asshole. Her cheeks were pried open. In response Lucy spread her legs wider a bit. As Eddie’s tongue flicked and darted around her asshole she gasped. It was intensely pleasurable. She had been rimmed before. Rob had rimmed her. It was a very intensely pleasurable act and she especially felt it was for her and Rob knew it. He had first rimmed her years ago. It was something she would definitely appreciate when they had sex.

Eddie thought Lucy smelled wonderful, a full smell, a little musty, but sweet still, a beautiful asshole smell on her. She tasted wonderful too. He had not tasted a better tasting ass in his time. As Eddie rimmed Lucy, and she put her head down on to the mattress, raising back her hips a little in a very pleasured response, he got the impression she had been rimmed before and knew and could appreciate how pleasurable it could be. The anus and surrounding arrows had a lot of nerve endings that were very sensitive to gentle, playful, and loving touches. It also felt so pleasurable for Lucy because of her pelvic floor muscles, which lied beneath the surface of her anus. These muscles had an important role during sex and would contract during orgasm. As Eddie soon began darting his tongue inside her asshole, Lucy gasping out loud and the pleasure really heightened as she shut her eyes and concentrated on it, in full make-up laying on the bed, Eddie had begun stimulating her pelvic floor muscles.

Eddie know how to rim a woman and Lucy really appreciated what he was doing. It was very intensely pleasurable. He was guessing Lucy might even have a fetish for being rimmed and could tell she had been before. It was rather true. Eddie began using different techniques with his tongue, pleasuring Lucy as she lay on the bed. He withdrew his tongue from her asshole, then kissed her anus and around it. Then he pressed the flat of his tongue against her asshole and Lucy moaned. It was also an amazing sight, to see Lucy Lawless in full make-up, a very pleasured look on her face as she moaned softly and panted, hair made up and laying on a bed on her stomach with Eddie Olmos spreading her bare buttcheeks and his tongue in her ass.

Eddie wiggled his tongue around her anus, slipping it inside again. Lucy gasped. That was most intensely pleasurable. He wiggled it around inside as Lucy moaned. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she said. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she said softly and beautifully with great pleasure. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Eddie!” she said. He wiggled his tongue inside her rectum in circles. He thought she tasted wonderful. The pleasure from this was incredibly intense, Lucy couldn’t take it. She reached down to her pubic area and put a finger on her now erect clitoris. She touched and began pressing it against the mattress as Eddie rimmed inside her beautiful asshole.

It took dedication and patience. Eddie took his time, and went slow. Sometimes he tongue-fucked her ass, in and out. Then he would insert his tongue into her ass again, pushing deep, and move it in circles. He kept moving it and circles and Lucy panted, gasping. Her breathing really sped up and there was a very intensely pleasured look on her face. She thought this was possibly the most pleasurable thing he could do for her. Among them certainly.

Lucy’s voice grew louder and her breath, and her erect bare clitoris pressed against the bed. The pure pleasure of getting a rimjob was so intense, it was hard to describe. Eddie really enjoyed the taste and scent of her asshole, and her rectum. Lucy knew this was one of the most, possibly the most pleasurable sexual act she could experience and receive.

Eddie was incredible, he didn’t stop. His tongue continued licking inside her ass, mainly in circular motions. After a couple minutes of this, Lucy pressing and rubbing her clit harder onto the bed, her breath and voice and gasps and moans climbing higher and higher, and louder, she finally let out and gasped and screamed and moaned with a very intense and pleasure orgasm. The combination of Eddie’s tongues soft, gentle, relentless circular motions in her ass, and her hard clit rubbed and pushed onto the mattress, had sent her over the edge with orgasm. She breathed hard and panted, and had slightly sweat. The sweat was barely visible on her naked back as she lay on the bed.

Eddie finally withdrew his tongue from her ass. She tasted great. He said in a soft and very aroused voice, seeing how incredibly pleasured and aroused she had gotten, breathing hard still after her large and screaming orgasm, “Just a second Lucy. I’m just getting to the asshole massage.”

Eddie rubbed Lucy’s beautiful asshole with his finger. She moaned. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she said. Her anus was wet from his saliva, slick now. Eddie knew that anal, or sphincter massage, was actually a real form of erotic massage and now that he had taken the pleasure to taste and lick her ass, and inside it, and given her an orgasm, he would begin this for her.

Eddie’s saliva having lubricated her anus, he licked his finger for more lube and then started making little circles around Lucy’s anus with his finger. Lucy moaned softly and intensely. She avoided clenching her bums, relaxing. Eddie then slipped his finger inside her wettened ass and Lucy gasped again. “Ohhhhhhh Eddie,” she said.

He started fingering her anus slowly and softly, as he had his neck and back massage. He payed attention to her reactions and noted what she liked and appeared to please her the most. He moved his finger in a circular motion in her ass, exploring the soft, delicate, tender walls of her rectum. He moved in circular regions along certain regions. Lucy gasped and moaned. She continued pressing her clit against the bed, hard, and saying “Oh Eddie….ohhhhhhhhhh Eddie…”

Eddie finger fucked her ass, moving in and out. Lucy gasped and started breathing very hard again, panting. She pressed her head into the bed, eyes shut, concentrating, arching her buttocks toward Eddie. Eddie rotated his hand to spin his finger in her anus. The pleasure she was receiving was incredible. She thought she was going to build up to another orgasm again. Eddie started mixing his techniques together. He knew this was a very sensitive and delicate area in her and he was careful not to hurt her there. It wouldn’t look good if she was bleeding from her rectum at the after party!

As Eddie inserted two fingers in her ass, massaging her rectum and sphincter, Lucy gasped and moaned and let loose again. She couldn’t take it. The pleasure from this kind of stimulation was just to intense, especially as she pushed and rubbed her clit on the bed. She had another large, loud orgasm.

Eddie grasped her panties and pulled them off her legs. “For leverage hon,” he said in a very aroused and sexed voice. Lucy gasped and moaned again at this. She did not hold back and let loose. She unfastened her bra and tossed it on the floor. Eddie saw her huge, very beautiful lovely breasts, bare before him and her awesome lovely attractive nipples. It was an awesome and incredible sight. He knew he had a way with women!

Lucy fell back on the bed on her back. Eddie climbed on her. He looked at her very beautiful, incredible stomach, much to his liking and arousal. He kissed it, and licked it. Lucy moaned very pleasurably, liked a stroked kitty as he kissed and licked her stomach. This was very intensely pleasurable as well. Especially when Eddie did it.

His tongue reached her navel. Eddie positioned his face over it and looked at it. It was very lovely, beautiful. And cute. Eddie really wanted to do this from the moment he saw it, seized by the desire. He licked around her navel, and its rim. He did this gently and slowly and erotically. The pleasure was incredibly intense. Eddie didn’t stop. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooooooooooood!” Lucy said, screaming out loud. She bucked her hips.

“Oh Eddie,” she said. He dipped his tongue in her navel, and kissed inside it. He licked around, repeating the circular motions he had made in her rectum. It drove her wild. “Oh God Eddie,” she whispered moaning, almost whimpering. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” she said. His tongue licked and kissed deeply in her navel.

“Oh God Eddie,” she said again, panting, sweating a little, lovely blonde hair over her eyes some and messed now. She was breathing rather rapidly. “Oh God Eddie. Lick my belly button!” she said half-whispering and panting. She looked at her watch, holding her arm up as she lay on her back. There was time. She loved having her belly button licked.

Eddie had obliged and pleasured Lucy for a few minutes just licking inside her navel, and around it, rimming it with his tongue. It was incredibly, intensely pleasurable for her, the combination, especially as he rimmed it continually and relentlessly, and really aroused her. She was very wet and moist between her legs.
Lucy said, “Eddie…do my ass again,” panting. She could hardly talk. She turned over.

Eddie’s erection had been very hard and rigid from the moment this had all began. He had grown wet at his tip. He couldn’t take it anymore. He thought he knew what Lucy meant…they were very much in the moment…

Eddie Olmos dropped his pants and underwear, and his large pulsating manhood neared Lucy’s buttcheeks. She lay on her back. Eddie gripped her buttcheeks, spreading them and baring her very beautiful lovely asshole again. He pushed his thick glans on her ass and pushed it inside. Lucy gasped wildy, nearly giving a scream, seemingly jolted as Eddie continued pushing his entire cock into her rectum. She screamed with both pain, excitement, and pleasure at this.

Lucy felt the slightest panic amid the excitement at the initial penetration, but once Eddie had shoved his entire cock into her rectum, burying it, her anal ring and sphincter opened up more and she reminded herself to relax. She pushed on his cock with her anal ring muscles, a bit like she was having a bowel movement, and moaned loudly as she did this. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she said. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Eddieeee….” Lucy moaned loudly, with a little pain.

This helped take in his cock better. Eddie knew the way to pain a woman least with anal was a lot of lube, patience, and gradually entering her. Once you’re in all the way, her ass will relax more and it will stretch. But Eddie was so excited, that ass, Oh God he just couldn’t take it. What did she expect, she had him massage her bare buttocks and then he was rimming her, licking her tasty ass, and fingering her in it. Lucy gave a half-moan and groan as Eddie pulled his dong back in her rectum, out nearly, and then shoved it back in. Lucy inhaled sharply and gasped.
“Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….ahhhhhhhhhhh…..Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she yelled out as he shoved it back in. Eddie started repeating this, able to go faster later on as Lucy’s rectum stretched and started becoming more accustomed to his lengthy and rather thick cock in it. Then Eddie started to go faster, and faster, pumping her ass. He grimaced and grunted, and started moaning. Meanwhile Lucy was gasping, screaming out and breathing with pleasure, repeatedly. Eddie put his hands on both of Lucy’s buttcheeks, gripping them hard with his fingers as he fucked her ass hard.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ohoooooooooooo!!!!!! Ed–Ed, Eddie…Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Lucy screamed gasping. Eddie’s rythmn had really picked up. She felt so wonderful in her rectum, Eddie loved her warmth and tightness, it was so comfortable and felt incredible on his cock. He knew he had made the right decision to fuck her in the ass! This would be an experience he wouldn’t ever forget.

The pain subsided a little as Lucy felt her rectum widen and stretch as Eddie repeatedly fucked it, pounding in her ass. She was just about to wonder what she had gotten herself in to, and it hurt, but after over a minute her rectum stretched more and she felt more pleasure. Eddie should have used more lube, good God, but he just couldn’t control himself could he…maybe she ought not have a man other than her husband massage her bare buttcheeks again!
Lucy was so tight in her ass, despite a couple fanboy rumors that she looked like her ass was gaping a bit at the Comic Con on Friday, implying anal, Rob had not anally penetrated her in a while. Although she did enjoy and appreciate rimjobs, and finger in her ass sometimes as he ate out her pussy. They sometimes did this preceding intercourse.

Eddie, breathing hard and his hands tightly gripping Lucy’s buttcheeks as he put his weight into her and pumped his cock in her ass, furiously, as she cried out and moaned loudly like he had never heard her before, found he was coming sooner than he expected. It was not even three minutes when he felt his body contract and spasm, and he groaned amid Lucy’s deep breathy rather rapid moans and cries and she felt a powerful pounding in her rectum. Eddie ejaculated, spilling his load like he hadn’t in weeks, deeply into her ass. It filled her rectum and went into her bowels and colon. It was warm and sticky and plentiful, and the pleasure from this sensation itself, combined with that from the anal ramming and pounding and Lucy’s hardened, swollen clit pushing on the bed, gave her another small orgasm and she screamed out with it, spasming and gripping the bed covers as she screamed with climax just seconds after Eddie had cummed in her ass.

Eddie’s fucking slowed, his tight, almost painful grip on her buttocks loosened, his breathing slowed, and he soon slickly withdrew his cock out of Lucy’s ass. He looked at it. It was returning to its normal size now. He could see a little browness on it now. He liked how it smelled now, Lucy’s smell in her rectum, musty. He exhaled a few times, then after several seconds, he let go of Lucy’s buttocks entirely and got up from on top of her back. He went and sat on the edge of the bed, looking down amazed, breathing. Lucy was one HOT mommasita he thought, with the tastiest, hottest, and finest feeling ass he had ever experienced. Any man would be lucky beyond expression to be her husband. She would really, truly have been an instant favorite with the gangs and older boys at the barrio and not very safely either he thought.

Eddie slowly pulled up his underwear. Lucy’s breathing was slowly returning to normal, and her panting. She felt wetness in her rectum. Some seconds later, hardly believing what had happened, she got up on the bed, rather slowly. Eddie’s semen dripped out of her asshole. She could feel it. It would stain the bed. Lucy was shocked. She went and sat on the edge of the bed, but not that close to Eddie. She finally turned his way, slowly, and said, “Eddie..what happened…did you rape me?” she asked and turned toward him.

Eddie didn’t look up at first. He was still in awe and disbelief, almost shock. After a little time had passed, he finally looked up and toward her slowly, carefully, and said “Lucy…I’m sorry.” Then he said, again, “I am so sorry. Lucy. Really I am. I am…” He put his face in his hands. “I’m so sorry…Oh My God…Lucy…I don’t know what to say.”

Lucy looked at him. She still felt a little pain in her rectum. She hoped there wouldn’t be any blood with the lack of lubrication Eddie had entered her with, and how fast and hard he had pumped her. But that was probably wishful thinking.

Lucy looked at Eddie. She finally said, “I’m going to go in the bathroom to wash up.” She walked toward him, and touched his hands. Eddie looked up finally. She had a kind look on her face, and a comforting one. There was gratitude in it as well. “Eddie don’t worry. We just got carried away. You did…I did. It’s okay. It’s okay hun,” she reassured him, and then still totally naked, she leaned down and kissed him briefly on the lips. “Thank you Eddie,” she said. “That was the absolute best massage I have ever had. You should go pro Eddie. Really,” she added. Then Lucy walked into the bathroom of her hotel, and soon Eddie heard the shower being turned on. Lucy was cleaning his semen out of her asshole, and noticed a little blood as she had feared dripping out as well. It was alright though. They had gotten out of control, but admittedly she had probably gone too far with Eddie. She should have told him to stop as soon as she felt his warm tongue on her asshole. But they were so in the moment, and it had felt so wonderful, she hadn’t.

Oh well, Lucy thought. Worse could have happened! That really was the best massage she had ever had. After she turned the water off, and walked back into the room on the carpet, water from her bare feet wetting it, she reached down for her panties and bra, and clothes, getting dressed. Eddie was laying on the bed, his hands together under his head, looking up. He seemed more relaxed now, even reflective. Lucy remembered sometimes after orgasm men felt more like going to sleep than women did.

Lucy, fully dressed again in her white shirt and pants now, went into the bathroom to fix and comb her hair getting ready to meet the others and have dinner at the restaurant, as if nothing had happened, and she was really quite good at that when it came to sex. She had had practice and experience in this in her early days with Rob- it would be banging and cunnilungus, sometimes getting rimmed, in his hotel room at night or early morning, and then off to do a PR interview just minutes later! She recalled her early Xena days, before they were married. In an interview she had described their at first clandestine romantic and sexual relations as very exciting, almost like electricity, and it was incredibly satisfying. It helped her get through the show and all the PR that came with it, knowing she could go back to Rob, relax, and get fucked and licked on her pussy and ass soon. She was really good at keeping a straight face during the interviews and at work soon after this, though the rumors had begun to abound, especially by 1996 when their relationship became public.

Lucy went to fix her hair in the mirror, looking incredibly gorgeous, still in make-up. She had put her necklace back on. She called to Eddie as she entered the bathroom and walked toward the mirror, in a lovely voice, “Oh and Eddie. Remember, I want another massage tomorrow before the party!” Lucy’s enlarged, still-erect nipples at the event would lead some fans to speculate correctly that she had recently had sex before it.

Eddie’s heart leaped and he also felt a tingle and warmth in his cock at the sound of that and then he knew he was truly in heaven. Something told him Lucy would keep it between them. And he knew what he wanted to keep in between them too, and at her suggestion and reassurance he felt it tingle and begin to expand again in his pants.

The End

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