Mandy Moore On A Fandate


by: ojay5456

Fictitious story about Mandy Moore getting mouthfucked

in a toilet on a fan date.

Hi I´m Steve. I´m 24 years old. And I have fucked teen

pop goddess Mandy Moore´s mouth. Yeah you heard me!

I´ve had my cock down her throat.

When, where, why? Well to make a long story short I

won a competition held by a radio station. I

competition for a fan date
with Mandy. Needless to say

I won it. The date taking place at a restaurant we

enjoyed a meal and smalltalked. No other expectations

than to meet her I was slighty confused at how

attentive she qwas to me. Flirtatious almost. Asking

me about personal stuff, givign me flirty looks,

reaching out to touch my hand on the table. Fuck is

she coming on to me? Mandy Moore a girl that could get

any man she wanted interested in me? And fucking hell

she was and then some! Having flirted all throughout

the meal she looked me deep into my eyes and said when

we were finishing our deserts "I want to fuck your

brains out but my manager and mother is sitting over

there so I guess you´ll have to be satisfied with a

blowjob." Uttering these words like she was telling me

about her puppy she smiled and waited for my reaction.

Fucking hell! My mind blown my mouth must have dropped

considering the response I got. Giggling she continued

"Here´s what we´ll do. I can´t take you back to my

hotel since my mother is rooming with me and this is

my last night in town so I´ll go to the ladies room

down the hall, the one furthest down the aisle, and

having wait 1 minute you follow me. I´ll keep the door

open so you can get in. Ok?" My mind ragign I nodded

my approval. Fucking hell!" Smiling she rose to her

feet and made her way toward the restrooms. Watching

her teasingly wiggle her leatherclad ass (she was

wearing black leatherpants and a skimpy white top) I

got an instant hardon. Fucking hell! I was going to

get a blowjob from America´s most wanted fuck. In a

fucking toilet! Looking at my watch I gave her a

minute then made my way to the restroom of her choice.

Trying the door, my heart racing I found the door

open. Stepping in I found Mandy sitting on the

toiletseat. Giving me a radiant smile she rose to her

feet and said "Finally. I thought you´d run out on

me." Before I had time to reply she had sank down to

her knees. Looking up at me, she began tugging at the

zipper of my jeans. Giggling she said "We don´t have

much time so I better get going." Fucking hell!

Getting my zipper down in a flash. Prying my cock out

my pants even quicker she took in her right hand. My

cock rockhard she looked at it, jerked it a few times

then looked at me and said "Mmm nice. Much bigger than

the one that guy that won a date with me in

Minneapolis had." Fucking hell! She did this

regularly!! 16 years old and already a fullfledged

slut. Noticing my perplexed reaction her next move was

to teasingly snake her tongue on the head of my cock

then lick her way down the shaft all the way down to

the zipper. Repeating the procedure upward she then

placed a kiss on the tip of my head. Her head tilted

back, her red lips on my head, her right hand wrapped

around my shaft at the bottom I couldn´t take no more.

If the fucking teen bitch wanted my cock that bad I

sure was going to give it to her. Pulling her hand of

my cock then grabbing it with my right hand, at the

same time taking hold of her hair at the forehead with

my left, I slammed my cock on her right cheek then on

her left. A bit surprised by the turn of events,

evidently used to running the show, Mandy´s response

was "What the fuck. What are you doing? Stop it."  Too

far gone, too pumped up by having a celeb down on her

knees ready to suck my cock there was no chance in

hell I´d back down now. So tightening my grip in her

hair, tilting it her head back a bit I slammed my cock

on her cheek again and said "I´m giving you what you

want. You wanted my cock and now I´m giving it to

you." Slamming my cock another two times on her cheeks

then placing the head of my cock at her lips and

pressing it to them and rubbing it back and forth on

them she didn´t say another word. Instead the fucking

slut opened her mouth! Again hit by the powerrush of

having the world´s hottest teen celeb at my mercy I

slammed my cock on her tongue and said "That´s it.

Open your mouth you fucking slut" then shoved the head

of my cock in. Taking hold of her the sides of her

head with both hands I then shoved another three

inches in. Gagging I pulled out and tried again. 4

inches and the bitch gagged again. Out again then back

in. Better this time. 10 attempts later I was down her

throat. Still gagging when getting too deep I decided

that 5 inches would have to do. Holding her in place

thrusting 5 inches in and out of her mouth Mandy took

hold of my hips with both hands to steady herself as I

kept fucking her mouth. Resourceful little bitch!! I

just had to praise her way of thinking. "Yeah. Get a

good grip bitch. You´ll need it!" And the bitch was a

good listener too! Readjusting her hands on my jeans

she took a firmer grip on my hips. Such

resourcefulness warranted more praise! "Yeah that´s it

you fucking teen bitch. I´m going to fuck your mouth

harder than it´s ever been fucked before." 2 minutes

later figuring it time to give the slut a breather I

pulled out. Pulling out a string of precum dangled

between her lowerlip and the tip of my head. Fucking

hell! Tilting her head back with my left hand I guided

the head of my cock to her lips. Not acting fast

enough out of own volition I began rubbing the head on

her lips coating them with precum. Fucking hell! The

sight of the precum on her luscious red lips drove me

nuts. Tightening my grip in her hair I began jerking

my cock to produce more precum. Oozing out I applied

it to her lips and then rubbed it on her lips left to

right. Her head tilted back my doings had her moan. I

swear to God! Looking up at me her mouth slightly open

she gave out low moans. Fucking hell! Rubbing away I

looked down at Mandy and said "You like that huh you

fucking slut. Wait till I plaster your face with cum.

You´ll really love that!" Tired of rubbing, wanting to

see that cum on her face myself I slammed my cock on

her cheeks a couple of times then poked teh head of my

cock on her lips. The slut getting my drift my cock

was soon back down her throat. Fucking faster and

harder this time she took hold of my hips again. "Yeah

get ready to eat cum bitch." 3 minutes later having

fucked her mouth without pardon I felt my orgasm

building up. Pulling out at the last second I grabbed

my cock with my right hand, her hair at the forehead

with my left then pumped my cock with a vengeance. 10

seconds later the first shot of cum hit her in the

face. Followed by 5 additional jets I didn´t spare an

inch of her face. Moving my cock around with every

spurt my cum hit her on her cheeks, on her nose, in

her eyes (on her eyelids the bitch closed her eyes

after the first shot), on her chin, on her lips, in

her mouth (the bitch opened her mouth out free will

after the third spurt). Finally finished shooting her

face was a sight to see! Cum everywhere, cum dripping

down on the floor, cum on her top. Cock wilting I

placed it in her hair and wiped it clean then put it

back in my pants. Reckoning the date was over I patted

Mandy´s head and said "Thanks for the meal bitch. It

was righteous" then turned around and walked out of

the restaurant.    



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