Maria’s Coming Out Party

Maria’s Coming “out” party

By Rinky Dink (ff,mc)

The following is a complete work of fiction and any similarities to any real person or their actions are strictly coincidental. Due to sexual situations no one under 18 should read this _ go away. In honor of Sharapova’s impressive Wimbledon victory, a major fantasy put to paper.

As Anna Kournikova and Ashley Harkleroad relaxed in the sumptuous player’s lounge at Wimbledon they giggled a bit, as the players scurrying around them were obvious nervous wrecks getting ready to play in the biggest tennis tournament in the world.

All their worries, as well as their free will, had been ended at a tournament earlier that year when Stevie, a volunteer worker there, had gotten each of them alone, chloroformed them, injected them with mind-control drugs and turned the pair into his totally devoted slaves.

For better control as well as fun, he had programmed the formerly straight girls into being lesbian lovers.

Now, Stevie was officially their coach and their lives revolved around pleasing him in any way he saw fit, whether by doing well on the court or in bed sexually.

“Thank goodness Master controls my every thought, he said for us to take it easy and not get nervous and we’re about the only people here not about to have a nervous breakdown,” commented Ashley, a petite, gorgeous American brunette with breasts probably too big for her slight frame.

“Yes, the day Master took control of me is a day I celebrate more than my birthday,” said Anna, whose enslavement had gone unnoticed, as Stevie had made sure she appeared with Enrique Iglesias every once in a while to keep up appearances. “I feel so sorry for these poor girls who have to think for themselves when we have wonderful Master to obey.”

“And they don’t have a master to tell them to be lesbians and have lots of sex with women as well as with their master,” said Ashley. “You’re right, I do feel sorry for these girls. We’re so lucky Master picked us to dominate completely.”

Just then, an incredibly tall, beautiful teenage blonde girl entered the lounge. She didn’t even put up the pretense of a nervous smile like the others, as her face was glum and eyes red-rimmed, as if she had just been crying.

It was Maria Sharapova, supposedly one of the rising stars on the tennis circuit although she had yet to do anything big in a major tournament.

“Maria, what’s wrong,” asked Anna as she passed by Ashley and Anna.

“I….I can’t say,” sniffled the lovely sad-looking lass in a slightly Russian-accented voice.

“She’s gorgeous,” whispered Ashley to Anna. “Let’s make her happy and Master. Let’s take her to our room and have sex with her. Master will enjoy watching the threesome on tape when he gets back from the coaches meeting.”

Pleasing her Master was the most important thing in Anna’s mind as well, and anyhow it looked like this girl needed something fun to happen to her right now.

“Maria, you don’t play until tomorrow right,” said Anna.

“Da,” she said.

“Well, I can’t do anything about your problem if you won’t tell me about it but I can do something to help make you feel better,” said Anna with a wink. “You know Ashley Harkleroad here, the American, well we both want to help lift your spirits.”

Maria looked at the two tennis players with the smoking bodies and large bosoms, although at Wimbledon due to the conservative dress code their fine figures were clothed more than normal.

She crinkled her nose a bit. She was young but she wasn’t stupid, she knew what they were talking about.

“Why not, let’s go,” she said.


“Oh god, Oh god, this is great, I can’t believe lesbian sex would be this good,” shrieked Maria at the top of her lungs as another orgasm coursed through her lean, six-foot frame. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.”

“Keep it up, keep it up Ashley,” said Anna as she went back to suckling on Maria’s pert breasts while Ashley’s tongue lapped at Maria’s bud as two cum-drenched fingers pumped away again at her vagina.

“I can’t believe this, please, Oh god!!, oh, oh, this is too much, oh my, oh my,” shouted Maria as she felt the pressure build inside her quickly again.

This just encouraged the pair to be even more aggressive sexually with Maria, as Anna now was pinching the nipples of both breasts while Ashley was licking and pumping furiously.

“Please, more, more, more don’t stop, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!,” shouted Maria as her lithe body began to buck like a bronco up and down the bed as the mother of all orgasms was now happening to her and she was shaking so violently that Ashley and Anna bolted away for safety’s sake.

Maria continued flopping around for what seemed an eternity but was actually a minute or so as pussy juice spouted out of her slit like a geyser.

Anna and Ashley looked at each other and smiled while Maria was in the throws of sexual ecstasy. They certainly had turned Maria’s frown upside down and, most importantly, they knew Master would be pleased to watch the videotape of this show.

When Maria was finally done, she lay on her stomach gasping for breath, her eyes glassy and unfocused, her body covered in sweat and cum.

“Thank you Ashley and Anna, I needed that,” she finally said in a tired voice. “I wish I could just be your simple sex slave forever, it would make my life a lot easier.”

“What are you talking about Maria, you’re the great hope of Russian tennis,” said Anna. “You’ve been to all my clinics since you could walk. You love tennis. We just showed you that you can love tennis and love to have sex with women as well.”

Maria’s frown returned and she looked away from the equally naked forms of Ashley and Anna.

“OK, we’ve just screwed your brains out,” said Ashley a straightforward Tennesseean. “Give it up, what’s the matter?”

After a brief hesitation, Maria told a tale that if Ashley and Anna didn’t hear it themselves they would never have believed it:

Maria Sharapova was only 17 but she did indeed have the hopes and dreams of an entire nation resting on her shoulders.

Although some Russian tennis players had done well recently, no one had emerged as a dominant player on the tour and frankly none of them had an ounce of charisma between them, so no one really cared that much when they won.

But it appeared Maria had it all. She had model-like looks, a bubbly personality and was bursting with tennis ability. Her future seemed limitless. Which is where she got into trouble.

Her family was poor and had borrowed large amounts of money from Russian gangsters so she and her father could move to America to give Maria proper tennis training and to fly her to big tournaments.

When the money started rolling in from her successful pro career they figured to pay the debts no problem.

However, with so much riding on her, young Maria had frankly folded under the pressure and was not winning too often.

Not winning meant no prize money and the gangsters now wanted all the money owed them or else. And knowing how violent the Russian mob was, the Sharapova family knew what ‘or else’ meant.

They had talked the gangsters into waiting until after Wimbledon before they did anything, but if Sharapova did not win the richest tennis tournament in the world they would not have enough money to pay off their debt. and the chances of that happening appeared virtually nonexistent as she was only seeded 13th.

By the end of the story, Maria’s breasts were flopping up and down as she heaved sobs.

“To save money I don’t even have a coach right now, I’m all alone,” she wailed. “My parents think if I fail here they will have to sell me into white slavery just to save our lives. That’s why I said I’d like to be your sex slave. I’d like you two to own me if I had a choice.”

Ashley and Anna looked at each. Stevie had programmed them to be lesbians but they only had sex outside of their relationship if it pleased him. Theirpurpose in life was to be Stevie’s slaves, and slaves didn’t get to have their own slaves.

“I don’t know what to tell you Maria but I do want to help,” said Anna. “Our Mast….uh, our coach is a really smart guy. We’ll explain your situation to him and he might be able to figure a way out of your problem. We’ll let you know.”

The three fine athletes put back on their clothes and, after Maria left, Anna and Ashley began cleaning up the room as they would not want their Master coming back to a messy place, and there was sweat and cum all over the bed and floor.

“Thank goodness Master does all our thinking because I’m stumped,” said Ashley.


Stevie grinned as he watched the trio of ripe, young pussies wriggling around the bed on videotape.

“Excellent selection my little lesbian converters,” he said with a smile as the tape ended. “I am pleased.”

“Oh, thank you master,” said both Anna and Ashley as their pussies quivered in delight. Nothing stimulated them more sexually then having Master’s approval, except having sex with Master himself, the ultimate in pure joy.

“I hope next time the blonde nymphet comes around I can join in the fun and not be at some stupid meeting,” said Stevie.

“Well, Master, uh, there may not be a next time,” said Anna haltingly.

“Yeah, she has major problems Master,” said Ashley. “We thought being such a brilliant Master you could find a way to help her out.”

Ashley and Anna then told Stevie all about Maria’s plight.

“Could you just buy her Master and give her the pleasure of making her your mindless lesbian slave who lives to do your bidding like us?” said Ashley.

“Yes, we would not be jealous Master,” said Anna. “It is your will that we live to serve you.”

“In case you haven’t noticed ladies, you haven’t been doing too well in the prize money department lately either, we’re hurting a bit financially ourselves” said Stevie. “Anna, if it wasn’t for your endorsement check you couldn’t even cover the expenses of being on the tour and Ashley, now that you’ve been targeted as an up-and-comer, everyone is fired up to beat you and you’ve been upset like three times in a row.

“No way I have the money that it would take to buy a hot piece of ass like her. And anyhow, she’s so important to that country the KGB probably would kill me if they found out she was my slave, and her being 17 and the statutory rape thing. Forget it ladies.”

“Yes, Master, we will forget,” said Ashley but Anna did not immediately say the same thing, very surprising as like Ashley she automatically did whatever Stevie told her do.

‘”Master, could you do SOMETHING to help her,” pleaded Anna. “I failed my country to be a top tennis player and I feel bad if she could not fulfill my promise.”

Stevie was taken a bit aback by Anna’s statement. She had not exactly gone against her master’s wishes but she also had not dutifully followed his words to the letter and forgotten about Maria’s problem like her fellow slave Ashley had.

Anna had never shown anything but blind loyalty since he had knocked her out and brainwashed her. Stevie decided this was not a subject to take a stand on and challenge how total his control over her mind was. He got the feeling that somewhere in the tiny bit of her soul that was still independent, this kid’s success was important to her.

Stevie told them to go to their bed in the suite and have sex with each other while he pondered the problem. They gleefully took off their clothes and tumbled into bed and began making out. As dutiful slaves, thinking was not their thing but having sex was.

At least he could enjoy the show Ashley and Anna would put on while he thought about what to do. Nothing stimulated his thought process more than watching two great looking girls have sex with each other, and if it didn’t at least he would have a good time.


(later that night)

Maria sat in her room and flipped though some magazines, too depressed over her situation to go anywhere or do anything. She was in pajamas and wearing bunny slippers, showing she was still a kid despite her very adult sexual escapade with Anna and Ashley that afternoon

She heard a knock at the door and when she opened it she was stunned to see both Ashley and Anna in sheer negligees. All of their exquisite bodies were on display.

“Sorry Ashley and Anna but I’m not in the mood for any more sex tonight,” said Maria. “Elena Dementieva I think has her thumbscrews and rack set up now. Why don’t you see if you want some action?”

“Oh, we’re not here for sex, at least no totally,” giggled Ashley as she and Anna let themselves in. “Our wonderful coach has a deal for you that he says will save you and your family from the Russian mob but you must agree to two things.”

“What, anything,” said Maria anxiously.

“First, all the money you make here after you’ve paid the debt will go to coach Stevie,” said Anna. “Second, you will not remember anything that happens from this moment on until your final game at Wimbledon but you must never ask anyone EVER what you did. You just have to trust us.”

Maria pondered for a bit. What the heck would they do to her? She had heard stories about how worshipful to their new coach Anna and Ashley were, and he did seem like a bit of geeky guy to be a professional tennis coach.

But Anna Kournikova had been her idol growing up in Siberia, she knew Anna would never let her come to harm. And what choice did she have? Either take this outside chance or start getting used to wearing a dog collar and licking some rich guy’s feet as his slave.

“OK,” said Maria.

As soon as she said that Ashley, who had maneuvered herself behind Maria, clamped a wet white cloth over her mouth and nose. Anna ran up and held Maria’s arms down in case she tried to fight it.

Maria was dazed, confused, what were they going to do to her? But in a few seconds she felt nothing but darkness as she fell unconscious, limply falling into Ashley’s arms.

While Ashley dragged Maria’s body to the bed, Anna went to the door and opened it. Stevie was there waiting and when he came in saw Maria’s sleeping form on the bed, now nude as Ashley had quickly stripped her of her clothes.

“Excellent job my pretties,” he smiled. “Now, let’s see if this little experiment works.”


Conchita Martinez was a popular member of the women’s tennis party circuit but this night she wanted to be in her room at her London hotel by 9 p.m. She had her first match at Wimbledon the next morning against Russia’s Maria Sharapova.

Martinez knew Sharapova hadn’t done much so far on the tour but there was a lot of hype about her and in case she decided to finally show her potential tomorrow, Conchita wanted to be well rested and ready.

However, as she entered her bedroom she was shocked to find the naked forms of fellow tennis pros Ashley Harkleroad and Anna Kournikova, and a big bucket bottle of champagne on the bureau.

“Ashley, Anna, what the hell are you doing here,” asked Conchita in amazement, although she did admire both of their lovely bodies and large breasts, nestled on her bedspread.

“We came to party silly, what else,” said Ashley with a big wide grin that showed her sparkling white teeth. “We want a threesome and have fun and we picked you to be a part of it.”

“But I have a match tomorrow, I need rest,” said Conchita. “C’mon ladies, I’ve been at plenty of girl orgies eating both of you out and had a real good time but this is the biggest tournament in the world. I’ve got to be prepared for Maria Sharapova.”

“Oh her,” smirked Anna. “You don’t have to worry about her.”

“Maria Sharapova, oh, don’t worry about her at all.” smiled Ashley. “We just left her passed out in her room. We went to her place first and she was totally drugged. I think she couldn’t take the pressure and is like a junkie now. She probably won’t even show up for the match tomorrow.”

“Really?” said Conchita who liked the fact she would have an easy time of it in the first round, almost as much as she could now freely make out with these two hotties.

“Yes, really” said Ashley as she grabbed Conchita’s arm and pulled her down to the bed. While Ashley plunged her tongue deep into Conchita’s mouth, Anna pulled down her shorts and began hungrily licking her pussy.

“Oh this is going to be a much better night than I thought,” said Conchita before sinking into the bed for a night of carnal lust.

In another room:

“But we could play each other in the second round, this isn’t right Maria,” said Jelena Dokic to the pretty teenage blonde girl laying in her bed when she walked in.

“I don’t care, Jelena, I want you, I want you so bad,” shrieked Maria. “You can have the match, I don’t care, just take me, take me now you smoking hot bitch!”

Maria then flung herself on top of Jelena and began passionately kissing her. Jelena quickly responded, hey, a hot blonde girl throws her naked body on you, what else was she to do?

The sounds of “slurp, slurp” soon reverberated throughout the room for many hours.


“Game, set, match Miss Sharapova”

Serena Williams just sat there on the baseline stunned for a second before going over to shake the teen’s hand. “I wish I hadn’t gotten loaded and had a threesome with Ashley and Anna last night,” thought Serena.

“But I just played her two weeks ago and the kid had been a nervous wreck and I killed her. But in this match she played with such precision, and without any sign of nervousness, or any emotion at all really. How could she not be nervous?, first time at Centre Court in a Wimbledon final. I don’t understand.”

When Serena shook her hand Maria responded mechanically and quickly said hello to her father who had just arrived for the final, and then gathered her things and left without acknowledging the crowd cheering her on wildly or even expressing a smile.

At the press conference that followed, Maria was peppered with questions about how it felt to win Wimbledon at 17 and she had answered all questions plainly and again showed no emotion at her great feat.

Her next stop, unbeknownst to anyone, was Stevie’s room.

“Tennis Robot Maria reporting sir,” she said, standing completely stiff in front of Stevie, who was grinning from ear to ear. “I was victorious in my match as ordered sir.”

“Excellent Tennis Robot Maria,” said Stevie. “Now it is time to change your programming again and become Sex Robot Maria.”

“Yes sir,” said Maria with no emotion, although Stevie thought he detected a bit of a glint in her eye when told she was now to become again into a sex robot. “Please give me a list of the women I am to seduce and have sex with tonight. I can assure you sir despite the effort today my batteries are fully charged and I can have sex with as many women and as long as you desire.”

“Your first, and only assignment, Sex Robot Maria is to suck this,” said Stevie as he pulled down his pants. Maria’s eyes widened and she quickly wrapped her lips around Stevie’s now very stiff member and began rolling it around in her mouth tenderly.

“Unfortunately Maria we have come to the end of our agreement my young sex-crazed robot,” said Stevie as he patted her blonde head buried down below. “You have won Wimbledon and are the toast of all of Russia, which means it is far too dangerous to continue our little arrangement.

“Turning you into a mindless robot, and thus having no nerves, simply playing up to your considerable abilities, worked perfectly. And you, Ashley and Anna getting all your opponents worn out with sex and drink the night before they were to play you gave you a bit of an edge as well.

“And getting all the money you and Ashley are earning with all your wins playing doubles together will keep me and my girls set financially for a while. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………”

Stevie ejaculated straight into Maria’s mouth. As a good sex robot, she quickly swallowed Stevie’s seed and began licking his penis clean of any drop of cum.

“But I am going to miss you, as you are a very good sex machine. However, it’s time. Time to institute the self-destruct program Robot Maria.”

Maria looked up at Stevie with a look of great disappointment for a second.

“Engage program robot,” Stevie said, knowing he had to give her a push toward reality as deep down he knew Maria was probably enjoying every second of being a mindless slutty sex robot.

“Program engaged,” said Maria as she stood up and stiffly walked out of the room.

When she would enter her own room she would return to normal but with no memory of anything that had occurred since Anna and Ashley had chloroformed her over a week ago, except all the money she made here after the gangsters were paid had to go to Stevie.

“It’s such a waste of a hot body but I’m not fucking with the KGB,” sighed Stevie as he watched Maria’s firm butt wiggle out of the room.


All the weeks of unending sex and drinking finally caught up to Ashley and Maria as they lost in the women’s doubles final at Wimbledon. Now that she was no longer an unemotional robot, Maria had been a nervous wreck playing for the doubles title.

However, second place still meant a big payday and as soon as they got to the locker room Maria signed over her share of the prize money to Stevie, just as she had promised.

As Maria’s guests, they all got to go to the traditional Winners Ball that night and, with their revealing outfits that showed off large sections of cleavage, Ashley and Anna were the belles of the ball.

When Stevie got back to his hotel room, he found Ashley, Anna — and Maria! They were all lying on his bed naked. “I did deprogram her, didn’t I?” thought Stevie.

“Surprised to see me coach, oops, I mean Master,” said Maria with a big smile.

“Uh, yeah Maria,” said Stevie. “Didn’t you say at the ball you have to go home for a parade in your honor in Russia?”

“Da but that’s not until tomorrow,” said Maria. “I owe you so much and I wanted to repay you somehow. Anna said sometimes you, her and Ashley play a game where you control their minds and they pretend to be your brainwashed sex slaves and call you master and have sex all night, and if I joined in you would really like that.

“So here I am, Master. I await to obey your orders completely.”

Stevie smiled and quickly took off his suit. He was going to spend a night surrounded by a trio of gorgeous hot young bodies totally at his command.

Volunteer work definitely had its rewards.

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