Markie Post In “Hearts Afire”, Episodes 1-4

Markie Post in “Hearts Afire”, Episodes 1-4. TV Comedy

The following story is purely fictitious. None of the events are true. No
one eighteen years of age or younger should read this story.

Markie Post played the part of Georgie Anne Lathi in the sitcom “Hearts
Afire.” She played opposite John Ritter, who played the part of John Heartman;
handsome and recently divorced senatorial aide. The script was written so
that Georgie and John made for a very hot sexual couple. In real life Markie
Post and John Ritter were very attracted to each other and the script provided
many opportunities
for them to indulge in their sexual desires on the set.
They often continued foreplay long after the scene was “cut” and the cameras
were supposedly turned off.

Episode #1

Occurred near the beginning of the series. The time frame of the
scene was early in Georgie’s and John’s relationship; when they discovered
they were in love with each other; a situation probably not too far from what
was happening in real life between Markie and John. (In the sitcom stories
we’ll use the script names of Georgie and John. In the real life happenings
we’ll use the names of the actors; Markie and John.)

The scene was that Georgie and John were in the kitchen of John’s home, and
each had just described how they felt about the other. They sealed and
consummated their feelings in a long, sustained kiss. John enfolded her tightly
in his arms and she brought her body hard against his. Before long John’s
cock started getting hard which Markie could feel as it pressed against her leg.
For her part, she too was getting horny and was getting moist around her
vagina. She maneuvered her body so that John’s cock, which was making quite a
bulge in his pants, pressed against her cunt. She began to slowly dry fuck
him. Markie was well endowed as to the size of her breasts, and John could
feel her nipples getting hard pressing against his chest.

The script called for John to turn Georgie around and start unbuttoning her
blouse; perhaps two buttons, but no more. Once he started, however, John
couldn’t stop himself; he continued unbuttoning all the buttons of her blouse.
At first the director didn’t realize what was happening and kept the cameras
rolling. Markie was braless and her ample cleavage was soon evident. When
John reached inside her blouse and cupped one of her bare tits in the palm of
his hand, the director saw it and called “cut.” The camera man could see what
was going on and kept the camera rolling so that later he could have a
private showing of the beautiful Markie Post getting her breasts played with by
John Ritter. John continued to gently squeeze Markie’s tits as she laid her
head back against his shoulder and arched her back. John eventually pulled
Markie’s blouse all the way open to entirely expose both breasts for the camera.
Markie didn’t seem to mind as the camera man zoomed in. He knew John was
doing this for his sake and would give him a copy of the tape later. The
director, who was enjoying this as much as anyone else, finally said, “OK guys,
turn that camera off and let’s get back to shooting the scene the way it is
supposed to be shot. Markie, button up your blouse and let’s start over.”
Markie reluctantly buttoned up her blouse. John apologized to the director with
a wink of his eye, and said he got carried away. Markie just smiled.

They shot the scene again, and John and Markie enjoyed another long kiss.
This time John stuck to the script and unbuttoned only two of Georgie’s
buttons. The script then called for the doorbell to ring and for Georgei’s father
to arrive. He had just been released from two years in jail on a false fraud
charge. She greeted him wildly. He noticed that her blouse was displaced
and unbuttoned, and that her breasts were showing to some degree. He
gathered, correctly, that John had been playing with his daughter’s body.

Episode #2

happened when the script called for Georgie, in a low cut, tight
fitting black dress, to jump fully clothed into the hot tub where John was.
John welcomed her with open arms. They went into several long, passionate
kisses described by Georgie when she executed them as; French, Italian, and
American. In real life, not surprisingly, John got very horny what with Markie
looking as beautiful and sexy as ever in a very tight fitting dress that
clung to her body when it was wet, and experiencing a verity of kisses being
expertly delivered by her. His cock came to full erection underneath the water,
which was covered by a thick layer of soapsuds. Markie’s hand, either
accidentally or with intent, bumped into John’s cock during one of the kisses. She
didn’t hesitate to put her head inside John’s bathing suit, find his cock,
and wrap her fingers around his shaft and give it a little squeeze. She pulled
his cock outside his suit and started jerking him off. Her arm was under
the layer of soapsuds so it was not evident to the cameras as to what she was
doing. John was very lustful and desirous of fucking Markie right there and
then, but he couldn’t do much under the circumstances. So, he let Markie jerk
him off. Her hands were expert at what she was doing and he soon came under
water. She displayed the biggest grin on her face when John shot his cum
all over her hand. The director never knew what happened, but it wouldn’t be
the last of such occurrences that brought about unexplained looks of pleasure
and satisfaction over Markie’s or John’s, or both their faces.

Episode #3

also occurred in the kitchen. John had baked a cake to celebrate
Georgie’s birthday, which they were planning to decorate together. They got
to fooling around with the cake frosting squeeze tubes when John put a dab
of frosting on Georgie’s nose, which he then licked off. Georgie drew a
mustache on John’s upper lip. She then put cake frosting on his lips and
proceeded to lick that off. John then put frosting on her lips and kissed her. Their
faces became a slimy, sexy mess as they licked at the frosting and smeared
each other’s faces and lips with passionate, juicy kisses. This ended the
scene, and the director yelled “cut.” John then backed Markie behind a counter
out of camera view and unbuttoned her shirt. He spread it open and drew a
heart on her bare chest. He then proceeded to lick that off reaching his
tongue down so as to lick the top of her breasts. As usual, she was not wearing a
bra. Markie unbuttoned her shirt further and put a dab of frosting on each
of her own nipples. She smiled up at John invitingly, threw out her chest,
and threw her shoulders back. He was soon licking her nipples clean, which
got her very excited.

Markie then reached her hand down and found the bulge in John’s pants. She
messaged it and brought it to life. She then slowly and carefully unzipped
his fly and reached her hand inside. She found his cock and brought it out
into the open. She smiled up at John. He smiled back knowingly as she reached
for a tube of frosting to decorate his totally erect penis. She squirted it
down the length and around the head. Then she slowly lowered herself onto
her knees and started to lick the frosting off his cock. Mixed with the fluid
he was emitting, it tasted so good she put it in her mouth and started to
suck his cock.

The crew on the set knew what was transpiring, and left them alone. When
John came into Markie’s mouth she swallowed his cum and licked his penis clean.
She tucked his limp cock into his pants and zipped him up. Then she stood
up and buttoned her shirt. The two of them emerged from behind the counter
with sheepish grins on their faces. The crew and director were to get used to
these escapades in which Markie and John partook, and learned to accept them
as expressions of the love they felt toward each other. Each male crew
member was extremely jealous of John and longed to be in his shoes. The female
crew members felt the same way toward Markie.

Episode #4

occurred after John and Georgie were married and had moved to the
Midwestern town where John grew up. The script called for the episode to
end with Georgie and John in bed in their sleeping attire discussing some
pressing problem. The discussion would come to an end when there was agreement.
They would conclude the scene by kissing passionately and ducking under a
quilt to hide from the cameras. It was left for the audience to presume they
would then fuck each other royally. The attire for this scene called for
Georgie to ware a knee length night gown. For the part Markie wore nothing under
it. John was in pajamas. He had to wear a pair of jockey shorts so that the
hard that he invariably developed when he was around Markie would not show
on camera.

Georgie and John would kiss for a long time. When they finally pulled the
quilt over their heads John and Markie felt alone by themselves. The director
called out “Cut, that’s a wrap,” and John and Markie were on their own to do
as they pleased. They continued their kissing and began to get horny. They
started exploring each others bodies. John immediately unbuttoned Markie’s
night gown and found her breasts. Markie had larger than normal breasts that
were very exciting to play with. Her nipples always became erect when she
got excited. It was not unusual for her nipples to be visually evident under
the blouses she wore on the set in her role as Georgie Anne Lahti; femme
fatale. John knew just how rough to be with her breasts, and Markie loved to
have his warm hands on them. He paid a lot of attention to her nipples and
would squeeze them just hard enough to get a little squeak out of Markie.

Markie was equally good with her hands and let them roam through the hair on
John chest. It never took long for her to find his penis. She put her hand
down the front of John briefs and found his cock. It was already erect and
needed to be released from its confinement in his briefs. She pulled his
briefs and pajama bottoms off down to his knees. He kicked them off the rest of
the way. Markie then immediately grabbed his cock again. She squeezed it a
few times then started jerking him. She was getting him ready to penetrate
her. It didn’t take long. When she thought he was as hard as he was going
to get, she rolled onto her back and John mounted her. He got between her legs
and drove his shaft deep inside. They started to fuck each other in
earnest. Markie was a pro. She knew how to use the muscles in her ass to get the
most out of John. John, who had been married, never experience fucking like

Markie had a lot of experience from her college days. She frequently dated
older; even some of her professors who had experience screwing other coeds.
One reason she preferred older men is that they knew what they were doing and
didn’t come as fast as the younger college guys. She was very smart
academically, but screwing a few professors didn’t hurt her grades either. For her
dates with the students, she usually sucked their cocks and brought them off
quickly that way. It was a pleasurable means of not getting pregnant.

Back under the covers, John could tell each time Markie climaxed. She did
it several times before John exploded into her. They then just lay there
catching their breaths. Eventually they threw the covers back and emerged into a
darkened stage set. John couldn’t help taking Markie into his arm for a
long thank-you kiss. She squeezed him tightly in reply. Much to his surprise,
and so soon after their love making, John’s penis started to get hard again.
Markie could feel it against her leg. She was all for another round of
fucking. She slid down John’s body and quickly put John’s semi hard cock in her
mouth. She used her tongue and soon had him at full erection. They moved back
onto the bed, and this time John lay on his back and Markie mounted him from
the top. She expertly guided his penis into her body and started the
screwing action she had used so expertly before. The two of them screwed and screwed
until they were exhausted. They looked forward to the next script that
called for them to end the scene under the covers.

Stay tuned for more episodes.

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