Martina McBride’s Rape

Invited over to shanias for the weekend to help them both get over up comming divorces, shania had the hots for matina since they met. and as soon as matina got settled in shania told her of her fellings, a shocked martina said I m sorry but I had better leave, no way shania exclaimed, and picked her up fire man style over her shoulder and through her on the bed, and began ripping off martinas clothes, stop that nooooo dontttt your hurting meeee,when she ripped off her bra and panties she was naked. she put martina across her lap and began to spank her firm little ass, oh oh noooo ahhh ahhhh ahggg ohhhhh pleaseee dontttt stoppp.
in pain martina never the less was getting turned on. her pusy was hot and wet and her nipples where hard as bulllets. ohhh shania what are you doing ohhhhh yessss spank meeee im a naughty little girl,,hottttt toooo oh yessssnow finish me I want to see that sexy body of your thats better oh my your beautiful, Im going to comeeeeeoh yes finger my ass just like that oh ohhhh now put that strap on in me. and fuck me good ahhh ahhh awyyyy ohhh not in my butttt. it hurts something awful. awyyy awyyyyy, now lets take a nap and when weve rested you can do me babe.

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