Megan’s Body

Megan’s Body

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

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Amanda Seyfried arrived at the expensive inner-city hotel, walking
up the steps in the sunlight, her large designer sunglasses shielding her eyes. She was making sure not to walk too quickly, otherwise her large breasts, supported only by the tight black vest top she was wearing, would bounce uncontrollably on her chest and attract far too much attention. She didn’t have a bra on today, just her top and some very tight jeans, hugging every curve of her ass as she walked up the steps into the hotel, heading straight across the lobby, which seemed so very dark from the bright light of outside, to the lifts. Luckily one was just opening on the ground floor, some well-dressed business men getting out, leaving it free for her to get in and press the right floor. She rode up to the fifth floor and walked along the empty corridor, finding the door she was after and knocking firmly with the back of her knuckles. There was a moment, then the door opened, quickly opened wide by Megan Fox to greet her with a big smile.

“Hey there,” Megan said, opening her arms to invite Amanda in for a friendly hug as she came in the door, her eyes however flitting down at her blonde co-stars impressive and unsupported chest. They shared a hug and a friendly kiss on the cheek in greeting as Amanda stepped in the door to her. Megan was casually dressed, wearing a purple vest top with a black padded bra on underneath, clearly seen through her top, and a pair of soft casual loafing tracksuit type trousers, and stripy white and purple socks on her dainty feet poking out from under them.

“Take long to get here?” Megan asked as they pulled apart, stepping into the expensive hotel room, where Megan was staying during the filming of Jennifer’s Body.

“Yeah the traffic out there is a nightmare, nice day though,” Amanda said, turning back to the door.

“Yeah, we should really be out enjoying it,” Megan said, casting a glance towards the window.

“I think it’s hotter in here actually,” Amanda said, fairly slamming the door as she turned and pounced on Megan, taking her by surprise, though she was entirely welcoming to it as Amanda kissed her hard, her hands sliding to her face as she thrust her tongue into her mouth. Megan gave a moan as the voluptuous blonde snogged her, her own hands sliding up Amanda’s waist to hold her ribs, tantalizingly close to her large boobs. Megan attacked with her own tongue, delving it deep into Amanda’s mouth, swirling and tangling it with hers as they kissed deeply and noisily, pent up sexual aggression and frustration pouring out now as they fumbled, Amanda’s hands sliding from Megan’s pretty face down to her stacked chest, giving a good firm squeeze to her breasts through their sexy bra. As they stumbled back into the hotel room Megan’s hands found their way back down Amanda’s back to her ass, giving a good hard grope that made her moan through their kiss.

Megan thought back to their first encounter together, on the set of Jennifer’s Body. They’d been doing their lesbian kiss scene unsurprisingly, which had been written to be hot, and they’d been doing their jobs professionally to give the best they could. However there had been more to it after a few takes. As they gradually did more and more they found themselves loving it, feeling a spark between them, the kisses feeling electric, the mere brush of each others soft lips, the warmth of one another’s breath, the touch of their tongues. It’d become sensual and sexy, and both Amanda and Megan had wanted more, both saying they wanted to do the scene again, feeling they hadn’t quite got it right, when all they’d really wanted was to feel each other a bit more. Of course the film crew didn’t mind at all to watch them go at it, able to see the tension building up between them, loving the sight of them kissing, especially since Megan Fox was in just a little vest and panties, looking both cute and incredibly hot all at once, especially as she kissed the nerdy looking character the similarly hot Amanda Seyfried played.

Megan had been hoping at the time she didn’t have a wet spot showing on her underwear as they’d wrapped, unable to do any more takes, but they’d both still wanted more then, and after the end of the days filming she’d tentatively invited Amanda back to her dressing room, where things had very rapidly got physical, resulting in a hot, intense session of lesbian sex that left them both gasping. Since then, they’d had a few more encounters, and things were just getting better, especially since it was clear Amanda had a hidden side to her, one of a complete sexual aggressor, taking control of things and her at times, and doing just as she had now and pouncing on her to get things going, knowing Megan wanted it anyway.

And here they were, kissing hard and groping at once another like sex starved teenagers. Amanda’s hands found the bottom of her snug purple top and quickly pulled it up, breaking their kiss with a gasp for air as the top was pulled over her head, Megan’s luxurious dark hair dropping down around her shoulders again as her fantastic breasts in their smooth black bra were revealed, Amanda’s hands immediately going back to them for a stroke of her soft skin as Megan quickly worked to return the favour, eyeing her sexy blonde lovers cleavage as she grabbed the bottom of the tight black vest top and pulled it up. It peeled up over Amanda’s toned stomach and then her large breasts spilled free of it, bouncing down firm and free on her chest as Megan untangled the top from her blonde hair to cast it aside. Her hands immediately reached up to offer her own support to Amanda’s impressive rack, squeezing firmly at the large boobs now free for her attentions, playing with the nipples to stiffen them up completely as Amanda continued to grope her breasts in return, another kiss having quickly sprung up.

“Gotta come and get me if you want any,” Megan teased as she broke away, giggling and playfully fleeing from Amanda across the large hotel suite away from the door. Amanda gave a foxy smile and immediately gave chase, Megan giving a squeal as she saw her pursuing her towards the large sofa that dominated the main area of the hotel room, knowing Amanda was watching her tight ass as she fled from her. Amanda tackled the hot brunette onto the large squashy sofa, Megan rolling over onto her back in the fall onto the cushions, pulling Amanda on top of her as they fell laughing together, pausing a moment just snuggled together, Megan pulling her arms round Amanda’s back, feeling her large breasts pressed against her own.

Amanda pulled up from her grasp, Megan reluctantly letting her go, being placated by another kiss, slower this time, their tongues more delicately caressing one another’s as they kissed, Megan’s hands rising to once more hold and squeeze her sexy blonde friends magnificent breasts. Amanda’s hand slid down over her toned stomach, feeling the firm muscles of her abs that she took so much time to maintain, to the top of her soft, casual trousers. Amanda quickly tugged at them, slipping them easily down Megan’s smooth legs as she lifted her ass to help her get them off, pulling back to a kneeling position as she slid them off her sexy brunette, her fingers immediately slipping beneath the waistband of the sexy black thong she found underneath them. They were quickly removed too, revealing the sexy landing strip of dark hair Megan sported on her pretty pussy, just concealing the entrance to her hot, tight body.

Amanda wasted no more time, knocking Megan’s gorgeous legs apart and diving down between them, her target very clear. A long lick up Megan’s labia made her shiver, especially as her tongue brushed at her hard, delicate clit. Amanda gave a smile as she settled down on the sofa and started to tease a little, licking up either side of Megan’s wonderfully soft pussy, feeling the soft yet firm lips under her tongue as it glided over the perfectly shaved skin. She carefully let the tip of her tongue rub and circle at Megan’s clit, making her tense and shift about restlessly, before Amanda started to lick properly, up the entrance to her slick pussy, over the neat landing strip of hair as Megan gave a groan of pleasure, enthusiastically kicking her legs up. Amanda smiled through her ministrations at Megan so casually enjoying their lesbian lovemaking, working at her clit now, flicking her tongue powerfully on the sensitive button.

Megan Fox groaned deeply as she felt the sensations coursing through her, the wonderful feeling of having her clit licked spreading through her from where her sexy blonde friend worked on her. Megan could feel every tiny sensation and texture as Amanda Seyfried licked her clitoris, her tongue so soft but with the hint of roughness as it slid over her most delicate areas, making her shudder in pre-orgasmic bliss. Amanda’s hands slid up Megan’s body to her firm, bountiful breasts to give a good squeeze, making Megan murmur in further pleasure as she continued to lick at her, tasting her thick, slippery juices, gathering them all up with her tongue as she enjoyed the unique flavour of her gorgeous brunette co-star.

Amanda’s soft hands slipped back over Megan’s wonderfully smooth skin, down her trembling, tensing tummy to her hips, which she carefully dragged her fingers round to her thighs, giving them both a good squeeze she continued to lick at her. In one smooth motion, her hands pushed up the undersides of her toned thighs, hooking under her knees and pulling her legs up, rolling her hips so that Amanda could easily sink her tongue deep inside Megan, making her immediately cry out loud with pleasure, simply loving the hot, strong sensation of Amanda’s skilful tongue being buried inside her. She immediately felt Megan clamp down round her, squeezing and clenching tightly, almost pushing her tongue back out, which only made her even more determined to get it as deep inside her as she could, using her tongues fantastic strength to squeeze through the tight grip of Megan’s pussy until it was as deep as it would go.

“Oh god Amanda!” Megan yelled out, unable to hold it in as she did her best to grind her pussy down on her tongue, her body alight with sensations as Amanda’s tongue started to thrust in and out of her rapidly, her blonde friend thrusting her hot tongue quickly into her slick haven, before once more burying it again and then circling it inside her, caressing and stimulating every nerve ending inside her, making her whine in disappointment when she felt Amanda withdraw it completely from her. She felt suddenly very empty when that happened, however it was quickly washed away with another wave of pleasure as Amanda started to lick her clit once more, burrowing the tip of her tongue up under her soft hood so she could get right at her button, circling quickly round it now, making her almost double up from the intensity of the sensations it caused.

Amanda loved the way she could make Megan’s body race, her heart pounding in her chest, pussy dripping wet in anticipation of more fun to come, and she wouldn’t disappoint either. Continuing to lick at her clit, she took Megan close to her peak, then slowed again to let her cool down, doing this several times till Megan begged to be allowed to come. Amanda wouldn’t let her of course, and then once again suddenly buried her tongue deep inside her, making Megan gasp as Amanda delved deep into her juicy treasures, before leaving just as quickly as she’d arrived there and suddenly pulling up from between her legs, sliding up over her body to kiss her hard. She thrust her tongue deep into Megan’s mouth, who eagerly welcomed it, tasting her own pussy on it as she energetically tongued back, before pulling back to suck at Amanda’s tongue, who gave a satisfied groan at Megan’s hunger for her. Megan herself gave a groan as Amanda’s fingers found their way to her hot, waiting pussy, letting out a stuttered breath as her talented digits started to work round her little centre of pleasure, their kisses fading away as Megan became overwhelmed by the intense, teasing sensations.

Amanda just stayed quiet, smiling as she watched her gorgeous brunette friend shudder at her first touches to her pussy, which was so sensitive now following her licking, absolutely drenched, her slippery juices all over her fingers now as she teasingly stroked up her smooth lips, feeling the damp strip of hair up the middle. A focussed pressure for a moment made Megan gasp loudly, grinding her hips up into her blonde friends finger’s, her own hands grabbing at the cushions, then reaching up to grab Amanda’s large, soft breasts quite firmly as she brushed a finger down her soaking entrance. Amanda gave a murmur as Megan groped her, making her do it harder, her finger sliding back to find Amanda’s nipples, circling them a moment to make them completely stiffen before giving them a good hard pinch, which spurred her to sink a finger right the way into Megan’s hot, snug pussy, which instantly made her groan sigh in near relief and wiggle down on it, losing her concentration on Amanda’s chest.

Amanda leaned over to kiss her hungrily once more, Megan responding eagerly, quickly getting even more aggressive with it as Amanda started to thrust the finger deeply into her, curling it back to rub at her G-spot, making her tunnel squeeze down round her finger, which only made her determined to finger Megan harder, making her arch up from the sofa beneath her with a strained groan of ecstasy. Amanda’s thumb smoothly found her clit once more, making her jolt like she’d been shocked with an electric charge, grunting deeply, then letting out a squeal she could barely get out as Amanda rubbed both G-spot and clit to take her hurtling towards an orgasm.

Megan could take no more and suddenly took charge of the situation, grabbing Amanda and rolling them over on the sofa, Amanda smiling saucily, happy to have provoked her gorgeous brunette co-star into finally taking the initiative with their encounter. Her hand was immediately shoved down Amanda’s jeans, making her grin excitedly as Megan’s skilful fingers quickly dispatched her underwear as well and found their way to Amanda’s smoothly shaven pussy, stroking fully over the wonderfully soft lips of her labia before her middle finger pressed between them to rub over her stiff, waiting clit. Amanda immediately gave a shudder and moaned deeply, finally being stimulated properly, since she’d got very hot as she’d pursued and pleasured Megan.

Megan’s fingers started to work, curling her hand to rub more briskly at her busty blonde lover, her other hand sliding round under Amanda’s neck, starting to rub softly at it, making her tingle all over as she writhed in the pleasure from having her clit rubbed by Megan’s talented digits. She gave a stretch and settled down into the sofa, relaxing as she just let FHM’s Worlds Sexiest Woman go to work on her, Megan giving a smile as she saw her lie back to just let her do her thing. She immediately gave a more vigorous rub to Amanda’s slick pussy, making her give a strained groaning gasp of surprise and pleasure at it, smiling up at Megan as she leaned over her to softly kiss her on the lips, working her hand busily down her jeans. Amanda was disappointed as Megan paused in her pleasurable assault to slide her hand out and undo her jeans, deftly releasing them and pulling both them and her sheer black knickers down her legs and off onto the floor, leaving her completely naked, and Megan in just her black bra.

Megan smiled as Amanda beckoned her to come to her, sliding up over her to softly and sensually kiss her, their lips locking as their tongues mingled, Amanda’s soft hands sliding up Megan’s hips and waist to her bra strap, releasing it with a single pinch, and pulling it off as Megan knelt up over her to show off her fantastic breasts to her sexy friend with a smile. They both giggled naughtily before locking into another kiss, their smooth, soft naked bodies writhing and sliding together, breasts pressing into one another’s before Megan broke the kiss to slip downwards, dragging her lips and nose over Amanda’s soft tummy with hot breaths, making her blonde co-star mumble and complain in frustration and impatience as Megan took her time getting down to her pussy. When she did however, it was worth it, as the mere drag of Megan’s tongue up her smoothly shaven pussy was enough to making a tingle run up her spine and goosepimple her skin.

Megan smiled as Amanda urgently pushed her hips up towards her, and didn’t tease her this time, running her tongue up her wet entrance, teasing the soft inner lips and curling her tongue up under the clit hood to get at the delicate button, making Amanda shudder uncontrollably from the intensity of the sensation. Her hand stroked up Amanda’s soft thighs, squeezing firmly and stroking the insides of them as she went to work eating pussy, licking intently at Amanda’s clit, which immediately made her moan in pleasure and shift on the sofa under her. Amanda was a big fan of having her pussy licked, especially at her clit, and Megan had learnt how to push her buttons in a number of lusty lesbian encounters between them of late. She slid her tongue down between the folds of her pussy, her friend’s juices abundant and making it wonderfully slippery because she was so wet and horny, just as Megan hoped it would be from her ministrations. She licked the full length of her pussy, tasting the thick, slick juices as she did so, rolling her tongue to fully enjoy them before she slipped her tongue just a little way into Amanda, feeling her pussy instinctively clench around the tip of her tongue, involuntarily squeezing it back out again as Megan smiled, flicking her tongue quite aggressively back onto her clit again to make her gasp and tense up in pleasure from it.

Amanda’s hand stroked through Megan’s hair as she attached her lips to her clit, sucking gently on it, using her lips to massage and nibble at it, making Amanda roll her hips and groan gently as she just basked in the pleasure Megan was giving her, looking down to take in the completely joy of not only getting her pussy expertly licked and sucked, but also the wonderful visage of Megan Fox doing it to her. Amanda’s hand soon tangled in her hair and pulled her back up to her, wanting another kiss, but there was more to it now, something more intimate, deeper and more sensual than raw lust. Amanda could feel Megan’s hot breath on her neck as she slid up over her, just shivering as Megan dragged the tip of her hot tongue up underneath her chin, just pulling it away before it could glide over her lips however. She breathed slowly over her again, making Amanda sigh and do the same, Megan giving a little shuddering sigh of pleasure in response as they held just millimetres apart, noses brushing softly against each other before their lips just grazed together.

Despite their already advanced sexual encounter, it still felt electric as their lips brushed softly against one another’s, Amanda feeling the slight stickiness of Megan’s glossy lips as they just caught on hers for a moment before sensuously peeling off with a slight smile and breathy, silent laugh from their owner. After a few more hot, heavy breaths, their soft lips finally locked together properly, Amanda arching up from the sofa to the kiss as they clinched, her hand sliding up round Megan’s back to hold her tighter as they just softly kissed, open mouthed with just slight dabs of tongue, teasing caresses of each other’s as they hinted at what they could do. Megan settled down between her legs, letting Amanda hook one over the back of her knee to hold her there as their kiss became more intense. Megan slowed it by pulling back to teasingly bite and suck at Amanda’s lower lip, pulling it a little as Amanda gave a groan before she lunged again and captured her for another more vigorous kiss.

Their tongues just poured into each other’s mouths, sliding past each other and curling together as their lips pressed firmly together, both of them groaning as they pulled as close as they could to each other, their smooth, naked breasts pressing together, Megan Fox’s toned, tight abs pressed against Amanda’s nicely toned tummy, their legs sliding sexily against each other as they snogged heavily, their hands starting to roam and grab at one another’s incredible bodies, until Megan sudden broke away with a long gasp of air, grabbing Amanda’s breasts firmly before she suddenly turned round, swiftly slotting into a 69 position and pushing her pussy back down towards Amanda, who just smiled and slid her hands up over Megan’s tight ass, spreading the cheeks to fully reveal her dripping pussy before she took hold of Megan’s hips and buried her mouth into her, driving her tongue right inside of it, feeling her snug pussy squeeze at her tongue.

Megan cried out with pleasure, grinding her crotch down into Amanda’s hungry mouth as she delved her tongue inside her, circling it to stroke at the walls of her velvet tunnel, lapping up her juices as Megan dropped her own mouth to the sweet, smooth pussy spread before her on the sofa. Amanda groaned deeply as Megan Fox dragged her tongue down over her dripping pussy, pulling the tangy juices into her mouth using her skilful tongue before she made another run at it, licking over the wonderfully smooth labia before reaching down to hook underneath Amanda’s thighs and pull them up, rolling her hips back so she could bury her head right down between the blondes legs and drive her tongue home inside her, making her whole body jolt at the sudden but welcome intrusion of Megan’s hot, writhing tongue. Both girls gasped and moaned through each other as they began working as hard as possible to make the other one come, and Megan had a feeling she was going to lose. Amanda was by far the more experienced pussy eater and really was going for it, holding her hips tightly and plunging her tongue in and out, rapidly swirling and thrusting it inside her tight pussy and quickly pulling it out to let her tongue and lips assault her sensitive clit, which had her thighs squeezing already, her abs taught.

However she redoubled her efforts on Amanda, squeezing her thighs tightly and tonguing vigorously as her, stretching it as deep inside her as possible, letting her full lower lip rub at Amanda’s clit as she did it, then pulling back to attach herself to it firmly, sucking hard on the little nub, making Amanda give a strained sound of intense pleasure as she did so, knowing she loved having her clit sucked hard. Megan attacked the weak point in Amanda’s resilience and let her tongue snake forward between her lips as she continued to suck, dispatching the thin hood and licking directly at her clit as she continued to suck, which rewarded Megan with a tongue being stuffed into her pussy harder than some cocks she’d taken as Amanda rocked with pleasure. They were both pretty close as Amanda’s hands left Megan’s hips, fumbling for her handbag, swiftly finding what she wanted though, which Megan discovered with a loud squeal and a arch of her body was a small bullet vibrator as it was pressed against her clit and switched on.

“Gonna come for me now babe,” Amanda gasped, her spare hand grabbing Megan’s ass hard as she buried her tongue back into her snatch, licking like never before now as she pressed and circled the toy on her clit.

“Not if I make you come first!” Megan managed to gasp, sweat glistening all over her body as it was over Amanda’s diving back into Amanda’s pussy and licking hard at her clit, curling her arm up to smoothly sink two fingers into her, her bright red nails leading the way. They both licked and sucked noisily at one another, close to coming now, knowing the orgasms would be fantastic as well since they’d both been building up to it for quite a while now. Just then a mobile phone rang, breaking the atmosphere of the room, the call surely because they were late to the set, but they didn’t care and weren’t stopping for anyone. The only reason they might be interested in the phone was because it was vibrating.

It hadn’t spoiled the atmosphere overall though, as they both writhed desperately in ecstasy on the sofa, both about to crack. It was Megan who broke first, the actions of Amanda’s tongue and toy on her, as well as a teasing finger pressing at her ass, enough to induce her orgasm, making her shudder uncontrollably as it hit her, gasping raggedly into Amanda’s sweet pussy, unable to continue licking it for a moment as she was overwhelmed by the sensations. Giving a loud squeal of pleasure, Megan let the orgasm wash over her fully, losing herself to it, shaking and clenching, feeling her pussy clamp down tightly on Amanda’s powerful tongue, her ass squeezing tight to deny to playful finger as Amanda continued to grind the toy into her clit, making her hips buck away from it as her clit felt so intense during her climax.

Amanda just giggled as she got Megan off, loving it, giving a groan as Megan managed to pull herself together and start eating her pussy fast, desperate to get her off now. It worked, as Amanda was really horny anyway and loved seeing Megan get off by her work, so when that was combined with Megan eating her pussy hard in the end of a 69, it was enough to trip her as well, making her give a long, loud scream of pleasure. Amanda always was noisy, and could scream like a banshee given the right circumstances of her fucking, and this was certainly one of them. She just hoped that nobody in an adjacent room had seen them enter theirs and was now listening to both of them, especially her, screaming in blissful sexual ecstasy. This however was a fleeting thought as she came, pushing her crotch up into Megan’s mouth, making her eat her even more vigorously, burying her tongue deep into her despite the tight clenching of her vagina, circling and squeezing it into her writhing body.

“Oh fuck!” Amanda cried as shuddered with orgasm, her whole body quaking as she creamed on Megan’s tongue, the saucy brunette still devouring her pussy despite her own fading orgasm, twitching above her as she leaned over to eat her. Amanda’s hand dropping the toy as she switched to just tightly holding onto Megan’s stunning ass, unable to do anything but drop her head onto the sofa and scream her pleasure as she came, grinding and shuddering underneath Megan as she peaked, before feeling it draining away, her hips bucking as she reached down to shoo Megan’s eager mouth away from her as she became far too sensitive, gasping loudly as she tried to catch her breath. Megan rested her head lovingly on the inside of her smooth thigh for a moment, breathing heavily herself, before carefully climbing off and turning round to sit beside her on the sofa, letting her hand slide to Amanda’s large breast as she leaned down to give her tummy a kiss, both just enjoying the glow post-orgasm.

The phone started to ring again, both of them smiling to each other, mutually agreeing it’d be ignored as they peeled themselves from the warm sofa.

“Shower?” Amanda said with a smirk, taking Megan’s soft hand.

“Shower,” Megan affirmed with a saucy grin, knowing it’d be more than just as a shower as Amanda pulled her towards the luxurious bathroom suite, Megan reaching back to unhook her bra as the phone continued to vibrate and ring on the table…

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