Melissa Joan Hart Poppers

Melissa Joan Hart had just turned 12 years old.

Her breasts had just started to show, but she

had not had her period yet and no pubic hair had

grown yet.

Melissa was dressed in a tight red crop top and

a short skirt that was only just long enough as

to cover the white panties that she was wearing.

Martin had plan on this rape for sometime now

and had gotten everything ready at his home.

He drove over to Melissa’s house and waited for

her to leave. Following her for a short distance

He jumped out of the car and before Melissa

knew what was happening she was inside


Martin removed Melissa from the car and took

her inside. Quickly tying her hands and feet

together. Take Melissa up stairs and tied her

down spread eagle on the bed.

Now the fun could really start, Melissa was

total helpless now and was pleading to be let

go, but he was having none of this.

Moving over Melissa helpless body he slowly

removed the skirt leaving her white panties

showing. He ran his hand over her thigh and up

towards her panty clad cunt. Martin ran his

fingers over Melissa’s panty clad plump cunt lips.

She tried to pull away but it was to good, next

he cut away her red top to reveal her little tiny

tits, they were only the size of golf balls, but

they were top off with large puffy nipples.

Martin got the nipple clamps and put them on

Melissa’s tender young nipples. She screamed

out in pain as the clamps bite hard into her

flesh. Martin now put a ball gag into Melissa’s

mouth to help keep her from making so much


Now it was time for the poppers, removing the

top from the little brown bottle and placed it

under the young Melissa’s nose. She had heard

about poppers and tried not to breath in the

vapour. But Martin kept the bottle in place,

knowing full well she would have no choice but

to breath, and now she had not took a breath

for sometime it would mean a large dose of

poppers when she did.

It was now too much for Melissa and she gave

in and took a massive sniff of the poppers.

Straight away her heart started pounding and

clit throbbing, her small puffy nipples felt

like they where going to explode.

Martin removed the poppers and allowed Melissa

to calm back down. He next got the dildo that

was conected to a power tool which allowed

the dildo to go back and forth at very high


He place the tip of the power dildo against

Melissa’s plump puff cunt. Martin now put

the poppers back under Melissa’s nose and

wait until she had to breath in the vapour.

Melissa tried to hold her breath again, but it

was no use. Finally she gave in and took

another massive sniff of the poppers.

At the same time Martin turned on the power

dildo, which hammered straight into Melissa’s

defenceless tight virgin cunt. It was only

on the slowest speed but it was too much

already for her tight cunt.

Melissa scream out in pain as the dildo

powered in and out of her cunt at amazing

speed. She coundn’t help but take more

sniffs at the poppers bottle, which made

her clit throb even more.

Martin turned the speed up on the machine

until it was just a blur going in and out

of her young cunt hole. He know that soon

Melissa’s would have no choice but to

enjoy her first forced orgasm.

Her orgasm start as she took one last

sniff at the poppers bottle. Her nipples

where so hard they felt like two small


Suddenly her cunt hole explode in it’s first

ever orgasm. The power dildo continue to

ponder way and Melissa orgasm again

spurred on by the effect of the poppers.

Martin left the dildo pounding away at Melissa’s

now well fuck and stretched cunt. He felt it

was time that his own hard cock got in on

the action.

Getting a gas mask to put on Melissa which

would hold the poppers bottle in place and

mean all she would breath would be the poppers

vapour. Fixing the mask and poppers in place

meant she was now ready for her first anal


Getting some KY-Jelly and applying it to his

cock and Melissa’s asshole. He place the tip

of his massive cock at the entrance to Melissa

tight asshole and push in.

It was vert tight at first but soon the poppers

took effect and help Melissa relax her anal

ring. As this happen Martin’s cock slipped

all the way into her anus. With his balls slapping

against her puffy cunt lips.

Switching on the power dildo once again, both

the machine and Martin started pounding both

of her tight holes at the same time.

He could feel the dildo against his cock

through her thin cunt wall. Martin knew it

woundn’t be long before his cock spurted it’s

large load deep into Melissa bowels.

Martin also grab a bottle of poppers and took

a massive sniff. He felt his cock expand and

his heart pound as the poppers took effect.

He now fuck Melissa’s anus with brutal force,

pulling all the way out before slamming

back in. He was fucking Melissa’s asshole like

an animal.

He felt his balls tighten as his massive orgasm

began. The first spurt shot deep into Melissa

bowels, more shots followed coating her

anal walls with hot spunk, which was soon

dipping out of her now gaping asshole.

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