Millich’s Daughter, All Grown Up

Millich’s Daughter, All Grown Up


By Will Graham

She’s still one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

She slinks towards me, all elegance and satin eyes. She’s wearing a silk chamosile. One piece of unadulterated silk in opposition of all my desire. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Leelee. Seen those beautiful blue eyes, that wonderful blonde hair.

I’ve thought of this moment for months.

With our schedules, it took some arranging.

People think celebrity lends you freedom. Quite the opposite,
in a great many ways it convinces you you’ll never be free again.

I’ve wanted to make this trip. But there was just no way to make it work. Since the dissolution of our marriage, Nic’s had me watched always by some investigative agency or other.

But Leelee’s been always on my mind.

For even just a few moments, with Leelee, with Stanley, on the set of Eyes Wide Shut, I felt really free.

And even though she was so young, even though there were Nicole and half a dozen decency laws to separate us. I fell in love with this young girl.

She smiles at me from across the penthouse apartment of the Hotel Ranswire in here in the heart of Paris, where she’s come to film scenes for both Hoffman and Uprising. She’s grown up.

No. Really, that’s not fair. She was so grown already when first I met her.

Her body has matured to match her soul.

She slinks barefoot across the carpet silently. She pulls my face in tight to hers. I wrap my arms around her. We kiss.

It is, instantaneously, so much like and so much unlike anything we’ve shared before.

She is still the same little girl. And yet she is so much more now.

She reaches behind, moves almost imperceptibly. The silk wrap falls from her.

She isn’t a little girl anymore.

Wonderful breasts jut in youthful defiance of gravity. Dark aureolae brightly accentuate her pale, pale skin. Her body is a testament to fitness. Soft where softness is permissible. Firm exactly where it should be. Tight ass. Trimmed blonde bush.

She IS beautiful.

She pulls away and throws herself back on the bed. She dangles her wrists lightly across each other crisscrossing above her head. She flashes me a mischievious grin.

“Are you going to tie me up this time, Uncle Tom?”

It would be impossible for me to forget all that we shared unknown to everyone but Stanley those two years making Eyes Wide Shut.

We taught each other so much.

It was mutual. And equally felt.

There was no abuse.

Only love.

Some would never be able to see it that way.

She only ever called me Uncle Tom in the press or in the presence of others. She and Nicole had never met at all during that two years. Stanley NEVER would have allowed it. Stanley…. was a gifted man. He was trying to show me something then. It gestated for years before I was able to see what he meant about Nic. The Press blames Ewan McGregor. But Ewan was an after-effect. It was Stanley. And God bless him. History will, no doubt, impress upon itself the Machiavellian demeanor attributed to Stanley by his critics. What I wish they could understand, but know that they never will, is that Stanley Kubrick was a genius. They just never understood him. It wasn’t that Stanley was silent or that he deftly avoided all of their questions and conventions, it was that Stanley and his “peers” spoke another language. Unfortunately, it will be those peers that will write history and disclaim him an eccentric, a man of whim and fancy beyond any substance. They will miss — have already missed — the point.


Wherever you are.

Thank you.

I take off my jacket. Start to untie my tie. Begin to unbutton my shirt.

Have to stop. For just a moment.

My heart takes pause.

These eyes of hers…

The way they seem to see me like no one’s else ever have…

I let my shirt drop to the floor.

I pounce onto the bed next to her. I just lay there, and gaze at her eyes. I touch her hair.

“I feel like…” I start.

“I know.”

And I know she does.

The kinky little girl has grown up. And I’m suddenly sure, suddenly absolutely sure, that I don’t care what the media says, what Nicole’s lawyers will have to say. I am in love. And I cannot be without this sweet presence at my side any longer.

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