Mr. Disco Ch.2

Title: Mr. Disco Ch.2

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Michelle Marsh, Lucy Pinder

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, facial, humil

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


London, England

The plane had docked in back at the airport, a little over an hour ago. A silent flight from Ibiza Spain, back to the home of England had been made. Lucy Pinder found herself headed back to her hotel suite upon arriving back in town. Last week, she had spent quite a weekend with Luke Evans. It may have only been one night face to face, but it helped when she could text and communicate with him back and forth. Luke was in London and waiting for her, just as he and his partner had to begin again in their line of work.

It had not crossed his mind yet, that Peter seemed to be a bit distant from him. Luke wondered what exactly it was. The meeting with Malcolm Green by the beach had left such a sour taste in his mouth. Though Peter would not out-right say it to him, Luke knew that it was bothering him. The job offer to work with a company with the guarantee of a better income, it was either that or pride. Sadly for Luke, he let his pride get the better of him which led to killing the deal. He and Peter had exchanged some small talk since arriving back home in London, but nothing about the modeling agency under Nigel Taylor.

At the moment, Luke couldn’t bother to think about his best friend. He sat in his apartment, going through a notebook of checking things to do. Lucy seemed to be serious about resurrecting her career as a model, coming out of retirement with a storm. Though the plan was to take things slow, he couldn’t resist but to plan everything out in his little red notebook. He remained true to his word, that his job came before everything else. Still, there was the chance for a relationship with her. That was something he had no desire to ignore, to have a woman like her at his side would put his heart on top. After setting his pen down on the nightstand next to his bed, he heard the cellphone ringing. A grin wiped over his face when he seen it was Lucy, he quickly answered her call.

“Hey, Lucy! I was just thinking about you.”

“I’m sure you were Luke, I’ve spent a lot time thinking about you too. Guess who’s back in London?”

“The sexiest woman from England, that’s who I’m guessing.”

She giggled, her thick British accent could be heard over the phone. Lucy’s voice brought such a joy to Luke.

“Yes, I’m back. I thought we could go out tonight, celebrate our friendship at a club.”

“Sure, that sounds like my kinda ball game after all.”

“Splendid! How does Club Technique sound for you?”

“That’s perfect, I ain’t been to that club in a while. I know it’s in Soho, that’s a short distance from where I am.”

“Alright Luke, I’ll be there and waiting for you around 7 tonight. Don’t be late!”

“No problem, I won’t be!”

The phone clicked, hanging up. All Luke could do was smile to himself, knowing that he was about to have a second date with Lucy Pinder. It would have been a dream come true for many men across the country of England. This after all, was the most successful glamour model from the UK. He already felt lucky enough to become her agent and work with her on a career revival. He got up from the bed and moved to the closet, making sure that he had the perfect suit for tonight. The white blazer remained on the coat with matching white pants. Nothing would look better than a purple undershirt, he grinned to himself knowing that this was going to be a great night.



Lucy had to prepare herself for a night out with Luke. She had a special surprise for him, if all was going to go well. Her good friend Michelle Marsh was in town and she figured, it was time for them both to spend a night at the club. If all went well, Luke would have quite a surprise on his hands for the evening. Sitting on the bed in her apartment, she grabbed her cellphone and scrolled through the numbers looking for Michelle’s number. It had been a little bit of time since she had last spoken to Michelle. At this point, they both had been retired from the glamour industry. Michelle had no plans to ever make a return, at least not to Lucy’s knowledge. After finding her in her contact list, Lucy dialed the phone and waited for her old friend to answer.


“Hey Michelle, long time no see…”

A chuckle could be heard from the other end of the phone, while the two English women began to talk back to one another.

“Lucy, it’s been a while indeed. What are you up to?”

“I’m back in London at the moment, thinking about heading out to Club Technique tonight. I’ve got a date, you would like him.”

“You’re dating a man, Lucy? That’s so unlike you to find a good man…”

The brunette laughed at her friend’s words.

“Yes, he is going to be my new agent. I’m returning to the modelling scene real soon. So, would you like to join us back at the club and relive old times?”

“Yes, I’ll be there…I need to get out of the house anyway. What time?”

“Around 7, I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Tonight sounds like it’s going to be rather…kinky, Lucy.”

“You can bet, if all goes well!”

Lucy clicked to hang up the phone and then laughed to herself. She was growing strong feelings for Luke, already wanting to give him a fantasy experience with her best friend. Some years back, it would have been considered a dream for many men, to bed Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh together. Few men had experienced such a thing, just as some lucky men back at Club Technique found their way going home with either of the women. Whatever the case, Lucy was prepared to make Luke a happy man tonight.

What Lucy was unaware of, was the wild party life that Michelle had been keeping long after retirement. She was one who loved to live on the wild side, enjoying a bit of trouble with men down the road. For Michelle, it had been a few months since she tangled together with a man. She had taken a break from the clubs but now, with one of her good friends at her side, how could she turn this offer down? The buxom blonde knew that some new fun was going to be awaiting her tonight with Lucy’s new friend.



Soho was within Westminster; an inner city within London, the home of some of the best dance clubs around the area. Luke was no stranger whatsoever to any of the clubs here, especially Club Technique. The bright pink lights faded into blue before morphing back into a ray of neon colors. The music of the hour, was usually in the form of a sub-genre called ‘House’. The club was quite the attraction decades ago, now living on the nostalgia of past club and House dance. This was the pay off, after the time he had spent with all work and no play. Luke remained committed to his job, already booking plans to various studios where he could take Lucy in the beginning of her comeback to modelling.

Luke knew that the news of Lucy Pinder’s return to the glamour industry would spread like wildfire. He had planned to contain the news, focusing on work with a low key modelling studio he knew, that would do anything for a big name such as her. He was already mapping out a good pay day for her, just the way he liked to work as agent. Right now, he didn’t need to think about it while he stepped into the club and entered. The loud dance music pierced through his ears, it was a high tempo tonight that was surely to set the tone for a frantic dance floor. Just as he planned, he wore the white suit with matching white pants and a purple shirt underneath.

He made his way to bar, unsure of where Lucy would be in the club at first. While standing there, he ordered a glass of water. Deciding to stand there and have a couple sips, he looked over to his right and then, he smiled to himself. The queen of glamour herself was walked towards him with a big grin over her face. Lucy a wore black dress, one not very much different from what she wore back when they met in Ibiza. Her long brown hair was fixed up in a pony tail. She walked up to him and greeted him with a big smile.

“There he is, the infamous Mr. Disco!”

“And there she is, the one and only Lucy Pinder!”

Lucy stepped forward to him, pushing her hand over his arm and then kissing his lips softly. Despite the communication they kept together through texting, it surely felt like a long time since she had last seen him. She smiled back at him, speaking once again.

“You look great, I like the white suit.”

“Thanks babe, you always look good no matter what you’re wearing.”

“I want to introduce you to a friend of mine tonight…”

She looked around before sighing, finishing her reply to Luke.

“Don’t look like she’s come around yet, sadly.”

“Who is it, Lucy?”

Turning back, she grinned at him.

“Michelle Marsh…”

Luke nearly dropped his jaw. Was it 2008 again? Anyone that was into following glamour girls knew that Lucy and Michelle were a duo at one time. He already felt like he had won some kind of prize having the privilege to meet the buxom blonde soon.

“Wow, I never got to meet her back when I worked in England. This is going to be a great night, it looks like.”

“Oh, Luke! Honey, you have no idea how good it’s about to get!”

From the distance of the bar, was another scene going down at a lonely table. A man with dark brown hair and a clean face sat, sipping on a beer as he thought to himself. James had been down on his luck as of late, a party animal and one that had been burned many times over with his run in through wild women. He had previously worked security at another club called ‘Telekon’, now he was out of luck after losing his job from the excessive partying and drinking. He sat his table, just watching near the entrance as new strangers entered the club. After a couple minutes, something caught his eye. A blonde haired woman walked in wearing a white dress and matching white high heels. Platinum blonde hair, a curvy body and what appeared to be a great cleavage teasing her huge tits.

James dropped his jaw, was it really her? Michelle Marsh had previously been a woman that he dated some months back. They had broken up after a rumor surfaced that she had slept with one of his friends back at the club ‘Electric Eye’. Though it may or not have been true, James couldn’t help but feel resentful towards her. This was definitely her, walking through and looking around. He couldn’t believe this odd coincidence, fate had tipped him on the better side of a coin tonight. He would definitely be confronting her shortly, once he had the chance. So many questions, so many answers remained on his mind. He watched the blonde woman walk to the bar and meet with who he thought were her friends. A brunette girl and a man in a white suit. He just sat there, drinking down was left in the bottle of his beer while watching them talk.

“Oh my god, Michelle! You look so sexy tonight!”

“Thank you Lucy dear, and who is your friend here?”

Lucy stepped aside, running her hand over Luke’s shoulder before properly giving him the introduction he deserved from her.

“This is the one and only, Mr. Disco…I’m sure you’ve heard the stories, haven’t you Michelle?”

The blonde girl smirked. Her big blue eyes sparkled almost as she looked back at Luke almost with the sight of hunger over her face.

“Why yes, you’re Luke Evans right?”

“I am.”

Michelle smiled big before nodding.

“I have heard much about you, Luke. Always the party man and charmer. It’s a shame we did not meet years ago, I would have loved to have been in your company.”

“Well, tonight is your chance…”

Lucy looked back over at them both before she reached down and clutched for Luke’s hand.

“Are we ready to dance, Luke? How about you, Michelle? I want to shake my bottom on the dance floor.”

Michelle shook her head.

“Not just yet, I need a few drinks first…Once I’ve had a couple, I will surely be on the dance floor with you both.”

Holding onto Luke’s hand, Lucy pulled him playfully. Showing that she wanted to dance, he chuckled softly and then turned to Michelle.

“It was nice meeting you, Michelle!”

“Likewise Luke, I will see you shortly.”

Lucy pulled Luke by his hand as they walked away from the bar. Michelle just stood there and watched them playfully laugh at one another before walking out onto the dance floor. She had heard many stories back in the day about the infamous Mr. Disco. Given how much Michelle herself enjoyed a wild sex life, it was a shame that they had not met sooner. She took a seat at the bar and then ordered herself a martini. When her drink was served, she smiled and thanked the bartender. Sitting there, she took a few sips before a voice from behind her had caught her attention.

“Hey Michelle, is that you?”

The voice seemed oddly familiar to her ears. Michelle turned around to see the face of a man from her past. James stood there with a sinister grin over his face and his arms crossed, taking Michelle completely by surprise. She thought for a second what to say to him, before smiling and greeting him.

“Good evening James, it’s been a long time since I last seen you.”

“Not long enough, Michelle…Finally, I meet with you again.”

She was unsure what he meant at first. They had broken up several months ago and this had been the first time she had laid eyes on him now since their fateful break up. Michelle turned back to the bar, raising her glass to her lips while he sat next to her. Off from the bar, Lucy and Luke were dancing together among the crowd on the dance floor. James had waited until she was alone to confront her. He spoke up.

“I knew we would meet again some day, as we should. I know you fucked Mickey, he told me all about it. I was wondering why you would cheat on me like that.”

Michelle nearly choked on her drink before swallowing it down. She looked back over at James and then raised her eyebrow.

“Cheated on you? Like what? So that’s why we broke up?”

“Don’t lie about it, you know as well as I do. You fucked my mate, didn’t you? He told me all about it. Every little detail down to the end.”

By now, all she could do was smirk. Michelle wasn’t exactly sure what he was talking about.

“Mickey who? I’ve fucked a lot of men in the past, though I know I didn’t cheat on you James. Maybe I did shag your mate, but I can promise you that it was before we hooked up.”

“You’re full of shit, and you know it! Just admit it! Admit that you fucked him and cheated on me!”

She simply sighed before looking back at him. If she was going to have to put up with James, it wasn’t even worth having more than one drink.

“You know what I think, James? I think you’re drunk!”

Looking back at the bartender, Michelle spoke up.

“Hey, bartender! Don’t serve this man, yeah? He’s a drunk asshole, just ignore him.”

Laughing to herself, she quickly got up from the bar stool and walked off towards the dance floor. James was left alone, embarrassed as the bartender laughed and looked at him like he was a bum. How dare she humiliate him like this, he thought to himself. This wasn’t the last time that they would meet again tonight, he promised himself that. If Michelle wanted to lie to his face, he would even up things with her before they both left the club. The music was dropping now, while the dance floor started to slow down. The DJ in command was using everything to play retro jams. A couple notes of a piano began to hit, and then the DJ yelled out through his microphone.


The piano intro played and then voices could be heard in the crowd shouting. Any music nerd knew the number that was coming up as the bass beat began to drop. Luke smiled back at Lucy, he knew this was the classic anthem by none other than Marshall Jefferson. Luke loved tihs song, and it was even better that it wasn’t some modernized remix. The DJ was playing nothing but the original. He looked over at Lucy, smiling big as he grabbed her hand and began to jump to the beat. Lucy laughed at him, seeing the excitement on his face.

“Go for it Luke! Jump with me!”

She pressed her body up against his, still holding his hand as they jumped to the high tempo rhythm of the song. From the corner of her eye, Lucy noticed Michelle was finally joining them on the dance floor. Lucy held out her hand and them stepped away from Luke. Both of them buxom women held their hands together and moved around him, almost trapping him between their bodies. Michelle began to grind up against him from his front view. Luke turned his head to see Lucy pushing her body against his back. For a moment, he couldn’t help but enjoy the experience of being sandwiched between the two of them. Michelle quickly turned around as the lyrics to the song began to play. The blonde woman began to shake her body in front of her, her epic breasts moving up and down in the tight white dress that she wore.

Lucy moved back from Luke and then slid her body next to Michelle, giving a show for her man. They moved frantically on the dance floor between all the people. The two women had danced together so many times over the years, Luke could certainly see the experience from how they moved up against one another. Looking into his eyes, Lucy grabbed his hand again and then pulled him back to her. She smashed her body up against him, allowing him to feel her giant boobs pressed up against his chest. The song remained playing, as the lyrics had moved to those simple words repeated over and over : move your body, shake your body.

Michelle remained dancing, not even caring about any of the other people in the crowd. Her cellphone began to vibrate in the pocket of her dress, she ignored it at first until she felt the vibration up against her skin. She turned to look at Lucy, grabbing her hand to get her attention and then yelling at her.

“Lucy! Luke!”

The brunette woman looked back at her friend and yelled back.


“I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll meet you both once you’re off the dance floor!”

“Alright, take care Michelle!”

Lucy ignored her, as Michelle began to walk off. The blonde reached for her phone through one of the pockets to her dress, while she stomped her heels off the dance floor and looked around for the bathroom. All the while, Lucy took the advantage to have Luke all to herself to show off her impressive dance moves to. Michelle saw the small hallway that led to the bathrooms and quickly walked her way to the ladies room. Once she got in, she tried to answer her phone but it stopped ringing once the door shut behind her.

“Oh, dammit!”

She sighed knowing that she had missed a call. Her loud high heels echoed in the quiet bathroom as she walked towards the stall. The ladies room remained empty, not a soul except herself. She pushed the door leading to one of the stalls and sat down on the toilet while looking at her phone. All by herself, Michelle noticed that she had missed a call from a friend of hers. Using her phone, she decided to text her friend and make sure everything was fine. While sitting there and typing out the text with her fingertips, she heard the bathroom door open again and then the stomp of shoes entering. She ignored it, but then heard a loud sound outside of her stall of something being dragged around the door. Michelle stopped texting and then looked around.Her eyes wandered down to the floor, she watched as a shadow was made from the stomping of shoes towards the stalls. The shoes came to a stop and then she decided to speak.

“Who is there!? I’ll be right out!”

Outside the bathroom stall, James smiled to himself. He had her all where he wanted her now, all by herself and with no escape. She was going to pay for embarrassing him at the bar, let alone pay for cheating on him months ago. Upon entering the bathroom, he had dragged the metal janitor’s sign that said ‘Wet Floors’ under the door knob, blocking it from entrance. No one outside the bathroom would be able to enter. Now he raised his foot and kicked in the stall, startling Michelle as she looked up to see him with a shocked expression over her face still holding her cellphone.

“OH MY GOD, JAMES!!?? What the fuck are you doing here!?”

He grinned to her.

“You’ve got a lot of fucking nerve to embarrass me like that back at the bar, yet you still couldn’t admit that you cheated on me.”

Looking at him, she rolled her eyes and then let out a long sigh.

“Is that what this is about? Did you lock the fucking door or something?”

“Yep, it’s locked. You ain’t leaving this bathroom until I am done with you, slut.”

“What…what do you want from me, James? I’m sorry I made you look like a fool earlier.”

He shook his head at her.

“Oh no, you aren’t simply getting out of this with an apology. You had your chance to admit to me that you cheated and tell me why, but I’m past that point now. You want to act like a slut, you’re going to get treated like a fucking slut.”

Michelle’s jaw dropped. She knew what he was hinting to, there would be no way out of this but to just accept it for now. She didn’t reply, just as James snapped his fingers and stepped back from the stall. The bulge in his jean pants was enough to hint what she was about to do.

“Come on, get up out of there. Get down on your fucking knees and take my pants off, now.”

His words were spoken with authority. Michelle didn’t say a word, she simply did as she was told, dropping her phone to the floor and coming out of the bathroom stall before lowering herself down on her knees. The coldness of the floor could be felt on her hands and knees. From within the bathroom, the loud bass and drum sounds of the club music could still be heard. She looked up at James while she used her hands and unbuckled the front of his pants. He reached down and ran his right hand into her long blonde hair, gripping it to prove that he was in control of this situation. As she pushed his pants down, he nodded at her and snapped his fingers again.

“Pull your dress down too, I want to see those big titties…”

Since this was going to be the end of James and Michelle’s destroyed relationship from months ago, he wasn’t wasting his time in the bathroom with just her mouth. She was going to be fucked in the bathroom like a slut, and he wanted to see her whole body. He watched her push the front of her dress down and then those huge breasts popped out. He reached down with his left hand and squeezed her right breast, teasing her. Still holding her by the hair, he pulled her head to look at him at him before pushing her face up against his white underwear. His clothed cock swiped over her cheek.

“You know what to do now, get my dick in your smart ass fucking mouth.”

She raised her hands up and pushed his underwear down. Looking at his cock, Michelle made eye contact as she pushed her lips around his swollen meat. James remained in control, keeping her hair in his hand as he began to slowly push her mouth down on his cock. She moaned while slowly sucking his rod, James moved her head up and down slowly. He gave her time to get used to it, all with the hint that he was about to fuck her mouth. This was punishment for her being such a smart ass to him earlier. Michelle gagged for a moment, before he pulled her hair, forcing her head to bob up and down as she sucked his cock.

“Mmmmmm, that’s it…Suck it.”

Michelle’s hands gripped his jeans from both legs, slightly pulling them down more as he began to force her head down harder and faster. He breathed in, just as he heard her gag a bit on his cock.

“Fuck yeah, that’s a good little whore…”

He looked down at her, grinning as her eyes looked back at him. James was always rough with her back when they were dating, so Michelle knew what to expect here. He pushed her mouth all the way down, taking his cock to the back of her throat. He held her there until he heard her choke. Michelle’s eyes watered up as she looked back at him. He still was smiling, before he pulled her mouth up and then began to buck his hips while holding her head in place. James moaned loudly as he began to fuck her mouth.


Her mouth had made a muffled string of gagging and sucking sounds as James moved her up and down, proceeding to skull fuck her. He pushed her mouth all the way down once more, feeling his cock slam to the back of her throat. While holding her there, Michelle’s lips were buried in the bush of his ball hair, she remained there until finally gagging and choking. Like before, her eyes began to tear up. This time, her eyeliner became runny. James finally pulled her head, allowing his cock to finally release from her lips with a number of sticky saliva strings. Michelle was out of breath, looking up at him as he still kept his hand holding her hair.

“I-I still didn’t cheat on you back-”

“Shut up, bitch! Spit on my cock!”

Looking back into his eyes, she gritted her teeth and then spit on the head of his rod, following his exact orders. His rod was already covered, shiny and coated in her saliva.

“Get your hands on the fucking floor! Don’t hold onto me!”

Once again, Michelle did as she was told, moving her hands off his pants. James pushed her head back down on his cock, forcing her to take it again. Like before, he began to buck his hips forward and from holding her head in place, he fucked her mouth. Michelle’s mouth began to make muffled sucking sounds again.


This time, James pulled her mouth up, forcing her lips to make a pop noise as his cock was released again. He had new orders for her now. She was out of breath, slowly catching herself. James ran his hand through her hair again, balling up her long golden locks as he moved her head and looked down at his slobber covered shaft.

“Look at that, bitch. Look at my fucking cock!”

Michelle’s eyes looked up at him as she gritted her teeth, looking at him in rage. James just smiled down at her and held his rod in his left hand and began to smack it up against her left cheek.

“You like that, huh? Getting this nasty fucking cock beat up against your slutty face?”

“Yeah! More!”

James laughed hearing her words, his cock slapped over her cheek and then he moved to spank it up against her parted lips and gritted teeth. It created a slapping sound in the bathroom. He pulled on her hair now, he had a new order for her.

“Get your hands on your tits, now. Hold those big titties up.”

She knew what he was hinting for, Michelle was well aware that men liked to fuck her huge natural tits. She put her hands up, holding those massive breasts up for him as James shoved his cock between them. Still holding her by the hair, he jerked her head forward while bucking his hips. He began to fuck her tits fast, ready to cum all over them.

“Yeah that’s it, this is what your big tits were made for.”

Michelle didn’t respond to him, she simply held her tits together and watched his cock thrust between them. James moaned, bucking his hips harder as he began to pound between those amazing breasts. This was something he had missed from their relationship and wasn’t going to leave tonight without showing appreciation for her epic titanic-sized breasts. Michelle looked up in his eyes while he continued to thrust his rod between her breasts.

“You always did like my titties, James.”

“Of course, this is what you were made for. Your tits were made to be fucked, and what better place for a whore like you to be fucked in a bathroom?”

Over and over, his cock pumped between her magnificent breasts. She looked down, figuring to play into this sex now and take some enjoyment for herself. With him holding her hair, it was impossible for Michelle to lean her head down and lick the head each time it thrust up. All she could do was watch and listen to him moan. James was getting close, ready to cum all over her. He was saving her face for last, figuring now was a perfect opportunity to make her jack him off over her boobs.

“Let go of your tits, whore. Grab my cock.”

Michelle quickly let go of her tits and snatched his cock up tightly with her right hand. James spoke again.

“Finish me off over your tits.”

She looked up at his face as she began to stroke his cock as fast as she could. Michelle used her free hand to hold her breasts up as his cock was aimed right at them. She dropped her lower lip and spoke to him in her low seductive, English accent.

“You want to cum on my tits?”

“Yes, just what a whore with big tits needs. They need cum all over them, YES!!! OH GOD!!”

He moaned loudly just as his cock had erupted between her fingers. James jerked her head from the grip in her hair, not allowing her to look down as she continued to stroke his cock and wad after wad was released over her huge glorious breasts. A thick spurt of cum drenched her left boob, while another shot up her neck. Another wad of cum had decorated over her right nipple, drenching it in his thick seed. Michelle smiled big at him as she felt his warm seed shooting all over her breasts. Once it seemed he was finished, James let go of her hair finally and allowed her to look down at the mess over her huge tits. Michelle instantly gripped her left breast and held it up to her mouth before licking it off. Her big blue eyes looked back at James, she knew that he wasn’t done with her yet. She spoke to him.

“How do you wanna fuck me now?”

James responded by reaching back and gripping her by the hair again. He used his left hand and grabbed her arm, forcing her up off the floor and from her knees. Once she was standing up, he turned her around and let go of her arm. He pushed the remainder of her dress down, seeing that she had no sort of underwear on whatsoever. He saw the enlarged cross tattoo of a tramp stamp that said ‘Blessed’. He reached his hand back and slapped the left cheek of her ass hard. In front of Michelle was the sinks and mirrors for the bathroom. James snapped his fingers and pointed forward.

“There, get your hands up against the sink.”

She moaned as he slapped her ass again. She stomped her heels forward, spreading her legs as her hands pushed up against the sink. She looked into the mirror, seeing the saliva on her face from where he smacked his dick up against her face earlier. Her tits were covered in cum, she only could lick a bit off before he stopped her. From behind, James reared his hand back and slapped the left cheek of her ass. He struggled a bit, moving forward with his pants and underwear down to his ankles. It wasn’t worth stripping completely naked, for he had to leave after they were done. His eyes looked over the tattoo she had once more before he spoke.

“You know how a whore gets fucked in the bathroom, don’t you?”

“No James, you tell me!”

“They get fucked in the ass, like they deserve!”

His hand slapped over the right cheek of her ass just before he pulled those cheeks apart and began to slide his cock into her dark hole. Michelle closed her eyes, unable to hold back the pleasure. She moaned as she felt his cock pump into her ass. She remembered that James was a man that liked to make good use of her ass back when they were a couple. She clutched the front of the sink with her hands and began to moan as he fucked her ass, thrusting his cock into her.

“Ohhhhh, yes! Do it, James! Fuck my ass!”

Once again, his hand slapped over her ass. The sound echoed through the bathroom. James reached forward and gripped her hair again while he bucked his hips, ramming his cock into her tight ass. Michelle kept her eyes closed, moaning loudly as he began to push into her harder and faster. It didn’t matter how loud her voice raised, not a soul outside the bathroom would be able to hear her while James pounded her ass with his thick dick. She gritted her teeth, moaning loudly before yelling to him.


He pulled her hair harder, slapping her ass with his hand. Michelle looked in the mirror and could see the look of pleasure over his face. Her huge breasts bounced a bit before they pushed up against the cold edge of the sink. She yelped, feeling the palm of his hand strike across the left side of her ass once again. Michelle couldn’t help herself. He may have been an asshole, but she was enjoying this time even after the rough beginning she had with him. So far, several minutes had passed and she had lost track of time within the bathroom.


Outside the bathroom and back inside the club, Lucy and Luke had sat down at a table after dancing together through a couple of songs on the House playlist. The two had been talking for the past ten minutes about the plans that Luke had in place for Lucy’s return into modelling. She was happy that he had planned out the progress starting in a matter of days, it wouldn’t be long for her to be back on a studio set. Lucy had become worried as Michelle had not returned yet. While they sat at their table having a few drinks, Lucy looked across back at the little hall to where the bathrooms led. She wondered if at any moment Michelle would come out now. Not a single person had come towards the bathroom doors, at least from her view. She sighed before speaking to Luke.

“Michelle has been gone a while, you know?”

“Yeah I noticed…You think maybe that phone call was an emergency?”

“Hmmmm could be.”

Luke sat at the table sipping on his drink through a straw, Lucy kept her eyes locked in view with the bathroom area.



Smack. Smack. Smack. That was the only sound that could be heard back in the bathroom. James had grown tired of pounding Michelle in the ass, so he moved back and allowed her to get on top of him. This was the last time they would be fucking one another, so it was best to go out enjoying her on top one last time. His hands remained on the cold floor while Michelle had bent her knees and was riding his cock on top. Her large breasts bounced up and down, just as her ass slapped against his balls as she came down each time. She ran her hands down to his chest, closing her eyes and tilting her head up as his cock drove into her pussy with each thrust.

James watched her with his eyes, seeing those huge amazing breasts bounce up and down as Michelle worked herself over his cock. She had to be coming close to her climax and that was exactly where he wanted her. Over and over, the blonde with the huge boobs pumped herself up and down on his cock. She was out of breath, knowing that her time was drawing short. Eventually, Michelle slowed herself down and looked into his eyes.

“James…I’m about to-”

“You’re about to fucking cum? Get up, get off me!”

Wasting no time, Michelle raised herself up. His cock slid out of her pussy and then James quickly moved to grab her hair once again. He wanted her bent over again on her knees when she was about to cum.

“Get up, on your knees!”

He struggled at first to get up, since his pants were pushed down to his ankles. Michelle quickly moved into the position for him. It was easier for her since her dress was completely removed from her body and all that remained was her heels. It took a minute, but once James was up, he stood behind Michelle and slid his cock back into her pussy. From the doggy style position, he began to pump his hips forward and fuck her once again.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck! Make me cum, James!!”

As his cock pushed into her harder, Michelle closed her eyes and yelled out to him. This was it, she couldn’t hold back as her pussy tightened up around him and her juices released. Her voice screamed out, echoing across the walls in the bathroom.


It took everything for James to hold back his own orgasm. He had planned from the beginning how he was going to finish himself off. He moaned, feeling her juices all over his cock from within her pussy. Since he had already cum on her tits earlier, he knew just the place left for his last load. He slid his cock out of her pussy and yelled to her.

“Get up! On your fucking knees, like a good whore!”

Michelle didn’t waste her time, she wanted him to be finished and the end of this. Even though it was fun getting fucked in the bathroom, she was ready to say goodbye to James for good. She moved and quickly got on her knees. James reached his hand down and gripped her hair, all while stroking his cock in his right hand. While holding her hair in place, he moved his cock towards her and she knew what was about to come. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. All it took was his hand stroking his meat and then it happened: a thick string of his cum shot across her right cheek and into her hand. James took a breeath, moaning out to her.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah! Ohhhhh god, there it is! Take that fucking cum!”

Another thick string of cum shot from his cock over her left cheek, striking right into the corner of her eyelid and down her cheek. Michelle moaned, feeling the warm stickiness over her face. He moved his cock and shot another wad, but it missed her face entirely and struck down to her tits. Still gripping her hair, he held his cock up and then shot the next splash of his cum over her forehead. Thick drops of cum went into her blonde hair and down her forehead. Since he had already cum earlier on her breasts, his last orgasm was not nearly as powerful as before.

Michelle opened her eyes and gritted her teeth, looking up at him as James took his cock and spanked it over her gritted teeth one last time. He squeezed his dick, just as Michelle opened her mouth wide. James took the hint and pushed her head down on the head of his cock. While he was out of breath, he watched her suck on the head and milk the final drops of his cum into her hungry mouth. Once she was done, he pulled her hair and his cock popped from her lips with a loud pop noise. They were finished at last, her face was a mess in his cum.

“That was fucking nice.”

James let go of her hair, leaving her on the floor with her face covered in his seed. He stepped away from Michelle and reached down to pull his pants and underwear back up. It took him a minute to get his pants button back on and then to buckle his belt back up. All the while, she remained on the floor out of breath, slowly catching back to herself. Once he had fastened his belt back together, he looked down at her and spoke.

“Come on, get your ass up!”

Just as she looked back up at him, he reached down and snatched her hair up for one last time with his right hand. He then used his left hand to grab her arm and pull her up on her feet. James held her, and stepped her towards the open stall where he had originally found her. It was time to put her back in the place that he found her, all for someone else to discover her in the bathroom.

“Move, sit your fucking ass right back down there! Right back where I found you! Now we’re done, bye Michelle! I never want to deal with your cheating, slutty ass again.”

A sinister laugh crackled from his voice just as he let go of her arm and sat Michelle back down on the toilet seat. She looked up at him, running her hand through her hair while sitting naked on the toilet seat. James was true to his words, leaving her back where he had discovered her, only with her face drenched in cum and to the point of exhaustion. Her pink dress remained as a pile on the floor outside the stall. He wanted to humiliate her to the next person that walked into the bathroom, payback for her humiliating him at the bar. She caught her breath, all while she heard him stomp towards the door and move away the janitor’s sign that he had used to block entry into the door.

With James leaving the bathroom, Michelle used her hand to wipe up some of the cum she felt on her face. She moved out of the stall and towards the sink. Not caring that she was naked at the moment, she had to clean herself up. Back in the club, Lucy had sat watching the bathroom area. She noticed a man coming out of the ladies room with a smug grin over his face. Instantly, she knew that something was wrong as Michelle had not come out of the bathroom. She turned and looked back at Luke before speaking.

“Wait here, hun. I’ll be right back.”

In the bathroom, Michelle quickly cleaned her face at the sink. Some of the remainders of his cum was in her hair and her tits were still covered in his seed, she had to wash herself up before getting dressed. While she ran water at the sink, she heard the door open. She turned to see her friend Lucy step in with a shocked expression over her face. Lucy yelled out.

“Oh no, Michelle! What the hell did that man do to you!? Did he-”

She shook her head before cutting her friend off in a response, yelling to Lucy.

“No! That was my ex-boyfriend…I called him an asshole back at the bar, he wasn’t happy. He thinks I cheated on him with a friend of his. So, he fucked me in the bathroom just now and left me here.”

Lucy moved to the floor and picked up Michelle’s dress. All she wanted to was help her friend now, though it enraged her deep down to witness this. For someone to treat her friend like this, she hoped that revenge was possible.

“I’m glad it was me walking in, and not anyone else.”

“Yeah, well…I’m glad you’re here to help me out too. I wanted to go home with you and Luke tonight, but not now…I’m all partied out after this.”

Michelle turned to Lucy as her friend handed her the dress. She stepped out of her heels and moved back from the sink to slip the one-piece outfit back on. Lucy noticed a strand of cum in her hair. She reached down and quickly swiped it over her finger and then washed it off at the sink while Michelle re-dressed.

“I’m gonna take you home. Let me go outside and tell Luke this is an emergency. I’ll meet up with him again in a few days, for now, I’m going to tend to you.”

“Thanks Lucy, I appreciate it…”

Already, Michelle was thinking about revenge. She wanted James to pay some how, some way. To see him be truly humiliated the way he had left her to be discovered. Lucy left the bathroom to talk to Luke, all while Michelle had dressed back up and then stood at the sink, cleaning up her face once more. She would have to go back in the bathroom stall and retrieve her cellphone before they were to leave. James may have thought this was the end, but it would not be. She would find a way to get him back, some how.



“There you are, looking fabulous!”

The sound of a voice was that of a photographer looking back through the lens of his camera while he shot photo after photo. Across from the set was Lucy Pinder, wearing a lingerie outfit with her hair moved down and all the focus on her beautiful body tucked into the revealing outfit. This was the third phase of the photoshoot, already Lucy had modeled in other outfits. She ran her hand up into her hair and gritted her teeth, giving one of those classic ‘seductive’ facial expressions. The camera flashed, taking another shot of her. Luke watched from across the room, his hands were tucked into the pockets of his jacket as he smiled and watched through the lens of his sunglasses. This was his girl, doing what she did best.

The London studio went by the ironic name of ‘Parallel Lines’. They were a new studio opening up, having Lucy Pinder as a big name to shoot under their photography crew was a great step in the right direction. Lucy was guaranteed a check right away with a modelling deal, just as Luke had worked to achieved. The photoshoot would be for a calendar to be released from the studio, independently. Lucy had already worked the deal to sign autographed copies of over 500 calendars for pre-order deals. The afternoon hours were winding down and now with the shoot done, Lucy walked off the set and reunited with him off to the side. She put her hands on her hips, almost as if she was modelling for Luke.

“Well, how do I look Luke?”

“What do you mean, how do you look? You always look amazing Lucy, I think you did great today. This calendar should sell out fast.”

“Thanks honey, I only have you to thank for all of this Luke.”

She smiled at him before walking off. She wanted to tell him something else, but it was too soon for that. She had to change up, back into her street clothes as she was ready to leave and go back to the hotel with him. Lucy and Luke were long overdue for some pleasure time together. They should’ve been between the sheets just a few nights ago, had it not been for the incident with Michelle’s ex-boyfriend throwing off perfect plans. Tonight however, there would be nothing holding them back from making sweet love. This was their night and she had him all to herself, just like she wanted.

After dressing back in her casual clothes, Lucy returned with Luke to exit the studio. She held his hand while they walked down the staircase leading to the exit downstairs. Her car was parked in the back parking lot, just as they agreed to go back to his apartment the night before. Something was bothering Luke, she could see it over his face regardless if he tried to hide it behind the sunglasses. After they reached the bottom of the stairs and proceeded to walk back outside, Luke finally spoke up to her.

“Can you do me a favor Lucy?”

She turned to him and smiled.

“Yes, what is it?”

“It’s about your friend Michelle and what happened to her the other night back at the club. I want you to talk to her, get me the phone number of this James guy who did that to her back in the bathroom. I want his number.”

Biting her lower lip, Lucy stopped and held his hand.

“Why do you want this guy’s number, Luke?”

“Just get it for me, babe. I’m going to give this asshole a visit myself, I’ll make Michelle real happy when I’m done with him. He’ll be apologizing and begging for forgiveness when I’m finished with him.”

“I’m sure Michelle would be happy with that…I just…I just don’t want to see you get hurt, Luke.”

He rolled his eyes, turning to look back at her before he let go of her hands.

“Lucy, I can handle myself. I’ve been doing this for years. I’m not just any other modelling agent, you know? I’m gonna take care of this. Just talk to her, get me the guy’s phone number and I’ll hunt him down through that. If it was you in trouble, I’d do the same.”

She looked back at him and smiled. Luke didn’t understand her feelings, she never wanted to see him in any true harm. Not after what was developing between the two of them. Lucy nodded to him before she walked forward.

“Alright, honey…I’ll get it for you. Now let’s go back to your place and relax!”



Back at the apartment, Luke and Lucy had decided to unwind themselves. He knew that she was planning for something steaming hot during the night. Before going back, they decided to drive into a drive-thru and get some quick fast food for an easy dinner. It was better than calling for takeout at the hotel and easier than cooking. Luke had to text back to his friend Peter, just to check on him. The two had been somewhat distant from one another as of recently since leaving Ibiza, that was something he did not enjoy. He had to introduce Lucy to Peter and hopefully, they could all work on a friendship in the future.

The television set had remained on in the living room of the hotel. Lucy and Luke sat together watching through channels after they had arrived back, but she had other ideas on her mind about now. It was finally time for their to use their bodies against one another. She went to the bathroom and stripped down while he sat in front of the TV outside. She removed her jeans and threw her shirt off. Underneath, her gigantic breasts remained in tact behind a pink bra and matching pink thong. She looked herself back in the mirror, taking her heels off so she her feet touched the floor. The last little detail she did was take the ponytail from the pocket of her jeans and place it over her right hand, figuring that it would come in handy later. She then quietly left the bathroom, all prepared to give a surprise to him.

There he was sitting on the couch and watching TV. Luke wore a pair of shorts and a button up T-shirt. Lucy wasn’t bothered by any show he was watching. The remote remained on the left armrest of the couch. As she stepped back into the living room, she picked it up and then pointed it at the television before clicking it off. She then quickly stepped in front of the TV, giving him a better show to focus his eyes on as she stood in nothing but the pink thong and matching bra.

“Now, isn’t this a better sight than whatever junk you were watching on the tube?”

Luke’s eyes slowly narrowed over Lucy’s amazing figure. Every curve of her body, on up to her stomach and those amazing gigantic boobs. He then looked up at her smiling face, her ear rings shined through the light above. He looked in her eyes and smirked.

“This is a much better sight, indeed! God, you look so fucking beautiful baby.”

“Thanks, now I think it’s time we got back down to business.”

“Yes indeed!”

Lucy wasted no time moving towards Luke. She put her hands on his chest and pushed him into the couch before shoving her body against him. Their lips met and she kissed the man passionately, just as she had done in Ibiza. Her huge breasts pushed up against his chest, just as Luke reached up and squeezed them in the bra she wore. Lucy moved her legs out, straddling him so she could place a seat down on his lap. Still kissing him, she moaned in his mouth before breaking the kiss. She could feel his hard cock growing under her. Luke’s hands squeezed her tits, causing her to respond by reaching behind her shoulders and undoing the bra. She tossed it off to the side, freeing her large boobs to his view.

“Squeeze those tits now, Luke!”

His hands reached up and smashed into her giant boobs. Lucy truly did have the greatest pair of tits that Luke had ever experienced in his life. He felt her nipples harden up against the palms of his hands, all while his fingers sank down into her. Lucy reached down and tried to unbutton his shorts, she wanted his cock more than anything now. She waited until his hands were free of her tits and then she moved off him and stood up. Lucy pushed her thong down to the floor, revealing her pussy wet and read. After she had become completely naked, she fell down to knees. Luke knew what she wanted, so he stood up and undid the button holding his shorts together. Lucy looked in his eyes, and reached her hands over his shorts.

“No, let me take them off!”

“Oh, so you want to take them off?”

“Yes, that’s my job!”

She giggled in her thick English accent before pushing his shorts down. From his underwear briefs, she could see his hard cock poking out. Luke stepped out of his shorts and then Lucy used both hands and pulled his underwear down, slowly forming a grin over her face as his cock came into her sight. She quickly used her right hand to wrap her fingers around it before she shoved his underwear down to his ankles. Luke stepped out of them and then sat back down on the couch while the queen of glamour stroked his hard cock. Lucy licked her lips, showing him the hunger that was within her. She looked up into his eyes with a smirk.

“This is the only cock I want, and it’s all mine!”

“Ohhhh yeah, that cock belongs to you Lucy. Only you, babe.”

It didn’t matter that his words confirmed it, she knew it was a fact. She leaned her lips down and placed a kiss over the head of his shaft. Luke’s dick was the only one she wanted for now on, she couldn’t hold back the feelings of love she had grown for him. Using her tongue, she slowly licked the underside of his cock as she moved her hand away from it. She came back up to the head and then looked in his eyes before slowly sinking her lips down, sliding his cock into her mouth. Lucy began to suck on his meat pole, taking it slowly while her hands gripped his legs.

All Luke could do was watch her, moaning as this was one of the most gorgeous women in the world giving him oral pleasure. He thought so highly of Lucy, unable to hold back the fact that he truly wanted a relationship with her now. Here she was, bobbing her head up and down on his shaft while creating sucking and slobbering noises from her mouth. He took a deep breath, knowing that he had waited so long to expreience her doing these amazing things to him once more. Lucy moved back to the head of his shaft and then quickly came off with a loud pop noise. Lucy flicked her tongue back and then spit on his cock.

“Ohhhhh, I missed your cock Luke! I want to make you feel like you are ruling the world tonight!”

“Babe, I already am on top of the world with you! You are all I need!”

She smiled up at him hearing those words. Lucy stroked his shaft with her hand before going back down on it with her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down faster, driving more aggressively as she began to devour his cock with her mouth. Loud slurping and sucking sounds were all he could hear, as she moved her mouth up and down. Streams of her saliva began to drip down to his balls, Luke took a deep breath before moaning.

“Ohhhh, god! You really know how to work me over!”

Before he was to blow his first load, Lucy wasn’t going to deprive him from the ultimate pleasure. She knew that with her huge boobs, she was built to have her tits fucked. She moved her hands down to her breasts, pinching her nipples and then gripping her breasts to hold them up as she sucked his cock for a bit more. She came up, forcing another loud pop sound. Saliva strings sway back from her lips to his slobber covered cock, as she raised her breasts up. Luke instantly knew what was about to happen, so he pushed his hand down and guided his cock to be absorbed between her huge breasts. Luke took a deep breath, moaning out to her.

“Ohhhhhh man, those tits…My god, those tits.”

“Feels good, huh?”

She smiled at him, squeezing her breasts around his cock as she began to slowly rock them up and down. He laughed at her while she began to fuck his cock with those big tits.

“Oh yeah, I can’t describe how good it feels…Ohhhhhhh, fuck!”

Lucy loved to have her tits fucked. She took a deep breath, breathing in as she gritted her teeth and gave Luke her seductive eyes while still moving her huge tits up and down on his cock. Her breasts were so massive, his cock completely disappeared each time she pumped down. She broke eye contact, only to look down and use her tongue to swipe the head each time it poked up between her breasts. Luke moaned, just as she began to pump her breasts up and down harder and faster.

“Oh god, you’re gonna me cum already!”

“Yes! Cum! Cum for me Luke! I want to taste your fucking cum!”

Her words were yelled at him though her thick accent. Luke loved her voice so much, all while she continued to pump those amazing breasts up and down over and over. He took a deep breath, not wanting this pleasure to end but it was coming soon. He bit his lower lip, almost in a prayer that he could hold off the coming orgasm. He yelled out to her.

“FUCK!!! I’m gonna cum now, Lucy!”

His words were the best alert she needed. Lucy quickly let go of her breasts, freeing his cock so she could wrap her hand around it and push her lips over the head. She began to quickly stroke him, pumping his dick between her fingers and begging for his cum. Luke gritted his teeth before moaning out.


While he yelled loudly, Lucy tasted the explosion of his seed between her jaws. She moaned over the head of his cock, as he shot wad after wad into her loving mouth. She swallowed it down as fast as she could, taking every last drop and every spurt of his thick seed. Her eyes looked up at him. Once it seemed he was finished, Lucy released his rod from her mouth making a loud pop sound and then she leaned up, opening her mouth wide to show him that she had swallowed it all down. Luke had to catch his breath while he smiled at her.

“Damn, you’re a fucking beast Lucy…”

“Mmmmm, thank you.”

Before she replied to him in length, she climbed up and kissed his lips softly. Her hand reached down to stroke his cock as Luke kissed her again, this time dancing his tongue into her mouth. After breaking the kiss, Lucy grinned and spoke to him.

“You know what I really enjoyed back when we fucked in Ibiza?”

“What, Lucy?”

“When you had your big cock in my ass. That felt wonderful…”

He chuckled lightly, biting his lower lip before nodding at her.

“So I take it, your ass is where you want it now?”

She nodded her head at him, but she had other ideas besides him pounding her. He would get the opportunity to pound her pussy later. Lucy moved back and then placed her left foot up on the couch near him, hinting that she wanted to climb up and ride him Luke placed his hands up, helping her as she sank both of her feet into the couch and hovering herself over his lap. Lucy used her left hand and reached down to grab his cock, guidiing into her anal hole between her ass cheeks. She placed both of her hands down on his legs behind her, while Luke’s hands went underneath to grip both of her ass cheeks and lower her down. His rod pushed into her ass while she gasped her breath.

“Oh, yeah! That’s it Luke, mmmmmmm!! Your cock feels so good in my ass, like that!”

His eyes just watched her gigantic breasts swaying in his face. This was one of the reasons Lucy wanted to be on top, she could tease him with her huge boobs. Luke pumped his cock up, just as she used her hands holding his legs to balance herself pushing down, forcing his cock to drive up and down into her dark hole. She moaned, all while her huge breasts began to bounce up and down. He moved his face forward, allowing her giant tits to smother him.

“Oh yeah, you like those big titties too!”

Lucy leaned forward, pushing her breasts against his face while his cock was still pumping into her ass. Luke opened his mouth and proceeded to slobber all over her giant mounds of flesh. He licked her left nipple before sucking on her right breast. His hands gripped over her ass cheeks hard, all while he still pumped his his upward and moaned to the feeling his cock sliding in and out of her ass. She closed her eyes, moaning before calling out to him.

“Ohhhhhh yeah!!! I like that, fuck my ass, Luke! Mmmmmm!!”

His fingers gripped into her ass harder, Luke remained pumping his hips forward and pushing his cock into her ass as hard as he possibly could. It was difficult for him with her on top but there was no room for complaining that he got to experience her epic breasts bouncing and moving up and down in his face. Lucy however, was ready for something else. Her pussy was dripping wet and desperate for his swollen meat. She came to a stop, feeling him thrust his rod into her ass one last time before she began to move up.

“Oh my god, Luke! YES! I want you to fuck me now! Let me feel that hard cock in my pussy!”

Before she moved off him, she leaned down and placed a kiss over his lips. Luke had stopped moving his hips and allowed his hands to move away from her ass. Upon breaking the kiss, Lucy began to rise. His cock slid out of her ass and then she moved off him and stood on her feet. She offered her hand to Luke, pulling him off the couch before she wrapped her hand around his cock.

“Which way to the bedroom, love?”

Luke pointed over to the right, where an open door was.

“Right there!”

“Come on!”

Holding his cock firmly in her grasp, Lucy stepped forward and then walked Luke by his cock to the bedroom. She giggled to herself, this was a sexual gesture she loved to play on a man when she had the opportunity. She stopped her feet once she had walked in and was standing at the edge of the bed. Letting go of his dick, she climbed up on the bed and then lay on her back, slowly inching herself so her legs could reach off the bed and allowing him the perfect position to pump into her. Luke moved her legs over his body to the point that Lucy could mount them up on his shoulders. Afterwards, he moved to slide his cock into her pussy. The buxom brunette took a deep breath, feeling his rod enter her for the first time since the night they had met.

“Mmmmm, yeah! FUCK ME LUKE!!”

Her voice screamed out to him in command. Lucy was tired of waiting, all those texts they had sent back and forth and then having to wait for three nights. Finally, they were right back where they belonged. His cock drove into her with each thrust. Luke gripped her legs while she stretched her feet out beyond his shoulders. Each time he thrust his cock into her, those epic huge breasts bounced up and down. It was more than just a feeling of lustful passionate love, the sight of watching those breasts move back and forth was amazing to him. Her mouth gasped wide open as she moaned out loudly.


Over and over, Luke couldn’t stop himself. He drove his cock into her time and time again, gritting his teeth at the pleasure he felt from her sweet lovely pussy. She spread her legs from over his shoulders and bent her knees. Luke pounded her pussy with his hard cock, still watching her breasts bounce up and down. Lucy’s hair had spread out over the bed creating a forest of her beautiful brunette locks of hair. She screamed out to him, gasping for breath almost.


Since she had moved her legs and bent her knees, he could only grip the lower part of her legs near her ankles. Luke slowed himself down, pumping into her slowly. With each thrust, he watched her giant breasts rock back and forth. Lucy closed her eyes, knowing that it was coming so soon. She could feel her body tensing up. He slowed down, only making it easier for her to feel her body reach the incoming climax. She opened her eyes and looked up at him before yelling out.


Her voice loudly cried out through the bedroom as her body tensed up and Luke felt her orgasm. He had stopped himself, embracing the feeling of this sensual woman as she had reached her orgasm. Lucky for him, he had not blown his load yet. He wanted to at least cum on those tits, just as he did back in Ibiza. He made one final thrust into her pussy, watching her catch her breath. She was so beautiful at this moment. Luke swallowed his own breath before he nodded down at her.

“Lucy…that was amazing, I’m not finished yet.”

Looking up at him, she slowly caught her breath before laughing in that thick English accent of hers. Her eyes glanced down and then back up at him.

“You know…I want you to cum on-”

“Your big tits?”

She bust out laughing again.

“Oh god, yes! You must be a mind reader, love! Yeah, I want your hot load all over my boobs, just like the first night we spent together!”

“Alright then, that’s what we’re gonna do next!”

Lucy watched him step back, his cock slipping out and free from her pussy. Now was the perfect time to make use of that ponytail wrapped around her wrist. She quickly unwrapped it from her hand, and then moved off the bed, balling up her hair in one hand as she used the pony tail and braided it up. Last thing she wanted was her long hair getting in the way for a perfect shot of him to cum all over her perfect tits. Luke took a few steps back from the bed while Lucy moved up and climbed down to her knees. His cock was wet, covered in her pussy juices. She wrapped her hand around it and brought it into her mouth, sucking her own sweet juices off to clean him.

Once she was done, she moved her hands over her breasts and released his cock out of her hold. She held her breasts up for him, spitting down the middle of them before he pushed his cock back in the middle. Lucy refused to deprive him of another titty fuck. It was the perfect way to finish him off, she thought to herself. He stood there, watching her squeeze those huge breasts together and then she began to rock back and forth. Like earlier, she fucked his cock between her large boobs. Luke moaned out to her in his voice.

“Those fucking tits are among the best thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Her pony tail whipped from her back, Lucy looked up at him and smiled.

“Oh yeah? My tits are the best, aren’t they?”

With a big grin on his face, he nodded.

“Fuck yeah! The best I’ve ever had!”

She smiled up at him, still moving her breasts up and down over his fat dick. Lucy enjoyed flattery more than most. It made her happier than anything to hear a man talk about her beauty, to tell her she was ‘the best’ in terms of body. Pumping her breasts up and down on his cock, all she could do was smile up at him. Luke didn’t want to cum, but he knew the inevitable would approach at any minute. He looked down, nodding at her before speaking.

“Lucy, babe! I’m going to fucking cum!”

Hearing those words, she stopped and let go of her breasts. This allowed Luke to reach down and grab his rod. She held up her breasts, giving him the perfect canvas to make a mess over her mounds of flesh. All it took was one stroke of his cock, and then Luke screamed out.


A large spurt of his cum shot across her right breast. From the angle of where he was standing, he couldn’t resist but to shoot another thick string up her right breast again. His cum shot over her tits and to her neck, drenching her a pearl necklace like they did the first night they met. Grunting, he kept stroking his cock as more strings of cum continued to shoot out and onto her skin. It wasn’t a strong load of cum, since he had already forced an orgasm early, but still a respectable load that painted over her right breast. He was somewhat disappointed in himself that he didn’t strike but one of her breasts, but this was going to be far from the last time they shared a night together.

Seeing as he was nearly complete with making a mess over her skin, Lucy moaned at the warm feeling and then let go of her tits. She looked up at him laughing in her thick accent, before she looked down and then back at him.

“Ohhhh, yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! You drenched me good!”

She reached her hands down and cupped her breasts, holding them up for him to see. Her skin was shiny, coated in his cum. Lucy then took her right hand and used her finger to scoop up some of his seed and feed it to her mouth, sucking it dry.

“Mmmmmm, yummy!”

Luke took a deep breath while his eyes remained focused on the beautiful woman licking his cum from her hand. It was a beautiful sight to witness, just enough to tell him that he truly was beginning to fall in love with this woman. Lucy glanced back up at him and winked.

“I better get cleaned up and we get some rest now…I’m so glad to have you back, we’re going to have even more fun next week.”

“Indeed we are, Lucy…The future looks bright for us.”


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