My Blackmail Bitch

Story title: My Blackmail Bitch

By sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Beyonce Knowels, Rihanna, and Jay-Z

Codes: MF, bond, FF, blackmail, oral, gyno

The story you are about to read is not true, and it never happened. I have no idea how any living person in this story would react to anything. If you have a problem with sexual situations, or if you are under eightteen years old stop reading now. Anyone with any suggestions, or comments please feel free to send them to Do not ask about me doing stories with minor celebs, because I won’t touch them.

By sharkboy

The place is a chain of the Goodrich Threatre chains in California, and she walks into the medium size multiplex outside of Oakland California. Right now she has on a red wig, a fake fur coat and a really tacky top on. All attention has been taken away from her beautiful face, but they have gone to the one place that they shouldn’t go if she does not want any attention. She has one of the greatest sets of legs on the planet. Right now she has on a super short skirt, because it has become second nature to her. Her legs hardly even get cold anymore.

Like everyone else she stands in line for her ticket like a normal person. Even though she can get her tickets to a much eariler show from her agent she chooses not to. She does not want anyone to notice anything different about her. If she walks in with tickets to a midnight show she might be noticed as somebody.

“One ticket for Midnight Maiden and…” The seventeen-year old counter person looks down, and he sees the exceptional pair of legs that she sports. “Oh my God you…?” Before her name can slip from his tongue she puts her finger over her lips. “OH! I am so sorry. Can I give you some advise for next time?” She nods, and Tommy tells her. “Wear pants next time. It took me maybe ten seconds to figure out who you are. Your legs look fantastic tonight.”

A smile comes across her sexy face, as she looks at young Tommy. Then she leans over the counter, and she gives the kid one whooper of a kiss and his toes curl. She then pulls away with a smile on her pretty face. “Holy crap! My first kiss!”

“Really? I’m surprised. Not a word to anyone and you’ll get your second on the way out of here.” Beyonce smiles at the handsome young Tommy, and then she goes to her threatre to see her new movie. As she walks away from the handsome young man behind her, Beyonce can feel his eyes on her sexy legs. She turns towards him, and she gives him a smile that makes him cum inside his pants.

When she gets to the sparsely filled threatre, she smiles because the threatre does have some people in it. If she had to watch the movie alone it would pretty much undo what she wanted to do here. They made a huge script change half way through the movie, and they never edited the parts out that they should have. The movie appears to be moving one way, and then that part just stops. When she first saw the movie that really bothered her, and it bothered her fiance Jay-Z too. When they showed the permier when people watched the movie she could see confusion on their faces. Not one of them said anything though, because she is Beyonce Knowles. If the people here talk of that it will prove that shes right. Why she cares so much most people don’t understand.

During the previews a VERY handsome white man sits beside of her, and she can help but smile. Its not the first time that a handsome man has sat beside of her in a movie threatre, but few men are this handsome. As the previews for her own movie comes up the man leans in, and he whispers to her. “I could surely get my freak on with Beyonce Knowles.”

“You could, huh?” Beyonce tries to deepen her voice, but she knows that this man knows who she is. “What makes you think that you have a chance?” She tries to mask her attraction to the man, but that be so hard sometimes.

“Because with a woman any man with good intentions has a chance.” Her eyes then widen, as he places his hand on her knee. “I know who you are.”

Beyonce looks at the handsome man from behind her dark glasses, and her red wig. “Whatever…” She hopes that he gets the point with the cold shoulder, because she has a mission here. That mission is not to cheat on Jay-Z.

During the first few minutes of the movie the man does not move his hand, and Beyonce notices it. “Please move your hand.”

“My pleasure.” His hand then begins to creep up her sexy leg, and Beyonce shivers hard.

“Oh God…” Before she can say no, his hand reaches a point of the legs of Beyonce Knowles that no man has gotten to without getting what he wants. His hand moves over her light brown skin, and she shivers so hard. “Uhhhh!”

Maybe fifteen minutes into the movie, his hand cups her vagina. She makes a rather loud moan, and her head goes back. When that happens her wig falls off. The mans other hand then moves to her face, and he removes her sun glasses. The man then cups her breast with his left hand, as his right hand plays with her pussy hard.

Beyonce then lets out a loud moan, as the handsome man plays with her tits and pussy. Everyone in the threatre look back at her, because a better show is going on behind them than whats happening on the screen. Unknown to poor Beyonce Knowles one of the people in the threatre happens to be a video pirate who is here to capture Midnight Maiden for the black market, but the person’s no fool. The pirate knows that a video of Beyonce Knowles getting her pussy played with by some guy will bring in a lot more money than anything she has done on the big screen.

When the lights come on Beyonce then has a powerful orgasm. She cums all over the mans hand, and she opens her eyes and she looks up at the lights. Her breath stops in her throat, as she can feel many eyes on her. Her wig and glasses are now gone, and she looks up to people clapping very hard. “Holy shit…” She whispers, as she sees her legs are now over the seats before her. His hand is still between her legs, and she doubts that anyone has watched the movie.

There is only one thing that Beyonce can do to save her reputation, and she stands to take a bow. Then she takes off leaving the man who just played with her for the last one hundred minutes. “Wait… don’t leave?” The man begs her, but Beyonce only walks faster. She has to get away from this handsome man and fast. She has no idea that what has happened is now on a camera.

Before she knows it Beyonce finds herself outside in a parking lot, and this is not a parking lot that a young lady like Beyonce Knowles should be in at nearly 2am on a friday night. She goes from being so mad to kind of afraid. She walks softly, as she moves towards her car slowly. Right now she knows that Beyonce Knowles would be a glorious prize for a street gang looking to rape someone. She does have her keys in her hand incase someone tries to grab her or something.

Then she nearly jumps out of her skin, as she hears. “Miss Knowles?” She nearly trips, as she hears Tommy’s voice. “Oh my God! Are you alright?”

Tommy runs to the beautiful Beyonce Knowles to make sure that his question does not make her fall onto her beautiful face. “Are you okay?”

“I am fine Tommy. Thank you for the save. Aren’t you a little young to be working this…” Then Beyonce notices that his tie is undone. “Tommy, are you stalking me?”

“NO!” The word explodes out of his mouth so hard that it makes Beyonce laugh. “I hang around this parking lot after the late shows on fridays and saturdays because…” One look from the beautiful singer makes him nearly loose control. “I walk ladies to their car, because some women have been raped here before. I think the fact that some are alone plays a factor there.”

Beyonce then takes the young man’s arm so he’ll escort her out to her car. “So, how much do you charge for this hero?” Beyonce smiles, because she has never met a true hero before outside of the military or law enforcement.

“I usually don’t ask for payment. Anything that the… oh God!” Beyonce now has his balls, as she walks with him.

“Tommy, deal or no deal?” Beyonce says with a sexy smile on her face. The man in her movie made her so fucking horny. With any luck young Tommy will benifit for his actions. The trip to her car takes forever because right now Tommy truly wants to loose his virginity. What better person could be his first fuck than the beautiful Beyonce Knowles?

The next thing Tommy knows hes in an ultra fancy hotel that even his father could never afford. Across from him is the very sexy, and extremely horny Beyonce Knowles. Her dark eyes look at him with incredible lust, and her hands are slowly hiking up her short skirt. “Ms. Knowles, if you show me any more of your legs I’ll ruin my pants!” His voice becomes higher, as she shows him more and more leg.

“Oh really?” Beyonce asks with a lower toned voice thick with lust. “No cuming before we get to the room, unless…” Beyonce then lowers her panties to the floor, and she walks to Tommy.

Then Beyonce pins young Tommy against the wall, and she lowers his pants to knee level. She takes his penis from his pants, and she smiles at the precum on it. His penis is fucking huge too, and Beyonce doubts that Tommy compares it to anyone’s in the gym locker room. His underwear has old seamen inside of it too. She already has made Tommy cum tonight.

“Poor little boy has to cum?” Beyonce then shoves his huge penis inside of her. Her eyes roll, as it enters her and she shudders so hard. “Oh God!”

Tommy’s hands move up her incredible ass, as he enjoys her body so much. Right now his goal is not to cum inside of her too soon, but considering who his first time is with he can barely hold out any more.

“Oh God Tommy! Oh Tommy!” Beyonce then begins to cum so hard. She tightens around his penis, as Beyonce force Tommy to then cum. “Oh my God!” The beautiful superstar then begins to milk his seamen out of his penis. “Sooo good!” Tommy can’t believe that he made Beyonce Knowles orgasm during sex. This is the best night of her life.

He then lowers her top, and he begins to kiss her good sized chest. His hands move over her legs, and chest. “You are so beautiful and very sexy.” A smile stretches across her pretty face, as her eyes go to the pannel. Because they did not select the floor they have gone way past it. Then the elevator stops, and she pushes Tommy away. He pulls up his pants, as she readjusts her outfit. She cannot find her panties though. They happen to be behind her feet.

The door opens and a woman nearly fifty years old comes into the elevator. Her nose flares at the fragrent smell of sex, and she looks at Beyonce and Tommy. Then she pushes the button to go to the lobby. “Ma’am, can you push the button for the twelth floor. Tommy and I got into a heated debate over…” Before Beyonce can finish her bullshit excuse, the woman looks at her.

She then pushes the button to the twelth floor. “Ms. Knowles, you have left your panties on the floor.” She looks at the underwear that Beyonce lost while she was fucking Tommy.

Her eyes widen, as she finally finds her underwear right at her feet. She shakes her head no. “I have no idea where those came from.” Beyonce bites her lip, because she has never been caught having public sex before. It kind of turns her on. The woman then leans down at her feet, and she picks up Beyonce’s panties. Then she looks up her skirt.

“Someone is going commando tonight.” She smiles, as she slides the panties of Beyonce Knowles into her purse. She then looks at Tommy. “I bet you know that, huh?” A the beautiful older woman smiles at Tommy with an all knowing smile he tries not to piss his pants.

The next day comes earily for the beautiful Beyonce. The room smells of the exspensive wine that she and Tommy shared last night. With Tommy she might as well have gotten some Boonsfarm, because he had little taste for wine at all. Her taste for his huge penis, has not gone away at all. She smiles at the naked former virgin beside of her in the bed.

Her fingers begin to trace over his penis, and Tommy shudders hard. She moves in closer to the sleeping seventeen-year old. She then takes his penis into her hand, and she begins to wack the kid off. His chest heaves, as Tommy shivers so hard. One thing she knows Tommy might only be seventeen years old, but his body is that of a man. His arms are big, his legs are toned, and his chest is huge. Her tits are NOT the biggest in the room, she knows this because she compared them while Tommy fucked her so hard. Tommy lifts wieghts, and he happens to be very toned.

Out of all the men that Beyonce has been with, Tommy happens to be the best in bed she has ever had. Jay-Z has more skill, but Tommy takes orders a lot better than her rapper man does. Besides when Jay-Z fucks her he does it so he can get off. When Tommy fucked her he made sure that Beyonce got off.

As a reward for making sure that she got off, Beyonce slides his penis into her mouth. Those lips that so many men so love, begin to suck his penis hard. “Oh God! JESSICA! You are so tight!” Then he wakes up, as Tommy begins to cum into the mouth of Beyonce Knowles, and not Jessica.

When he sees the look on the VERY pissed off face of Beyonce Knowles, Tommy knows hes in deep shit. She does not miss a drop, as she swallows his cum. Then she slides his cocks out of her mouth as she asks. “Who the fuck is Jessica?”

Later after Beyonce takes a shower alone, she and Tommy ride down an elevator. Since Tommy called out Jessica while he slept, and Beyonce sucked his dick she has been giving him a VERY cold shoulder. He looks at the floor, as the elevator goes up with the bell hop who is delievering some lugage to someone. He does not say a word, but his eyes scan her beautiful body.

When the bell hop gets off on a higher floor, Beyonce pushes the button to go to the lobby. Tommy then finally looks up at the beautiful star of Dream Girls, and he says. “I am sorry I was dreaming of Jessica Simpson while you were sucking my penis.”

Beyonce looks at Tommy, as he tells her that he is sorry. Her intense anger begins to melt away, as a smile creeps across her pretty face. “You are really sorry aren’t you?”

“Yes, I feel so terrible, because I should have been dreaming of you. Let me tell you of the dream I had before the one of Daisy Duke.” Beyonce becomes wet, as Tommy walks towards her. Then he begins to whisper what he dreamed of with the beautiful singer, and she smiles so wide.

“You silly man, many men dream of screwing the shit out of all of us in Destiny’s Child.” Then he continues to whisper and her eyes then widen. “Oh my! That’s new!” She and Tommy begin to make out until the elevator opens on the ground floor.

When Beyonce checks out she has to do it the long way to make sure that they charge her for two nights. Because she did not wake up until after two PM, because of the all night bang she had to make sure that everything was taken care of. The last thing she needs is for Jay-Z to hear a message from a hotel she stayed at when she lives very close to here. This place happens to be closer to LA than Oakland. Tommy does have a way home too.

The look on the face of the young lady who works the desk, when its Beyonce’s turn says ‘holy shit its Beyonce Knowles!’ She smiles at the pretty young lady, as she asks. “Is everything taken care of. I am in room…”

“You are all checked out. You are being charged for tonight due to hotel policy. You were not out at noon.” Karen smiles at Beyonce.

“Oh okay, thank you Karen.” Beyonce smiles at the pretty girl, because she did not fall apart.

“I do have to tell you that the manager wants to see you.” Karen now becomes nervous. “This is about a lost article of clothing.”

“Oh, thank you, Karen. Nice talking to you.” Beyonce then leaves the desk.

She knocks on the office door of the manager, and she walks into the room. Sitting at a desk with a short skirt happens to be. “Oh shit…” the bitch from the elevator last night.

Alison Klein a forty-five year old female who has a nice rack on her, and she has a good set of legs on her. Her hair happens to be a dyed yellow, and her face has had a face lift before its time. Despite all of this she has retained some sex appeal, and she smiles wide at Beyonce. “We had to hose that elevator down, after you and your friend fucked inside of it.” A pretty smile then moves over her face, as she takes Beyonce’s panties out of her desk.

“Can I have my panties back then?” Beyonce holds out her hands, and Alison shakes her head no. “Why the fuck not?” Its not like Beyonce to get angry and swear, but she does not have time for these games. Jay-Z must have called her by now, and she does not dare turn on her cell phone yet.

“Beyonce, have you seen Inside Edition today?” Alison asks with a devilish smile on her pretty face.

“No, I don’t watch that…” When Alison turns on the television/Tivo on her desk, her jaw falls to the floor. “What the…” Before her eyes is what happened last night at the movies. His hand is so far up her skirt he should giving her a pelvic exam. The look on her face is pure unabashed pleasure. His other hand moves over her exposed breast, and she shudders in orgasmic glory. The announcer talks of Beyonce’s secret life. Does Jay-Z know? Are they over before they get married? “Turn it off! Oh God! NO!”

As the Tivo stops, Beyonce begins to cry so hard. She takes some tissues out of her purse, and she dries her eyes. “Why did you show me that? I need my panties back, because I likely have a dozen calls from Jay-Z to return.” He’ll likely kick her ass too, because no one cheat on Jay-Z.

“How much would this video tape from our elevator earn on E-Bay?” Alison turns on the video from the elevator camera, and Beyonce gasps so hard. In the center of the screen, Beyonce Knowles is getting her young hot pussy fucked by the jailbait Tommy. His penis is huge, and she loves how it slams into her over and over. Then Beyonce does something she never thought she would do. She watches herself orgasm, and then Tommy cums. “I think if the right people wanted this I could take an early retirement.” Alison then gives a very shocked Beyonce a very kinky smile.

“You can’t! Oh please?” Beyonce then does the dumbest thing she has ever done in her life. She falls onto her knees. “I’ll give you twenty thousand dollars right now for that video tape!” Beyonce then begins to look in her purse for her checkbook.

While the beautiful singer/actress/model riffles through her purse, Alison Klein then gets an idea. She stands, and she begins to undress. When she finally finds her checkbook, Beyonce Knowles looks up at the naked Alison with her mouth now hanging open. “Good, very good. You have got the right idea.” Alison tell her.

Beyonce really tries not to hurl, as Alison Klein sits on her sexy face. She slides her pussy into her face hard. Just by her breath on her tight pussy it turns Alison really hard, but before long she knows that Beyonce shall need some encouragement. “If you do not being licking me very soon I shall call… Oh God!”

Alison shakes, as Beyonce begins to lick her clit so hard, and she shivers hard. Beyonce then begins to lick her pussy up and down, and her feet begin to kick hard. “Oh my God, Beyonce!”

She then cums and she cums hard. Alison’s head goes back, as she pushes her vagina into Beyonce’s face. She tries to swallow Alison’s cum, but its so bitter she can’t. Beyonce does her best to swallow her cum, and she pretends to enjoy it. Then her weight becomes too much for Beyonce, and she begins to fall onto her back. By some means that you and I could never understand, she somehow gets her legs out from under her body as she falls.

When Beyonce falls onto her back, Alison pushes her pussy onto her face. “Oh this is much better! YES! Eat my out my slave bitch!” Alison begins, as Beyonce becomes so angry. Africans have come to far to be called slaves by anyone! Including this bitch! But Beyonce does what she asks, because she has all of the power here. Beyonce has become something lower than any human alive. As of now she has become Alison Klein’s blackmail bitch.

A few fridays later, Beyonce comes walking back into the hotel that she has been coming to for the last few weeks. She has had sex with the Lesbian bitch so many times, that she has become used to the act. Before these events happened, Beyonce figured she would never willingly sleep with another woman, but she has had that urge lately. Last night when she was at a party with Rihanna she had a powerful urge to kiss her, but she never got the guts to make that move.

She walks into the private elevator to go up to the managers room high up in the building. Beyonce likes this route, because she rarely sees employess going this way. When she does she might have to give an autograph, or have some polite conversation with a handsome young man. There are somethings she likes about coming here. Having Lesbian sex with Alison Klein is not one of them.

When she gets to Alison’s floor, she smiles as she sees the pretty Karen Carter, who checked her out the first night she stayed here. Beyonce likes Karen, because Karen is a big fan who can keep her self control. She has had many pleasant conversations with the beautiful raven hair Karen. Beyonce knows she has many white fans, and Karen happens to be so white if any more white were to slip into her family tree she would become clear.

“Hello Karen, you look pretty tonight.” Beyonce says, as she looks at Karen. Her skirt is half the length that a usual employee here has her skirt. She has on black stocking too, something she has never seen before. Karen also has more make-up on than a girl should have on.

“I really look pretty?” The twenty-one year-old asks her, as she blushes some. “Thank you!”

“Yes, do you want some advise?” Beyonce asks, as she looks into her eyes. Karen nods. “Wear a little bit less make-up. Some men might think you are easy if…” By the way young Karen begins to cry Beyonce knows that she could not have cut her more deep. “I am so sorry!”

“Its okay. I understand why Ben has been making the circus noises when I walk by him tonight.” Beyonce can tell tht Karen has a clue that her make-up is bad. The only thing she can do for the poor girl is to give her a hug.

When Karen grabs her vagina, her eyes widen and Beyonce shudders hard. “Oh God!” Her sexy legs become so weak, and Karen picks her up with strength she usually does not have. She then takes Beyonce into a bedroom that she opened to be cleaned by her. Sometimes Karen will work over time as a member of the cleaning crew.

She takes the beautiful Beyonce Knowles into the room, and she tosses her onto the bed. Karen then begins to remove her clothes. Beyonce smiles, as the beautiful Karen slowly gets naked. “Beyonce, I hope to be allowed to make love to you?”

Beyonce licks her lips, as Karen slowly gets undressed before her. Her fingers then move down the inner thigh of the pop super star, as Beyonce becomes honestly turned on. Then Karen leans down, and she kisses Beyonce on those lips that millions have dreamed of kissing.

She wraps her arms around Karen, as Beyonce pulls her in for the long hot kiss. Her hands move over the breasts of Beyonce Knowles, and she shakes so hard. Karen then begins to undress Beyonce a little faster than she undressed herself.

Her hands move over the beautiful body of Beyonce, as Karen slowly undresses her. The curves that belong to Beyonce are so outstanding, and her skin is so soft. It does not take long for Karen to find her breasts, and Beyonce plays with Karen’s breasts too. “Ooh! You have such big breasts!” Beyonce tells the blushing Karen.

“Really? I like your tits so much.” Karen says, as she crushes her tits so hard. Beyonce shudders, as her tits are played with. She plays with Karen’s tits too loving the feeling of her breasts so much. Beyonce is starting to like Lesbian sex, and that scares the shit out of her so much.

Then Karen begins to kiss her inner thighs, and Beyonce falls apart. She shakes and shivers, as Karen kisses up her sexy leg. “Oh God!” Beyonce yells at the top of her lungs, as Karen kisses up her inner thigh.

She grabs, and she pulls the sheet when Karen removes her panties, and she begins to lick her great tasting pussy. “Oh Jesus Christ! Oh fuck, yeah! Lick my pussy, Karen.” Beyonce pulls her body down the bed, as Karen somehow catches up. She does not miss a lick, as she laps up Beyonce’s pussy.

Beyonce then begins to howl loud, as she has one of the greatest orgasms she’ll ever have. Her body shakes, rattles and rolls, as she cums all over the tongue of Karen. “Oh God, your cum tastes so wonderful! Holy shit!” Karen shouts between licks.

Her head goes back, as Karen laps deep into her pussy. She arches her back, as she has a second orgasm. “Oh fuck YEAH!” Sweat pours down her beautiful body, as a smile of pure pleasure stretches across the face of Beyonce Knowles. “You lick pussy unlike anyone who…”

“Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater.” Alison says, as she stands in the doorway with a seven-foot tall Chinese man behind her. “Karen, your fired.”

Karen looks up at her boss in extreme fear, as does Beyonce. Then Karen falls to her knees before Alison. “I can’t afford to be fired! PLEASE?”

“I don’t care. I can fire you for so many things tonight. First of all the clown make-up. Having sex with someone in a room that should be rented out, and third of all you tired out my favorite toy.” Alison looks past Karen to Beyonce. “The next time you go to the wrong room, I’ll leash you and then lead you around the lobby on your hands and fucking knees. You’ll be butt naked too.”

Then Alison looks down at Karen, and she asks. “You want to know how you can get your job back?” Karen nods, as tears come down her sexy face. “Lie on the bed. Beyonce move for the opening act.”

Beyonce stands, as Karen lies on the bed. Alison inspects her with a kinky smile on her face. “Can’t blame you my little bitch. Karen is hot.”

Alison then moves to her left, and the man walks towards Karen. He’s now naked with the biggest cock either woman has ever seen. It has to be fifteen inches long, and extremely thick. “Fuck her until she passes out Chan. Then fuck her until you cum!”

“Oh God, no!” Karen begin to crawl away from the mammoth Chan. “I’m still a vaginal virgin!” Chan then grabs her legs, and he pulls Karen towards him. Then he uses his arms to part her legs for her. “NO!”

Before Chan can enter and sexually maul the beautiful Karen, Beyonce slips between them. Her brown eyes look at the extremely large Chan, and she tells him. “Do you know what rape is?”

His eyes widen, as he says rape over and over. “Yes, a very bad…” He then steps away from the crying Karen, and Beyonce.

She then looks at a now very pissed off Alison, and Beyonce demands. “Give Karen her job back, now!”

“Or what? I still have that fucking video tape of you…” Before Alison makes her threat Beyonce talks.

“You threaten me with that tape again, I’ll go to Playboy with the story of my steamy hotel affair. By the time that video comes out it will be old news.” Beyonce looks at Alison, because she has become really tired of being at her beck and call. She crosses her arms, as she looks at her.

“So, you really want out then?” A smile creeps across her face, as she looks at the naked Beyonce, and then to the naked Chan. “Okay, have sex with Chan. If you can take a half hour of sex from the monster then you are free.”

Beyonce looks at the so-called monster before her. By the look on his face, she can tell that Chan is no monster. His size is massive, and he would be more comfortable in WWE than anywhere else. She then does something very few people know she can do. (Chan, would you like to have sex with me?) She speaks in his native Chinese very badly.

(I would do anything to…) His eyes then widen, as Beyonce lies on the bed and she parts her legs for him. Chan walks to the beautiful ebony goddess before him, and his penis is somehow bigger now. Beyonnce could not be more terrifed of this fact too.

As Beyonce has her fabulous legs parted so far apart that it hurts, and Chan places his penis at the opening of her slit. By eye balling it Beyonce knows it will hurt like hell. She grabs a pillow from the bed, and she bits down hard when Chan begins to insert his penis inside of her pussy.

When he works it inside of her pussy, Beyonce feels pain she has never felt before. Her vision goes purple, as she bites onto the pillow so hard. Right now Beyonce has never felt more full, because there is no word to describe Chan’s giant, enormous penis. As it slides inside of her super tight pussy, she doesn’t believe she can last thrity seconds. Thirty minutes of this will be impossible for her to endure. “Oh God!”

Beyonce closes her eyes, and she screams so loud while Chan fucks her hard. His penis is not something she can stand. Her stomach burns in agony, as he has sex with her. Her thighs feel like they are going to split open along with her straining pussy. Time has come to a standstill for Beyonce, because of the agonizing pain that Chan’s mammoth shaft causes her pussy. With every push she feels pain anew, and her body shakes so hard.

“Uhhhhh! Stop please? Oh God, I can’t take it anymore!” Beyonce begins to weep hard, as Chan’s face takes on a look. He then pulls out of her, and he takes a chair to the corner to sit down. Beyonce rolls into a ball, as she grabs her vagina and she cries so hard. She fears that the large penis sported by the Asian Monster has split her in half.

Karen sits down beside of her, as she watches Alison begin to undress. “Back away from her you bitch!” Karen glares at Alison, as she finally gets down to her bra and panties.

“Whatever, she only lasted twenty five minutes. She’s still mine!”
Alison licks her lips, as she looks at the naked and badly hurt Beyonce.

“Take me then.” Karen lies besides Beyonce, and she looks up at Alison. “Beyonce might need to… Beyonce are you hurt badly?”

“YES! I can’t feel inside of me!” Beyonce continues to sob, and Karen looks at Chan.

(I have a job for you big man. Get you and Beyonce dressed, and then take her to the closet hospital to get checked out. To pay take cash from the box of you cannot drive her….) “Oh God!” Karen says, as Alison begins to eat out her pussy. Chan gets up, and he does as he is ordered. Karen loves how the older woman eats out her pussy too. No one has ever eaten out Karen before. If any of you care why Karen can speak Chinese she was taking language classes at UCLA before her mother got ill, and she had to quit school. Chinese was a very good subject for her.

After Chan gets himself and Beyonce dressed, Chan leads the badly hurt singer to the elevator. She does not care if it is not the private elevator, because she’s in agony. He presses the button to the lobby, and he takes out his cell phone. He dials 9-1-1 and then he speaks. “I have an african american female who has been… made love to by a very large man. She has a badly hurt vagina…” He listens before he asks Beyonce. “Was it rape?” Beyonce quickly shakes her head no, and Chan smiles. “No… I’ll meet you at the front enterance of the Saint Helen Hotel. I’ll be the giant Chinaman.”

Beyonce’s jaw drops to the floor, as she looks up at Chan. “What the fuck… you speak English? Does Alison know?” Chan shakes his head no with a small smile on his face. “Do you know what the word… monster… means?” He nods, as a tear runs down his face. Alison believes that Chan is a big dumb Chinaman who can barely speak English, but Chan has proven that is not true.

She reaches up to grab his face, as she tells him. “You are no monster.” Chan smiles, as Beyonce tells him something that he already knows. He has fallen in love with the superstar like most men do.

When Chan carries Beyonce out to the paramedics and police they get one added shocker of a surprise. Jay-Z stands between them and Beyonce’s saviors. “What the fuck are you doing to my bitch?” Jay-Z is full of jealousy and rage, because Beyonce has had plans every friday night. He believes she is cheating on him or something.

Her eyes widen, as she figures out the days that she believed someone was following her were true. “Chan, let me down please?” Chan lets her down, and she somehow walks to Jay-Z. “Honey, I can explain?” Beyonce begs him.

“Why the giant Chinese guy was carrying your ass out of the hotel? Why the fuck can you hardly walk too?” Jay-Z asks, as he walks towards the very large Chan. “Have you been…?” When Chan lowers his head before Jay-Z can finish the question, he mistakes his guilt. Jay-Z then slams him in the face with his fist.

Beyonce begins to freak out, as Jay-Z does a combo on the face and body of Chan. The problem is that Chan is so large and powerful he does little damage to the man. “I can take you, you huge son of a bitch! Come on fight me pussy!”

“Jay-Z NO!” Beyonce yells, as the paramedics hold her. She tries to escape, but they do not want her involved in the fight. Chan backs up, so they do not harm the people who are trying to help Beyonce. “He tried to help me!”

Beyonce looks on, as Jay-z continues to punch at Chan, and it does hurt some. He has landed a lot of punches onto his foe, and even Chan feels the effects. But the Chinese giant has not thrown any blows yet. “Come on punk! Fight me you fucking monster!”

When Chan hears monster, he catches Jay-Z’s punch and he slugs him back hard. Jay-Z goes flying, and Beyonce breaks the grip of the men hold her. “Chan, don’t hurt him please?” Beyonce then runs to Jay-Z, and she falls onto his body. She then looks up at Chan with tears in her beautiful eyes. “Please no!” She begs, as Chan comes to finish the job on him.

Chan looks down at the beautiful Beyonce Knowles, as she lies on her possibly future husband Jay-Z. The look in her beautiful brown eyes are that of pure terror, and she shakes as she covers his form. “I got you baby, if he wishes to…” Her eyes widen, as the terrible giant before her turns back into the sweet human being who carried her out to the curb.

She looks up, as Chan sits down on the curb and he says something heartbreaking. “I am a monster.” Then the police show to the scene, and they put Chan in handcuffs, because when they got there Chan threw his punch. They did not witness the many blows Jay-Z landed on Chan. Beyonce tries to protest, but the paramedics don’t let her speak to the police, because she is hurt pretty bad. Both she and Jay-Z are taken to the hospital.

Later at the hosiptal, Beyonce lies on the table with a doctor and a nurse in the room. Doctor Reynolds stands before her, as he gives the most beautiful patient he has ever seen a pelvic exam. Beyonce bites her lip, because when men give her pelvic exams she has a habit of having an orgasm. When he finally pulls his hand out of her Beyonce has a minor orgasm. She covers her pussy with her hand, as her head goes back and she shudders hard. “Uhhh…”

“I feel like I should be giving you a cigarette.” The handsome doctor smiles at the beautiful Beyonce. “Not allowed to smoke in here, so sorry.” Beyonce smiles at his joke, and she gives him a look. “Do you want the good news?” Beyonce nods, and he tells her. “No perminent damage has been done to you. You might need some surgery. What happened if I may ask?”

Beyonce then gets a really embarrassed look on her pretty face, and she asks. “Doctor Reynolds, have you ever shoved a lamp up your vagina on a dare?” Doctor Reynolds shakes his head no slowly, and Beyonce blushes. “It hurt even as wasted as I was.”

“So, was this a CHINESE lamp?” Doctor Reyolds asks, as he looks at Beyonce and she nods her head yes. “You are darn lucky that lamp knew what he was doing, because you could have easily been torn in half.”

“Oh… that explains the terrible pain.” Beyonce bites her lip, as she remembers the agony that she felt. “Pretty stupid, huh?”

“Not really. If you really liked this lamp you could do some special exercises that might make sex a little less painful, but sex with this lamp might be impossible.” Doctor Reyolds smiles, as Beyonce rolls her eyes some.

“You are not buying the lamp line at all are you?” Beyonce asks, as she turns red again. Doctor Reyolds smiles, as he looks into her eyes and he shakes his head no. “Oh geez! I am such a slut aren’t I?”

“No, if you were a slut you would not have been so tense at the pelvic exam. You like saw something that few women see, and you got curious.” Doctor Reyolds then smiles the sexiest smile, and Beyonce begins laughing so hard.

The next friday, Alison Klein sits in her bedroom as she waits for the beautiful and badly injured Beyonce Knowles to show up. She does not care if Chan hurt her, or whatever happens to Chan. If INS wishes to deport the illegal alien who she has been paying to have sex with her so be it. There is no trail that leads Chan to her, and she could care less about his fate. She and Karen have been fucking this week, and Karen happens to be a fantastic Lesbian fuck. To tell the truth Karen is way more fun than Beyonce, because Beyonce is forced to fuck her. When Karen orgasms, Alison holds her as they talk. Beyonce, when she orgasms she finds the closest corner to cry.

Alison looks at the clock, as it comes very close to the time that she needs to stop the e-mail from going out that has the film of Beyonce fucking in the elevator on it. Beyonce has been told that she needs to be here by that time on friday nights, or it goes out to everyone. Last friday, the e-mail was stopped because she saw Karen pull Beyonce into that room where they fucked so hard. Sometimes Alison likes to watch. She truly does not wish to ruin Beyonce’s life, but as long as she wishes to fuck Alison to stop the video she’ll ride that horse to death.

A smile comes across her face, as Beyonce comes walking down the hall towards her room. Her skirt happens to be obscenely short, as directed by Alison and she suspects that Beyonce was held up by some autograph hounds. She has only two minutes before she can stop the e-mail. Then she hears a knock at her door. “Who is it?”

“You know damn well who it is!” Beyonce shouts upset, as hell.

“No I don’t. You only have two minutes to say…” Before Alison can finish her sentence Beyonce cuts her off.

“Its your blackmail bitch, stop the fucking e-mail!” Beyonce shouts, as Alison laughs, and she pushes the button stopping the e-mail.

“You my enter then my fucking whore.” Beyonce glares at her, as she comes into the room.

“People can hear you.” Beyonce closes the door with a loud slam. “Do you have to make this a spectical?” She shakes her head, as she looks at Alison in her lingre.

“Whatever. Nice legs! Are you prepared to wrap them around me?” Beyonce shakes her head no, and her eyes glare at the beautiful singer/actress. “Why the fuck not?”

Beyonce then hands her an explaination from Doctor Reynolds on what happened when Beyonce let Chan fuck her. Alison read the note, and she laughs hard. “Oh my God! Are you Punking me?”

“They don’t Punk nobodies, besides I am done.” Beyonce crosses her arms, and she looks at Alison and she laughs again.

“You belong to me you (horrible word)! Understand?” Beyonce feels like she has been kicked in the stomach by David Beckman, because no one has the guts to call her that word. She has always worked to become a classy woman who should be spoken to in respect not be called that word.

“How dare you? If I were not so hurt I would…” Beyonce then looks up, and a smile comes across her face. Here comes the woman who was to replace her. “Since you used that word I’ll tell Rihanna to go home then.”

“Holy shit! Rihanna?” Alison stands up, and she misses something that she’ll might soon wish she saw on the other video monitor. The one that tapes the back way onto these floor. The way that Beyonce usually goes, but she was ordered to go the public way tonight.

“Too bad you called me the N’ word, huh?” Beyonce smiles, because she can sees that Alison is so turned on right now. She happens to have over five years on Rihanna, and she knows that Alison likes her women young. If it did not make her feel yucky inside she would have invited Dakota Fanning to join the party. But she would perfer to keep her out of this. If Rihanna did not insist on coming her tonight she would not have been invited too.

“I am so sorry!” Alison falls onto her knees, as Beyonce feels the power shift from the hotel manager to her. A smile stretches across her face, as it happens. Alison then begs like Oliver Twist if he had a chance at a pudding cup.

Then they hear a knock at the door. “I am not sure if I should let her come in?” Beyonce can’t help but smile, because Alison is very close to crying. “Come in, please?”

Rihanna walks into the room in a sexy as hell slave costume. It happens to be a black leather two piece bikini, that is way to small. What Carrie Fisher in Star Wars the Return of the Jedi wore in the costody of Jada looks conservative in comparison. Her breasts are seriously testing the leather, and only will power holds her super small thong on her sexy pelvis. Her body has a thin layer of sweat, because she ran up the flights of stairs that it takes to get to this floor. She then hands Beyonce the leash that is latched to the collar that she sport, and she immediately falls to her knees. “I am sorry master, when we are apart I have a hard time thinking.” Rihanna then slams her palms onto the floor before Alison.

“Holy shit!” Alison nearly cums right there, because of being before the young and extremely beautiful Rihanna. Her body has sweat on it, and she is hardly dressed. Right now she leans on the floor before her. “Rihanna, please stand?” Rihanna does not move, or even respond to her. “What’s her deal?”

“Rihanna is my slave. Not yours!” Beyonce looks into her eyes. “You want to know what Alison called me? She called me the N’ word.”

Her eyes blaze with fire and fury, as she looks up at Alison. “She called you WHAT?”

“That word that you never call anyone of African decent! How rude!” Rihanna screams, as she glares at Alison. Beyonce crosses her arms, as Rihanna stands up.

“I don’t want to play anymore, Beyonce!” Rihanna is so mad right now, because when someone uses that word it can make so many people of African decent so angry. When people use that word in hatred it makes them totally outragged. She crosses her arms, as she turns from Alison and she faces the bathroom.

Beyonce then takes the leash off of the collar that Rihanna wears, and she tells the beautiful young star. “You may leave if you wish.”

Alison then explodes in regret. “Oh God NO! Please don’t leave? Please! Please! Please! PPleeeeeeaaaaaseeeee!” Alison begins to beg Beyonce to be forgiven for the blackmail she has done to her. She even runs to her computer and she erases the file that she had on it. Then Alison takes out the DVD she burned of the scene in her safe, and she hands it to Beyonce. “You are fr… you no longer are blackmailed, and I am sooo sorry!” Alison then looks at Rihanna. “Can Rihanna play with me now?”

Rihanna looks at Beyonce, and then to Alison. “Nothing else in this room can blackmail Beyonce, or inside of the hotel?” Rihanna has a powerful feeling that there might be a master tape yet.

Then Alison walks to the phone, and she picks it up. She then makes the phone call. “Hello George. Remember that video tape that I told you to lock away? Yes, bring it to my office ASAP, please?” She listens, and she smiles some. “The code you want is seventy-four, CF.” She smiles, as she listens then she hangs up the phone. “He shall come very soon. Can we play now?”

Beyonce shakes her head, as she looks at Alison. Then Rihanna looks at the bag, she brought up to the room. Alison’s eyes then widen, as Rihanna bends down to pick up the bag. She then tosses it to Beyonce, and she looks at Alison. “Get on the bed, and lie down spread eagle. Beyonce can you do me a favor and bind her up with them?” Beyonce gasps, as the chains come out of the bag by her own hands. “Don’t play the pure virgin angle. I have been drunk with your ass.”

“Whatever…” Before Beyonce can take a step, Alison is on the bed buck naked. Rihanna then walks into the bathroom. Beyonce then begins to chain up Alison tight, and she grits her teeth in some pain. “Don’t be a pussy.” Beyonce then begins to play with her clit, and Alison shivers. Not because she has to play with her clit, but because she wants to she does it.

Rihanna then comes out of the bathroom buck naked, and she has a bar of some nasty tasting soap in her hand. She then straddles her stomach, and she smiles as she holds the soap over her mouth. “Open your mouth. If you can suck on this for ten minutes we’ll forgive you for the word.”

“If I refuse?” Alison asks, because that soap tastes so awful.

“Then I get off of you and leave. Beyonce stops playing with your clit, and when she gets the video the person who brought it up shall have you at his or her mercy.” Rihanna then gives her the most evil smile that Alison has ever seen before in her life. Alison does not want to be at George’s mercy. He must be pushing eighty!

Alison then opens her mouth for the soap, and Rihanna jams it into her mouth so hard. Parts of the soap split, as Rihanna slides it in the worst way it can go. She then smiles down at the horrified Alison. “I am going to sing for you now.” Rihanna smiles, because she does not sing any of her many hits. She sings something that no one would expect her to sing. A song off of Metallica- Ride the Lightning.

“Time is like a fuse, short and burning fast!” Rihanna screams the song, as Alison begin to cry so hard. Beyonce continues to play with her clit hard, and Alison has a major orgasm. Rihanna smiles, as Alison has one of many orgasms tonight. “You really want to touch my beautiful black body don’t you?” Alison really shakes her head yes. “Too bad, you can’t.”

Beyonce then sits beside of Rihanna, and they begin to kiss with powerful passion. Yes, Beyonce cannot take much sexual tension on her vagina, but she can more than pleasure the beautiful Rihanna. Her hands move over Rihanna’s big tits, and she shudders so hard.

Rihanna dismounts from Alison, and she lies beside of her while Beyonce kisses down her smoking hot body. She shudders, as Beyonce kisses her all over her tummy. As her mouth continues to kiss down her body, her fingers play with Rihanna’s toned stomach muscles. Her tongue then moves over her clit, as Rihanna’s nails dig into the bed hard. “Oh God!” The tongue that belong to Beyonce Knowles continues to lick the clit that belongs to the beautiful Rihanna. She arches her back, as Beyonce tongues it hard and Rihanna shakes so long. Beyonce’s tongue then moves into her vagina, and she begins to tongue out Rihanna so hard. She thrashes, as Beyonce tongues out Rihanna. “Oh my fucking…”

When Rihanna cums so hard, her female fluid splashes onto Beyonce’s tongue. She licks it up, as her hands glide over Rihanna’s toned legs. Her skin is so smooth, and Beyonce loves how it feels. Her cum tastes so sweet, and Beyonce could eat it all night. Rihanna flows like The Amazon flows out into the Atlantic Ocean, and Beyonce consumes it like the later. Rihanna then has a long series of orgasms that shocks Beyonce. No wonder Rihanna is known as a man stealer, because when she has an orgasm it brings many friends. One night with the beautiful ebony goddess can give any man a powerful ego.
“Holy shit! How can you orgasm like that?” Beyonce asks the panting Rihanna, and she smiles wide.

“Because when I fuck someone I really get into it.” Rihanna smiles, as she plays with Beyonce’s clit. Beyonce shudders a painful shiver.

“Ouch, stop please?” Beyonce feels better since last week, but her vagina is still pretty sore.

“I’m sorry. I am pretty whooped too and…” Rihanna’s end of the conversation stops, as Alison spits the soap out of her mouth, and it lands beside of her leg.

“I want to play too! It has been well over ten minutes!” Alison cries loudly, as tears stream down her beautiful face. Sex in this room has to revolve around her, and no one else. “I can’t get free!” She screams with such fury, and frustration.

Rihanna looks up at Alison, as she picks up the soap. She then stuffs it back into the mouth of Alison. “No one told you that you could talk bitch!” Beyonce then begins to lick Rihanna’s nipples, and she shudders so hard. Then Beyonce lies Rihanna back on the bed for more oral sex. Poor Alison gets shut out, and she deserves no less.

Jay-Z stands outside of the room that Alison Klein uses, and he sighs hard. In his hand is the video tape that George gave him after the seventy-five year-old man nearly pissed himself. The tech they use for security here is ancient, and Jay-Z wonders if he holds a beta style tape. How the fuck this place can use this type of tech is beyond him. He has no idea that this tape is typical of security tapes, and that it is designed to be used over and over. He really don’t care too. Jay-Z happens to be thrity-seconds away from going in that room and kick some ass. Probation or not no one black mails his bitch.

He stands straight up when the door comes open, and Beyonce and Rihanna come out of the room. They are both fully clothed, because Beyonce always brings a change of clothes with her. Both she and Rihanna glow from the sex that they had. “Did you two fuck her?” He asks so angry. Both ladies shake their head no.

“We tied her up, and made her watch. Maybe we should have let her pee before we left?” Rihanna smiles, as she looks at Beyonce.

Beyonce grins, as she shakes her head no over and over. “Let her sit in her urine. We’ll tell Karen before we leave so Alison does not strave to death.”

“Whatever. You should have let me…” Jay-Z is so angry, because he still has no idea what Beyonce is being black mailed for. He does have a powerful clue, because of the video. “Bitch, what am I going to see if I look at dis fucking video? Did you fuck dat guy at da threatre?”

She stops, because even Corey Carter, the man known to the world as Jay-Z has no right to call her a bitch. No one can ever call her a bitch again. She then walks to him, and she looks him in the eyes. “A young man who is huge was fucking my black ass in the main elevator. He could teach you a thing or two.”

His eyes widen, as she confesses right to his face. Beyonce then moves back to Rihanna, and they adjoin arms. “By the way Jay-Z I am trading up. You and me are done. Me and Rihanna are on.”

The jaw that belongs to Jay-Z goes slack, because Rihanna has just stolen his woman. Rihanna has a nasty reputation as being a man theif, but he has never heard of her stealing a woman before. “You fucking slut! I am dropping you from the label!” Jay-Z yells at Rihanna. Rihanna gives Jay-Z the one finger salute. She’s get another label in maybe ten minutes. What a fucking fool!

“Hey Rihanna, I have a plan we could do for next friday. There is a threatre that has the nicest guy who works… What?” She asks, as Rihanna begins to laugh hard.

“You fucked Tommy too, huh? God that kid is huge!” Rihanna grins, as Beyonce nods yes. “By the way we still have our WWE backstage passes for Monday Night Raw?”

“God yes, The Chinese Giant debutes against some big bad ass. Chan does not feel so bad on WWE’s rooster. His size is not that big compared to some of them. I have no idea who he takes on, but you know that stuff is all fixed anyway.” Both Beyonce Knowles, and her girlfriend Rihanna laugh hard, because Beyonce is no longer anyone’s bitch. Except maybe Rihanna’s bitch.

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