My Britney Spears Story

My Britney Spears Story

It was a warm summer night, right around 11 o’clock, and I was strolling
down a street in my hometown of Vanessa Falls, Maryland. Across the bay
I could see the lights of Baltimore glowing in the evening sky. As I
continued down the street I heard footsteps behind me. I ignored them
at first but as they got closer I turned around. Before me stood the
lovely Britney Spears, in the flesh! I almost couldn’t believe it. I
blinked a few times just to make sure, and then went on to stop dead in
my tracks and await her
arrival. "Hi," I said, as she came upon me.

"Hello," she replied. She looked incredible in her tight black jeans and
a short white blouse. I could see her massive tits almost busting out
of her bra.

"You’re, ummm, Britney Spears, aren’t you?" I asked, trying to hide me
wondering eyes and throbing hard-on.

"That’s right,"she said, smiling at me. God, she’s gorgeous, I thought
to myself. We continued to walk down the street, talking about the
weather, where she grew up, and just everyday things. I finally got to
my apartment, and as I stared into her eyes, I knew I couldn’t let her
go. "So, ahh, do you wanna, maybe, come inside for a drink or two?" I
asked cautiously, the words stumbling out of my mouth.

"Ummmm, yeah, I guess," she said, glancing down at her watch. When we
got inside I went to the kitchen to grab some drinks and Britney sat
down on the couch. I brought the drinks to the living room and sat down
beside her. My throbbing erection was about to tear a hole in my jeans,
and I knew she could tell I was extremely horny. She playfully pushed
her hair over her shoulder as we talked, exposing her huge bust more to
me. They were perfect tits, they had to be a "D" cup. She must have
caught me staring because she stood up and started unbuttoning her
shirt. "You wanna see more?" She asked, and all that I could do was nod
my head. She slowly unbuttoned all of the buttons and let the flaps of
her blouse fall to the sides. She was wearing a black strapless bra
that pushed her tits together forming a deep ravine of cleavage. She
unbuttoned her pants and slowly slid the down, exposing a her tanned
legs and a small black thong. Next the bra came off, and those
magnificent jugs became exposed. I couldn’t stand it any longer, I
stood up and took her tits into my hands, gently massaging her
hardening nipples. She moaned softly as I started to lick her tits, at
the same time I reached down and unbuttoned my jeans. She put her hands
on my shoulders and pushed me down onto the couch. She pulled my jeans
down to my ankles and started massaging my stiff cock with her hands.
As she did this I continued to fondle her, pinching and twisting her
nipples. She removed my boxer shorts and ran her soft hands up and down
the length of my shaft. I was harder than ever, and couldn’t wait to
fuck her.

But first she wanted to show off her oral sex skills. She slowly licked
the head of my cock while pumping up and down on the shaft. I was soon
ready to explode but I managed to hold it it. I wanted this one to last
a while.

I reached between her legs and rubbed the thong into her pussy I could
feel how wet it was throught the thong, and knew she couldn’t wait to
be fucked either. I pulled down the thong and inserted three fingers
into her tight pussy. She moaned as I fingered her, her juices seeping
all over my hand. Then I took my cock in one hand and pushed it into
the opening of her pussy. She was so titght, it took me five minutes
just to get my head into her She started moaning as I fucked her harder
and harder. I pressed my face into her tits and licked away at her rock
hard nipples. She was having orgasms like crazy, and I was about to
shoot my load inside her. Then I pulled it out and pointed at those
huge jugs. Seven huge streams of cum exploded from my cock and splash
all over her huge tits. She pulled her left tit to her lips and licked
it clean, and then she did the same to the right. I was panting so
hard, I could barely catch my breath. She quickly got dressed and left,
but not before I snuck a peek at that bra. "Yep," I thought to myself.

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