My Fantasy Island – Part 1: On Vacation


This Story is completely fictional and in no way did the people involved take any part of the acts done in this story. This Story was written by a person over the age of 18 for persons over the age of 18. This Story was written for entertainment purposes only. No part of this story should be taken seriously or literally. Sex acts should always be perform by consensual adults and never involve minors of any age.


Willie Longfellow

Mff, ff, con. first

My Fantasy Island – Part 1: On Vacation

Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus

Emily and Miley arrived, wearing string bikinis with wraps around their waist, sunglasses and big Panama hats. Emily’s bikini and wrap were a blue and yellow strip style, Miley’s was solid white.

I stood on the dock and greeted them as they got off the boat. I introduced myself as their host and told them that anything to their desire they are to just ask and I will deliver. I then escorted them by Jeep to their private Cabin; 4 miles inland were their nearest neighbor would be 3 miles away.

As they entered their cabin, they both started to spin and swirl stripping their hats, sunglasses and wraps. They both landed on one of the king sized beds laughing and giggling; they then hugged and kissed deeply not caring that I was only 4 feet away. I stood there watching as Miley undid Emily’s strings to her top and removed it, throwing it at my feet. She started to lick one of her friend’s nipples while pinching the other between her forefinger and thumb.

Emily looked straight into my eyes and mouthed the words come here. Puzzled I pointed at myself and then pointed at them, where as she smiled and nodded at me.

I walked over and got on the bed moving towards Emily. As I sat next to her she started to remove my shirt and kiss me deeply. I could not believe my luck, Two beautiful teenage girls on a king size bed, miles from anybody. I then reach over and undid the strings of Miley’s bikini top so I could play with her nipples and small breast.

Emily started whispering in my ear that they were both virgins and come to my Island to change that. She then reached for my pants unhooking them and reaching her hand inside to feel my swelling cock.

Miley was working her way down Emily’s body untying the stings to her bikini bottoms, pushing it to the side. She started kissing Emily’s inner thigh working her way to her friend’s bald pussy. Using her fingers Miley started to rub Emily’s slit, then she kissed and licked her clit.

Emily now had my cock out of my pants and was stroking it slowly; she bent down and started to lick the head covering it with saliva. She then put about three inches of my seven inch cock into her mouth sucking and licking at the same time.

I looked down at Miley and seen that she had parted Emily’s pussy lips with her tongue and was tongue fucking her friend like she has been doing it for years. Emily started to moan with my cock in her mouth. And I watched as she came all over Miley’s face. Emily took my cock out of her mouth so she could French kiss Miley, and taste her own pussy juice.

I was then guided by two sets of hands onto my back, where as Miley finished stripping then straddled my face bending over to take my cock into her mouth in a 69 position, I then felt Emily’s tongue start to lick my balls. I then licked Miley’s pussy tasting one of the sweetest juices I ever have had the pleasure of tasting. As I started to tongue fuck Miley, I felt my balls tighten up, and I started cumming in Miley’s mouth, then she came all over my face.

Miley got off me and moved towards Emily, grabbing her face with both hands she looked down at Emily and let my cum fall from her mouth about 6 inches into Emily’s. They both then kissed sharing my cum.

I had the girls lay side by side on the bed, so close they could kiss each other and they did. I then parted Emily’s legs climbing between them to taste her pussy, as I started to lick I reached over to Miley and slowly inserted one finger into her virgin pussy. With my free hand I parted Emily’s pussy lips and started to tongue fuck her, she tasted just as sweet as Miley.

As I looked up between Emily’s legs I could see they were both still kissing and playing with each others tits. I got them to start moaning and cumming at the same time. I licked Emily clean, and started crawling up her body giving her little kisses as I went. I looked down into Emily’s pretty eyes and asked if she was ready to become a woman. She answered yes and as I reached down to guide my cock to her waiting pussy, Miley grabbed it and started to guide it herself, saying she wants to help take her friends virginity.

As Miley guided my cock I started to push into Emily, it felt so tight I didn’t know if I could get it all in. Then as I inched my way in I stopped suddenly at her hymen, I bent over and licked one of her nipples getting her to relax, I then bit the nipple just enough to stun her, then shoved my cock home. When I was buried balls deep in her pussy I stopped to let her relax and get her bearings.

Emily slowly started to move her hips getting use to my cock deep in her pussy, so I slowly pulled my cock out of her leaving just the head in, then slowly pushed it balls deep in her again. She was getting really use to my cock and wrapped her legs around my hips. I was picking up speed going faster in and out of her pussy that she cried out at the top of her lungs she was cumming. She came so hard all over my cock that I could feel her cum going down my legs and her ass.

I sat up on my knees with my cock still pumping in and out of Emily; Miley lay next to her friend licking a nipple. It was such a beautiful site I felt my balls twitch, I pulled out just in time, my cum shot out of my cock hitting Miley in the face and landing on Emily’s tits and belly.

Both girls just smiled at me.

Miley began rubbing my cum around on Emily’s body, licking her finger every now and then, even sticking her fingers into Emily’s mouth for a taste.

Miley worked her way down to my softening cock, and began licking her friends cum from it. I felt a stir in my cock as she started sucking it, getting me hard again.

Miley turn so she was on her hands and knees between Emily’s legs and started to clean her pussy with her tongue. I leaned over and stated to lick Miley’s pussy from behind discovering she was really wet. I let my tongue slide up the crack of her ass like it had a mind of its own and proceeded to lick out her ass.

I then got on my knees behind Miley and guided my cock to her pussy. As I pushed the head of my cock into her I reached around and pinched both of her nipples real hard she let out a scream. I then shoved real hard breaking her hymen shoving my cock all the way in and held it there.

After Miley had gotten use to my cock buried in her pussy, I started to work it in and out getting a good rhythm going. Emily moved under Miley into a 69 position again. I could feel her lick my balls and Miley’s clit at the same time.

As I fucked Miley I licked my index finger and started to play with her puckered little asshole. I slowly inserted my finger into her ass and her pussy lips got really tight around my cock, she was cumming and she was cumming hard, all over my cock and Emily’s face.

I slammed my cock into her hard three or four more times, and then pulled out. I came in her ass crack and watched my cum drip down to Emily’s face.

Emily started licking up all my cum, she grabbed Miley’s ass and pulled it down to her face so she could lick her ass crack clean.

I sat down in a nearby chair opened a bottle of water. I poured a little bit on my head and drank the rest as I watched the girls kiss and cuddle each other as they rubbed each others bodies. Then I went to sleep.

When I woke from my well needed nap, both girls were gone. So I decided to go take a shower and leave.

While I was in the shower, both girls had returned without my knowing it. I got out of the shower and dried myself off. When I went to get dressed I realized I left my clothes in the other room, so I wrapped a towel around me and left the bathroom only to walk in on the girls sitting on the end of the bed fully dressed and smiling.

My cock got instantly hard. Miley had her blonde wig on looking like Hannah Montana; she was wearing a blue dress that came down past her knees with nylons and high heels. Emily was dress in a plaid skirt stripped thigh high socks, Tennis shoes and a short purple colored wig looking like her character Lola Lafonda. They then stated they would like me to refer to them as such.

I then had Lola get on her knees in front of me. I removed my towel and my cock slipped right into her mouth. I told Hannah to lie back, spread her legs and play with her own pussy. When Hannah spread her legs I could see the tops of her nylons and black lacy panties.

Lola was doing good job bobbing her head up and down on my cock, taking almost the whole thing down her throat, she reached up and tickled my balls with her fingers. She pulled my cock out of her mouth, and ran her tongue around my balls then up my shaft and all around my head then she put my cock back in her mouth.

I looked over at Miley, and seen her hand down her panties, and could tell she had two fingers deep in her pussy. Moaning I could also tell she was about to cum. So I told Lola to go help her finish. Lola got between Hannah’s legs pulled her panties to the side and dived tongue first into Hannah’s cunt. Hannah came instantly all over Lola’s face.

I walked over to them; Lola turned around and swallowed my cock again, so I came down her throat.

Hannah got down on her knees so she could kiss Lola, and get a taste of my cum.

I then had Lola sit on the edge of the bed. I got on my knees in front of her, reached up her skirt and in one sweep pulled her panties off of her. I than guided Hannah’s head down to Lola’s pussy, she started licking getting her friend to cum fast and hard.

I sat down in the chair I took a nap in earlier. Hannah stood up and let her dress fall to the floor, she bent over sliding her panties to the floor, leaving just her nylons, high heels and wig on she walked over to me. I turned her around placed her legs on either side of my legs. Guiding her to sit down I guided my cock in to her pussy. She sank down all the way moaning real load. I grabbed her hips and started bouncing her up and down on my cock.

Lola walked over kissed Hannah and dropped to her knees pushing my knees apart and started to lick my balls and Hannah’s clit. I felt Hannah cum all over my cock. I grabbed Hannah by the back of her knees, leaned her back on me, and I lifted her off my cock. I then told Lola to put it in her ass as I lowered her down real slow. It took a few minutes of patience, but I was soon all the way in Hannah’s asshole and she began to rock back and forth. I than felt Lola’s finger’s pounding into Hannah’s pussy.

Hannah was cumming and so was I, deep into her ass, filling her up.

After Hannah slid off my cock Lola did her best to deep throat me cleaning me off, and keeping me hard.

Hannah lay down on the bed on her belly. Lola got on top of her and used her tongue to clean my cum out of her ass.

I walked up behind Lola and inserted two fingers into her pussy. Fingering her I could feel her juices all over. I removed both fingers and slowly pushed one into her ass, working it in and out I decided to put two fingers in when I did she came.

I got behind her and had Hannah guide my cock into Lola’s ass, it was so tight I almost shot my cum instantly, but I held back and pounded her ass well. Hannah picked up a hairbrush, showed me the handle, got on her knees behind us and inserted the brush into Lola’s pussy. Lola came all over the brush as I blew my final load in her ass.

The next few days were full of more fun and games. We used the hot tub, been to the beach, horseback riding. Anyplace we could find to fuck we did.

I invited them back to the Island anytime and to please tell their friends.

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