My Night With Daisy


The following story is a work of fiction and in no way is an accurate portrayal of the person(s) depicted.

My night with Daisy

By element180

I met Daisy through an actress friend Melissa.She was always trying to set me up with celebrities and I’ve gone on dates with quite a few but all they ever wanted to do was talk about were themselves.They would always want to go where they would be seen and the night always turned into a media circus.When I met Daisy I was reluctant about asking her out not wanting to go through all of that again.I decided to find out what kind of person she was
before doing anything.We hung out alot over the next two weeks and I noticed a few good things about her.When we were together she seemed to actually be interested in me and not in who was looking at us.Knowing she was 10 years older than me I really thought she’d want nothing to do with me.Truthfully I thought she was way out of my league.Any guy would really seeing as how I was a 26 year old intern at the studio (i.e. a gopher) and she was one of the most beautiful wonem in the universe that every guy in there right mind wanted.She knew I was hesitant to do anything and she knew why.

We sat on the floor in front of the fireplace talking about ourselves.She seemed truly interested in me and my life.I told her all about myself,my past relationships,family,what I wanted to do in life.The subject soon evolved to sex.She became more involved in this conversation now.

“Have you ever had sex with a celebrity?” she asked

“No” I said

“Have you ever wanted to?” she asked.

“Well yeah” I said

“Of course but their only fantasies and nothing like that would ever really happen.” I said

“Why not?” she asked

“Because” I said”I’m not the best looking guy around” I said

“Don’t say thet” she said”I think you’re very good looking”

“And besides” I continued”something like that would never be nothing more than a dream and could never happen to me.I have a hard enough time getting dates period”

“Well” she said as she moved in really close to me”let’s see if I can make a dream come true.”

She leaned in and kissed me sticking her tonque in my mouth.It really caught me by surprize but I soon got over the shock and kissed her back.Our tongues restled around for a bit.She pushed me back and straddled me.We continued kissing when she pulled away.

“Let’s play a game” she said

“What kind of game?” I asked

“Be my slave for an hour and I’ll be your slave for the rest on the night.” she said

“What do you mean?” I asked

“It’s simple,all you have to do is do whatever I say for 1 hour.If you do everything I say no matter what it is then I’ll anything and everything you want want to do for the rest of the night.” she said

“Sounds good to me” I said

“Good” she said

She stood up and held her hand out.I took her hand and she led me into the bedroom.She sat me down on the bed with a large canopy..

“Don’t move I’ll be right back” she said as she went into a walk-in closet.She came back a few minutes later wearing nothing but a black bra and a black g-string and carrying a small bag.My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw her.Just looking at her like this made my dick fully erect.

“Like what you see?” she asked as she smiled.

“Oh god yes” I said

She climbed on top of me on the bed and kissed me again.She then pulled away and ripped my shirt open and took it off.She reached into the bag and pulled out some black nylon rope.She tied the rope to my wrists and tied my wrists to the headboard.She slowly ran her hands down my chest and stomach until reaching my pants.She undid my belt and unzipped my pants.She pulled my pants off and tossed them to the floor.She looked at me bulging dick trying to force it’s way through my boxer shorts.

“Patience” she said as she tesingly rubbed my dick”we’ll get to that soon enough”

She stood up on the bed towering over me.She slowly and teasingly rubbed all over my body with her foot.She slowly made her way up my thighs to my crotch where she gently rubbed by dick.She made her way up my stomach to my chest and finally to my head.

She placed her foot on my chin and said”Suck my toes”.

Witout hesitation I began sucking her toes.I generously worked all of her toes and even went the extra way to lick the soles of her feet.She was really getting turned on by this.I licked and sucked both of her feet for awhile when she took them away.She then slowly peeled her panties off and dropped them to the floor.She sat down on me stradling my chest.She took off her bra exposing her beautiful breasts.

“I want you to eat me out.” she said.

She moved her body from my chest to my face.Her cunt was picture perfect,black hair,trimmed but not too close,with her lips openely excited.I immediately dove in for a taste.I began licking her pussy like there was no tomorrow.She tasted fantastic and was already close to cumming.When my tongue finally found her clit,the moans turned into screems.

“Oh God,that feels so good.Make me cum!” she cried.

That was all the encouragement I needed.She grabbed ahold of the headboard as if her life depended on it.


I licked her clit until she exploded all over my face,her body convulsing,pushing her sopping wet cunt harder onto my face until she finally calmed down.I licked her now sensative clit which made her jump before she finally moved away.She layed on the bed next to me.She leaned over and kissed me.

“That was the best I’ve ever had” she whispered in my ear.

“I guess it’s my turn is’nt it” she said

She started kissing and licking my chest making sure to give my nipples a goos once over with her tongue.She kissed my stomach before making her way to my boxers.She slowly pulled them down as she licked the newly exposed skin as she went.Finally she had them off and tossed them to the floor.She turned her attention to my fully erect 10″ cock.

“Mmm very nice” she said.

She took my cock in her hand and slowly rubbed it’s entire length.She teasingly licked the head as her hand gently stroked my member.She opened her mouth and took 7″ of it inside.She began sucking me like a pro.She took her hand from my dick and cupped my balls.She ever so softly massaged them as she gave me the blowjob of a lifetime.After a few minutes she removed my dick from her mouth and began licking up and down the shaft before her velvety tongue finally met my balls.Her free hand found it’s way to my cock and began stroking it.She licked and sucked my balls and stroking my cock like it was her last day on earth.

“Oh god” I moaned.

The feeling was so intense.She licked her way up my shaft and started sucking once again.

“I’m gonna cum” I warned her.

I looked down as I said this and saw a grin come over her face as she bagan sucking harder and faster than before until I exploded in her mouth.I filled her mouth with my juice and she swallowed every drop without hesitation.She licked me clean before letting go of my cock.

“Well” a promise is a promise,let’s get these ropes off of you.” she said as she untied my wrists “You did everything I said now you get to call the shots.”

“Hmm” I said” whatever could we do?”

This time I began kissing and licking her body.I began at her neck and made my way to her shoulders and finally to her perfect breasts.I alternated between them licking her beautiful light brown areola before my tongue made it’s way to her pert nipples.After giving her tits a good workout I licked my way down her well toned stomach stopping breifly to explore her navel with my tongue.I continued down to her pubic region.I made sure not to miss an” of her angelic body as I tongue bather her hips making my way down her thighs,to her knees,down her shins to her ankles.As I reached fer feet I heard her sigh.She obviously got off on having her feet worked.I liked all over the tops of her feet.I moved down the bed so I was now at her feet.I picked up her legs and put her ankles together.I kissed and licked the soles of her feet.I glanced up at her and she had her eyes closed and was sucking on her bottom lip while grasping the sheets.I worked her sexy soles for awhile before starting on her toes.I sucked her toes giving each and every one equal attention.I even made sure not to forget to lick in between each one.

“Roll over” I said after thoroughy drenching her feet with my tongue.

I slowly made my way up her calves to her thighs.I made my way to the finest ass it has been my priviledge to lay eyes on.My hands grasped each cheek as my tongue teased her crack.I kissed and licked every millimeter of her cheeks and I through in a couple of slaps for good measure.I continued kissing up her back until reaching her neck.I then worked my way back down to her ass again.I rolled her back over and spread her legs apart.I got in between them and wnt down to orally pleasure her again.My tongue began exploring the inner regions of her sweet cunt.I sucked on her lips while my finger made it’s way inside her.She began to squirm in pleasure with this and a slight moan filled the air.I started licking and sucking on her clit as if it were going out of style.Her slight moans got louder and her body tensed up in pleasure.

“Oh yes…oh god…oh yes” she cried.

I inserted another finger inside her,then another and finally a forth.Still working her clit with my mouth I fucked her sweet cunt with my hand.

“MMM…OH YEAH….MMM” she moaned.

“You like that?” I asked


Who was I to dissapoint?I continued on filling her pussy with my hand as I sucked away at her love button.She wrapped her legs around me squeezing me into her.I looked up at her beautiful face.She had her head tilted slightly back,mouth open,eyes shut and a look on her face of pure pleasure.She had her hands on her breasts rubbing her nipples.I could’nt beleive how hot she was.I could’nt beleive what I was doing.I’m living out the fantasy of millions of men and this is only the beginning of the nights journey.

“OH GOD…I’M CUMMING” she cried.

A few seconds later she unleashed a tidal wave of juice onto my face.Her body tensed up as her love juice flowed onto my face and into my mouth.I continued working her clit for awhile not trying to be the type that quits just as she reaches her climax.A little extra work never hurt anyone.She noticed this and appreciated my dedication.I finally broke away from her and licked up he stomach to her breasts.I teased her nipple with my tongue before sucking on her tits.I took turns with them.First the right,then the left not wanting either one to feel left out.I made my way up her chest to her neck and finally to her mouth where we kissed.She licked and sucked her remaining juices off my lips and mouth.Our tongues danced in each others mouth.She took my tongue between her lips and sucked on it.We broke our embrace and she looked into my eyes.

“That was amazing” she said.

“Yeah” I replied

“Most guys quit as soon as I get off but you stayed down there and finished up.” she said

“Well most guys don’t apreciate a females orgasm the way I do and besides” I continued “I’m not most guys”.

“You certainly are’nt” she said “I knew you were special the first time we met.”

“Special how,like rode the short bus to school special?” I joked

“No silly” she said “there’s just something about you that I can’t quite explain.”

The end???

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