My Sister/Lover Danielle Fishel

This story is 100% made up. There is no truth in this story it. Is simply a work of fiction.

My sister/lover Danielle Fishel by the flying anvil (

My name is Chris loving brother of actress Danielle Fishel. Ever since the beginning of my puberty I have always fantasised about having sex with my sister. Though in my mind I always knew it was wrong it became more of an obsession of mine to see her naked and maybe even fuck her if the opportunity arises. I thought that if I told her about my feelings she and the rest of the family would disown me. I have tried to accidentally walk
in on her in the bathroom or in her bedroom, but she always keep the doors firmly shut. In one of my more desperate moments I came up with a devious plan to have my way with her with out her even knowing. The plan was based on something I had seen in 80’s TV. show “The A Team.” In every episode they have to go on a plane. But due to the toughest man on the planet Mr T being afraid of flying the other members of the A team drug him to get him on the planes. When he wakes up he can’t remember anything that has happened. This was exactly the kind of opportunity I needed to have my way with my desirable sister. After researching the drug on the internet I found a site where I could buy the aforementioned drug. I used my dad’s credit card to order it and I had a very anxious week waiting for it to arrive.

When I received it I had to restrained the want to use it straight away. But I waited until my parents went away for a second honeymoon and Danielle and I were left home alone. We decided to spend some quality time together as she was away so often filming “Boy Meets World.” We sat around in the living room talking about what has been happening in our lives. I could barely concentrate on what she was saying to me as she was looking so hot. I could not help but look down her loose fitting grey tee shirt at her huge breasts, which were barely restrained by her tight black bra. The Tee shirt hung low and covered her mid region it occasionally ride up which showed off her tight white pants covering her large, lovely arse. By now I was rock hard and so horny. I was ready to put my plan into motion. He got up (carefully hiding his now very prominent erection) and when to the kitchen to get some milk and cookies. He poured the powder into his sister’s milk and stirred it in so you could not tell the difference. He took them back into the front room and saw his sister lying looking very hot and I got lost into my own little world and my stiff knob was harder than ever before. I was so distracted that I got confused which milk had the drugs in them. I decided that I would just put down the trey and see if luck was on my side. Danielle told me she had really enjoyed the night with me and she started to sip at her drink. I was so nervous about what I was going to do when I got her unconscious I downed my whole glass.

This was when thing started to go strange. I started to feel very weak and collapsed on to the floor. It seemed that luck defiantly was not on my side. Danielle was shocked by the situation she found herself in. At first she thought I was just playing around. But when I did not get up she panicked and started to shake me. She calmed herself down and began to feel if I had a pulse. She was relived to find I had and got up to phone for help. After dialling the first two nines she looked down at me and saw the big tent in my trousers created by my huge erection. That temptation was too big for her. She loved dicks and this was too big of a temptation for her. As it turned out she had always had a secret fascination with me and like me always wanted to get a little closer to me but society would not allow it. She thought to her self as there was no one around and even I would not know she could have her way with me with out being decreased. She went over to my unconscious body and she unzipped my trousers and tugged them down. Her eye was nearly taken out when my cock burst out of my pants. She was shocked she never thought her brother was this well endowed. She pulled down the rest of my underwear so that the whole of the bottom of my body was open to the air with my penis looking like a totem pole. She could not help her self and she pulled her knickers to the side and began to shove her fingers into her sticky, clean shaven cunt. She did not want to cum too early with out getting her some of my pole. She undid my shirt to reveal my muscular body. She could not hold her self back she pulled down her knickers and mounted my manhood and grinded up and down on hard dick. She began to start screaming in pleasure at the shear enjoyment I was giving to her in my sleep.

After 5 minutes of grinding on my hard cocks she was coming to the height of her pleasure. She was about to cum for the forth time and she got a surprise when I started to cum inside her tight twat. It was an even bigger surprise to me when I woke up to find my fine sister fucking me senseless. When she realised I was conscious again she quickly got off my cock and started to apologise. I was still in shock that my hot celebrity sister was into me just as much as I was into her. I thought to myself I can’t let this opportunity pass me by. I had to come out and explain that I felt the same way she did.

When I told her this she paused from her apologetic rant and she leaned forward and embraced me in the most passionate kiss I have ever been involved in. Her tongue massaged mine and there was barely any room for us to breath but neither of us cared we were having the best time of our lives. We would not even cared if we died right that second we were in paradise. I laid her down on our sofa and pulled off her loose grey tee shirt and for the first time since we were babies saw her completely naked. She had certainly developed since those early days. Her breasts were about as perfect as you could get. They were huge but not because they were full fat, they were as firm as anyone half her size. Her nipples were just right for tits of her size, not too big, not too small. I could not hold myself back any longer I leaned my head forwards and sucked on my sister’s ample cleavage. Her nipples tasted like fresh cream and felt so warm in my mouth. My tongue worked it way down Danielle petit body. I stopped at her wonderful belly button, which was smooth like silk. I continued down to her cunt, which was just as smooth as the rest of her body. I started to lap at her tight cunt lips, which still had some of my love juice dripping from it. I licked up all of my spunk from her vagina hole slit. I started to drill one of my fingers in and out of her private parts and she was in Paradise City. I shoved another finger inside her warm hole and she started to grind on my fingers. I force another finger into Danielle tight vaginal flaps and her juice started to drip over my three fingers. I pulled my finger out of her twat lips and sucked her cum from my fingers. She told me wanted to give me some pleasure. My sister wrapped her soft lips around my now hard cock. She began to move her head back and forth over my hard hot rod. Her mouth was moist with out being too wet and it seemed to glide over my penis. I was about to cum deep down Danielle thorough, but I wanted to have a go in one of her other holes before letting my self go. I took my cock out of my sister’s mouth and asked her were she wanted me to put it next. She said that we had been in every hole except one and she said that she REALLY wanted you to loss her anal cherry to me. It was like a dream come true; I was going to fuck my sexy sister’s ghetto booty. She turned herself over and got on all fours. I began to massaged her large arse and slipped my fingers into her tight butt crack and felt round the space I would soon be inhabiting. spread her cheek apart and plunged my knob deep into Danielle arse. It was so tight but it felt so good. I moved in and out of her bum and she began to scream for me to stop. I felt her pain, but did not stop as I thought she would get use to it. After a few more thrust she did not stop screaming. So I pulled my cock out of my sister tight arse and tried to console her over her pain. I gave her the remaining glass of milk she began to the drink it. She gave me a little smile and began to dribble the milk on her breast. I guessed she was all right and began to lap the milk of her body. Her nipples tasted even creamier. She lied down on the floor and pushed her breast together. I pushed my cock between her large firm tits. I moved back and forth between her breasts and it was not long until I was spurting my hot sperm all over Danielle beautiful face.

We spent the rest of the evening talking about the future and making love until we fell asleep in each other arms at about five in the morning. We managed to hide I relationship for nearly a year. Until a tabloid journalist got a picture of us fucking at one of her celebrity party. This causes us to run away to New Zealand where nobody knew we were siblings. We both died simultaneously of heart attacks whilst fucking when we were both in our eighties. Our love died just as passionately as it was our first time.

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