Nailing The Tracks – Part 11

Title: Nailing The Tracks – Part 11

Author: DaxG2001

Celebs: Sydney Sierota

Codes: MF, oral, anal, inter

Disclaimer:  The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the singers, record labels, musicians, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Sydney Sierota

Nailing The Tracks – Part 11

An erotic celebrity fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 (

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, anal, inter.

* * *

“So… You worked on many tracks like this?” Sydney Sierota, the gorgeous young lead singer and front-woman of the indie pop/rock band Echosmith asked. The Los Angeles-born beauty was dressed in nicely fitting jeans and short, black no sleeved top which both complimented her petite and desirable body.

“Honestly? Nah…” Dylan Jay, the also young himself black music producer stated as he turned away from the mixing desk of the recording studio they were both in. “Rock ain’t strictly my thing… But if it’s got a good hook and sounds good? Sure, I can work with it… Ain’t got much of a choice anyway now. My manager is on this trip of ‘broaden my horizons’ or some shit. Got a few rock bands and singers for me to work with lined up.” He added with a nod. He was dressed in jeans as well with sneakers, and a slightly baggy sports jersey that didn’t give a hint of how toned he was. The lower clothing thankfully gave a glimpse of how very hung he was.

“Oh? So, I’m sort of popping your ‘rock’ cherry here, am I?” The long haired starlet asked with a sly smirk.
“…Daaaaaaaamn!” Dylan chuckled with a smile. “Kinda forward, ain’t ‘cha?” He said with a tone that indicated he didn’t mind one bit. “Guess you are… But is that the only kind of cherry you’re interested in poppin’?” He asked back, giving her a far from casual looking over.
“Now whose the one being forward?” Sierota teased back as she placed her hands on her hips. “I was just asking a question, that’s all!” She claimed, but still with that sexy smirk on her face.
“Then I’mma ask my own question… Ever sucked on some big, black D’ before girl?” He boldly asked.
“How big we talking here?” She replied, unfazed by the remark as she raised an eyebrow.

A few moments later, she soon found out as she was on her knees in front of the smirking and now pants-less stud. Her eyes wide with a big smile as she held his fat and long black cock in her hands. Her stroking hands easily making sure he was rock hard for the gorgeous singer and keyboard player.

“Fuck yeah!” She said with approval as she eyed up this massive length. “And to think, they say that some stories are too good to be true!”
“Stories?” Dylan questioned, even though he was more focused on her hands working over his length.
“More like rumours I guess… But screw that stuff… Let’s get going with this, before someone fucking walks in on us!” Sierota said with a laugh.
“I’ve been fuckin’ fortunate so far to not get caught… But I ain’t gonna stop you if you wanna get this thing goin’…” He replied with a smirk of his own.

Sydney just smirked up at him, bringing her mouth close to his bell-end so she could flick her tongue out. After hearing the moan of approval, she further applied her tongue around the crown. A nice slow motion around, coupled with her hand pumping over the shaft. She stared up at him as she worked her tongue all the way around, before finishing with a sliding across the slit at the top. Smiling for a moment, she teased by giving a brief brush of her lips before again sliding her tongue around the head. Another pump over him as she used the free hand to brush her hair back over her shoulders. Then it was down to proper business, parting those lips and taking his cock inside and making herself groan in the process.

“Mmmmm… Awwwww yeah girl…” Dylan smirked down with a nod, moaning as he felt those nicely soft lips of the Echosmith singer pushing down onto his fat rod. At the half-way mark she started lifting back up, pausing just below the crown so she could smoothly move back downward. All the while keeping her hand stroking off all those meaty inches not yet taken into her usually reserved for singing oral hole. “Ahhhhh… Yeah, just like I said… Mmmmm… I could tell you know how to have a fuckin’… Mmmmm… Good fuckin’ time…” He said, giving a somewhat back-handed compliment to show his enjoyment of her blowjob so far. The dirty talk just got her smirking around his cock as she made sure her lips were firmly pressed around his pole. Another groan escaping her as she got used to such a big size making those lips stretch as she took him in and out of herself.

“Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm…” Sinking her mouth up and down on that thick pole, she kept one hand on the edge of the mixing desk he’s leaning against for support. Allowing her to smoothly push her mouth down and then draw back upward repeatedly. The occasional flick of her tongue against the underside of his dick while still pumping her palm over the lower portion of his manhood. It was apparent this wasn’t exactly her first time handling some cock. Her moans bouncing off his inches showing she was enjoying the sinful feeling of blowing not just a man she’d only just met. But a hunk of another race as she bobbed her pretty white face up and down on that big black cock again and again.

“Mmmm! Yeah… Come on girl… Mmmmm… Get that shit in yo’ mouth…” Jay encouraged between his moans. Putting his hand on the back of the pop-rock starlet’s head as he less than subtly pushed her down onto her cock some more. Although she narrowed her eyes as she stared up at him, the desire clear from that gaze, she didn’t resist the action. Leaving them both moaning out as more of that mighty dick fitted past her slurping lips. “Mmmm!! Ahhhhhh shit… MMMMM… Yeah… Fucking suck that D’ baby…” He said, his eyes locked down to watch his cock vanishing forward into her mouth as she sank down onto him. More than enjoying the double teaming work of her hand stroking off the bottom few inches, while her oral hole easily handled the vast amount of the rest of his cock.

“Mmmmmphh!! Hmmmm… GAHHHHHH HHHHLLLKKKK…” Sierota’s eyes went wide as the head of his dick connected with the back of her mouth. She’d already more than generously applied her saliva to his tool, allowing for a smooth motion in and out between her lips as she sucked him off. However this was certainly the biggest dick she’d ever had to handle, and seemingly too much for the hot, young starlet to handle. “Mmmmm!! Ghhhhhhhlllkkkk… Mmmmphhh!! GAHHHHH…” Despite that, she tried again to push down further but was met with the resistance of her throat being not quite used to this kind of hard oral activity. Spit further splattering down that rod as her lips fought to stay pressed against and around him. Yet she still bobbed away onto him, groaning and occasionally gagging when she pushed her gorgeous face downward onto him. From his moans, he sure wasn’t minding one bit how she dished out this blowjob. Gagging, slurping or otherwise.

“Mmmmm… What’s happenin’ girl? Not used… Ahhhhhh fuck!! To takin’ the D’ from a brother?” Dylan posed the question with the kind of big grin that showed he both knew the answer, and didn’t care about the response.
Lifting her head away, she caught her breath for a moment before smirking up at him. “I wouldn’t call just blowing you ‘taking’ it quite yet…” Sydney pointed out as she licked her lips. Letting go of his cock so she could stand up.
“Good fuckin’ point there girl…” Jay agreed, moving off from the desk and watching as she started unbuckling her jeans. “Guess I better get down to it, huh?”
“You’d fucking better!” Sierota said with a grin, letting her bottoms drop to the floor, showing off a small black thong covering her lower area. Already looking a little damp as well just from giving that oral sex act before. “Let me get these things off too…” She added as she turned, hopping up onto the edge of the studio mixing desk. That allowed her to reach down and take off her footwear before sliding those jeans properly off her smooth legs.

“That’s good enough for me to work with girl…” He stated, moving in as soon as she’d removed that garment. Spreading her legs, he didn’t give her a chance to take off that thong. Just pulling it to the side to real a neatly trimmed, and indeed already moist looking pussy much to his smirking approval. With no need to hold back, he lined up his coated-with-her-saliva cock up with the entrance to her love tunnel. Pushing forward, he had them both moaning out as first the crown, and then a couple of inches were pushed into that snug to say the least passage. Still groaning as he shifted back, he teased that was going to pull all the way out of her but instead firmly moved forward and a little deeper still. Easily breaking into a steady motion to fuck the woman he’s supposed to be producing a track for, on the very mixing desk he should be doing that on.

“Oh FUCK!! Mmmmm! Oh shit… Oh fuck!!” Once again the eyes of the Los Angeles-born beauty are wide but this time in a mix of awe and pleasure. Seeing the biggest cock she’s ever seen and handled in her young life now pumping back and forth into her tight pussy. Easily helping to get her further wet down there with every stroke she takes from his firm, controlled pace. “MMMM! Oh yeah… Fuck! Fuck that’s good… Ahhhhhh…” She groans with approval, propping herself up with her elbows for a better look down between her legs. Watching that shaft slide forward and gradually deeper between her folds before reappearing out of her. The combination of her wetness and the ‘lubricant’ of her saliva all over that cock allowing for a smooth and very pleasurable banging motion.

“MMMM… Damn straight it’s good baby… Mmmmm shit!” The black hunk agreed, loving the feeling of that tight white pussy all around his cock as pumped briskly in and out of her. His grip on her ankles keeping her legs spread eagle and allowing full access to that sweet, wet twat of hers. Already getting most of his cock deep into her, but sure he can stuff her completely full with his man-meat. “Yeah… AHHHHH… Real nice and… Mmmmmm… Fuckin’ tight… MMMM!” He added, thrusting steadily into the semi-clothed stunner in front of him, while in a similar state of partial undress himself. Neither of them seem to be caring too much about that, or of the risk of someone walking in and catching them in such a shameless and sinful act. Fucking in the recording studio they should be working on a track together in.

“AHHHHH FUCK!! Mmmmm!! Oh yeah! Fucking give it to me… MMMM!!” The sexy lead singer of Echosmith encourages, and not just with her filthy words. Her continuing moans, and the big smile on her face shows she’s loving every moment of this interracial sex with a man she barely knows. Taking his cock so deep that his ballsack is starting to smack off her skin each time he drives forward into her needy, and built to take it pussy. “MMMMM!! Oh shit… UHHHH!! Yeah… Fucking… MMMM!! Fucking stuff me! MMMM…” She adds with a hiss, staring down for a long moment at the mighty fuck-stick pumping away into her snatch again and again. The force of his frame connecting with hers not exactly hard, but a strike enough that makes her petite and desirable body shift back against the desk she’s leaning back over. Her perky tits slightly bouncing in time with that motion for an additional visual treat for the stud giving it to her.

“MMMMM… You think I’m not tryin’ to… AHHHHH FUCK!! Do that?” Dylan chuckles before letting out another lusty moan. Keeping his hip motion firm and fluid as he works his big dick deeply all the way into her box. Before sliding out a few inches so he can soon repeat the motion again and again. Machine-like perfection for the action, but getting very primal responses from them both as they moan out no matter if he’s thrusting in or pulling out. “AHHHHH… Believe me girl, your boy right here… MMMM! Don’t play around like that…” He adds with a cocky smile. Able to back that up though as he plunges his cock straight forward to the hilt into her. The smack of his dark skin meeting her tanned frame sounding out to mix with their cries of delight. All in all making it look like a sight more suited for a porn movie set than a recording studio.

“MMMM… Oh I can believe it… I can… AHHHHH… Fucking feel it too!” Sierota says with a grin cast across at the man stuffing her full with his big, black cock.
“It’s all… Mmmmm! All good girl…” Dylan says, pulling his dick out of her snatch with a groan. “Bet a chick like you loves to go for a good ride as well, huh?”
“Damn right I do!” Sydney says, eagerly agreeing to the idea as she hops off from the desk. As she hauls down her underwear to take it off properly, it gives him the time to now move to once again lean back against the edge of the mixing desk.
“Then come get yourself some more of dis D’ right here…” He offers, smirking again as he watches her continue to undress, taking off her top to show her tits encased in a simple, plain white bra.

“Well, only if you insist…” She teases as she approaches him, climbing up and using the desk behind him to rest her knees onto as he blindly lines up his cock back with her pussy. Soon he’s back inside her, and they both barely have time to moan out before she sets her body to work. Pushing down sharply to take him deeply in before lifting herself upward as she wastes no time in getting the motion established. “Oh fuck… MMMM!! Oh FUCK!! AHHHHH… Mmmmm!!” The Echosmith starlet moans out, tossing her long hair back as she bounces on the fat cock she’s already very familiar with. Even though she’s only met the man she’s currently fucking just earlier on today. Now she’s lifting and dropping her pussy straight down onto his man-meat, and moaning out in quite plainly shameless fashion with every motion she delivers onto him.

“MMMM!! Yeah! Fuckin’ get it girl! Ahhhhhh FUCK!! MMMM…” Jay groans out, more than happy to let her take control as she bounces away on his cock. Once more the smacking sound of skin hitting off of skin ringing out each time she drops all the way down. Rather too easily fitting all those inches into herself, considering this is her first time taking some black cock. “Ahhhhhh… MMMMM!! Awwwwww shit!! Mmmmm…” He moans, keeping his hands busy by holding her by the waist for extra support to go with her hands gripping his shoulders firmly. A clear enough sign from her that it’s not just oral sex she’s experienced in from how smooth and sharp her motion is as she rides this big dick with her still snug but now very wet twat.

“Oh God… OH FUCK!! AHHHH… MMMM!! OH YES…” The sexy young pop-rock singer moaned out, closing her eyes and tilting her head back as she enjoyed the sensation of her pussy being filled up the max. Only encouraging her more to keep bouncing away on this cock as sweat starts to form across her gorgeous, petite body that’s almost completely naked apart from the bra covering her bouncing tits. “MMMMM!! Fucking… UHHHH!! Love that big… MMMMM… Fucking black cock… Deep in my fucking pussy!” She moaned out, not even attempting to mask her obvious enjoyment for the taboo sex she’s engaged in. Working her desirable, white frame swiftly up and down on the black shaft she’s willingly impaled on. Her moans matched by the approving groans coming from the hunk she’s riding, and doing so skilfully with another round of smooth and sharp bounces.

“MMMMM… Yeah… Just like that girl… MMMMM FUCK!! Fuckin’ ride that fuckin’ D’!” The man taking this ride groans out, having no plans of asking her to stop any time soon. Unsurprising from both his equally shameless moaning, and how he’s staring down to watch her body shift up and down on his fuck-stick. “AHHHHH… MMMM!! Yeah… Fuckin’ ‘P.Y.T.’ like you… AHHHHH SHIT!! No way you weren’t down… MMMMM… To fuck…” He adds between his own moans. Although from how she’s calling out in delight herself from her own actions, he doesn’t need to do any more in this position he can’t help but add into the fun. Reaching up he slides up the last of her clothing up to expose her perky breasts. Easily giving them a squeeze to make her groan as she bounces away onto his fat cock.

“OH FUCK!! MMMMM… Yeah, you fucking like that? Huh?? MMMMM FUCK!!” The ‘Cool Kids’ singer continued the dirty talk to make this sexual encounter even more hotter than it already is. Especially with her body still working right up and down onto his dick, taking him up to the hilt each time she drops all the way down onto his pole. It appears this is far from her first time dishing out a ‘ride’ like this to a lucky hunk from how smooth, swift and steady the motion is. Even more impressive considering the vase size of dick she’s handling with her slick snatch in the process. Gasping out as his fingers fondle and feel up her tits that while far from the biggest he’s handled are more than worthy of some squeezing attention.

“MMMM… Shit girl, you fuckin’ know I’m… Ahhhhh! Lovin’ then way you’re handlin’ this D’ right here…” Dylan says with a smile and a moan. “Question is… MMMM! Is this all you can take from me?”
“AHHHHHH… MMMMM OOOOOOH…” Sydney moans out, bringing herself to a stop on his cock. “Mmmmm… Depends… What do you have in mind?” She challenges with a saucy smirk of her own.
“Get your fine self off of me, and I’ll show you…” Jay states with a chuckle.

* * *

Meanwhile, up in Jason’s executive office…

“Mistah Baker? If dis is about dat club incident?” Rodriquez Valez said, his ‘photo journalist’ camera around his neck. “I think dat Dylan just took it all the wrong way man! Ask at de club! I’m der all de time, just doing my thing you know? Taking pictures, snapping all the hot mommies and chicks you know?”

“Yeah yeah, I know, I know…” Jason Baker, the manager of Dylan Jay said in a less than enthusiastic manner as he sat back in his office chair. “Listen, OK? My client Dylan is still new to all this stuff, OK? He doesn’t get that you have to sometimes work the media as much as the media can try to work you. The odd false rumour. The fake public date with a fellow celebrity. The ‘leaking’ of a picture of Dylan working with a talent like you did with… Whatever her name was. The Internet meme chick… Ah who cares. My point is? It’s water under the fucking bridge at this point. He’ll get to grips with things, so don’t sweat it about this incident OK? I’ll talk to the kid about it.”

“I appreciate it Mistah Baker! It’s all just a misunderstanding homes… I’m sure me and him can get along fine. We just got off on the wrong ah, foot or something.” Valez said with a nod.
“Hey, I don’t get why you want to be so buddy-buddy with the guy but as long as you don’t freak him out or make another incident like at the club happen again? It’s all good in my book.” Jason said with a shrug.
“I just want to get to, you know, know the guy. If he’s gonna be the big DJ, music star like you said? Maybe it’s gonna look good for me to be there watching him as he rises to the top?” Rodriquez stated, chuckling as his plan all along has been to get a big showbiz scoop either involving or as a result of Dylan Jay.
“Ha! I don’t know about that…” Baker laughs almost dismissively. “The kid is good… Hell, even has some decent ass to tap every now and then… But being a superstar? Not sure he’ll ever hit that… He’s been doing way better than even my bosses expected, so it’ll get me a tidy bonus by the year’s end that’s for sure.”
“Yo… Homie Dylan got himself a momma?” Valez questioned, interest immediately peaked at this new information.
“More like… A side chick? Friend with benefit? Whatever the kids are calling it these days. The one caught up in all the legal shit with that guy… Kesha! That’s it…” Jason said with a snap of the fingers. “Goodness knows how he got to tap that ass, she seemed like a major B-to-the-you know what else when I had a meeting with her. Reminds me, need to see about when that meeting with another singer for Dylan to work with is happening…” He says, giving Valez a ‘see yourself out’ wave of the hand as he turned in his chair to pick up his office phone.

“Interesting…” Rodriquez whispered to himself with a smirk as he happily turned and left the room.

* * *

Elsewhere, back in the studio…

“OH FUCK!!!” Sydney gasped with wide eyes, looking over her shoulder in her bent over position across the mixing desk. Behind her, Dylan was pushing his big, black and now suitable lubed up cock forward into her shapely and tight white ass. Meeting obvious resistance even with her similarly lubed up her rear entrance was. Showing off his own experience in tapping some fine musical ass, he groans as he eases his dick into her booty before slowly drawing back. Then getting back in to establish the rhythm, going nicely slow and steady as this butt fucking gets under way.

“Oh fuck!! FUCK!! AHHHHH… Ahhhhhhh…” The Echosmith lead singer continues to groan out as that meaty rod pushes in and out of her backside. The sensation already making her rock back and forth against the pumps she’s taking from behind. One hand gripping the back of the desk for support as she grits her teeth. Showing that she’s feeling the discomfort from her back passage being forced to widen and accept this invasion, but having no plans on telling him to pull out of her ass. This is further proven by how she reaches down underneath her sexy body to apply her free hand onto her pussy. Easily making herself moan from just the first run of her fingers across her needy and still very wet folds.

“UHHHHH… Awwwwww yeah!! MMMM!! Fucking fine… Tight ass right here girl! MMMM!!” Dylan grunts between his moans, a big grin on his handsome face as he sends his cock smoothly and steadily in and out of her super snug asshole. His hands firmly gripping her rear cheeks to keep them spread as he bangs her booty. Not to keep her in place, but for his own thrusting benefit for easy access and the red hot sight of watching his cock go in and out of her ass. “MMMMM… Nothing like a fine hottie… AHHHHH SHIT!! Who can handle some big fuckin’ D’ in her!” He ‘compliments’ as he openly moans out his enjoyment of how her back passage feels all around his inches. Gradually fitting more of himself into the groaning beauty rocking against his pumps as if they’d been fuck buddies several times before instead of the fact that they barely know one another.

“AHHHHH!! OH FUCK!! MMMM… Oh SHIT!! C-come on! Deeper… MMMM!! Deeper damn it!!” The Los Angeles-born stunner demanded, gritting her teeth as she stared lustfully back at the lucky hunk getting to stuff himself into her shapely and tight backside. Her moans alone a clear enough indication of how much she’s enjoying the interracial anal action as the sweat begins to drip off her beautiful face. “MMMMM… Oooooooooooooh FUUUUUCK… AHHHHHH MMMMMM…” She moaned out, head tilting again when he gives her what she so sinfully demanded. An extra firm thrust, forcing another fat inch of his member between her sexy cheeks to make her jolt forward. Her fingers working quicker with sharp back and forth rubs across her slick lower lips to keep herself more than pleasured as she takes it up the ass.

“Yeah… MMMMM!! Ahhhhhh SHIT… Yeah… Fuckin’ take that D’ baby… MMMM!!” The man who should be producing a track for this music starlet instead of fucking her super snug and shapely booty grunts out. Sweat now forming across his toned frame as he shows the effects of giving the indie pop stunner the kind of fucking she and her lovely body deserve. “UHHHHH… Yeah!! MMMMM SHIT… You fuckin’ like dat huh?? Like dat… MMMM!! Fucking big… Black… Cock up yo’ fuckin’ ass??” He adds, making sure to give a harder pump as she spoke the words to remind her of the naughty to say the least interracial element of this sexual encounter. He clearly had no issues at all engaging in another session of stuffing his fat, black dick into some fine white ass. In the process making sure the beauty taking this butt stuffing wouldn’t likely ever forget this experience for the rest of her days if her moans are any indication.

“OH GOD… OH FUCK… YESSSSSS!! MMMMMM… I FUCKING LOVE IT!! OH GOD DON’T STOP!!” She almost whined out her beg, gasping as she found her legs starting to get weak from taking these repeated and now stiff thrusts deeply between her rounded butt cheeks. Her face now resting on the mixing desk she’s being fucked over. Her body still jolting sharply forward when she takes a pump, and shifting back to meet the next thrust as that familiar slapping sound of their bodies colliding together sounds out. “UHHHHHH… Fu-fucking… MMMMM!! FUCKING BLACK COCK… AHHHHHH… IN MY FUCKING ASS!! MMMMMM!!” She yelled out, not even able not to look back at the man thrusting away into her backside like he owned her hot, young body. Perhaps fortunately for her and her current lust-drunk state her hand continued working away on autopilot. Two fingers now lodged right into her slot to pump briskly back and forth into herself to keep the pleasure and pressure building up within her.

Fortunately for her, or more accurately her state of desire, the stud behind her continues on pumping his dick in and out of that still pleasurably tight back passage of hers. Even as approaching his own limit as he currently is if his deep groans and the sweat covering his facial features are any indication. Still, as any red blooded male would, he’s making sure to enjoy every moment of this pop-rock starlet butt stuffing that he can. Still gripping those nicely rounded butt cheeks as he drives his cock deeply between them. Her ass able to take such an impressive amount of man-meat that it would look more fitting for her to have a career in porn than the music industry.

“AHHHHHH!! FUUUUUCK… FUCK FUCK OOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUCK MMMMMM!!” Another loud and long squeal, and Sydney starts to cum hard across her own digits as she feverishly finger-bangs herself, driven from the sinful sensations of being fucked up the ass from behind at the same time. Still jolting against the huge black cock driving so deep into her tight white ass that it would be a struggle to ever feel as filled up like this again her life. That’s far from her thoughts now as she moans and grinds against her own hand. Her fingers and wrist easily coated now with her formed juices as she keep on fingering herself to fully ride out this orgasm. The perfect ‘O-shape’ formed by her lips the perfect finish to an already red hot and filthy display.

Meanwhile, the stud who had been so expertly delivering this ass fucking was finally forced to pull out of her backside. The increased tightness around his member caused by her cumming making him groan as he cock throbbed within that back passage. Stroking his cock, he aimed it over her backside but the first blast shot out and far over her, landing onto her back and making her groan from the feeling. The next couple of shots also landed just above her rear, creating a dirty ‘tramp stamp’ of sorts with his load. However focusing his target downward, he soon was spraying his spunk onto the backside he’d just been deep within. Able to watch his jizz start to drip down her smoothly rounded rear cheeks as he gave both sides of her butt an even enough dose of his seed.

“Mmmmmm… Fuck!! What a fucking mess…” Sydney commented with a laugh and a tired smile as she used her clean hand to brush her hair out of the way as she looked back to see his load over her back and ass.
“My bad girl…” Dylan said, but the big grin on his face showed he wasn’t sorry one bit about what he’d just done. “I got plenty tissues to clean yourself off with though…” He said, moving across to pick up the box.
“I wasn’t just talking about my back…” She said with a smirk, lifting up her hand that had just been in her snatch. Using a loud and lewd slurp, she took her digits between her lips so she could clean off her own juices from off of them.
“…Daaaaaaaaaaamn!” Was all Jay could reply with as he watches her clean off her fingers. “Well take all the fuckin’ time you want then! Not like anyone ever stops around up here anyway…” He added with a chuckle. “I end up fuckin’ as many chicks up here as I do workin’ on real tracks…”

* * *

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