Natalie Portman In Da ‘Hood’Unknown

Notice – Do not read this story if you’re offended by non-consensual
sex. Also, do not read this story if you are offended by a complete
lack of plot and/or character development (this story has neither).
No animals were harmed in the making of this story. Enjoy !¦

Natalie Portman In Da ‘Hood

Part 1

By Phobus1-

“Fuck,” Charles voiced to himself at he stared up at the dimly
lit street. He gazed into the rearview mirror again, wondering if
his passenger was aware of exactly how lost he really was. It was a
simply assignment. All he had to do
was pick up the client from the
awards show and deliver her to her hotel. Yet somehow he had
managed to fuck up. Natalie meanwhile, lost in her own thoughts,
hadn’t noticed that her limo was rapidly roaming off course.

Charles made a right turn onto a long stretch of avenue. The
street was littered with prostitutes and drug dealers. Charles knew
he wasn’t in the best neighborhood, but he didn’t realize exactly
how bad it was until now. He proceeded down the street, becoming
increasingly uncomfortable as the hookers and crack heads eyed the
out of place limousine. Suddenly a loud pop filled the air.
Charles knew exactly what it was but he didn’t want to believe it.
A moment later he could feel the metallic whining of what could only
be a flat tire.

“Fuck, not now,” he voiced to himself as he
stared out the side mirror to see the rear tire rolling firmly
against the ground. He gazed back up at the road, not wanting to
stop on such a shady stretch of road. He noticed a small side
street that seemed to be vacant. Thinking quickly he pulled the limo
into it. The car came to a stop, and Charles gazed around, not
seeing anyone in the immediate area. He knew he had to act fast.
He lowered the privacy mirror that separated him and Natalie.

“Ma’am we have a flat tire, I’m just going to change it, this
shouldn’t take long at all,” Charles voiced as he stared back at his

“No problem,” Natalie answered as she tapped her fingers against
her leg impatiently. His eyes drifted across her nubile young body
momentarily before he opened the limo door and stepped out. He knew
he had to act fast. A limousine and a white boy in this
neighborhood was not a healthy mix. He popped the trunk and grabbed
the jack and tire iron, quickly going to work on removing the tire.
He hadn’t been working on the tire long, when he heard footsteps
coming up behind him.

“Hey white boy,” a voice suddenly cracked the still of the
night. Charles looked up to see a rather large black man standing
over him. He could also noticed the man was accompanied by what
appeared to be six or seven other men, all black.

“Me?” Charles asked sarcastically.

“You sure are a long way from Beverly Hills,” the man voiced
again, as he eyed the situation.

“Yeah I got a little lost,” Charles voiced back as he stood up.
Charles wasn’t a small man by any means, but he was dwarfed in

“Oh well, can we help,” the man asked. Charles sensed a bit of
sarcasm in his voice, but he played along nevertheless.

“Sure, you can grab the tire from the trunk,” he voiced

“No we were thinking more like helping unburden you of any money
and or jewelry you might have,” the man asked without missing a
beat. Charles sighed, defeated. He shook his head and reached into
his back pocket, pulling out whatever cash had. He then removed his
watch and handed it and the money over to the man’s outstretched
hand. The man looked it over, and nodded his approval. He stuffed
the items into his jacket.

“Who’s in the cab,” he asked pointing to the back seat. “Oh
no one, I’m just getting off my shift,” Charles answered, his voice
shaking with fear.

“Then you won’t mind if I take a look will you,” the man
answered as he grabbed the door handle and pulled it open. Natalie
had been watching the events unfold, and when the man opened the
door she yelped slightly. The man poked his head into the limo and
eyed the frightened young starlet.

“Well, well, well, now that don’t look like nobody,” he voiced.
He motioned for Natalie to get out of the car. She hesitated, and
then thought better than to provoke the men any further. She slid
across the leather seat and out of the limo.

“I-I-I don’t have any money on me,” Natalie muttered as she
stared at the men, who in turn were staring at her lovely body. She
was dressed nicely since she had just come from an awards show. She
sported a short black skirt, with matching black fitted top that
showed off her small, but perky breast.

“No money,” the man voiced back, as his eyes scanned up and
down. “Well, I’m sure we can work something out, right guys,” he
asked over his shoulder.

“Ohhh yeah,” one of the men responded. Natalie felt her stomach
turn to knots. She had no idea what the men had planned, but she
knew it wasn’t good. She glanced over at her driver, hoping he
would interfere. Charles could only stare down at the ground
ashamed. Why don’t you too come with use, the man voiced as he
lifted his shirt, exposing a chrome-plated pistol of some sort.
Natalie felt a lump form in her throat.

“Help!” She screamed as she tried to bolt for the street. A
few of the men stepped in front of her through, quickly throwing
their hands over her mouth. Charles watched, totally helpless as
they dragged her across the alley and through a nearby doorway.

“Come on white boy, we just going to have some fun with the
little princess,” the man voiced as he motioned for Charles to
follow them. “Play nice and things won’t have to get ugly.”
Charles nodded, stunned by the events that unfolded so quickly. He
followed the men into the doorway. The doorway led to a small room,
that Charles could only guess had used to be the lobby of some
fleabag hotel. It looked like a crack-infested hole in the wall now
though. There was trash and debris everywhere and a layer of dust
now covered the once wooden floor. He heard the door shut behind
him, and he knew there was no chance of anyone finding them there.
The men pushed him into the corner, letting him know not to do
anything heroic. Natalie was now in the center of the room,
surrounded by three or four black men, who were pawing and groping
her through her clothing. Natalie had tears streaming down her
cheeks, as she tried hopelessly to push their hands away.

“Yo Tyrone, why don’t you take first crack,” one of the men who had
been pawing Natalie voiced. Suddenly the man who had been doing
most of the talking walked over and stood in front of her. He
smiled as he ran his hands down the side of her face gently.

“Now you play nice and when we’re done we’ll let you get back
into your limo and you can go back to your charmed little life. Got
it princess,” the man asked. Natalie didn’t respond. She broke
down into more tears as she felt hands on her shoulders forcing her
down onto her knees. Suddenly she erupted into a fury of tears and

“Please I have money, I can pay you whatever you want,” Natalie
pleaded as he brought her hands together in front of her. “Just
don’t make me do this,” she added as he eyes began to water
slightly. “How ’bout a compromise,” Tyrone voiced with a half
smile. “We fuck the dog shit out of you, and then afterwards you
can give us all the money you want.” Natalie broke down into tears
as the group of men exploded into laughter. Tyrone grabbed the
young girl by her hair and pulled her to him, not wasting anytime.

“Take my cock out,” he voiced as he held her face a few inches
away from his bulging crotch. Natalie didn’t respond. Tyrone
waiting a few seconds and then pulled on her hair hard, causing
Natalie to gasp.

“Don’t make me repeat myself cunt,” he bellowed. “I hate to
repeat myself,” he voiced with a tug, letting Natalie know exactly
what he meant. More tears spewed from Natalie’s scared eyes as she
brought her trembling hands up to the man’s zipper. He smiled as
she undid the button on his jeans, and then slid the zipper down,
letting his cock fall out into view. Natalie’s eyes widened
momentarily. His cock was thick and bulbous, much bigger than any
she had seen before. She looked up at him in disbelief.

“Don’t be scared princess, it’s won’t bite,” Tyrone voiced as he
pulled her forward slightly, pressing her pouty lips to the head of
his prick. Natalie fought to pull away, but soon realized it was

“Take it in your fucking mouth,” Tyrone ordered, his voice
slightly louder and more demanding. Natalie knew she had choice.
She closed her eyes and leaned in, finding his cock head with her
tongue and then pushing her mouth onto it. It stretched her lips
opened wide. She felt Tyrone pushed forward slightly, feeding her
the first few inches of his monster and causing the frightened girl
to emit a muffled moan of resistance.

“Come on little girl, suck it,” Tyrone almost whispered as he
watched Natalie struggle with his member. He pulled her hair away
from her face and gripped it into a ball as he guided her mouth back
and forth onto his cock. Natalie fought to breath as he tongue
danced back and forth across the underside of his cock, eliciting a
long moan from Tyrone. Meanwhile the rest of the gang began
removing their shirts and pants, preparing for a long fuck session.
Tyrone was enjoying the attention Natalie was giving the first few
inches of his cock, but he soon became impatient. Without notice he
pulled her head down onto his cock and pushed his hips forward at
the same time, quickly impaling his cockhead into her throat.
Natalie immediately gagged, and pushed against Tyrone’s thighs,
freeing herself from his grip. She coughed as her mouth became free,
spitting up her own salvia.

“Come on princess, you can do better than that,” Tyrone voiced,
not showing any mercy, as he grabbed his cock and pushed it back
inside her mouth. Natalie didn’t fight him; she concentrated on not
choking instead. Tyrone held her head in place as he worked his
cock in and out of her face, filling the small room with obscene
slurping noises. The tears streamed down Natalie’s face as she was
forced to take the brutal assault. Tyrone could feel her small
hands on his thighs, hopelessly trying to push him away. It only
made him push more and more of his monster into her though.
Suddenly Natalie felt hands on her waist, unbuckling her belt. One
of the gang members had moved into position behind her and was
busily trying to free her skirt from her body. Tyrone noticed this,
and pulled his cock away from Natalie’s gasping mouth. He sank down
onto his knees, as his partner bent Natalie over at the waist,
forcing her onto her hands and knees. Natalie looked back to see a
rather scrawny black man, pulling her belt from her waist. She
locked eyes with his, hoping to find any kind of sympathy. He only
smiled back at her though, then shot her a sadistic wink. Natalie
broke down again, feeling completely hopeless for the first time.
She knew she was completely at the will of these men. Her body was
theirs and she knew they wouldn’t finish with her until ever inch of
it had been used up.

Meanwhile, Charles sat quietly in the corner, not wanting to do
or say anything to provoke the men. He watched quietly, feeling
ashamed that his own cock was beginning to bulge in his pants.
Tyrone quickly sank to his knees, positioning himself in front of
Natalie. He presented her mouth with his cock, this time not
forcing it in.

“Suck it sweety, I want to watch you suck me off,” Tyrone
whispered as he pulled her hair away from her face. Natalie
hesitated to respond, but eventually forced her hand up, gripping
his engorged cock in her small hand. Suddenly she heard clicking
noise as the man behind her grabbed the waistband of her skirt. He
pulled the material up and used a knife to crudely cut it away from
her body. Natalie felt more tears form in eyes as he did the same
with her panties, exposing her tight young ass to the men. The man
kneeling behind her grabbed her soft flesh in his hands, groping it

“Damn, look at the ass on his kike bitch,” he voiced as he
slapped it a few times with his hands. Natalie let out a muffled
yelp as the stranger spanked her. Suddenly, she felt his hands on
her cunt, spreading her folds open. A moment later she felt what
could only be his cock pressing against her inexperienced womanhood.
Natalie pulled her mouth off Tyrone’s cock and turned to face him.

“Please, use a condom,” she pleaded rather pathetically. The men
erupted into a chorus of laughter.

“Shut up and suck that cock princess, we’re gonna give you a
nice black bastard baby tonight, hopefully.” Natalie turned back to
Tyrone, realizing it was futile to try to plead with these men. She
wept openly as Tyrone guided her back onto his cock.

“Come on Pokey, let’s fill little princess up,” Tyrone voiced
just as Pokey pushed his cock into Natalie tight cunt. Natalie
grunted with a mouth full of cock as the man entered her
mercilessly. Natalie felt her stomach knot up as the full length of
the man’s cock entered her. At the same time she felt Tyrone’s
hands on the back of her head as he pushed forward and impaled his cock
down her throat. Both men began deep, rough fuckings of their
respective holes, filling the small girl up with more black cock
than she could handle. Natalie could do nothing but try to
withstand their brutal assault. Natalie was still wearing her
blouse, so while continuing to fuck her from behind, Pokey grabbed
his knife and preceded to cut the garment away, revealing that
Natalie hadn’t been wearing a bra. He threw the fabric into the
pile with the rest of her cut-up clothes. Meanwhile Tyrone’s hand
found her breast, which hung down from her small frame. Natalie
groaned as he pinched her nipple, then twisted it between his
fingers. He yanked down on it hard, eliciting even more muffled
groans of protest from her. Pokey grabbed her by her small waist
and pushed his cock into her hard, causing his thighs to slap
against her ass,
filling the small room with the rhythmic clapping of their fucking.
The men assaulted her from both ends, until Natalie was sure she was
going to pass out from the pain. Suddenly she felt Tyrone pulls his
cock from her mouth. He held it a few inches away from her mouth
and stroked it rapidly.

“Open up princess,” he ordered, out of breath. Natalie knew
what was coming next. It took all the strength she had to open her
mouth. No sooner had she done it than she felt hot streams of semen
shoot inside it. One of them hit the back of her throat, causing
her to gag and spit up the load onto the ground in front of her.
She felt a few more drops hit her face, as Tyrone moaned loudly, his
subsiding. Natalie looked up at him, semen dripping from her chin.
Tyrone stared down at her a dissatisfied look on his face.

“You stupid cunt,” he voiced angrily. “You better lick all that
up off the ground and get it into your fucking stomach now,” he
ordered as he pushed her face towards the dirty floor. Pokey never
missed a beat. He continued fucking her from behind as Natalie was
forced to press her tongue to the dirty wooden floor, and lick up
the rouge drops of semen from the ground. Tyrone watched her until
every drop was into her mouth. He then grabbed her long brown hair
and pulled her mouth back up to his now limp cock.

“Clean it,” he ordered simply. Natalie took the limp member
into her mouth and sucked it few times, until it was devoid of semen
as well. Tyrone then slapped his limp cock against her lips a few
time, a wide smile stretched across his face.

“That was great princess,” he complimented just before rising to
his feet. “Who wants her mouth,” he asked to no one in particular.

“Let me try that kike piehole,” a volunteer voiced from the
small crowd.

“Yeah, fuck that mouth up Kiki,” someone cheered as a rather
short, stocky light skinned black man stepped in front of Natalie.
He looked down at her frightened eyes and smiled widely, revealing a
few gold teeth. He made quick work of his pants, exposing his large
cock, which he stroked a few times, as he sank down onto his knees.
Meanwhile, Pokey, continued his assault on Natalie’s now abused
cunt. She could hear his moans getting louder, and then suddenly he
pulled out. A few moments later Natalie felt hot streams of liquid
splash against her ass and back. Pokey moaned loudly as he shot his
load across the small of back. He squeezed the last few drops
against her sweet ass, and then slapped it hard.

“Thanks bitch,” he voiced coldly as he stood up. Kiki laughed
and grabbed Natalie’s brown locks, pulling the scared girl toward
his twitching cock. He lifted his big stick up to his stomach,
exposing his low hanging black balls to her.

“Lick my balls,” he ordered. Natalie responded a little faster
his time, becoming more accustomed to their commands. She could
feel yet another man kneel down behind her as she leaned in and
pressed her tongue to the man’s flesh. His balls were sweaty and
musky, but Natalie had no choice but to lick and suck them
obediently. Kiki moaned softly.

“That’s a good girl, suck those big black balls,” he voiced as
he watched the young girl go to work on his sack. Meanwhile,
another gang member lined his cock up with Natalie’s now well broken
in cunt. He pushed his hips forward, stretching her tight folds
around his cock. Natalie grunted as he tongue lapped away Kiki’s
balls. The man behind her wasted no time in starting a deep, rapid
fucking of the young girl. Natalie felt her whole body quake, as he
pounded her small frame from behind. Kiki, pulled her off his

“Damn, I want this bitch to toss my fucking salad,” he voiced to
no one in particular as he rubbed his cockhead against her swollen

“Yeah that sounds damn good,” another one of the men agreed.

“Word, let’s get this slut to rim all our asses out,” yet another
man voiced.

“Shit but I was just starting to fuck her,” the man behind her

“Man you got all night to do that, I want my fucking ass
licked,” Kiki added as he stood up. Tyrone came over from the
corner, and grabbed Natalie by her hair.

“Get on your knees,” he ordered menacingly. “Everyone line up,
I’ll guide the little princess,” he added with a sadistic smile.

Continued in part 2, assuming there is any interest

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