Natalie Sex Story: Part 3

A heard a knock on our door and got up to answer it. When I opened
the door I was shocked to find Natalie Portman standing before me. “Hi, Ethan!”
she said enthusiastically and with a warm smile. After a hug and a kiss I
showed her inside. It was in the middle of the afternoon and I was at home in
the apartment alone. It was late December and I was enjoying Christmas vacation
from college. The last I had seen Natalie was the previous summer [see parts I
& II of the story], and so her visit was a total shock.

(By the way, I’m caucasian with short brown hair and brown eyes. At the time I
was 21 years old, about
6’2″, 205 lbs, and muscular.)

I took her jacket, and the two of us sat. Natalie was wearing a nice, white
wool turtleneck sweater, blue jeans, and a pair of short, black boots. It was a
cold season we were having, so she had dressed warmly. Her hair was long and
straight. Natalie and I had a good, hour-long conversation, catching up on
things. She told me that she wanted the visit to be a surprise. She was going
to visit a friend nearby, but hoped that she could spend a couple days with
Trevor and I, and maybe Anna, too.

“Trevor is gone for the day,” I told her. “And Anna was going to come by later
on this evening, too.” “That’s okay,” said Natalie. “I’m sure the two of us
can find some things to do.” With that, Natalie sat up and peeled her sweater
off. She was wearing a black bra underneath. Her light skin looked so good.
Smiling, she then crawled over to me, pushed me down, and climbed onto me. We
kissed for a good while, our hands going up and down each other. Natalie then
slid my white t-shirt up my stomach and chest, and then helped me to take it
off. She then slid her hands down my chest and reached for my belt, which she
quickly unbuckled. “Why don’t we take this into my bedroom?” I asked her.
“Sounds good,” said Natalie with a smile. In case I haven’t said so before,
Natalie was incredibly cute.

I followed her down the hallway towards my bedroom. I couldn’t help but notice
her backside as I followed her. Her smooth skin looked so beautiful. Her
slender legs and tight ass looked great in her jeans. When we got into my room
I didn’t even give her the chance to sit down or turn around. I walked right up
behind her and pressed my body right up against hers. My hands ran up and down
her chest and stomach as I kissed her neck. She reached her hands around behind
her to feel for my hard dick through my jeans. Sure enough, she found it, and I
was rock-hard already. In the mean time, I slid my hands down below her navel
and began to unbutton her jeans. I became more and more turned on as I moved
from one button to the next. Soon, I had finished. Natalie then bent over,
taking off her boots. Her ass looked so good sticking up at me. Natalie then
pulled her jeans down, taking them off completely. She was wearing a black
thong that matched her bra. Natalie then unhooked her bra from behind her, and
let it fall to the ground. Meanwhile, I took down my jeans, leaving only a pair
of black boxerbriefs that did little to hide the major hard-on I had. Once
again I moved up behind Natalie, this time running my hands up her bare chest
and running them down her sides. “Oh, your cock feels so good up against my
ass,” she said in a lustful voice. “I’m so glad we’re doing this,” I said.
“I’ve only imagined I would have the chance of being with you again. The two of
us have never done it alone before.” “You’re right,” she said, reaching around
with her hand and grabbing my cock through my boxer-briefs. “This time I want
just you,” said Natalie.

With that, I pulled down my boxer-briefs, exposing my fully erect 7 1/2 inch
cock. Natalie’s back was still facing me. I then pushed Natalie onto the bed
on all fours. Her ass looked so good in the black thong she was wearing. I
could feel my cock hardening even more at the sight I was seeing. I then
reached down and pulled her thong down completely. Her naked ass, and naked
body in general looked incredible. I could also tell that she was already wet.
The anticipation was getting too much. I couldn’t wait. I grabbed my cock and
plunged it into her wet pussy from behind. “Oh!” she moaned as I drove it into
her. I grabbed onto her hips and began to thrust into her. Within no time at
all we were going at it really rough. She began to moan louder and louder as I
thrust harder and harder into her. I grabbed onto her ass as I rammed my cock
in and out of her pussy. The sound of my body slapping up against her ass grew
louder and louder. As I looked down, her slender body looked so good.
Eventually, I pushed her down flat onto her stomach, and continued to ride her.
Her long and slender body was stationary against the bed as I went up and down
on her. “Oh yes!” she shouted as I continued to pound her hot, wet pussy. My
cock felt so good to have my cock in her. Natalie began to moan louder and
louder as continued. I squeezed her tight ass with my hands as I continued to
pound into her. It wasn’t long before I could feel myself start to get there.
“Oh, I’m cumming!” shouted Natalie. “Cum!” I told her. Soon she was screaming,
and I could tell she was there. A moment later I could feel my cock pulse.
“I’m gonna cum!” I shouted. “I want you to cum inside me! Cum inside my
pussy!” said Natalie. I let out a loud moan as I shot my load, and I could tell
it was a big load, right inside her tight, wet pussy. A minute later I slowly
slid my cock out of her, and the two of us lay down on my bed for the next hour.

Later, Natalie and I were getting dressed when I heard the door open to the
apartment. I thought to myself how surprised Trevor would be when he found out
Natalie was here. As I was tying my shoes and Natalie was combing her hair, the
door to my room opened to reveal Anna. “Natalie!” said a surprised Anna. With
a smile she gave Natalie a warm hug. Anna was still 20 at the time. She’s
5’10” with a rather athletic body, but with rather large C-sized breasts. She
also has medium-light skin and long, sexy legs. Her eyes were a beautiful blue
and her hair went down to the base of her neck. Although I didn’t say anything,
I could tell that Natalie had most definitely checked Anna out as she ran over
towards her. Anna wore white pants and a light-blue shirt with the top three
buttons undone, showing a great deal of cleavage. “What are you doing here?”
asked Anna, her arms still around Natalie. “Well, I thought I would just give
everyone a surprise visit,” replied Natalie with another one of her warm smiles.
Anna then told us that she was coming over to see me, but that on the way up she
saw Trevor, and that he let her in. “I’d better go tell Trevor that you’re
here!” said Anna. She ran out of the room, and a moment later Trevor came in
and greeted Natalie with a hug. The three of us chatted for a moment and then I
excused myself to go find Anna. I could tell that something wasn’t quite right
with her, and I knew full well what it was. When I got into the main room, I
saw that Anna was waiting for me. “You fucked her, didn’t you?” she said.
“Yes, I did,” I replied. This unnerved Anna because in the last month and a
half or so the two of us had started to get somewhat serious. “Could you at
least let me know the next time you plan on having SEX with another girl,” she
said in a sarcastic voice. “First of all, I would not go have sex with just any
girl, and YOU have been with Natalie, too,” I responded. I told her that she
could be with Natalie anytime she liked, but this didn’t seem to make Anna feel
a whole lot better. “Well,” she finally said,”if you got to be with another
girl, then I get to be with another GUY. Deal?” “Alright, fine,” I said. “I
suppose it’s only fair.” And I meant it, too. I mean, I was never really into
the double standard that said guys could do whatever they want but girls can’t.
Actually, I was amazed things went over that well with Anna. The two of us had
never become anything THAT serious, but I thought she might have reacted more
strongly than she did.

A moment later, Natalie and Trevor entered the room. The four of us chatted
for a while, as I got some dinner ready for all of us. We ate dinner and just
spent the evening hanging out at our place. It started to get late, and Anna
asked Trevor and I if it were all right if she spent the night. We said that
was fine. Anna asked Natalie if she were going to stay here, and she replied
that she brought things with her and could stay if we wanted her to. The three
of us demanded she stay over with us for the night. “Well,” said Natalie, “if
we’re all going to be here all night, let’s do something. How about a game?”
“Strip poker!” yelled Anna. We all laughed a little bit. “Okay,” said Natalie
with a smile. “It’s not quite what I had in mind, but it sounds like fun.” I
got the deck of cards out and dealt. The first person to take an item of
clothing off was Trevor, who removed his shirt. Trevor, by the way, was also
21, standing at 6’3″ tall, with short black hair and blue eyes. He had a
muscular build like me, as we played sports and worked out together quite often.
We had been roommates for the last year-and-a-half. Although Natalie definitely
looked on at Trevor admiringly, I could tell that Anna was definitely enjoying
herself. Next, Anna had to remove her light blue shirt, revealing a nice
white-colored bra. Anna then lost on the next hand, and removed her pants.
Anna had on a matching white thong. She definitely looked hot, but I wondered
if she had lost on purpose. She seemed to be showing off somewhat. However,
nobody else seemed to mind, as they were enjoying it all. Natalie was next, and
she lost her sweater, showing the black bra she was wearing earlier. I was
next, losing my white t-shirt. Natalie had a wide smile on her face, and I
could tell that Anna was enjoying it also. Natalie was next, losing her pants.
She took them down slowly, showing off her slender legs and tight ass. She
looked so good in that black thong. Trevor then had to take his pants off. He
did so, revealing boxers that did a poor job of containing his excitement. Once
again, Natalie was up: she next removed her bra, exposing her small but perky
tits to us all. Her nipples were definitely hard. Out of the corner of my eye,
I noticed Anna had been watching Natalie closely that entire time. Anyway, Anna
was up once again. She stood up and slowly slid the straps of her bra down each
shoulder, before unhooking it in back and throwing it to the ground. Her big
tits looked so good, not to mention her nipples, both of which were hard. With
her slightly muscular build and feminine features, Anna was also a sight to
behold. I could tell that Anna was really projecting herself towards Trevor.
This somewhat bothered me at first, but I soon had an idea. “Tell you what,” I
said. “The first naked girl and the first naked guy have to go to one of the
rooms and have sex with each other.” Everyone agreed to this. Trevor was the
big loser for the next hand and had to take off his boxers. He did so,
revealing his full hardness, at 7 3/4 inches. Not too surprisingly, Anna lost
the next hand and it was her turn to go naked. She moved her body as if in a
slow dance as she stripped completely naked before us. She smiled. “It looks
like it’s Trevor and I,” she said. “Well, off you go,” I said. Trevor looked
at me as if he were impliedly asking for my permission. I merely nodded and
waved at the two of them. “Go off and have your fun. You worked hard and
deserve it.” With that, the two walked off down the hall down towards Trevor’s
room. I felt a twinge of jealously, I’ll admit, but I also found that feeling
to be something of a turn-on. It was really not too big of a deal, I thought to
myself. He had fucked Anna before. Twice, in fact. The first time with
Natalie and me as part of a hot foursome we all had last summer, and also the
day after the foursome, when Trevor, Anna, and I did it in a sauna at the house
of one of Anna’s relatives. But we hadn’t done anything like that ever since.
After all, I did want to have Anna to myself and I was also somewhat tired of
being naked around Trevor so much and of me being naked around him. Anyhow,
after they left, I looked over to Natalie. “It’s exciting what they’re doing in
there, isn’t it?” she said, running her fingertips over the side of her breast.
“Yeah, it is,” I said a few moments later, my distracted mind finally
registering what she had said to me. “Do you want to watch them?” I asked a
minute later. A wide smile came to her face. “Okay,” she said.

The two of us walked down the hall and stepped inside Trevor’s room. As we
came in, we discovered that Trevor and Anna were already enjoying themselves.
Trevor had Anna on all fours and was pounding her pussy with his hard cock.
Natalie and I just sat in the corner of the room and watched. As I looked over,
I saw Natalie’s hand slide down her stomach and towards her pussy. Natalie
reached her fingers under her thong and began to finger her pussy. Natalie’s
mouth was wide open and she moaned as she fingered herself. “Take your clothes
off,” Natalie said to me as she slid her thong down, to expose her now
completely naked body. I unbuckled my belt and took off my jeans and then slid
my boxer-briefs down. I was as hard of a rock. I really wasn’t paying all that
much attention to Trevor and Anna, but was focused on Natalie and her sexy body.
(Trevor was now holding Anna’s legs in the air and was fucking Anna, who was
laying down on her back, grabbing her tits the entire time.) As Natalie
continued to finger herself she came over and grabbed my cock, guiding it into
her mouth. I closed my eyes and let my other senses take it all in. Anna began
to scream with pleasure as I could feel Natalie’s head go up and down on my hard
dick. After a couple of minutes I could feel I was getting close. “Natalie,
I’m cumming” I said to her in a quiet voice. “Cum in my mouth,” said Natalie
removing my cock from her mouth to utter those words, only to shove it back in
so she could continue to suck on it. “Oh yeah!” I said, as I could feel myself
begin to cum. I could hear Natalie’s moans of ecstasy, which were muffled by my
hard dick inside her mouth. (Anna had by this time mounted Trevor and was
riding him reverse cowgirl. ‘She had never done that with me,’ I thought to
myself). Anyway, I was really enjoying myself too much to pay too much
attention to Trevor and Anna, who did happen to be really loud. Soon, my cock
was pulsing and I began to shoot my load into Natalie’s waiting mouth. I had
blown another big load. I could tell this right a way. As Natalie continuted
to suck on my cock, I could see cum dripping out of the sides and bottom of her
mouth. Her mouth must have been full of it. Finally, Natalie released my dick
and took it out of her mouth. Cum was all over her lips and had run down her
chin and onto her chest. “That was amazing,” I said. “It sure was,” said
Natalie, with a cum-covered smile. Natalie and I soon snuck out of the room as
Anna and Trevor continued to fuck. Natalie cleaned herself up in the bathroom
and then joined me in my bedroom. The two of us spent the night together in my
bed, and Anna spent the night with Trevor. I have to admit that I did think
from time to time over the course of that night about Anna, but having Natalie
with me the entire time definitely gave me someone else to focus on.
The next day found the four of us hanging out at our place and around town.
While out we were surprised to run into our friend Martin. He went to college
with all of us and was also 21. Martin had very short sandy-blonde hair with a
moderately tan complexion. He was about 5’11” tall with a slightly muscular
build. Anyhow, best of all, Martin was with his girlfriend Brooke. Brooke was
the most beautiful girl I have ever met. She was rather short, at about 5’5”.
She had very tan skin, with long, light brown hair. She had beautiful grey
eyes. She was quite fit. Unlike Anna, who had more of an athletic build, but
with rather large breasts, Brooke was more feminine (not to say that Anna
wasn’t). Brooke’s best attributes, however, were her breasts. They were huge.
Definitely size D. They were as large as one would like them to be without
being TOO large. Also, Brooke always dressed sexy and sophisticated. The six
of us all ate dinner in town, and then Trevor and I invited everyone back to our
place for the evening. Brooke and Martin were really excited to meet Natalie,
and Natalie seemed to enjoy their company. Brooke was wearing a red wool
sweater that showed off her breasts well, along with some blue jeans, which also
did a nice job of showing off her tight ass and slender legs.

Now, Brooke was a frequent topic of conversation amongst Trevor and I, not to
mention the entire male student population at our college. She was universally
lusted after. It was almost unfair that Martin had a girlfriend like that; the
only thing that made it tolerable was the fact that he was an extremely nice
guy. Back at our place, most of us were enjoying drinks (Natalie wasn’t) and
talked. As Natalie chatted amicably with the girls, the three of us guys were
in our own conversation. Martin told us how he had always been a huge fan of
Natalie Portman, and how he couldn’t believe his luck in meeting her. For once
in his life he said that he almost wished he didn’t have Brooke, so that he
could get a chance with Natalie. “Well,” I said. “You never know, we might be
able to make that happen.” “What do you mean?” asked Martin. We then told him
how we had already fucked Natalie on a couple of occasions. (We had told him of
our past meetings with Natalie before, but as far as anyone knew, we had only
hung out with Natalie.) Martin acted unsure, saying that he wasn’t sure where
Brooke might stand on things. “Well,” said Trevor, “maybe you could work out a
deal with her. We could get you with Natalie, and Brooke could get with one of
us.” Martin was rather surprised by this, but was cool about it. He knew how
all the guys were after his girlfriend. “You know, if we give her a few more
drinks, I think that she might just go for that,” said Martin. This was all
very interesting. The three of us formed a plan, according to which Martin
would get a shot with Natalie and Trevor or myself would get with Brooke. The
left-over person would get to be with Anna. For the next hour the six of us
just hung out at our place. Eventually, the drinks ran out, as we didn’t have
too much in the place to begin with. I asked Trevor and Martin to help me get
some stuff I had stashed away in my closet down so we could put it in the
refrigerator or freezer to get it cold. They came with me and the three of us
affirmed our plan there in our room. While we were grabbing the drinks from the
closet, Natalie and the girls came into the room. They just wanted to find out
if anything interesting was going on, I suppose. Anyway, Martin then whispered
something into Brooke’s ear. Brooke had a really surprised look on her face,
but then a wide smile came over it and she whispered back to Martin. Martin
later told me that the two of them had an active sexual fantasy life that often
involved them fantasizing about having sex with many of their friends and
acquaintances. Martin told Brooke that this was her chance to get with one of
them. He basically told her the plan we had made up and how he was going to get
with Natalie. Brooke had whispered back that she would HAVE to see him have sex
with Natalie, as it would be too much for her to pass up. “What are you two
whispering about?” Natalie then said with a smile. She was laying down on the
middle of my bed with Anna. “There are no secrets here.” Martin then got down
on the bed beside Natalie and said “nothing,” before reaching over and kissing
Natalie. Natalie enjoyed it and the two kissed again, this time a deep kiss.
“Oh my God!” said Anna, who was next to Natalie, watching it all. “Brooke,
what’s going on?” she asked. “It’s no big deal,” said Brooke. “I’m cool with
it.” Obviously the drinks had gotten to all of us (except Natalie). With that,
Brooke walked over to the side of the room where Trevor and I were standing.
She put her arms around the two of us. “I’ve always wanted to see Martin with
another woman,” said Brooke with a smile, “and he’s always wanted to see me with
two men.” “So what about me?” asked Anna. “You can watch and join in with
anyone you want,” said Natalie with a devious little smile. “Have you ever been
with a girl before?” I asked Brooke. “No,” she answered, “but I’m definitely
interested and I’m sure I’ll be with Anna and Natalie before the night is over.”
Things were already crazy at this point, but from here things went insane.
Brooke turned around to face Trevor and I and took her sweater off right in
front of us. She had on a red bra which went nicely with her deeply tanned,
smooth skin. Her tits looked so good. Meanwhile, Martin brought his hands up
Natalie’s black, long-sleeved shirt and grabbed her small tits while the two
continued to make out. Anna was on the other end of the bed with Natalie and
Martin and simply watched with interest. Next Brooke unbuttoned her jeans and
removed them, showing all of us her beautiful, slender, tanned legs. Her
matching red thong showed off her ass nicely to Natalie, Martin, and Anna over
on the bed. Soon Martin and Natalie were helping each other take their shirts
off. Martin wore a nice collared shirt with tan pants, but his shirt was soon
off. Martin then helped Natalie take off her white pants. Natalie was down to
a black bra and panties. Anna was so turned on that she began to strip herself,
removing her own sweater and jeans. She was wearing a sexy red bra and pair of
panties not too unlike Brooke. Brooke was then taking turns between Trevor and
I, engaging each of us with deep kisses. Trevor slowly began to unbutton his
shirt, and I peeled off my white t-shirt. Brooke definitely enjoyed this,
reaching down with her hands and feeling each of our hard cocks in our jeans.
“Oh, I’ve wanted to be with you two ever since Anna told me about the time she
fucked both of you at the same time,” she said. As I looked over at the bed,
Natalie slowly removed her bra and looked over at Anna. Anna likewise unhooked
her bra and reached over towards Natalie. I looked like there were going to be
two threesomes in the same room. Natalie couldn’t resist Anna’s sexy body and
began to suck on her tits. Meanwhile, Martin pulled down Natalie’s black
panties and began to eat out her pussy.

Brooke was incredibly turned on by the sounds coming from the bed. She slowly
pulled the straps of her bra down the sides of her shoulders and unhooked her
bra. Her huge tits looked absolutely delicious. I just couldn’t help myself.
I reached out and pulled her to the floor. I grabbed her giant tits and began
to suck on them. Martin turned around to watch for a moment as Trevor and I
took on his hot girlfriend. Trevor unzipped his jeans and pulled them down,
showing a pair of white boxer briefs that did little to contain his excitement.
As I continued on Brooke’s tits, Trevor pulled down her red thong and began to
finger her already-wet pussy. Meanwhile, I slowly unbuckled my belt and
unzipped my jeans. I somehow pulled myself free of Brooke’s big tits and took
off my own jeans. I was also wearing some white boxer-briefs, and I was as hard
as a rock. Brooke reached out and pulled my boxer-briefs down, revealing my
fully erect cock. Brooke grabbed it and pulled it towards her mouth. I could
hear her loud, muffled moans as she sucked me off and while Trevor worked away
at her pussy. Soon Trevor wanted in on the cock-sucking and pulled down his
boxer-briefs. He went over to the other side of Brooke and allowed her to grab
his cock as well. Brooke now had both of our 7+ inch cocks and was alternating
between the two. Martin turned back around towards Anna and Natalie, only to
find Anna straddling Natalie, with her pussy right in Natalie’s face. Natalie
grabbing Anna’s ass as she ate out her pussy. Anna soon turned around and
pressed herself up against Martin. Natalie in turn got up and got on the other
side of Martin. He now had two naked young girls, one of which was Natalie
Portman, on the bed with him. “How are you liking those hard cocks?” Natalie
asked Brooke, who had jammed both of our dicks into her mouth at the same time,
and who rubbed our dicks and her tongue all together. “I’m in heaven,” Brooke
managed to say. She then stopped for a moment. “Well, Martin, what are you
waiting for? Why don’t you get your cock out and fuck those girls?” Brooke
then focused again on us. I put Brooke up on all fours and ran my cock along
her ass, all the way down to her wet pussy, which I slowly slid my cock into.
Brooke screamed with delight, giving Trevor intense head as my body slapped up
against her. Over on the bed, Natalie sat down next to Anna, and the two girls
reached out for Martin’s belt. They unbuckled it and unzipped his pants, which
the soon pulled down. Martin was wearing a pair of standard white briefs. We
had a side angle view of all the action that was going on over there, and as I
continued to thrust into Brooke I could see Martin was definitely hard. Martin
then pulled down his briefs, letting his hard cock stick straight out. Both
Natalie and Anna’s mouths dropped wide open, as Martin was a full 10 inches.
“I’ve never seen one so big,” said an enthused Natalie. “Neither have I,” said
Anna. As Brooke got up and traded positions, placing her ass right before
Trevor’s hard cock and her head in front of my hard dick a wide smile came to
her face. “You two are going to have a lot of fun with that,” she said. Trevor
then rammed his cock deep into Brooke and she took my rock-hard cock into her
mouth. Her huge tits were swinging back and forth as he fucked her. While
Brooke looked incredibly hot while being fucked by the two of us, I was drawn to
the scene on the bed. Natalie and Anna were simultaneously sucking on Martin’s
cock. Their tongues entwined as they went up and down his head, shaft, and
balls. Martin wasted little time, however, and soon threw Natalie down on her
back on the bed. Martin then grabbed his monster dick and slowly slid it into
Natalie’s tight, wet pussy. Natalie absolutely screamed as Martin’s dick
entered into her. He had to go in slowly, as Natalie just wasn’t ready for
anything that size. Martin got most of it in before he grabbed Natalie’s legs
and began pumping away. Anna fingered herself as she gazed in amazement as
Martin pounded Natalie’s pussy. In fact, after a minute or two, everything else
in the room stopped, as all of us looked on as Natalie was taking in all of
Martin’s big dick. Natalie’s tits were moving back and forth as Martin worked
away. She screamed with pleasure. After a while, Anna climbed on top of
Natalie, pressing her ass up against Martin as he continued to ram Natalie.
Anna’s tits were hanging down over Natalie’s face, allowing Natalie to suck on
Anna’s tits as she was being fucked. I could tell that as much as Anna enjoyed
Natalie sucking on her tits, she really wanted to try Martin’s big cock.
“Martin,” I said. “Fuck Anna.” Martin complied, slowly pulling out of Natalie
and pressing the head of his dick up against Anna’s wet pussy. Martin then
slowly slid his hard cock into Anna. Anna moaned as his cock head slid right
inside. She then screamed as his whole shaft drove into her. Within a few
seconds Martin was pounding into her like crazy. Meanwhile, Natalie had turned
around, giving Anna (still on all fours) access to her pussy, simultaneously
allowing Natalie a good view of what was going on. Natalie reached out and
grabbed Martin’s balls as he continued to thrust into Anna. Anna was screaming
like I had never heard her scream before. It was a total turn on, and my own
cock was rock hard. After a couple of minutes, Martin pulled out of Anna and
laid her down beside Natalie. Then, Trevor, Brooke, and I all converged on the
bed. It was now an all-out orgy, centered around Natalie. Trevor spread
Natalie’s legs and drove his cock into her. Meanwhile, Brooke was busy sucking
on Natalie’s tits and running her hands up and down her chest. Anna was
fingering Natalie’s clit and licking it, all the while watching Trevor fuck
Natalie. All the while, Martin and I allowed Natalie to suck on our cocks at
the same time. Natalie moaned in ecstasy. She was at the height of erotic
pleasure, as she was being thoroughly enjoyed by three men and two women. Anna
and Brooke traded kisses and began to suck on each other’s tits right above
Natalie. All the while, their hands rubbed Natalie’s chest and stomach up and
down. Natalie was giving Martin and I great hand and blow jobs, alternating
between us. One thing I had come to know is that Natalie loved playing with two
cocks at once. She then rubbed our two cocks together, and I have to admit I
was as hard as a rock, with my hard dick rubbing up against a giant dick like
Martin’s. Natalie then drove both of our cock heads into her mouth and sucked
as best as she could. All this time Trevor was pounding her pussy quite good.
The three of us guys then rotated, so that I was then fucking Natalie and Trevor
and Martin were then getting great oral action. Meanwhile, Brooke began to lick
on Natalie’s clit and finger her as I continued to fuck Natalie’s hot, wet
pussy. Anna was all over Natalie’s small but perky breasts. Trevor and Martin
continued to delight in receiving blowjobs. We then got a hot and sweaty
Natalie up and put her on all fours. Trevor drove his cock into her from
behind. Brooke lay right beneath Natalie, running her hands up and down
Natalie’s body and licking her clit as Martin’s dick rammed Natalie’s pussy.
Anna kneeled nearby, running her hands up and down Natalie’s back, watching
Natalie do her best to suck on Trevor’s cock as well as mine. Once again, the
three of us guys all rotated through, with the girls enjoying Natalie’s body
throughout. Brooke then brought out some condoms and lubricant, and while
Natalie was riding on top of Martin’s cock, I plunged my cock into her ass.
With one giant sized cock in her pussy and another hard dick in her ass, Natalie
then reached out and began to suck on Trevor’s equally hard cock. Anna and
Brooke merely sat back and watched from here on out, fingering each other and
sucking each other’s tits. I could tell that Anna loved playing with Brooke’s
giant breasts. Brooke had taken quite a liking to Anna as well. Eventually,
Trevor and I traded places, as he plunged his cock into Natalie’s ass while I
took another blow job from her. Trevor, Martin, and I all wanted to cum and to
cum very, very badly. The three of us laid Natalie down on the bed and crawled
over her. The three of us then began stroking our cocks right over her face.
Whereas I was straddling Natalie’s body, Trevor knelt to Natalie’s left side and
Martin to her right. As the three of us stroked our hard dicks we began to moan
louder and louder. As I looked behind me, I noticed that Brooke and Anna had
come together to eat out Natalie’s pussy at the same time. Natalie was loving
every second. I knew she came at least a couple of times due to the excitement
related to the stroking of our hard dicks and also because she was receiving
intense head from Brooke and Anna. Soon I could feel myself get there. I could
tell by the sounds the other two guys were making that they would be there soon.
In fact, Trevor soon came, all over Natalie’s face, particularly her mouth and
cheek. A moment later, Martin came as well from the other side, letting a
good-sized load go all over Natalie’s forehead, mouth, and onto her chin. This
was extremely exciting to watch, as cum was all over Natalie. Some had even
splashed onto her hair and neck. The other guys continued to stroke themselves,
so their cum just continued to splatter around. Finally, I came as well. I
have a tendency to shoot big loads of cum sometimes, and this was definitely one
of those times. Thick, white cum sprayed out all over Natalie, completely
drenching her. Natalie stuck her tongue out, and that was soon covered with
cum. I I pressed my body forward and pushed my cock right up an inch away from
her face. I then slid my cock back and forth across her cum-drenched lips.
Natalie brought her tongue out once more and licked my cum-covered cock. Martin
and Trevor then grabbed their cocks and slid them up and around Natalie’s face
as well. We all have fun rubbing our cum-covered cocks up against each other
and against Natalie’s cum-bathed face. She had a face completely smothered in
cum, with three still-hard dicks rubbing around in it. After a minute or two of
rubbing cum all over Natalie and each other’s cocks we all decided that we had
had quite enough. All of us were exhausted. We all went off in pairs to the
showers to clean ourselves up (I went with Natalie), and got ourselves dressed.
Everyone spent the night at our place and had breakfast the next morning.
Brooke and Martin had to leave early, and Anna had to leave before lunch.
Natalie gave all of them hugs and kisses goodbye. After Anna had left, Natalie
was left sitting with Trevor and I at the table. “That was just crazy,” I said
to Natalie. “That was really almost TOO much,” said Natalie, “But I’m so glad
that we did that. It was soooo bad!” she said, with a warm smile. “Yes,” said
Trevor. “I had always wanted to be in an orgy. Now that I have been in one,
and been in a couple of threesomes and a foursome, I kinda feel like getting
back to the regular, basic kind of sex.” “Me too,” I said, nodding in
agreement. “That’s too bad,” said Natalie with a light-hearted frown. “I still
have the rest of the day, and I was hoping that the three of us could spend one
last evening together.” “Really?” asked Trevor. “I suppose Ethan and I might
be willing to go one last round.” In all reality, I can’t possibly see how
anyone could say no to Natalie. “Sure,” I said with a smile. “What exactly did
you have in mind, Natalie?”


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