Nelly Goes To Mars

Nelly Goes to Mars

(FF, Fmast, cons)

by Number One

Celebs: Nelly Furtado, Kristen Bell

Warning: This is one of my fantasies merely put in writing. It is fictional
and not suitable for people under 18.

“OH GOD YES!!!!!!!!”

The erotic scream came from pop singer Nelly Furtado. She was upstairs in her
room doing her usual Wednesday ritual: fingering herself while watching
“Veronica Mars.”


But what made Nelly so aroused by this show? It wasn’t Francis Capra, who
played Weevil. It wasn’t Jason Dohring, who played Logan. It wasn’t even
Colantoni, who played Keith Mars. It was the show’s star, Kristen Bell, that
has the Latin-Canadian babe playing with her pussy once a week.


Nelly had a near obsession with Kristen Bell. She longed for the day when she
could finally have her way with the petite blonde. The show ended and as
Nelly was calming herself down, she said with a wicked smirk:

“Kristen, once again you have my juices flowing with your undying allure. But
I swear, the day will come when I will finally give you the time of your
young life!”

The next day, Nelly was at Ford Field in Detroit, which was one of the sites
of her concert tour. She had just finished her performance and was heading to
her trailer when, lo and behold, she saw…her.

Kristen Bell, the gorgeous star of “Veronica Mars,” and the object of Nelly’s
erotic affection, was walking in her direction. “Oh my God!” thought Nelly,
“there she is! My dream lover has come to see me! I must approach her, but in
doing so I have to remain nonchalant.”

She walks up to Kristen and says, “Hi, Kristen!”

“Oh my God! Hi, Nelly!” Kristen responds, as the two hug each other.

“So, what brings you here?” Nelly asks Kristen.

“Well,” Kristen replies, “it’s not every day that one of my favorite singers
comes to my hometown of Detroit.”

“No way!” Nelly exclaims. “You’re from Detroit?”

“Yep, born and raised,” said Kristen.

“Listen,” said Nelly, “you and I need to get together. I have a summer home
here in Detroit that’s not too far from Joe Louis Arena. How about we go over
there and do some more chatting?”

“I’d like that,” Kristen responds, and she and Nelly head for the exit. Nelly
was trying to mask her excitement. “I can’t believe it!” she thought.
“Kristen and I are going home together! And once we’re there, I will finally rock her

The two 5’1″ beauties arrived at Nelly’s summer home. “So, what do you
think?” Nelly asked Kristen.

“What a beautiful home you have!” was Kristen’s response.

“Well, being a pop star has its perks.” Nelly said jokingly. Almost
immediately, she said to Kristen, “Come upstairs. I want to show you the bedroom.”

“OK,” replied the petite blonde. Nelly walked up the stairs behind Kristen,
gazing lustily at her gorgeous legs.

They entered the bedroom. “Wow!” Kristen exclaims, “this is awesome!” She
placed herself on Nelly’s bed. “Is this king-sized?” she asked.

“Yes,” replied Nelly. Kristen then Nelly looking at her with a lustful look
in her eyes. “Nelly,” she asked, “are you OK?”

Nelly slowly walked towards Kristen. “Do you know much I enjoy your work?”
she asked her.

“I imagine you’re a fan,” said Kristen.

“Oh, I am a fan,” said Nelly, as she sat close to Kristen, “but do you know
how much I enjoy your work?”

“No,” Kristen responded somewhat nervously.

Nelly moved closer to Kristen and whispered in her ear, “I touch myself
everytime I watch your show. You are so damned hot that I just can’t control


“I have waited ever so patiently to get you up here so I can have my way with
you.” Nelly said as she moved her hand up Kristen’s leg and under her dress.
“And now that I have you, dear Kristen, I am going to take advantage of this
golden opportunity.” She then planted a short kiss on Kristen’s lips.

“Well,” Kristen said, “I guess there’s only one thing I could say to your

“And that is?” Nelly asked.

Kristen whispered in her ear, “Take me.”

The diminutive ladies removed each other’s clothes and kissed each other
passionately. Nelly then lied on top of Kristen and started licking her entire
body, from her beautiful breasts to her delectable pussy. As Nelly feasted on her
juices, Kristen moaned in sheer ecstasy.


Kristen went howling mad with pleasure as Nelly continued to guzzle her
succulent juices. “OH YES! OH GOD YES!!!!!!!” she screamed.

“My, aren’t we excited?” teased Nelly. “Well, if you enjoyed that, my dear,
then you will live my erotic ‘handiwork’.”

But before Nelly could insert her fingers into Kristen’s pussy, the blonde
beat her to the punch and placed her fingers into the Canadian singer’s tight

Nelly gasped in a mixture of shock and ecstasy as she was being penetrated by
Kristen. “How do you like it, Nelly?” asked Kristen. “It’s just like when you
watch me on TV, only I’m the one in control!”

“YES!” screamed Nelly. “Fuck me, Veronica Mars! Do what you want with me!”

After awhile, Kristen released her fingers and proceeded to lick them clean.
“Your juices taste so succulent, sweetheart,” she said with a devilish smirk.
“Perhaps I shall have a second helping.” She gently kissed the Latina beauty
and later added, “I promise I won’t wear you out too much.”

She then went down and licked Nelly’s pussy, drinking her juices. Nelly
screamed loud enough to wake the dead.


Kristen then gave Nelly’s tight pussy one long lasting tongue lashing, long
enough to nearly send her into convulsions. After she was done, both ladies
attempted to relax themselves.

“My God,” said Nelly, “you were amazing, Kristen!”

“You weren’t so bad yourself, Nelly,” Kristen responds.

“Listen,” Nelly said, “I’ll be in Detroit for one more day, but then I must
continue my tour.” She then asked Kristen, “Would you like to come with me?
We’ll talk, go out on the town, and then continue our little private affair. What
do you say?”

“I’d love to!” was Kristen’s joyous answer.

The two lovelies kissed each other passionately. They looked forward to the
fun they were going to have together.

The End

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