Next Door Neighbors

Next Door Neighbors

By: Hot Ice

My life was pretty normal, a senior in high school, played baseball, My
name? My name is Bryce. I was the only guy around my age on my block. That
didn’t bother me due to the fact that all my neighbors had daughters around
my age, and a few of them were quite sexy. One day the next door neighbors
moved out and I was quite disappointed because their daughter Jamie was
leaving. Jamie and I had some great times together fooling around at night. I
was sad to see her go, but I knew it was something that couldn’t be helped.
The next day, the new neighbors moved in. I watched
as the movers

unloaded tons of furniture. All of it seemed to be a bit prissy and looked to
be chosen by girls. I didn’t care much at the moment though. I just minded my
own business for the rest of the day, and went on with my own business of
receiving a blowjob from Isa, one of the girls from up the street. The next
morning I woke up to a knocking at my door. I pulled myself out of bed and
found my way to the door. I answered the door and found no one, nothing but a
piece of paper taped to my door. I promptly read the paper and it said:

Hey there. We saw you yesterday watching us move in. You didn’t seem to
see us when we waved to you from the window of our house. We were hoping to
meet you. Would you like to come over? Anytime would be fine. We hope to meet
you soon!

Your new neighbors

The letter intrigued me. The handwriting seemed to be that of a young
female. I got myself dressed in a pair of P.E. shorts and a cut off sleeve
shirt. And made my wat way over to the house next door. I walked up to the
front door and remembered all of the memories I had had from fucking Jamie. I
remembered just the way it felt when she would deep throat my 6.5 inch dick.
It hurt to think about it. I knocked on the door, and to my surprise the door
swung open almost immediately. After the shock passed and I focused my vision
into the doorway my eyes popped open as wide as they could go. I couldn’t
believe it. Standing before me was Mandy Moore. She was wearing a tight baby
blue tank top that was covered in sweat, and short surf shorts.

“Hey” she said cheerfully, “You must be our neighbor, did you get the note we
left you?”

“Uhh, yeah, that’s why I am here I guess.” I said timidly.

“My name is Man…” she began.

“Mandy Moore.” I cut her off.

“Yeah, you’ve heard of me?” She asked innocently.

“Yeah, I am sort of a fan, My name is Bryce” I replied

“Cool, why don’t you come in?” She suggested.

I walked into the house and I looked around. I was surprised that she had set
up most of the furniture already. I looked around and followed Mandy to the
kitchen. She prepared herself a cup of Iced Tea and offered me a cup. I
gladly accepted and we began to talk a bit. As we talked she began to move
herself closer to me every second. She asked me if I had a girlfriend. As I
answered no, she kissed my cheek slowly. she began to put her arms around me
and kiss me sensually. She slowly pulled off my shirt and tossed it to the
floor. She put my hands on her hips and I slowly rubbed every inch of her
body. My hands made their way over her tight ass and over to her breasts. I
massaged her breasts slowly as she began to moan. She began to play with my
slowly hardening dick and began to remove her tank top. She pulled her top
off and threw it to the floor along with my shirt and I realized she wasn’t
wearing a bra. I bent over a bit and sucked one of her perfect tits into my
mouth and sucked her softly. She moaned loudly and began to plead with me to
suck harder, moaning “Oh Bryce, suck harder, please. I need you to suck
harder!” I teased her a bit and circled her little nipple with my tongue and
flicked it around. She grabbed the back of my head and began to force me into
her breasts. I sucked harder and harder. She moaned louder every second. Then
after a few minutes of sucking her tits, she pulled away from me and removed
my shorts. She was pleased to see that I hadn’t wore underwear. My 6 1/2 inch
penis stood erect in front of her. She eyed it with lust and licked her lips.
She licked it slowly up the shaft and back down. I pleaded with her to suck
it, but she continued to tease me, licking slowly up and down, occasionally
sucking one of my balls into her mouth and licking all the way back up to the
head. Then after about a minute of teasing me, I couldn’t take anymore. I
grabbed the side of her heads and brought her lips to my dick. She glanced up
at me once with a sexy look in her eyes and opened her mouth and took my
member into her mouth willingly. She sucked the first 3 inches softly, using
her tongue to massage the sides of my dick inside if her mouth. I thought I
was in heaven. Mandy sucked softly for a few more seconds and opened her
mouth a little wider. She took another inch into her waiting mouth. It was so
warm and moist between her soft lips. She sucked softly still, as I guided
her head up and down on my cock. I sighed in pleasure as Mandy took another 1
1/2 inches into her mouth. I thought she wouldn’t attempt the other inch,
but to my surprise she opened her mouth wider and took forced the last inch
into her throat. I felt my head push against the back of her throat and she
angled her head so that my cock slipped farther into her esophagus. She
sucked harder now. I moaned in pleasure as she took my cock deep. She gagged
and took my cock out of her mouth. “Did that feel good? She asked. “Oh yeah,
that felt wonderful, Mandy.” I replied. I was about to tell her that I knew
she had trouble taking it all the way in, and that she didn’t have to deep
throat it all way, but it was too late. She had already buried my cock into
her mouth and was already forcing the last inch into her throat again. She
against got all of it in and sucked extremely hard. She began to moan, and
force my cock into her throat farther. I felt the vibrations of her moans and
it drove me wild. I was on the verge of shooting my huge load down her
waiting throat. She took 2 inches out of her mouth and began sucking 4 1/2
inches of my cock and used her tongue once again to massage the sides of my
dick in her mouth. She grabbed my dick with 2 fingers and began to jack it
off while still inside her mouth. I was about to cum. She felt the cum
loading, and ready to shoot into her. She began to suck harder and harder
awaiting the creamy treat I was about to shoot into her. A few moments later,
I couldn’t hold back anymore. I began to shoot my load into her throat. She
began to swallow every drop, and she began to gag on the thick semen I was
pumping into her. She removed my cock from her lips and gasped for air. She
kept jacking me off as I continued to shoot my load. One shot landed on her
cheek. The next load shot onto her forehead, and the next shot onto her
closed eyelid. She moved her face back as she still gasped for air, and I
kept cumming. Cum was oozing from my dick and spilling onto her perfect
breasts. I shot 8 times all over her, and finally she regained her breath and
stuck my dick back into her mouth to swallow the remaining 4 shots. I heard
footsteps from the second floor of the house. I looked up at the ceiling, and
Mandy took my dick out of her mouth and blurted,
“Oh how forgetful of me, those foot steps you hear up stairs is my room mate.
Would you like to meet her?”

“Uhh, sure. Why not?” I answered

Mandy stood up from her kneeling position and didn’t bother to clean herself
up. She grabbed me by the hand as I tried to pull my shorts back on. We ran
up the stairs and she ran into a room and told me to wait for just a second.
She came back out with a towel and began to wipe the cum that was covering
her. She forgot a load I released on her cheek and I wiped it off with my
index finger and she smiled a bit embarrassed and grabbed my hand and sucked
my finger clean of cum. She smiled coyly and led me to another room. She
pushed me into a room and told me she would take a shower. The door closed
and as I turned around and I almost fainted. Standing before me was Christina
Aguilera in a white sports bra, and mesh shorts. “Hi, you must be the
neighbor.” She said. “Yeah, I met Mandy. And your name is Christina right?” I
said. “Wow, you are really smart. Didn’t expect you to know my name” She
replied. “Uhh, you could say that I am a fan of yours, My name is Bryce” I
said. “Ohh, I see.” She said as she approached me. She kissed me softly on
the lips. She removed her bra and used it to wipe the sweat off my forehead.
“Wow, looks like you and Mandy already got to know each other pretty well.”
She said. “Uhh, if you want to put it that way, yes I guess.” I replied.
“Well, it’s my turn now.” She said coyly. She pulled down her shorts and
revealed a rainbow color bikini bottom. She quickly removed that and threw it
to the floor. She lowered herself to her knees and removed my shorts to
expose my tired dick. “Are you gonna be able to get up for another round?”
She asked. “Umm…Why don’t you see for yourself.” I smiled. With that she
smiled and popped my limp dick into her mouth. She sucked expertly, even
better than Mandy sucked my dick. Within seconds I was rock hard again. She
sucked slowly and lathered up my cock with her spit. She then pulled me over
to the bed that was set up. She bent over onto the edge of the bed and told
me to fuck her from behind. I positioned myself quickly and inserted my dick
into her tight pussy. She moaned in pleasure as my dick sank all the way into
her pussy. I worked her hard for about 10 minutes. From the way her pussy
tugged at my cock every few minutes it felt like she went through about 5
orgasms. She dropped to the bed and I turned her over. She looked at me with
gleaming eyes, and smiled. “Did you enjoy yourself, Christina?” I asked. “Oh
yeah. It was great, Bryce. I didn’t feel you shoot your load in me though. I
want you to cum. It wouldn’t be fair to you if you didn’t shoot your load of
sweet thick juicy cum all over me.” She replied. “Uhh, how do you plan to
make me cum?” I asked. “C’mon, straddle my face and stick your cock into my
mouth” She answered. I did so with no argument, and I pumped her face for 5
minutes. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and said “Do you enjoy getting
your cock lubed up with my spit?” She asked. “Oh yeah. I love it.” I replied.
“Now suck my tits and spit all over my breasts” She instructed. I did so.
“Now take your lubed up cock and place it between my spit covered titties”
She ordered. I willingly did so. She pushed her breasts together, and I knew
what was next. I started to thrust forward and back between her breasts. She
moaned as she watched my 6.5 inch cock slide between her perfect breasts. I
felt the cum building at the tip of my cock and Christina knew it too. I
yelled, “I’m gonna cum, Christina!!” After hearing this Christina grabbed my
dick and started jacking it off. I kneeled above her and started to shoot my
load. The first 5 jet powered shots landed on her chin, both cheeks, her
nose, and all over her forehead consecutively. Then as the pressure in my
cock died down 8 shots oozed out onto her breasts. And finally, she slipped
my cock into her mouth as I watched her cum covered face swallow the
remaining 10 shots. She stopped sucking and started to gather the cum on her
face. She began to push it all into her mouth. I watched her doing this and
began to get another hard on. She then grabbed her sports bra and wiped the
remaining sperm off her chest and threw her panties aside. At that instance
Mandy Moore entered the room from her shower. “Oh, hey, looks like you guys
got acquainted.” She said with a sexy smile. She walked over to me and kissed
me softly on the lips. “You think you can handle another round, Bryce?” She
asked. “Honestly, with you guys I could probably go all day.” I replied. “Why
don’t you just relax and let us please you then, Bryce.” Christina said. We
moved downstairs and they pushed me forcefully onto the sofa. Mandy and
Christina then started to touch each other, and began giving me a lap dance.
I was hard within seconds again. I watched them make love to one another for
10 minutes and then I couldn’t hold my urges back anymore. I reached forward
and grabbed Mandy by the waist. I instructed Christina to lube up my cock
with spit like she did earlier. and She willingly did so. After she lubed me
up, I slowly lowered Mandy onto me. “No,” she said, “I am a virgin, I don’t
want to get fucked without a condom on my first time” “Ok” I said with a sad
expression on my face. “anything but in my virgin pussy,” She said
“Anything.” She added with an innocent but yet devilish look. She began to
sit down onto my hard cock as Christina watched on. I felt my cock press
against her, and slowly enter her. I thought she had changed her mind about
being fucked in her virgin pussy, but I soon realized that I was not
penetrating her pussy. My cock was slowly making it’s way into her tight
asshole. She pushed all the way down onto my cock, and groaned as her
sphincter made way for my intruding member. My lubed cock then began to work
in and out of her ass as she bounced up and down. She moaned loudly screaming
my name as my cock raided her anal cavity. She screamed in pleasure as the
pain faded and pleasure took over. Christina was now fingering herself next
the me on the couch. Christina pushed herself into orgasm as she watched me
ram Mandy in the ass. Mandy then screamed out “Ahh!!!!!! I’m cumming, this
feels soooo gooooood!!!!!!”. As her orgasm hit her asshole tightened around
my shaft increasing my pleasure. I was on the verge also. I began to shoot my
3rd load of the day into Mandy’s tight ass. After I emptied myself into
Mandy, she got off me and used her bath towel to clean off my cock. She and
Christina then positioned themselves in front of me and started to play with
my cock. Again I got another raging hard on, as they teased me licking my
cock slowly. I pleaded for them to stop and Mandy did so. She stuck my cock
into her mouth and began to give me another wonderful blowjob. Christina then
sucked my balls into her mouth and began to massage my nuts inside her mouth.
It felt better than the individual blowjobs I had received earlier. After 5
minutes they switched and Mandy sucked my balls into her mouth and massaged
with her tongue, and Christina expertly sucked my cock. After 5 minutes I
couldn’t hold back my cum anymore. I yelled out “I’m gonna cum girls!!!” They
both stopped sucking my nuts and my cock and started both jacking off my cock
in rhythm. Their team work and steady rhythm of jacking me off brought me to
orgasm. I began to shoot my 4th load of the day. They opened their mouths
waiting for my thick semen to grace their tongues. The first shot landed on
Christina’s breasts. The second on Mandy’s breasts. The third shot hit Mandy
in the cheek. the 4th in Christina’s forehead. The 5th shot hit my intended
target as I shot directly into Mandy’s mouth. She swallowed the cum happily
and smiled as the next shot hit her between the eyes. The next 2 shots also
hit my intended target landing in Christina’s waiting mouth, she played with
the sperm and gave Mandy a kiss letting Mandy share the sweet taste of my
cum. As they kissed I shot 10 times into their hair. Their hair was now
matted down with thick cum. They seemed to enjoy being shot with cum. I was
far from over. One would figure that my 4th load would be the smallest of all
due to being tired, but my orgasm continued as I shot more cum onto their
chests. After 20 shots, I was still shooting strong. They continued to wait
for my cum to grace them. The continued to shoot into their mouths and over
their faces. After about 35-40 shots, I was finally spent and Christina and
Mandy continued to clean each other of my cum. They sucked each other’s tits,
and they used my now limp cock to clean their faces and sucking my cock
clean. They must have swallowed over 5 gallons of my cum. (I am exaggerating
of course) But after they were somewhat cleaned of my cum They cuddled up
with me on the couch and I felt their sticky skin against mine. But I didn’t
care. All I knew was I just fucked Mandy Moore and Christina Aguilera, cummed
down their throats and over their hot bodies, and now I was sleeping with
both of them at the same time. That was the most pleasure I have ever felt
before, and I can only wonder if I will experience it again in the future.

The End???

This was my first story. I want feed back, so if you guys liked the story
line and the acts done in this story mail me at and label the
mail “Story improvements” Thanks to everyone who read my story. If I get a
good reaction from this story then I will write more stories like this in the

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