Nikki’s Hollyoaks Initiation

Author: Nobbem’ard

Celebrity: Nikki Sanderson, Jorgie Porter, Sarah Manners, Gemma Merna, Ricky Whittle, Nico Mirallegro, Jamie Lomas

Story Codes: mmmf, rape, oral, viol

Disclaimer: The events described in this story did not happen, will not happen and could not happen.  It is a fantasy and is to be read as such.

Nikki’s Hollyoaks Initiation

Nikki has received the news that she has been cast in Hollyoaks, and is being shown around the set one evening.  She’s introduced to a few members of the cast, Jorgie Porter, Gemma Merna, Sarah Manners (who’s possibly coming back) Ricky Whittle, Nico Mirallegro and Jamie Lomas, and they look her up and down, casually chatting to her, the girls sneering, the guys looking interested in the mini skirted actress, especially the arrogant Nico, who has his arm around her shoulder, and suggests that that they all go out for a drink to a local club, adding,

“Let’s give Nikki a good old Hollyoaks welcome, shall we!”

He winks at the other actors, and off they go, enjoying a pleasant hour or so, and Nikki is a little surprised that the club is already empty, save for themselves, at just 10 o’clock. She turns to Ricky and says,

“This is the place that time forgot, I reckon!”

He laughs,

“Babe, it’s a place you ain’t never gonna forget!  Right boys?”

Nico and Jamie laugh in agreement, and Nico catches hold of Nikki’s hand, pulls her towards him, and kisses her, then says,

“Not bad! See Nikki, tonight you’ll be getting a real good welcome from us, and you’ll have a night to remember, I promise!”

His hand slides up Nikki’s thigh, then he kisses her mouth again, the girl struggling, but unable to fight him off.  He lets go of her, and now Ricky cops a feel of her breasts, as she squeals,

“Get off me! You’ll be sorry for this!”

Jamie laughs,

“Nah! Thing is babe, we’re a tight bunch in this series, and several of the other guys will swear we were somewhere else with them, that you were with us, and that you were begging for it!  Now, let’s get you started, shall we?”

With Ricky and Nico holding Nikki, Jamie unfastens her top and slips it off, fondling her boobs through the sheer silk bra, stroking her belly, then turning her around, letting Ricky pull down her skirt, the garment easily sliding to the floor, and now Nikki’s only wearing her bra and panties, snapping through clenched teeth,

“Get the fuck off me! That’s enough!”

But Nico laughs and says,

“Now, I don’t think that’s gonna happen, is it?”

He reaches round behind Nikki and unclips her bra, and now he runs his fingers over her bare boobs, pausing at her nipples, which he squeezes and caresses, then leans forward to kiss them, before letting Jamie have his turn, the rough guy working his lips and tongue over them, with Nikki disgusted with herself as she realises her nipples are hardening, and now she looks at the girls,

“Please! Jorgie? Gemma? They’re gonna rape me!”

The pretty blondes lean back in their chairs and laugh, Sarah chipping in,

“And we’re gonna watch!  You’re asking for it anyway, little slag!”

Stripped down to just her knickers now, Nikki tries to resist, but Ricky’s hands are too big, too strong, and he quickly and easily pulls them down, and off, then slides his hands over the girl’s shaven crotch, sighing,

“I hope you stay at Hollyoaks a long time, babe, ‘cos I’m gonna enjoy fuckin’ you on a regular basis!”

Nikki snaps back,

“Dream on!”

Next Jamie catches hold of Nikki, runs his hands down her, and starts fingering her, the actress struggling, but to no avail, gagging as her kisses her, feeling his tongue sliding between her lips, then he says hoarsely,

“Ricky’s right – shagging you will be great fun!”

Nikki spits on the floor, trying to rid her mouth of his saliva,

“You are no way getting inside my knickers!”

He laughs,

“We’ll see, shall we?”

Now Nico takes possession of the actress, and he’s soon fondling her tits, and running his tongue across her lips, before kissing her.  He then lifts Nikki Up and carries her to the bar, then sits her on it, pushing her backwards, her body now resting between the beer pumps. And her pushes her arms upwards, Ricky now appearing behind the bar, so that between them the wedge Nikki between the pumps, each one of them wedged in her armpits – basically she is helpless, and at their mercy, her legs dangling off the bar, her crotch perfectly positioned at the edge of at a nice comfortable height for the three men.

Nico easily parts Nikki’s thighs now, her shaven crotch open, the entry to her vagina gaping, and she begins to accept the inevitable as Nico drops his pants, holds his hardened penis in the palm of his hand, then coolly slides it inside her, Nikki gasping, breathing,

“No! Stop it!”

But Nico starts thrusting his pelvis to and fro with all the energy he can muster, Nikki gasping and yelping as he fucks her, almost groaning when she feels him come, his spunk flooding inside her, the calves of her legs clinching together behind his thighs as she grips him at climax, her ass now bouncing on the bar as she judders her own orgasm, and she’s almost disappointed when he slides his cock out of her, excess semen dribbling down it, as well as her thigh.

There’s hardly a pause in the action as Ricky steps out of his pants and sidles over to Nikki, not bothering to hold his cock, as it stands up for itself – huge and thick.  Sarah Manners is actually dribbling at the sight of it, and mutters to Gemma Merna,

“Lucky bitch!”

Ricky hears her, and turns,

“Later, darling, if you want some?”

Sarah licks her lips,

“Yeah!  All night, big boy!”

Turning his attention back to Nikki, Ricky pauses with the tip of his prick just inside the lips of Nikki’s cunt, and he says to her,

“Ready for my big boy, darlin’?”

Nikki swallows saliva, and responds,

“Get it over with!”

Ricky presses forward, sliding the first six inches or so of his cock into Nikki, and he asks again,

“Now – are you ready for me? Tell me!”

Nikki’s lips are gaping as she feels Ricky’s big cock in her, and she knows there’s plenty more to come,

“Yes! OK – I’m ready for you!  Fuck me!”

He grins, pushes the rest of his cock inside her, and as Nikki squeals he groans,

“My pleasure!”

Now Ricky gives it to Nikki, pumping and thrusting, speeding up, slowing down, even stopping a couple of times, the girl panting,

“Don’t stop! Gimme more!”

Grinning, Ricky does as Nikki asks, shagging the little sexpot hungrily and urgently, Nikki pushing her own crotch back and forth as well, her legs twitching as he comes, and Nikki’s taken her second solid shagging of the night, knowing there’s a third to come, and as Ricky withdraws his cock, she pants,

“That was good!  So good!”

Ricky moves over towards Sarah, who mops his sticky cock with Nikki’s skirt, then she throws them aside, and starts kissing him, the man responding eagerly, that big penis of his already expanding and hardening even before Sarah swings her legs across and mounts her man, riding his cock for all she’s worth, Jorgie and Gemma moving away from the copulating couple.

Meanwhile, Jamie is preparing to give Nikki another shafting, and he rather cruelly slaps her thighs around before roughly and violently ramming his cock inside her, the girl squealing a little – this isn’t fun!  Jamie Lomas is really humping her hard, each thrust of his groin is fast, deep and painful, just an animal act of sex, which only Jamie is enjoying, his penis sliding back and forth, back and forth, finally jerking, ejaculating and stopping, Jamie spitting on Nikki’s belly as he roughly pulls it out, and sneering,

“Little prickteaser! That’ll teach you!”

Poor Nikki is trapped on the bar between those beer pumps, and has to wait for Nico to go round and free her arms – when he lets them go, she slides gently to the floor, exhausted and aching, but when Nico stands before her, his penis all hard and ready again, she just raises herself up to her knees, and starts to suck him, taking the entire organ into her mouth, sucking energetically, her head rocking to and fro until she feels his jizz hit the back of her throat, and she swallows until there’s no more spunk to come, then sits back and rests, spotting that Ricky is busy with Sarah, and that Jamie has already pulled his pants back up, but is horrified when she hears Jamie speak.

“OK girls!  Punishment time!”

Gemma and Jorgie are now behind Nikki, and they haul her to her feet, each gripping and arm as they pull her upright, the nasty Sarah Manners sauntering around in front of her, glaring into her eyes, slapping a hard solid rubber cylinder in her with one hand into her other palm, and she sneers at her as Jamie barks,

“You know what to do Sarah?”

The blonde nods, and he continues, just in case she’s forgotten the rules,

“A few bruises around the body – then one in the cunt for luck!”

Sarah licks her lips, and snaps at Jorgie and Gemma,

“Hold her steady girls!”

With the rubber in her right hand, Sarah wields it like the expert she is, slamming it into Nikki’s soft flank, the girl screaming in pain, then Sarah waits, bringing the rubber back the other way, slamming it into Nikki’s ribs this time on the other side of her body, the girl again screaming.  The beating continues, with Sarah wielding the weapon, slamming it across Nikki in wide arcs, and every blow lands, and every blow hurts, until Gemma pants,

“You better stop, Sarah! We can’t hold her much longer!”

Sarah nods,

“OK! Just pull her upright!”

She kicks Nikki’s legs apart, then slams a final, debilitating blow to her crotch, Jorgie and Gemma unable to hold her as she slumps forwards and down, retching, then vomiting, the pain unbearable, and she doesn’t move as she hears her new acting colleagues leave, laughing and giggling at what they have done to the new girl, who is now regretting her decision to join the cast.

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