Nikki Sanderson Picture Perfect

Nikki Sanderson Picture Perfect

By Maxim

Manchester UK

May 2003

It was the morning after the 2003 British Soap


Nikki Sanderson was back in her Manchester flat

looking at the video

of the after awards party that had been shown on ITV2,

on her bed

were the mornings tabloid newspapers, all featuring

Nikki in the

dress she’d worn to the soap awards.

Nikki’s outfit had consisted of a brown silk dress

tied behind the

neck and held in by a belt at the waist, but the


attention was drawn to Nikki’s medium sized breasts

were barely

covered by the material and seemed at any moment to

part revealing

her breasts.

As it was it didn’t hide that much.

This had been the first time Nikki had worn anything

that daring to

an awards ceremony and Nikki loved the attention she

got from it..

Nikki sat on the side of her bed, leafing through the


newspapers looking

at herself and that dress.

She laughed as she thought to herself.”If they only

knew what was

going on under that dress.. It was cold out there and

me nips were

fighting to escape”

Nikki stood up and looked at herself in the bedrooms



She was wearing a black silk “If they could of seen

wat was

happening in my knickers” Nikki laughed to herself. “I

was sooo wet,

I thought it was going to show”.

Nikki’s boyfriend had taken his digital camera with

them last night

and had uploaded the pictures this morning before he

left, it was

the first thing Nikki had looked at when she got up

that morning.

Nikki looked at the digital camera and then at the


Glancing at her image she thought of what would of

happened if her

breast had slipped out of her dress, if somehow the


had been able to see her

knickers and the damp patch.

It took Nikki two minutes to get back into “That

dress”, she looked

at the image she presented to the mirror, Nikki

couldn’t wait any

longer, plenty of times in the past when she was

younger, Nikki had

played being the model in front of her full-length

mirror, but this

time would be different.

In her mind Nikki pretended to be at the awards,

expect this time

without the aid of the double-sided tape that held her

beasts inside

the dress.

She turned and smiled at the mirror that was now

playing the role of

the photographers, her boyfriends digital camera on

the small tripod

linked to a laptop.

Nikki smiled at the camera, seconds later her image

appeared on the

small screen at the back of the camera and in seconds

onto the

laptop screen.

“I just have to see this” Nikki said to herself as she

sat down in

front if the laptop and examined her image, Nikki had

turned as the

camera had taken the picture and by doing so had

completed revealed

her left breast, her hard nipple clearly visible.

“Just think if that had happened.. What would have

happened if the

clasp behind my neck had got undone and fallen to my


Nikki stood in front of the mirror, her fingers poised

on the clasp.

Nikki pulled on it. the dress fell to her knees as the


camera took picture after picture.

Nikki knelt by the laptop looking for the first time

at a naked

image of herself, her slim body, without the aid of a

bra, her

medium sized but still growing teenage breasts and her

plump hips

and long legs.

The brown public hair just above her pussy was sparse,

but felt soft

and silky as she touched here pubes as she looked at

her own image.

Nikki had to take another one, she went to the mirror

and aimed the

digital camera at her pussy, Nikki parted her legs and

fingered her

pussy, looking at her clit as it appeared from between

the rapidly

moistening lips, she pressed the button and within

seconds the image

had appeared on her latop screen.

“If they’d seen this last night, just imagine all


photographers, all those guys wanking looking at those


Nikki thought.

She stood up facing the mirror, “I’m pretty, aren’t ?”

Nikki asked

the mirror, turning around.

Nikki stood on tiptoes, making the heart-shaped

muscles in her

calves bulge and her ass tighten.

“What if?” thought Nikki, “I was like Jordan or some

of those slag’s

and I was always showing it about and getting my tits

out for the

guys, what if I was doing some porno spread” she


“I know” Nikki knelt down and switched the top of the

range digital

camera from still image to mpeg.

In an instant Nikki could see her moving image on the



“Ok guys” Nikki said to the mirror.

“Wanna see this.”

Nikki spread her arse cheeks apart to the camera.

“Look there’s my arsehole. my virgin arsehole” Nikki


Moving herself around she looked into the laptop

screen as the

digital camera recorded onto the hard drive, her pink

rosebud, her


“What if guys?. I just took my finger and.”

Nikki faced the camera smiled and licked her finger

and then moving

around to the camera lens, spread her arse cheeks and

started to

finger her arsehole.

If anybody else had been in the bedroom they’d have

heard Nikki

moaning in pleasure.

“Guys I’m so tight in there. just imagine if my finger

was your

cock. your big cock”

Nikki moaned.

The image on the laptop screen showed Nikki’s finger

being pushed

into her now open arsehole, the camera lens watching


fingertip disappear inside of her.

Moaning loudly Nikki pulled her now warm and wet

finger from her

arsehole and sat back in front of the laptop.

Stopping the recording, she watched the playback on

the screen,

Nikki talking to the camera, looking at herself easing

into her

arsehole and her loud moaning coming right back at her

from the

laptop’s speakers.

Nikki started the camera on video again, one eye on

the camera, one

eye on the screen. Sitting down in front of the

laptop, she looked

at a close up of her own pussy,

and thought for the first time.

“This is the very first time I’ve seen my own pussy

like this”.

Leaning into the camera, Nikki spoke to the camera.

“Well guy’s you’re going to see my tight little pussy

now, I bet you

wondered as you watched me on Corrie and wanked over

me, wonder

what’s her pussy like?”

“Well guy’s here it is”, Nikki spread her long legs,

her tight pussy

revealed to the camera. Her finger moved down the

groove of her

pussy lips, opening it, her wetness shining in the

light, Nikki’s

clit now revealing itself to the camera.

Moving herself up Nikki smiled into the camera. “What

you think of

my tits guys, now you can see them, did you like

seeing them on the

telly at awards, well here they are.”

Nikki ran her thumb over her nipples, cupping her

teenage tits in

her hands and massaging her nipples, watching on the

laptop as they

grew harder and harder.

Nikki looked down at the image of her cupping her own


Looking down at her pussy, she could see the inside of

her thighs

were now shimmering with her juices.

“Guy’s you’ve got me all wet, is this what you wanted

to see,

Candice off the telly frigging herself as you


Nikki watched the laptop as she could seen herself as

she slid her

hand down over her flat stomach, toying lightly with

her pubes

before sliding her fingers along her pussy lips and

exposing her

clit to the camera.

“Look how wet I am guys, would you like to fuck me

now” Nikki said

to the camera.

Watching herself on the screen, Nikki stroked her clit


sliding her index finger over her now very hard and

exposed clit as

she spread her fingers out in a butterfly kiss and

massaged her very

wet pussy lips.

“Just imagine guys if my finger was your cock and you

could do


Nikki plunged her middle finger deep into her pussy,

the camera

caught all the action as she thrust her finger in and

out of her

tight pussy, the pace getting quicker and quicker as

the image on

the screen saw the actress her legs wide open, her

finger in her

pussy, her small breasts and very hard nipples as

Nikki opened her

mouth wide in a scream as she came.

Out of breath, Nikki smiled to the camera as said “Now

look what

you’ve made me do.”

Nikki stood up, the last image the camera saw was her

wet pussy hair

and her juices spread over her thighs.

The screen went black. if it was still working it

would of seen the

naked Nikki Sanderson walking to the bathroom to get a

shower, her

tight arse, her long legs walking away from the


Nikki should have really learnt an important lesson

about recording

image for her personal pleasure. delete it afterwards!

What Nikki didn’t know was after several months of a

troubled time

with her boyfriend.

He would be ending there relationship tonight and with

all the fuss

about her dress and the soap awards, Nikki would

forget all about

the files she’d created on her boyfriends laptop and

he would be

taking the laptop with him.

I wonder what he’d think when he did a bit of file

management on his


and found those “Nikki” files..

The End

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