No, No, No, No

No, No, No, No
by The Fan

Anyone who is a fan of Hip Hop music would recognize those lyrics almost
immediately. It involves the sexy quartet singing as Destiny’s Child. So
you know, this story was written before the original group broke up. The
original members are LeToya, LeTavia, Beyonce, and Kelly.

This story was inspired by a reader who made a simple request. Needless
to say, after hearing the request, I was more than happy to oblige. I
would greatly appreciate YOUR thoughts on this story. Please cast your
vote and drop me a line at the bottom of this page.

(When it’s really yeah , yeah , yeah , yeah , yeah). boy,
I know you want me. I can see it in your eyes."

I could hear their famous song projecting from their four beautiful
voices. And better yet, it was live. And still better, I was backstage.
I promised Big Mike some a big joint if he could hook me up with a
backstage pass to this concert. Big Mike was overseeing the entire
concert and inside line to anything he wanted. He was pretty well
plugged in around the city. Everyone knew who he was. I was glad to know
him from way back when we lived in Brick City. He moved out here after
he graduated high school in hopes to hit it big (which he did). I had
moved out here (Los Angeles) for senior year. The weather was nicer, the
girls were hotter, and they wore less. Either way I saw it, I couldn’t

But we were older now. We’d seen a lot more. We’d seen a done more . We
were best friends then and we still are. I owe a lot of everything I
have to him. Of all the things to think about, I thought about THIS as
that gorgeous tune of No, No, No went on. I could see their fine asses
wrapped with some tight spandex fabric. They looked so hot! Beyonce
started to wail away on her solo as the others harmonized in the
background. Beyonce was one of the taller ones and wore a weave most of
the time. She has a nice caramel tone to her skin. She was by far the
most talented of their group. She looked the best, sung the best, and
fucked the best! The show started to tone itself down and I knew that
this was going to end soon. I got to see them in the back many times
through the course of their show as they went into their change rooms to
switch costumes. They came out looking hotter every time. LeToya (the
other tall one with the tight ass and small, firm tits) was a serious
flirt. She looked over my way on a couple of occasions with a look of
sex in her eyes. I returned her flirtatious glance with the same look. I
would be a legend in our ranks if I nailed the likes of Destiny’s Child.
It wouldn’t even matter who it was, as far as me and my buddies would
have been concerned.

LeTavia was definitely the slut of the quartet. I saw Big Mike move in
on her on the final break with both of them leaving on a positive note.
Big Mike cam and stood next to me with his goofy smile still on his

"I’m gonna need a hand with this place back here. Can you hang back
after the concert is over?"

I didn’t really know what help he might need, but I told him I would
help in either case. Well, the show ended, I was upstairs in someone’s
office as he went through some papers. It looked like some ticket sales
paperwork. He was involved in some marketing stuff at his club downtown
and I guess he was calculating what his cut was in case somebody tried
to fuck him on his cut. I didn’t have shit to do, so I blazed up as he
worked away. I passed the joint to him as he took a hit and went
straight back to work.

"What the fuck am I here for, fool?" I asked him, getting fed up with
waiting around.

"You know that slut bitch, LeTavia?" Mike asked looking at me up through
his eyebrows


"Yeah, well. she wants to fuck in a bad way. She’s waitin’ for me

"What you need me for then?"

"The others are horny right now too! LeTavia told me to tell you that
LeToya wants to fuck now !"

We both laughed and slapped fives as we relished in our great luck. We
walked downstairs and I stood in front of the changing room where they
were. Mike had already found the other room, walked in and locked the
door. I reached for the door knob in front of me to find the door wasn’t
closed. It creaked open slightly and the smell of pussy hit me like a
Mack truck. I peered in to see Kelly (the short girl with short hair)
sitting on LeToya’s lap kissing her neck and fondling her firm tits.
Beyonce sat in the corner completely naked and was fingering herself to
continuous orgasm. There was a lot of low volume moaning and groaning as
they lightly felt each other up. The moans stopped as there was a loud
thump against the wall that penetrated through the wall. I heard loud
screams, and thumping, and slapping from where Mike had LaTavia bent
over. The screams were so loud and clear.

The sounds of what was happening next door stopped when the others
(Beyonce, LeToya, and Kelly) started laughing like crazy at their
friend’s success at the game of sex. They all high-fived each other and
rooted LeTavia on.

"That bitch always gets a man, and then can’t keep her mouth shut about

"Stop braggin’, bitch!!" they all hollered as they listened to LeTavia
having a good fuck in the room next to them.

I smiled at their jokes and then watched as Kelly removed her shirt and
got back to her prior engagement. Kelly has really big tits for her
size. I figured she was only 5’4", but she definitely had a nice
package. Kelly moved off LeToya’s lap and kneeled in front of her wet
cunt. She laid a tongue on LeToya’s clit that caused LeToya to shudder
as she braced herself for a big orgasm. Beyonce started fingering
herself even faster. Both Beyonce and LeToya came together and clenched
and scratched each other’s arms as they did.

All of this action and I hadn’t even moved from my original peeking
place. My dick was aching in my pants from the live action that could
only happen once in a lifetime. I rubbed my dick through my pants to
relieve some much needed tension. As Beyonce relaxed from her orgasm,
she opened her eyes slightly and looked directly at me. I had finally
been found out. and was hoping for some serious punishment.

I got to examine Beyonce’s naked body as she walked over to the door.
She was a bit bigger than the normal girl, but fuck what a great set of
tits! She walked right over to me and pulled me into the room with my
unit in her small hand.

"Look at who I found at the door! Spying on us like little fuckin’ kid!"
Beyonce yelled and she shot me a look.

I figured I was in some pretty deep shit and probably would have been if
Kelly took another step over to me. I figured she was going to kick me
in the balls. She had that I’m-a-bitch-don’t-fuck- with-me look on her

"Maybe he’s got enough game to play" LeToya bounced back with a cute

She had a smile on her face and I knew she saved my balls from a good
boot. She walked over to me and walked around me. She was still wearing
her heels from the show so she was looking right at eye level. She
stroked my crotch with one finger and I thought I was going to shoot my
load in my pants right then. I didn’t thank God.

LeToya was fuckin’ hot and I wanted to rail her in a bad way. She
definitely wanted to fuck and she didn’t hide much with the look on her
face. I wish I could have seen the look on my face. I was amazed at her
beauty. Beyonce and Kelly both came around as well. Kelly moved her
fingers in between Beyonce’s legs and began rubbing her cunt with two
fingers. Beyonce closed her eyes and sat back on the floor with her legs
wide open. Kelly fitted her two fingers into Beyonce’s cunt and pushed
in and out gently. Kelly locked her lips onto Beyonce’s and the kissed

LeToya moved her fingers over my belt and undid them relieving my
seriously aching cock. I climbed out of my pants and stripped off my
boxers in a hurry. LeToya took me by the cock and moved me over to the
couch where she was sitting a few minutes ago. She sat back and engulfed
my cock into her mouth. I felt my head hit the back of her throat and
she firmed her tongue and licked hard on the bottom part of my shaft.
She started sucking back and forth quickly like a porno start. This girl
could suck some serious cock. She licked and jacked me off in one smooth
motion. I was getting close to orgasm and LeToya knew it. I would have
guessed I would get to shoot my load in her mouth, but no such luck. She
pulled me out of her mouth and crimped the base of cock and that really
seemed to slow me down. LeToya smiled and took my head and pulled me
down to her cunt.

I wanted to lick her up and down in a bad way and now was my chance. I
parted her full lips and flicked her clit with my tongue. She tasted so
sweet and she was very wet. My tongue found her insides and she moaned
loudly as she bucked her hips as she forced my head further into her
cunt. I followed my tongue in with one finger which was more than enough
to put her over. She gasped for air as she came quite heavily. She
became very wet and very sweet. I saw Beyonce fall onto LeToya’s mouth
as she came. I sucked up all of her juices and waited for more action. I
forced three fingers into her hot cunt and pushed hard. She moaned a
muffled moan from underneath Beyonce’s cunt. Beyonce was rocking back
and forth rhythmically as she was on her way to another orgasm. She came
hard with a short, loud scream.

Kelly shuffled over on all fours over to where we all ended up and
reached around my body to grab my rock hard cock. Her fingers were kind
of cool from being stuck up Beyonce’s pussy just a couple of minutes
ago. She wanted to make sure I was hard (no problem there) before she
squished herself in between me and LeToya’s spread legs. I guided my
dick into Kelly’s wet cunt and moved her forward into LeToya’s hot lips.
I stroked inside and out for quite some time before Kelly gave me any
indication that she was going to come. When Kelly comes, Kelly comes! I
felt so much pressure build up as she moaned loudly. Beyonce moved off
of LeToya’s face and leaned in to lick up Kelly most recent orgasm. I
pulled out and let her lick up what mess Kelly just made on the insides
if her legs. I sat on the couch and pulled LeToya to sit on my dick that
had still not seen any form of relief yet. LeToya and only rode for a
short while before I was ready to come. LeToya backed off and kneeled in
front of me as I stood up with my dick ready to rupture in my hand.
Kelly and Beyonce both got ready for a shot as well. I jacked my dick
off until my load shot right onto Kelly’s face. It was thick and white.
It was my biggest load ever! My second shot hit LeToya’s chin and
dripped off onto her chest. My third shot hit her in the forehead and on
the top of her head. Beyonce moved over onto Kelly’s face to lick up my
first shot. They sat there and licked each other clean.

I slid my finger into Beyonce’s tight cunt as they licked and kissed
each other. She leaned back and grabbed my dick. She began to jack me
off until I got hard again. As I became hard again, I slid Beyonce
around to face me ass out. She reached out for my unit and sat back onto
it as I slidinto her waiting pussy. She didn’t have a very full set of
lips but it looked good on her. I watched her ass jiggle around as I
pounded into her from the back. Kelly moved in front of Beyonce and
spread her legs wide open. Beyonce leaned over further and started to
eat away at Kelly cunt. LeToya was fingering herself next to me and
waiting for me to fire another load. I rammed deep into Beyonce’s cunt
and felt my dick pulse hard. I stroked in and out quickly and pulled out
right into LeToya’s widespread mouth. She wrapped her lips right around
my head and jacked me off until my load was squirting into LeToya’s
mouth. The first explosion coated the back of her throat and caused a
gasping cough. The rest of my load seeped out onto LeToya’s tongue. She
pulled me out of her mouth and showed off as she smacked her lips with
my come all over them.

"Fuck me" Beyonce called out to me as she held open her ass cheeks for

It hadn’t taken long to get hard again and I jumped over to where she
waited for me. My dick was soaking wet in my own come and LeToya’s
saliva. Beyonce’s ass was very tight. Her open ass was gleaming from her
own come. I pushed in the head of my dick and waited for her ass to
adjust. She was more than ready to have me violate her asshole. I
plunged in and out quite quickly as she moaned loudly. Beyonce followed
her loud moans with screams and shortened breath. LeToya moved in
underneath Beyonce as she came heavily. I could hear LeToya slurping at
the wet juice that flowed down into LeToya’s mouth. Beyonce pushed her
ass out and I gave it to her then. I didn’t have much left in me at this
point (semen stamina), but when I seen her ass all the way out there I
couldn’t stop fucking her. In and out. In and out. In and out. Her ass
jiggled one last time before I pulled out of her tight ass and came all
over the crack of her sweaty ass.

"Oooooh Yeahhhh!!!!!" I heard Beyonce scream as she felt my hot come
coat her backside. She desperately reached out for my aching dick and
shot her hand up and down my shaft to squeeze out the last drop. LeToya
slid out from underneath Beyonce and went to work on her come covered
ass. I watched her lick Beyonce’s ass clean! Fuck was LeToya a Cum Bank.
She loved the stuff. Kelly moaned weakly as she came. Beyonce moved out
of the way and left Kelly with her legs still open. Kelly had her lips
held open and invited me over. I slid in and began to fuck her into a
frenzy of orgasms. Kelly shook violently as she came over and over
again. I could hear the juice leaking out of her stuffed cunt. I looked
over to see LeToya still working away at Beyonce who was still bent over
with her hands from parting her ass cheeks. LeToya was giving one fine
rim job and it caused me to ache for more relief. This was definitely
the most overcoming orgasm I was going to have. Kelly was still
shuddering from her series of orgasms when I pulled out and puked from
dick all over her stomach and tits. I watched my dick as I spewed out
all over the place. Kelly rubbed my jizz all over her tits and licked
her hand off when she had finished rubbing her tits.

I fell back and closed my eyes. I don’t think I had enough energy to
even get up and leave. Well, I was right. After our orgy had finished, I
fell asleep right there buck fuckin’ naked and didn’t wake for quite a
few hours. I got up and noticed my sex circle had disappeared. I muddled
around to find my clothes and got dressed in a confused haze. Over by
the make-up mirror, I noticed all three girls had left a cute thank you
note and a tape with lipstick on the title sticker. I grabbed the tape
and smiled. I broke into laugh before I was cut off.

"Let’s go. We can talk about it on the way home!" Big Mike hollered at
me from the door where I stood only a few short hours past..

A heavy rain must have moved in over the night because when we got
outside, we walked right into a storm. I spent that rainy day watching a
movie. Can you guess who starred in it?

The End

The Fan March 2000

Please let me know what you thought of this story. It was dragged a
touch long but it was hard to let go of this one. I hope you enjoyed
this one and I would love to hear some comments on what you thought of
this story or what you would like to see a story about.

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