No More Slumming It

Title: No More Slumming It

Author: Tori

Celebs: Olivia Holt

Codes: MF, Fm, oral, anal, pedo

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal

“You know what?  Let’s do it.”  James sat up and looked at the lovely cum covered teen lying next to him and said, “Really?  You want me to pimp you out to my clients for money?”  Olivia Holt smiled and said, “Sure, why not.  It’ll be fun.”

Two nights later, James waited patiently for Olivia to come out of her townhouse.  When she did, he opened the door and helped her into the limo.  As soon as he pulled away, he lowered the divider and said, “Are you up for this?”  Olivia smiled and said, “I said I was.  Where are we going anyway?”  James kept his eyes on the road and said, “There’s a very rich man in Malibu.  He comes from money but he’s been very successful on his own.  When I told him about you, he jumped at the chance to meet you.”  Olivia chuckled and said, “Meet me.  That’s a good one.  In other words, he can’t wait to fuck the shit out of me, right?”  James laughed and said, “Right.  I assured him that he can do anything he wants to you.  I hope you’re ready.”  Olivia opened her coat and showed James her naked body.  “Do I look ready?”  James smiled and said, “Nice outfit.”

When they arrived at the house, James got out and opened the door for Olivia.  “Remember, get the money first.  He’ll hand you a large envelope but don’t open it.  It’s not very professional.  Put it in your purse and then do whatever he asks.”  Olivia kissed him on the cheek and said, “I’ll be thinking of you while he fucks me.”  James smiled and said, “Stop, or I’ll throw you in the back seat and fuck you myself.”  Olivia smiled and started to walk up to the door.  James leaned back against the limo and watched Olivia enter the house.

A little over an hour later, Olivia came out of the house and slowly walked down the walkway to the limo.  James opened the door and helped the blonde starlet into the car.  “Everything OK?” he asked.  Olivia sat back and opened her purse.  She handed the thick envelope to James and said, “Sure, no problems.”  He looked at her messed up hair and ruined makeup and said, “You should clean yourself up, we’ve got another client to meet.”  As he drove away he looked in the rearview and watched Olivia as she brushed her hair and redid her makeup.  “So, want to talk about it?  If you don’t, I’ll understand.”  Olivia finished applying her lip gloss and said, “Nothing I didn’t expect.  Oh, he made sure to point out that I was just another whore to fuck but other than that, he was a real gentleman.  He even asked permission before he shoved his cock up my ass.”  She chuckled when she said it and then looked at James.  “You’re a much better fuck James.  Trust me.”  James drove to the next home and when he opened the door, he said, “Remember, money first.”  Olivia climbed out and said, “I know, I know.  Jeez, relax already.”  James patted her on the butt and said, “I’ll be right here.”

Olivia knocked on the door and waited.  A few seconds later, an older man in a tuxedo opened the door and let her in.  “May I take you coat miss?”  Olivia slipped her coat off and handed it to the man.  He didn’t even look twice at her naked body, he simply said, “This way miss.”  Olivia followed him up a long staircase and stopped then they got to a set of double doors.  The man said, “He’s waiting inside.”  Olivia opened the doors and walked into a large bedroom.  After the man closed the doors behind her, a voice said, “On the bed bitch.”  The blonde beauty got on the large bed and looked around.  “No, on your stomach and spread your legs.”  Olivia turned over and did as she was told.  Before she knew it, someone was attaching her wrists and ankles to the four corners with handcuffs.  “What the fuck?” she said.  The man slapped her ass hard and said, “Shut the fuck up whore.  Don’t say another word.”  He forced a ball gag into her mouth.  As soon as it was attached, she felt him squirt some warm lube on her asshole and then shoved three fingers into her tight ass.  Finally, he shoved his cock balls deep into her gaping hole.  He grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and pulled her head back.  “You whores are all alike.  You act tough but you’re really nothing but trash.  Pure garbage to be used by men like me.”  He slammed his cock in and out of her, making her grunt with each deep thrust.  As he fucked her, he said, “I know who you are.  I’ve wanted to fuck this ass since the first time I saw you on TV.  I wonder what all your little fans would say if they saw you right now.”  He pulled her head back again and spit on her face.

It was almost two hours later by the time the young beauty was helped out to the limo by the man in the tuxedo.  James opened the door and helped him place Olivia on the back see.  He reached into his jacket and handed James an envelope.  “I hope he didn’t do any permanent damage.”  James watched as the man walked back into the house.  He quickly turned his attention back to Olivia and got in the limo.  He pulled her close and held her and said, “What the fuck did he do to you?”  Olivia hugged him tight and said, “Just take me home, please.”  James laid her back on the seat and got behind the wheel and drove her back to her townhouse.  When they arrived, James helped her inside and said, “That’s it.  You’re not doing this again.”  Olivia struggled to stand and said, “That’s not your decision.  I’ll be OK.  I just didn’t expect to be treated like that.  He…..he humiliated me.”  James helped her up the stairs and into bed.  He pulled the covers up over her and kissed her forehead.  “We’ll talk about it tomorrow.  Get some rest.”

The next day, James walked into Olivia’s and found her in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee.  “Feeling better?”  Olivia took a sip from her cup and said, “Yes, much better.”  She took another sip and said, “Listen.  I don’t know why that guy affected me like he did but I’m over it.”  James poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down.  He looked at the cute blonde without makeup and saw just how young she really was.  “What did he do to you?”  Olivia looked at him and said, “He, he spit on me.  He degraded me.  The things he said to me really struck a nerve I guess.”  She finished her coffee and said, “The worst was when he made me swallow his piss.  I’ve done that before but this was different.  He wanted to make me feel like a piece of shit and he succeeded.”

Later that day, James got a phone call.  He looked at Olivia and said, “Up for another job?”  Olivia thought for a second and said, “Sure, why the fuck not.”  James smiled and said, “Follow me.”  He led her up to her bedroom and pulled out a t-shirt and shorts and then picked out a pair of sneakers from her closet.  “Here, put these on and go light on the makeup.”  Olivia got dressed and as she tied her shoes, she said, “Where are we going?”  James said, “I’ve got you a babysitting job.”

Just as the sun was going down on the Hollywood Hills, James pulled up to a huge mansion.  Olivia walked up and rang the doorbell.  She was pleasantly surprised when Victoria Beckham and her 12 year old son Cruz opened the door.  Victoria, aka Posh Spice, shook her hand and then told Cruz to run up to his room and put his jammies on.  As soon as he was gone, Victoria said, “Ms. Holt.  I have to tell you, Cruz is a huge fan.  When James told me about your side job, I just had to bring you over.”  Olivia looked puzzled and said, “Just what am I here for?”  The former Spice Girl said, “Why, I want you to be my son’s first.  He’s totally enamored with you.  Just last week I caught him wanking off to you while he watched a rerun of your show on Disney.”  Olivia sat down on one of the huge chairs and said, “Gee, I don’t know.  He’s what, 13?”  “12 actually, but I assure you, his penis is more then adequate to get the job done, if you catch my meaning.”  Olivia stood up and said, “What the hell.  Why not?  If I can make his dreams come true then I’ll do it.”  Victoria leaned in and hugged her and said, “Thank you so much.  But first, I have a request.”  Olivia watched the gorgeous model pull her dress up, revealing her shaved pussy.  “Why don’t you get on your knees and make me cum.”

Olivia had never been with a woman before and hesitated for a moment.  Posh started to run one of her long nailed fingers along her slit and said, “Never licked a pussy before sweetheart?”  Olivia said, “No, but……” Posh spread her pussy open as she pushed Olivia to her knees and said, “But nothing, lick me you little whore.  Make me cum.”  She pulled Olivia’s mouth to her snatch and started to grind against her soft lips.  Olivia stuck out her tongue and started to lick the older woman.  “Mmmmm, that’s it.  Now stick it in and taste me.”  Olivia started to lick her up and down, sticking her tongue in as deep as she could.  She was soon devouring the gorgeous woman as Posh held her head tight against her crotch.  Suddenly, the former Spice girl started to shake and let go a stream of juices that covered the young blonde’s face.  When she let her go, Olivia stood up and wiped her face off on her shirt.  “Jesus, you really came hard, didn’t you.”  Posh stumbled over to a chair and sat down.  “My yes, you learn fast.”  After she caught her breath, she said, “Cruz’s bedroom is the second door on the left.”  Olivia headed up the stairs and when she got to the door, she heard the sounds of the TV.  She opened the door and saw Cruz sitting on his bed jerking off to a rerun of Olivia’s show.

Olivia quietly closed the door and stripped off her t-shirt.  She walked over to the bed and climbed on next to Cruz.  She reached over and took his cock and stroked it for him.  Cruz turned and looked at Olivia and then came all over the hand.  The former Disney star licked the cum from her fingers and then leaned down to clean off the boy’s cock.  She said, “For a little fella, you sure have a nice cock.”  Cruz started to get hard again as Olivia licked him.  She opened her mouth and was soon bobbing up and down on him.  She sucked him hard and played with his hairless ball sack.  Cruz watched as his dream girl gave him his first blowjob.  As soon as he was good and hard, she sat back up pulling her shorts off and said, “Ready for your first cutie?”  Cruz just nodded as she laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide open.  The boy climbed on top of her and Olivia took him in her hand and guided her to her sex.  “Just push it in sweetie.  Trust me.  You’re never going to forget this.”

When Olivia finally came downstairs, she walked over to Posh and said, “Well, your little boy is a man now.  If you ever need me again, just call.”  Posh walked her to the door and said, “I’m sure I will.”  Olivia walked out to the limo and got in.  James turned around and said, “I just got a call from a very famous athlete.  He’s looking forward to meeting you.”  Olivia sat back with a big smile on her face.  When she didn’t answer him, James said, “Did you hear me?”  Olivia looked at him and said, “I heard you.  Let’s go back to my place.  I need your cock in my ass.”  James stepped on the gas and said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

The End

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