Not So Glad

Not So Glad

The NEC arena in Birmingham was quiet now. In stark contrast to the deafening
screaming, raucous shouting and cheering that had filled the air earlier in the
day. The Gladiator contest was over for another week and the crowds had gone
home now. The cameras were off and all the BBC crews had retired to the
television centre to begin putting the programme together for the TV audiences
later in the year. All, that is, except for one cameraman, Dave, who was still
at his camera trying to fix the panning problem that had plagued him throughout
today’s recording.
His camera was to one side of the Hang Tough area, situated
up in the first few tiers of seats so he was working in semi-shadow with his
back to the large, still lit, matted area below the hanging rings. It was a
little eerie being here on his own but he was almost finished and just needed to
reattach one last panel onto the side of his camera.
A high pitched squeal from behind him made him spin around. A smile broke across
his face as he saw Ulrika Jonnson running across the Hang Tough mats chased by a
screaming Jet wielding a pugil stick above her head. Both girls were laughing
hysterically. They obviously thought they were alone in the arena and tore
around the mat as fast as they could. Jet took a swipe at Ulrika and hit her leg
causing her to trip and fall face first into the mat and land in an ungainly,
giggling heap on her side. Jet continued to rain playful blows down onto her
while Ulrika shielded her head with her arms. The laughing and screaming of this
playful catfight had obviously come to the attention of the male Gladiators who
began to appear and gather at the far side of the mats. Unable to resist, Dave
powered his camera and focused on the girls rolling about in front of him. A
voyeuristic thrill came over him as he filmed the well-built girls, unknown to
anyone else in the arena. It was with some regret that he watched Jet give
Ulrika one last blow and then turn to head towards the changing room. As she
left she threw the pugil stick towards the men, laughing, "You finish her off."
Dave thought his show was over but as he had a soft spot for Jet, or Diane
Youdale in real life, he followed her with the camera as she made her way out of
the arena. He panned down from the back of her head past her long, brown hair,
down her back to her beautiful full buttocks. He zoomed in tight on her arse and
was rewarded with a view of her tight, skimpy Gladiator costume bunched between
her butt cheeks, seeming to chew the material with each step she took. In a few
seconds she was out of sight and he swung the camera back to Ulrika. She was
lying on her back breathing deeply and chuckling to herself. She looked to the
side and laughed when she saw Hunter, Rhino and Wolf approaching her. Her
laughter grew when she saw Wolf stoop and pick up the pugil stick with a
mischievous glint in his eye. The three Gladiators were huge men and formed a
solid wall of glistening muscle as they advanced on the giggling presenter. Dave
focussed in on Ulrika as she shook, framing the scene so that her large lycra
covered breasts filled his view finder.
Rhino and Hunter leapt on the beautiful blonde. Each gripped an arm, holding her
on her back. "No!" she squealed as Wolf began pushing the padded end of the
pugil stick into her midriff. "That tickles! No! I give in! I surrender!" In
fits of laughter Ulrika tried to roll onto her side but was held firm by Hunter
and Rhino.
"I know what you want." said Wolf, and moved the stick higher to bat gently
against her breasts.
"You cheeky sod!" gasped Ulrika still thinking they were having fun but
expecting this to be the limit to the sauciness she could expect. Wolf continued
to abuse her breasts just long enough for the shadow of a doubt to enter her
mind before Wolf moved the stick lower to her belly. Ulrika relaxed again but
stiffened immediately she realised that the stick was continuing down between
her legs. Wolf rubbed the wide end of the pugil stick up and down between the
top of her ski pant clad legs, grinning into her face.
"Stop! That’s enough! Let me go now!" she shouted, anger beginning to appear in
her voice.
All three Gladiators laughed. Dave couldn’t believe his eyes. This was not what
he expected. What had begun as harmless fun was becoming unpleasant. He kept the
camera running and zoomed in on Ulrika’s troubled, angry face. She was
undeniably stunning and the sharp looks she threw at the men holding her and at
Wolf still pushing the pugil stick between her legs were incredibly erotic. Dave
was beginning to enjoy her discomfort. He wondered whether this was due to her
reputation as a flirt and tease or because she had an air of aloofness on the
set. He was woken from his thoughts by a look of astonishment that came over
Ulrika’s face. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes stared unblinking at
something behind Wolf. Dave zoomed out rapidly and nearly choked at what he saw.
No wonder Ulrika’s jaw was hanging loosely on her chest.
Walking slowly towards the group was Saracen. The 6’ 8" Gladiator was naked and
obviously liked what he saw before him. The club that dangled between the
massive legs of this giant entranced Ulrika. It reached half way to his knees
and was thicker that one of her arms.
"Fancy a different pugil stick?" quipped Rhino.
"No, what the fu…No, let me go. OhmyGod, ohmyGod." mouthed Ulrika. Her mouth had
been open for so long that a thin dribble of saliva ran down her chin from the
corner of her mouth. Dave could see that she was very scared now. Ulrika shook
violently in a vain attempt to free herself from the hands that held her rigidly
to the mat.
"Nnnnnnnnn. Let me go you bastards! Let me go."
"That’s the Ulrika we know and love." said Saracen now standing at her feet. His
penis jerked and with horror Ulrika realised that he was becoming aroused. Her
eyes began to widen with disbelief but then snapped shut as she felt Hunter grab
her large right breast with one of his huge hands and squeeze it roughly. "I
don’t think you’ll be going anywhere for a while." he said.
"Don’t touch me you shit!" she screamed trying to push herself further into the
mat away from his groping hand. Rhino took this as his signal to grab her left
breast and similarly mauled the soft flesh through her top. Saracen liked what
he saw and stroked himself gently. By now his penis was over nine inches long
and getting thicker and thicker with each second. By now Dave was as hard as
he’d ever been in his life and though he knew that what both he and the
Gladiators were doing was very wrong he also knew that he would continue to film
for a long as he could.
Tears glinted in Ulrika’s eyes and on her cheeks as Wolf knelt on her legs and
with an almost casual gesture, took hold of her lycra top at the neck with both
hands and tore it in two down to her waist. Her full bosom sprang into sight and
Hunter and Rhino lost no time in grabbing handfuls of her brassiered breasts.
Rhino could hardly contain himself. "What a pair of fucking tits!" he exclaimed.
"I told you they were worth a look." chortled Hunter, Ulrika’s ex-lover and
Ignoring her pleading, "Please no, please no…" they rolled her onto her front
and held her again as Wolf tore her legging down to her feet. Taking hold of her
panties he ripped them from her body in one go then sucked in his breath at the
sight of her perfect arse, bright in the light from the overhead illuminations.
Smacking her buttocks he rose and crossed the mats to retrieve one of the large,
square cushioned blocks used during The Gauntlet. Bringing it back he slid it
under the small body of the girl held up from the mat by his fellow Gladiators.
Hanging painfully by her arms Ulrika felt the block being slid beneath her and
realised that she was now being held in a kneeling position across it. Her cries
were weaker now and she could hardly find the strength to fight her captors. She
gulped in huge lungfuls of air, punctuating her breathing with gasped,
"No…please…let me…go please…nnnn."
Saracen was ready. Dave looked but his mind couldn’t register what he was
seeing. The black giant’s penis was well over ten inches in length with a girth
that rivalled a coffee mug. "That will kill her." he said lamely. Saracen stood
behind Ulrika and taking her small waist in his hands knelt between her legs.
Ulrika stiffened when she felts his hands on her body and his knees pushing her
legs apart.
"No…Don’t do this. Please…no, no, no." Her sobbing made the pleading indistinct
but Saracen’s penis jerked at every gulp she made. He inched forward.
From Dave’s vantage point he could see Ulrika’s exposed backside and zoomed in
close as he had done with Jet when she left. The camera brought Ulrika’s
buttocks into sharp focus and Dave could see her pink anus above her furry cunt
lips. Her vagina was an inch away from the black iron pole that Saracen was
grasping at its base. He put the extreme tip against her lips and then in one
great lunge buried seven hard inches in Ulrika’s body. Dave’s extreme close-up
afforded him the envious view of her vagina stretching to accommodate the
explosive entry of something bigger than anything that had ever been in her hole
before. The scream that burst from Ulrika’s throat echoed around the arena and
left them all in no doubt that the surprise and pain felt by the blonde
presenter was unlike anything she had ever experienced previously.
"My God." Muttered Dave as he watched Saracen slowly withdraw from Ulrika’s
stretched vagina until only the tip remained. A low gurgle escaped Ulrika’s
slack mouth as she felt the momentary relief. The head of the penis hurting her
backside so much was as large around as anything she had taken before but
compared to the tearing feeling she had felt moments before this was easily
"Please stop…please stop…please stop." Her tears were falling onto the mat and
her nose was running. She felt shame, humiliation, fear and non-comprehension at
what her ‘friends’ were doing to her. "Why?"
New pain on her scalp made her open her eyes as her head was pulled up away from
the mat. From the side, it looked to Dave as though she couldn’t focus on the
black erection that bobbed a couple of inches from her face. She didn’t seem to
recognise what it was pointing like an arrow at her mouth. Slowly recognition
dawned on her and screwing her teary eyes she mewled, "Sto…" Her open mouth was
like a starter gun to the massively muscled black men before and behind her.
Saracen again gave a huge thrust and buried himself in her tortured pussy up to
his balls, while Rhino lunged forward and filled Ulrika’s mouth not stopping
until his prick was deep in her throat.
For Dave the sight was amazing. Ulrika was laid across a padded block being
filled beyond capacity at both ends. Rhino held her head while he settled into
her throat and Saracen held her narrow waist as he became used to the tight,
warmth of Ulrika’s stretched pussy around his entire ten inches. In unison both
men began to pump their respective holes. Wolf and Hunter were each pulling one
of her arms out wide and laughing hysterically. For her part Ulrika was
wondering if she would faint from the pain first or whether she would suffocate
from the huge blockage in her throat. Words were now impossible and all she
could do was grunt with pain at each thrust and withdrawal and try to pull some
air into her aching lungs through her nose.
Rhino was almost as well endowed as Saracen and would withdraw to the point
where the edge of his helmet was forcing Ulrika’s teeth wide apart and then
plunge back as hard as he could. Hitting the back of her mouth his penis would
then force its way into her throat. Ulrika had never deep throated anyone before
and had thought that it was a technique that had to be learnt. There was no time
for lessons and her instinct to gag was strong but she could do nothing to keep
the huge, black penis from filling her throat. The pain in her vagina was easing
imperceptibly as it stretched to more easily accommodate Saracen’s huge member.
"God how much longer will this go on!" her mind screamed.
"Fuck the cunt." Goaded Hunter.
She felt Saracen’s hands move up and under her body to take hold of her breasts
that were squashed beneath her on the padded block. Large as they were they
easily fitted into the large clasping hands of the Gladiator behind her. When he
had hold of them both he squeezed tightly causing her to twist as best she could
and then he began to increase the speed and force of his thrusts. His speed grew
until he was beating away at her vagina like a demented jackhammer. The force
began to push her forward onto the meat sword she was being forced to swallow
until it felt like the two cocks were meeting in her stomach as they mashed her
sweaty body between them. Dave knew that at this speed it would not be long
until Saracen was ready to come and he was right. Saracen began to grimace and
the sweat ran down from his face onto the muscles of his chest between the arms
that held the girl below him. Suddenly Saracen stopped his thrusting and with a
ragged gasp withdrew from Ulrika’s stretched pussy with a single pull. This hurt
the gagging blonde but also brought relief.
Saracen’s cock was like a black, shiny girder with an angry red end that seemed
to glow in the lights of the arena. He wasn’t finished yet. Dave knew what was
coming even if Ulrika didn’t. "Surely this would kill her! God man she can’t
take that!"
Ulrika’s gagging noises were drowned out by Saracen’s roar as he lunged forward
and buried the head of his terrible cock in the tiny anus above the stretched
vaginal hole he had been abusing moments before. Ulrika froze and went silent
for a brief second. Then her entire body bucked causing Wolf and Hunter to take
hold of the arms they had previously released. A high pitched mewling began to
emerge from her full throat and her body began to quake violently. The pain was
blacking out all rational thoughts. She could not remember where she was or what
was happening to her. Her mind was consumed with the pain that emanated from her
"Oh yes. Go boys. Go!" Came from the sides. Both Wolf and Hunter watched in
fascination as Ulrika’s holes were stretched beyond endurance by the black
lances thrusting in and out of her.
Saracen was sweating profusely with the effort of pushing the end of his penis
into the tiny, dry hole but wanted to go further. Bucking backwards and forward
he watched as another couple of inches squeezed in. It was hard going but the
feeling of her heat and tightness was heaven. Ulrika’s shaking continued causing
more pleasure for all involved. Saracen pulled back enjoying the sight of her
anus pulling out with his penis. He smiled at the sight of blood on his pole and
then lunged back in with as much force as he could muster. With surprise he
realised that he had buried his entire length in her arse hole. For the first
time he looked down at the shining body beneath him and thought of the person as
the girl he knew and worked with. Ulrika Jonnson the TV presenter with stunning
good looks and long blonde hair. The thought made his balls twitch and he knew
he was close to the edge.
Rhino had taken about as much as he could take and was ready for his own finale.
Steadying himself deep in her throat he paused in readiness for the last brutal
assault. Then he began. Pulling out as far as Ulrika’s teeth he began pounding
her face with quicker and quicker strokes. Ulrika’s running nose was bashed
against the stomach of the huge black Gladiator as he fucked her face. Rhino’s
shaking matched Ulrika’s and he began to groan.
"Nnnnnnnnnngh." Rhino’s explosion took Saracen by surprise. The scream brought
him to his senses. He had been lost in delirious pleasure as he stroked himself
in and out of Ulrika’s torn anus. The load of semen being pumped into Ulrika’s
face was filling her throat and mouth and leaking out of the sides past her
lips. This was too much for Saracen and with one last deep stroke he let his own
load blow into the innards of the now limp body that was pleasuring the two dark
Ulrika was faintly aware of the two loads of semen being pumped into her from
opposite ends. Perversely the thick streams of cum were actually a blessing. Her
throat was raw from the punishment it had received and her anus was a ripped,
bloody mess. The semen brought slick relief.
Both black rapists shuddered to a halt and fell backwards away from the blonde
mess of cum and blood they had now finished using. Rhino’s cock fell easily from
Ulrika’s mouth that was now slick with white liquid but Saracen was still held
tightly by her anus and dragged her backwards slightly as he withdrew. This last
pull brought Ulrika fresh pain and she grunted at the movement but fell silent
again as the huge helmet parted her anus and popped out. She tried to push
herself up with weak arms but they collapsed under her and she fell back onto
the padded block.
Wolf looked at the heavily breathing Gladiators who were now smiling and
chuckling quietly, unable to talk through exhaustion. "You haven’t left much for
us, you greedy bastards. She’s all stretched open and leaking shit everywhere."
Dave could hardly contain himself. He wanted to jump down from his camera
position, run across to Ulrika and force his own throbbing erection into her
body. He was close to bursting but knew he should stay where he was. Filming
everything. He focussed close up on Ulrika’s panting, closed-eyed face and
studied the exhausted expression. Semen still dribbled from her slack mouth and
with a thrill of excitement he now saw that it was also running down her nose.
So huge was Rhino’s load that it had literally gone everywhere.
Panning slowly down her body he saw how she was bathed in perspiration. The
sight of beads of sweat slowly rolling over her breasts made him reach
unconsciously for his crotch. Ulrika’s bra had been left on her but the mauling
hands had pulled both breasts from their cups. Moving further down her body Dave
passed the hips that Saracen had gripped so tightly and continued to her round
arse. Still high in the air it was covered with blood, cum and shit streaks.
Both holes were gaping. Her anus twitched, each time leaking a fresh blob of
Saracen’s semen to run down her thighs.

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