Now That’s Progressive

Title: Now That’s Progressive

Author: The Artist

Celebs: Laura Prepon, Flo the Progressive Girl

Codes: FF, cons, spank

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

It was rare for Flo to go all the way to a customer’s house, but this was a client was very adamant in having her visit. Of course, when it was a celebrity client like Laura Prepon, there was a little bit of sway. The two met and were discussing different insurance rates and what would be best for Laura. But Laura was hardly paying attention. She had one thing on her mind – getting another notch on her bedpost. She gazed at Flo hungrily – the Progressive Girl being blithely unaware that her new friend was undressing her with her eyes – hoping to do the same with her hands.

Innocent Flo hadn’t exactly been aware of the last few minutes of Laura flashing her “kiss me” face or seductively licking her lips, when Flo simply asked “So what do you think?”

Laura’s mind sort of went blank as she had been so focused on bedding Flo, she hadn’t heard word one of her spiel. But ever resourceful, Laura pretty much cut to the chase, “You’re a very pretty woman, you know that?”

Even if she had been there for business, Flo was a sucker for a little flattery. After all, Laura was a younger woman, and not exactly hard on the eyes either. Flo blushed a little, “Aww, thank you! You’re pretty too.”

Laura went in for the kill: “Have you ever made love to a woman before?”

This was a question that really threw Flo through a loop. She politely and awkward smiled before letting out a bashful “No.”

Laura leaned in closer. Flo was getting a little nervous. “Really? That’s too bad. A lot of women are missing out.” Laura leaned in a lot closer. The tension was building between two, and Laura could tell Flo was getting a little uncomfortable. Having bedded her share of the ladies, Laura was careful – she would never dream of making a woman sleep with her against her will. However, she could be quite persuasive.

Laura put her finger on Flo’s lips: “Listen baby, I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to. We can both walk away, and act like this never happened. But if we do that, you’re going to miss out on some fun.” Flo, who was there to sell insurance, had her mind changed about something. Flo decided to go with the flow (pun fully intended) and gave into Lauren’s advances.

Laura pressed her lips against Flo’s. Having never kissed another before, Flo wasn’t prepared for how wonderful it felt – how soft Laura’s lips were, how warm it was, or how good her lips tasted. Flo sat almost paralyzed, unable to do anything else, but savor the warm tender moment she was sharing with another woman.

Laura who was previously being sweet and tender took on a more seductive tone when she asked, “What do you say we take this into the bedroom?” Flo knew what that meant, but by this point there was no turning back. Still thunderstruck by what she was doing, Flo could only sheepishly nod. Laura held out her hand, and Flo accepted. The two beauties walked hand-in-hand to Laura’s bedroom. Laura gently and playfully pushed Flo onto her bed.

Flo’s legs dangled a little bit over the bed. Laura playfully lifted Flo’s legs onto the bed. “Comfy?” Laura asked. Flo gleefully nodded. Laura now knew Flo wanted and decided to leave her in a little suspense. She crawled like a cat over her new friend. She gently ran her finger across Flo’s arms before gently caressing her face – running her finger across Flo’s cheeks and jawline before running her finger across Flo’s ruby lips.  The next step was letting Flo suck on her finger a little bit.

Laura wanted a little more in Flo’s mouth than her finger so she swooped in and resumed kissing Flo. Now that she was a more used to another woman’s touch, Flo was a little more welcoming – kissing back, holding onto Laura’s waist.  Now that she knew Flo was in it to win it, Laura took a step further and slid her tongue into Flo’s mouth. Having never known a woman’s touch before was already an experience, but having another woman’s tongue in her mouth was a whole new sensation for the Insurance agent. Not knowing what else to do, Flo went along for the ride and ran her own tongue with Laura’s. The two women just delighted in letting each other’s moist tongues massage each other inside their mouths. Both Flo and Laura opened their mouths, allowing for some French kissing outside the mouth.

Laura was a consummate sweet-talker: “Is this really the first time you’ve done this with a woman?”

Flo just sheepishly smiled, “First time.”

“Really? Because you’re so good at this.” Flo was flattered by the compliment, and replied by kissing Laura on the nose. This earned a few giggles from Laura. “You’re such a cutie!” Laura replied by showering playful pecks all over Flo’s neck and face, making Flo laugh too. Laura returned to her normal sultry self as she seductively licked Flo’s face – slowly, taking her time, letting Flo absorb the feeling of her new friend’s tongue on her face. Flo had just been enjoying herself the entire evening, but she was now officially aroused by what Laura was doing to her, showing her pleasure by gasping.

Laura could tell Flo was turned on, and decided to reward her. “You know, I feel a little overdressed.” Making a show while sitting on top of her new lady friend, Laura relieved herself of her shirt, tossing it aside. Laura knew what she was doing all evening, and hadn’t bothered to put on a bra. So with the shirt gone, Laura exposed her full, womanly bosoms. Flo was slowly becoming privy to Laura’s cues. Without needing to be told, Flo, sat up and inserted Laura’s nipples into her mouth.

Laura threw her head back, loving the feeling of her new friend sucking on such a sensitive area. “Be sure to give the other one a little love, sweetie,” Laura cooed softly. Flo knew there wouldn’t be much difference, but decided to listen to Laura and moved on to start sucking on Laura’s right nipple, which was becoming noticeably stiffer.

Laura was used to more experienced women – women who knew what they were doing. Women who would have hungrily dove into Laura’s breasts and nipples. But Flo was different – going through this for the first time, Flo was so much tenderer, loving. She was soft, she didn’t entirely know what she was doing. In a way, it was adorable. To show her affection, Laura started running her fingers through Flo’s hair. Smiling as she gently caressed Flo’s face which still had a mouthful of titty.

Laura had other naughty ideas that she had to get out there – because a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. Laura slyly grinned, with Flo still on her breast – “Hey Flo, how about you strip?”

Flo finally took a break from loving Laura’s boobies: “You want me to strip?”

“I already stripped for you!” Laura joked, almost pleadingly. “Besides… I’m gonna see it all anyway.”

Flo shyly smiled at this, almost blushing. As if agreeing to do things she had never before done with a woman weren’t proof enough that Laura had a way with women, Flo willingly agreed to strip for her. She rolled off the bed. Laura sat at the foot of the bed, eyeing Flo with her sexy cat eyes – as if to say “This is what you’ll get as your reward.” The first item to go was Flo’s Progressive apron. It was clear Flo could not dance – at all. But as the goofy lady wiggled her booty, shook her hips, it was clear Flo was reveling in being sexy for a few moments.

Flo’s shirt was the next to go. Unlike Laura, Flo didn’t come in with carnal plans, so she was dressed a little more conservatively, with just cotton bra and undies beneath her work clothes. Speaking of the panties, that was the next to be on display as Flo slowly peeled off her undies. Stripped down to her undies, Flo danced around, allowing Laura a few more moments to ogle her body. Flo had the body one would expect from a forty year-old woman – thicker but definitely womanly and sexy. She had, thick meaty thighs, a soft round tummy and meaty ass that jiggled with Flo’s dancing.

Laura was hungry for this woman. She didn’t even wait for Flo to remove all her clothes. Laura just held out her index finger and gestured for Flo to come hither. Flo was totally embracing her sexy side and decided to tease and delight Laura a little more by giving her a lap dance. Flo was bumping and grinding her buns into Laura’s lap. Laura let her hands do the work as she rubbed all over Flo’s arms and stomach. She worked her way down to Flo’s vagina. Flo gasped at having another woman touch her in that way. Flo continued bumping and grinding while Laura held onto Flo’s pussy.

Laura transitioned from erotic back to the more romantic as grabbed Flo’s head and turned it towards hers. Laura and Flo resumed a tender lip lock – each giving the other loving kisses, both enjoying the others’ soft lips against their own. Flo turned her head back. Laura pushed a little bit of Flo’s hair so she could start kissing and Flo’s ear. Everything up to that point had been so sensual, but feeling Laura’s soft, pillowy lips and moist tongue against her ear caused the insurance agent to giggle. Knowing how to get a rise out of Flo, Laura slowly ran her tongue across Flo’s cheek. What was once giggling had now turned into laughing as Laura was licking Flo’s face like a cat.

Laura started working her way down, lovingly licking Flo’s neck. Laura worked her way down and planted soft kisses all along Flo’s shoulders and quickly licked across. With this access, Laura decided to undo Flo’s bra. There was no point in hiding things anymore so Flo gleefully let the brunette denude her further. Laura rested her head on Flo’s shoulder while holding her around the waist. “You taste so good,” Laura cooed. “I want you to lie down so I can taste the rest of you.”

Everything else up to that point had been so heavenly that Flo was more than happy to oblige. With a sly grin on her ruby lips, Flo lay on the bed, eagerly awaiting what the sexy brunette would do to the rest of her body. Laura hungrily crawled on top of Flo, ready to work her magic. With full access to Flo’s bossoms, Laura decided to return a favor from earlier. Laura licked on Flo’s nipples. To mix things up a bit, Laura blew on Flo’s erect nipple. Her nipples were such a sensitive area that Flo gasped at this.

Laura worked her way down, kissing Flo’s belly on the way. The belly wasn’t always a part Laura went for, but Flo’s tummy was so soft, round and sexy that Laura couldn’t resist. Laura went further – this time to a spot she normally did admire – Flo’s crotch. While keeping Flo’s panties on, Laura kissed and licked at Flo’s hooch. Laura faced Flo with a seductive grin and told her, “That’s a sample of things to come.” Flo chuckled at that, knowing Laura would make good on her word.

With that, Laura started kissing Flo’s thick, meaty thighs, still working her way down and kissing Flo all the way. Laura even stopped and kissed the inside of Flo’s knee pit, but Laura didn’t linger too long, kissing Flo’s ankle the way down.

When she reached the end, Laura sat back up and inserted Flo’s foot into her mouth. Flo couldn’t believe one of the beautiful stars of one of the most popular shows out there was sucking on her toesy-woesies. Being Laura, that wasn’t all she worked on – As usual, Laura kissed and licked the inside of Flo’s soles. Flo loved the feeling. Laura was treating her like an absolute queen. It felt as if Laura was massaging Flo’s foot with her tongue. Laura quickly returned the favor on the other foot. Slowly learning the game of giving into her Sapphic desires, Flo returned the favor by massaging Laura’s boobs with her feet. Laura reveled in the feeling, and loved the way the perky redhead was getting creative in her new passions.

“Hey Flo, why don’t you turn over? You can relax a little, and I can work on your back.” Flo was up for anything Laura suggested at this point and obeyed, turning over on the belly that Laura had been loving so much earlier.  “You’re still overdressed!” Laura joked as she pulled off Flo’s undies. Now there was nothing left to the imagination. Flo the Progressive Girl was now completely buck naked, and her plump, meaty behind was available for Laura to do as she pleased.

Laura decided to dig her hands into Flo’s bare butt cheeks. Flo gasped as Laura lovingly caressed every inch of Flo’s bottom. Flo gasped and whimpered as Laura worked her warm hands all over her bare backside. Likewise Laura couldn’t stop smiling as she rubbed all over Flo’s soft lady-flesh. Laura planted both hands on each cheek, shaking both of them. Laura delighted in the way both of Flo’s meaty cheeks jiggled.  After a few minutes in absolute heaven, Laura showed her affection a little more by planting a kiss on Flo’s bare butt cheek. This wasn’t a soft peck like earlier, Laura lingered – getting a lasting of Flo’s ass. Then she returned the favor on the other cheek.

Having licked, kissed and rubbed pretty much every part of Flo’s body, Laura decided she’d let the sexy insurance agent have a little fun before moving onto the main event. Without needing to ask her, Flo helped Laura out of her jeans. “You’ve been wearing these too long.” Flo joked. Laura chuckled at this as she helped herself out of her undies. Once they were fully gone, Laura brought them up to Flo’s mouth. Going with the joke, Flo gladly took the panties into her mouth as Laura used her undergarments like a lasso to pull Flo in closer.

The two had another quick makeout session before Laura said, “Now that you’ve gotten me out of those itchy clothes, I think I’ve been bad. You were such a sweet girl, and I made you naughty. So what you say you give me a spanking.”

“Oh, I don’t want to punish you. Everything has been divine.”

Laura smiled and rubbed Flo’s chin: “Then think of it as a reward.”

Flo bashfully giggled at this. Laura turned her back on the bedpost (which she had officially put another notch in). Flo at first put a hand on Laura’s bottom. The temptation was to give Laura the kind of loving Laura had given her a few minutes ago. But years of helping customers meet their needs, Flo knew she had to give Laura what she wanted. Mockingly, Flo took a few practice swings before swatting Laura’s behind. Flo’s greenness at lesbian lovemaking showed for the first time – Her spank didn’t hurt a lot. But Laura kind of liked it. She loved the feeling of a woman’s touch on her ass that wasn’t too harsh.

Admittedly, Flo was hesitant. Kissing was one thing. And being kissed was another since she spent most of the night on the receiving end of Laura’s lovemaking. But now she was playfully slapping Laura’s hiney – and she liked it. She liked feeling Laura’s tush, even holding onto it a little longer than just a spank.

Flo decided to return one favor from earlier and kissed Laura’s bare bottom. Laura loved the feeling – almost like having soft kitten paws against her backside as Flo smothered Laura’s bare bottom with soft, loving kisses. There was something so sexy about a woman whose was not only so round and shapely but also flawless, milky skin as Laura did. “Your butt tastes really good,” Flo joked.

Laura laughed at this, though she still appreciated the compliment. Both women were now completely naked, Laura placed Flo on her back. Like before, she started working down Flo’s belly, licking her thighs and her hips. Everything up to that point had been foreplay – it was all wonderful, but it had been loving, touching, licking and kissing the flesh. Now, it was official. As soon as Laura inserted her tongue into Flo’s snatch. It was truly mindblowing. The feeling was so rapturous as Laura orally pleasured Flo in a way she had never been pleasured before.

Flo moaned and winced in ecstasy. It was like diving into a pool of cold water – So bone chilling but so pleasurable at the same time. This was the benefit of being pleasure by another, more experienced woman. Laura seemed to know Flo’s body better than anyone else. Because of Flo’s inexperience, it wasn’t long before Laura made Flo blow her load.

Flo was panting like she just ran a mile. Laura crawled over to Flo and embraced her in another deep, passionate kiss. Laura started playfully running her finger under Flo’s chin: “So what did you think, sweetie? Didn’t that feel good?”

Still trying to catch her breath, Flo nodded – “Oh yeah, it was better than vanilla ice cream… with sprinkles.” Laura loved this – the kind of humor that attracted her to Flo in the first place. The two cuddled until Flo had to return to work.

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