On The Road

On The Road

Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional (as far as I know).

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Britney Spears & Mandy Moore

Britney Spears had her hands tucked under the table as she listened
extremely bored to what her manager was telling her.

“And with the current research, I think we’ve found the perfect
person for you to go on tour with…” This immediately caught
Britney’s attention. She was nervous for weeks trying to figure out
who her touring partner would be. “….and I know you’ll be
extremely pleased. Mandy Moore.”

Britney’s jaw dropped
to the floor. “Mandy Moore?!?” She yelled out
annoyed. “You can’t be serious!! She’s a fucking brat!! I bet she
won’t even let me smoke on the bus!!”

“Brit, you don’t know her. I know you think she’ll be all prissy and
shit but she could be a good influence for you.” Her manager had the
pleasure of meeting the young starlet once before and found her
innocent nature irresistible.

“Is there any way you can change this? Please?” She begged in a
final effort to tour with somebody else. She already knew from past
experience that fighting with her management was pointless.

“Sorry, you know the powers above. Once they make up their mind,
it’s final.”

* * *

Britney had gotten on the bus early to lay claims on the top bunk.
The last thing she wanted to do was fight with that bitch Mandy over
who got which bed. Getting bored, she pulled out a little bag from
her backpack. “Might as well get high before that pubescent bitch
Mandy comes.’ She thought to herself. Using her pinky nail, she
scooped up the white content inside the bag and quickly snorted it.
After repeating this a few times, she laid back down. Her heart was
beating much faster and she could feel her nipples getting hard. She
always got horny when she did coke.

Mandy took a deep breath before opening the door to the bus that
would be her home for the next three months. At first she was
extremely hesitant about touring again. Especially after she
realized that her company had set her up with Britney Spears. She
had heard stories about the pop princess that scared her to death.
People always described her as overly dramatic and extremely
rebellious. But that body. That fucking body! Mandy would often
masturbate at night dreaming of devouring Britney’s body. Just the
idea of it brought Mandy chills. But she had to control herself.
Taking another breath, she tried her best to quiet her nerves as she
walked inside the bus.

Mandy had to shake her head clear. She didn’t know if what she was
seeing was real or just her imagination play tricks on her again.
Britney Spears was completely naked and fingering herself while she
was rubbing on her own tits. Her eyes were closed and Mandy could
see the sweat begin to form all over her body. Mandy dropped her
bags and licked her lips expectantly.

Hearing somebody else in the bus, Britney opened her eyes and stared
at Mandy. She didn’t stop what she was doing though. She couldn’t.
She was so horny that she felt if she didn’t cum soon, she’d
explode. A part of her was embarrassed at letting Mandy see her like
this. But her body screamed out for the other girl to join her.
“Come here.” Britney whispered.

Mandy immediately began taking off her clothes. She finally reached
the bed naked and gracefully made her way to the top bunk where
Britney was. Britney looked over Mandy’s body smiling. The other
girl was gorgeous.

Mandy felt Britney grab her head and bring their lips together.
Mandy immediately pushed her tongue into Britney’s mouth. When she
felt Britney’s tongue move up against hers, she let out a little

Britney sat up and pushed Mandy under her. Teasing her nipples with
her fingers, Britney straddled Mandy’s center and began to grind
against it. Her entire body was aching for the other girl. Quickly
replacing her fingers with her tongue, Britney felt Mandy begin to
pull her hair and moan. Britney kept her hands on Mandy’s breasts
and she began to lick her way down the other girl’s stomach.

Mandy felt Britney all over her body and struggled to keep control.
After feeling the other girl slip a wet tongue into her aching
pussy, Mandy instinctively wrapped her slim legs around the blonde’s

Britney sought out Mandy’s clit while she held on to her thighs to
keep from being thrown off the bed. After getting a taste of the
other girl, Britney let out a throaty moan. Mandy definitely did
taste like candy!! Britney began thrashing her tongue deeper inside
the other girl to get a better taste. This drove Mandy absolutely

“Right there Brit! Don’t stop, keep going!” Mandy yelled out. Her
hips began grinding against Britney’s face. With a forceful thrust
from Britney’s tongue, Mandy rose off the bed with her eyes rolled
back. “God…YES!!!!!!” She yelled out as she came all over
Britney’s face. Britney stayed where she was and kept licking up
whatever she could. Mandy fell back to the bed covered in sweat. She
felt her entire body continue to tingle. Unable to handle any more,
Mandy brought Britney’s face to hers and kissed her. She could taste
herself in Britney’s mouth and she loved it.

All those dreams Mandy had about Britney were coming true. Feeling a
need to taste her pussy, Mandy guided Britney’s hips upwards until
it was directly in front of her face.

“Oh yes.” Britney hissed out as she positioned herself to a sitting
position on top of Mandy’s face. Mandy’s nose was pressing against
her clit and making her shudder. Britney rocked her hips back and
forth against Mandy’s face. “Show me what you got.” Britney breathed
out. Her eyes were glazed over with lust and her nipples went hard.

Mandy had a perfect view of Britney’s tits. She lifted her arms and
began to squeeze and pull Britney’s nipples with her fingers. While
doing this, Mandy curled her tongue and located Britney’s g-spot.

“GOD!!!” Britney yelled out as she tried to grind her pussy closer
to Mandy’s face. This caused Mandy’s nose to press harder against
her clit. Her senses were overloaded. Suddenly, Mandy removed her
hand from Britney’s breast and stuck her finger in the pop princess’

“FUUUUUCK!!!!” Britney yelled out as she orgasmed. She collapsed
backwards on top of Mandy covered in sweat. “And to think I thought
I wasn’t going to like you.” Britney mumbled out half asleep.

“What? Why?” Mandy asked curious.

“I thought you were going to be really anal for some reason.”
Britney explained truthfully. She pulled out one of her cigaretts
from her bag getting the sudden urge to light one up.

“Please don’t smoke.” Mandy said annoyed that Britney would even
think about smoking inside the bus.

“Whatever.” Britney replied, her voice full of attitude.

“What a bitch.’ They both thought at the same time.


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