On The Set Of A Music Video

On the set of a music video

It was the beginning of my summer, and my birthday ws coming up. I knew
my friends were planning something special for me, but I could’nt guess
what it was. Well my birthday came, and I they told me that they
entered me in a contest to be in music video with Christina Aguilera.
She was the hottest girl i the world.I thought that the gift really
sucked since I’d never win anything like that. Well a few weeks later
I a notice in the mail that I had been chosen to be in the video. I
called up all my friends
and told them what had happened. The video
shoot was to be next week.

The next week came, and I couldn’t wait to get there. I took a shower
and but on some of my best clothes, deoderent, and some cologne. I
arrived at the video shoot, and I immeddiately looked around for
Christina. I didnt see her, and all of a sudden these suits come up to
me and start asking me questions and congradulating me on winning the
contest. I wasnt really paying attention and I just kept nodding. I
had finally spotted Christina. She looked over at me and we made eye
contact. She gave me a beautiful smile and then was usherd away by
some people, urging her on the set. The suits moved me to a makeup
room, where I had to wait a half an hour for the makeup person to
arrive. They laid out some clothes for me on a table, so I started
changing into them. I thought i heard the door open, but it didnt
sound like it I kepy changing. I turned around and almost crapped my
pants because Christina Aguilera was stainding right there. She was
wearing a tight translucent pink shirt with a tube top on underneath,
and some tight leather pants. soooo hot…

"Hi" she said, "I’m Christina. Congradulations on winning the contest."
"…oh, Thanks" I replied. She started laughing at my stupidity then
she walked to the table and sat on it. "You know how boring it is
around these sets?" she asked me. I just shrugged my shoulders. She
got off the bed and she walked closer towards me. "It’s unbelievably
boring, and I get pretty horny." SCHWING!! "umm…i see"I replied. She
laughed again. My dick was beggining to stick out in my pants. They
made me change into this pair of tear-aways. If i had my jeans on it
wouldnt have been so embarrasing. She got closer and looked at the
bulge in my pants and she smiled devishly. She quickly ran to the
windows ant pulled the blinds down. She ran back over and grabbed my
penis through my pants. It was begging to be let out, and it was a
painful erection pressing against pants. I pulled her to me and we
started kissing passionately, like we weren’t ever going to do it
again. All this time she still had her hand around my dick. I reached
down and grabbed her ass and started massaging her firm ass cheeks.
She slowly pulled my shirt over my head as i unzippd her shirt from the
back, letting it fall to the ground. I couldnt beleive that I was
seeing Christina Aguilera, the most beautiful girl in the world, in
world, in her bra in front of me holding my dick. I tooked off her
pants and revealed that she had no panties on. I looked at her and she
said that she coulded wear panties with leather pants because the lines
will show. Fine by me. I stood back up as she got on her knees and
took hold of the top of my tearaways. In one motion she ripped then
right off of me and I was just standing there in my boxers with my dick
pushing against the material. It was a pair of those smiley face Joe
Boxer boxers, and the hole is where the nose goes. She stuck the dick
out of that hole, and started. She took the end of my shaft with one
of her small, cold hands. I shivered at the touch, and I couldn’t
wait. She released it as i shuddered, and I slapped her across the
face with the head of my prick. " Suck it" i commanded, and she
regripped my pole this time a little harder, and put the tip in her
mouth. It felt good having me i her mouth. She then gradually took
more and more of my meat until I had my full length planted into her
mouth.Wrapping her lips tightly around my hard cock, she started moving
her head up and down, like her lips were a pussy. I was in heaven.
She continued bobbing her head up and down my cock while undoing her
bra. Her delicous tits fell against her body. Her blowjob gradually
got faster as she half stoked and half sucked my dick. i was ready
blow and I inicated this to her, but she kept on sucking. Finally i
felt my sack tighten and i blasted my come i her mouth. She took the
first shot in her mouth, and she pulled my prick out. She grabbed the
shaft and aimed the head at her face and i shot load after load onto
her pretty little face. Christina used her finger to wipe the come off
her face and she licked her fingers clean.It turned me on so much and
my limp cock began rise almost immediately. She lay down on the sofa
and spread her legs wide up in the air. I walked over and put the tip
of my dick against her pussy’s entrance. Her wet and gleaming bush was
really tickling my dick. I rubbed the tip against here pussy slowly,
teasing her almost to insanity her to yell out "oh damn it, just fuck
me now!! i need your cock inside of meeee" Well without hesitation, i
slowly pushed my meat into her cunt. It was unbeleivably tight and
warm, i thought my dick would snap right off. I slowly inserted my
whole length into her tight snatch. I paused to regain compsure, and i
pulled my dick out to the tip, and slowly rammeed my mammoth erection
back in. She started moaning really loudly. I reached down and took
one of her apple-sized tits in my hand and another nipple in my mouth.
I started grinding into her faster, and her moans and screams became
faster and louder. I pulled up, and i had her lean doggy style on the
sofa. i took my penis and i aimed at her pussy. Then i began to pound
my cock into her pussy, and we humped slowly. then the rocking got
faster, until i could feel the whole trailer shaking. I knew people
outside knew, but i really didnt care, since i was fucking Christina
Aguilera!! i then inserted my index finger into her ass. "oooh" she
cooed once, the i inserted another finger into her asshole. these 2
fingers rocked back and forth into her as i as i still humped my cock
I’M GONNA COME!!" I rammed my cock into her as fast as i could, and she
had a massive orgasm. Her body shook al over, and then she lay on the
bed. I rolled her over onto her back and then i told her to spread her
legs as wide as she could. I stroked her cunt with one hand, and then
rubbed her juices all over my cock and her asshle. "oh no you don’t"
she said, but i quickly pinned her down, and pointed my penis at the
entrance of her anus. She was squirming, but deep down she knew she
wanted me to do it. Her squirming stopped. I looked at her face,
which was full of anticipation as she stared and my cock. "do it" she
said in a whisper. I slowly entered her tight ass, inch by inch. I
heard her gasp and saw her eyes close. "AHH, SHIT!!" She yelled out,
in a scream of pain and pleasure. I was really pumping into her now,
and there was no stoppng me. The grinding became faster and faster,
and the whole trailing was definitely. "OOOOOO, Christina, i’m gonna
cum, I’M GONA CUM"!! with that i pulled out of her tight asshole, moved
my body up so that my cock was at her tits. I pused here tits together
and started fucking them. In a matter of seconds, i blew my load up
into Christina’s face. The first spurt got into her hair, the next few
hit her under the nose on her lips, and as my cock began to dropop, cum
oozed out of my cock and onto her breasts. I stood up and rubbed the
tip of my cock and over her erect nipples. "Umm fuck this hot cum
feels great all over my body." she cried out. We both took a shower
together, and at the same time sexually teasing each other. I fucked
her pussy once more inthe shower before getting dressed again. We
opend the trailer doors, looked out, and realized that everyone on the
set was staring at us as we exited.

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