One Night Sparrow

Title: One Night Sparrow

Author: RTMinotaur

Celebs: Jennifer Lawrence

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Facial, Rimming

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to


The night had gone well in the bar; like any night in London it had been packed for several hours before slowly fading away. The bar that I owned was only a small one in the back streets of West Kensington; it would be considered ‘a find’ by tourists. My crowd today started early with the Fulham football fans and in the brief few hours they had left, I had a different crowd of people going to the Royal Albert Hall for a show. Now it was late evening and both crowds had departed for home or the west end; leaving me alone for the first time in ten hours.

I was stacking the glasses behind the bar when I heard the door open. I sighed a little bit as I was hoping to close up early, Tuesday nights weren’t my busiest so I didn’t feel that i would lose out on money by closing at 10 instead of 11. I placed down the glass onto the counter and turned around to the person.

“I’m really sorry, we’re about to close.”

When I fully turned around I was greeted by a stunning blonde woman in a very revealing black dress. It reminded me of the dress Liz Hurley wore in my youth but without the paper clips. She looked familiar but I couldn’t place it straight away, which is ridiculous considering how famous she was.

“Are you sure I can’t convince you to stay open? Jeremy suggested this place and told me about all the lock ins you’ve had in the past.”

“Jeremy? Whose Jeremy?” I asked as I started to walk around the bar.

“Irons. I was just at a photo shoot with him and he told me to pop in here as my hotel is just around the corner.”

I nodded my head as I approached her; her breasts looked marvellous.

“And who are you?”

“Jennifer Lawrence. Actress, victim of hacking, surprisingly good archer.” She answered as she offered her hand. “And who are you?”

I took her hand and shook it.

“Iolo. I own the place.”

“What, what? Never heard that name before, where’s it from?”

“Wales. Spelled I-O-I-O.”

“Damn that’s a weird name.” she replied as she took a seat on a bar stool.

“Well you’re a charmer, aren’t you Jennifer?” I asked rhetorically.

That’s when I saw her smile for the first time and I instantly fell in love with her. She had nice smooth skin and such a naturally beautiful complexion. I found it very hard not to turn her down.

“Okay, we can stay for one.” I said as I started to head back behind the bar.

“I don’t mind if you want to lock up, better for me if no one comes in. I think I’ve signed enough autographs.”

“Well I don’t think I want to be doing all the work. It’s a latch lock at the top and bottom. Why don’t you go lock it while I pour us some whiskey.”

Jennifer smiled at my suggestion before walking off towards the door. The dress was very form fitting and cascaded down her body beautifully. She had a nice round arse that made the dress stick out in all the right places. It got even better after she did the top latch as she bent over from standing position giving me and even clearer view of her arse. It was definitely a position any guy would love if they were standing behind her; clothed or unclothed.

Before she caught me staring, I poured two glasses of Penderyn whiskey and placed them on the bar. It took a few moments before Jennifer re-joined me and looked at the drinks that I had placed down.

“Did you know I’m a whiskey girl?”

“I didn’t but, like all bar men, I am perceptive to the point of being psychic.”

Jennifer laughed at my comment as she grabbed the glass from the counter.

“You don’t look too bad in a black t-shirt too.” Jennifer said with a wink.

Jennifer brought the glass to her lips and sensually drank the golden liquid down in one sip without any hesitation. She took me by surprise by grabbing my glass and repeating the process, leaving two empty glasses on the countertop.

“Well they didn’t last long.” i commented as I refilled the glasses.

“You gotta be quick in this game, boy.”

Jennifer laughed in her signature way as I drank down the whiskey from the first glass. She must have been keeping a close eye on me as she quickly spotted a trickle roll down my chin as I drank the second glass. She leaned in close to me and licked up the trickle from my chin up to my lips. Our eyes clocked momentarily as I noticed how close she was. Her lips curled into a smile before he leaned back in back in and kissed my lips.

The kiss probably only lasted for a slight moment but while I was in the moment and her lips were pressed against mine, it seemed to last for an age. It was delicate closed mouth kissed but it had enough pressing force that it didn’t feel fake. She pulled head back and our eyes remained on each other.

“I’m so sorry… I just… I hope you don’t mind.”

“Why would I mind? The most gorgeous woman in Hollywood kisses me? You’d have to be a fool to complain about that.”

“You think…” Jennifer laughed to herself for a moment before composing herself. “We are the only people here, yeah?”

“We are but it’s not the most comfortable place. A bit dirty but not the good kind.”

“You like the good kind of dirty, huh? You sound even better than what Jeremy said. My hotel is only around the corner, you want to come?”

I laughed at her comment and looked around at the bar. It wasn’t clean and it would take some time but that would never be a reason to pass up the opportunity of being with Jennifer Lawrence.

“We can go out the back entrance, it’ll be easier to get to the main road. You lead the way.”

Jennifer grabbed a hold of my hand and led me towards the exit of the bar. When we got out into the rear alley, I set the alarm code and applied the locks to full close the bar. I quickly sent a text message to my business partner about the bar needing a clean up first thing but I would explain fully why it wasn’t done at the time.

It didn’t take very long for us to walk to her hotel from the bar and we strolled through the foyer very anonymously. We entered the lift and waited patiently for the doors to close. I have settled with my back against the mirror and Jennifer had her back to me. I didn’t know if it was to give anyone the impression we weren’t together but Jennifer walked backwards to me so her body leaned against me.

Jennifer knew exactly what she was doing with her teasing as she pressed arse against my crotch. She moved it from side to side to tease my hardening cock before lowering herself down into a slut drop. After touching the floor, she rose back up to her feet and leaned her entire body against me.

“Do you want to know why I’m doing this?”

“I imagine it’s because you’re horny.” I said as he head rested on my neck.

“Also that but I’m single at the moment in between men who seem right but just aren’t. I was speaking to Janine at the photo shoot and she suggested a little bar in Kensington whose owner was well hung and very good in bed.”

Jennifer dropped her hand from my cheek down to my crotch and rubbed the outline of my cock through my chino’s. I was never that guy who boasted about the size of my cock as I thought big was in the eye of the beholder but I felt flattered that I had come recommended.

“I’ll have to tell her the first part is definitely right.” she whispered as the bell pinged and the door opened. “Let’s go find out about part two.”

With the completion of her sentence, Jennifer strutted out of the lift and headed to the left to walk to her room. I was taken aback by how forward she was when horny but she was always seemed forthcoming in her films.

Before the doors closed, I quickly followed the blonde actress and caught up with her as she entered her hotel room. The dress that had looked amazing on her was already in the process of being discarded and I was suitable impressed that she could do it on her own. From what I was aware, the more expensive the dress the more complicated it was to do/undo. Instead, Jennifer undid a zip and unhooked several buttons to allow the dress to slide off her body.

The Oscar winner had her back to me and her smooth white skin was revealed to me in a quick motion. She was a slim girl and her back muscles were obvious from all her training from the film. As the dress dropped to the floor, I finally got to see her arse mostly uncovered as she worse a pair of lacey cut offs underneath. Her arse was nice and round from exercise, she must have been a squatter, but it looked meaty enough that a spanking would give it a great wobble.

“I bet you’d love to give it a tap, huh?” Jennifer asked as she looked at me via a mirror.

“You’re damn right that I do.”

“Go sit on the edge of the bed then.”

I followed her order and walked directly to the bed, keeping my eye on her arse until I passed by. I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the blonde beauty. I’d seen her breasts before because of the nude pictures leak but they were even more impressive in real life; pert with erect nipples.

“Your body is amazing, come here and let me play with it.”

Jennifer bit her bottom lip and strutted towards me while her arms swung at her side. She stopped short to move my legs apart slightly before bending over and resting on my lap. She looked back at me with a finger in her mouth trying to look innocent.

“I’ve been a naughty girl. I think I need to be punished.” Jennifer said to me in a soft voice.

It was a surprise to see Jennifer go straight to role play but she was a bit of an extrovert. She gave her arse a little wiggle which was all the encouragement i needed. I pulled my hand back and gave her arse a soft slap. There was only a little noise from the skin on skin contact and I looked down to see Jennifer looking back at me.

“I like how you want to work up to it but feel the front of my panties.”

I did as I was told and felt that the material was soaking. The panties were thin and I could feel that her lips were smooth and she was definitely excited.

“Fair enough.”

“Now give my ass the spanking it deserves.”

Jennifer returned to facing forward to allow me to return my attention back to her arse. I reached my hand back and gave her arse a much harder snack, the track much louder this time.

Thwack! Thwack!

“Oh yeah, that’s the stuff!” Jennifer moaned and she rubbed her pussy into my leg.

I concentrated on her right cheek with my slaps with increasing force until the arse cheek started to go red. In fairness to Jennifer, she was moaning throughout all of the spanking and rubbing her excited pussy into my leg. Happy with the colour her arse had gone, I switched over and started spanking her left cheek. The moans continued as my hands worked on reddening her pale skin.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

“Oh spank me daddy!” Jennifer said sexily in between her moans.

I pulled hand back and gave both of her cheeks a bit slap as the same time. There was big ripple of her cheeks that briefly exposed her arsehole to me, it appeared freshly bleached. My hand gripped one of her cheeks and I felt how soft her skin, she must have moisturised a lot. I went back to spanking her and alternating between cheeks until her moans and shrieks intensified to the point that she rolled off my lap and landed on the floor.

“That was a very nice spanking.” Jennifer said as she looked up to me.

I held my hand out to help Jennifer up, which she gladly accepted, and I got the opportunity to look at her breasts. They were pert but she had quite small nipples considering her frame and areolas.

“I’m glad I could help with that.”

As she got to her feet, Jennifer brushed past me and crawled onto the bed on all fours. She crawled up to about two thirds of the bed and held her position on all fours. Her body looked ridiculous and it was very alluring as she stayed there on all fours. It took me a moment to realise she was watching me via a mirror to the side.

“Liking the view there cutie?” she asked as she gave her arse a little wiggle.

“How could I not when it’s so round and full? It’s one of the most kissable I’ve ever seen.”

“Well I mean it’s red raw now. Why don’t you kiss it better?”

I was never going to turn that offer down so I kicked my shoes off and placed my knees onto the bed. I took hold of both sides of her panties and slid them down her legs to reveal her excited pussy lips. As I got the pair off of her legs, I put them in my pocket and looked over her body. Jennifer was idly playing with one of her nipples as I made my way closer to her arse. I leaned down and placed them on one of her cheeks and kissed her soft skin. I didn’t want to get too rough after spanking her so swirled my tongue in a circle as we came into contact.

“Mmmmmm, they feel nice on my ass.”

My tongue traced around her flesh as it moved towards her arsehole, the puckered area calling to me. Jennifer moaned some more as she paired her moans with her hips grinding into the bed. As my tongue reached her arsehole, Jennifer let out a grasp and her pushed her arse back into my face. I could her pert cheeks dig into my face as my tongue licked around her hole.

“Oh my fuck yeah, I love my ass eaten out! Tongue it!” Jennifer screamed.

I continued to dig around her ass with my tongue, she used some nice moisturizer as the smell of lavender filled my nostrils. Jennifer breathes became more intense as her body grinded into bed some more in time with my tongue action. I reached my hand around to her bald pussy and could feel her massaging her own clit. She knew how hard she liked it so I dropped my fingers down to her slit and slid them inside her.

“Oh my God, yes. Make me cum like this please!”

Following her instructions, I thrust my fingers into her pussy quickly to match the pace she was rubbing her clit. I continued to tongue her arsehole, rubbing the end around her engaged hole as her moans got louder; punctuated by a scream. The actress got louder and louder as my fingers got deeper into her pussy.

“Oh yes, yes, yes! I’m cum…cumming!”

I felt Jennifer push back further back onto my fingers as they became covered in her juices. Jennifer pushed through her orgasm before sliding off my digits and collapsing onto the bed. She rolled onto her back and looked up to me as I knelled on the bed.

“You know how to eat an ass.” She said.

“Well I can only work with the best props.”

Jennifer laughed at the comment before biting her lip. Her hand dropped down to her breast and she idly played with her left nipple as she took stock and thought of what to do.

“I can’t help but notice that I’m the only one naked.”

I gave a little laugh and left the bed to stand up in front of the actress. I wanted to show her that I was not intimidated so undid my shirt to reveal my body. She smiled at me as her eyes scanned my uncovered skin but it didn’t take long for them to drop down to my crotch and the obvious bulge.

I dropped the shirt to the floor and started to undo my trousers, sliding the belt off and undoing the clasps. Jennifer rose up to her knees and grabbed the belt from my hands and licked her lips.

“Real Italian leather, huh?”

“Only the best I suppose.”

“I love the feel of Italian leather on my skin.” Jennifer said as he rubbed the belt along her cheek. “Always makes me wetter.”

My trousers dropped to the floor as I watched Jennifer rub herself with the leather while watching me. Her eyes were planted on my crotch as I removed the shoes and trousers leaving me in only my boxers.

“Best to not make me wait.” Jennifer said as she looped the belt in her hands.

I slid my thumbs into the sides of the boxers shorts and slid them down my legs to allow my cock to spring free. It wasn’t the biggest in the world but the girth was always complimented by my past lovers.

Jennifer looked at me as she played with the belt loop before reaching her left hand out and grabbing my cock. She rolled it up the length as she kept her eyes on my face. She seemed to getting used to it as she kept her thumb pressed on the head and rolled her wrist around. I let out a little moan as i felt her hand on me.

“Liking my touch, huh? That’ll definitely do for me.”

Jennifer released her hold of my cock and turned around so her back was facing me. She shook her tight arse with a giggle before dropping down onto all fours. Jennifer spread her legs apart to expose her pussy to me as I moved closer to her.

“I bet you’ve been looking forward to this.”

“You know I have. It’s been looking good so I hope it feels as good.”

“It feel dynamite.” She replied. “Why don’t you fuck it until it explodes?”

I nodded my head and grabbed Jennifer roughly by the hips. She wanted to explode; I was damn sure I was going to make her. I slid my cock into her wet pussy with some ease as she moved her head to look forward. Jennifer started to moan instantly as the girth of my cock filled her pussy. It was nice and slick from her previous orgasm.

I held onto Jennifer’s hips as I pushed the full length of my cock into her, allowing Jennifer’s moans to maneuver into squeals. I could see her hands playing with something as her tight ass pushed back into me.

“Oh that’s it barman, fuck me! Make me moan like a slut.”

There was a glint of light that caught my eye and Jennifer turned her head to me. I could see the black leather draped around her neck. She handed to end of the belt to me and turned back around.

“Pull it while you fuck me, I want to him on your cock.” Jennifer said as she pushed back to continue the thrusting motion.

Hey; if Jennifer Lawrence to be choked, I was not going to be the one to disappoint. I wrapped the end around my hand and pushes my cock deeply into the blonde actress. Her head was down for the moment so I continued to push into her and  hear her moans continue. They were slowly building up to a concerto and I knew it would soon be the time.

My own climax wasn’t too far away so I pulled back on the belt and saw it for into her skin. Her body seemed to react Instantly and she was not pushing back as quick as she could with the belt strap pressed against her neck.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she screamed almost silently.

I could feel her pussy get wet around my cock as her off as her orgasm hit her. The screams continued but not a lot of sound was coming out. The belt strained a little as I felt her try to fall forward so I let the strap go; it wasn’t fastened so fell loose on the bed. My cock slipped out of her pussy with ease as her chest made contact with the bed.

“Fucking hell,  you’re a bit freakier than I expected.”

Jennifer looked back at me with a smile.

“Give the media a load of mixed messages and they’ll never find out the truth.”

She rose up onto her knees in front of me and pressed her lips on my own. She kissed me deeply as our sweaty bodies made contact, her erect nipples digging into my chest. I could feel her hand reach around and give my arse a squeeze before pulling away.

“I think you’ve earned the right to cum on my face.”

Jennifer pushed me off the bed to my feet and dropped down onto the bed. Her head fell over the side and she opened her mouth ready to catch anything. I caught on very quickly and jerked my cock as I stood over her.

Her body was picturesque as I watched her breasts rise with her breathing. Her pussy lips were still pink with excitement of the fucking action that had just gone on.

“Get ready.” I said to prepare her.

All Jennifer did was close her eyes as she waited for me cover her. I jerked my cock as i aimed for her face and closed my eyes. Her first splash of cum landed perfectly on her nose. The was quickly followed by wads landing on her forehead, cheek and over her eyelids. The cum was still coming but not enough to shoot to her face so I stuck my cock on her mouth.

Jennifer was happy to take it and sucked hard on my cock to take in the rest of the cum. Even after it was cleaned, Jennifer continues to suck and savor the taste. When she was finished, she took my cock out of her mouth and licked her lips.

“Wow, so the hype was worth it. You did not disappoint.” Jennifer said as she rose to her feet. “I’ve got a photo shoot in the morning so need to get cleaned up.”

Jennifer wiped her face with her hand and rubbed the cum. There was a little left on her finger which she happily licked off. She then placed a quick pack on my lips.

“I’m sure you can see yourself out.”

Rather nonchalantly, Jennifer skipped past to the bathroom. I took a long look at her arse before she disappeared and the water started to run. I just smiled before getting dressed and leaving the hotel room.

The end.

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