One Out Of Many

This fictional story contains scenes of gay sex, do not read if offended

It in no way depicts the sexualities of those involved

“Hi, Welcome to Total Request Live,” Dave Berry said to the camera,

“Today we have Girls Aloud in the studio.”

The crowd cheered

Meanwhile, in the green room the girls were talking with pop band, Blue, who were also guests on the show. They all got on extremely well, often going out together, clubbing.

Eventually, the call came for the girls to go out to the set.

They did their bit, chatting and playing games

After the performance,
they went back in to the Green room, where Blue were still waiting

Once the show was over, the girls left, except for Kim, who was due to meet with some friends in town

Duncan and Lee were still in the studio, having been deserted by Antony and Simon

They all began chatting.

Kim couldn’t help but notice how both guys were looking at her, they seemed to be undressing her with their eyes. The thought made her tingle inside and a wet patch grew in her thin panties

She deliberately stretched over, giving both guys full view of her stunning breasts.

Both guys’ jaws dropped and Kim wanted to laugh

She looked over at their laps and noticed nice bulges. It was having the desired effect

“Like what you see?” she asked the guys, seductively, her head spinning with desire.

They could only nod as their eyes scanned her voluptuous body.

“Want to see more?”

She stood up and started dancing seductively for both men. They watched her every move intently.

Her hands went behind her back and she unhooked her bra and threw it into Duncan’s lap.

Her breasts weren’t overly large, but the guys she shagged didn’t seem to complain

She massaged them slowly, taking her nipples between her fingers

With a slow sultry walk she moved towards Lee, sticking her breasts in his face.

She jiggled them in front of him, before turning to Duncan and doing the same

Turning away, she unbuttoned her pants, slipping them down over her knees and off her ankles

She made sure to give the guys a nice view of her shapely ass.

She walked over to Duncan, plonking herself on his lap

She ran her crotch over his groin, grinding it with a steady rhythm, making him moan loudly

She stood up, noticing a wet patch on his jeans. She wasn’t sure if it was her juices or his

Slowly, Kim took off her panties, letting both men have a view of her lovely snatch

The wispy blonde hairs swayed slightly in the breeze

Laying on the sofa, she starting fingering her pussy, poking her fingers into the delicious hole, before running them back up her slit. The guys watched her every move with intent

Lee was the first to move, walking over to where Kim lay. He dropped his pants, exposing his 6 inch meat. Kim smiled, leaning forward into his crotch

She gave it a little kiss, flicking a tongue over the fleshy bulb, before taking it fully in her mouth, sucking on it long and hard, making Lee moan with each move

He grabbed her head, thrusting himself deeper into her

She was in heaven. She loved sex, the rougher the better as far as she was concerned

All of a sudden, Duncan was behind her, ramming his cock into her arse.

She had to keep from biting down on Lee’s rod as Dunk’s huge monster filled her shit cavity

Lee swiftly exploded in her mouth, sending his spunk down her throat. She swallowed it all, not wasting a single drop. His member went soft and she let go

The two guys swapped over. Lee rammed his cock into her tight pussy, while Duncan fed her with his meat

She wrapped her tongue around the head, flicking at the sensitive tip, making Duncan moan in pleasure

She slid her mouth down further, taking almost all of him in. Her hand went to the base, wanking him as she sucked. Dunk’s spunk filled her mouth, mixed with the musky flavour of her own juices

He promptly came in her mouth, filling her with his salty nectar. He yelled as he shot his load into her mouth. She tried her best to swallow it, some drops escaped down her chin

Lee dismounted Kim, making his way over to where Dunk stood

Coming up behind him, he slid his cock into his friends’ arse. Kim gasped, not expecting the move

Duncan smiled at her

“Didn’t you know?”

She didn’t answer, watching in silent fascination as Lee fucked his mate

Dunk bent over, giving Lee easier access to his arse. He slid his cock in further, almost all of it disappeared inside his shit hole

Kim never moved, watching their every move with adoration. She had never seen two guys fuck before, and was surprised to find it a huge turn on

“Oh fuck, yeah” Dunk moaned as Lee pounded his meat into him

Kim could only look on in amazement at the sight before her.

She lay back on the couch, sliding two fingers into her burning snatch

Lee was about to explode, his hands gripping tightly onto Duncan’s shoulder as he pumped faster

‘Oh shit’ he yelled as his thick spewy juices filled Dunk’s arse

He continued to fuck him until the orgasm was over

Once done, he pulled out, collapsing on top of Duncan

Kim was close to orgasm herself, frigging her pussy frantically until the waves of orgasm beckoned her

She let it wash over her, her legs flying in the air as the world came crashing around her

Her body convulsed, sending her into overload. She had never experienced an orgasm so intense

The orgasm finally subsided, and she slipped her finger out, putting them in her mouth

Duncan watched her as she sucked her own juices from her dainty fingers

He walked over to her, burying his face between her legs

His tongue went to work on her pussy, lapping up the juices from her snatch, catching every last drop of the sweet nectar

She groaned in pleasure as he tongue fucked her, another orgasm was well on it’s way

She let it wash over her. It was more intense than the last, and she had to grab onto the couch for support

Lee was silently watching it all, wanking himself to hardness again

The stamina of the two men surprised Kim, and she soon found herself sucking on Lee’s meat once again

Duncan let go of her pussy and knelt over so that his cock was over her

He wanked himself to frenzy, his hardness full size within seconds. Drops of pre-cum landed on her snatch, coating her tufty blonde hairs

‘This is for the big one’ Dunk looked over at Lee and he took his cock out of Kim’s mouth

He positioned himself over Kim’s cunt, and the two guys masturbated themselves over her

The come seemed to flow from them, landing squarely on her crotch

She rubbed it in, smoothing it over her delicious pussy

Within minutes, the boys had reached their peak, and they shot their load over Kim’s waiting snatch

Streams and streams of come flowed from them as they came hard

Their hands were a blur as they brought themselves swiftly to a close

Once done, they stood back, admiring the scene before them

Kim’s wonderful pussy was covered in both men’s juices, and it glistened in the sunlight

Duncan smiled, bowing down over her crotch

He flicked a tongue over the mess, tasting a mixture of the two juices

‘You’re turn’ he motioned for Lee, and he did the same

Soon the two boys had cleaned up their mess and there was hardly a drop left

‘Shall we take this home?’ Lee asked, looking at the two

‘Yeah, why not?’ Dunk looked at Kim for approval

‘Well’ she said ‘I was going to meet some friends, but what the hey, I’m having too much fun here!’

She got up, putting her clothes back on

She followed the two guys out of the studio and into the nearest Cab

‘You know where we’re going’ Duncan laughed at the Cab driver ‘you’ve been there enough times…….’

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