Pink Ch. 2 – A Date With


[ Pink ch-2 A date with “Destiny” ]

[ Author: Adam ]

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“Work out a deal?” Pink said looking at Darryl confused. “Yes Alecia, I have something you really want, and in turn you have something that I want” He responded as he started to grin. “What in the hell do you want from me?” She asked quizzically. “Your cherry lips on my cock” he stated. “FUCK YOU!.. There is NO WAY IN HELL im giving you a blowjob” she showted as she
started towards the door. “Alright then.. But when you dont see your album on any of the little girls christmas lists, then i think you’ll come and talk to me” he stated. “Damnit Darryl this is unfair.” she cried out as she turned around. “I dont think its a bit unfair, if you cooperate your album can be out on stores shelves by tomorrow” He rebutted. She reluctantly agreed as she started to get down on her knees in front of him. “I figured you would change your mind” he said as he unzipped his pants relvealing his 7in cock.

“She grips it with both hands and slides it gently into her mouth trying not to gag herself. “Deeper bitch.. Take it deeper” He demands as he presses her head farther on his cock. He lets out a loud moan as she continues to suck on his cock. “!BEEP!” “Beyonce Knowels is out here sir, should i let her in” the secretary said interrupting the two. Darryl pressed the button and told the secratary to see her in. “What the hell are you doing?” Pink asked with a concerned look on her face. “Dont worry, she’ll know nothing… Your getting under the desk” he instructed as he made his way to his chair. She just rolled her eyes and got under the desk. “Now continue as you were.” he demanded “This is so fucking wrong” she growled as she gripped his dick and slid it back in her mouth.

Beyonce walks in with a fresh smile on her face showing her perfect white teeth. “Hello Mr. Simmons, how are you doing today” She asked him as she walked in the office. “You know Beyonce, my day was good, but it just got a whole lot better.” He said as she pointed to a chair in front of his desk. “Ahh thats so sweet of you” she said as she sat. “Now what brings you here on this lovely day?” He asked. He reached his hand down under his desk and bobbed Pink’s head up and down on his cock as she started to slack off. “Well.. to cut to the chase, the other girls and I was wondering if we could get started on a new album?” She said in a soft request. “Well i dont see no problem in that” he told her in lighthearted voice. “Great.. Ill tell them, but we were also needing some money to hire some writers and backup vocals?” She asked as she lowered her head waiting for a “NO.” “Well.. now thats a different story, what would i get out of this” He asked as he pulled his cock out of Pinks mouth and rezipped his pants. “Well.. I guarrentee we’ll have a platinum album this time, and you’ll get your money back in no time.” she said eagerly. “Well.. I dont think that will be good enough” he said as he stood up. She looked at him with a confused look on her face. “I want you to do whatever it is I ask.” he said with an evil grin on his face. She looks down and sees the bulge in his pants and finally catches his drift. “Oh hell no, there is no way” She sais as she gets up to leave. “Fine.. have it your way, but I dont know how easy its going to be for you to get another record deal after I talk to the record companies about how you talk bad about your former employers” he said as he reached for the phone. She began to think about the other girls and how they would feel about not being able to sing anymore as she spoke up.. “Wait.. What will I have to do” as she turned around and started to walk towards him.

“Take off that little shirt of yours” he commanded as the bulge in his pants began to get bigger. She gripps the bottom of the skin tight red and black leather shirt and pulls it quickly over her head. She throws the shirt on his desk and she quickly puts her arms in front of her rather large chest. “The bra too?” he requested. She reached her hands to the back of the bra and began to unlatch it. “Fuck this.. I dont need you, noone will believe you anyway” she said as she grabbed for her shirt.

He grabbs her wrist and pulls her towards him. He takes his free hand and grasps the bra and ripps it off exposing her two large, but firm breasts. “Please stop.. Someone will find out” she said as tears trinkled down her beautiful face. Pink peered her head out from behind her desk to find the most horrifying yet most errotic site she had ever seen. Darryl then gripped both of the young girls wrists in one of his moster hands and began to fondle her soft chest. “PLEASE DARRYL.. I DONT WANT THIS” she cried as she tried to get out. Pink started to fondle her own breasts on the outside of her white tanktop. She started to moan a little, but caught herself before Beyonce could hear her. Darryl fiercly threw Beyonce on the floor, and got on top of her pinning her to the floor. “Why are you doing this.. IM STILL A VIRGIN” She whined as she started to ball. Tears running down her face like rain on a window. He took his free hand down her lusious body and made his way to her pussy. He started to rub her pussy on the outide of her skirt as she continued to be overpowered. He gripped the top seam and started to remove her black leather skirt. “NO MR. SIMMONS.. PLEASE GOD NO!!” she repeatedly cried as he removed the skirt. The words just went in one ear and out the other as Darryl was in like a foreign state of mind.

Pink who had already removed her top and was massaging her two small breasts began to remove her blue jeans. She got them off and stuck her fingers under her hot pink thong probing her fingers deep inside her already wet pussy. “PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! PLE..” She yelled as he met his lips to hers planting a long passionate kiss on her. He continued to kiss as he rubbed her pussy lips through her white cotten underwear. “Shit.. what am i doing? I should help the girl” pink thought to herself as she masterbated. “But.. i cant.. she will know i was doing something with him, and NOONE can find out” she thought. He then moved his lips down to her naval and began to lick around the region. He then started to kiss his way back up to her large chocolate breasts stopping on the dark nipples sucking on each one of them. He then takes out his cock and begins to jack himself off as his continues to kiss and suck on her fully erect dark nipples. After about 3 minutes he came all over her sweet innocent body as he let her hands go. She immediatly covered her face as she cried.

Pink hurridly got herself composed and got dressed as she knew he would be back. He got off of Beyonce and let her up. She quickly gathered her clothes and put on her shirt making her way to the door. She got to the door, opened it as Darryl quickly shut it back. “Hey.. If anyone finds out about this, not only will you never sing again.. You’ll never breath again” he said in a low stern voice. Beyonce just cried and ran out the door. He then went back to his seat to see Pink standing with a disgusted look on her face. “I hope your happy you son of a bitch” she said. “The same goes for you BITCH.. NOONE FINDS OUT!” he yelled as she made her way out the door.

Pink made her way back to her house at about 11:30 that night. She went upstairs and got in the shower. As she lathered up her body and made her way to her small breasts, she found herself thinking about the events of earlier in the day. She began to vigorasly rub her young round breasts as she painted a picture of the scene in her mind. She slid her hand down her trim body and inserted and teased her clit by moving her fingers over the top of the two eager lips. She then inserted her index finger in and moved in and out. She took her other hand and started rubbing her under her tits and her tone stomach. She almost had an orgasm when she relized that she was thinking about another girl and she stopped. She quickly finished showering and dried off. She got dressed in her short silver silk shorts, and a button up top. She went downstairs, got some ice-cream, and went to watch television. “God.. what am i doing, I have to forget about that” she said too herself sitting down on her couch.

She opened the quart of chocolate ice-cream and turned on the television to MTV. They were playing her new hit single “Get the party started.” She started to humm the song when her humming was interrupted by a fierce knock on the door. She jumped a little, and thought to herself who could it be. She glanced over at the clock and saw that it was 1:29 in the morning. She went to the door and peered through the eyehole.

“OH MY GOD.. ITS THE CHOCOLATE GODDESS HERSELF” she thought as she saw the young beauty standing outside her very door. She quickly unlocked the door and opened it. Beyonce burst in and wrapped her thin arms around Pinks petite body. Tears started to flow out of her pure innocent eyes.. Pink got a rush like no other, she started to run her hands through the young girls blonde streaked hair. “It’ll be ok sweetie, just tell me whats the matter” Pink said in a soft concerend voice. “I.. I.. Cant tell you….” she said as she lifted her head off of Pinks shoulder. “Why not?” she asked as she continued to stroke the lockes of hair. “He… I.. just cant” She said as she buried her head in Pinks chest. Pink could tell she was getting excited by the helpless girl as her nipples started to get erect. She knew exactly what Beyonce was talking about, but she figured it would be best not to let Beyonce know.

“Come on now.. It cant be that bad.. Its over a boy isnt it?” She said jokingly. “YES.. IT IS OVER A BOY” she shouted. “ITS OVER A BOY THAT TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME” she yelled as her tears came down more abundtanly. Pinks eyes widened.. She couldnt believe that Beyonce actually told her. “WHO DID?? WHO took advantage of you” she asked quizzically. “Darryl did, Darryl Simmons… Hes the one that took advantage of me” she spurtted out. “I went in today asking about a new tour, and he told me that the only way i could get it would be to have sex with him..” she cried. “I tried to resist, but he pinned me down and had his way with me” she said as her tears slowed up. “Well… Have you told the police?” she asked wiping away the last tear off her soft brown face. “NO! I cant, he told me if I told anyone he would kill me” she barked. “Well thats it, tomorrow both of us will goto the police.. He cant kill both of us can he?” she said as she gave her a soft loving smile. “Would you mind? I mean i wouldnt want to indanger your life?” she quizzed as her eyes lit up. “Nooo way, what kind of friend would that make me?” she said. “Now you go upstairs and take a shower, we’ll go first thing in the morning.” she instructed. Beyonce again wrapped her arms around Pinks tender body as it sent another sensation up her body. They released each other and Beyonce headed upstairs.

“What kind of luck is this?” pink thought to herself as she watched Beyonce trot upstairs. She waited downstairs for about ten more minutes when she decided it was time. She hurridly ran upstairs and made her way to the bathroom door. She could hear the water running. She knew the time was perfect and slowly opened the door and walked in. Her eyes widened as she saw her dark voluptious vixxin standing in the shower rubbing soap down her entire body. Pink just stood in awe at the beauty. Pink then thought the time was right and began making her way to the shower door. Before she made it to the door she stripped down until all she was wearing was her hot pink thong. She quietly opened the door trying not to scare Beyonce. It didnt work, Beyonce jumped and quickly covered herself the best that she could with her small hands. “Oh my god Alecia, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” she shouted. “Whats the matter kid, never took a shower with another girl?” she said as she grabbed the washcloth from Beyonce. “No, no I havent, and I dont intend to… How about I leave and you can have it all to yourself” she rebutted trying to escape the shower. Pink started to rub the washcloth on Beyonce’s back “Now, would that be any fun?” she asked while she rubbed. “Umm.. I dont know what you think I am, but its just that.. Im not a lesbian” she said as she stuck one of her long legs out of the shower.

“Well.. Im glad to hear that, because Im not either” she said as she stepped out of her way letting her go. “I was just trying to help you relax” placing her hand on Beyonce’s shoulder. “Im sorry.. But im really tired, Im going to goto bed” She said in a soft voice. “Do you have anything I could wear?” They got redressed and Pink escorted her to the guestroom. “You just wait here and Im sure I can find something that will fit ya” she said as she left the room.

She went into her room and started looking through her nighties. “It has to be short, sexy, and revealing” she thought as a smirk formed on her face as she found it. She pulled out a short pair of white silk shorts with a gold trim. Followed by a white silk button up top with the same gold trim. “PERFECT” she thought as she grabbed it and ran back to the guestroom. Beyonce was sitting on the bed still in the towell. From the angle that Pink walked in she could see up the towell right to Beyonce’s clit. Her eyes widened as she couldnt help herself but stair. “Oh.. that would be perfect” Beyonce said as she stood up and walked towards Pink. “Thank you so much for all of this” Beyonce said as she wrapped her arms around Pinks petite body. “Oh it was no problem.. I shouldnt have invaded your privacy, its just the way i am.. Im not ashamed of my body” she said as she stroked the girls lockes loving every minute of it.

Pink left her and went down the hall to the thermostat. “I think it will get a little chilly tonight” she smirked turning the thermostat up. Pink then made her way to her bedroom, slipped into her nightie and thought about what was instore for the rest of the night.

She set her alarm for 3:30am knowing that Beyonce would be asleep. She thought about how Beyonce would react as she slowly fell asleep.

“!!!!BUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!” The alarm went off and Pink quickly arose not risking to awaken the sleeping beauty. She quietly walked down the hall to the thermostat turning it back down. “We wont be needing this anymore” she thought. She was only two doors down from “Destiny” her heart was racin. She couldnt believe how hot she was getting over another girl. She slowly made her way down to the room. She quietly peered in. The glow of the moonlight glistened on Beyonces dark uncovered body. Pink was extactic, her plan of turning up the heat had worked. Beyonce was laying on the bed in just her sexy pajamas.

Pink slowly creeped in the room with the unsuspecting vixxin. She made her way to the side of the bed and undressed the beauty with her eyes. She couldnt believe she was about to make love with another female. Beyonce Knowels of all females. Pink took her finger and slowly drug it on the soft cheek of her sleeping Beauty. She drug along her cheek and down her neck until she reached the seam of the revealing silk shirt. She carefully unbuttoned the top button. Beyonce moved a little, but remained asleep.

Pink started to get really hot, she kept picturing those two perfect breasts in her mind and started to get a little wet. She couldnt contain herself any more. She quickly, but carefully undid the next two buttons exposing the wonders. She took her hand and ran it softly over the smooth dark breast circuling the nipple. Beyonce started to quiver as Pink quickly removed her hand.

Pink walked down to the foot of the bed and rubbed Beyonces long silky smooth legs up to the upper thigh. She continued to stroke her legs when she looked up through the bottom of Beyonces shorts and saw the bottom trim of her panties. Pink took her hands gently gripping the bottom seam of the skimpy silk shorts and slowly took them down. “Oh my..” she gasped licking her soft wet lips. She stared at the girls white panties.. The same white cottens that she saw earlier that day when she was in the studio.

That did it.. Pink was hotter then ever. She knew she had to have her, and have her now! She made her way back to the head of the bed, and cupped Beyonces breast. She bent down and placed a short, wet kiss on the warm dark breast. “Oh MY God ALECIA, WHaT ARE YOU DOING!” Beyonce said as she awoke and sitting up in the bed. She recovered her breast as Pink placed her index finger over Beyonces pink lips… “shhh.. honey, just relax” as she placed a sensual kiss on the nervous girls forehead.

Beyonce was shocked. Pink took her finger off of the young girls lips. “Alec…” she was interrupted by a passionate kiss on her lips. Pinks felt like a bolt of electricity had shot through her body. She couldnt move, nor did she want to. Beyonce’s eyes lit up like lightbulbs as she quickly pulled back hitting her head on the headboard. “Ouch.. Damnit Alecia, I told you im not that way!” she said rubbing her head. Alecia took her hand and started to stroke the young girls head. “I cant help it Beyonce, Im not this way either, it was just something about seeing you so helpless today at the studi..” Beyonce’s mouth dropped.. “YOU SAW ME AND YOU DIDNT HELP!!!” she screamed as she pushed pink away. Pink placed her hand on Beyonces warm leg and started to rub it. “Sweetie, if I would have told you I saw everything I knew you wouldnt had stayed with me.” she said in a soft comforting voice. “So now YOU want to do the same as Darryl did, right?!” she said removing Pinks hand from her leg. “No.. Not exactly you’ll like it with me!” she said right before giving Beyonce another kiss on the lips.

Beyonce again quickly pulled back again and tried to get up. Pink grabbed her by the shoulders overpowering her back down to the bed. “Please Alecia, just let me get my stuff, Ill be on my way and noone will ever find out.” she pleaded as she tried again to get up. Pink grabbed her wrist and violently threw her back on the bed and started to caress her breast once again. “Oh MY GOD!!” she cried.. “NO!” Pink got on top of the helpless singer and started straddling her. She took her hand and placed it on top of Beyonces panties and made her way down to her slit. She started rubbing it gently over the panties.

“Please Alecia.. I PROMISE i wont tell a soul” she pleaded as she could tell she was getting turned on. Pink continued to rub the slit as she bent down and placed another kiss on the young tender breast. Pink could feel Beyonces cunt getting wet. She knew that she had her. “Come on sweetheart, you cant tell me you never fantasized.. Just think in the morning we can go and put that bastard out of buisness, but only if you cooperate.” she said as she moved her hand under Beyonces panty line”

“I cant.. Ive never fantisized about making it with another woman before let alone do it” she cried. “Thats good” she laughed. “Neither have I.. its a first for both of us” she said as she teased the outside lips of Beyonces pussy. “I dont know.. What if someone finds out, it could ruin us” she asked worridly beginning to moan a little. “Dont worry sweetie.. Ill take care of you” she said as she placed another kiss on Beyonces soft lips slipping her wet tounge in. Beyonce suprisingly acknowledged the tounge with her own. The two exchanged a fairly long passionate kiss. Pink then pulled away as Beyonce followed wanting more. Pink smiled as she unbuttoned Beyonce’s shirt the rest of the way. Beyonce reached up, placing both her hands on both of Pinks small breasts. She softly squeezed each breast sending another electric shock through Pinks petite body. “Oh yes!” she moaned as she got the last button unbuttoned on the sexy silk shirt.

She bent down and began kissing the dark chocolate breasts moving down to her naval. She twirrelled her tounge around this sensitive region before moving down. She got to her hips and placed a sensual kiss right in the center. She began to lick her way down until she got to the seam of the white cotten underwear. She took the seam into her thumb and index finger and slowly slid them down the long smooth legs. Beyonce raised her firm ass so that it made it easier for removal. Pink threw the underwear aside and buried her face deep into Beyonces clit. “OH GOD!” she moaned as the sensation moved quickly up her body. Goosebumps formed on almost every part of Beyonces beautiful body. Beyonce began rubbing her tits and circuling her fully erect nipples. Pink slid her long wet tounge in and out, back and forth over Beyonces tight wet clit. “Keep it up.. It feels so good” she moaned as she continued to massage her breasts. Pink then took her two fingers, parted the wet lips probing her tounge deep inside. “OH YES!!!!” Beyonce exhulled! Pink then took her tounge and licked her way up the long trail that was Beyonce’s body. “Your turn” she said looking up at the excited young female.

Pink then removed her top exposing her two perky pale breasts. Beyonce shot up, quickly throwing Pink down straddling her. “hehehe” Pink snickerd at the sudden dominatrix that Beyonce had shown. Beyonce softly kissed Pinks already fully erect nipple. Beyonce started sucking on the soft papule. “oooh… ya.. thats nice” Pink said stroking the virgins hair. Pink fondled the nipples as she slowly kissed her way down covering Pinks entire hot body. She got to the shorts. She took them into her teeth and took them down Pinks slender legs using her teeth. “Naughty..” Pink said with a soft laugh. Beyonce took her hand and placing it under the skimpy red string thong underwear caressing just outside of Pinks wet pussy. Beyonce ran her hands through and through Pinks pubic hair before insterting her fingers inside the wet slit. “OH YA.. THATS RIGHT!!” she moaned as she ran her hands through the long blonde, and brown hair of her mistress. Beyonce slowly removed her hand from under the thong and procceeded to remove the thong. She untied both sides exposing the cleanly shaved pussy of Pink. She stuck her head down and started to lick the juices on the outside of the slit. She then licked around in circles before inserting her tounge deep into the abyss. “Ahhh.. Ohhh” Pink moaned as she carressed her soft tender breasts. Beyonce flicked her tounge in and out and all around the juicy pussy before removing her mouth. She gently kissed the pussy and continued down Pink’s soft legs. She stopped at the feet. She then got off of the bed, placed her hand on Pinks sexy body and walked her way back up to the head of the bed. She bent down and gave another sensual kiss on Pink’s fully erect dark pink nipple. Pink grabbed her head, brought it up to meet hers.. The two shared a long deep passionate kiss before releasing each other.

Pink proceeded to get up. She got her nightie back on, and started towards the door. “Alecia.. about this whole thing.” she started to say. “No.. its alright.. NOONE will ever find out” pink said assuring the young girl. “No.. Its not that.. I just wanted to say thanks” giving Pink a fresh smile. “No problem hun.. anytime” returning the smile.

The two parted Pink going back to her room thinking about what just took place. “God that was wonderful” she thought as she layed back down on her bed. Minutes later she was asleep.

Pink arose the next morning before Beyonc, and made her way down the hall to her room. The morning glow of the sun gave beautiful lighting on Beyonce as she layed there still nakkid. Pink just stood there smiling at the site of such an awesome body. Minutes later she went downstairs and began cooking breakfast. She heard Beyonce coming down the stairs. “Alecia… I was wondering if you could help me.. Im going to go take a shower” she said with an evil grin on her face. “Sure” said Pink who returned the smile as the two walked back upstairs arm in arm.



* This was and always will be a work of fiction.. If you have any questions,

*comments, suggestions, requsts about this or any other story feel free to email me at

* I repeat this is purely made up in my sick sick mind!!

*PS! All names in this work of fiction are too fiction any resemblence to real life people is *purely coincedental.. ANd pretty cool! ***********************************************************************************************

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