Quitting Time: Costume Fun 3

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Ian stifled a yawn as he watched the new guy, Jack, sweep the floor of the entrance point of the store. It had been another boring day of work at ‘The Party Store’ as the seconds drained away and found that he could feel time taking its toll on his body.

It had been almost six months since Jessica Alba had joined him in another sexual act. He had wondered if people were starting to talk about the store and wondered if that was the reason to do with the recent bustle that the store had been going through. There had been a resurgence with Ian and Mister Rombassi and several filming companies had gotten hold of them to talk about renting several costumes for certain shows.

But, that time had come and gone and now they were alone on the high street. Mister Rombassi had left, leaving the two younger guys alone in the store. Jack kept sneaking glances at Ian as they worked.

“What is it man?” Ian asked, putting a pen down in a exasperation.

“It’s… Well… I heard off of a web site that celebrities come here. Is it true?” Jack practically ran up to the counter to talk to the older member of staff. Ian smirked and looked at the new recruit, he briefly pondered telling him that celebrities did shop here and he’d fucked two of them.

“A couple of them have been in yeah. But, they’re just like regular people, just like you and me.” Ian said with a smile, fighting the urge to patronizingly pat the man on his forearm.

“Do you think I’ll see any?”

“I think it’s L.A, you’re bound to see someone. Now why don’t you look at getting that front door swept?” Ian said with a smile as he gestured at the open front door. Jack nodded and left, Ian chuckled lightly and went back to his iPad and the crossword app he had downloaded.

There was a brief scuttle of footsteps and he looked up to see Jack rushing back into the store. He was mouthing something silently and jabbing his thumb towards the entrance. Ian made a face like he wasn’t sure what Jack was talking about, and when he peered over Jack’s shoulder and saw a small, petite woman walk into the room.

Ian recognized her immediately as Alison Brie, famous for Mad Men, Community and Scream 4. He then cast a glance back to Jack in a ‘Well, what do you want me to do?’ type of shrug on his shoulders. They didn’t have long to chat before Alison interjected.

“Hi!” She said warmly as she stood between the two sales clerks. Jack smirked lightly as Ian stood up.

“Hi, welcome to The Party Store. How can I help you?”

“Well, I’ve got some costume parties to go to and I need the best costumes you’ve got!” Alison beamed, tucking a loose strand of brown hair behind her ear. She was wearing a button up blouse that came up just above her chest line and was wearing a pair of bell bottom jeans that hugged her lower figure.

“Sure, are you looking for anything in particular?” Ian asked as he walked out from behind the counter and stepped closer to her.

“Well, the parties are supposed to be sexy. Do you have any sexy outfits?”

Jack whelped as Ian cast a look at him as they moved past a selection of kids costumes.

“Is he OK?” Alison asked quietly, jabbing her left thumb stealthily at Jack.

“Yeah, he’s fine. Just a little eager.” Ian guided Alison towards the back of the store and next to the fitting rooms. Reaching in, he tugged at a rail and slid it out so Alison could browse it. “Those are all the sexy ones we’ve got. We have some more… Adult… Ones but they’re on special order. They take about fourteen working days to get here.”

“Nah, these ones will be cool thanks. Can I try them on?” She asked him as she fished out a white plastic-y naughty nurse costume. She then reached back into the rail and fished out a two piece naughty school girl outfit.

“Yeah, sure. If you come in here,” He said, gesturing to the two changing rooms. He tugged down one of the blue felt curtains so Alison could change in privacy. She nodded and as she walked into the room and shut the curtain, Ian walked back to the front of the store to a slack jawed Jack.

“Dude, that was Alison Brie!” He stammered as Ian nodded his head.

“Yeah… And?”

“Oh my Gods! You’ve seen celebrities before haven’t you!?” Jack accused, jabbing a finger in Ian’s face. Ian smirked and waved Jack’s finger out of his face, he looked at him and took a breath.

“Jessica Alba and Jennifer Love Hewitt have shopped in here before.”

Ian stepped behind the counter and rang up a transaction as Jack stared at him, his mouth open slightly. Ian focused on the transaction, opting to not tell him about the fact that he had fucked them. As the drawer opened, he saw that the till was low on change. Grinning, he took out the customer’s change and she thanked the two boys as she made her way out of the store.

“Hey man, we’re low on change. Can you go to the office and get me a banking slip?”

Jack nodded and rest the broom up against the counter. He walked past the fitting rooms and made a funny face as he walked into the back. Ian shook his head lightly and stepped into the foyer of the costume store. Stretching lightly, Ian cast a glance over at the changing rooms and wondered what Alison was changing into. When Jack reappeared, Ian took the slip from him and quickly filled it in. Passing it back to the younger man, Ian smiled and took hold of a backpack that was kept behind the till.

“OK man, time for you to go the bank for us.”

“What!?” Jack exclaimed, like he couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing. Ian smiled and nodded his head.

“Yeah, we need change and this will be an exciting new experience for you!” Ian slapped Jack on the back and gestured for him to go to the door. Jack tried to argue but knew it was a wasted attempt, he nodded his head and walked out glumly. Ian grinned and walked into the back of the store, as he did he heard Alison calling out.

“Hey are you out there?” She called as Ian stepped to the curtain.

“Hey, sorry yeah I’m here. I had to deal with a customer. What’s up?”

“Um… Well, the costume’s a little tight. Can I get your opinion on it?” She called out as Ian silently punched the air.

“Sure… Do you want me to come in?” He asked, caution in his voice as Alison smiled.

“Well, I’d rather I came out there… Can you shut the store? I don’t want other people to see me in this.” Alison’s logic was sound and he’d done a lot more for Love and Jessica.

“Sure, give me a second.” Ian darted back up to the front of the store and locked the door. Flipping the sign over to say the store was closed, Ian quickly scrawled a note telling Jack to come round the back to get in. With a twist of his key, Ian removed his key and pocketed it.

“OK, the store’s locked up now.” Ian said, resting his left arm on a steel clothing rail. The curtain came back and Alison stepped out in the nurse outfit. It was a tight, white one piece outfit that hugged her figure, on her flat tummy there was a red circle with a white cross inside it. Near her breasts there was a big gap so you could see all of her cleavage. She had on lacy white gloves that ran up to her elbows that were accompanied by a set of white thigh high stockings. Ian’s jaw dropped and he could feel a bulge growing in his pants as she stepped out of the changing rooms.

She smiled and gave a slight twirl in the outfit.

“Do I need to take your temperature?”

“I certainly wouldn’t mind it!” Ian flirted with her as Alison smiled and licked her bottom lip casually. She cast a look around and saw that they were alone.

“Where’s the other guy?”

“He’s gone out for change. He won’t be here for at least half an hour.”

“Good. You know this place has got a reputation in certain circles in Hollywood?”

“… A… A reputation?” Ian stammered as he backed up. A moment of humour hit him, he had got a blowjob from both Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Alba, fucked Jessica in the ass and fucked both Love and Jessica in that very changing room and here he was being nervous in front of poor adorable Alison Brie.

He gave himself a mercy clause though. She was feisty… And Hot… And cute… And funny. She was going to take him willingly and he was going to like the whole damn ride. She had a killer body, her work on Mad Men had shown that off well enough. Plus if you had seen her on Hot Sluts, then you knew full well that her cleavage was nothing to turn away from. Her big, wide blue eyes stared up at him as she moved him towards one of the large clothing rails that had several costumes on.

The hangers rattled and fell to the floor, the costumes crumpling against the carpeted fabric. He cast his eyes down at them and back up at Alison who had now closed the gap and was merely inches away from the handsome, over worked and under fucked sales assistant. Some people may have argued that fucking two celebrities as hot as they were would take him out of the under fucked category but that was six months and nearly one whole year ago and besides, wouldn’t you rather be boning all the time?

Alison lay her hands on Ian’s shoulders and she lightly rubbed them, shushing him as she did so.

“Oh yeah baby. A reputation. A good one too. You know what I’m talking about don’t you?” Ian nodded his head and she smiled sweetly. “And just what am I talking about?”

“Fucking girls.”

“Fucking girls… Like Jennifer Love Hewitt? Or… Jessica Alba?” Alison said with a wicked grin as she pushed her body up against his. Rubbing her chest against his, Alison looked down and smiled when his erection pushed up against the inside of her thigh.

“Sorry…” He began but was cut off by her right index finger on his lips.

“Don’t be. Nurse Alison needs to take your temperature.” Her hands came up to his face, as she ran her hands through his messy brown hair and smiled. Playing the part, she then put the palm of her hand on his forehead.

“Oh my…”

“What is it?” He asked as she came in closer to Ian, he still wasn’t aware that she was playing the part even though her face had a big, beaming smile on it.

“It looks like I may have to take your temperature. It seems you’re developing a fever. Say `ahh’.” Alison said sexily, then it clicked with him. Matching her smile, though his was a tad more goofy, he complied and opened his mouth. Alison then put her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips.

Their lips met and made a soft, hot tangling of flesh as they smacked against each other. Sliding his tongue inside her mouth, Alison moaned softly as he planted his hands on her hips running them up and down the fabric that contained her silky skin.
Their tongues met in the middle and playfully wrestled with each others as they explored the other’s mouth. Running his left hand up her back, he ran it up to her head of brown hair and ran it though her luscious locks.

Breaking the kiss, Alison Brie, star of Community and general nerd girl smiled, panting, aiming to catch her breath.

“Are you well Nurse?” He asked with a smile as he finally started to join in their sordid role play session. Alison brought her hands up and placed a finger on his lips.

“Just getting my breath back. I think I need to take your temperature again.”
She said with a smile, hooking her arms around his back she tugged herself closer to him and planted her lips on his again.

The two pairs of lips smacked with each others as their tongues entered the other’s mouth and explored again. He wrapped his tongue around hers and lightly sucked on it
as she moaned into his mouth. He ran his hands down her side to her soft, juicy
ass, running over her cheeks he took a chance and lightly squeezed the skin making her moan.

Alison was the one who broke the kiss again and moaned to the sky as he kissed his way down to her neck and tasted it for the first time. While she was still straddling him up against the clothing rail, Alison started to rub her groin up against his. She smiled when she felt his erection swell and push against her moist pussy.

“Oh, look at that!” Alison exclaimed with a giggle, finally acknowledging his erection.

“What’s that Nurse?”

“It looks like you’ve brought your own thermometer.”

She said with a smile as she brought her hands down to his jeans. She slipped his shirt up off of the belt line and tugged at the small metal latch that kept it together. With ease, she soon had the leather loosened and had ripped it out of the loops that decorated the top of his jeans. Dumping it next to the costumes on the floor, Alison then unbuttoned the button and unzipped his fly. Yanking his pants down, she let him step out of the denim and stand before her only in his boxer shorts.

“All right, let’s see just how big your thermometer is.” Ian grinned, hardly believing his
luck as Alison hooked her two index fingers inside the waist band of his boxer shorts and started to slowly slide them down his hips. Soon, his dick popped out to play making the TV and one time movie star, gasp in surprise. She continued to slide his shorts down his legs and let the handsome sales assistant kick them away. She had been squatting on the floor but now she opted to get down on her knees completely. She cast a glance up at him and smiled, taking his hard rod in her hands, she gasped at just how hard he felt. Regaining her composure, she wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft and squeezed making him moan.

“Well, you seem to be able to still feel pain. That’s a good sign, let’s see
what other things you can feel.”

Alison cast her eyes over his dick and smiled sweetly. She looked at it intently, almost as if she was examining it. It had done the job with two other celebrities, why should it be any different with her? Ian thought to himself as he watched her work with his nine inch dick. Was nine inches enough for her? Doubt started to fill his mind as he thought back to fucking JLH and Jessica Alba. Neither seemed like they had been faking but how would he have known? They weren’t exactly recreating Harry Met Sally in there, was that a good thing or a bad thing? She must have realised that she had been staring and cast her eyes up to him.

“That’s one big thermometer.” Alison remarked, cementing his belief that he was a above average.

“Why don’t you take my temperature Nurse Alison?”

“What a good idea, I’ll do that now.”

Alison then leant forward and planted a soft kiss on his large ball sac. She then
started to run her tongue from the bottom of his shaft all the way to the head. Reaching the tip, Alison opened her mouth and wrapped her soft, sexy lips around his shaft. She then started bobbing up and down covering two or three inches at a time. Making two or three rises and drops of her mouth, Alison flicked her tongue over his shaft making a valiant effort into covering the entire bottom half of his shaft.

Alison moaned happily as his shaft was buried deep in her mouth, without even really trying she’d managed to suck close to seven inches in her mouth. Slowly opening her eyes, they made eye contact with each other. She smiled around his member and started to bob up and down on his shaft with a quick pace making sure to get all of his shaft nice and wet. Forcing herself down on his shaft again, Alison’s nose hit his neatly trimmed pubic hair making her smile as it probably tickled her.

Bringing herself up off of his shaft, Alison spat on her right hand and playfully tugged at the shaft stretching the skin and letting it crumple again. Her freshly lubricated hand was a nice treat as she pleasured Ian with a slow, steady hand job. Getting back into character, Alison cast a glance up at Ian and smiled sweetly.

“Well, I can feel your temperature is dropping. I think we may be done soon.”

“Really Nurse Alison? You actually seem a little warm now though. Could you be suffering through something as well? You seem quite warm near your chest. Should I
apply some pressure to it?” Ian asked, hoping to get near her glorious mounds. He prayed that she actually wanted to fuck him and not just have a fool around.

“Are you a qualified doctor?” She asked, her big eyes fluttered shut and open swiftly as she made eye contact with him.

“I used to be…” He replied, unsure of how to exactly respond.

“Perhaps it’s for the best then Doctor?”

“Perhaps it is.”

Standing up, Alison pressed her lips on his and they shared another kiss. Her tongue passed into his mouth and explored the orifice as she carried on jerking him. Running his hands over her body, he was almost in awe of all her fantastic curves and fantastic silky skin. Most of her body was covered by the silky fabric that made up the nurse’s outfit which regrettably covered up her breasts.

He ran his hands up from her waist to her chest and lightly squeezed her breasts making her moan. Alison broke the kiss and scooted up closer to him, she pulled herself closer to him and took his hands in hers. She then planted them on her chest, giving him free will to do whatever her wanted to her. As he stared at her chest for a while, he got with the programme and started to squeeze and fondle her flesh. Alison moaned sexily and unclipped the toy stethoscope that had previously just hung around her neck. She then playfully looped it around Ian’s neck and pushed his face into her glorious cleavage and let him really go to work. Ian’s tongue flicked and lashed at the valley of cleavage that had been neatly framed by the costume. Her soft skin felt so good on his tongue and he happily attacked ever opportunity of fleshy offering.

Alison moaned and tilted her head back, groaning to the sky as her breasts were covered with a thin film of Ian’s saliva. Alison undid the back of her outfit so that he could see her tits in all their glory. As soon as her hard, puffy nipples came into view, Ian latched onto them immediately. Meanwhile, Alison had pressed her still clothed groin against his and was starting to rub it against his hard dick.

“Ugh, enough. Let’s fuck!” Ian commented, lifting his head up off of her tits.

Alison seemed to be in agreement, grinned and tugged the hemline of her nurse’s outfit upwards revealing her lacy black panties to Ian. He could see the moist outline of her lips begging for attention, Alison smiled and pulled them to the right of her pussy. Ian almost gasped when he saw her delicious cunt, it looked like it was ready to eat him alive and frankly he couldn’t think of a more noble way to go.

“Lie down Ian.” Alison said in a commanding tone, he was more than willing to comply and lay down on the soft, carpeted floor. Alison then stepped over his groin pushed her ass backwards, and pushed herself down impaling herself on his dick. They both shared a gasp as several inches buried themselves inside her warm, wet pussy. Alison groaned and started to lift herself up and then subsequently drop on the dick sliding in and out of her. She leant forward placing both of her hands on either side of his head and started to work their union.

Not wanting to be left out, Ian tilted his head upwards, Ian latched onto one of Alison’s more notable features, her left breast, and sucked lightly on her nipple as she rode him. Running his hand up and down her back, he ran it down to her fine ass and squeezed her fleshy buns making her moan again. Throwing her head back, she increased her rising and dropping steadily getting all of his dick inside her pussy.

Breaking his fierce lip lock with her breast, Alison leant down and they shared
another passionate kiss. Their tongues flicked against each others as they fucked, Ian ran his hands over to her ass and squeezed again. Taking care of some of the work, he held onto her buns and lifted her up and dropped her downwards again. With each rise and drop, on his dick Alison’s breath started to get a little more laboured as a thin film of sweat formed on her body.

Breaking the kiss, he leant into the nape of Alison’s neck and kissed her flesh. Alison moaned and ran a hand through his hair, holding him tight against it, almost feeding him her neck. She gasped in pleasant surprise when he bit the flesh and lightly sucked it, her hands moved onto his shirt covered chest and soon she was playing his his hard nipples. Taking his lips off of her, they shared another passionate kiss as Alison started to change her mind about how she wanted to fuck Ian. Breaking the kiss, she kissed his forehead lightly and pulled herself off of his dick.

“Can you stand up? I want to swap positions.”

He nodded and pulled himself up off of the floor. He tugged his shirt off of his chest and dumped it next to his other clothes. Alison smiled and turned her back to him, she put her arms up for him to suggest that she wanted him near by. He complied and moved towards her, she hooked her arms around his neck and tugged herself upwards. Getting the idea, Ian wrapped his arms under the bottom of her legs and hoisted her into the air. Alison giggled lightly and reached underneath her, finding his rod, she started to slide it against her wet lips making him moan in turn.

Alison then fell to his whim as he let her drop slightly and he entered her soft, slick folds. They both groaned as he entered her again, they stayed like that for a few moments before he started to test just how far they could go together. Ian wasn’t out of shape and could probably bench press about Alison’s weight. It was a little more difficult when her weight wasn’t properly aligned but he wasn’t going to complain. Steadily, Ian started to lift and drop her on his shaft, letting her take the first couple of inches inside her. When she made no complaints about the way he was fucking her, he continued. Gripping the back of her knees, Alison slid a little further on his shaft making them both moan again.

She placed her hands on his as if to encourage him, holding her still. Ian started to thrust his hips upwards, lifting himself off of his feet and onto his tip toes getting more of himself inside her. While he fucked her like that, he realised that he had no way of playing with her generous tits. He made a mental note to play with them once there was no real risk of causing her bodily harm. The sweat on their bodies made little difference as he fucked upwards to Alison’s waiting, hungry cunt. Alison started to moan more and more as he started to fuck her with an increased pace.

Lifting her up, several inches from the tip Ian let her drop, freely penetrating her cunt to his shaft’s hilt. Alison let out a loud scream as all nine of his inches entered her at once, he was quick to catch her and lifted her back up again.

“Did you like that?” He asked, leaning forward to smooch her. She groaned and nodded her head, leaning back their lips made contact and they passionately kissed each other again. Ian lifted her up again and let her drop, making sure to grab her strong, toned thighs. Breaking the kiss, Alison moaned and let her head fall back, her throat becoming available to him, he lunged in and kissed her. She ran her hands over his head and hair, just aiming to cover as much as she could in as little time as possible.

Changing the pace, I lifted Alison all the way up off of his shaft until there was only his head left in her cunt. He then let her drop but as she did so he thrust upwards and she got fully penetrated in a swift fashion. Alison’s eyes shot open and she screamed at the sudden invasion. Smiling, he repeated the fashion making her screams get more and more shrill with each drop-thrust combination.

His eyes drifted down her body and he could see that she was desperately
frigging her clit, aiming to get herself off as soon as possible. He continued
to let her drop and him rise on his shaft getting it nice and wet as her breath
became more and more shallow she was getting closer and closer to the end.

Placing his mouth on her shoulder, he kissed it sweetly before biting into her
flesh making her gasp and moan even louder. Alison started to buck wildly to
the point where she was fucking him, he placed his hands back on the back of her knees and watched the show as Alison thrust herself downwards riding him with wild abandon. Throwing her head backwards once more, she let out an almighty cry and came all over his shaft, coating it with her cum.

Taking little time after the orgasm had subsided she looked over her shoulder
at him, sweat dripping from her face and her brown hair matted to her skin. She blinked several times and then started to ride him again, grinding backwards and forwards on his shaft. He ran his hands over her sexy thighs and onto her legs, squeezing her fleshy thighs lightly making her moan again.

Ian grunted and felt the cum in his balls start to bubble up. He was going to cum soon but didn’t want to stop fucking her. He began to take control and started to slow his thrusts to more slow, deliberate strokes.

“Going to cum?” She asked, fully aware of his urge to cum.


“Right, over my face then!” Alison said, taking charge of the situation.

She hopped off of his shaft and knelt down in front of the sales assistant. Alison wrapped her lips around his shaft and started to slowly bob her head up and down on his dick tasting her own wetness on it. Smiling, she wrapped her hands around the base of his shaft and started to slowly pump up and down making sure to cover every part of his dick. She cast a glance up at him and smiled when he let out a low groan. She took one hand off of his dick so she could take more and more of his inches, enveloped with each passing drop.

He grunted slightly and started to cum, Alison didn’t even need a warning as she took her mouth off of his dick. One load shot up through the air and onto her globes. She let go of the shaft and let him coat her face, rope after rope splattered against her pretty face as he came. Soon, her entire face was coated and she hungrily picked it up. After several spurts Ian had completely finished and what little strength he still possessed had left him.

Ian stood backwards and wiped the sweat away from his head, he watched as she started to scoop up his cum.

“Fuck… That was hot.” He said with a grin as Alison smiled and nodded her head. She sucked on her right index finger that she had coated with his load.

“Are you kidding me? That was amazing!” Alison exclaimed as she sucked the digit clean. “Am I good?” She asked, referring to the load he had shot on her face.

“More than good!” Another voice said to the side of them, the two lovers looked to their right and saw Jack standing there slack jawed.

“Dude… Did you see all of that?” Ian asked as his dick started to deflate slightly. He was about to dress when Alison took the member into her mouth and sucked on it lightly as they both looked to the new male sales assistant. Alison smiled sweetly around his dick as she batted her eyelids at Jack lightly.

“Saw most of it. Fucking hot man!” He stepped closer to them and Alison could see a large lump forming in the front of his pants. She took her lips off of Ian’s dick and reached forward cupping his penis through his pants. She cooed lightly feeing his dick as Jack groaned at her touch.

“Yeah, it was hot… Have you ever fucked a celebrity cutie?” Alison asked, looking up at Jack, amazed at how easily he fell into her grasp. When he shook his head, Alison smiled. “Shame. Would you like to?”

With that, she reached forward and unzipped his jeans. Tugging the flies open, she tucked her right hand into his pants, swiftly Alison fished out his rock hard dick. Jack’s hard dick stood at a respectable eight inches and was appropriately thick. Alison cast a look over it and smiled, licking her lips, the Community star opened her mouth and lapped her tongue against his dick’s head.

Alison licked her lips and nodded her head with approval as she moved her hand down to the base of his long and meaty shaft before she parted her soft, sexy lips and took his cock into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm damn…” Jack groaned as Alison Brie, star of Community and Scream 4 bobbed around the head of his cock. She cast her eyes up at you and smiled sweetly as she started to bob her head up and down on the younger guy’s cock.

She cast her eyes up at him and smiled sweetly as she started to bob her head up and down on the younger guy’s cock.

Alison moaned around his shaft as she bobbed her head smoothly up and down his shaft, sucking Jack’s cock with a passion as Ian took a step back to watch her work.

“Oh fuck… Man… Alison Brie’s sucking my dick…” Jack groaned as he tilted his head backwards as she bobbed her head up and down on his stiff, thick cock. Alison smiled as she tucked some of her hair behind her ear and slid her wet tongue against the head of Jack’s cock, before turning her head and looking at Ian. She smiled sweetly and took Jack’s cock out of her mouth.

“Want to fuck my ass?” She asked super casually as she turned her head back to flick her tongue up and down against Jack’s hard dick. Her soft hand cupped Jack’s ball sac and lightly toyed with his heavy set of testicles as she went back to swallowing his member into her mouth. She smiled when she felt Ian’s hands on her hips, she lifted herself up and bent at the waist so she could carry on sucking Jack’s dick. She closed her eyes as she felt Ian’s hard shaft press against her tight, forbidden hole. With an inch of pressure, Alison gasped aloud as Ian’s dick penetrated her ass hole.

“Oh shit! It’s so tight!” Ian groaned as he thrust his cock into Alison’s ass hole. Alison let Jack’s dick fall from her mouth and she let out a long, low groan as she had her ass hole fucked.

“Shit! Lie down!” Alison said, gesturing for Jack to lie down on the floor. He complied and she slowed Ian’s thrusts. “Take your dick out big boy.” She added, looking over her shoulder at Ian. He made a face but nodded his head and slowly pulled out of her ass hole. Alison looked down at Jack’s shaft and smiled, licking her lips she parted her legs and slowly lowered herself down. Using her right hand, she steadied Jack’s dick and let it slide between her moist, wet pussy’s lips.

“Oh fuck yeah baby… Fuck yeah…” Alison groaned as she had Jack’s cock enter her vagina for the first time in the afternoon. Casting a look over her shoulder, she nodded her head, as if giving permission for Ian to enter her tight ass hole. She groaned and leaned forward, starting to rock forward on Jack’s cock.

“Oh shit… Shit yeah…” Ian groaned as he held Alison’s ass cheeks open
as he started to fuck her ass with smooth thrusts. Jack licked his lips as he
watched Alison’s fantastic tits bounce up and down as she rocked between himself and Ian as they thrust their dicks into her.

“Oh fuck yes… Fuck yes!” Alison repeated, moaning and closing her eyes as she rocked forward with each thrust that Ian delivered to her stunning ass. Jack was moaning into the sky as Alison started to grind her cunt upwards against Jack’s thrusting cock. Taking a chance, Ian squeezed Alison’s ass with his hands as he pumped his cock in and out of her ass hole.

Alison let out a long groan as she moved her hands off of the floor and planted them on Jack’s neatly trimmed chest hair as she was rocked forward at a swift pace due to Ian slammed in and out of her fantastic, gorgeous ass.

“Fuck Alison… Your ass is God damned perfect…” Ian exclaimed as he started to get most of his dick into her tight ass hole as Jack thrust his hips upwards, jerking his cock into her pussy.

Alison groaned aloud and nodded her head, pinching at her nipples as she rode Jack’s cock, the inside of her wet snatch started to squeeze on his cock as her gorgeous ass started to smack against Ian’s waist.

“Fuck… Can I have a go at that ass?” Jack half asked, half groaned from underneath Alison.

Jack licked his lips and slowly pulled out of Alison’s pussy, Ian watched him remove himself. Alison bit on her bottom lip and nodded her head, she cast a look over her shoulder at Ian. They made eye contact and reluctantly, he nodded his head and pulled out of her ass.

“OK baby. Keep lying down.” Alison said sweetly, referring to Jack who nodded his head and stayed down where he had been lying. Alison turned around so she was facing away from the young, new sales assistant and bent at the knees and squatted over his shaft, holding it steady she slowly let herself get impaled on his large dick.

“Oh fuck…” Alison groaned as her ass hole was parted by Jack’s hard prick. She leant backwards and groaned as Jack eagerly pressed his shaft upwards going deeper inside her.

“Easy baby…” Alison said with a smile as Ian pulled her legs up off of the floor and in one fluid motion had swiftly impaled her with one full strike. Alison was now full of dick again, being DP’ed by two sales assistants in ‘The Party Store’

Jack pressed his knob against her hole and slowly pushed himself into her. He groaned over her shoulder as his dick’s head slid into her tight ass hole. Alison groaned and moaned as she started to get fucked by Ian’s hard cock.

“Oh fuck yes! Fuck me boys!” Alison groaned, gasping for air while licking her full red lips as her tight pussy squeezed on Ian’s cock that was thrusting in to her as hard as he could manage.

“Fucking gladly…” Ian groaned, smirking up at Alison as he pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. Jack looked up at the two as he put his hands on Alison’s hips as he starts to thrust his dick upwards deeper into Alison’s ass hole.

“Fuck… I can’t believe I get to do this!” Jack groaned as he gritted his teeth together as if his life depended on it. Alison half laughed, half moaned as she raised her gorgeous, toned and strong legs up and hooked them around Ian’s waist as he ploughed into her soaking wet pussy.

“Ohhhhh fuck yeah!” Alison groaned as she kept rocking her ass to and fro on Jack’s upwardly thrusting cock. Ian locked his eyes with Alison as he sped up his thrusts as he drilled her wet cunt. He didn’t want to say it out loud but he was close to cumming again, lest he lose face with Jack.

“Oh fucking hell. Yes boys fuck me! Fucking come on!” Alison groaned, almost sensing what Ian was thinking. With her lustful encouragement, Jack and Ian doubled the pace of their thrusts, hammering her tight ass and wet pussy with incredibly strong, deep and swift thrusts.

“Oh fuck me! She’s so fucking hot…” Jack groaned as his cock started to throb deep inside Alison’s ass hole. Ian nodded as he gritted his teeth with his large shaft beginning to pulsate deep inside Alison’s soaking wet cunt.

Alison’s breath was short as she moaned through the orgasm while beads of sweat ran down her body, painting lines on her gorgeous frame. Ian shook his head, he was going to cum again but Jack beat him to announcing it vocally.

“Ah fuck man… I’m going to cum!” Jack moaned as Alison joined them in the room again. She looked over her shoulder at Jack and nodded her head, she cast a glance up at Ian and bit on her bottom lip sexily.

“You boys want to give me a facial?” Their reactions made her smile when they pulled out of her holes careful not to hurt her. Alison was grateful and fell onto her knees in front of the boys, she tilted her head back and pushed her chest out as the sales assistants started to stroke their large, throbbing cocks.

As if by magic, the boys nodded their heads and started to stroke their cocks at a quicker pace. Within moments, they both began to cum, showering Alison’s gorgeous sweat coated face with their warm, sticky spunk. Going with the flow, Alison opened her mouth and closed her eyes as the warm cum sprayed down onto her face and into some of her mouth as well.

“Fuck man… Fucking… Fuck.” Jack grinned, looking down at Alison who smiled a perfect smile and started to scoop up their cum.

“Is there a problem?” Alison asked with a laugh.

“Nope not at all…” Jack grinned as Alison finished up licking their cum up and sucked her fingers clean. “Man, it’s going to suck once you go man!”

“You’re going?” Alison asked, as she climbed to her feet to look at Ian.

“Yeah, I’ve got a better job in the city…” Ian started but was put off by Alison smiling. “What is it?”

“Nothing, when are you leaving?”

“End of the month…” Ian replied, unsure of what Alison was getting at. “Why?”

“Nothing! Jeez! I’m going to get changed and buy that dress OK?” Alison turned and walked into the changing room to get dressed again.

Ian frowned lightly as Alison smirked and shut the curtain to change.

“What is it man?” Jack asked as he stepped in front of Ian’s view. Suddenly the fact that they were both naked dawned on Ian who made a face and covered up the sight of Jack’s junk with his hand.

“Dude! Get dressed! And it’s nothing… But… Did Alison seem off to you at the end?”

“With our cum on her face?”

“No, when she heard I was leaving.”

“Dude, who cares. We just fucked Alison Brie!” Jack said as he pulled a shirt on.

“Yeah… I must be over thinking it…”

He didn’t know that Alison wasn’t getting dressed but was in fact sending a mass text message to two women who were… Familiar with the store.

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