Roger’s Godawful Fate

Story Title: Roger’s Godawful Fate

Author’s Name: TheresaRosOpalLeahLeila

Content Codes: MF, reluc, oral, first, fDom, snuff, sick

Celebs: Britney Spears

Disclaimer: This story contains much content that should not be read
by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no
baring on reality whatsoever. Please read the story codes to ensure
that you are not going to be offended by the content.

Britney Spears was walking along the street one day in Hollywood
California with her dark glasses and hat on. Britney always put on
the dark glasses and hat when she
did not want to be recognised
and it fooled many people. People would meet her in the street
and think that she was an ordinary person and not a super
celebrity with millions of dollars and fans. On this day she had on
a blue hat with a green band and also a tight white t-shirt and
jeans. She looked very sexy even with her face obscured by the
clever disguise.

Roger was not a celebrity. He had always wanted to be rich and
famous but nobody ever paid attention to him. He moved to
Hollywood California to be a celebrity and hoped that people
would talk about him like they talked about Britney Spears.
Nobody ever did and he became very upset that nobody would
treat him like a celebrity. He was walking along the street one day
in Hollywood California and he recognised Britney Spears through
her special disguise.

“That is Britney Spears” he said out loud but nobody listened
because he was not a celebrity. He stood on the path and watched
as Britney Spears walked by him and did not pay him any
attention because he wasn’t famous. Roger realised that nobody
was paying Britney Spears attention either even though she was a
very famous Celebrity and walking in Hollywood California. Roger
scratched at his cleanly shaven chin and he started to walk after
Britney Spears. He wanted to know why a very famous Celebrity
was being treated like him.

Britney Spears did not know she was being followed on that day
as she walked through Hollywood California. She thought her
perfect disguise was walking as it always did even though she was
a famous Celebrity. Britney Spears stopped her walking outside
the Hollywood California Pet Store and looked in the window
where cute kittens and cute puppies were on display along with
cute bunny rabbits and little cute mice.

“Oh, they are very cute pets” she said out loud even though there
was not anybody for her to talk to. Except Roger was there and he

“Yes they are very cute pets.”

Britney Spears was very surprised to hear somebody speak to her
like that on the street in Hollywood California. She was not a very
tall woman. Roger looked down at Britney Spears and he smiled
widely because he was talking to a Celebrity.

“Why are people not talking to you? You are very famous
celebrity” he said to Britney Spears

Britney Spears saw straight away that Roger was a very special

“I am wearing my disguise. You must be very special if you have
seen that I am Britney Spears. What is your name?”

“My name is Roger and I am twenty one and a half” he told
Britney Spears.

Roger was very happy at that moment. His smile was very wide
indeed. A very famous celebrity in Hollywood California told him
that he was special. He felt his special place itch. He was
confused when Britney Spears put her hand on his special place
even though they were standing on the street in Hollywood

“Wow Roger. You have a very big package. It is making your pants
big” Said Britney Spears to Roger who went red. She thought that
Roger was older than the college kids and taller than her
bodyguard who was very tall indeed. Britney Spears also thought
that Roger was very special indeed and she made a special plan.

“Roger would you please help me with something? I need your
help down this alleyway in Hollywood California.”

Roger did not know why Britney Spears needed his help in an
alleyway. She took his hand and led him down away from the
street to the place at the end of the alleyway which was as dark
as his closet. He did not much like it in the dark, but then Britney
Spears took off her hat and her dark glasses and she put down her
bag and she smiled at him.

Britney Spears held Rogers hands and then she placed them on
her boobies! Britney Spears had very nice Boobies but Roger’s
hands were very big and covered her boobies. Roger knew it was
bad to touch girls boobies and he pulled his hands away.

“Do you not want to touch my boobies Roger? They are very nice

“I do not want to make you cry Britney Spears.”

“I do not think you will make me cry. Hold my boobies”

So Roger held on to Britney Spears boobies in the dark alleyway in
Hollywood California and his special place itched very much
indeed. Britney Spears took hold of Roger’s big hands and moved
them against her boobies the way she liked hands to move
against her boobies.

“That is nice Roger. I am not crying.”

“Yes Britney Spears. I see that you are not crying.”

Roger liked to feel Britney Spears’ boobies. Roger thought that
Britney Spears boobies felt very nice indeed and when Britney
Spears lifted up her T-Shirt and took off her bra he put his hands
back onto her nude boobies.

“That feels very nice Roger.” Britney Spears told Roger as he
played with her boobies. Britney Spears was pushing her boobies
against Roger’s hands and she made a noise. It was a noise that
was not like anything Roger had heard in Hollywood California or
in anywhere else.

“Did I hurt you Britney Spears?”

“No Roger. You make my boobies feel nice.”

Britney Spears hair is a pretty yellow colour called blonde and she
waved her head back as Roger held her boobies in his hands.
Roger put her hands on Rogers pants and undid the button at the
top. Britney Spears pushed Rogers pants down to the floor of the
alleyway in Hollywood California. Britney Spears also pushed
Rogers underpants down to the floor. Roger knew she could see
his special place which had grown very big. He did not take his
hands off of her boobies.

“Britney Spears why have you put my pants down?” Roger asked.

Britney Spears did not reply. She put Roger’s hands to hand at his
waist. She bent her legs so that her boobies were level with
Roger’s special place and moved her boobies so that one was
either side of it. Roger felt the hot sides of Britney Spears boobies
press against his special place and it felt very nice indeed.

“Do you like this Roger?” Britney Spears asked.

“It feels very nice indeed, Britney Spears.” He told the famous

Britney Spears smiled because she was happy that she made
Roger feel very nice indeed. Britney began to move her breasts up
and down against Roger’s special place so that the skin at the end
moved. There was something coming out of the end of Roger’s
special place.

“Roger, you have a very big cock. It must be nine inches long.”
Britney Spears told Roger as she moved her breasts against his
special place.

“That is my special place. It feels very nice.”

“It’s called your cock.” Britney Spears said.

“God damn, I love fucking retards in filthy alleys” Britney Spears
said in a voice like a cry. She said it because it was true.

Roger knew that retard was not a nice word and he started to cry.
Britney Spears had said he was special when he recognised her in
the street in Hollywood California and now she had used a not
nice word. Britney Spears put her mouth on the end of his special
place and he saw her cheeks go in. Roger stopped crying because
his special place felt very nice indeed. Britney Spears took her
mouth off of his special place and looked up at Roger.

“Roger, do you like that?”

“Yes Britney Spears.”

“Tell me you want me to suck your cock, Roger. Tell me now.”

Roger did what he was told by Britney Spears.

“Suck my cock, Britney Spears.”

Roger felt Britney Spears mouth back on his special place. It felt
even nicer indeed. Britney Spears moved her head and Roger was
surprised to see more of his special place go into Britney Spears
mouth. He did not think there was enough room but her mouth
seemed to hold onto his special place much tighter and soon he
could not see it. Roger slowly realised that his special place was
in Britney Spears neck. Britney Spears moved her head on his
special place and Roger felt his legs go weak.

“I feel funny, Britney Spears.”

Britney Spears did not say anything because her mouth was filled
with Roger. Roger felt very funny and very nice and then his knees
did not work and he fell over. Cream began to come out of Roger’s
special place and Roger saw it land right across the face of Britney
Spears and into her pretty yellow colour hair, which is called
blonde. Then Britney Spears put her hand on his special place and
put the end in her mouth. Roger could still feel the cream coming
out but he could not see it. Britney Spears made noises like she
was drinking milk from his special place.

When Roger stopped making cream Britney Spears moved her
head off of his special place. Roger now knew why it was called
his special place and he knew why people said Hollywood
California was also a special place. Roger looked at the line of his
cream on the face of Britney Spears the famous celebrity from
Hollywood California. Britney Spears used her hand to push it into
her mouth. Britney Spears then held her hands around Roger’s
Special place even though it was sticky. Britney Spears smiled at

“Roger, your cock is still big and hard. I would like you to put it
into my special place. My special place is very wet right now and it
needs your cock.”

Britney Spears stood up and she took the belt from her jeans. She
pushed down her jeans and her panties and she stepped out of
sandals jeans and panties all at once. Britney Spears stood nude
before Roger in an alleyway in Hollywood California. Roger decided
that Britney Spears was very pretty indeed. Roger saw that her
special place was not like his special place. Britney Spears special
place was covered in hair that was the pretty yellow colour called
blonde and it was very wet along with the inside of her legs.

Britney Spears made Roger lie down on the filthy floor of the
alleyway and she stood over him.

“I have not had a cock like that in months. My husband has a very
small cock, and I do not like him.”

Roger knew that husbands and wives were supposed to like each
other very much.

“Why is he your husband if you do not like him, Britney Spears?”

“He had a very persuasive agent, Roger. Things haven’t worked
out and he has to go.”

Britney Spears bent her legs and then Rogers special place was
inside Britney Spears special place which felt very warm and very
wet and gripped his special place. Britney Spears kept bending her
legs until nearly half of Roger’s special place was in her special
place. Roger was twenty one and a half and he had never felt
anything so very nice indeed as Britney Spears special place.
Britney Spears unbent her legs and then she bent them again until
all of Roger’s special place was inside her special place.

Britney Spears smiled very much. Roger smiled very much. They
both felt very nice indeed.

“Roger please put your hands on my boobies again.”

Roger put his hands on Britney Spears boobies again. They felt
quite hot now and Roger realised that Britney Spears was very
damp all over her nude body. Roger could not see his special place
because Britney Spears hair which was the yellow colour called
blonde was with his hair which was the red colour called red.
Britney Spears moved very gently.

“What are you doing, Britney Spears?” Roger asked as he played
with Britney Spears boobies as he lay on the floor of the alleyway
in Hollywood California.

“I’m getting used to the size of your cock.” Britney Spears voice
sounded like a whisper.

Roger thought that they had to be quiet. Britney Spears picked up
her belt again and put it around Roger’s neck. She looped the end
through the metal piece that was called a buckle. Roger felt it
become close around his neck.

“Roger we are going to play a very special game. Do you want to
play this game with me?”

Roger felt his special place inside Britney Spears special place. He
wanted very much to play the game with her.

“Britney Spears you are a very famous Celebrity in Hollywood
California and you make my special place feel very nice. I want
very much to play the special game with you.”

“Roger you have to promise me that you will be a good boy and
keep your hands on my boobies until I say so. If you take your
hands off my boobies you will lose the game.”

“Britney Spears I promise I will be good and keep my hands on
your boobies until you say so.”

Britney Spears smiled. It was always so easy with special men.
She was glad she had the number on her cell phone and the
$500,000 in her account it would cost for the clean up crew.

As Britney Spears began to move on Roger’s special place she
pulled tightly on the end of the belt she had put around his
throat. Roger felt his special place feel very nice indeed but then
he could not breathe properly. Britney Spears belt was stopping
him from breathing but he had to keep his hands on her boobies
to win the game. Britney Spears felt a very special thrill in her
body, one she only felt when she was playing the special game.

Roger tried to tell Britney Spears that he could not breathe but he
could not make the words come out. Britney Spears was moving
very fast on his special place and he knew he was going to make
cream again soon but his neck hurt very much. He held harder
onto Britney Spears boobies and hoped the game would end soon.

“God, Roger, I can feel you getting harder!”

Roger’s body moved involuntarily and his special place lifted up
towards Britney Spears. She was making a noise like crying but
Roger could not see her anymore and then suddenly he felt his
special place make cream. The retard’s death orgasm spurred
Britney Spears into an orgasm of her own and she fell down on top
of Roger’s twitching body so that her boobies pressed against his

Britney Spears made a telephone call on her cell phone in the
alleyway in Hollywood California and soon a van came to take
Roger away. Roger’s fate was a happy one even though he was

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