Sandra Bullock Meets Anne And Ellen

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations.
If you are underage or easily offended, Stop reading
              By Wonder Mike
  Anne Heche was on her hand and knees, Ellen Degeneres had
strapped on a 10 inch dildo and she was ramming it to her. Anne
was screaming "Please don’t stop" Ellen had no intention of doing so.
  Ellen finally pulled the dildo out of her girlfriend, she
then threw her on her back, Anne loved it rough. Ellen
pulled her head up by the hair as she shoved the dildo

back into Anne.
Ellen shoved her tongue into Anne’s mouth, Anne wrapped her
legs around her lover and thrusted up.
Anne had a screaming organism as Ellen pulled her hair
even harder, it was another wonderful session, their third
of the day.
  The lovers laid in bed and embraced, they were in love
but their wild love making was getting boring, they needed
something to spice it up.
Anne suggested a man, they both had a good laugh over that
one, Ellen reminded her that she’s the comedienne, Anne’s
the actress.  Ellen sat down at the computer and searched
out the days news.
Ellen hit the gossip group, the rumors that Sandra Bullock
was one of them had started again. This gave Ellen an idea,
She would find out if Sandra was a lesbian or not, and if she
wasn’t she soon would be.
  Anne called up Sandra, she told her Spielberg had a script
that he wanted the two of them to read. Sandra said she would
be their in a couple of hours.
It had been years since Sandra Bullock had been in a block
buster, everything Spielberg does is big, she knew this was her
chance to become the $20 million actress she though she
would be after Speed.
  Sandra arrived at the hotel that Anne had specified, Anne
greeted her at the door.
Sandra looked around, there was no sign of Steven, she
asked were he was, Anne told her he wasn’t coming.
  Anne told her about the stories on the internet, she
wanted to welcome her into the sisterhood.
  Sandra told her she was flattered and a little interested,
but she had a career to think about.
Sandra told Anne she thought she was cute but she was leaving,
her career was romantic comedies, if she came out it would be over.
Anne told her she understood and gave her a hug. Sandra
tried to pull away after a few seconds but Anne wouldn’t let go, then Ellen came out of the closet, (so to speak) and grabbed Sandra by the wrist, she pulled Sandra’s arms behind her back and handcuffed her.
  The lovers threw Sandra on the bed, Anne sat on Sandra’s face, then she reached down and spread Sandra’s legs.
  Ellen knelt between Sandra’s legs and began to lick.
Sandra let out a squeal as Ellen began to flick her tongue
in and out of Sandra’s cunt.
  Sandra tried to roll over but Anne was smothering her
and Ellen was masterful, she was quickly losing all resistance.
  Anne ordered Sandra to eat her, she stuck her tongue out
and Anne started to slide back and forth over it.
  Ellen slipped three fingers inside of Sandra’s cunt,
that was all Sandra needed, she let out a wail.
  Anne let go of Sandra’s ankles and threw her head back,
she loved the sound women made when Ellen got ahold of them,
she got off on it.
  Sandra bent her knees and started humping Ellen’s fingers,
Ellen reached up and shoved 4 fingers into Anne.
  Anne slowly crawled off of Sandra’s face, Sandra was
  Anne laid down next to Sandra Ellen worked 4 fingers into
both of them. They were both screaming.
Anne reached down and grabbed Ellen by the wrist. She was working Ellen’s fingers deeper inside of her, Sandra was thrusting her hips back and forth.
  Ellen pulled her hand out of Sandra, she begged Ellen
to but it back, Ellen told her to hold your horses, Ellen
reached under the bed and pulled out a 12 inch strap on dildo.
  Ellen but on the dildo and laid on her back, she didn’t have
to say anything to Sandra. She rolled over and sat right
on the huge fake cock.
  Sandra jumped up and down on the dildo, screaming with every stroke, Anne grabbed her around the waist raising her up and down.
  Ellen began thrusting up like a jackhammer into Sandra, this caused Sandra to just freeze. Anne reached under the bed and pulled out another fat 12 inch strap on.
  Ellen reached up and hugged Sandra, pulling them chest to chest, Anne slipped behind the two, she then shoved her dildo into Sandra’s cunt along side of Ellen’s.
  Sandra threw her head back and screamed at the top of her lungs, Anne grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked back.
  Amazingly, Sandra started to raise up and down on the two dildos, her cunt was stretched wider than it ever had been before.
  Anne started to thrust up as hard as she could, Anne
started to ram her dildo down into Sandra even harder.
  Sandra slumped over unable to move, Anne and Ellen reached
up and gave each other a hug as Sandra had her fourth screaming
orgasm and passed out.
The two lovers stood up gave each other high five’s and left
the unconscious Sandra Bullock laying on the bed, they knew
they had another member in their sisterhood.
                      THE END

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