Scarlett Johansson, Part 2

Title:  Scarlett Johansson, Part 2

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Scarlett Johansson

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Scarlett Johansson, gorgeous superstar, was still unable to remember anything about her past.  She’d gone to Vegas to try to find herself but instead, fell into a new life, a life of prostitution.  She discovered a whole new world of filth and degradation.

Scarlett had been turning tricks for several weeks out of a seedy motel several blocks off the strip.  She worked her corner every night and gave up all the money that she made to her black pimp.  She sucked and fucked anyone willing to pay and everyone wanted to fuck the pretty whore that looked just like the superstar actress, unaware that they were indeed fucking the real Scarlett Johansson.

Back in L.A., her parents and friends decided to hire a private investigator to find their Scarlett.  The only thing they knew was that she had caught a cab and taken a plane to Las Vegas.  That was weeks ago and they hadn’t heard anything from her since then.  They were worried sick and needed to find her.  She had been removed from the movie she was filming where the accident occurred that stripped her of her identity.  Now, they just wanted to find her and get her home, safe and sound.

The private investigator traced her to the hotel she’d checked into but according to them, she hadn’t been seen since the second day.  They turned over all her belongings to him and wished him good luck in finding her.  They all knew that people disappeared all the time in Vegas and if they didn’t want to be found, then they probably wouldn’t be.  The private eye reached out to all his contacts hoping for a lead but after several days, the trail went cold.  He reported back to her family that there was just no information about their daughter but that he would continue for as long as they wanted him too.

Scarlett, meanwhile, was getting deeper and deeper into her new life.  She was making a lot of money so her pimp set her up in a nicer place.  He bought her classier clothes and decided to take her off the streets and send her out as a call girl.  He sold her to a local madam who immediately recognized Scarlett.  She didn’t say a word to the pimp but instead, decided to market the beautiful actress as a “lookalike”, hoping to get top dollar for her.  She had read all the stories about the missing actress and knew it was only a matter of time before her family found her.

The madam knew that men would be more than willing to pay upwards of a thousand dollars for her new acquisition.  She sent Scarlett to the penthouse at one of the finer hotels in Vegas and told her the client was a very wealthy man from Budapest and that she was to do whatever he desires.  Her natural blonde hair had grown out considerably since the accident and she looked stunning in her black dress, stockings and stiletto heels.  She arrived by limo and was escorted by the driver to the client’s room.  She knocked on the door and was let in by one of the man’s employees.  The client introduced himself and looked over the beautiful girl.  He was amazed at how beautiful she was and took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom.

Scarlett began by doing a seductive striptease while he sat on the edge of the bed.  She closed her eyes and moved her hands over her perfect body, reaching behind and unzipping her dress.  She let it fall to the floor and sank to her knees.  She moved over in front of him and took out his cock.  She ran her perfectly manicured fingernails along the shaft and licked the tip with her willing tongue.  She tickled his balls as she moved opened her mouth and started sucking him.  It didn’t take long for him to get rock hard.  He looked down at the gorgeous whore sucking his cock deep down her throat.  Scarlett had become a skilled cocksucker and was soon deep throating the john.  He reached down and undid her lace bra, exposing her perfect breasts.  He ran his hands along her back and shoulders and then placed them on her head and pushed her down onto his cock.  He told her to put her hands behind her back and began to fuck her face.  The pretty blonde did what she was told and let him gag her forcefully.  He was slamming her throat and watched as her split ran out of her mouth and down her body.

He told her to get on the bed and he pulled off her panties.  Scarlett spread her long legs and opened her pussy for him.  He slammed his rock hard cock deep inside of her and she came almost immediately.  The john grabbed her ankles and pounded her soaking wet pussy harder and harder, slamming his balls against her asshole with every thrust.  Scarlett screamed for more, telling him to fuck her deeper and deeper.  He called her a dirty slut, a fucking whore and she loved it.  She came over and over again from the brutal fucking.  He pulled his cock out of her pussy and told her to suck off her juices.  She loved the taste of her cunt.  Her full, pouty lips looked absolutely beautiful as she devoured his cock.

He lay down on the bed and told Scarlett to get on top of him.  She mounted him in a reverse cowgirl position and let him slide his man meat into her willing ass.  She lowered herself down on him and took his full length deep into her bowels.  Scarlett loved anal sex and she was always happy when one of her tricks wanted to fuck her ass.  She began to ride his cock, telling him to fuck her filthy asshole.  She screamed that she was nothing more than a dirty cock whore, an anal slut to be used by him.  He loved her dirty talk and grabbed her hips.  He slammed his cock up into her gaping asshole.  Scarlett came again and squirted a huge stream of pussy juice all over the bed.  She frantically rubbed her clit while he abused her asshole.  He told her he was about to cum.  Scarlett got off and took his cock into her mouth.  She sucked him deep into her throat and took his hot load.  She closed her lips around his cock so she wouldn’t miss a drop of his sweet cum.

After he finished, she looked up at him and swallowed, licking her puffy lips and smiled.  He told her she was the best fuck he’d ever had.  They drank a glass of champagne and then Scarlett got dressed and left.  Her escort met her in the lobby and she handed him the $1500.00 in cash she’d just earned.  Back in the penthouse, the client, who was actually the private eye, picked up the phone and called Scarlett’s parents and told them he’d just found their daughter.

…to be continued.

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