Shadows Of Hollywood: Chapter 1b


The following story contains situations not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 or whatever the legal age to viewing such is in your state. In other words, under the age then quit reading at once and goes do something else like your homework.

Shadows of Hollywood

“One Step Closer”

Chapter 1b (M/F, violence)

By: Smackdown (

Katherine Heigl was awakened by the bright sunlight shining through her window. It was such a strange dream she had last night and a long one at that. She had no idea how her mind thought up that creature that had attacked
her nor did she have any idea who that guy was. Strange for her to wake up and still remember his name but she figured she’d forget in a few hours so what difference did it make. Kat rubbed her eyes as she sat up in bed and yawned. She was quickly startled to see the man from her dreams sitting in a chair right across from her bed, minus those sunglasses.

“Morning,” he said as he took a sip from a cup in his right hand.

“Shit,” said Katherine as she realized it wasn’t a dream. “Please tell me I’m still asleep.”

“I ask myself that question every time I see the sun rise and every time it’s the same answer.”

“What the hell was that?”

“I don’t know, I think not sleeping all night does that to me,” said Derrick as a smile formed on his face. “I’m surprised you’re up so early, you’ve only been asleep for six hours.”

“What time is it,” said Katherine as she started to climb out of bed.

“Eleven, you sure you don’t want to sleep a little longer?”

“No dad, I’m already late for school,” Katherine sarcastically said as she stood up and stretched her body. Derrick wished he still had on his sunglasses as he watched the lovely work of beauty before him, his eyes shifting from her breasts straining against that white t-shirt to her perfectly formed ass inside those tight jeans.

“You know, I’m standing right here!” Derrick looked up from his leering and saw Katherine looking right at him with her arms crossed across her chest and a displeased look on her face.

“Sorry about that, lack of sleep must be getting to me.”

“Yeah good excuse, would you like some time to try and think of one I haven’t heard before?”

“No, I think I’ll just go get you some coffee,” said Derrick as he stood and headed to the door. “You’ve heard lack of sleep as an excuse?”

“With a body like mine, I’ve heard them all,” chuckled Katherine as Derrick just smiled and walked out the door. Katherine headed into the bathroom and was surprised to see a suitcase by the sink. She was even more surprised when she noticed it was hers. She leaned down on the floor and opened the suitcase; inside she found fresh clothes including undergarments! Her toothbrush was in the case along with her make-up and a little stuffed teddy bear that she kept on top of her dresser in her house. Katherine was furious, what gave this Derrick guy the right to go through her personal things in her house! She heard the door to the apartment open and close and she turned to see Derrick setting a cup of coffee on the little cheap stand by the bed.

“You son of a bitch,” yelled Katherine as she stood from the suitcase and stormed towards Derrick. “Who gave you permission to go into my house and look through my stuff?”

“Hey, take it easy alright,” said Derrick as Katherine hit him in the arm. “Look, we are going to be staying together for a while and I didn’t think you wanted to be in the same clothes the whole time.”

“Oh so you thought you could just walk into my house and pack a bag for me?”

“Of course I didn’t,” said Derrick as Katherine looked at him. “I had Simon do it, I just went and picked up the bag.”

“You had a fifteen year old boy search through my underwear drawer at my house! What if he would have something really ‘personal’?”

“Relax, I told him to just take the stuff on top and not search through things,” said Derrick as he shrugged his shoulders while Katherine turned and walked towards the bathroom. “I am curious about one thing though.”


“Why did you buy a green dildo?”

Katherine didn’t even answer just made a ‘grrr’ sound and slammed the door to the bathroom. “Ok, but I’ll expect an answer when you come out!”

“Go to hell!” Screamed the voice behind the bathroom door as the sound of running water kicked in. Derrick laughed as he lay down on the bed and closed his eyes; he still had about seven hours until it was dark so he was going to spend it getting some rest.

When Katherine came out of the bathroom she was prepared to yell at Derrick till his ears were bleeding but when she exited he was asleep on the bed. Part of her wanted to go fill one of the coffee cups with cold water and throw it on his face but another part wanted her to just let him sleep. She had to admit; the question about the dildo had made her laugh since it was entirely false. She didn’t have one anymore, it broke months ago and it was kind of hard to get a new one without some story appearing in the tabloids about her being a sex crazed maniac or something. Katherine decided to leave him alone if only for her sake, she needed him well rested if he was going to keep her alive.

Katherine walked outside of the room, looking at the sun high in the sky and wondering if this would be the last time she ever saw it. It was funny how she always just treated the sun like it wasn’t that important, just something that could make her skin change color or make her glad she had air conditioning. As she looked at it in the sky she realized that she never really just looked at it, never really understood how important it was. It signaled a start of a new day in her life, another day where she was with family, with friends, or just the guy who sold her coffee at the Starbucks near the Roswell set. She felt herself tearing up, scared that this would be the last time she ever saw it in the sky, that she might be dead before it could rise again.


Katherine quickly turned and saw Derrick sitting straight up on the bed; his eyes wide open as though he had seen a ghost. Katherine shut the door as she reentered the room; the look on his face actually scared her.

“What is it, what’s wrong?”

“Whaa…umm nothing, I’m hungry are you hungry?”

“Yeah sure, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, lets go get something to eat before it gets dark,” the smile was gone from his face, that smile she had seen earlier when he was joking around with her. Now his face was etched with that serious look from last night when he was driving her here. It was like his whole personality shifted in a matter of seconds; whatever he had dreamed had changed him and it didn’t look like it was for the better.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Talk about what?”

“Don’t act dumb, I was standing right at the door, you scared me half to death.”


“On what?”

“Do you feel like answering my question about your dildo?”

“Can I help you folks,” Katherine couldn’t look up as the waitress walked up to the table.

“Yeah, just give me a tuna sandwich and a Coke.”

“For you Ms?”

“Same for me thanks,” Katherine said as she kept her face shielded from the waitress to hide the embarrassment of the woman hearing the question Derrick had asked. Katherine lowered her hand as the waitress walked away from the booth, she saw the woman stop along the way and say something to another waitress, the look of shock and then giggle told her what was said.

“That was low.”

“You still haven’t answered my question.”

“Why is it one minute you’re a nice guy and the next you’re an asshole?”

“Have to stick with what you’re good at.”

“I think you’re letting this whole protector business go to your head.”

“You don’t know anything about me lady, got that,” said Derrick in a low angry voice.

“Oh don’t I? Mr. Big Shot saved a protector from a demon, you know sometimes it’s better to not let your ego take control.”

“What, you think you know what happened that night bitch? You don’t have a fucking clue what happened that night so why don’t you be a good girl and shut up or I swear I’ll let one of the fuckers after you shred some of your flesh before I kill them!”

“TWO tuna sandwiches and two Cokes,” said the same waitress as Derrick stared right at Katherine.

“Set them on the table and go the fuck away.”

“Mister you better watch what you say or I’ll call the cops on you.”

“You go right the fuck ahead,” said Derrick as he quickly turned his attention towards the waitress. “Tell them Derrick Holton is here and they’ll tell you to mind your own fucking business.”

“We’ll see about that,” said the waitress as she stormed off.

“You’ve got some problems pal,” said Katherine as she looked at the look of pure hate on Derrick’s face. “That lady is about to call the cops on you, how are you going to protect me behind bars?”

“Oh I’m not going anywhere.”

“What do you..,” Katherine didn’t finish her sentence as she heard the waitress yelling into the phone.

“What did you say to me? I pay taxes I have the right to be treated with…well I never…what gives you the right to…but I…it shouldn’t matter who…yes sir, I understand sir.”

Katherine looked at Derrick as he took a bite of his sandwich with an evil smirk on the side of his face. The police actually knew who he was and they had no problems with what he does? Now she was more confused than ever, not only are strange things out to kill her but also the man meant to keep her alive is some unbalanced loon who has control over the police. Just when things didn’t look they could get worse, they found a way to get worse.

They returned to the hotel room just as the sun was starting to go down. Derrick had calmed down some, even leaving the waitress a $200 tip and a little note with an apology for snapping at her. Once again his personality had shifted back to Mr. Nice guy in a matter of seconds. Katherine knew he had something eating him inside and she knew it had to deal with that night. Katherine sat on the bed and thought about it as Derrick was off surveying the number of people in the rat bag hotel as darkness took hold outside the window. Derrick had told her to just stay in the room and keep the blinds closed, nothing more and nothing less. She trusted him yet she didn’t trust him. It was kind of hard to trust someone when you don’t know whom he or she is and if they are in the right mind at all. But it didn’t really matter if she trusted him, he was the only one who could keep her alive and that was all that matter. She didn’t have to be friends with this guy just listen to what he said and stay alive until it was over. All her thoughts were broken by a knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s the hotel manager, I’m running kind of behind and I forgot to put fresh towels in the bathroom.”

Katherine slowly walked toward the door and peaked through the look-hole, she saw a short pudgy little bald man with a mustache and a stack of towels in his hand. She thought about it for a minute and came to the conclusion that only the manager of the dump they were in could call the towels fresh. To mention she never heard of a monster knocking on the door.

“If you’re business I can comeback later, I have lots of rooms to check up on.”

“No, hold on just a minute.”

Katherine unlocked the door and slowly started to ease it open as she started talking, “Just put them on the..”

She never finished her sentence as someone kicked her hard right in the stomach and knocked her back seven feet from the open door. She looked up from the ground to see the little pudgy man lying dead, his entire back a mass of bloody chunks of flesh and his spine ripped partly out of his body. Standing over him was a man except his face was twisted and he had long fangs that were still dripping with blood. He walked into the room as Katherine tried to scream but her wind had been knocked out by the kick, she couldn’t scream for Derrick. The damn thing had a plan, it had used the pudgy man to get her to open the door and then it had prevented her from signaling Derrick of its presence by kicking her in the stomach. She was in trouble for the second time in two nights only this one had claimed a victim she saw.

Katherine tried to scream as the thing lifted her up in its arms and threw her onto the bed, her head smacking the wall making her dizzy. Through blurry eyes she saw the man-beast standing at the foot of the bed, ready to pounce on her. But before it could make its move a dark form came in from the door and smashed into the thing. Katherine tried to follow what was going on as a man dressed in black picked up the thing and threw it through the bathroom door.

Derrick had been busy, he had already killed four of these things and it looked like number five had done something it was going to regret. It had hurt Katherine and now it was going to die. Derrick clinched his hand and then opened it, a stake launched from his jacket sleeve into his hand as he entered the bathroom and drove the wooden object into the vampire’s chest. Derrick watched as the vampire twitched as its heart exploded from the stake and he watched as the skin melted off the bones of its body. The bones shattered and exploded into a pile of dust as Derrick picked up his stake from the pile of gray ash that had been a vampire seconds before.

“Derrick,” coughed out as another vampire entered through the open door and prepared to attack Katherine. Derrick stood up and pulled a Magnum from under his jacket, firing two quick shots into the chest of the entering vampire and making it a prefect match for the one who had entered before it. Derrick re-holstered his gun as he walked from the bathroom to check on Katherine.

“Are you ok?”

“Would you quit asking me that,” coughed Katherine as Derrick helped her from the bed. ” I thought they couldn’t enter unless invited.”

“Are you kidding, these things could have jumped right through the window if they wanted to.”

“So why didn’t it?”

“It had other plans for you.”

“You don’t mean?”

“Explains why it through you on a bed doesn’t it,” said Derrick as he led Katherine towards the door. “We have to get going, I don’t know how many more there are.”

Derrick walked in front of Katherine, his fists clinched and prepared to release the stakes needed to put these things down. Derrick slowed down to help Katherine, wrapping an arm around her as she tried to catch her breath back from the brutal kick the vampire had delivered to her. Derrick held her close as the reached the car, a quick glance inside to make sure it was clear and then Derrick helped Katherine in. Katherine was just getting settled when a vampire landed on the roof of the car and kicked Derrick hard in the face before he could react.

“Derrick!” The vampire jumped off the hood and kicked Derrick hard in the side, intent on breaking his ribs before it focused in on the prey.

“Close..the..door,” said Derrick in between breaths as the vampire delivered another kick, this one to his lower back. Katherine obeyed as the vampire reached down and grabbed Derrick, tossing him across the hood of the car. Derrick landed on the other side with a thump, the dirt forming a dust cloud from the hard impact of his body. The vampire hissed as it ran towards the car and leaped over the hood, it’s left foot swinging back before it landed to slam Derrick’s head against the front panel just above the tire. A small streak of red stained the black side as the back of Derrick’s head was cut open. Derrick’s body hit the ground and remained motionless, the vampire decided it was time to move in for the kill.

The vampire leaned down and opened its mouth wide as it prepared to rip open Derrick’s neck and drink the precious fluid from the wound. Katherine turned her head as he watched the vampire lean down, she knew that she was next and there wasn’t a thing she could do to prevent it now.

The vampire was less than an inch from Derrick when a wooden stake pierced its chest, it looked down to see Derrick staring right into its eyes.

“Go back to hell you motherfucker!” The vampire’s eyes went wide before they melted from his heart exploding. Derrick retracted the stake as he pulled himself up from the side of his car. He looked inside the car to see Katherine huddled against the back of her seat, he could tell she thought he was already dead. Derrick banged on the hood and whistled. He watched as Katherine quickly spun in her seat and smiled at him. Derrick walked to the driver’s side, climbed in, fired the engine and got away from the parking lot before something else popped up.

Derrick drove for 30 minutes before he felt like he was going to faint at the wheel, the back of his head was dripping blood on the seat and Katherine advised he should pull over and let her look at that. His senses told him it was clear, even though they were somewhat fogging he could still sense that nothing was within two miles of them.

“It messed you up pretty bad didn’t it?”

“No, I’ve had worse done to me,” said Derrick as Katherine looked at the cut in the back of his head.

“You have a first aid kit in here?” Derrick motioned her towards the glove compartment where she found a kit with enough to repair a bullet wound including disinfectant.

“The girl who used mace right?”

“Not one of my prouder moments, that was a helluva lot worse that what just happened at the hotel.”

“You know you saved me again.”

“It’s my job, I save your life.”

“Were you serious about what that thing was going to do?”

“Yeah, yeah I was.”

“I thought they wanted to kill me, why risk it?”

“Vampires are still part human, the animal instinct has taken control and they just don’t have a conscience,” said Derrick with a grimace as Katherine rubbed disinfectant into his cut. “Look, it’s over now, don’t worry about it.”

“But I owe you.”

“Owe me what?”

“I owe you my life and I can’t pay that back but you saved my body so I figured.”

“Hey no, I’m not like that, you don’t owe me anything,” said Derrick as he quickly moved away from Katherine’s hands and took a bandage pack from the aid kit. “No way am I letting that happen, you’re just a little confused and I’m not letting you make that mistake.”

“But I owe you.”

“You owe me nothing,” said Derrick as he looked into her eyes. Part of him deep inside called out to take her, to let her do what she felt she must. But that wasn’t him, he wasn’t an asshole and no way would he let her do something she would regret later. “Besides you helped me with this cut, I think we’re even so lets just get going ok.”

The sun was just starting to rise as Derrick parked the car beside the road. His head felt like it was being constantly hit with a hammer, his ribs hurt so bad it was hard to breath and mind was swirling from the fact that Katherine had offered her body as payment for saving her. Why did she feel like she owed him? It wasn’t like he could just could walk away and let her die. He looked at her sleeping in the seat beside him; she had taken a beating last night probably the worst of her life. She had dozed off just a little after helping with his cut and Derrick had been driving the whole night away, stopping only once to get some gas. He had driven in circles, not leaving the limits of Hollywood since he didn’t know much about the surrounding area and leaving the area with a target had consequences according to what Father Martin had taught him. Derrick knew he had to find a hotel or something, he needed a bed and he needed one now. With every ounce of energy he had Derrick fired up the engine and continued on until he found a Holiday Inn. Lots of people but he could be gone before it got dark, he just needed a place to sleep for a while.

Derrick checked in, the only room they had was one bed but he didn’t care neither did Katherine. There was an awkward silence as they walked to the room, Derrick not mentioning what Katherine said last night and Katherine still trying to ignore what almost happened. But she couldn’t ignore it; she would have been raped and then killed had Derrick not made it in time to save her. He didn’t want anything because it was his job but Katherine wanted something, to get the sick image out of her head. She couldn’t help it, seeing that creature above her as it ripped off her shirt, pants, panties and then the imagining as it prepared to…she couldn’t get the sick thoughts out of her head. It scared her more than dying, to think her last sexual encounter might have been with that thing. Now that she knew what the vampires would do if Derrick were killed and they caught her, she had made up her mind to kill herself somehow before they got the chance. Her only other option would be to let them rape her till she was dead, to let them do ungodly things to her and allow herself to suffer the mental and physical pain before she died. To avoid that she would gladly take death by her own hand, anything to avoid that horrific end of allowing them to do whatever they wanted before she died.

But she wanted the thought out of her head and she saw Derrick as the only answer to getting that thought out of her head. She needed to be made love to, to have sex, to fuck, or whatever he wanted to call it just to get that image out of her mind. It might not work but maybe the pleasure of sex would, she had to try something and Derrick wasn’t exactly a bad looking guy. In fact he was handsome but she wouldn’t have cared if he were the bald pudgy guy who had been ripped to shreds the night before. She had to think of a way to convince Derrick to make love to her. She could seduce him, hell she could seduce the Pope into bed with her body she always thought. Then again she had offered him a free chance last night and he turned it down. She walked behind Derrick into the room, she watched as he removed his long jacket and tossed it on the table near the bed. She had never seen him without his trench coat, it was the first time she really saw him body wise.

He was muscular, his arms didn’t have veins popping out but it was obvious that he was strong from the bulges when he bent his arms. His stomach was flat and his chest looked similar to his arms under his shirt, muscular without going overboard. He had two hostlers hooked around his shirt and two spring launchers with wooden stakes hooked to his arms. As he unhooked both items he turned around to reveal the long sword in a leather sleeve on his back, at least that explained where that went two nights ago after he used it to kill those weird demons at her house. She watched quietly as he unlatched a small sleeve from his left leg, no doubt containing another long knife of some kind and a small hostler of some kind from his right leg. The guy had enough items on his body, the extra ammo clips hooked on the criss-cross hostler, the guns, the long sword, and the two sleeves hooked to his black pants.

She watched as Derrick sat on the bed after removing everything and cupped his face in his hands. She decided to make her move, she had made her decision a long time ago and now that he was on the bed she decided now was the time to take a chance.

“Derrick, I need to talk to you.”

“What is it?”

Katherine walked over and sat on the bed beside Derrick and rubbed his left shoulder. Derrick lifted his head and looked into the eyes of Katherine. She leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Derrick quickly turned his head away from Katherine, breaking the kiss.

“No, I can’t let you.”

“Let me what?”

“I know what this is about, I won’t let you do that.”

“It’s not like that Derrick, please I need you.”

“No you don’t, you’re just scared.”

“Yes, I am scared and that is why I’m doing this,” Derrick turned his head slowly and looked at her. “I can’t get it out of my head Derrick, what almost happened no matter what I do.”

“It will pass Katherine.”

“How do you know? I can’t close my eyes without my mind playing what might have happened if you hadn’t shown up.”

“But I did, that’s all that matters.”

“No, no that’s not all that matters,” said Katherine looking him in the eyes. “This isn’t my way of thanking you Derrick, I need your help again.”

“I can’t, god I want to but I can’t”


“Because it’s wrong, it’s damn wrong and you know it.”

“Derrick please, I know it’s wrong but I can’t stop it.”

“Please, last night was too damn close,” said Katherine as she laid her head against his chest. “I want to have sex just one more time, one more time before I die.”

“You’re not going to die Katherine.”

“How do you know,” said Katherine with a pleading look in her eyes. “You can’t promise that I’ll be alive tomorrow now can you?”

Derrick wanted to say he could but he knew that it would have been a lie. Their was no telling what would come at them tonight and no telling how lucky he would be trying to stop them. He was still inexperienced at this and last night proved that to him once and for all. This beautiful woman was the first and she was so scared that she may die tonight that she wanted to experience pleasure on what she thought might be her final day alive. Derrick knew it wasn’t a strange reaction but he didn’t feel he could do it.

Katherine saw the look in his eyes, the mental battle inside of him about what to do. ‘He’s still a man Katherine,’ she thought to herself. ‘Use what you got, this may be your last day alive so why be modest?’

Katherine looked Derrick in the eyes as she reached down and pulled her black tank top off, leaving her sitting beside Derrick in only a black bra that barely covered her sizable breasts. She saw Derrick’s eyes go wide as he saw her breasts pushing against the bra, straining to be free and touched by another human. She didn’t care about Derrick’s mentality; she wasn’t going to go into this night tense and terrified. She was going in relaxed and she was going to make sure he was relaxed as well. She thought if he was relaxed a little bit then maybe he’d be better at keeping her safe and whether he liked it or not, she owed him her body and she was going to give it to him. Another reason was she couldn’t get the thought out of her head, that last night a vampire was prepared to rape her body and make her last sexual experience something sick and vile. She wouldn’t let that happen, she was going to have sex with this man and she would kill herself if Derrick were dead before one of those things could touch her.

“Please Derrick, make love to me,” she said with fear in her eyes. Derrick could see the fear in her eyes; the horrifying revelation of what almost happened to her last night had made her more afraid than ever. Death was nothing compared to the sick thing that the creature wanted to do and he knew from her eyes that she was pleading. This was all about her; it had nothing to do with him. Derrick put his hands gently on both sides of her face and pulled her close, their lips met as the two shared a deep kiss.

Derrick loved the feel of her lips, moist with a hint of something that made her mouth sweet and made him want to kiss her all night. His hands left her face and wrapped around her back, he gently laid her down on the bed as he continued to kiss her lips. His lips started trailing down her body, leaving little wet spots on the nape of her neck as he moved down to her breasts still enclosed in the black lacey bra. He gently kissed the tops of her breasts then blowing cold air on the spots his lips had just left, the action sending a shiver down the back of Katherine. Katherine sat up some and reached behind her, unhooking the black bra and letting her full breasts swing free. She laid back down as Derrick softly placed a kiss around the nipple but not touching it, his right hand sliding between her legs and rubbing her crotch through her tight blue jeans. Katherine didn’t close her eyes, watching Derrick’s dark hair as he kissed the underside of her breasts and his left hand rubbing along the side of her body.

Derrick moved his lips to her stomach, he felt Katherine tense as he gently kissed the zone where she had been kicked. He lightly licked the area, Katherine moaning in pain and pleasure from the tenderness of the spot on her belly. Derrick continued his way down her tanned body, his left hand now rubbing her breasts as his right hand unsnapped her tight jeans and pulled down the zipper. Katherine lifted her ass as Derrick used both hands to pull the pants from her body, her little black panties soaked with wetness from expectation. Her long smooth legs looking so inviting as he kissed inside of her hips, licking the wet moisture that had formed on them as he moved his lips closer to her pants. Derrick stopped briefly to pull his shirt over his head, giving Katherine an uncovered view of his muscular chest and arms.

He moved his hands under her body and felt her ass as he lowered his mouth to her panties and slowly ran his tongue over the outside of the fabric. Katherine moaned as she felt his tongue pushing the fabric against her sensitive lips and his hands rubbing her tight asscheeks. Derrick rubbed his hands under her panties and squeezed the firm flesh of her ass, so tight in smooth in his fingers as he grabbed her panties. Derrick was able to pull the panties from her body with his left hand while holding Katherine with his right, pulling the dark juice soaked fabric down her legs and to the bed. Derrick looked at her pussy, the light brown hair just above the small lips, the wet juices that lightly coated the lips and the way she moved her legs against him as he stared at her pussy.

Katherine watched as Derrick lowered his mouth and softly licked the juicy petals of her pussy, his tongue spreading her lips as he licked up some of the juices. Katherine didn’t close her eyes but she moaned deep from within, his tongue giving her some pleasure as it gently explored her lips. Derrick sucked on the folds as he inserted his tongue deeper into the lovely pussy of Katherine Heigl. Her moans increasing with every stroke of his tongue as her sweet juices trickled onto his tongue as it explored her body. He felt Katherine grab the sides of his head as he moved the flesh to get an easy angle on her clit. He knew he had found it when he felt Katherine grab his ears tightly with her hands as he grazed a part of her pussy.

Derrick’s lips formed a smile as he latched on, sucking hard on the clit of Katherine as she moaned and groaned while tightening her grip on his head. Derrick sucked harder and harder as Katherine struggled not to close her eyes, afraid what she might she and determined not to let this pleasure be ended by some fictional event that never happened. No way was a fake memory going to ruin the intense pleasure as Derrick sucked her clit, pushing her closer and closer to orgasm.

“Oh Derrick…I’m cumming…oh yess [umm] oh fuck [ugghh] oh god yes…I’m CUMMINNGG!!!” Katherine grabbed his head tightly as she screamed her orgasm; the lights in the room seemed to grow brighter as she shook on the bed. Derrick gently licked her clit one more time, Katherine’s body shivering as he did it.

Derrick lifted his head from between his legs to see Katherine smiling at the ceiling, her eyes partially closed as Derrick leaned down and kissed her right nipple softly. Katherine looked down at Derrick and leaned forward, whispering in his ear to ‘lie down on the bed’. Derrick did as instructed as Katherine kissed her way down his body, her tongue licking down his chest and lightly laying a kiss just above his navel. Katherine’s small hands worked on the snap of his jeans as Derrick looked at her prefect large breasts hanging under her body and the curve of her back as she leaned in close after undoing the snap. The way her ass arched him in the air distracted him momentarily, just enough that he moaned when he felt her hot mouth surrounding his cock.

Katherine had worked his jeans down enough to get to his dick, her mouth attacking it immediately and sucking it deep into her warm mouth. Katherine swept the hair from above so Derrick could watch as he mouth slowly went up and down his dick as her small left hand lightly jacked the base with every up suck. Derrick couldn’t take his eyes off her as he watched her mouth go up and down, her eyes still open and looking up at his as she let his dick fall from her mouth for a second before sliding it back inside. Derrick dropped his head back and moaned as Katherine repeated the action over and over, her lips so soft as they made his flesh hard yet so sensitive to touch. The soft skin of her hand as she slowly jacked his dick up and down with every suck, her right hand lightly rubbing his balls as she continued to look at him before refocusing on his dick.

Katherine stopped sucking and sat up, Derrick quickly sat up and wrapped his arms around her. Derrick quickly kissed the lower part of her neck as her firm soft tits pressed against his chest. Derrick turned until Katherine was once again on her back, the smile on her face as Derrick pulled his pants the rest of the way off and climbed between her legs. Derrick laid down on her softly, her tits crushed under him and their lips meeting as he drove his cock deep into her pussy. Katherine yelped into his mouth as she felt his hard rod slam into her pussy, the small folds spreading wide as he sank some of his cock into her. Katherine for the first time closed her eyes and all she saw was Derrick in her mind and felt only the pleasure as his dick slowly slide out and then pushed in deeper than before.

Derrick looked at her face as she closed her eyes, the feeling of her soft tits pressed against him and the scratching feel of her hard little nipples bringing added pleasure to the one time encounter. He slowly slides in and out, working up a slow rhythm until finally he sank all nine inches inside of the young starlet below him. Her mouth opening wide but no real sound, a silent cry as he had finally pushed all of his meat inside of her. Derrick slowly started his motion, gently rocking his dick in and out of the brown haired beauty below as she began to softly cry and moan.

“Yes Derrick [unnn] yes [ummm] fuck me Derrick [ahh] yes please.”

Derrick kept the pace slow, wanting to draw out the session some as her tight pussy muscles squeezed his dick hard with each stroke. What he wouldn’t give for this young woman to be his, to be able to come home like a normal person to her every night. But that couldn’t be so he had to settle for this one time, one time with the perfect body below him as he slowly continued to pump her deeply.

Katherine opened her eyes and looked at the man that was fucking her, his chest pressed against her sensitive nipples and his dick sliding harder and deeper inside of her. Katherine was for the first time in days at complete ease, it was like this round of sex was not only eliminating that false memory but also releasing the tension that had happened. With every stroke Katherine moaned louder, her body tingling with every stroke in and her senses overloading with every stroke out. She was in complete heaven as Derrick picked up the tempo, her body drawing closer and closer to a second orgasm of the day.

Derrick was about to pull out, he was close to cumming and he wasn’t wearing a condom. Katherine felt him trying to pull free from her pussy; she wasn’t going to allow that to happen. Quickly Katherine locked her smooth legs around his back just above his ass, her heels digging in and forcing Derrick to drive into her again only faster.

“Katherine, I’m…I’m..getting too close, I’m about to cum.”

“Go ahead, I’m [ughh] I’m on the pill [ahh] do it inside of me.”

That was all Derrick needed as he drove faster and harder, his rhythm quicker than ever as Katherine shook and screamed loudly with every push. Her eyes rolled back as she screamed at the top of her lungs, the scream made Derrick’s cock twitch and fire a hot load deep into the pussy of Katherine Heigl. Derrick gently rocked a few more strokes as Katherine’s breathing returned to normal and the last drop of his cum was emptied into her warm pussy. The two shared a deep kiss as Katherine told Derrick to stay inside of her as they fell asleep, still attached to one another.

Katherine woke up to see Derrick putting on his criss-cross holster and sword. She smiled as she watched his arms flex, the same arms that had held her close as he pumped deeply inside of her body. She closed her eyes and realized that the images were gone, replaced with the memory of the true event of what had just happened between them. She smiled as she kept her eyes closed, remembering every stroke of his cock inside of her pussy, every sensation of his strong hands rubbing her breasts, every kiss of his lips and every touch of his hands on her ass.

“We have to go now.”

“I know that Derrick, I was just resting a little bit,” said Katherine as she watched Derrick getting dressed. “You know this was only a fling right, just something to help calm me down.”

“Yes I know that’s why you didn’t wake up to flowers.”

“Knowing you they would have been made out of condoms.”

“Why? Did we use one?”

“I couldn’t believe with everything you had in that jacket that you didn’t have condoms, we’re just lucky I’m on the pill.”

“Well when getting ready to fight hordes of evil I guess it never popped in that I might end up fucking the target.”

“A good boy scout is always prepared Derrick.”

“Just be quiet and get dressed Katherine,” smiled Derrick as he watched Katherine remove the covers and reveal her naked body.

“Why don’t you take a picture?”

“I already did.”

“You’re kidding right?”

Derrick just smiled as he said, “I’ll see you in the car”, and walked out the door.

“Derrick, you were kidding right? Derrick, DERRICK!”

“We have to stop for gas, I’ll try and be quick.”

“Are we just going to keep running all night?”

“As much as we can, yes we are.”

The black mustang pulled into an all-night 7-11 as Derrick parked the car beside a gas pump. Katherine stretched her back but she noticed Derrick wasn’t moving; he was looking right at the store.

“What’s wrong?”

“They’re here.”

“What’s here? You don’t mean those vampire things do you?”

“Stay here.”

“Derrick, please don’t leave me again!”

“I’m just going to activate the pump, get the gas and get out of here.”

“Are you sure you have time?”

“No, but we have no other choice.”

“How about another station?”

“Next one is 20 miles, I’d never make it,” said Derrick as Katherine said ‘shit’ under her breath. “Just stay in the car, be quiet and maybe we’ll get lucky.”

Derrick climbed from the car and looked around, trying to sense any movement around him. He was still learning to use his power; the Father had said he could predict the position of any of these things once he learned enough. Sadly he hadn’t learned enough yet, if anything he was too inexperienced to be doing this. Derrick walked over and inserted his gas card into the pump and slowly removed his gas cap and inserted the nozzle into the tank. Derrick tried not to make much noise, hoping that whatever was here was too busy eating the attendant inside to worry about them. Of course that would have made things easy and things were never easy.

Less than a minute after getting the nozzle into the tank Derrick watched as a man was thrown through the window of the 7-11, his lifeless body smacking the pavement outside as a vampire exited the building from the hole. Derrick looked as the vampire walked over to the dead body and bite into the skull of the human laying on the ground, the crunching sound of his skull as the teeth stabbed in would have made a normal man throw up. Derrick just released the stake from his right hand as he locked the pump into automatic with his left.

“Things are never fucking easy,” said Derrick under his breath as he watched the vampire rip the top of the skull of the dead body off as it tried to remove its teeth. Derrick was focused on the one in front of him when he noticed it wasn’t moving towards him, it was just staring at him. Derrick stared right back and then a look of realization crossed his face.

“Oh shit,” Derrick spun around but he was a second to late, a second vampire leaped over the hood and kicked him in the jaw. Derrick flew over the pump and landed less than three feet from the first vampire and the corpse of the attendant. Derrick quickly got back to his feet and into fighting position when he noticed that both vampires weren’t already on him, they were just looking at him.

“Not again,” Derrick turned only to be caught with a punch to the face, his body sailed back and slammed against the pump and smacked the hard concrete. His back and jaw was hurting as he saw the second one reach down and lift him up in the air by his throat, he was about ten seconds from being choked to death and having his blood drained from his lifeless blood. Derrick felt the world spinning as he looked down at the vampire holding him with one hand in the air. Derrick saw it smile and then get a puzzled look on its face as Derrick heard the sound of ripping flesh behind it. The grip around his neck loosened and Derrick was dropped to the ground, coughing and choking as the other two grabbed him by the arms and lifted him into a standing position. Derrick looked in shock as Katherine was standing behind the first, he saw the knife sticking out of it’s back as it turned to face her.

Katherine had stolen the knife from Derrick; it was the way she planned to kill her if things went bad again. Things had gone bad but Katherine couldn’t just sit and watch Derrick die, she had climbed from the car and drove the knife into the back of the vampire as it held Derrick in the air. Apparently she had missed the heart cause the creature was staring straight at her; it’s tongue licking over its fangs as it reached out to grab Katherine. Katherine was without any means of preventing what was about to happen, she had given her only means of escaping horrible torture to try and save Derrick from death.

“Get away from her!” Derrick screamed as one of the vampires holding him punched him in the side of the face, they wanted quiet as they watched their companion enjoy the juicy morsel before them. Katherine closed her eyes, she didn’t want to watch what was about to happen, and she had taken one last look at Derrick and shut her eyes tight.

“I said, get away from her,” Katherine’s eyes shot wide open; she knew that tone of voice. She looked right at Derrick and saw the look, that look that had made her think he was crazy. The same vampire tried to punch Derrick but he somehow twisted free from them both and grabbed the one that had swung.

Katherine watched wide-eyed as Derrick grabbed the vampire and twisted its head hard to the right, the loud snapping of its neck echoing throughout the darkness. She saw the look in his eyes; it was that dark look from the diner that night. It was the look of pure evil; the look of a man holding something dark inside of him that could only be released by violence. She watched as he cracked the second vampire’s neck in the same way as the first and then she watched stunned as he chased the one that had been preparing to kill her into the darkness, the two forms disappearing into the black. The sound of another neck snapping sent a cold chill down her spine and she stared at the darkness as Derrick reappeared with blood on his hands.

“Derrick, are you ok?”

“Yeah, not my blood came from the last one.”

“But where did it come from?”

“They tend to blood when you rip off there heads.”

Katherine didn’t know how to react, Derrick had just admitted to ripping the head off the vampire that he had chanced down. There was no way he could be that strong but as he stepped closer and she saw the splatter pattern on his jacket sleeves from what looked to be a spray of dripping blood she knew it was true. Katherine wanted to say something but she just couldn’t think of anything to say to him. She was scared of him when he was like this; something inside of him seemed to be not only as strong as the creatures but also as brutal and violent. What could have made him chase the last one down and then rip the head from its body? Did she even want to know?

“We are leaving now, get in the car,” said Derrick coldly as he walked by her, the blood dripping off his sleeves. “I said get in the car!”

Katherine slowly climbed into the car but for the first time she was more afraid of the man she was getting in the car with than the creatures out to kill her. The engine fired up and they were gone down the highway.

“Katherine, wake up.”

Katherine stretched in the passenger seat and look at the surrounding outside the car. She saw houses, big houses some with fences around them and some with visible front yards. She looked at the house to her left and realized it was the home of one of her neighbors; they were parked in front of her house.

“Why are we here?”

“It’s over, you’re clear,” said Derrick with a smile.

“You mean, no more monsters?”

“That’s right, it’s all over for you,” laughed Derrick as Katherine smiled brightly as she leaned over and hugged and kissed Derrick.

“You did it, you kept me alive,” said Katherine as she kissed Derrick on the cheek again. “Thank you Derrick, thank you very much.”

“Don’t mention it Kat, I mean that, don’t mention it to anyone,” said Derrick as Katherine broke the hug. “This has to be kept a secret, when I drive off you can get on with your life like this never happened and you won’t see me again.”


“Odds are no, you have a chance to get away from what happened, take it while you can.”

“I won’t forget what you did for me.”

“Hopefully you will forget Katherine, that is the best thing I can hope happens for you.”

Katherine opened the door and climbed from the car, as soon as she closed the door the black mustang sped off down the road. Katherine watched as the car disappeared over the hill and she wondered if she ever would see him again. She wondered if he would be alive after tonight but for the first time in days she didn’t have to worry about whether she would be alive after tonight. She did owe him one thing; she owed him to try and forget everything he had done for her. She had to move on with her life and put this behind her but she knew it would take her time. She just hoped that Derrick would also move on from whatever was haunting him in his dreams before it got him killed.


END “One step closer.”

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