Shadows Of Hollywood – Chapter 5: By Myself

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“Shadows of Hollywood”

Chapter 5:By Myself (MMM/F, M/F, oral, anal, cons, nc, viol, death, rape)

By: Smackdown

Derrick pulled into the long driveway leading up to the mansion, his body and car cleaned of the bloody stains from the night before but his mind still in turmoil. What kind of sick joke was it to let him fall in love now? Why when his life was always in danger and knowing if he accepted the one he loved that he would put their life on the line as well? Too many questions and no one to turn to for answers to the questions he had about both his life and the forces he was battling. With everything going on around him Derrick still knew he had to act strong around Simon, it was going to be hard on him heading back into that church. Hell, it had been hard for Derrick earlier in the morning when he stopped in for a shower and a shirt after leaving the hospital.

Derrick shook his head; thinking about the hospital only brought back happy thoughts mixed in with the sad reality that they never happened in Alicia’s mind and were never to happen again for his reality. Derrick pulled his mustang in park and climbed out, he ran his fingers through his hair and squinted his eyes behind his sunglasses. To think, the last time he left here his life was just fucked and now it was a mega cluster fuck.

The front door of the mansion opened and out ran Simon, he was at least smiling as he ran up and yelled, “Derrick.” Simon wrapped his arms around Derrick and hugged him; happy to see the last person left in his life was still in his life.

“Hey pal, did everything go ok?”

“Oh ye of little faith I see,” said Rose as she walked out the front door towards Derrick. ” Some friend you are, doubting I could handle the simple task of caring for a kid.”


“Sorry, a young adult,” said Rose; rubbing Simon’s hair until he hit her hand away and walked back up the steps. “He’s a good kid Derrick, was no trouble at all.”

“I’m glad,” said Derrick, his expression dropping some as Simon headed back in. “Sorry I put you all through this, I hope they weren’t too pissed.”

“They’ll live, glad to see you did to,” said Rose as she looked at Derrick’s shielded eyes. “You know, you could be polite and remove those while talking to me.”

Derrick removed the sunglasses, his eyes looked worst than on the day he left Simon.

“Jesus Derrick, you look like shit.”

“Thanks, glad to know I look like I feel,” said Derrick as he rubbed his eyes. “How are you doing?”

“Great why?”

“I could always scan your mind to see what you’re lying to me about.”

“Derrick, I swear if you scan my mind right now I’ll drive your sword through your fucking heart,” said Rose completely serious as she stared at Derrick. “I don’t care if you can read my mind, some things you don’t have the right to know.”

“Understood Rose,” said Derrick putting back on his sunglasses as Simon walked out of the mansion towards them. “Hey Simon, you got everything?”

“Yeah, I was just saying bye to Lovey, she’s funny,” said Simon with a smile as Derrick opened the passenger door and let him in. “Bye Rosey.”

“Bye Simon, remember you’ve got my number if you need anything alright?”

Simon shook his head as Derrick shut the door.

“Phone number?”

“We talked Derrick, he needed it,” said Rose as she turned and walked up towards the mansion. Derrick walked around the mustang but before he could get in Rose said his name.

“That number is for you too, if you need to talk,” said Rose as she turned and walked into the mansion, closing the door behind.

“It’s a little too late for that now,” said Derrick mostly to himself as he opened his door and climbed in. “You ready for this Simon?”

“Yes,” said Simon rather quietly. “It’s my home Derrick, it’s all I know.”

“I know bud, hopefully I’ll get to hang around longer this time,” said Derrick as he started the car, he paused and looked at Simon. “If I have to go and you feel uncomfortable.”

“Rosey already said she would talk with me,” said Simon with a little smile. “She has been real nice Derrick maybe you should marry her.”

Derrick laughed and smiled for the first time in a while as he said, “Believe me kid, I’m definitely not her type.”

“Her type?”

“Trust me, now lets go get some food and talk ok?”


“Are you ready,” asked Derrick, kneeling down on the steps of the church so his eyes were even with Simon.

Simon didn’t speak, just nodding his head as he looked at Derrick with sadness in his eyes.

“Alright,” whispered Derrick as he stood up and took Simon’s hand, hoping that leading him in would make it just a little easier. Derrick slowly unlocked the church door and walked in first with Simon closely behind but moving at a little bit slower pace.

Once inside Derrick looked back at the face of Simon, his eyes getting watery as he looked around at the insides of the place that had once held his sister and Father Martin. Derrick could read Simon’s thoughts, the fear and loneliness that the young boy was feeling as he looked around at the place he called home. Most adults couldn’t handle things the way Simon had, everyone in his life from his real family to the man he saw almost as his grandfather were now dead. All Simon had left was Derrick and that worried Derrick to no end.

What would Simon do if Derrick didn’t come back? What the hell was the point of putting him through this?

“Would you like to sit down Simon?”

“No, I just want to go to my room,” said Simon as he fought back the tears.

“Are you sure?”

Simon just nodded as he released Derrick’s hand and walked towards the door to the downstairs rooms.

“If you need me Simon, I’ll be up here ok?”

“Yes, thank you Derrick,” said Simon as he walked through the door and headed down the stairs.

“He’s a brave young man,” said a voice from the open doorway of the church. “It’s sad when children are forced to grow up faster emotionally.”

Derrick turned towards the main door and saw an elderly gentleman in priest attire holding a necklace with a cross on it in his hand. He looked familiar but Derrick just couldn’t place his face, too much shit had happened for him to be remembering names.

“I’m sorry, do I know you sir,” said Derrick, trying to sound polite as he glanced at the man.

“Malcolm Thomas, I was a friend of Christopher and we met that day you were protecting Ms. McGowan I believe it was,” said Father Thomas as he stepped forward into the church, closing the door behind as he walked up to Derrick and shook his hand. “It’s understandable you do not remember me, I’m afraid things have not gone well since then.”

“You have no idea,” said Derrick as he turned and started walking towards the front of the church with Father Thomas beside him. “So, what brings you here Father Thomas? Are you the replacement?”

“Not exactly, someone else will be coming soon to handle services but I was asked by the council to help you now that Father Martin has tragically passed away,” said Father Thomas as he walked with Derrick. “The news of his death came as a great shock, the council became worried about you soon after receiving word.”

“Well, I’m fine at the moment but we discovered something before he died and I was hoping the council could help,” said Derrick as he walked to the door in the front of the church leading to Father Martin’s study. “One of the vampires quoted a line from the Meclahalo concerning a coming darkness of some kind, what can you tell me about the Meclahalo?”

“Not much, it was believed that the book was destroyed and that one of the lines was used in a song, a unwise decision by the musician responsible,” said Father Thomas as he walked into the study with Derrick. “What I can tell you is if the forces of darkness are quoting from the book then a bloody end is coming.”

“How so?”

“The Meclahalo was supposedly filled with future actions that could lead to the undoing of mankind or it’s saving, whoever possessed the book and deciphered the meanings of the prophecies would turn the tide in the battle,” said Father Thomas as he took a seat at the reading table with Derrick. “For centuries the council worked on the one prophecy that survived, hoping to discover exactly what it meant and when we discovered the true meaning it was not the greatest of news.”

“What do you mean? What did they find out?”

“The prophecy talked about a darkness that would consume the Earth allowing the Army of the Undead to walk free without fear of the light, led by a force of unbelievable evil that would prove too strong for the soldiers of light and be the end of humanity,” said Father Thomas, his hands coming together almost as if praying as he spoke. “It is the council’s worst fear that the damned would attempt to bring this about but we never believed it was possible as no place on the planet had such an overflow of dark forces allowing the leader to be freed to attempt to bring about the total darkness.”

“How do I get the feeling there is a but coming?”

“But then this place became consumed with dark magic, humans selling their souls for fame and fortune, and committing human sacrifices to appease the dark lord then we knew that if the center of the evil was found that they could begin the process,” said Thomas with an exhale. “If they are quoting the prophecy then the leader is free, they have found the center and they know how to bring about the darkness.”

“Does the council know how they would accomplish this goal?”

“Not specifically, we know it has to do with three elements all coming together at the center with one of the elements destroying the other two in a fit of evil,” said Thomas as he looked at Derrick. “Love, Blood, and Power with the element of Power holding the key to bringing about the dark and we know that all of them represent an element in the army of light at least at one time or another.”

“That doesn’t make sense? Why would one element of light kill two other elements? What do they mean?”

“We are not sure and hopefully the evil doesn’t know but I am doubtful that they don’t.”

“What can I do to stop it?”

“As far as we can tell, if all three of the elements are not present at the exact same time then the prophecy is shattered so to speak, the darkness is avoided and the center is drained of all its evil energy,” said Thomas as he explained the best he could to Derrick. “If you can discover the three elements you must prevent them from coming together at the center.”

“When could they try to do this?”

“Simple, it would be midnight as the time turns to Halloween.”

“I thought Halloween wasn’t an evil holiday?”

“It’s not, but the day before is, the night before Halloween is a night of pure evil and midnight is often considered the changing period when the gates of Hell open forcing the dark to return,” said Thomas with a serious look. “The center of the energy is almost like a key that can open the gates of hell and prevent them from closing or slamming them shut, if the center is disrupted in any way then whatever action is taking could determine who wins this war.”

“I want a simple answer, can the leader be killed once he is freed?”

“No, no human possesses the power to do such a thing,” said Father Thomas. “Listen to me, if the leader is in this realm then he will stop at nothing to keep you from preventing him from achieving his goal.”

“Is the leader Satan or something?”

“No,” said Thomas as he looked at Derrick. “He created Satan.”

Derrick looked down at the table with his hands locked together against his forehead; the news was not something he wanted to hear. Considering how dangerous things already had become, the realization that something even stronger than the Prince of Darkness was out there was worst than his greatest fear. Then something popped in Derrick’s mind.

“Why tell me?”

“Excuse me?”

“Why would the vampire tell me the prophecy? If the leader wanted to prevent me from stopping him, why tell me the prophecy and lead me in the right direction?”

“I’m not sure,” said Thomas with a perplexed look on his face.

“Unless I’m one of the elements,” said Derrick as he lifted his head. “Unless all the elements have something to do with the protector of that place.”

“Your targets! Perhaps the targets represent the elements!”

“It could be, but how will we be able to determine which target represent the elements?”

“I don’t know, I will consult the council and see what they say,” said Father Thomas as he stood up and walked to the door of the study. “Have you made sure to separate all ties with the targets?”


“If you are correct Derrick then one of the targets will betray you, you must not allowing yourself to trust any of them with your life or the lives of anyone close to you.”

“I understand.”

“I will go and meet with the members of the council, I shall return when I have all the information needed,” said Father Thomas. “Be careful Derrick.”

“Alicia, I’m not sure about this,” said Jamie Lynn Sigler as she walked behind her friend Alicia Silverstone. “Are you sure they will let me in?”

“Absolutely, I’ve been a member here forever,” said Alicia with a smile as she hugged her friend close. “They are always looking for new people and besides, you said you wanted to get wild tonight.”

“But still, an underground sex club?”

“Would you relax? You don’t have to fuck anybody, it’s just like any other club only anything is allowed as long as the parties involved agree.”


“Yes sweets,” said Alicia as she leaned forward and kissed the brown haired starlet on the lips. “No one will bat an eye at what you do, hell most of them wouldn’t give a damn if I ate you out on the floor.”

“No way,” said Jamie Lynn as Alicia rubbed her hands up and down her back. “I’d rather keep what we do in private.”

“No problem Jamie,” said Alicia as she took Jamie’s hand and walked her to a metal door with a strange symbol on it. “Just don’t weird out on me ok? Give it 10 minutes, if you still feel uncomfortable then we’ll book and head somewhere else.”

“Ok, I have just one question?”


“Any cute guys in here?”

“Definitely girl,” said Alicia with a laugh as she knocked on the door with Jamie standing behind her. A small window slid open and a pair of eyes looked out at the two females. He glanced at Alicia dressed in a white blouse, her braless breasts pressed tightly against the fabric. Most of her legs were exposed as she was wearing just a tight leather mini-skirt and a pair of high heels. He took a long look at her slightly chubby face before looking at Jaime standing behind her.

Jamie was dressed a little different as she wore a loose fit red t-shirt and a jean skirt along with a pair of white sneakers. She was rubbing her tan arms as the man eyed up her body; she was starting to feel more uncomfortable than ever as he looked her over.

“What’s the password?”

“Breeder,” said Alicia with an evil grin that Jamie couldn’t see as the man inside closed the window and opened the large metal door.

For four days Derrick heard nothing from the council, not a whisper. He was spending his time training, talking with Simon and catching up on his rest. But trying to get rest was next to impossible. The nightmares had changed, now they were the night with Alicia as she was stabbed by that demon, as Derrick was possessed by something evil and mixed in were quick images from the night he became the protector. As Derrick sat reading the passage from the Meclahalo over and over again, he began to wonder how the hell the council was able to figure out about the elements from the passage. Nothing was mentioned in the passage about it, in fact the passage just seemed to be talking about how resistance was pointless and that anyone who stood against them would forever be trapped as a warrior of the undead. How the hell did the council figure out about the elements from this?

Derrick’s train of thought was shattered as a sharp pain ripped through his skull, he gripped the wood on the table hard as a face and location appeared only to vanish just as quickly. Derrick opened his eyes, shook his head and left the room in a hurry.

Jamie Lynn walked around the large upper section of the warehouse/club looking for Alicia. Alicia had vanished soon after they entered leaving Jamie Lynn to fend for her self in this strange place and strange it was. All over the club were random acts of sex, everything from a woman between a man’s legs to men helping each other out. Jamie even saw some guys biting the necks of women to the point they drew blood with the women getting a look of pure pain on their face but letting out groans of pleasure as the men did it. This place was way out of her league; she wanted to find Alicia so they could get the fuck out of here.

Jamie was having a hard time figuring out how and why Alicia was part of a scene like this, she hadn’t known her for that long but in the time she knew her she still couldn’t believe this was her crowd.

Jamie’s doubts whether this was Alicia’s crowd were soon answered as she turned the corner and looked into a little room. In the middle of the room was Alicia, naked and pinned between two muscular men who were pounding their cocks into her.

Jamie couldn’t believe this; Alicia was allowing two men to take her in both her pussy and ass at the same time. But Jamie’s shock wasn’t over; her eyes widened as another man stepped in front of Alicia and slid his cock into her open mouth. Alicia Silverstone was now being triple penetrated in the middle of a crowded club and only Jamie Lynn seemed to be stunned by what was going on. Everyone else was just talking and acting like nothing out of the ordinary was happening. But what should have worried Jamie more was the fact she couldn’t turn her eyes away from what was happening to her blonde friend.

Her eyes were fixed right on that spot, watching as the man behind Alicia worked his cock into her body harder as the man under her licked her sizable breasts as they hung free from her blouse. Jamie’s eyes moved up and locked on the face of Alicia as the man in front of her grabbed her by the hair and literally fucked his cock into her mouth. Alicia’s eyes seemed glazed over like she was in a sexual trance, the pleasure of everything that was happening to her body. Jamie couldn’t believe how much Alicia appeared to be enjoying what was happening to her, three men were using her like a sex toy and she couldn’t have been more fulfilled it seemed.

The man in her ass started to move faster and then let out a groan of pleasure as he let loose his load into the wide ass of Alicia Silverstone. Jamie Lynn got her first look at the man’s cock as he pulled free and she was absolutely stunned at the size. The man was huge, it was the biggest dick she had ever seen in her life and that included the pictures that her friends had emailed her as a gag. She couldn’t believe that chunk of meat had been lodged up the ass of Alicia Silverstone.

Soon the man in her mouth groaned and gripped her hair tighter than ever, his eyes rolled back as he apparently fired a load of cum into the mouth of Alicia. The man pulled out of her mouth and Jamie looked on as not one drop of cum escaped the mouth of Alicia, she saw the movement of her throat indicating that Alicia Silverstone had just swallowed the man’s load.

Finally the man underneath grabbed the full breasts of Alicia Silverstone and began to bounce her incredibly hard on his cock as he reached his peak as well. Alicia just screamed out and laughed as the man stopped bouncing her, the two men who had been using her other holes pulled her off of his cock. Suddenly another realization hit Jamie; not one of the men had been wearing a condom. Alicia had just allowed the three men to fill her body full of their seed and she couldn’t have cared less about it as she French kissed the two men holding her and finally the man who had been fucking her pussy as he stood in front of her.

Alicia turned her head and looked right into the eyes of Jamie Lynn Sigler, Alicia just smiled at her with a grin as all four lips met in one big kiss. Jaime turned her head and walked away from the room, she had enough of this craziness and if Alicia wanted to stay that was her business but Jamie was getting out of this freak show right now.

Jamie was headed straight for the door when a bald man stepped in front of her blocking her path to the door.

“May I help you?”

“No, I just want to leave,” said Jamie as she tried to walk by but the man just pushed her back. “Hey, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“You’re not leaving Miss Sigler,” the man said, his face expression almost as if he was stating a fact.

“Like hell I’m not, either get out of my way or I’ll kick your ass,” said Jamie, her voice getting angry.

“What’s the matter Jamie,” said a voice behind Jaime, the voice of Alicia Silverstone. “Don’t you want to stay for the main event?”

“No Alicia, I want to get the fuck out of here,” said Jamie as she turned to look at her soon to be former friend.

“Sorry sweetheart but you can’t leave,” said Alicia as she got an evil smirk on her face. “You see you are the main event.”


Jamie was really scared now, she was about to turn and push her way past the guard when two men appeared out of seemingly nowhere and grabbed her arms tightly. She struggled to get free but it was no use, their grip was too strong and she was trapped.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Relax sweetie,” said Alicia as she walked up and rubbed her hand across Jamie’s cheek. “Why do you think I became your friend? Because I liked your company?”

“But..we..,” stuttered Jamie as she looked at Alicia.

“We what? Fucked? You think because I ate your pussy that we have a connection now or something?”


“Easy, I needed to deliver something to the cause and they so wanted you,” said Alicia as she grabbed the jaw of Jamie hard. “You’re the prefect breeding body Jamie, you might even be able to carry twins for them.”

“No, that’s rape, please let me go and I won’t say a thing,” begged Jamie through pursed lips.

“Rape? No Jamie, you are about to become a great part of the world,” said Alicia as she released her jaw and rubbed her neck. “Soon your body will be used to welcome in something that will make more of an impact than you ever could, you should be honored to be receiving the master’s seed.”

Alicia backed away from Jamie and signaled over a man dressed in a black suit.

“Take her downstairs, I’ll call the master and we’ll begin,” said Alicia to the man as she turned and walked away from Jamie.

“No please Alicia, don’t let them do this!”

Alicia didn’t even looked back as they lifted Jamie off the ground and carried her down a flight of stairs to the lower level of the club. She was still trying to break free as they carried her towards a large wooden table on a stage at the end of the lower floor. Jamie was crying and begging to be let free as they laid her down on the table and strapped her arms above her head.

One of the men was reaching under her skirt as Jamie tried to squirm free, the man had just grabbed her panties but let go when the other man said, “No, the master likes to do that, likes to hear the ripping sound.”

Jamie was sobbing as a loud gong rang throughout the club, the voices of the people inside stopped as soon as the gong was heard. Not a sound in the club, Jamie glanced to the side and looked at all the patrons looking at her with zero emotion on their face.

“Please, somebody help me,” she screamed as she struggled against the leather straps holding her arms.

No one moved they just stared at her. They just stood silently, watching, waiting for something to happen.

“Shhhh Jaime,” said Alicia as she walked in from above Jamie’s head. “The more you scream, the more the master will make it hurt.”

“Please Alicia, let me go,” she cried as she looked at Alicia who was now dressed in a long black robe, the front open exposing her naked body.

“Now, now Jamie, you’re going to love what is going to happen to you,” said Alicia as walked beside the strapped down Jamie Lynn Sigler, her hand tracing down the tanned body as she walked by her. “You’ll be able to feel the life growing inside of you, many women here would be honored to be laying where you are but I choose you specially for the master.”

“This is insane Alicia,” cried Jamie as Alicia rubbed her tanned legs.

“Insane? No my dear, this is reality,” said Alicia as her hand rubbed against Jamie’s panty covered pussy. “Soon you will know the reality of your life, what you were put on this earth…”

A loud crashing of glass as the man who had been guarding the door to the club flew through one of the panels and slamming through a table below interrupted Alicia’s speech. Everyone looked, as a man dressed in black stood exactly where the panel should have been.

” Parties over you freaks, let the woman go now,” yelled Derrick as he pulled his guns and aimed them at the men still standing on the stage blocking Jamie’s view.

“How dare you interrupt our ceremony? You shall pay for this treachery!”

“I’m only going to say this once more,” said Derrick as he clicked off the safety on his Beretta. “Let the girl go.”

“Or what,” mocked Alicia as she looked at Derrick. “You don’t have the guts to kill a human being!”

“You people never listen,” said Derrick as he fired off a shot, the bullet ripped through the shoulder of one of the men on stage. “I have plenty more where that came from, don’t tempt me you little bitch, you’re lucky I don’t kill your ass for ‘Batman and Robin’.”

“You want her freed? Come and get her Protector!”

“Fine, it’s your ass,” said Derrick as put his guns back, jumping through the opening and landing feet first on the floor next to the man he had thrown through the window panel. The man was starting to get up so Derrick gave him a swift spin kick to the jaw, knocking the man back down and out for good this time.

“What are you all looking at? Kill him!”

With that four men dressed in black suits rushed at Derrick, sadly for them they were unarmed as they rushed him. Derrick just chuckled as he laid them out very quickly with a combination of kicks and jabs and continued his way up to the stage. Many of the people stood clear, obviously very afraid of what Derrick could do to them while some would attempt to hit him only to be knocked unconscious with a fist or a boot to the jaw.

Derrick was just feet from the stage when one of the men took off his dress jacket to revealing his huge muscular arms and the various death relented tattoos covering his body. He flexed and yelled a few times like he was hopped up on something then he said, “Go ahead and try your karate bullshit on me boy!”

“Boy,” questioned Derrick before pulling out his gun and shooting the big man in the leg, the man went down screaming like a girl holding his leg before Derrick kicked him right in the face. “Don’t ever call me boy.”

Just as Derrick got on the stage Alicia pulled out a knife and put it under the throat of Jamie Lynn.

“Stay back, I swear I’ll kill her,” screamed Alicia as she held the knife tight to the neck of Jamie. “She belongs to my master, you won’t get her from me!”

“You know what, I don’t have time for this shit,” said Derrick as he closed his left fist, a small projectile fired from above his wrist and struck Alicia in the hand. Alicia wailed as she lost the grip on the knife and fell backwards holding her bleeding hand.

“You ok,” said Derrick as he ripped the leather straps off of Jamie’s hands.

“No, I want to leave,” she cried as Derrick pulled her off the table and to her feet.

“That’s why I’m here,” said Derrick as he took Jamie by the hand and led her off the stage carefully. Derrick was moving as quickly as he could, dispatching with the few men who tried to stop him from taking her to the stairs leading up and out of the club.

Alicia released her bloody hand and pulled herself up, once to her feet she reached for the knife lying on the table and prepared to go after Jamie. Alicia never got the chance to make another step as the Master Demon appeared behind her and noticed that the table was empty.

The demon was promised a bearer, the promise was broken and the one who broke the promise would pay the penalty.

Alicia felt his cold hands on the side of her head only for a second, she never got the chance to scream as the demon twisted her head completely around, her neck snapping and crutching. As the lifeless body of Alicia Silverstone hit the floor, her face hit at the exact same time as her back and the blood flowed from her open mouth, nose and eyes. The demon looked down at her body and sneered, they weren’t as fun lifeless but they still served their purposes. Alicia’s dead body would get the honor of being the bearer of his child and then it would be his dinner for the evening.

“It’s all so confusing,” said Jamie Lynn Sigler as she sat beside Derrick in the black mustang. “How could she do that?”

“I don’t know, breeders are a weird bunch of people,” said Derrick as he looked out the window at the night sky. “It’s over now, they won’t be bothering you ever again.”

“I can’t believe she’s dead,” said Jamie. “She’s dead and I’m glad she is, she was really going to let that thing rape me.”

“I’m sorry,” said Derrick as he drove the car. “I can tell she meant something to you.”

“I thought she liked me, I thought she was my friend but she was just out to fucking set me up,” said Jamie quietly but with anger in her voice. “How could she use me like that?”

“She got caught up in the power, she became so consumed by it that she didn’t care who died for her to keep it,” said Derrick as he took off his sunglasses.

“I can’t understand how I never knew, how I fell for it all.”

“You didn’t know about the darkness in this world, the real dark,” said Derrick as he looked at her. “You’re not the first to find out the truth like this Jamie and you won’t be the last but now you know about it.”

“I wish I didn’t,” said Jamie as she continued to look at her wrists.

“I know,” said Derrick as one of his hands touched the wounds on her wrists. “Listen, in the morning we’ll work on those cuts and I’ll try to explain everything a little better.”

“How long does this last? I mean, will I be running from these things forever?”

“No, you won’t be running forever but I can’t tell you when exactly it will end,” said Derrick as he gently held her hand. “But trust me, once it is over they will leave you alone forever.”


“Yes, that is one promise I can make,” said Derrick, wondering if maybe that promise was now a lie. Before it was the truth, targets were never placed in harms way again once the Protector had fought for them but who knew what the rules were now if that leader was around. The game might have changed, changed for the worst.

Derrick still couldn’t believe Alicia Silverstone was dead. Maybe he should have tried to save her but it would have been pointless, there just had not been enough time to even make the attempt. Derrick could only imagine the fear she had felt when he arrived, knowing that if he took Jamie that she was dead when the Master discovered she was gone. Derrick wondered if she was going to use the knife on him or maybe her own throat to avoid the wrath of the demon.

But the alternative was to let Jamie get raped and impregnated by that monster and that was not an option. Alicia knew she was playing with the fire and it burnt her, he only wondered how many she had sent to their deaths. Considering how high up she was in the group, odds are she had sacrificed dozens of poor women to that monster. Odds are that fucker had taken the lives of hundreds. Derrick made a mental note to kill it when he was done protecting Jamie; the thing wasn’t a powerful breed and killing it wouldn’t take long at all.

For now though he was to care for the young woman sleeping in the seat next to him. Last time things had not gone well with the target in terms of her protection, love had stepped in the way of that mission. Love? Derrick’s breathing increased as a possible horror flashed into his mind, Alicia Keyes might be one of the elements meant to bring about total darkness. The terrifying revelation that her life could still be in danger only made Derrick sicker at himself for falling for her. His love was like a death trap and Alicia Keyes was caught in it without even knowing she was.

A bright yellow light shined into the eyes of Alicia Keyes as she returned to the world of consciousness. She blinked her eyes a few times before looking at her surroundings. From what she could see she was in a hospital or some place that at least looked like one and she was alone.

“Derrick,” whispered Alicia as she moved her eyes left to right, her bearings off some as she heard footsteps like someone was approaching her. “Derrick, is that you?”

“Hello miss,” said the voice of a young man in a white jacket holding a chart as he looked down at Alicia. “I’m Dr. Turner, do you know your name?”

“Alicia, Alicia Keyes,” she said as Dr. Turner pulled out a pen and wrote on the chart he was holding. “Where am I?”

“First things first,” said the man as he put his pen away, sat the chart on the bed and pulled out what looked to be a small flashlight. “Could you follow this light with you eyes please?”

Alicia did as she was asked, her eyes following the light before Dr. Turner clicked it off, put it away, pulling out his pen as he did so, and he said, “You’re in hospital, you were involved in a car accident a few days ago and suffered some external injuries.”


“You came in with a severe injury to your stomach from the accident, you’ve been in our care since then,” said Matthew as he wrote some information on the chart. “We would have notified your family but you didn’t have any identification so we..”

“Where’s Derrick?”


“Derrick, guy in a black t-shirt, I was with him when I lost consciousness.”

“Miss, I’m sorry to have to tell you this but all the other passengers in the accident died,” said Matthew as he spoke softly to Alicia.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m looking for the man who brought me here, Derrick Holton, where is he?”

“Miss, you were brought here by ambulance almost a week and a half ago,” said Matthew. “If he is one of the ambulance attendants I could try and locate him if you wish to thank him.”

“He wasn’t part of an ambulance, he brought me here in his car, I wasn’t injured in a damn car accident,” said Alicia, getting frustrated by what the doctor was saying. “Now what the fuck is going on? Where is Derrick?”

“I don’t know what to say Miss Keyes, I was there when the ambulance pulled up,” said Matthew with the same calm and look of sympathy on his face. “You’ve been unconscious ever since then and no one showed up by the name of Derrick Holton.”

“No, that doesn’t make any sense,” said Alicia, the aggravation turning to tears. “We all survived the accident, it wasn’t the accident that killed my friends.”

“Miss Keyes, please you have to remain calm,” said Matthew as he waved for a nurse to come in.

“I was with him, I know I was, it was real,” said Alicia, her tears starting to come as the nurse entered the room. Alicia felt a twinge in her arm as the nurse gave her a shot. She continued to cry until she suddenly felt weak again, her eyelids started to grow heavy until they were too heavy for her to be able to hold open.

“Derrick,” whispered Alicia before her eyes closed, her body too weak to fight off the effects of the medication as she once again drifted back to sleep.

Matthew looked at her, looked at the nurse and shook his head as he said, “She has the right to know all of it.”

“What should I do now Doctor?”

“Call me when she wakes up again, I have a phone call to make,” said Matthew as he handed the chart to the nurse, shaking his head as he walked to the door. “Damn it, this isn’t right.”

As the sun rose up Derrick and Jamie Lynn were sitting on a little picnic table just outside of town. Derrick was starting to work on her wrists as the young woman sat quietly, just watching and thinking. His first aid box sat on the table, the necessary items laid out in easy reach on a towel as he lightly brushed the wound on her right wrist with antiseptic, making the young girl twitch and hiss in pain.

“Sorry,” said Derrick as he put the cotton ball down and grabbed the cotton bandage. “I’ll try to be easier on the left one.”

“Thanks,” said Jamie softly, her eyes seemingly lost with the things running through her head. “So everything you told me, it’s true?”

“Yeah, unfortunately it is,” said Derrick as he started to wrap the bandage.

“So, how did you get stuck doing this,” said Jamie softly as Derrick wrapped a small bandage around her wrist. “I’m guessing that there wasn’t an ad in the paper for this.”

“No, no ad,” smiled Derrick, knowing the girl was just making light of things as a self defense mechanism. “I tried to do some good, this was the reward.”

“Not much of a reward,” she said as she looked down at Derrick’s hands wrapping the soft white cotton around her arm.

“I could have thought of better things than this,” said Derrick as he started to tape the first wrap on her wrist. “But this is how things worked out.”

“How can you be so calm about this shit,” said Jamie her voice distraught. “Doesn’t it piss you off?”

“Sometimes,” said Derrick as he released her right wrist and gently took her left one. “But it does have its perks.”

“Like what?”

“I’d rather not comment on that,” smirked Derrick as he examined the mark.

“Sex huh?”

“Yeah,” said Derrick as he reached onto the table and grabbed the bottle of antiseptic. “But that’s not the best thing about it.”

“What is?”

“No, you don’t,” said Derrick as he grabbed a cotton ball and poured some of the fluid from the bottle. “You don’t have to repay me like that.”

“How did you know,” said Jamie, Derrick just used his free hand to point at his head as he lightly patted the deep red mark. “You can read minds?”

“Cool huh,” laughed Derrick as he tossed the ball of cotton and picked up the last wrap. “I can read any of your thoughts if I wanted to, I don’t do it though.”

“I’d think you would want to use it for that,” she said as she watched Derrick slowly roll the bandage onto her wrist.

“Look Jamie, you don’t have to thank me or anything like that,” said Derrick as he started to tape her wrist. “This is what I do, nothing against you or the way you look but you don’t have to do it.”

“What if I wanted to?”

“But you don’t,” said Derrick as he gently placed her hand down on the table. “You’re confused, you’re scared and you think you owe me something. If you really want to repay me then just trust me and stay alive ok?”

Jamie just nodded as she looked down at her hands before she said, “I trust you, I think I owe you that much at least.”

“Jamie, I want you to listen to me,” said Derrick as he lifted her chin with his hand. “Things are going to get rough, you may want to run to get away but you have to listen to everything I say.”

“I’m not sure I’m ready for this,” frowned Jamie, her eyes welling up again.

“I know, but you have to be,” said Derrick as he took off his sunglasses and looked her in the eyes. “I’ll do everything I can for you, all you need to do is listen to me and you’ll be fine.”

“What if you die?”

“I won’t lie, if I die then odds are so will you,” sighed Derrick as he stared into her eyes. “But believe me, I’ll die before I let them get you.”

“How can you do that,” questioned Jamie as she wiped her eyes. “How can you be so willing to give up your life for me?”

“I don’t know, but I know I can.”

Derrick put his sunglasses on and stood from the table, he helped her stand up as the two walked back to his black mustang. Inside he was thinking about the question and how much it reminded him of Alicia. It was beginning to be a damn curse. Everything he heard reminded him of her. As he helped Jamie into the car he couldn’t control his brain waves, his head was throbbing and he felt something changing inside of his body. He quickly glanced around as the sneering pain went through his gut.

Something wasn’t right, something bad was going down soon and he knew it.

Elsewhere in the depths of an abandoned mansion outside of town

“Soon this realm will be ours Mepisto,” said a voice from a black shadow that seemed to be gliding across the stone floor. “The planet nothing more than our waste, the females nothing more than our carriers and the men nothing more than our food.”

“Master, shall we go after the woman now?”

“No, I will not take the advice from a human, the girl is of no importance to me,” said the shadowy figure. “Besides, I will have another mission for you Mepisto very soon.”

“But what shall we do about her? She is becoming too close to the child master,” hissed the giant snake creature. “She may discover the truth about him.”

“So? Do you think I concern myself with the actions of her?”

“Master? I thought you said anyone who,” the creature never got his answer out as a beam of red light fired from the shadow and struck him in the throat, forcing him to his knees in pain.

“I will take you screams as understanding Mepisto,” said the shadow as it listened to the howls from the snake minion. “But in case you don’t understand Mepisto let me explain it simply to you, why do you think I have let her live and get so close to the child?”

The snake couldn’t reply, the burning making him continue to screech in terror.

“Did you honestly think she was NOT in the plan all along? I have selected these targets for reasons Mepisto and she was selected for a very important reason,” said the shadow as it suddenly turned into a solid human shaped form, still pitch black but now with bodily features. “Her heart is pure whether she knows or not, her love is strong, and most importantly she is willing to give up everything for the people she cares for which makes her easy to twist for my own gains.”

The blackened figure waved its hand, the screams stopping from Mepisto as the pain just stopped as though it never existed in his throat.

“Whether the female knows or not, she will start the wheels in motion,” said the shadow as its form shattered and the blackness engulfed the room. “Whether she knows or not, she will betray the Protector and she will be the ultimate cause of his demise.”

“Master, why not tell the human? Why let it believe she is a risk to us?”

“It is not of the human’s concern,” echoed the voice throughout the large stone room. “Let it believe the one it called Rose is a threat to us, soon the human will discover her true purpose and the price it will pay will be more than it bargained for.”

“Yes Master,” bowed the snake as it prepared to live the room.

“Mepisto,” boomed the voice causing the snake to stop. “It is time to show the Protector my true power, it is time I show him how strong we really are.”

“Master? What do thou wish of me?”

“We must break him down, I want to truly test his destiny.”

“But what if the human cannot handle it? These creatures are very frail my lord, his mind is already very damaged according to the Reader.”

“I will make sure that is handled Mepisto but for now, I want him broken down,” boomed the voice as the dark started to fade away. “Unleash the demon, see if he can handle it.”

“Yes my master,” hissed Mepisto as he bowed down on the ground until the darkness completely left the room.

The blanket of darkness began to fill the windows of the black mustang as Derrick drove down the highway with Jamie Lynn Sigler wide-awake beside him. She didn’t want to sleep that afternoon, her fears and anger mixed into one making her very uncomfortable.

Derrick understood, hell he had gone days without even a nap before. But she was going through something new, something none of the targets had experienced. Alicia had experienced the loss of a friend but Jamie had to deal with betrayal by her friend. It was uncharted territory for both of them.

As Derrick drove waiting for any indication that something was going down, he began to think about the targets that he had protected. There seemed to be an odd pattern going on with them and before he knew about the elements he wouldn’t have thought much about it but now it was different.

Katherine had been all about fear, she didn’t want to die but she also didn’t want her last time to be with a monster. Derrick didn’t even remember why he told her what some of the creatures might have done to her but he had. Derrick wasn’t happy for what he did with her, he felt like he had used her even though she claimed that he didn’t. But still, he had used her fear in an unprofessional manner.

Rose was, well he didn’t know what the hell to think of Rose. Actually he did, friendship and rule breaking. Rose was the first step in a complete disregard for everything he was taught but at the same time she was the first one of them who he felt could be truly trusted. Maybe because she was hiding a wild lesbian love fling or maybe it was because she seemed like she really did care what happened. She took a big risk taking care of Simon but she did it. Who would have thought someone so sex crazy could be such a caring person when she needed to be?

Alicia he didn’t want to think about because it hurt too much. He was sure she didn’t love him; no one could fall in love that fast. He was sure he didn’t love her although his body and soul all seemed to think he was fucking nuts if he denied that he did. Does. But he had cursed her he feared, he hoped she wasn’t the element of Love in the prophecy but he had a bad feeling she was. If leaving her alone in the hospital wasn’t a bad enough action but he may have ended up killing her as well.

And how could he forget Charisma, all Charisma wanted to do was one up him. She didn’t believe any of it and when she did she STILL wanted to be in control. It was nothing but a big fucking power trip to her.


‘Shit, that’s two,’ thought Derrick as he stared at the dimly lit road. ‘But who is the element of blood? What does blood mean? Does it mean death? Does it mean they are out for blood or revenge as it’s called?’

Derrick glanced over at Jamie, her eyes wide with that mix and he wondered if she was the final element. She would certainly want revenge that was for sure. Was this the final piece of the puzzle?

Then he remembered where he found her; no way the main guy would let her be used by the breeders. Derrick knew what she was, she was betrayal and she was just another emotional card that was being played.

But as Derrick was thinking he felt something inside of his body, a twinge of some kind like something was close by that shouldn’t be. He slammed on the brakes of the black mustang; their bodies coming forward before the tight seatbelt snapped them back hard into the seat.

“Why did you do that?”

Derrick’s head was staring right at the road; he didn’t answer Jamie he just kept his eyes focused on what was in the road. Jamie turned her head and saw in the light of the headlights…a little girl.

She shook her head, sure that the effects of the whiplash were playing tricks on her. She lowered her head, blinked and looked up again but still standing in the middle of the road was a little girl. She didn’t look like she could be more than seven; she appeared to have long red hair and was holding a teddy bear in her right hand.

“My god,” said Jamie as she quickly unsnapped her seatbelt and reached for the door handle. She was about to open the door when a hand grabbed her shoulder hard, she looked and Derrick right hand was squeezing her shoulder as he continued to look at the little girl.

“What? It’s just a little girl.”

“Stay here,” said Derrick as he unhooked his seatbelt, released her shoulder and then opened his door with his left hand. Derrick climbed out of the car, his hands at his side as he examined the little innocent child in the middle of the road.

The little girl just stared at the front of the car, her hands at her side with the little teddy bear hanging close to the ground. Derrick removed his sunglasses and looked the child up and down, she seemed normal but he could feel a cold chill as he looked at her. Something wasn’t right with this kid, she was freaking him out and nothing did that.

The girl lifted her eyes from the front of the car and looked at Derrick, she kept an emotionless look on her face as she said, “Hello.”

“Hello,” said Derrick, his senses still on full alert as he stared right back at her.

“My parents are gone,” said the red head, her hand bringing her bear up to her chest so she could hug it.

Derrick was about to respond when he heard a car door open; he looked over and saw Jamie getting out of the mustang.

“Jamie, get back in the car,” said Derrick calmly.

“Why? It’s just a kid Derrick,” said Jamie as she walked forward to the front of the car. “My name is Jamie, what’s yours?”

“Sandy,” said the little red head, holding her bear closer.

“What’s his name,” said Jamie as she motioned to the bear in her hands.

“Alexander,” said the little girl as she rubbed his head.

Derrick looked at the little girl again; he stared deep in her eyes and decided his best bet was to read her mind. As he searched he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, regular memories of a childhood and flashing images of her parents. Maybe she was just a normal little kid who was lost.

“Why are you out here all alone Sandy?”

“My parents are gone,” said Sandy, a small trickle of water coming from her eyes.

“Do you know where they went Sandy?”

Sandy’s head lowered, her eyes going down to her bear as she petted his head and said, “Uh huh.”

“Where did they go Sandy?”

Derrick was still inside her mind when he felt the memories start to break apart; they just seemed to crumble as new images flooded forward.

“Where did they go Sandy?”

Derrick pulled out of her mind and moved hard towards Jamie.

“To,” said the girl but when her head lifted, her skin was gone leaving only exposed red muscle and patches of dried blood. “HELL!”

Jamie screamed as Sandy dropped the bear, her skin separating from her digits to reveal sharp claws. The demon child swung for her face but Derrick dove in and tackled Jamie, rolling both of them out of the way. Derrick bounced back to his feet quickly out of the roll; he pulled his sword and charged towards the demon.

He swung his sword hard for the head of the girl but her hand came up and caught the sword. The demon smiled sickly at Derrick before gripped the end of the sword and flinging both the sword and Derrick over its head against the hood of the car. Derrick’s body smacked the hood; he bounced off and landed on the hard road on the driver’s side with his sword lying in front of the car.

Jamie screamed as the little girl looked at her and said in a deep voice, “Would you like to pet my bear?”

The demon child roared at Jaime, the skin on its other hand ripped off revealing another set of sharp claws. The demon started moving towards Jamie as she started to crawl backwards to put space between her and the thing.

“Hey, mini bitch,” said Derrick from behind the demon, the little girl turned around in time to see the sawed off shotgun aimed right at it. “Say high to your parents for me.”

Derrick fired a shot into the chest of the demon and the little girl…just stood there like nothing had happened. Derrick aimed higher and fired his second shot into the head of the demon and the former little girl…just stood there.

“Oh fuck,” said Derrick as the demon spat green slime at his hand; the slime made contact with his skin and started to burn his flesh. Derrick dropped the empty sawed off and quickly wiped the slime off his hand, the acid like substance apparently only worked on skin as the slime did zero damage to his duster. Derrick looked up from his hand in time to get a backhand right across his face, Derrick was woozy when the little demon spun around and kicked him hard in the jaw knocking him ten feet through the air.

Derrick hit the cold ground hard and his head smacked the sand, slowing down his ability to recover. He shook his head and got back to his feet, the demon was once again moving towards Jamie. Jamie had climbed inside of the car while the thing had been kicking Derrick’s ass and the demon was now punching its claws into the hood of the car. The metal was shredding with each impact as Jamie crouched low and screamed, trying to avoid the sharpened bone, as it slammed closer to her.

Derrick got back to his feet, he grabbed his sword from the front of the car and again he charged at the demon and again the little creature spun around and gripped his sword with its claws.

“Not this time,” said Derrick as he lifted his right hand, closed his fist and fired a stake from his jacket into the heart of the demon. Again the monster just smiled as it looked at Derrick and it was about to toss Derrick when it felt a burning in its chest.

“Surprise fucker,” said Derrick as the stake exploded inside the demon, the eyes of the once child popping as its chest cavity exploded. Derrick was knocked off the car by the force of the explosion, his back again coming in hard contact with the asphalt.

Derrick stared up at the night sky before sitting up and looking at the chunks of flesh and bone on his hood. Derrick just shook his head and said, “God, I really hate this shit.”

4:45 in the morning.

Most people were asleep, enjoying dreams of success, dreams of conquering their fears or just dreams of fucking the hot babe at their work place. Most people were relaxed and replenishing their energy.

A select few were out having a good time, partying, drinking or maybe in the process of enjoying an all night sex session with someone. Either way all those people were doing something Derrick would rather be doing than this.

The demon really had once been a little kid. A little girl who had been happy with her life, she was always smiling and she loved her family with all her heart. She had a teddy bear, Alexander, which she slept with every night and an older brother, Tommy, who didn’t treat her like a nuisance but as though he was happy she was around. She was just a normal happy child; everything was right in her life until they moved to Hollywood.

Then it all changed.

Her parents changed, they had acted very strange around her and Tommy. Their new circle of friends seemed odd and spooky, they frightened Sandy.

The memories of her parents giving her to a demon so it could use her to breed when she was only seven years old. The demon had done so, using her for its own sick purpose as she cried and begged her parents to stop the demon. Her parents had just watched, proud for what they had done to their only daughter and excited about the moment of birth. But something had went wrong in the middle of it all, her brother had come in with a shotgun and blasted the demon in the back, killing it as it’s body fell off his kid sister and slumped to the ground. Her parents yelled, they cried for the death of the demon, they were angry with her brother for what he had done and he was confused.

The girl just cried as she watched her parents pull the gun away and shoot Tommy in the face, his body hitting the ground with a sickening thud. And then it happened to her. She felt it, not a growing but a change to her body. She had begged god to save her, she had begged her parents to save her, but no one came to save her.

Derrick had felt it, the ripping and tearing she felt inside of her as her life ended right then and there. Her tears turned to blood as she cried; she wanted to die right then and there. A child that wanted to die, she wanted to escape the pain, she wanted to be away from it all, and she just wanted it all to end now.

When the demon took over her body, her parents had tried to bow before her like she was a god. The demon’s mind was mixed with Sandy’s at that point and she allowed the demon to kill her parents. And it did, with her own hands she allowed the demon to rip apart her parents. And then Sandy, the sweet innocent happy little girl, looked at the wet red blood covering her hands and she died and allowed the demon to take control of her body but her memories stayed inside.

Derrick’s hands gripped the wheel as he remembered her cries, her begs to her parents and something inside of his mind changed from that moment on.

Breeders were no longer considered human in his mind, they were demons, no, they were worst than demons. Never before had Derrick killed a human but now he would have no trouble killing a breeder. Even demons protected their hatches, the demons that were born from breeding, but the breeders were giving up their own children to appease the demons. She had been only seven and her parents had surrendered her body to the monster, allowed her to go through the pain and agony just so they could rise in status among the other breeders.

They had willing sacrificed their sweet fresh faced daughter to a demon, figuring they needed only the son and that she was only to be used for breeding purposes. Before Derrick thought of the breeders as weird because he didn’t know how far they went, now he knew and he wanted them all dead.

Silverstone’s death hadn’t been a bad thing; it had been a positive thing. For all he knew she had delivered a young child to that demon master that he was planning on killing when it was all over. The way he felt right now, Derrick was going to kill everyone in that club. They all needed to die, all of them.

“Derrick,” Jamie’s voice broke Derrick out of his thoughts. “Are you ok?”

“No Jamie, I’m not,” said Derrick as he exhaled hard before looking at her. “I’m not ok.”

Derrick looked past Jamie and saw a river, he knew of a hotel ahead and there was nothing else for miles after that. It was the only choice, it wasn’t light but it was the only choice at the moment.

Derrick tossed his sunglasses on the dash of the car; he rubbed his eyes as he looked out at the darkness. The sky was still partially black meaning that the danger still lurked. He opened his door and listened for any sounds out of the ordinary. His ears picked up something not out of the ordinary but worrisome, a party in a building across the street. He looked at the building and all the people hanging around it.

“Shit,” Derrick said out loud.


“People,” said Derrick as he pointed at the building. “Too many at that.”

“Are they in danger?”

“Could be, hopefully nothing else is coming tonight and they’ll be safe,” said Derrick as he closed his door. “I don’t like it though, just feels risky.”

“So what do we do?”

Derrick looked at Jamie, her hands rubbing her arms to keep warm as the cold night and the winds coming off the river had chilled the air.

“No choice really,” said Derrick as he looked over his shoulder at the building again. “I’m not picking up anything so everything seems ok.”

Jamie closed her door and stood beside the car until Derrick walked around to her. She was fearful of things right now, her mind was twisted but she also now knew she had to trust Derrick completely in the matters at hand. She had made a mistake with that thing in the road and it nearly cost both of them. She had to listen to whatever he said or things could get bad in a hurry.

She moved her hands down to smooth her skirt, the back of the denim fabric streaked with black marks from the asphalt. A reminder to her of what could happen if she didn’t obey him. It wasn’t like Jamie to listen to commands from other people, especially from a guy but this was a different circumstance. Listening to him was the only safe bet; even if it went against everything she usually did in life.

When Derrick came around to the front Jamie walked forward and hugged his shoulder, mainly out of the need to feel his warm jacket on her cold, exposed arms more than anything else. The pair walked into the lobby of the hotel, just really a room with a glass window protecting the manager and some pay phones off to the side.

The manager was out cold behind the glass, apparently not expecting two people to show up at five in the morning and ask for a room. Derrick knocked on the glass, waking the man and getting the transaction under way. The guy was as nice as you’d expect someone at 5 AM, just taking the cash and giving the key before dropping his head back down and going to sleep. Derrick just shook his head and walked outside with Jamie walking just behind.

“Ok, it’s room 37 so,” Derrick didn’t get to finish his sentence as he heard the sound of a gun locking. He looked to his left and saw three men pointing small hand held semi automatic machine guns at them.

“Don’t move Protector or the girl dies,” said one of the men as a little red dot appeared on Jamie’s chest. “Put your hands up, now.”

‘Shit, fucking humans,’ thought Derrick as he held up his hands.

“Same for you babe,” said the same man as he moved the dot to her head. Jamie was scared but she knew she better do what they said or she could die.

“What do you want?”

“Someone wants to talk to you,” said the same man wearing a dark facemask. “Aren’t too happy about your little club hopping last night.”

“Breeders,” said Derrick as he looked at the trio.

“What the fuck is a breeder?”

‘Shit, they aren’t breeders,’ thought Derrick, knowing he couldn’t kill them now. He wouldn’t kill a human unless they were breeders so one option was gone.

“We don’t have all fucking night, move your ass,” said another one of the masked men. “Head towards that building.”

The men flanked around the pair and started walking them towards the building where the party was. Jamie moved up beside Derrick and said, “What do we do now?”

“Wait,” said Derrick as he formed a plan in his head. He knew it was risky but it was a helluva lot safer than going to some meeting organized by breeders. These poor morons didn’t even have a clue what they were walking into; they thought they were just doing some job. Fucking mercs, they never ask questions.

The three men changed position as they came to the building, the one in front moved behind Jaime and Derrick with the other two as they reached the open door leading into a huge hallway.

“Inside,” said one of the men, motioning for Jamie and Derrick to enter the hallway. Derrick walked in with Jamie beside him; he listened to where the music was coming from as they walked down the hall. Derrick found the door the music was coming from as they walked, just when they were even with a long hallway leading to the door one of the men ordered them to stop.

Derrick’s plan was shot; they weren’t going towards the room. They were fucked.

“Down the stairs,” said one of the men behind Derrick.

“What,” questioned Derrick as he looked to the side at the open door leading to a dark basement.

“I said, down the fucking stairs,” repeated the man as he cocked his gun almost as a warning.

Derrick looked at Jamie; she was close to the hallway leading to the room. He had a plan, it wasn’t going to be the safest for him but it would be for her. Derrick turned towards the stairs leading down; he waited till Jamie turned her body to follow as well before he sent a stiff kick backwards into her stomach.

Jamie went flying into the hall, the man who had been aiming at her firing late and missing her body as she fell onto the wooden floor of the hall. Derrick hit the ground just in time to avoid the first man’s fire; he thought about falling into the stairway when suddenly everything seemed to slow down.

Derrick suddenly knew exactly where the bullets would be and what he could do to get out of this. Derrick lifted his left arm and fired a projectile from above his fist, the small metal bead ripping a hole in the hand of one of the gunmen. The two men still able to fire concentrated on Derrick, but he was moving faster than they could aim at him.

Derrick quickly sprung up and off the floor, the men tried to adjust their aim to get a shot on him but they were just not quick enough. While in mid air Derrick fired a second projectile, striking the second gunmen in the shoulder and separating it making him drop his gun. The third man stopped firing when he saw the second hit the ground, he quickly retreated out of the hall and yelling into his wrist as he ran.

Derrick landed and pulled his guns, he thought about shooting the man in the back but he realized he might kill him so he couldn’t do it. The two men Derrick had hit were lying on the ground in pain, blood pouring from their different wounds and all thoughts of going for their guns gone.

Derrick quickly got clear of the hall and ran to get Jamie.

“Are you alright,” asked Derrick as he leaned down next to her.

“You kicked me,” said Jamie as she started to stand up.

” Sorry bout that but I had to get you clear fast, best I could do on short notice,” said Derrick as he looked at her. “I didn’t kick you hard did I?”

“No, but it still hurts like hell,” said Jamie as she used the wall to balance her body. “Did you get them?”

“Yeah, but more are coming,” said Derrick as he looked up and down the hall. “We’ve got to get out of here.”

Derrick grabbed her by the arm and moved her towards the room with the music, he wasn’t going to enter the room but he knew the stairs to the second floor had to be at the end in this hallway. Derrick was right, just off to the left of the room was a stairwell leading up to the next floor.

“Up the stairs,” said Derrick, Jamie started heading up when bullets struck the wall all around Derrick. “Shit! GO! GO! GO!”

She ran up the stairs as Derrick leaned down low, the bullets ripping apart the wall around him and covering him with little shreds of paint. Derrick kept his head covered as the paint chips showered down on him.

‘Maybe I should rethink this not killing humans thing,’ thought Derrick as the chips covered him head.

“Derrick,” yelled Jamie from the landing between floors.

Derrick knew he had to think of something fast and then it hit him; he looked in front of his face and saw the fire alarm. He knew these guys were only trying to get him and Jamie.

‘Hopefully they wouldn’t fire into a crowd of people trying to get us,” thought Derrick as he leapt forward, the bullets just missing him as he hit the alarm.

As planned the door to the musical room sprung open and people started to walk out, when they saw Derrick with two guns in his hands they ran like crazy right at the men who had been firing at him. Derrick watched only for a second as the mercs retreated into the basement door, out of sight and more importantly blocked from getting to Derrick and Jamie.

Derrick quickly ran up the stairs, he grabbed Jamie’s hand as he ran up the stairs onto the second floor. What shocked him most was all the doors on the second floor were wide open, like the entire second floor was abandoned. Derrick pulled Jamie into the first room on the floor and kicked the door closed as soon as they entered.

“What now?” Jamie asked as she leaned against one of the walls in the room.

“I need some time to think of a plan,” said Derrick as he looked out the window and noticed how close the river was to the building, almost a leap away.

Derrick backed both of them to the far wall, his eyes focused on the door hoping he would get some time to think.

“Derrick, I have an idea,” said Jamie as she tried to catch her breath. “If they can’t see you, you can get the drop on them right?”

“Yeah probably, but how would they not see,” Derrick didn’t get to finish his sentence as she kissed him hard on the lips, his back hitting the wall hard. Jamie’s arms came up, one covered the rest of his face and the other covered the handle of his sword as she kissed him.

The kiss had only been planned as cover but when their lips met, something else occurred. The kiss felt very right to Jamie, as did the feel of her body pressed against him. The first time her body made contact with his was when they first arrived at the hotel but that contact had only been out of the need for warmth. But now something felt different, like she wanted to feel his arms wrapped around her naked body as they had sex. Not make love, Jamie wasn’t looking for love and she was damn sure not looking for it in someone like this guy.

The thoughts in her mind shot forward into Derrick’s like she wanted him to know what she was thinking. Only thing Derrick could think was maybe it would help him forget Alicia lying in the hospital. That probably should have made him feel bad but he knew he needed some way to try and break his mind off of her. Besides, her body felt good and the kiss felt just as great. Why not? She wanted him to and he wanted to so what was the harm?

Derrick’s thoughts were snapped back into the real world when he heard a noise in the hall. Jamie didn’t seem to notice, her hands wanting to come down and hold him but part of her knowing if she did then the rouse wouldn’t work.

“In here,” said a voice outside the door before it was opened, letting light from the hall into the room. Two men carrying machine guns wearing all black outfits and black full-face masks pushed open the door, the music from outside flooding the room as well.

“Nothing, just looks like some couple from that party up here making out,” said one of the men as he turned to leave the room.

“Lots of corners, check the rest of the room,” said the second man, motioning the first back into the room.

The two men entered the room with their guns at the ready as they made their way towards Derrick and Jaime checking the rest of the room. They were so preoccupied that they never noticed Derrick’s hands go behind his back or hear the safety click off on his guns.

Derrick didn’t even look; his arms just lifted and started firing. Jamie tensed and stopped kissing him as the loud shots fired around her head. The two men didn’t have a chance as the bullets ripped into their knees, their guns falling from their hands as they hit the ground. The two men didn’t have time to recover and reach for their guns as Derrick delivered a stiff kick to each man’s jaw, knocking them unconscious in the middle of the room.

“Be happy you’re just mercs,” said Derrick as he put his guns back into their holsters and he looked at the two unconscious bodies lying on the ground before heading to the door.

Derrick looked out the door; he checked the hallway and the stairs before motioning Jamie forward when he realized the hall was empty.

“Interesting plan,” said Derrick as she came up beside him.

“Yeah, just kind of came to me,” she said before kissing Derrick hard on the mouth again.

When the kiss broke Derrick looked at her and said, “Maybe later.”

“No maybe about it,” said Jamie as she followed Derrick into the hallway towards the stairs. Derrick grabbed her hand as they ran up the stairs, Derrick keeping a close eye on what was coming in front and behind them.

Derrick came to the door leading to the roof with Jamie shielded behind his back, he had a plan but it wasn’t the smartest one he had ever had. Derrick kicked open the door and he and Jamie ran up onto the roof.

“Ok, now what?”

“We’re going to jump,” said Derrick as he looked over the edge of the building at the river next to it. It wasn’t his best plan but trying to fight his way through a bunch of armed gunmen in a crowded building while trying to protect Jamie wouldn’t make much sense either.

“Excuse me? Did you say jump?”

“Yeah, only way out of this one.”

“What? To commit suicide!”

“No, I’ll hit the water first, I should be able to handle it,” said Derrick as he looked at the water below. “I know this river, thing’s pretty deep and the building is only three floors.”

“This is crazy,” said Jamie as she walked over to Derrick. “I’m not sure I can do this.”

“They must be on the roof,” the pair heard yelled from the stairwell followed by the sound of many footsteps coming up the stairs. “Remember do not kill them.”

“Look Jamie, you have to trust me on this one,” said Derrick as he wrapped his arms around her and they stepped onto the ledge. “Now just stay calm and whatever you do when we hit the water don’t panic, it’s going to be just a little cold.”

“Derrick, I don’t like this plan one bit!”

“Neither do I,” said Derrick as he kissed Jamie. “Hang on!”

The armed gunmen arrived on the roof just as the pair leapt off the side of the building, Jamie was screaming the whole way down as they struck the water.

As planned Derrick’s back crashed into the icy cold depths first, the impact felt like someone had just slammed him through a cement wall but he was still conscious when they went under. He watched as everything become dark and he felt the icy cold surrounding his body and soaking into his clothes. But his main concern was Jamie.

Jamie didn’t panic; in fact she was out cold from the impact that had traveled through Derrick. However when she awoke just seconds later and realized she was underwater, she panicked big time. She started wiggling her arms, trying to get free as she screamed bubbles under the cold water. Her legs kicked like crazy as she desperately wanted to get back to the surface.

Derrick released Jamie, she quickly swam up and popped out of the water still screaming and swinging her arms in terror. Derrick popped up seconds later and grabbed her, he held her tight as they drifted down the river some with Derrick trying his best to calm Jamie down.

When Jamie finally calmed down enough to grip for swimming purposes, he wrapped his right arm around her. He swam them both to shore, his back was aching as he held her close with one arm and swam with the other. Jamie wasn’t happy until they reached the shore and even then she was royally pissed off.

Derrick flopped down on the ground with a loud groan while Jamie crawled over and leaned her back against a tree. She wiped her hair out of her face and looked at Derrick laying on the ground, she was soaked through, she was freezing cold, and she was just anger as hell.

“What was that shit!”


“Jump? Jump! Your plan the whole time was to go to the roof and jump!”

“Yeah, wasn’t the smartest plan like I said,” groaned Derrick as he lay down on the cold hard ground. “But it worked, sun will be up soon and they won’t take a chance in the daylight.”

“What? Why? Aren’t they human?”

“Yeah, but I know what they were thinking and they only were paid for last night,” said Derrick as he looked up at the quickly lightening sky. “These guys don’t work for free.”

“So what now?”

“Now, I lay here and try to get the feeling back in my back,” said Derrick as he groaned as he tried to sit up. “I think I might have broken something.”

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I just think I miscalculated the pain,” groaned Derrick as he finally sat up, he pushed his hands at the base of his soaked duster and popped his back. Jamie heard the loud crack as Derrick used his strength to stand up and stretch his body.

“What about you?”

“I’m peachy, just cold, wet and my stomach hurts,” said Jamie as Derrick walked over in front of her.

“Come on, we’ve got a long walk back,” said Derrick as he held out his hand, she took it and he pulled Jamie to her feet as looked her deep in the eyes. “I’m sorry about all of that.”

“It’s ok, you should have just told me,” said Jamie as she released his hand and smoothed down her soaked skirt. “Shit, my clothes are a wreck.”

“Hopefully they’ll dry some on the walk back to the hotel.”

“Even if they don’t, they can dry in the room,” said Jamie as she walked in front of Derrick in the direction of the road, she stopped and looked back at Derrick. “It’s not like I’ll be wearing them when we get there.”

Derrick shook his head and smiled, he knew what she meant. He shook his duster as he followed behind her, his eyes looking at her soaked skirt covering her nice ass as she walked in front of him towards the road.

Just as the sun rose full in the sky the pair arrived back at the hotel. Derrick was glad he always paid for five nights, not like he was strapped for cash while doing this.

“Jamie, I’ve got to go check on the car,” said Derrick as he searched for the key to the room. “Shit, the key is gone, go to the front desk and get another one and I’ll be right back.”

Jamie just nodded her head as Derrick walked off towards where the car was supposed to be.

Supposed to be had been the right phrase. Derrick just shook his head when he arrived and looked at the empty spot.

“They stole my car,” said Derrick. “So shooting at me wasn’t enough, they took my damn car.”

Derrick knew that there was no point in trying his cell phone, it was soaked and trashed. His guns he knew were trashed and his sunglasses had been in the car. All he had that he knew was still useable was his sword but that wasn’t going to be nearly enough.

Derrick walked into the lobby of the hotel where the payphones were; he pulled the necessary change from his pocket and began to dial. Luckily his change had been in his pants pockets and hadn’t falling to the bottom of the river. Jamie was already gone when he walked into the lobby, he knew she was in a hurry to get dried off and warmed up some. He also knew she wanted to do something else but that required him in the room. It was strange how these women all wanted him just after hanging around him for a little while. He knew he was good looking but he couldn’t believe they could just dismiss all the horror so quickly and want to have sex with him. Alicia was the different one, she seemed to hate his guts at different points and that one was a tad slower than the others.

But Jamie had only known him for one day and two nights and she wanted to have sex with him already. It was odd but he just figured it was the fear of the situation, the need to feel close to a human being after going through so much.

“What do you need?”

A voice remained Derrick he was on the phone, he pulled out of his thoughts and said, ” Black car, filled with weapons and a pair of sunglasses on the dash.”

“What kind of car?”

‘No harm in asking,’ thought Derrick as he thought of his dream car.

“1969 Shelby Mustang GT 500 with nitrous,” said Derrick knowing that wasn’t going to happen in a million years.

“What time,” said the voice on the other end, Derrick’s eyes widen as he held the phone.

“Five hours.”

“Location is traced, car is being equipped, sunglasses may take some time” said the voice on the other end. “We were wondering when you were going to pick it up, Father Martin had us working on this car for months.”

Derrick just shook his head and grinned, Marts knew him better than he thought as he said, “Out.”

Derrick hung up the phone and said to himself, “Thanks Marts thanks a lot.”

Derrick walked to room 37, last night he didn’t get a chance to see it but maybe now he would. He knocked on the door but there was no answer from inside and no sound of anyone coming to open it. Derrick turned the knob and the door opened, Jamie had left the door unlocked and from the sound of the water running was taking a shower. Derrick took off his duster and holsters, just as he had thought the river water ruined most of his gear.

Derrick removed his sword sheath and tossed it on the small table near the front of the room, the only weapon he had in his possession that was now worth a damn. He shook his head as he removed the now useless equipment from his body; including his duster which had its own mechanical weaponry hooked inside the shelves that weren’t responding to his actions. Everything was destroyed, nothing worked and what might work was too much of a risk to use in battle. If the car was late with the replacement gear they were basically screwed.

Derrick pulled his soaked black t-shirt over his head, the only wet item that would be coming off until he could get access to the bathroom. He wasn’t going to remove his pants even though he knew what Jamie had been thinking about before they arrived, it was just better to keep them on in case she changed her mind after cleaning up.

Derrick sat down in one of the chairs near the table, his back aching and his mind spinning with the images of Sandy and the actions of the mercs. They hadn’t been trying to kill him, they were only out to capture the pair and deliver them to the breeders. Still he found it strange the breeders would send mercs, it just didn’t seem like their style. Most of the time when they wanted something done they handled it not send in hired thugs who would only work for the time they had been paid. If the breeders had been after him last night then they would still be running right now or he’d have to kill who knew how many humans right in front of Jamie.

Derrick rubbed the back of his head as he processed the information but his thought process was slowed considerably when she stepped out of the bathroom.

She looked absolutely stunning, standing in the doorway wrapped in a towel that only barely covered her pussy but if she turned more than likely wouldn’t be covering her ass. Her dark brown hair was wet, strands laid across her face and some hung down to her shoulders dripping water down to the cleft between her covered breasts. In the state of undress she was in Derrick finally noticed how tan her skin looked and for the first time he noticed her piercing dark brown eyes. What was most surprising was how incredibly beautiful she looked with all make up washed off her face.

Derrick looked right at her as she smirked at him; her eyes filled with a deep lust as she released the towel and let it drop at her feet. Derrick’s eyes traveled up and down her exposed body, from her nice legs up to her small but well-set tits on her chest. Her tan was almost full body; the only patch of white surrounded her pussy lips, drawing his eyes to the sparse hair just about the small slit.

“Enjoying yourself?”

Derrick lifted his eyes from her pussy and looked at Jaime, standing with her hands on her hips and a look of mock disappointment on her face.

“Nice view I have,” said Derrick as he looked at her from the chair. “If we had music, I’d get you to dance.”

Jamie just smiled at him as she started gyrating her hips. Jamie started humming softly at first and then she started to sing.

“Good things come to those who wait, my love is just the same,” sang Jamie as she moved her naked body right before his eyes. “You’re gonna have to understand, a kiss goodnight is all you get. No, no you can’t come in, I know you want to, read my lips.”

One of Jamie’s finger moved across her lips as she finished the last word, she kissed it gently as she grinned at Derrick. Jamie moved her body as sexy as she could as she hummed, the smile never leaving her lips as she danced in front of Derrick.

As Derrick sat in the chair and watched he felt his pants tighten around his groin, the wet fabric making it more painful than usual. He was about to rub the area when Jamie removed one of her hands from her hips and shook one of her fingers; he was about to protest when Jamie started to sing again.

“You can cry, cry, baby all you want. You can try, try but I’m gonna tell you to stop,” sang Jamie as she motioned her finger left to right. “Gonna make you wait, baby, baby like it or not. There’s a right time, but not tonight.”

She just smirked with that last word before continuing with the words of the song.

“You can cry, cry baby if you want to. You can try, try but you know it ain’t no use. At the right time, gonna give it all to you,” Jamie rubbed her legs as she said the last word, she started to move towards Derrick and he reached out for her. She slapped his hand and sang, “Until that time..Baby cry, baby cry.”

Jamie rubbed her hand across his crotch with a smile as she continued, “I know what you got in mind, all good things come in time.”

“You’re gonna have to prove your love, before I let you inside my heart,” she lifted her leg onto his leg, displaying her pussy lips. Again Derrick’s hand moved for it and this time she grabbed his wrist gently.

“That time is not too far, we’re gonna get there. No need to rush.”

It was hard to restrain but he did, his eyes soaking in the movements of her wet naked body as her angel voice filled the room. She was torturing him, but he was enjoying every possible second of the torture.

Again she sang the chorus only she sat right on his lap and moved her arms around his neck, her breasts just off his skin as she stared right at him and smiled. How he wanted to just grab her and go but another part of him screamed, ‘let her finish, see where she takes this.’

She moved her hips back and forth, her naked sex rubbing against his straining cock as she sang to him. She leaned forward like she was going to finally kiss him, their lips were about to touch when she stood up off his lap and backed away.

‘I might die before she finishes this song,’ thought Derrick as he tried to cool down some.

Derrick was about to speak but Jamie just put her hand like a stop and sang, “And I don’t care what you say, cause you’re just gonna have to wait. You can cry like a little boy, that won’t change a thing.”

More words and more hypnotizing movements, he felt like if she ordered him to kill someone he would ask her how she wanted it done. It was like that those three singing chicks in that book about that sailor, the one that lured men to their deaths. He couldn’t remember the name now but he doubted he could remember his own name at this point. What she was doing was just so…there were no words to describe what she was doing to him.

She dipped her body down and turned sideways, giving Derrick a perfect profile view of her full ass and her well-portioned tits. Derrick noticed that they looked bigger when she was wearing a bra but that didn’t mean they were small outside of it. For her size body they were excellent, they were natural and he couldn’t wait to feel them.

Jamie’s dancing got a little more erotic as she licked one of her fingers while crouched down as she sang the chorus again.

As she rose the finger slowly went down her body, going between her titflesh, across her great abs, and down between her legs out of his sight. Derrick’s hands gripped the bottom of the chair hard as he watched; he had been with many beautiful women but the way she moved her body just was overwhelming.

Jamie closed her eyes as her hand moved just above her pussy, the finger obviously sliding in and out of her body out of the view of Derrick. Her singing started to come out like moans and he knew if she released this as a remix of the song she would easily go platinum with it. She continued to belt out the tune but the words came out slower and every once in a while she would gasp as her hand worked faster with its rocking. Her hips started rocking back and forth towards the hand like she was having sex with an invisible man, her eyes shut tight as she tried to finish off the tune while masturbating.

One little thing entered the back of Derrick’s mind: She hasn’t messed up one word of the song. That little observation seemed stupid with her doing what she was doing but it was just amazing really that she could keep her concentration on the song while rubbing her pussy.

“You can cry, ugh cry, baby mmmnnn all you want,” she moaned as her finger slid deep inside her pussy. “You can try, try but I’m gonna ugh tell you to stop. Gonna make you ahh wait, baby, baby like it or ERR not.”

Her breathing was increasing, the new sounds breaking into the song as her body built to the climax of the song and the climax of her pleasure.

“There’s ahh right time, but not UGHHH tonight. You can cry, CRY, baby if you want to. You can try, ughh try but you know it ain’t no use. At the right time, gonna GOD give it all to you.”

Her eyes sealed tight and her knees seemed to weaken as she rocked onto her hand.

“Until that time..,” her legs became real wobbly as she neared the end. “Baby cry baby cry babIEEEE!!!”

The scream made Derrick fear his dick was going to literally rip a hole in his pants to get free of the confinement it was trapped in. Jamie’s knees gave out and she hit the floor, her free hand came in contact with the floor for support of her upper body. She shivered as she pulled her hand out from between her legs, her ass close to the ground as she looked over at Derrick with wet hair covering her face.

Derrick was about to cry, he wanted to have her now more than ever.

She looked right into his eyes as he sat on the chair; she brought her dry hand up as she moved some of the hair out of her face. On weak legs Jaime stood up and walked towards Derrick. He was afraid to move, not sure what the hell he was suppose to do and waiting for her to tell him.

Jamie sat in his lap like before, her eyes locked on his as she brought her pussy soaked finger up. She placed it against his lips and pushed in, Derrick tasted the juices as the finger invaded his mouth. He was still not sure if he was suppose to participate or not now and he was willing to ride it out a little longer to see what was going to happen.

Jamie removed her finger from his mouth, leaned forward so her mouth was right beside his ear and she whispered, “It’s time.”

He didn’t need to be told twice, his hands released the bottom of the chair and grabbed onto her firm asscheeks. With his strength he stood up, lifting her body with him as she wrapped her long legs around his back just above his ass and they kissed hard. The feel of her lips almost made him cum, she had taken him way too far with the dance and just the feel of her warm breasts on his skin and her soft cherry tasting lips on his was almost like being jerked off. Jamie’s legs released from around his back and went to the floor, the two continuing to kiss hard, her tongue rubbing against his mouth till he opened up and their tongues did battle.

The kiss was only part of the actions as her right hand worked at the snap and zipper of his pants while his hands kneaded her ass like dough, the fit globes so soft in his strong hands. The kiss broke as both tried to catch their breath, Derrick looked down at her opening his pants, his eyes peering down between her firm breasts. The look of her breasts was too much; he had to feel her hard nipples rubbing against his palms as he massaged her tits.

His hands reluctantly left her ass, coming up between the two and rubbing the sides of her tits making her moan. The flesh felt good in his hands as she worked down his zipper, exposing his water-wet boxers to her exploring hands. Her hands pulled the waistband forward and one hand slid down into the boxers, her gentle hand skimming across his cock before reaching under and cupping his balls.

His eyes closed as she rubbed his sac, his hands to busy working on the dark nipples and tanned flesh of her firm breasts. Her hand released his balls and came out of his boxers, she leaned up to his ear and whispered, “Lie on the bed.”

Derrick looked down at her and turned his body, his hands still rubbing her small breasts as the back of his legs came in contact with the bed. He was about to lean in to kiss her again when Jamie pushed him back, his back landing on the creaky bed. Jamie reached down and pulled off the rest of his clothes, carefully guiding his boxers over his erect dick leaving him naked as her lying on the bed.

“Get under the covers,” Jamie said as she smiled at him wickedly.

Derrick did as she asked, pulling his body up so he could get under the warm blanket and sheet. He didn’t know what she was up to but he did as she said, lying under the covers like he was being tucked in for the night. Jamie left the base of the bed and walked back into the bathroom, she told him to stay still as she went in and grabbed something off the sink. He didn’t see what it was but the sound of crinkling paper gave him a good idea what it was.

“Where did you get that?”

“Shhhh, that’s not important,” said Jamie as she walked back to the base of the bed. “Close your eyes.”

He closed his eyes and waited, wondering what she was up too. He felt the blanket being ripped out of his hands and he heard it flop to the floor leaving him covered only by a thin white sheet. He felt a cold breeze coming up from under the sheet and he heard creaking like someone was getting on the bed. He felt warm hands on his legs as he sat basically blind, the only sense he had was his touch and hearing but neither gave him a great idea of what was going on.

His touch led him to discover what was going on as he felt a warm wetness wrap around his cock. He moaned as he felt her mouth start to move up and down his meat, the sounds of slurping and sucking filling the room. He peeked open his eyes but he didn’t see Jamie, only the sheet moving up and down about his crotch and what looked like the dark outline of hair pushing it up and down. He knew what it was, Jamie was under the sheet giving him a wet blowjob and he was disappointed.

Disappointed he couldn’t see what she was doing but not disappointed in the feel of her wet lips running along the side of his sensitive cock. He didn’t know if he could last long after that dance and Jamie seemed to pick up on that as he felt a sharp pinch at the base of his cock following by what felt like a tongue barely touching the very tip of his head. It was driving him insane, the tickling of her tongue making his cum build in his balls but her fingers pinching his meat holding it down.

Jamie’s mouth went up and down with her fingers still pinching the base, the pain and the pleasure mixing together as she denied him the release he desperately wanted. She didn’t care as she whipped her tongue over the spongy head in her mouth, her lips squeezing the dick tightly inside making her feel dirty but also strong as she knew she was controlling this every step of the way. If she stopped before he came she was certain he would break down in tears but she didn’t want that. She didn’t want to stop, she wanted to fuck his hard cock and she was going to make sure it was filled to the max when she slid on. She could feel the heat of his cock; it was getting hotter by the second like a volcano before it erupted lava everywhere.

Although it didn’t seem possible his dick seemed to grow just a tad, stretching as if it was begging to be allowed to cum. Both the man and the item were begging for release as her mouth slurped away and her tongue tickled the overly sensitive tip of his penis.

Her mouth pulled off his dick with an audible but unseen pop; he didn’t know what she was going to do until he heard the crinkling of a wrapper from under the covers. He thought about lifting the covers and looking down at her but decided against it, the mystery of the situation had added to everything so why spoil it now?

Jamie took the rubber and placed it in her mouth, she had only put a condom on once like this and she had felt dirty at that time. Same feeling so why not the same start? She moved her mouth down his dick again, the condom slipping down and over his dick until it was nearly in the right spot.

With a gentle sliding she positioned the condom perfectly, his dick was ready to give out a good hard fucking and her pussy was ready to receive one. But she worried that he wouldn’t be able to hold out long if she didn’t do something about his load. She knew she had built it to the very breaking point and she feared if she released her pinching fingers that his load would just fill the condom before she had a chance to use it. She could always just go get another one out of that machine in the bathroom but that would break the mood and ruin everything. She wasn’t going to go without one that was for sure, she knew where she had been but god only knew whom this hunk had.

She knew of a way but it would hurt him and she didn’t want the encounter to turn into pain. She had teased him but she didn’t want to cause him unintentionally physical pain without his approval.

“Derrick,” said Jamie as her head popped up under his chin, her fingers still pinching his cock. “I have to do something that may hurt, but if I don’t you won’t last long.”

Derrick knew what she was talking about and he knew the pain. He kissed her on the forehead and smiled, he couldn’t say all right but he could signal it was ok. Jamie sank back under the covers and he waited for the pain to come. With a sharp quick tug, Jamie pulled his balls down hard; the dam that had been ready to burst was relived as his cum retreated down from the pain. He knew it was a painful and temporary solution but at least now he would have a chance to fight it back down.

She released his balls, taking a second to gently rub them before popping out from under the sheet again slowly. As she rose up, her upper body came into view of Derrick yet again. It had looked absolutely amazing when she was dancing and shaking but it looked even better sitting right on his naked body. Jamie exhaled as she reached down and grabbed his dick, she held the shaft very steady as she lifted up and lined her pussy with the stalk.

She closed her eyes and bit her lip as she lowered down, the head of his penis opening her pussy until it popped in. She held just like that with the head in, she opened her eyes and looked right at Derrick. He looked right at her as she leaned down and kissed his lips, her small but firm breasts pushing against his chest.

With a downward shove Jamie impaled herself on his dick as she moaned into his mouth and he into hers. She lifted her upper body off his and sat back, sinking down on the rock hard cock planted inside her cunt. She didn’t move, just looked at him as she got used to the size inside of her body.

Derrick’s hands came around and rubbed her hips and ass, urging her to start moving her body on his shaft. She looked at the pleading look in his eyes and gave him what he wished.

Slowly at first Jamie moved her pussy up and down on his dick, her muscles gripping the rubber covered dick that was moving deeper into her. She moaned softly as she started, the pace slow as his hands felt her tight asscheeks while she moved.

Soon the motion became a slow bounce, the speed increasing with the volume of her moans and his grunts. Her pussy massaged his dick, the inner muscles squeezing and pulling on the protected meaty shaft as she increased her speed. She was in full control of the tempo and he didn’t care.

He just looked at her tits as she started to bounce just a little quicker, the small dark nipples showing the slight bounce of the firm mounds of flesh. She didn’t have much but what she had looked spectacular as she bounced her body up and down on his dick.

Soon her bouncing become so rapid it looked like she was riding a wild horse, the slapping of her hips on his as she moved filled the room. Everyone once in a while she would stop bouncing and sink all the way down, his cock sliding far into the depths of her pussy as she rocked her body to the left and right.

Up and down, back and forth and left to right she would move, his cock being pulled in every direction possible by her sucking inner muscles. His hands still rubbing her full backside, his fingers sliding between her cheeks and rubbing at the skin just on the inside of her ass.

His fingers tickled around her ass as she sat still on him, enjoying the feel of his cock filling her tightness to the brink. She would moan loudly before starting to bounce again, her pussy feeling like two strong soft hands jerking him off as she did.

“UHHH OHHH AHH, OH GOD,” yelled Jamie when she felt his finger rubbing just around her anus. The new sensation added with her filled pussy seemed to unlock something inside of her.

“OH FUCK! YES, YES, YES,” screamed Jamie, her volume becoming very high pitched on the downward motion and becoming very deep on the upward slide. Derrick’s hands never left her ass as Jamie’s hands finally became involved in helping her body build toward her second orgasm.

She stopped bouncing, sinking down on his cock while she rubbed around her pussy lips trying to stimulate her clit. She found the small nub and began to rub it hard, her hand circling the small pleasure center as she once again resumed her bouncing.

Rubbing her clit seemed to make her pussy muscles tighter as Derrick’s cock felt like it was being crushed by a vice now. Whatever she was doing was adding to her pleasure and his, the added squeezing making her bodies motions that much more enjoyable for him.

Soon he felt that familiar feeling, the tingle from earlier that she had made him resist by pinching the base. But now there was no stopping the semen from emptying out of his cock but he was going to try.

Jamie saw him close his eyes, she knew he was getting too close and he was trying to fight it off for her. She worked her hand quicker on the tiny nub, pinching the little button every once and a while to try and force her senses to the end.

“Need to cum, PLEASE LET ME CUM,” yelled Jamie as she rubbed her clit. “I NEED IT!! UGHH AHH PLEASE JUST UNNN A LITTLE MMMM MORE.”

Her pleading made him fight harder but he was losing the battle, he knew he couldn’t hold out much longer.

“SO CLOSE,” cried out Jamie, her other hand coming up to pinch and pull her nipples. “I CAN FEEL UHHH IT! JUST AHH LITTLE MMMM MORE.”

The screams from her mouth gave him one final wind, a last ditch attack to hold out just a little bit longer. He didn’t need the extra wind though as he heard Jamie cry out and shiver as the orgasmic wave swept over her body.


She moved her ass back and forth hard as she built towards her second climax, the fingers rubbing against her clit combined with the teasing made it easy for her to reach the second plateau. She groaned and smacked the wall, he was just thankful that no rooms were on the other side or he would have some explaining to do. Then again, as loud as she was screaming and he was grunting he might have to anyway.

He used his free hand to pull her tits to his mouth one more time, nibbling at the small dark nipple of her right tit as his other hand quickly rubbed away at her small clit.

“AHHHH!!! FUCKKKK,” cried out Jamie as she came for the second time. “SHIT! SHIT! AHHH YESS!”

She kept moving as her pussy crushed his cock, the hot pressure of her cunt growing too powerful for his will. He wanted to hold out just a second longer but he had no chance; it was just way too much for him. He grunted as he surged his hips up into her, his cock just a tad imbedding deeper than before as his ball erupted the clear liquid up.

Cum ejected into the condom, filling the tight rubber cover with the warm fluid. Derrick just lay under her as she collapsed down onto his body, her shapely breasts pressed tightly against his chest as she recovered from the sexual encounter. Derrick was more than happy to lay under her; to feel her tight body against his as they both tried to recover under the sheet of the bed. His hands squeezed her lovely ass one more time under the light cover before they moved up to trace a line across the small of her back before settling just below her shoulder blades. He wrapped his arms around her back as he kissed her one final time.

Derrick released Jamie after the kiss broke and she rolled off, the juice soaked condom popping out of her tightness as she wrapped her body in the covers and relaxed.

Derrick just looked at the ceiling as the light from the sun sneaking around the edges of the curtains gave just enough indication that it was still daylight. It had been great sex, hell it had been beyond great but it didn’t work. He tried not to think about anything as he looked at the ceiling but again her face entered his mind. He still didn’t forget Alicia and as her face seeped in he felt guilt for what he had done. He blinked his eyes as he tried to think of something that would help him forget her face, her lips, and her voice but nothing came to mind.

He had just had sex with another woman and even though he wasn’t with Alicia he felt like he had cheated on her. The shit didn’t make sense and Derrick just sighed before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.

Jamie Lynn had just stepped out of the shower, her second one of the day for obvious reasons. Her clothes were as dried as they were going to get as she walked out wrapped only in a large cotton towel and checked on them. Derrick wasn’t in the room, it didn’t worry her that he was gone but she did wonder where he was. He had showered before her, as he had been able to regain his energy quicker while she slept. Plus he had things to do and Jamie knew whatever it was he was doing was important to her survival.

She removed her towel and slowly started to pull the reasonably dry undergarments onto her body. She dressed quickly, her wet hair dripping some droplets of water onto her clothes as she rushed the fabrics on. She wanted to hurry up; it was getting close to nightfall meaning they would be leaving more than likely. She was glad she got a few hours of sleep before hand but she still felt somewhat groggy as she moved around the room.

Jamie glanced out the window as she combed her hair and noticed Derrick standing in front of the window looking at something. She got a puzzled look as she watched him just standing and staring; his body seemed frozen on the spot. Jamie opened the door to the room and looked out to see what was so interesting; when she looked where he was staring she realized what had stopped him dead in his tracks.

“Shelby Mustang GT-500,” said Derrick as he continued to look at the car. “You wanted to know some of the benefits of this craziness?”

The car looked like it was in mint condition and was shining in the dipping sunlight; the silver rims of the tires seemed to shine light into all the windows of the hotel. Few things in life said perfection but this car that was before her eyes screamed it louder than anything ever had.

“That’s yours?”

“As of right now it is,” said Derrick as he finally moved to walk beside the car. He tried to look in the window but they were covered with a dark black tint, too dark to see through. Derrick opened the door as he looked at the keys in his hands, giving to him by the man whole personally delivered the vehicle just 10 minutes before Jamie walked out. Derrick took a seat inside the car, the inside was just as perfect as the outside but that wasn’t what made him want to look inside.

There, sitting on the dash was the item he had been looking for: his sunglasses. He smirked as he grabbed the dark shades and slipped them on before climbing from the car to look at Jaime.

“Lets test this baby out.”

The quiet desert wasn’t quiet anymore as a loud roar ripped through the night air. It sounded like a jet was flying low overhead but all that was out was a single car riding down the road.

A single car that just happened to be going 120 mph in the middle of the dark night.

“Not bad for third gear,” said Derrick as he looked at the speedometer. “I wonder what happens when she hits fourth?”

“Judging by the seatbelts, I’d say a lot,” said Jaime as she felt like a racecar driver with the five-prong strap she was wearing. “You going to open her up?”

“Nah, plenty of other times to fuck around with it,” said Derrick as he slowed down to a modest 100 mph. “Besides, too risky to goof around right now.”

“Some test drive,” pouted Jaime, disappointed that he wasn’t going to go full speed. “After everything I did for you.”

He just shook his head and smiled as he said, “Sorry Jamie, I don’t even think this thing could move as fast as your ass.”

“I’ll take that as a very rude thank you,” smiled Jamie as she tried to get comfortable in the belts. “You weren’t so bad yourself.”

“Thanks, I think,” laughed Derrick as he took off his sunglasses.

They sat in silence for a few seconds before Jamie asked, “Was it really a little girl?”

“Excuse me?”

“That monster from last night, was it a real child?”

“At one point, I’m sorry to say that yes it was,” said Derrick as his smile vanished.

“What could do such a thing to her?”

“You don’t want to know Jamie, you really don’t,” said Derrick as he looked over at her. “All I can say is she is at peace now.”

“How do you know?”

“I don’t, but I can pray that she is,” said Derrick as he looked back at the road.

“What about Alicia? Is she in…you know, hell?”

“I can’t tell you, maybe but I don’t know. She did lots of bad things to others, perhaps her good outweighed her evil.”

“I thought about her when I went to sleep, about how she could get into something like that,” said Jamie. “She had lots of weird boyfriends and she made some bad decisions, I just wonder if I could have helped her before she got caught up in it if I had know.”

“You couldn’t have saved her Jamie, I couldn’t even save her,” said Derrick as he slowed the car down until it was stopped.

“I don’t even know why I care after what she tried to do.”

“Because you cared about her,” said Derrick as he rubbed her hand. “Nothing wrong with it, I know that’s hard to believe but it’s ok to feel sad for her.”

“She was such a great person though, always nice, funny and kind to others, I can’t believe that,” said Jamie as she looked out the passenger window. “I can’t believe that she could become involved in something so evil.”

“It does strange things to people,” said Derrick as he looked at her sad face. “The power just becomes like a drug they can’t live without.”

“Will you kill it? That demon?”

“Yes, I will,” said Derrick.

“Will you try to save the ones under its power?”

“I don’t know if I can.”

“Will you try?”

Derrick looked at her as she looked at him, her eyes filled with hope that he might be able to save one of them. Derrick thought about it, he didn’t know if he could try or if he even wanted to. Earlier he made a pledge to kill them all but now Jamie, who suffered at their hands, was begging him with her eyes to try and save them.

“I will try,” said Derrick as he rubbed her hand one more time. “We better get going again, don’t like to sit like this for long periods of time.”

“Thank you Derrick, for everything,” said Jamie as she leaned over as best she could and kissed him on the cheek.

He started driving the Shelby again but wondered what would happen when he killed the demon. Perhaps some of them would give up the way, the ones early on who just started to become infected by the power. He knew he couldn’t help the ones in deep, even if he freed them they would become marked for death. He didn’t even know if it was possible to save them. The humans who messed with the dark arts of magic were not safe after they quit using, most of them dying at young ages by their own hands because of the realization what they had done.

As he drove he thought about all of it and decided if he got the chance he would try as asked. It may be hopeless but then again so was stopping the Dark Leader accord to Father Thomas but he planned on trying that. Saving the lives of a few breeders was just another to-do item on his prevention of the apocalypse list. He just had the same question for both: Could he stop it?

“Can we stop?”


“I have to go to the bathroom really bad,” said Jamie as she rubbed her legs. “It will only take a second and it’s not like we’ve been attacked tonight or anything.”

Derrick shrugged his shoulders; it wasn’t like they had anywhere important to be.

“Ok,” said Derrick as he pulled the Shelby into the parking lot of a Citgo station with a convenience store added on. “It’s almost light anyway, I don’t think we’ll have a problem.”

The two got out of the car and walked into the store, behind the counter leaning over a magazine was a man wearing an ugly white dress shirt with Citgo on the chest.

“You got a bathroom?”

“You buying something?”


“Then no, I don’t have a bathroom,” said the man not even looking up from his magazine, just flipping a page like no one else was there.

Derrick rubbed his forehead and asked, “And if I buy something?”

“Then they’re in the back,” said the man, just pointing in the general direction of the back of the store.

“Fine,” said Derrick as he motioned for Jamie to go ahead to the back as he grabbed a pack of gum and tossed it on the counter with a quarter. The man looked up at Derrick like he was making trouble, the man stood up and walked over to the register and rang up the sale.

“You mind if I use the phone?”

“It’s in the back, do what you got to do,” said the man as he leaned back over his magazine.

Derrick walked into the back of the store, passing the ladies room and seeing the pay phone in the corner near the men’s room. He picked up the phone, tossed in the change and dialed the number he was calling.

The phone rang twice before a voice on the line said, “Hello?”

“Simon, how are you kid?”

“Derrick,” said Simon like he was happy to hear his voice. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing little man, just calling to see how you are that’s all.”

“I’m ok I guess, I talked to Rosey last night,” said Simon sounding like he was very tired. “Derrick, when will you be back?”

“I don’t know pal, hopefully it won’t be much longer. You just hang in there ok?”

“Ok. Bye Derrick.”

“See’ya kid.”

Derrick hung up the phone and smiled, thank goodness Rose was helping him out with Simon. He shook his head and headed into the bathroom, he didn’t really need to go but figured he might as well while they were there. He was just about to start unzipping his pants when he felt a cold chill; a warning that something was onto them, they had to leave now.

Derrick quickly left the bathroom and walked to the ladies room, he knocked on the door and said, “Jamie, are you all right?”

“Yes, why?”

“We have to go right now,” said Derrick, as he knocked hard on the bathroom door again. She opened the door and walked out quickly, she got close to Derrick as they re-entered the main section of the station.

“Derrick,” question Jamie as she looked behind the counter. “Wasn’t there a guy there?”

The question was answered as an entire rack of two-liter sodas was shoved hard towards the two; Derrick pushed Jamie clear as the rack came crashing down hard on his body. Jamie looked where the rack had been and saw the man from behind the counter, well what was left of the man.

A portion of his face was gone and a giant bloody hole was in his neck like something had ripped out his throat. His mouth was leaking blood onto his white Citgo dress shirt as he moaned and started to slowly creep towards her. Jamie quickly stood up and ran for the door out of the station, but before she could get to the door a zombie dressed in a tux stood up and blocked her path.

She realized she was trapped between the two oncoming monsters and had no line of escape. She prayed for someone to save her and just as the newly formed zombie was about to grab her, Derrick sliced his head off his body.

“Like a bunch of soda was going to kill me, brain dead asshole,” taunted Derrick as he looked at the head on the floor. “As for you.”

Derrick put his sword away and pulled out one of his new handguns, he lifted the gun and slowly aimed at the zombie walking forward.

“Stop,” he said calmly, the zombie didn’t stop so Derrick just shrugged his shoulders. “Your mistake.”

He fired a single shot into the head of the tuxedo zombie, the back of its head exploding and the corpse dropping to the ground with a plop.

“Come on, we’ve got to move,” said Derrick as they both walked towards the door. Derrick stopped for a second; Jamie was about to ask why when she watched him grab a Twinkie off the rack.

“Ever had these?”

“Yes,” said Jamie and Derrick then grabbed another pack.

“Just in case you get hungry so we don’t have to STOP,” said Derrick as he shouted the word stop.

“Like this is my fault,” yelled Jamie as the pair walked out the door.

“I wasn’t the one who said lets,” Derrick didn’t finish his sentence as he grabbed Jamie and pushed her behind his back.


Jamie glanced around Derrick and looked towards the car.

“Shit,” said Jamie as she looked at the lot full of zombies. “Oh man, this doesn’t look good.”

“You know what? I’ve had enough of this shit,” yelled Derrick as he looked at the zombies surrounding the pair. “Every damn night I go through the same shit, a bunch of zombie-fied fuckers who don’t have a chance against me always coming after the girl.”

Derrick pulled his other gun and fired three shots, dropping three zombies before he continued on his rant.

“All I see are you damn zombies, everywhere I go is full of you bastards!”

Five more shots, five more again corpses. The zombies numbers were down to just five, but they didn’t back off as that would have required a higher brain function but all they had were the deactivated mass in their dried husks.

“Hey leader, haven’t you fucking learned yet huh,” said Derrick as he put one of his handguns away and pulled his new sawed off with his free hand, blowing a hole in the chest of one of the advancing zombies. “I’m better than ever and these corpses can’t do shit against me!”

Derrick put away the sawed off and fired two more shots from his handgun, leaving just two advancing towards him and Jamie.

“Come on you undead fucks,” yelled Derrick as fired two shots into the heads of the advancing zombies; their heads exploding open as the bullets ripped through their skulls. “Is this the best you can do?”

Derrick looked around and saw nothing standing; he was about to put his gun away when he heard a snapping said.

“Derrick,” said a weak gurgling voice to the left of Derrick. Derrick turned hard in that direction, his gun aimed directly at the shadows off to the side of the station waiting for whatever it was to show. Derrick’s head twisted left to right as he loosened his neck, his eyes focusing on the spot the voice came from and prepared to unleash on whatever the hell it was.

“Come get some,” said Derrick as he looked at the spot the voice came from.

A hunched figure stepped out of the shadow into the slowly becoming light of the parking lot, the form was clearly a human female with a full head of blonde hair, her right leg was twisted around forcing her to drag it as she slowly moved out of the darkness.

“Whatever you are, I’m giving you three seconds to tell me how you know my name.”

“Derrick,” said the woman as her head lifted up, finally revealing how she knew his name.

Derrick froze, his hand that was holding the gun going numb as he looked at the face of the zombie that was slowly walking towards him.

“Meg,” whispered Derrick as he stared wide eyed at the zombie slowly moving towards them.

“Derrick, what’s wrong,” yelled Jamie, her voice panicking as she watched the zombie slowly creeping forward. “Why the fuck aren’t you shooting it!”

“Meg,” said Derrick, his mind lost.

“My baby brother,” said the zombie as it continued to slowly creep forward, a green substance oozing from its mouth down the grayish skin of its jaw. “It’s been a long time Derrick, a long time since you left me to die.”

“What? Derrick, what is going on?”

“She’s…my sister.”

“She’s a corpse, shoot her!”

“I…can’t…,” said Derrick out loud, his voice revealing his fear.

“Left me, left your sister to die,” said the corpse as it moved with 10 feet of Derrick and Jaime. “I loved you Derrick, why did you let me die?”

“I’m sorry…I didn’t want to go,” said Derrick, his hand lowering the gun. “I was scared…I didn’t want you to…”

“Didn’t want what Derrick? For me to die!”

“Derrick, shoot it, shoot the fucking thing already!”

“Meg,” was all Derrick said as the zombie moved closer and closer, just four feet from Derrick.

“I forgive you Derrick,” said the zombie as it moved within two feet of Derrick. “I miss you, come with me Derrick, it’s so lonely where I am.”

The corpse was just a foot from Derrick, her mouth opening letting the greenish fluid leak down as her teeth bared and she prepared to rip a hole in Derrick’s throat.

“Fuck this,” said Jaime as she grabbed the second Custom Berretta from Derrick’s side holster and placed it right against the head of Meg. Before Derrick could even react Jamie pulled the trigger, Megan’s body falling backwards back to a state of lifelessness.


Derrick hit the ground next to Megan’s body; in his mind she was still his older sister with the sweet smile. He ran his cheek across her grayish skin; in his mind he saw her sweet skin as he traced the outline of her face.

But then, he saw something.

Images of his sister taking a 12-year-old girl into a building, of a demon walking forward and grabbing the poor child as it screamed for someone to help her. He saw the shadows on the wall behind Megan as she smiled at the actions taking by the demon; she seemed to love the screams of pain and terror coming from the young child. Then another child was delivered to the same demon, the girl no more than eight handed to the monster as it grabbed her and his sister bowed before it. Then another, and another and another; all young girls ranging from as high as 15 years old to as low as 6 years old taking to the demon by his sweet sister so it could use them to breed and create more of its race. No, it couldn’t be true; his sister couldn’t have been a breeder. No, it wasn’t possible it couldn’t be true.

Soon the images in his mind gave way to the real world, the sudden change ripped a hole in Derrick’s mind. His breathing increased, his personality started to break down and his heart began to race faster than it ever had. His eyes filled with a cloudy substance that made his pupils almost invisible, his chest started burning and a sharp pain ran up his spine until it seemed to drill into his brain.

“Are you ready to go,” asked Derrick, his voice sounding the same as he spoke.

“Yes, ” said Jamie as she looked at Derrick leaning down next to the body. “Derrick I’m really sorry but I had to do it.”

“It’s ok, it’s nothing but a rotting corpse,” said Derrick, his voice growing cold. “Give me back my gun.”

Jaime handed her gun forward to Derrick; he placed on his sunglasses before turning back to Jaime and taking it from her hand.

“Go,” said Derrick with sneer as he pushed Jaime towards the car. As Jamie was about to enter the Shelby she looked back just as the sun started to rise. Through squinted eyes she watched Derrick light the body of his sister on fire, he stood by the flames saying something before turning and walking to the car.

As the pair drove Derrick tried desperately to sort out what he saw. He couldn’t believe she had done such a thing, that his own flesh and blood had been one of those sick freaks. He shifted hard as he thought about it, the confusion twisting his mind in knots as he tried to understand why she did it. But nothing made sense; no answer he could think of could make him understand why she had done it.

As Derrick had his hand on the shifter he felt warmth cover his hand, he looked down and saw the hand of Jamie Lynn on his. He looked up and she smiled at him, he was about to return the smile when her hand turned ice cold.

Suddenly images snapped into his mind from her body, images that seemed to have been hidden the first time but now he could clearly see. Jamie in a long black robe, dragging a 10-year-old girl by the arm towards an altar with lit torches around it. A demon emerging and grabbing the child as Jamie watched from the shadows. More and more images of her taking children attacked his brain, leaving him with a terrifying discovery.

Derrick quickly pulled his hand off the shifter as he grabbed the wheel hard with both hands. He slammed hard on the brakes as the images became too much, he had to get away from her before he did something he would regret. He unbuckled his belt as Jamie asked what was wrong, he didn’t answer or even look at her as he climbed out and away from her. Derrick walked to the front of the car, his anger building as he tried to comprehend what was happening.

Jamie had sacrificed little kids to a demon; she had done the same thing as Megan and as those parents. She was one of them, her fear at the ceremony where he first found her wasn’t truthful, it was a role-play and she became fearful of what would happen to her had the Protector known the truth. She was going to betray him; she was the weak link that would cost him his life.

“Derrick, are you ok?”

The voice behind him only made him angrier, the rage building inside his body as he heard her voice. It sounded like it was filled with concern, an impossible action for someone so sick and twisted.

Jamie looked at Derrick as he stood just a few feet away from her as she stood near the front of the Shelby Mustang. She figured what she had done to the zombie was eating at him; he said she was his sister and Jamie had just fired away. It had to be done she knew but she also knew it was probably killing him that it happened.

“Derrick, I’m so sorry,” pleaded Jamie as she looked at his back. “I didn’t want to but I had to, it was the only way to survive.”

“Derrick, please talk to me,” begged Jamie, as Derrick stood still staring at the empty desert in front.

A flash snapped before Derrick’s eyes, he didn’t know what it was but he figured it was just the sun getting in his eyes.

Derrick turned and walked straight at her very quickly; he grabbed her and spun her around. His hand went under her shirt and palmed her bra-covered tits; the air left Jaime in a hurry as his hands squeezed the soft flesh. She didn’t know what had gotten into him but the way his hands felt squeezing her breasts she really didn’t care what had gotten into him. His mouth came down and started sucking at her neck, she moaned as his wet lips made the hairs on the back of her neck stand at attention.

His hands gripped her bra and using his strength he ripped the bra open in the middle, her breasts hanging free from the destroyed fabric. Jamie groaned when she heard and felt the bra tear, she didn’t care that the undergarment had been ruined she only cared about the feel of his hands as they cupped her breasts. He pulled her back, his hands squeezing her tits as his mouth bite gently into her neck making her squeal.

His mouth released the flesh as he continued to roughly paw her small mounds with his strong hands. One of his hands left her tits and trailed down the front of her stomach, moving under her skirt and rubbing against the front panel of her panties. She moaned as his fingers worked her pussy through the cotton, his mouth still licking at her neck and his other hand still pinching her nipples.

In the middle of nowhere with the sun blazing down stood Derrick wearing all his clothes behind Jamie Lynn Sigler, her t-shirt pulled up with her soft breasts hanging out free of her ripped bra and her skirt pulled up as Derrick’s hand rubbed away at her pussy while her hands reached back to hold his head close to her neck.

Again another piece of Jamie’s clothes was torn as Derrick’s hand gripped her panties and pulled hard, the fabric breaking under his power like he was ripping a sheet of paper. The torn panties fell to the ground as Derrick pushed Jamie over and pushed her skirt up and onto her waist leaving her tanned ass exposed. He released her tits with his hand as both hands came back to work open the front of his pants.

Jamie heard the zipper, she knew he probably didn’t have a condom and yet she didn’t really care. It was all too hot, too exciting, and her mind wasn’t really worrying about anything but getting fucked. Her hands came under her body and touched her tits; she pinched her nipples as she heard the rustling of clothes behind her. She felt his hands on her thighs and she waited.

Derrick didn’t make her wait long as he pulled his shaft free and shoved it into her pussy.

“FUCK,” yelled Jamie as her body surged forward hitting the hood. “Oh god!”

His thrusts weren’t slow, they were rapid quick with all the power he could put into them. Jamie cried out as his rod penetrated her roughly, the dominating way that it slid into her pussy sending a pleasure burn into her stomach. She felt so filled and so nasty, bent over the hood of a car with a dick shoved deep inside her wet pussy with her ripped panties lying on the ground at her feet.

Derrick’s hands held her hips and pulled them back hard just as he shoved forward, his cock going as deep as it possibly could on each motion. He watched her asscheeks shake with every rapid-fire push as she cried out her love for it.

“Shit, oh shit! FUCK ME, AHHH,” cried out Jamie as she groped her own tits and massaged her clit. “OH SHIT! GOD DAMN IT, FUCK ME!”

The heat of the fuck mixed with the high humidity in the air made her body sweaty, drops of perspiration falling onto the hood of the car as he fucked her. She felt her tits becoming wet with sweat as well, the cold water making her dark nipples tingle and her tan skin shine. When her hand was covered with sweat she slid it down between her legs and brought her cum covered hand up, the cold sweat making her fire inside grow hotter as she massaged her clit.

“YES! AHHH UGHHH YEAH,” screamed Jamie as his legs slapped against her ass, the slapping mixing in with the cries coming from her mouth. “HARDER, DO IT HARDER! FUCK ME!”

Jamie’s hands rubbed at her tits as his hard cock slammed into her, the excitement of the encounter making her hotter than the sun that was beating down on them. Her nipples felt like they were on fire as he moved forward and back, the meaty steel starting a pleasure fire deep within her soul.

She rubbed away at her small firm tits as he plowed away at her sizzling cunt, the tight muscles inside milking at his shaft as it worked its erotic magic.


Never before had she been taken like this, bent over and at the mercy of the person behind her body.

“DAMN, OH FUCK AAAAHHH,” yelled Jamie as she continued to paw at her tits. “HARDER, FUCK ME! FUCK ME! UNGHHH!”

Jamie opened and closed her eyes every once in a while to block out the suns reflection but also to just soak in the hard smooth sawing that his hard rod was doing. It just all felt so good, made her feel so full and for some strange reason desired. The feeling of power it must have gave him to be doing her like this unusually fueled her ecstasy, made her nipples tingle just a little bit more and her pussy feel just a tad hotter.


Another flash and the world almost went out before his eyes, he blinked and everything seemed fine but something was different now.

Derrick’s anger started to build, she was enjoying what was happening and it just served to make him madder by the second. Derrick’s pounding thrusts into her tight pussy became faster and harder than ever, his hands squeezing her hips harder as he looked down at her ass. The tanned cheeks rippled with every forward motion, her screams growing louder and becoming just as frequent as the ripples in her smooth backend. His mind started to feel like it was on fire with rage, his will began to break down and Derrick lost control of his emotions.


The anger, the rage and the sickness blended together to form a key that opened the darkest areas of his mind. Before pain was needed to unleash the demon that was growing inside of him but the new flow of imagery and emotions changed the dynamic. Derrick’s need to punish her gave the monster within the opening to grab control. As the monster snapped deep into his mind, Derrick lost unconsciousness as the demon part became the dominate inside.

Derrick pulled his dick from Jamie’s pussy; the young woman lifted her head and looked back at Derrick with a look of confusion.

“Wha? Why’d you stop?”

She saw his eyes, the cold stare that he gave her before his pupils vanished behind a white mist.


Derrick’s hands left her hips and shoved her down hard, her chest smacking against the hood of the car so violently that she felt the powerful sting mark her stomach. Derrick’s left hand came up and held her face on its side against the hot hood, the heat making her skin feel like it was on fire as his right hand held his dick at the ready.

“Stop, you’re hurting me,” cried Jamie as she struggled against his superior strength. “Derrick, please stop it!”

Derrick’s right hand reached up and grabbed one of her ass cheeks, spreading her open for the violent penetration he was planning for her. Her hands smacked at the hood as she tried to crawl away from Derrick.

“NO! PLEASE NOT THERE,” screamed Jamie as she tried to get away. “NOOOO!!! PLEASE DON’T!”

Her screams fell on deaf ears as Derrick’s hips surged forward and his hard rock cock violated her rear. Jamie screamed louder than ever, the sharp sting ripping up her body as his dick ripped open her asshole. The tight muscles protecting her anus from such intrusion broke open and shredded, the skin snapping inside of her letting the first small trickle of blood out.

Jamie cried and screamed, the burning inside her ass now stronger than the burning of her flesh on the ultra hot black hood of the car. The burning of her flesh was actually a less painful escape, a chance to get away from the tearing deep inside her rectum. She continued to try and pull her body away but he was too strong and the pain was too great for her to think of another way.


Derrick’s right hand released her cheek and lifted above the soft flesh. With a quick sharp downward motion his hand brutally slapped her ass cheek adding to the suffering of her body. Derrick’s face showed no emotion, no remorse for what was happening and it almost seemed like he didn’t he notice or care that she was yelling. Again his hand lifted and again it came down sharply, the small blood vessels beginning to make her ass cheek red from the smacking.

Jamie continued to cry as his cock brutalized her ass and his hand smacked away at her cheeks, her face felt like it was boiling but she didn’t care. She began to retreat into her mind, hoping and praying that it would offer her an escape from what was happening to her body. The muscles inside her ass never had a chance to relax as they were pulverized, forced to loosen before they were ready making more skin inside crack open and more blood to start flowing.

Jamie now no longer screamed in pain, she just laid in a daze and sobbed as she sank deeper into her mind. The pain was too great, the actions too brutal and the reality of it all too impossible to believe.

The blood vessels on her ass cheek began to pop, the popping leaving purple marks surrounded by red as he continued to smack harder and harder on the flesh. Suddenly the evil control began to falter, his mind starting to return to the humanity inside.

The change over caused him to fire his load inside, almost as if the evil side wanted to stake the claim for the atrocious act that had been committed on her body. His sperm surged out of his dick into her ass; the fluid seeped into the tore flesh making the wounds burn and sting worse than before. The pain became so great that she lost her safety zone inside, the burning of his cum in her bloody wounds crushing her barrier and forcing her back into the real world.

Derrick’s mind came back under his control; he blinked his eyes and observed the scene before him. Jamie Lynn was bent over the front of the Shelby mustang, she was sobbing quietly as her upper body lay flat on the top. Derrick’s cock was imbedded deep in her ass, the muscles crushed around his dick didn’t feel like they had been stretched but just brutally forced apart. Her cheeks were red with slap marks, the blood vessels appeared broken in certain spots leaving a bruise instead of the dark red covering most of her backside.

Derrick pulled his cock from her brutalized ass, the blood mixed with his cum as he looked at the badly stretched hole. His hand came down and shoved her ass downward, the front of her body crushing hard against the car as he looked coldly down at her. Now she knew, now she knew what the ones she sacrificed went through. Now she would never laugh when a demon violated one of the children, never again. He didn’t know he had done it but he also knew he didn’t care that he had.

Jamie sobbed with her face still against the overly hot hood of the car, her hands clutched tight to her body as she lay very still. She was in such pain, such tremendous pain by what he had done to her. She had already retreated inside of her mind once, the pain and the horrifying truth that the person meant to protect her had done this to her pulling her back into the sickening situation. The man who had saved her life, who had treated her so kindly just the day before, and who promised to give up his life to save hers had raped her.

As she sobbed Jamie realized she would never trust anyone ever again, no matter who they were she would never trust them.

Derrick pulled his pants up; he was still aggravated with her and everything she had done. He felt sick to his stomach, not about what he had done but because she was crying about what happened to her after all the horrible acts she had committed to poor innocent children. She finally knew the pain they went through, the unanswered prays as someone forced them to do something they had no power to stop.

The anger built inside Derrick as he looked down at her ravaged body as he listened to her sobs of pain. He didn’t care that he had just violated her body; she was a breeder and she was lucky that was all he did to her.


The images from earlier struck again and his felt his blood boil, he lost control for a moment and the world went dark before his eyes again.

This time when Derrick reentered the world he noticed Jamie’s face, it was covered with red marks like someone had cut her with a small blade. They weren’t deep and would fade over time but they looked as though they would be very painful for a while almost like several paper cuts. Her neck was bruised a little like someone had choked her with his or her hands. Derrick looked at his hands and saw the blood; he realized he had done it. He was the one who had choked her, cut her face and basically beat the living hell out of her.

But he didn’t feel remorse as he checked her pulse; in fact part of him was frustrated when he realized she was alive. A dark side of his personality told him to finish her off, to snap her breeder neck like a twig. But he didn’t snap her neck, inside he picked up her bruised and battered body and stuffed her back inside the Shelby.

He locked the seatbelt on her body, walked around the car, climbed inside, started the engine and drove off. The dark force that had been chasing her was gone, apparently realizing he had discovered her secret. She was going to betray him but now she knew better now. Derrick just drove in the direction of her home, ready to deposit her worthless body inside and not caring how she reacted to everything that happened.

Derrick pulled up in front of the church, a cold and lifeless look on his face as he stepped out of the car. He walked up the steps of the church and unlocked the doors. Upon entering he looked around and didn’t see anyone, not surprising since it was now four in the morning after he had driven around town. He had dumped Jamie Lynn inside on her sofa, something inside him made him want to smack her one last time but he had resisted. Instead a caring side of his body took over and he injected Jamie with a serum that would make her forget everything that happened on the final day. He didn’t know why he did it but he let her forget the last day and the torture she deserved to remember.

Jamie would wake up in the morning with no idea how she came to be bruised and battered, she would just attribute it to some trauma on the final day he protected her and nothing more. She would feel the pain but be unable to remember how it happened to her. The serum was a safety net in case a target experienced something so physically painful that it needed to be erased from their minds. The pain would stay but the horrible memory of how it happened would be gone, wiped clean never to return. Jamie had been the first person he used it on and he didn’t even know why she was the first.

He had made a phone call to the police shortly after, telling them Alicia Silverstone was dead and that they could come up with any story they wanted. He didn’t care about Alicia’s soul now; he hoped she rotted in hell for what she had done.

Derrick headed down the stairs into his room; he looked around and noticed a picture of his sister by the phone.

His breathing increased and Derrick grabbed the photo and threw it hard into the wall, the glass frame shattering on impact. He started yelling and cursing, the images of his sister and those children flooding his mind as he overturned the table the picture had been by. The phone broke on the ground, the cord ripping clean from the wall as Derrick grabbed the sides of his head and yelled in anger.


“THEY WERE JUST KIDS DAMN YOU,” yelled Derrick, as he looked down at the picture in the shattered frame. “I CRIED OVER YOU! YOU EVIL BITCH!”

“I’M GLAD I LET YOU DIE,” yelled Derrick at the photo. “Do you hear me, I’m glad I…”

Derrick didn’t get the sentence out, as he started choking, coughing and wheezing as though something was lodged deep in his throat. His arms started twitching wildly as he fell hard to the ground; his heart was going a mile a minute as his eyes rolled back into his head. Then just as it all started he was motionless, his breathing had stopped as he lay on the ground with his eyes still rolled back into his head.

Derrick’s body lay completely still for a few moments then his eyes rolled back down and he gasped hard for air. Derrick leapt up off the floor and slammed his back hard into the wall, the memories of what happened suddenly flooding in. The images of Megan as breeder broke, it wasn’t his sister it was someone else that had done it. But then the images of his sister’s face were engulfed in flames, her body appeared before his eyes on fire by his own hands. He had burned her body without remorse, hoping that she went back to hell where she belonged. He had condemned her to hell for nothing, she had done nothing wrong and he sent her to hell.

The way he treated Jamie, the things he did to her, the things he thought she had done. How could he think she was a breeder?

He had used her, treated her like dirt because of what he saw. He caused her pain, tremendous amounts of pain and he hadn’t felt an ounce of guilt for it. But she hadn’t done anything wrong, he had done horrible things to her body and mind and she didn’t deserve one of them.

“No,” yelled Derrick as he spun around and started punching the concrete wall with his fists. He slammed his fist harder and harder into the wall, the concrete cracking along with the skin on his hands and he just punched harder. Soon the wall gave leaving two holes in the concrete; Derrick stopped punching the wall and looked down at his bloody fists covered in white dust from the shattered concrete wall.

He looked at the picture of his sister and the glass lying on the ground; he looked in the glass and saw the reflection of his face. It changed before his eyes; he saw horns and his skin spreading to unleash a hideous red face.

The picture of his sister then changed, it turned into her surrounded by flames with a demon dragging her down as she screamed for help. Then he heard her screams, echoes, and strange noises all around.

None of it made any sense, he became scared, he lost all control over his emotions and then Derrick snapped.

“Hello,” said Jennifer Love Hewitt as she picked up the phone, smiling at Rose who was swinging a whipped cream can from side to side with that devilish smirk on her face. Love didn’t want to answer the phone but it’s hard not to when you bump into while being kissed hard by a sex crazed vixen.


“Hey Simon, what’s wrong little guy?”

“Is Rosey there,” said Simon in a very sad and very scared tone.

“Yeah sure Simon,” said Love as she handed the phone towards Rose. “It’s Simon, sounds like he has been crying.”

“Simon,” Rose said into the phone, she heard the sniffling and realized something had happened. ” What’s wrong?”

“Rosey, something’s wrong with Derrick,” said Simon, his voice cracking. “He was in his room talking to himself but it’s gotten so quiet, I’m scared Rosey.”

“What happened Simon?”

“I don’t know, he came back from his mission late last night and this morning he was acting really strange,” said Simon while sniffling. “He was in his room yelling, he went at it for a while but it has gotten real quiet and I don’t know what to do.”

“Ok listen Simon just hang in there, just stay in your room till I get there, I’m on my way,” said Rose as she hung up the phone and grabbed her keys. “I have to go, rain check ok?”

“Just go Rose,” said Love with a look of complete understanding.

With a quick kiss she was out the door, scared of what she may find once she got there but determined not to let Simon be the one who found it. He didn’t need that, he didn’t deserve that and she really hoped that he didn’t have to go through it all again. Rose hoped what she was thinking was wrong but she had a really bad feeling she wasn’t. Derrick had looked like hell, he sounded like hell and he looked about one push from going over the edge. She hoped something hadn’t pushed him for both his sake and for Simon’s.

Rose walked down the stairs of the church towards the lower levels with Simon behind, his face streaked with red from the crying. He looked like he had used all his strength to fight the fear and call her, he was just a little kid and he was being forced to face things most adults couldn’t handle. Simon tried to act strong but no one was strong even to face all of this especially not a young boy just entering his teen years.

They reached the door to Derrick’s room and Rose knocked, she said his name a few times but got no answer.

“Simon, I want you to stay here ok?”


“Good man,” said Rose as she patted him on the head, she closed her eyes and made a silent pray not to find what she feared on the other side. She was terrified as she turned the handle, she was trying to act calm in front of Simon but inside she was screaming and praying for anything but what she feared most. Rose eased open the door and walked in, she closed it before Simon could see inside although he couldn’t have seen much since most of the room was hidden by a large wall.

“Derrick, are you in here?”

Rose walked around the corner, looking around for signs of anyone. She looked at the far wall just on the other side of the door and saw large holes in the wall as if someone had hit it with a hammer repeatedly.


“What,” a low voice said behind Rose, making her jump and turn fast to see Derrick sitting on the floor leaning against a wall with his head down behind crossed arms.

“God damnit Derrick, don’t do that,” said Rose rather loudly, her face of anger turned into one of fear as she looked at Derrick. His fists were bloodied, the skin cracked and covered with white dust and other wall debris that explained the holes. The blood had dripped onto the floor in front of him, leaving a small streak of dried blood as though he had collapsed in that spot and hadn’t moved at all. A broken phone lay on the ground near him along with an overturned table. Next to the table were shattered glass and a picture on a young woman, a small puddle of blood surrounded the picture and white dust coated the edges of the picture.

“Derrick, are you ok?”

“Isn’t life funny Rose,” said Derrick with his head still down behind his crossed arms. “I mean, isn’t it funny how it all works out?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The battle for good left in the hands of a savoir with blood stained hands, a man with nothing good inside of him only pure darkness,” said Derrick, laughing as he finished. “A man destine for hell left to save those destine for heaven, it’s all just so amusing isn’t it?”

Derrick lifted his head, his cheeks were smeared with dried blood, his eyes were puffy and bloodshot and his forehead was cut under his hair leaving a small line of blood going from his forehead to his nose.

“I mean, a demon assigned to protect the innocent from damnation,” said Derrick as he pulled himself to his feet and looked at Rose with wide eyes. “A fucking monster protecting the villagers from slaughter, protecting the world from his home.”

“You’re not making any sense Derrick, what happened?”

“A demon, that’s all I am, the brother slaying his family,” said Derrick with a dark chuckle. “Me alive fighting for the forces of good while my sister who did nothing wrong in her life on the side of evil, her soul sacrificed because of me.”

“I thought I could save them, the ones I loved if I just kept them away but they are never safe,” said Derrick as he started walking back and forth talking to himself. “Never safe, no matter how far I try to get them clear they always get caught in the flame, no matter what I try they will always die.”

Rose didn’t know what to do; he wasn’t even talking to her now. Hell, she doubted he knew she was there now. Something was really wrong but she couldn’t talk to him, she couldn’t think of anything to connect with him. He had retreated so far inside of his own mind that he was going insane with the thoughts and his thoughts made no sense in the sentences he was forming.

“She’ll end up dying too you know, I ended up killing her as well just by associating with her and no matter what I try I will fail and she will die, they will die,” said Derrick, his face going from a crazed smile to a sudden look of sadness while looking at the side table. “I’ve killed them all just by surviving the fight.”

‘He has gone completely fucking nuts, what the fuck do I do,’ thought Rose as she looked at Derrick. ‘I’m in way over my head, why didn’t I have a plan for this shit?’

Derrick lifted his head and looked at Rose again as if just realizing she was still in the room as he said, “You know Rose, maybe you were right earlier.”

“Right about what Derrick?”

“You know, when you said you would stab me with my own sword, maybe you were on to something then,” said Derrick as he looked at the table next to his bed, the only one he didn’t turn over, and picked up a Berretta. “Of course, a sword may not get the job done so I thought of the next best thing.”

Derrick looked up at Rose, tears were starting to come down his cheeks as then looked down at the gun in his hand and said, “Some demons don’t die from a sword, they just kind of shrug it off but a bullet to the head usually does the trick.”

“Derrick, I don’t know what’s wrong but whatever is, that’s not the answer,” said Rose as she tried to keep her voice calm. “Come on now, just put the gun down, you don’t want to do that.”

“Why not? Huh, why don’t I?”

“Derrick, please just put it down and we’ll talk.”

“Talk is cheap,” said Derrick as he clicked off the safety and placed the gun under his throat.

‘Shit, shit, shit,’ thought Rose as she looked at him with the gun. ‘Stay cool girl, you’ve got to stay cool.’

“Derrick, listen to me please,” said Rose as she looked at Derrick, his eyes filled with despair and fear. “Put it down.”

“No, don’t you get it? I’m worse than anything that’s out there Rose, I need to die.”

“Don’t do this Derrick,” said Rose as she tried desperately to talk the gun away from Derrick. “I know you, this isn’t you.”

“You know me? What the fuck do you know about me Rose?”

“I know you’re my friend Derrick, that’s all I need to know.”

“I’m not your friend, you can’t be friends with a fucking monster,” yelled Derrick as he lowered the gun from his throat. “That’s all I am, I’m nothing more than a worthless piece of shit.”

“That’s not true Derrick,” said Rose, her voice catching in her throat just a little as she looked at what was happening to Derrick.

“You saw it Rose, you saw what’s inside of me.”

“And yet here I am Derrick and like you said I can’t be friends with a monster,” said Rose as she inched a little closer to Derrick. “You’re not a monster Derrick because if you were I would have let you die the second you put that gun under your chin, you’re a human Derrick and you’re my friend and I’m not going to let one of my friends die without a fight.”

‘Way to stay cool Rose,’ she thought as she realized she was almost yelling at him.

“I gave up my humanity since then Rose, I gave it up when I gave her up,” said Derrick, his voice getting hysterical as he cried. “I almost lost her and then I did lose her, she’s gone now.”

“Who’s gone Derrick?”

“I lost her forever, she thinks I’m dead and so I am.”

“Derrick, please listen to me,” said Rose, her voice a little higher as Derrick raised the gun up under his chin again. “What about Simon?”

“I…I can’t.”

“Bullshit Derrick, I know what you can and can’t do,” said Rose, yelling at Derrick. “You saved my life and my friend’s life and I’m not going to let you leave my life, his life or this world after all the good you did like this!”


‘Your losing him damnit,’ thought Rose as she looked at Derrick’s lost face. ‘I don’t know what the hell to do, what the fuck do I do?’

“Just give me the gun Derrick, please just give me that gun ok.”

Derrick pulled the gun down and looked down at it, he looked up at Rose and she saw the look as he said, “I’m sorry Rose.”

“No, Derrick!”


One brief second later the only sound she heard was a loud thump and the only color she saw was the wall covered in red.

End Chapter 5

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