Shakira The Slut

Shakira The Slut by deucepac

Note: This is a continuation from the Whitney Houston (Whitney the Slut)

Chris was lonely again. His days of fucking Whitney Houston were long
gone. Apparently, the damn stupid whore went back to Bobby Brown. This
did not affect Chris though. He knew he could fuck many finer women and
that was his goal. As a result, Chris decided to vacation in Mexico and
get some relaxation. “Man!”, Chris thought, “I definitely need to git
laid here.” Then, a premonition hit him. He saw a banner that said:
Latin superstar, Shakira in concert tonight. Immediately, Chris began to
think of
the possibilities of fucking the Latin diva. Chris thought,
“What the hell! I’ll go to the concert.” Few hours later, it was concert
time. Inside a small arena in Mexico, the fans were crowded and the
lights began to dim. Finally, the Colombian goddess herself appeared on
stage. Shakira wore a tight black tank top that accentuated her small,
but still playable breasts and her wide ass was encased in some tight
black spandex pants. Seeing this, Chris began to git hard, but soon
realized that he probably wont get to fuck Shakira. “Bitches like her
are probably stuck up.”, Chris thought. So, he began to drink several
Dos Equis beers rapidly. After the show was over, Chris was walking away
when he received a gentle tap on his muscular shoulder. A small voice
whispered “Hello.” to Chris. To his amazement, Chris turned around and
saw Shakira smiling at him. Chris was very stunned to see Shak and
stuttered to say hi. “I saw you in the crowd and you looked like you
didn’t have a good time.” said Shakira. Chris replied that he was juss
drunk and had some problems. “Well, do you mind if you keep me company
since my boyfriend is away.”, asked Shakira in her sensual Colombian
accent. “Shhhsure”, stuttered Chris who got hard as soon as Shakira
invited him. They went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Chris
was amazed at how much Shakira ate. “I need some energy for tonight,
papi”, exclaimed Shakira. “Oh really, mami”, said Chris seductively,
“What do u have planned?” Shakira said that she wanted to go dancing and
wanted to teach Chris some moves. He agreed. Before heading out to the
salsa club, Shakira got to her hotel and got changed. When she presented
herself to Chris, he was amazed. Shakira had on a white shirt, a black
vest, a cowboy hat, and some tight white jeans. Instantly, Chris’s dick
was at full attention. After dancing heavily at the club and sweating
ferociously next to Chris’s body, Shakira called it a night and invited
Chris back to her hotel room. Without hesitation, Chris followed to diva
back to her room and immediately they kissed passionately. Chris’s rough
brown hands were all over Shakira’s tight big ass. “Te gusta mi culo.”
asked Shakira. Chris was no dumb ass. He knew the Spanish language.
After all, he is Spanish/Filipino. Chris simply replied, “Si!” and
lifted Shak by her ass onto her bed. Slowly but surely, they both
started to remove each others clothes and Chris spread her legs wide
open. Shakira was shocked when Chris began to lap his tongue all over
her clit. Soon, he was taking small bites which drove Shakira wild.
“Fuck me now, papi!”yelled Shakira. Chris didn’t need any more
encouragement as he plowed his 8 inch cock into Shakira’s pussy. “Ah!
Ah! Ah! Harder!” yelled the diva as Chris did his duty. “Damn, mami,
you’re tight as fuck. We should do dis more often” said Chris.
“Wherever, whenever”, said Shakira as she winked at Chris. Then she did
the impossible and got off Chris’s dick. “Is something wrong?” asked
Chris concerningly. “Juss shut up and watch.” said Shakira. Then , she
got dressed to her white jeans again and played her Wherever Whenever
song as she danced seductively. Chris was in a trance as her ass swayed
against his face. Then the unthinkable happened. She farted. “Pinche
frijoles!”, yelled Shakira as she was referring to her meal she had
earlier. Dammit! Chris thought. Why does every bitch I fuck have to fart
in front of me. Chris told Shakira, “Lemme take care of that problem.”
Confused, Shakira was pushed to the bed by Chris who took off her jeans
and began to finger her ass. She began to fart some more, as Chris lubed
up his cock. “Oh baby, here it comes.” exclaimed Chris as he rammed it
into her ass. “Owww!”, yelled Shakira, “I never had it up there in my
culo.” Chris began to ram her ass rapidly, watching his cock move in and
out of her tight Latina sphincter. Soon, pain turned into pleasure and
Shakira began to enjoy it. “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my culo. Me gusta mucho.”
yelled Shakira in ecstacy. Chris was turned on by Shakira’s Spanish and
broken english and began to pull on her dyed blonde curly hair. “Oh
babe! I’m gonna cum”, yelled Chris. “Yes! Yes! Cum in me. Cum in my
culo, papi.”. Soon, his balls began to swoll and Chris released his
spurts of cum into Shakira’s ass. He kissed her lower back as he slowly
began to pull his softening member out of her ass. Shakira kissed him
back on the lips and told Chris that she needed to take a shit after her
meal and that long ass fucking. Chris just followed her and watched
Shakira shit out his cum onto the toilet. “Life is good,” Chris pondered
as Shakira grunted to relieve herself.
……………Who’s next?

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