Sweet Sixteen

Warning: Story contains graphic sexual content with
someone under the age of 18. If this offends you then
don’t go any further, if not then come and see the

Sweet Sixteen

It was a chilly night in November and here I was
working late again. I’ve been helping out behind the
scenes of BtVS for the past two weeks. My name’s
Xavier, by the way. When my uncle got me the job I was
estatic and couldn’t believe I’d be standing just a
few feet away from Sarah Michelle Gellar and the
wonderful cast every day. You see, I’ve been a fan
since the first episode aired back when it was just
the original
cast. The original SG as they are called.
With time though, others have been introduced into the
show. Some have worked out, some have not. However,
when Michelle Trachtenberg joined the cast, I became a
fan even more and that’s something I didn’t think was
possible. I couldn’t get enough of watching her act
out her scenes. Definitely an amazing actress,
especially for someone so young as she was, fifteen.
Plus she was hot as hell! Oh yeah, the girl’s may not
be sixteen yet, but she’s definitely sweet. The bad
part was that I kept having these intense fantasies
about her. I knew it was wrong for a twenty three year
old to have these kind of fantasies about a 15 year
old, but I couldn’t help it.

However, everything changed on her sixthteeth

You see Michelle got the present that all sixteen year
olds want, but usually never get. She got a brand new
red jaguar. It wasn’t that I was jealous of her for
getting something so nice, it was just that…oh hell!
Who am I kidding? Of course I was jealous, it’s a
Jaguar! Mainly though, I was just a little upset with
myself for not getting her something. It wasn’t as if
I was really one of her friends or anything, but I
just wanted to get her something and I didn’t. I
didn’t because, for the most part, I was too nervous
and scared that she would, how do I put this? Laugh in
my face, fire me, or both. I mean, what can compare to
a Jaguar anyway?

I don’t know why I felt like I had to get her
something because the only time I even was able to
talk with her was at the snack table on one of her
breaks, but that was just for about five minutes while
she read over her lines. She asked me about where I
was from and such. You know, the usually stuff. I
couldn’t believe I actually got through the
conversation without stuttering or passing out from
being within touching range of her.

Like I said, bad thoughts.

Anyway, on the night of her sixthteeth birthday I was
outside just taking in the night breeze when I heard
someone arguing. One of the voices was definitely Joss
Whedon, the show’s producer/writer, and he was arguing
with someone who’s voice I couldn’t make out. Anyway,
come to find out, Joss was griping because Michelle
wanted to leave the grounds for awhile and go out with
her new present. It seemed Joss didn’t like that idea
one bit, especially with tomorrow morning’s shoot to
take place. After easedropping for a little bit
longer, I decided to call it a night as I made my way
to my trailer. You know, the one with the tiniest bed.
Anyway, just when I was about to go inside of my
trailer I hear someone calling my name.

“Xavier.” someone whispered from behind my trailer.
When I went to investigate I found Michelle
Trachtenberg standing there looking around as she
seemed nervous. “You’ve got to help me. I need to get
out of here for a little while. I feel like I’m going
to die if I don’t.”

I was speechless. Well, actually, if I was speechless
then my mouth wouldn’t have said the words, “What do
you want me to do?”

Michelle just smiled as she looked around and spotted
the gate up ahead that lead out of the studio lot. She
whispered the plan into my ear. Five minutes later, in
Michelle’s new Jaguar may I add, we were out of the
BtVS studio lot and on the highway. We got past the
security guard by having Michelle duck down in the
back seat with a blanket over her as I drove the car
out, telling the guard that I was ordered to take the
car out to work out the kinks. I couldn’t believe he’d
fallen for it, but then again it was just his first
day. Probably his last too once Joss finds out that he
let Michelle out of the gate after dark without her
parents, who at the moment, were probably still
sleeping in their own furnished and paid for trailers,
oblivious to what their daughter was doing.

As we were about two blocks away from the lot,
Michelle jumped up to the front seat, “I can’t believe
we made it.” she said smiling as she kept looking back
just as I had been doing, almost expecting for them to
come after us any minute now.

Here I was with Michelle Trachtenberg close to
midnight, out on the highway in a new Jaguar and all I
could think about was how to explain to my parents or
uncle that I’d lost my job because surely once
everyone found out I was the one to help Michelle then
I’d be gone. I could see it now, “But, I was persuaded
by a sixteen year old.” Yeah, that’ll be good on my
resume. Well you know, once I get out of prison.

Before I could even think anything else though,
Michelle reached over the seat and grabbed me by the
face with both of her hands and planted a big kiss on
me. It wasn’t a very long kiss, but it was just enough
to have the taste of her lips on mine. It was almost
enough to make me lose control of the car as she took
out a compact from her purse and lightly applied
strawberry lipstick to her lips. Finally, I found my
voice again, “So, where do you want to go?”

“I wanna go to a club that I always hear Sarah rave
about. I believe it’s called Night Lights or is it Hot
Nights?” Michelle said to herself. “Hot Nights it is.”
I said as I drove us there as fast as possible since
I’d heard about the place also. One of the reasons why
I was such in a hurry though, was because my mouth was
so dry that if I didn’t get something to drink fast I
was going to die. As we pulled up to the club and
started to go inside the bouncer stopped us. At first
he wasn’t going to let Michelle in, but I persuaded
him to look the other way.

Yep, my whole paycheck for the week.

After getting us something to drink, Michelle kept
saying she’d pay me back, but I just kept refusing
until finally she dropped it. I almost wished she
didn’t because that’s when she asked me to dance. Oh
yeah, that’s just what I need, to get up close and all
sweaty with a beautiful sixteen year old girl. How
could I turn her down though?

As we danced out on the dance floor I tried to talk
with her out loud, “Why did you ask me to be your
escort for this quick getaway? Why not….” I was
silenced as she shooshed me with one of her finger’s
on my lip, “Because, I thought you were….” she
stopped for a moment before continuing, “cute.”

chhh…..naughty thoughts come in…..chhh….over.

We just danced for about an hour without saying much.
To say it was intense was the under statement of the
century, especially when Michelle started thrusting
her hips back and forth like she was doing right now.
I didn’t know how much I could take so I tried to ease
off the dance floor, but Michelle stopped me, “Where
are you going?”

I almost starting to stutter when she grabbed ahold of
me and pulled herself closer to me, “Xavier, I’m very
hot right now.”

“Yeah, me too.” I said swallowing down the knot in my

With that she took ahold of my hand and started to
lead me to a narrow hallway that looked as if it lead
to the restroom. I tried to stop myself as I let go of
her hand for a second, only to have her grab ahold of
it again as she lead me farther down the corridor
until we reached the end of it. There were the two
bathroom doors, womens and mens and then there was
another small, narrow corridor that lead to another
door. I followed Michelle as she opened the door and
pulled me inside. Once inside I looked around to see
what looked like an office. A really big office, in
fact, with a huge desk to the right, a few good
looking chairs and a very large book case with many
books against the far wall. Before I could do any more
site seeing though, Michelle pushed me up against the
door as she grabbed ahold of me and started kissing me
hungrily with a fire that I never knew could exist in
a sixteen year old. Of course, I couldn’t help but
kiss her back with just as much hunger. We finally
came apart as we began sucking in air. That was when
she whispered those words that I will never forget, “I
want you inside of me.” I swear I almost cummed right
there. She didn’t stop there though, as she continued,
“I’ve never had anyone inside of me before,” she
breathed in a hush voice. I couldn’t help it, I
reached down and grabbed her ass, making her gasp as
she rubbed up against me while turning her back. “For
someone who never had this kind of experience you sure
know what to do.” I said as she just continued to rub
her backside up against me, not replying to my
statement. She gave her hips one last hard thrust into
me, making me almost lose it right there before she
turned and started backing up as a couple of giggles
escaped her lips before finally settling her cute ass
on the big wooden oak desk as she looked at me in a
teasing manner. Oh yeah, I knew….. the game had

I walked over to her and sharply pulled off her shoes
as she smiled at my state of impatientness. After
getting both shoes off, I watched as she undid her
pants then I helped her pull them down revealing a
nice little black set of undies underneath. In fact,
those were….”Michelle, now why would you have on a
black thong?” I said in a playful manner.

“Oh, you just never know what might come up.” She
said, grabbing ahold of my cock through my pants. I
let out a low grunt as she rubbed her hand up and down
my pants, “You’re not suppose to be this naughty.” I
said looking at her with a smile. She quickly made me
forget what I said as she pulled down the zipper on my
pants and reached inside as if she was hunting for
gold. Within a couple of seconds she pulled out my
cock as it sprung to attention. Each time she said
something it made me lose control even worse. What she
said next was no different, “Hmm, I’ve always wondered
how many licks it takes to get to the thick, creamy
middle.” and with that she engulfed my cock with her
mouth in one big swoop as I thrusted up into her
instinctively. She pulled out just as fast as she had
went in as she smiled up at me, “That’s one.” she said
in a hush, sexy tone before engulfing my cock again as
I felt her tongue wrap around it in her mouth. Just
like before though, she pulled out, “Two.” she said
smiling up at me as I just stood there, unable to do
anything but be her slave as she engulfed my cock
again. As I felt the warmness of her mouth again, I
felt myself starting to come, “I’m about…I’m about
to..” Michelle released her mouth from my cock as she
looked up at me innocently, “Not yet, you’re not.” I
just nodded my head as she leaned back and laid down
on her back across the desk, obviously leaving me but
one choice.

It was time to go downtown and see the sites.

With that, I slowly took off her black thong as she
slightly gasped from the sensation. Upon her gasp my
cock throbbed harder, if that was even possible.
Looking upon the site before me it took everything I
had not to just grab her and thrust my dick up her
ass. I couldn’t believe how perfect it looked. I moved
a finger around the edges as she started to buck her
hips from the sensation. All I could do was smile as
she wimpered like a cat in heat. Just when I felt like
she was starting to get control of herself, I let one
of my fingers slip into her clit as her hips bucked
again. She was very tight, but I was sure I could take
care of that soon. “You look like you’re enjoying
yourself.” I said to her with a smile. She just looked
up at me and licked her lips before letting her head
fall back as she looked up at the ceiling again. I
felt like that was my que as I moved my head in
between her legs and slipped my tongue in between her
folds. “Ohhhh, that feeeels soooo good!” she breathed
out in that child like voice of hers. I continued to
give her a tongue bath in and out, in and out as she
bucked a few more times before finally I put two
fingers into her and moved them back and forth into a
rythm. About a minute later she began having her first
organsim as her whole body shook, “Ooooh, Goddddd!”
she screamed outloud as her body began to slowly
shake. After it stopped, she slowly leaned back up as
she steadied herself for a moment. “Are you okay?” I
asked with a little smile behind it. “Yeah, it’s just
I’ve never really….well, you know.”

“Oh really?” I said in a playful manner.

She smiled as she looked down at the ground for a
second before locking eyes with me, her eyes becoming
more intense. The next thing I knew she leaned down in
front of me and began massaging my cock with her
hands. I couldn’t believe the way she was just teasing
it. Not really rubbing it hard, just slightly moving
her hand up and down it. I couldn’t take much more of
this as I looked down, thus coming face to face with
her eyes as she leaned up and kissed me hungerily.
After the kiss she leaned her face up against mine as
she breathed out those words that every man want’s to
here at least just once in his lifetime, “Fuck me.”

That was all encouragment I needed, actually, I didn’t
need any at all. She leaned back down on the desk
again as I pulled her a little closer to me. I moved
my cock right upon the entrance of her pussy as I let
my cock just touch her folds for a second before I
slowly pulled her forward to me as close as possible,
thrusting my cock inside of her tight cunt. Michelle
let out a little wine as I slowly rocked her back and
forth building up with each and every thrust,
“Ooooooohhh, mmmmmm…..” I brought my cock out of her
for a second and then thrusted it back into her real
quick and that’s when I felt it. Her cherry popped as
I entered her with a hard thrust as she screamed out,
“Oooh Fuckkk!” Within minutes she was almost out of
control, “Oh yes, ffffuckkkkkk
Meeeeee…Harddderrrrr!…” and I obeyed.

I speeded up our rocking as my balls slapped her ass
everytime I thrusted forward and she continued to
scream so loud that I was afraid that someone would
hear, “I’mmmmm about toooo coommmmmme! Oooh
Shhhitttt!” and within a manner of seconds her whole
body started to shake as the insides of her pussy
started to wrap around my dick even tighter. I
couldn’t take it anymore and shot my load inside of
her, making her shake again with pleasure. After I was
through, I slipped out of her and watched as she got
off the desk on shaky legs. I helped her retrieve her
clothes, actually ours, that were strung across the
whole office floor, except for my pants which I still
wore as my cock was still showing through the opening
of my fly. She put on her shirt and pants as she
smiled up at me while I zipped up and retrieved my
shirt from one of the chairs. After we were fully
dressed, we slipped out of the club, got back into the
car and started heading back to the studio lot.

As we drove down the street, heading back to the
studio I couldn’t believe the night I just had. It
almost seemed like a dream. As if on cue the person to
my right let me know it wasn’t as she put her hand on
my leg. I looked at her with a smile, however, still
worried about how I was going to explain myself to
everyone when I got back.

I looked at the time, now reading 3:35 A.M., and
couldn’t believe we had been gone for almost five
hours. It seemed to fly by almost as fast as the
S-Type V8 Jaguar I was currently driving.

Oh yes, I must’ve died and gone to heaven.

Then, in a matter of seconds, heaven got a whole lot
nicer as Michelle moved over beside me and whispered
in my ear, “You know, I’m still a little thirsty.”

“Oh really?” I said with a knowing smile.

“Oh yes, I’ve been dying for something ever since we
left the club.” she said as she placed her hand down
my leg, leading to…..

I let out a light groan, “If you keep doing that I may
accidentily wreck your new car Michelle.” I said
trying to concerntrate on the road.

“Oh, but I have confidence in you.”

And with that both of her hands moved down between my
legs. I tried to keep my eyes on the road, but her
gaze upon me as she unzipped my pants was almost more
than I could take.

Her hands were a little chilly, but I instantly forgot
as soon as she pulled out what she was looking for.

I let out a groan as I struggled to concentrate. Then,
I saw her head descend and I was gone.

There could’ve been a diesel truck coming right at me
then and there and I wouldn’t have cared. I knew that
any minute now we would be coming up on the studio lot
gate and here was Michelle Trachtenberg giving me a
blow job.

The only thing I kept telling myself was that if this
is the way I’m going to die, it’s one HELL of a way to

I could feel Michelle wrapping her warm mouth around
my cock and it was driving me to the point that I had
to fight back the urge to just throw on the brakes,
get out of the car and lay Michelle on the hood of the
Jaguar and fuck her up, down and insight out.

Then I saw it, the gate to the studio parking lot
coming up. I wanted to tell Michelle to get up and
hide in the back, but I couldn’t so I continued on
waiting for my impending death as Michelle continued
to give my cock a tongue lashing.

I slowed the Jaguar as I came up to the gate, but I
saw no guard. Though, with the amount of concentration
I was having at the moment except for what Michelle
was doing someone could’ve snuck up from in front of
the car and jumped up on the hood and I probably
wouldn’t have noticed. Then I saw him, the guard was
inside the look out station and he looked to be
asleep. I made a move with my hand to press the button
just outside my window, telling the guard that I was
back and needed to be let back in, when Michelle
lifted her head and whispered in a sultry voice, “I
think I deserve something to drink now, don’t you?”
before she engulfed my cock once more as I struggled
from going over the edge.

Her action accidently made me hit the horn as I looked
up in time to see the security guard wake with a jolt
as he slightly rose from his chair.


However, when the guard got up he went as far as the
look out door and then waved back at me before hitting
the button to the gate as it opened.


I waved back as best as I could as Michelle continued
to push me over the edge. I pulled the Jaguar back
into the parking spot and had just enough time to put
it in park when I felt myself going over the edge,
“Michelle, I’m about to….I’m about….”

Then the urge overtook me as Michelle began to take
all that I had. After it was over she pulled back, put
my cock back in and zipped me back up. The whole time
not a sound escaped my lips as I watched her. She
looked up at me and then as quickly as she had came
into my life, she was gone as she got out of the car
and walked back to her trailor.

Oh yes, life was good.

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