Taking Advantage Of Jennifer Connelly

This story is purely fictitious. If you are under the age of 18, DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING!


By Rawballz

Starring: The above mentioned, Roselyn Sanchez & Eva Longoria

Jennifer Connelly stepped inside the bookstore that she hadn’t noticed before. Being an avid reader and collector

of old literature, she was more than curious to check this place out. She shuffled her shoes onto the welcome

mat and heard the bell jingle as she opened the front glass door.

The smell of incense and old, dusty pages filled her senses.
That was the smell she knew. The sweet, old smell

of reading material. The walls were covered with hardbacks, paperbacks and magazines up to at least fifteen feet

tall. Isles of binders faced out, revealing their identities to the passerby.

Jennifer lightly bit on her index fingernail as her eyes roamed all around the shelves upon shelves. Her sights suddenly

set on the poetry section on the third isle across from where she was standing. Gingerly, she walked over to the area

of her choice and stood in front of the collection in awe.

Her fingers danced from binder to binder as she glanced at each title. Not knowing what she was looking for and being

too caught up in the overwhelming sensation of her hobby, she failed to see the woman standing next to her at the mouth

of the isle.

“Oh, my God!” Jen shouted and jumped back into the bookcase. “Sorry, I didn’t see you there.”

“It wasn’t my intention to approach you like that. I apologize.” The dark-haired woman replied.

“That’s okay. I just got so caught up in looking around here that I guess I completely shut everything else off.”

“It’s good to let yourself go like that, isn’t it?” the mysterious woman asked softly.

“Yeah, it happens to me all the time around books.” Jen replied innocently while pushing a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Is there something I can show you? Is there anything in particular that you’re looking for?”

“Not really, I have so many favorite poems that I just start looking at everything by everyone. It’s kind of embarrassing.”

“Do you like romantic stories?” the woman asked softly in her thick Spanish accent.

“I love a good romantic story. Mystery is another one of my favorites.” Jen replied sheepishly.

The woman leaned in closer, “Can I show you a book that has everything you’ve ever wished to lay your eyes and ears


“That’s a pretty bold statement. I think I’ve read just about everything that’s been put on paper.”

“Not this collection. This one hasn’t even been seen by the public eye.”

“And where would I need to go in order to find this literary stroke of genius?” Jen asked.

“First thing’s first. I’m Roselyn and I already know who you are.” She stated in a sly voice with her arm outstretched

to receive a handshake.

“Well, since you already know me, I’ll just shake your hand then.” She returned a smile.

Roselyn’s sheer purple robe dangled around her wrist as she clasped hands with Jennifer.

Jen could felt a comfort within her eyes. Her dark corneas seemed to penetrate into her mind and gave her unsuspecting

comfort. She felt at ease with this woman who she had never met before.

Roselyn’s eyes quickly darted up and down Jennifer’s form. The fabrics hugged her every curve with masterful

detail. Even just her black slacks, which were probably one size too small for her, displayed her magnificent thighs and slid

just like skin up and around her well-formed ass. Her white shirt that was covered slightly by her black cardigan, formed a

tight fit around her more than enough breasts.

“Follow me.” Roselyn softly spoke to her.

She turned around and walked back down the aisle. Jennifer had no idea where the woman was taking her, but was intrigued

enough to follow her anywhere.

Roselyn led her to the back of the bookstore and through a beaded curtain. The smell of incense was even stronger as

she heard the beads bounce off of one another behind her.

She looked around at the room that was dimly lit, with piles of books sitting around in miscellaneous places. The bookshelves

were overflowing with hardbacks and paperbacks. A couch was directly in front of her, pointing to the left. It jumped out at her

right away because of the bright orange and violet colors that surfaced it. Four small throw pillows were evenly spaced across

the seat, two orange and two violet.

“Go ahead, sit down.” Roselyn offered with a hand pointed towards the ancient couch.

“Would you like some coffee or tea?” she offered.

“Some tea would be great, if you’re having some as well.” Jen replied as her rear shifted into park on the two-toned couch.

“EVA!” Roselyn suddenly belted out, startling Jennifer.

The woman named Eva came through another beaded curtain from a back room. Dressed more conservative than Roselyn,

she wore a white skirt and a skin tight lime-green tank top with matching flip-flops on her bare feet. Her dark hair was wrapped

up in a ponytail with a white bandana on her head.

“Yes?” she said as she looked at Roselyn.

“Would you be so kind as to get our friend here some tea?” Roselyn asked as she sat in a rocking chair that was directly

in front of the couch.

Eva looked over at the sitting Jennifer. “Would you like one lump or two?”

“Two please.” She replied while crossing her legs.

Eva turned around and disappeared back through the beaded curtain. “Two very big lumps indeed.” She whispered to herself.

Jennifer turned her head towards Roselyn, who was holding an old-looking hardback book in her lap. She was thumbing

through the pages, stopping once in a while as if she was trying to find the good parts of it.

“So, I take that that’s the book then, right?”

“Yes, It’s entitled ‘El Calor De La Mariposa’.”

“The Warmth Of The Butterfly? That’s an interesting title.”

“It’s even a more interesting book. It was written by an author by the name of Zlla B. War. Have you ever heard of him?” Roselyn asked.

“I can’t say that I have. Seems like I’d remember a name like that.” She replied with a broad smile.

The back curtain suddenly shook open, producing Eva again with a cup of tea in her hand.

“Here you are. Would you like anything else, Jennifer?” she asked politely.

“This will be enough. Thank you, Eva.”

“Yes, I hope that is enough, Eva.” Roselyn stated with the emphasis on ‘enough’.

Eva shot Roselyn a quick smirk, turned and left the room.

Jennifer took a long, slow sip of her tea and relished the taste that seeped down her throat.

“Wow, this tea is incredible tasting.”

“Do you like it? It’s a homemade recipe.”

“It’s fantastic. I’ll need to get that recipe from you.”

Jen took another long and steady sip from the small cup. The warm sensation soothed her body as she relaxed into the couch. Her

vision became slightly blurred around the edges as she looked around the room. Her mind began to wander as she gulped another


“Before we get started, let me light this first.” Roselyn said as she leaned forward and lit an incense candle that was standing on a

small wooden table between the rocking chair and the couch.

The smoke flooded its immediate area. The intensely sweet aroma caused Jennifer to relax even further back as she rested her

head on the back of the couch.

“That smell……..it’s like……the smell…..smells like the……tea tastes. Like they’re one……one in the…….same.” she stammered.

“The both contain extracts from the Phillieuwupp flower, that’s a rare plant life.”

“I…….I’ve never heard of…..that type of flower……..before.”

Jennifer slowly lifted her head back up and cautiously brought the cup back up to her lips for yet another sip. She tilted the cup

upwards and emptied its contents into her mouth. Her eyes were heavy yet remained open.

“I feel kind……..of strange, Roselyn. I think I might be…..coming down with something.” She slurred as her thoughts became

even more foggy.

“You look fine to me, Jennifer.”

Jen looked over at Roselyn through her blurry eyes. She thought it was a little strange that she was sitting there looking back

at her with the book in her lap but completely naked.

“What?” Jennifer said loudly “I…..I think I might be coming down with…..X-ray vision or……something.”

Roselyn just stared at her and laughed heartily.

Jennifer’s forehead wrinkled in confusion. Her entire body felt like it was stapled to the couch. She knew she could move

yet she just didn’t have the desire to. Things weren’t making any sense at all. She tried weakly in her mind to sensibly

understand why this woman sitting across from her had absolutely no clothes on and was about to read her a story.

Jen thought of words to say or movements to make but her mind, body and mouth were all at a loss of executing any form

of action. Her body was completely immobilized. With a blank look in her eyes, Jennifer could still move her head around

but it would take a miracle to lift her arm up in the air.

Her eyes darted over to the back beaded curtain again as Eva came back into the room. She too had nothing on except for

a smile. Every sound she heard was extremely muffled but if she listened hard enough, she could make out the conversation

between the two garmentless women who had her in a very vulnerable position.

“Did you give her enough?” Roselyn asked as she stood up from the rocking chair.

“Yes. Two tablespoons, I’m sure that’s more than enough.” Eva responded.

“I don’t want another Jennifer Aniston incident happening here.”

“I’m not going to apologize for that again, Popi. It wasn’t my fault that the gauge wasn’t reading properly.”

“Your responsibility is to make sure everything is in working order before we proceed with our missions.” Roselyn said

while standing just two inches away from her face.

“But…..” Eva stammered back.

“I lure them in and you make sure the process itself is going to go smoothly. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that

the deal we came up with?”

Eva knew of her guiltiness. It was a mistake far too overlooked and should have been a red herring from the beginning. But

being a human with human feelings, she just had to try and cover her ass without taking any blame for what happened.

Roselyn leaned in closer and lightly grabbed Eva’s chin with her fingertips. “Or would you like yet another punishment

session in the dungeon? I wouldn’t think after last time, that your ass would be well enough again to go through that.”

With an innocent schoolgirl look on her face, Eva giggled as she bit down onto the tip of her index finger.

“Now let’s get to work.” Roselyn stated and gave her a deep kiss on her mouth.

Jennifer sat motionless as the muffled words that were spoken were heard but not understood. She looked up

and saw the two nude women looking back at her and smiling as they walked over to the couch. Eva sat herself

down on Jennifer’s right side and Roselyn sat to her left. Shifting their naked bodies in closer, Jennifer turned her

head and looked Roselyn dead in the eyes.

“What about……..the book?” she struggled with all of her might to ask.

“Oh, you’ll get the book alright. First you must join us.” Roselyn whispered back into her ear.

Jennifer numbly felt Eva’s hand skim across her shoulder. Her fingers retracted, grabbing the collar of her black

cardigan and pulling it off of her shoulder. Roselyn tugged the other side down and off of her arms. These actions

weren’t computing correctly in Jen’s fuzzy brain, but she was in no condition to do anything about it. Her arms fell

back down and her hands rested on the women’s nude thighs.

The feeling of four hands rushed towards the middle of her chest, threading every white button apart. Slowly her bra became

exposed as well as the skin of her belly. As its predecessor, the white shirt found its way off of her shoulders and onto the

floor. Hands caressed her chest over her bra. Every touch sliding lightly around the circumference of the cups and following

its fancy patterns until the touches streamed upwards against the shoulder straps.

The fingers hooked both straps at the peak of their ascent on her shoulders and tugged them down her arms until

they rested at her elbows. Jennifer’s head fell forward and her eyes could only watch as her nude appearance was only

moments away. The fingers worked quickly to find the hook at the front of her undergarment. An enormous amount of

pressure was built up in that little hook and loop. Their jobs were at great risk, their only duty of standing their ground to

guard against intruders was about to be overpowered by the eager digits.

Her cleavage was full, deep and looked to have an unending darkness between her very bountiful breasts. The fingertips

maneuvered their way around the hook and loop and pushed them together until the curvature face slipped out from under

the miniature plastic bar. Not being able to hold back the giant tide that became suddenly reckless, both cups shot to

either side and her mammoth breasts jiggled into plain site.

“Oh, my God!” Eva said with a laugh. “They’re huge!”

Her nipples completely erect, Jennifer looked down upon her own giant orbs in disbelief. She felt her unemployed bra being

pulled off of her arms until it was tossed onto the floor. The touches began again on her chest. The palms caressing over her

breasts and the fingers dancing across her nipples. It was extremely difficult for Jennifer to move, but it wasn’t at all hard for

her to feel.

Eva got to her knees on the floor in front of the couch. Her hands quickly pulled off Jennifer’s shoes and wasted no time

unbuttoning her snug jeans. Her white cotton panties felt the grasp of Eva’s fists wrapped around their elastic band. A

hefty tug and the two articles of clothing were pulled down enough to expose the beginning of her dark pubic hair. Eva grabbed

at the back sides of the jeans and gave it another pull, yanking them halfway down her nude ass. As the third pull was the

most successful one, the panties and jeans shot down to her knees with the impact making her breasts shake from side

to side.

Eva stripped the pants from her legs, sending her feet into the air and crashing them back down onto the carpeted floor. In all

her glory, Jennifer sat there waiting for their next move. She felt her legs being pushed up onto the couch until her knees bent

and were pointing at the ceiling. The heels of her feet were placed on the front lip of the couch as the rest of her feet dangled

off of the front.

With Jennifer’s legs spread wide, Roselyn opened the book towards the middle and began reading loudly.

“The beautiful Princess Popi rushed off to the sanctity of Mount Longoria. As she approached the territory, the earth became

thick with overgrown plant-life, vines and treacherous tree trunks. The Princess would not let these devices thwart her from

the task at hand. She reached into her sheath and produced her machete. Through rows and rows of brush she continued,

swiping her way up the mountain side.”

After covering Jennifer’s pubic mound with shaving cream, Eva touched the razor blade onto the foamy cloud and descended. The

blade cut quickly through the dark hairs and pulling up to reveal a patch her bare skin. Eva continued to work on every nook and

cranny in order to spread the joys of nudity from thigh to thigh.

Roselyn read on.

“The overgrown jungle had taken its toll on the beautiful yet lethargic Princess. She came into a clearing where only stood a single mystic

banana tree. The tree was full of fruitful life as the bananas seemed to be calling her by name. Famished from her journey, the Princess

ran with all of her might up to her salvation. Taking one of the fruits into her hand, she peeled back the outer skin and inserted the inner

portion into her mouth.”

Eva, now straddling the weary Jennifer, pushed on her cheeks with her hand in order to open her orifice. Her other hand was clutching

an eight inch yellow dildo that soon came into contact with her lips. Eva forced her mouth open wider and pushed the phallic device

beyond her teeth and into the warmth of her mouth. Jennifer breathed heavily out of her nose as the dildo took up every inch of space

inside her entryway. With the thoughts and visuals of the story still ringing in her ears, Jennifer suckled onto the pretend banana as

it was pushed and pulled into her.

Her saliva glistened off the yellow dildo as it retracted and eventually pushed its way in again. With her eyes closed, Jennifer felt

the banana pull out and travel in circles around her wet lips. Her tongue evacuating her mouth, reached out to taste the sweetness

of its fruit.

Roselyn continued to read as she laid on her back while facing Jennifer’s left side. With one hand holding the bottom of the

book tightly, the other found its destination between her legs with two fingers pushing down and massaging her clitoris.

“Satisfied with the fruit tree, yet still hungry, the Princess looked around the clearing for more rations. Her gingerly steps brought

her to an old tree, that looked like it had seen eons of seasonal change. The Princess could make out a face in the bark on the

tree trunk. With many years of experience, the tree seemed to have grown a personality all its own. Her attention was so focused

upon the tree’s face that she didn’t see the branches that slithered across the ground towards her. Without warning, the branches

jumped up and wrapped themselves around her legs.”

Roselyn’s left foot slid across Jennifer’s leg, feeling the heat that was billowing out from between them. Roselyn’s right foot took the

low road and found its toes massaging the top of her asscrack. The toes fidgeted their way further and deeper into her crevice. The

left-footed toes brushed across her newly naked crotch and pushed its way down to her swollen clitoris.

“The trees strong branches lifted her up off of the earth and brought her up to its face. ‘Who dare comes to the Trunk of Wisdom without

an invitation?’, the tree screamed at the Princess. ‘It is I, Princess Popi, who has only come to seek something sweet to eat.’ The old

bark around the tree’s face formed into a smirk. ‘No Princess has any business here, tender one. There is no place for you in the forest.’

The tree paused. ‘Hungry you say? Take your tongue to these, Princess and you shall hunger no longer.’ A small branch bent down from

above and shook to a stop an inch from her mouth. Two large, taupe-colored fruits hung from their stems with a small berry on the side of

each. The Princess, intimidated but also famished still, touched her tongue to one of the berries.”

Eva straddled Jennifer’s nude lap. Her breasts cradled next to her face. Instinctively, Jen opened her mouth and took Eva’s right nipple

inside and suckled on its erectness. Moving her head over, her tongue lapped across the left nipple. Eva threw her head back and ran her

fingers through her long hair as the sensations swam up her warm body. Jennifer lightly brushed her teeth across her nipples and Eva

howled in approval. The writhing one reached back and grabbed a handful of Jenny’s hair. With a broad smile painted across her face, Eva

pulled her head back and watched her mouth open slightly. Her tongue came out and lubricated her own lips before pouncing down upon

Jennifer’s mouth and smothered her with deep kisses.

“Satisfied with the fulfillment she had received from the Trunk of Wisdom, the Princess slowly watched as the tree fell back asleep. The

branches that had cradled her body loosened and she fell back down to the grassy earth. Not knowing the best way to travel for the

quickest way up Mount Longoria, the Princess noticed that the branches on its left hand were pointing down a dark passageway through

the briar patch. This route certainly did not look the wisest, but the Princess knew that the Trunk of Wisdom was the most intelligent tree

of them all and his knowledge should and could not be questioned. So, the Princess gathered herself and walked to mouth of the entrance.

‘There is no way I could fit through that tight little path even if I were a bunny’. She thought then looked at the tree again. ‘Maybe I could

if I smother myself in honey’. In the Trunk of Wisdom’s left hand was a honeycomb. The Princess quickly poured some of the honey out

and smeared it across her face, back and chest and returned to the entryway.”

Jennifer, now on all fours on the couch, felt the numbing sensation of the head of a dildo resting on the opening to her anus. Eva licked

her fingers clean of the edible lube that she had coated her strap-on dildo with and gave Popi a wink. She placed her hands on either ass

cheek and pulled them apart revealing Jennifer’s naughty hole. Eva’s hips bucked forward and the head of the dildo was pushed into her

rectum. Jen’s body tensed up and her face fell down between Roselyn’s spread legs. She continued to read as Jennifer’s mouth breathed

its hot sensations across her pubic region.

“The Princess slid into the crevice of the entrance. The fit was tight with doubt just ahead, but the determined Princess pushed her way

further and deeper into the small canyon. The walls pressed against her tattered clothing and body. Not one person had ventured this far.

She knew that she couldn’t turn back now with the scent of the mountaintop just a short distance away.”

Eva’s naked hips rested against Jennifer’s asscheeks. Her screwing device was completely buried inside of Jen’s tight rectum. As a bead

of sweat swam down her forehead, Jen wedged her hands into the undersides of Roselyn’s knees. Her tongue pushed up against her labia,

making it hard for Roselyn to hold the book up, much less keep reading. With her eyes shut, Popi laid the book binder-up on her belly and her

fingers instinctively began running through the strands of Jennifer’s long, dark hair. The tip of her tongue pushed deep into her love-hole, as the

back of her tasting device rose up and massaged her clitoris with each movement.

From this point forward, Roselyn would always refer to Jennifer as “The One with the Talented Tongue”.

The heat from her mouth added to the intensity that her tasting device was stirring up. Roselyn felt a giant wave of pleasure building inside

of her between her thighs. The sexual electricity shot down her legs and into her feet. Then, in the matter of half a second, the force grew

more and charged into her belly, then her chest and then took two turns as it swirled through her extended arms. Her body was alive with

sensitivity and raw sexual lightning. After building up steam for a second, the wave shot back down her body and rocked her pussy through

orgasm as her back lifted off the couch in fulfillment.


With her belly rising and falling rapidly, Roselyn laid there with a blank expression on her face. No words could be uttered or listened to

in the state she was in currently. She couldn’t even feel that Jennifer was still lapping away between her legs. A trembling hand brushed

her hair out of her face as her eyes just gazed through the ceiling. Nothing mattered.

“Are you just gonna lay there or what?” a tired and sweaty Eva asked. Her skin glistened from the light in the room as she was still

pushing further into Jennifer’s asshole.

“Popi, are you okay? Earth to Popi!”

Roselyn’s stare was finally broken when Eva had grabbed the book from on top of her tummy and began reading it herself.

“The beautiful Princess came to the end of the tight crevice and twisted herself free. She looked around at the top of Mount

Longoria and the pathway she stood upon just circled around a cluster of giant rocks. This certainly did not look like the way

the top of the mountain was described in stories. There was no magic flying through the trees or any spring. Her body grew

weak at the thought of descending back down.

By now the jagged rocks and stiff brush had taken their toll on her clothing and body as well. The clothes hung tattered off of

one shoulder with the smallest amount of thread. The back was completely eaten away and open, her shoes had been lost

eons ago and her folded arms were the only thing holding up the rags that covered her frontage. The Princess had always been

ashamed and embarrassed of her body. While it was one of the worlds most incredible attractions, the teachings of her royal

parents, teachers and men of the cloth had always told her that displaying your body was of Satan’s greatest sinful

temptations. If you ever displayed your own body in such a manner, your eternal soul would be lost in darkness forever.

She had traveled this journey and had yet to find the Spring of Everlasting Fulfillment atop Mount Longoria. She had always

heard the talk around the courtyards about how if you didn’t make it to the top of Mount Longoria by nightfall, you would be lost

and haunt the top of the mountain forever. Here it was at the top and sun was quickly sinking into the earth.

The tears traveled down her cheeks in defeat. Her body was in such pain that the Princess just fell to her knees as everything

around her became engulfed in shadows. The twilight of her years was approaching and she accepted the inevitable. The dark

shadows distorted themselves closer and closer, becoming more hungry as they circled in to consume her. Her thoughts drifted

back to her childhood and how afraid she was of the dark in her bedroom. Her bed always protected her from the evil of demons

that lingered on the other side of the shadows. If she could only be back in her bed with her head on her pillow, she would be


The Princess, denying what she was told of her nude body by her peers, pulled the dirty clothing from her and folded it three times

to make a pillow of her own. She placed it on the dirt path and lay down with her head cradled in the center of the softness. Her

naked body shivered as the shadows spat their cold wind around her. Her last tear fell, filled with a lifetime of dreams and a wonder

about mysteries beyond the human mind. Her eyes closed tight as she whispered her last prayer.

The earth began to rumble about her. She was too frightened to even open her eyes as she though that this must be the end. Suddenly,

everything grew bright, the shadows disappeared and a warm wind flew through the air. The Princess’ eyes shot open and she saw

the violet magic swirling through the tree branches above. Her head flew up from the pillow and a smile came to her face. The circle of

rocks had transformed themselves into a small circle of brightly-lit, blue water. ‘The Spring!’ she said aloud.

The magic sparkled from the water and a thick fog hung about its surface. The Princess couldn’t believe her eyes as she slowly began

walking up the small set of steps that led her to the magical water. She reached the side and through the fog a pair of arms reached out

to welcome her. With its palms up, the mysterious arms began to speak.

‘Whosoever leaves their beliefs and teachings behind shall rest forever with a new mind into the waters of Mount Longoria!’

The sound of the voice could not only be heard but even felt. The Princess extended her arms and her hands clasped with the

voices’. Her feet entered the waters and every bruise or cut she received on her journey healed. The hands led her to the center

of the spring where she stood still. The world she just exited could not be seen anymore through the clouds. Her body was alive

and comforted as many more arms came about her and welcomed her into eternal ecstasy.”

Jennifer’s eyes opened back into the room as she gasped into a frenzied orgasm. The sounds of her sighs bounced off the

walls and echoed in her ears. Completely fulfilled her forehead fell onto the shoulder of Eva who wrapped her arms around her

with the deepest hug. Roselyn rested the side of her face on Jennifer’s bare back and moaned loudly as her arms as well

delivered a warm grasp around her stomach.

The three women rocked back and forth together until the hot water cooled from their bodies.

The Warmth of the Butterfly continues on……………………………………………..


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