The Art Of Fighting Ch 1: “Mind Over Matter”

Title: The Art Of Fighting Ch 1: “Mind Over Matter”

Author: LionClub

Celebs: Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato (appearance, no sex)

Codes: MF, oral, cons, anal tease, D/S, light Mdom

Disclaimer: This is not real, this was never real, this will never be real. It’s all stupid fantasy and no one referenced in this story actually acts how they are described. This is just a silly story written by a silly author and should not be taken as a statement of fact or realism. This story is also not intended for anyone under the age of 18.


Fighting isn’t natural. At least, it’s not natural anymore. At some point, humanity evolved to where it no longer needed to fight to survive, but we never lost the ability. Weirdly enough, fighting in the current era has become a sport. It was something millions of spectators tuned in to watch and thousands of fans showed up at arenas to see. For a very select few though, the few that could stomach the pain and destruction, it was a passion.

That was the case for Dominic Harper, a young MMA athlete who for years had been getting his ass beat until he finally committed to the art of fighting and started seeing results. When Dominic started his career, he thought it would be simple. “Walk into a bar, kick some fat dudes ass in a cage match, take home a thousand dollars” he remembered bragging to some friends one late night at a bar. He was young, foolish, and honestly stupid back then. That was 6 years ago, and now at the age of 29 he was being ushered into a last minute opening fight on the card of a UFC show.

Over the past year, his career had really taken off. It was all because he devoted himself to the sport. He had ditched his “punch hard and fast” strategy for something more technical, learning all different kinds of fighting styles and focusing more on nutrition and specific training than hardcore weight lifting. As he entered the cage, he looked around at the thousands of people standing to greet him. If he was being honest, none of them knew who he was considering it was a lower card bout, but something about the moment still seemed to justify all the hard work he’d done. Going through the pre fight rituals, Dominic knocked gloves with his opponent and stepped back to watch the fight.


Selena wasn’t exactly sure why she was even here tonight. Demi had dragged her to see her boyfriend’s cage fight, even though Selena absolutely detested the thought of cage fighting. She thought it immature, brutal, and just downright stupid. So what was she doing here? Being a good friend? She gave a heavy sigh as she watched some unknown bearded meat head rip off his shirt and prepare for his match.

“He’s kind of cute” Demi said, nudging Selena.

“Oh there’s absolutely no way…” she quickly responded, guiding the straw of her Diet Coke between her puckered red lips as she looked at the big screen and then down to the cage from their private box.

“What!?” Demi laughed and giggle, straining her eyes to see the name of the fighter. “I bet that Dominic could really help you unwind” she said, mostly doing it to annoy Selena.

“I would never date someone who fights for a living. Besides, he’s probably just some stupid meathead jock.” Selena confidently countered in a huff, knowing that Demi was just trying to annoy her.

“He is cute though…” Demi goaded her friend.

Selena was silent, rolling her eyes and taking another sip.

“Just admit he’s cute. Look at that beard, I know you love beards.” Demi pestered her, this time poking her friend.

“Ugh. Fine, yes. I do find beards incredibly attractive.” Selena finally relented.

“And he’s got blue eyes, I know you’ve got a thing for that…” Demi continued.

“How do you—” Selena was cut off before she could say anything.

“All I’m saying is he seems like the perfect guy for you.” Demi said with a laugh, basically mocking Selena now.

“I’m going home.” Selena exclaimed, lamenting at the fact that she had let Demi play her.

“No no no! I’ll stop, I promise!” Demi laughed and watched Selena roll her eyes, focusing back on the cage where this mystery “Dominic” fighter had just won with quick TKO. Selena winced as the large screen to the side of them showed the slow motion of his hand connecting with the face of the other fighter while knocking him out.


Later that night, Selena had been dragged to the back after Demi’s boyfriend finished his fight. Demi and Selena stood off far to the side while Demi’s man started his interviews with reporters.

From across the room, stitched and bandaged, Dominic saw Selena. He quickly did a double take as he was unsure if it was actually her. It was though, and seeing her leaning against the hallway was a sight for sore eyes. She looked completely disinterested in anything going on around in, in fact her eyes were sheepishly locked directly on her phone in her hands. He could pass up the opportunity to at least say hello.

“Excuse me, m’am?” Dominic said as he approached the two.

Selena sighed and lifted up her face to give a soft smile. Demi in the other hand looked like she was all too excited to see him.

“I’m sorry to interrupt but, I will probably never get the chance again, so I just wanted to say I really enjoy your music and I was honored to have you in the building tonight for my first fight in UFC…” he confidently said, giving a gentle wave as he stuck his hands into his pockets.

“Oh…” Selena said, pressing her lips together as if she was completely surprised at his ability to communicate. “Oh wow, um… thank you, that was so sweet. I mean, you’re welcome. And congrats?”

“I know this is way out of left field, but like I said I’m most likely never going to have this chance again so humor me…” he continued with a chuckle and a smile. “What are the odds that I could take you out for dinner next week?”

“Dinner… with you?” Selena stumbled through as she looked at Dominic and then at Demi. “Uh, well…” she stumbled through with a bit of an indignant laugh.

“She says yes!” Demi loudly exclaimed. “Pick her up from this address…” Demi said as she scribbled an address on a note and handed to him.

“Fantastic…” Dominic replied, taking the paper and stuffing it in his front coat pocket before smiling at Selena and leaving.

“Are you out of your fucking mind!?!” Selena said when he was far enough away.

“Selena come onnnnnn” Demi finally said through a long drawn out groan. “Just give him a chance. It’ll be a fun date with a guy you literally know nothing about.”

“He’s a fighter! I hate fighting! It’s the dumbest thing in world! What are we going to talk about!?!” Selena angrily proclaimed.

“Just try Selena. You need something new and exciting in your life….”


The time had come, and even though Selena wasn’t at all looking forward to it, she lamented and decided to go on the date. She dressed modestly, a bluish-green knee length dress that had a much tighter fit than she remembered. And as she opened the door to greet Dominic, she was surprised that he had actually cleaned up quite well for the evening. Judging him by his work, she had expected him to show up in a tank and jeans. She was wrong though, he actually had on a coat.

“Good evening” he said with a confident smile as he pulled a few roses from behind his back. “I know it’s incredibly cheesy, but when I was young my mother taught me that if I’m on a date with a girl who’s out of my league, bring her some roses.”

Selena genuinely giggled and blushed a bit. “That’s very sweet” she said, taking them in her hand and walking into the kitchen with him as she found a vase for her flowers. “I don’t remember the last time I got roses on a date.” Uh oh, she recognized that feeling inside of herself. Slowly her wall was being dismantled, even if it was brick by brick.

“I just thought it was a nice thing to do. I know going on some random date with some random guy can be intimidating, so if anything you got a free dinner and some roses.” Dominic shrugged, chuckling a bit as he followed her through her New York apartment and watched her put the flowers in their proper spot.

Selena didn’t have much of an answer, just a soft smile as she adjusted the flowers and determined where she would put them. Already though, the simple act took some edge off of her evening. Maybe he wasn’t a complete idiot or meathead, maybe he had some redeeming qualities. Still though, this guy got into fights for a living and that’s something she had no interest. Finally deciding where the flowers would go, she gave a satisfied sigh and turned around to her date.

“All ready… where are we going tonight?”


Selena was surprised, she was expecting the evening to happen one way and it was a completely different kind of night. At the moment she was sitting down at a table in Dominic’s apartment, high above the other side of town watching the rain roll down the windows of his living room.

“Wow…” Selena said, her eyes on the view above the city as he finished her meal.

“I thought this might be a little bit more personal…” he commented, finishing off the last bites of the meal he had prepared as he stood up and took her empty plate to the sink. “I figured you don’t often get to have an evening where people aren’t trying to get to you or take pictures of you or whatever… so I hope you like the solitude.”

“I do… I really do.” Selena calmly smiled at him as he approached her and topped off her wine glass. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course”

“This might come off rude, but I don’t mean it too. So I apologize in advance because tonight has been wonderful and I’m just…” she was rambling.

“It’s fine, I know… Ask the question” he said raising a hand as if to calm her thoughts.

“Alright… you’re a fighter…” Selena finally said.

“I guess that’s one way to put it…” Dominic chuckled, bringing his wine glass to his lips.

“Yeah, and yet you’re so… cultured. I mean you cooked a meal would knock a girl out of her socks, you’ve picked out the smoothest wine I’ve had in years, and just the mood of the evening…” Selena tried to get to her point. “I just.. I had an idea of the kind of person you were, and you’ve shattered all of that.”

“I guess that’s a good thing?” Dominic asked.

“Yeah it is…” Selena smiled, her attention turning to the window as the rain came down stronger and the lightning flashed in the background. “But… why do you fight?”

“Why?” Dom asked, setting down his drink a looking a bit confused by the question.

“Yeah, why do you fight?” she continued. “You’ve got a very successful business with your personal gym training, you seem to be doing quite well for yourself… why do you fight?”

“Well… this is going to sound really weird but…” Dom thought for a minute. “I’m a very dominant person…”

“What do you mean?” Selena asked, moving forward in her chair a bit as she grew interested in him.

“I just am a very dominant person. I like to be the one in power, the one in control, the one in charge. That’s just the person I am. And that kind of manifests itself in two ways… one if of course when I’m training and working out and in the ring… and the other is, well… it’s not a dinner table subject.”

“Sex” Selena said with a matter of fact tone and a gentle smile on her face.

“Exactly” he chuckled.

“How does being dominant ‘manifest itself’ when you’re having sex.” Selena giggled, sipping her drink once again.

“Well…” Dom grinned. “I know what I want and I know how to get it. I’m not afraid to take charge or tell a girl what to do.”

“I know a few girls who’d like that” Selena countered.

“Are you one of them?” Dom said quickly, a sly grin as he pushed Selena’s teasing back to her to have her flustered.

“So I know you fight…”

“It’s not actually considered fighting” Dominic interrupted.

“Oh..”Selena quickly corrected herself, worried she had over stepped her lines.

“I mean, in a way it is but it’s not like fighting in the street. It’s more a variety of martial arts and sparring and styles of combat. It’s more technical than just throwing punches and kicks.”

“I never really thought about it that way.” Selena said, intently listening.

“Yeah, I mean honestly most of it is mental. The ability to adapt your style to match the other persons. Years ago, when I thought it was just throwing punches and kicking, I had my ass handed to me every time I stepped in the cage. I mean, I was awful.”

“I saw you last weekend though, and you seemed to do pretty well…” Selena commented.

“Well it took a lot of training. I had to learn a lot of different styles of fighting. Most of all, I had to train myself to read people.” Dominic explained, causing Selena to lean her head in to listen to him.

“Read people?” she asked.

“Yeah…” Dominic continued. “Read people. That’s when I started winning my bouts. Part of it is reading a person as they’re walking down the ramp. Where are they holding their tension, what leg are they favoring, are their eyes holding their pain. And from there you put together a plan or strategy on how to attack. It’s very deep.”

“Uh-huh” Selena smirked, not ready to buy that just yet. “So you can pick up everything on someone just by looking at them?”

“I am pretty good at it” he proudly said, laughing a bit as he leaned back in his chair.

“Okay sherlock, read me….” she counters, leaning back in her chair as she sipped her wine.

“Are you sure?” Dominic said, leaning forward with a grin.

“Have at me, expose anything you think” Selena confidently said, almost certain that this was a hoax and she was going to expose him.

“Alright… if you say so…” Dominic took a moment to gather his thoughts. “Let’s start from when I arrived. The shake of your eyes when you saw me said that you were not expecting me to wear formal clothes, which means your view of me before having met was pretty low. Then the flowers, your shoulders relaxed when I gave them to you which tells me a man hasn’t shown up at your door with flowers for a very long time. You’re eyes glassed over, which means the flowers weren’t just a sentimental thing, they meant something more. Someone else in your life gave you flowers often and you miss them. You touched your left side before taking them, so I’m gonna take a wild guess and say it was your father who used to give you flowers.”

Suddenly Selena’s face dropped and she seemed to have that wall of expectation blow away. Every word he had just spoken was correct, he had read her like a book. He was exposing things that she was just coming to realize.

“Next, the way you ate dinner. You expected it to be some burnt to a crisp steak, but with every single chew you began to let the flavor actually come out. It wasn’t until halfway through that you realized that if you didn’t immediately swallow then more flavor would come out.”

Selena just saw there, her face obviously showing that she couldn’t hide anything.

“Lastly, you’re mind and your body are fighting.” Dominic said.

“Fighting?” Selena asked.

“Yes. I can read you Selena, you don’t have to hide it. You thought because for a living I ‘fight in a cage’ that I’m some kind of idiot. But the truth is, as the night goes on you’re finding out more and more about me. Now your body is telling you to spend the night, but your mind refuses to let go of the fact of what I do for a living.”

“I-uh..I…” Selena stammered, blushing as she knew herself all too well to know that she was feeling those things.

“But that’s okay, because I’m going to win over that mind of yours too. It just takes some more time.” He gave a soft smile.

Selena took a deep breath, all too amazed on everything that had been revealed. Finally she looked back up at him and relaxed himself. She giggled and rolled her eyes, trying to fight off her embarrassment that she couldn’t hide from him.

“Okay…” Selena said with a hint of a smirk. “You seem to know everything about me, tell me about yourself…”


Dominic had the next hour or so telling Selena about himself. His day job as a personal trainer, where he grew up, where he went to college, and especially his hobby in painting.

“Wait… you paint?” Selena said, choking down some of her wine in disbelief.

“Yes… is that shocking?”

“Let me see…” Selena said, rising to her feet unprepared with the bobble her body gave her due to an evening full of wine in her.

“Bedroom” Dominic said, pointing behind her as she took her glass in hand and entered.

Selena entered the bedroom of his apartment and tried not to let her jaw drop at his painting. In the corner was his stand and paints, a half filled canvas of the city skyline he had been working on. She took a stroll around the room and looked intently at each one.

“Wow…” Selena said.

“Seems to be the word of the night” he quickly responded as he let his hands slip into his pockets and then leaned against the door frame.

“These are incredible, Dominic” Selena said. She always enjoyed paintings and art, occasionally finding herself in museums and galleries when she had days off from touring. “And you did all of these?”

“Sure did…” he said with a confident chuckle, approaching her as he began to point out each one around his room. “That one was finished last year… and then the one next to it I finished a few months ago. Oh, the one over the bed took about a year of starting and stopping but I’m really happy with how it turned out.”

Selena could only appreciate the art around her, her body was on board with the evening and now her mind slowly began to open itself up. A small opening was all it needed though as she turned around into him and came chest to chest with him. Slowly looking up at Dominic, she felt her body lead her in the dimly lit bedroom as she pressed herself against him and pushed her lips towards him. Dominic followed, wrapping a rough hand around her waist which sent goosebumps down her back. She let her feelings and libations take control as she melted into him. There was a gentle roughness to his grip that urged her to keep kissing him. Selena set her wine glass down beside her and let her hands wrap themselves behind his neck, softly exhaling as she continued the kiss the man that she thought she would hate just a few hours ago. They continued, Selena slipping her delicate tongue into his mouth as she tasted him. Her mind was melting away all inhibition of him with every passing second as Dominic’s hand reached the small of her back and pulled her closer. Pressed up against him even more, she felt a mixture of safeness and the sensation of being overpowered. She felt safe in his arms, but the feeling that at any moment he could have his way with her and she’d be powerless to do anything about it made her legs quiver under her dress. Pulling back from the kiss, she caught her breath and gave him a look that even the most uneducated man could understand.

“I know that look…” Dominic grinned as she shook her head and turned around.

Instantly catching on, Dominic pulled the long zipper down her back until the dress finally fell off her body. Pressing herself back against his lips, she pulled him closer to the bed until finally she fell on her back and he fell on top of her. On his bed Selena lay in nothing but a matching soft pair of black lace panties as she kicked off her heels in a frenzy. Her body lit up as it begged to be released from its confinement, almost screaming out for her bra and thong to be removed from her body so that it could be free. Selena’s lips and hands couldn’t keep off of him, instantly tugging at the buttons on his shirt while he passionately kissed at her neck. After a few brief moments of Selena struggling, she finally pushed his shirt back to reveal his bare chest. She groaned at the sight of his fit body and instantly had her hands clamoring to grasp it. She’d never in her life been with a man so muscular, and the thought of having him take her was building a fire inside of her. Dominic returned his lips to hers, and Selena responded with a fierce groan as her soft hands placed themselves on the side of his face and pulled him deeper into the kiss. No words needed to said, both knew exactly when and where to touch.

“Bra” Dominic ordered, a stern tone that sent a stern shock up her spine as Selena rose up from off her back. She was starting to understand exactly what he meant when he said he was dominant.

She had prepared to take it off herself, but before she could even get her hands to her back he had reached around and unlatched her strap from its place. There was something sensual about a man who could get a woman out of her clothes quickly. He pushed her back against the bed, this time his lips fell to her neck and then dipped to her chest. Taking a breast in his hands, her locked his lips around a budding nipple and swirled his tongue around it.

“Yesssssssss!” Selena hissed, her back arching to the sensation.

Her soft brown nipple rose with every swirling, budding as Dominic’s tongue danced over it and then finally flicked against its tip. Then came the other one and Selena’s back raised even higher off the mattress. Having a man worship her breasts like this was something she had missed. Selena knew she had an incredibly body, she knew men all over would give their first child to have a minute in bed with her, but to have someone actually treat her like it was something she had never found. And the fact that Dominic hadn’t concerned himself with his own pleasure at all yet showed her how much he thought of her. By now, other men that she had been with would have been begging her to suck them or trying to ram inside of her. Selena was enjoying having a man focus on her. Suddenly she felt a shift and his body started to shift downwards. His lips latched themselves onto her toned stomach and his tongue tasted around her belly until finally she felt his tongue and lips nipping at the edge of her panty line.

“Pleassssseeee” she whined, her fingers entangling themselves with his hair as she lifted up her hips to urge him to pull her panties off.

Her begging was instantly rewarded, Dominic’s hands slipped up her side and withdrew her panties down her legs to leave her completely bare. It had been quite sometimes since a man had put themselves down between her legs and as she felt his tongue draw itself upon her shaved area, she felt her body crave pleasure in a way she’d hadn’t felt in a long time. She adjusted her legs, spreading themselves wider to give him better access.

“Whats your record?” Dominic said before snaking his tongue against her pussy.

“Wh-aaaaaah…. What?” she gasped, her words interrupted by the sensation of his tongue invading her lips.

“Your record… what’s your record for most orgasms in a night.”

“Uh… One, like a normal human being.” Selena said with a hint of a giggle, her eyes looking down as she cooed at his oral invasions.

“Well you’re getting three tonight” Dominic confidently said as his returned his tongue to darting inside of her wetness.

Before she could even say anything or object her grip tightened around his hair and she felt her legs quiver beneath her. His tongue has traced itself upwards and now had begun to circle her clit which caused Selena to let out a loud raspy groan. She could get used to this. Having a man focus completely on her and allow her to focus completely on her pleasure was something she desperately needed. So she allowed her body to relax from the tension and enjoy it. Flicking his tongue gently against her button, Dominic left no part of her body untouched. To him it was like painting, gentle strokes had to be precise and more brazen strokes were saved for more intense events. Selena was his canvas, and he intended on painting a masterpiece of her. Stroking back and forth, occasionally dipping his tongue into her pussy to taste her wetness, was all rhythm to him. His hands moved out from under her now though and took a firm grasp of her perk tits. He wasted little time with those as his thumb and index finger swiped against her nipples.

“Keep… keep going…”Selena pleaded, as if he would stop.

He had no intention though. And as her breathing became heavier and more rigid with each passing minute of his oral assault between her legs he knew she was getting close. In fact, he could tell that she was trying to hold on and not let herself cum so quickly. He thought it was cute. For all the walls that Selena put up, Dominic could tell everything about her that she didn’t want him to find out. Most of all, he could tell that she was addicted to pleasure and that she craved it. He was a pleaser, and she loved being pleased. She was fighting him, trying to make herself more composed than being able to cum almost immediately. He was going to win though. He gave a strong pinch to her nipples which caused her to stop fighting her body for a second. Almost instantly he heard her yelp.

“C-c-c…cumming!” Selena cried, howling a groan as the smallest amount of pain was introduced.

It was just a quick pinch, and Dominic had intended it to be more of a ‘quit fighting it’ action. It seemed though that Selena needed that to get over the edge. Selena hit her orgasm like a wave taking over her body, her legs quivering from pleasure as her chest went rigid and struggled to breathe. She felt him lapping up between her legs and as she came down from her orgasm, she felt his tongue jolt against her swollen and sensitive clit.

“Fuck! Me!” She exclaimed, feeling a jolt of uncomfortable and sensitive pleasure radiate through her thighs. “Sorry, very sensitive” she apologized with a long gasp.

“That’s one…” Dominic smirked, crawling back up to Selena’s face and kissing her forehead.

“An incredible one…” Selena breathed heavy. “Kiss me…”

Before Dom could even respond, Selena had pulled him to her and slipped her tongue between his lips. She wanted to taste herself, and the honey of her pot was still on his tongue and lips as she groaned through another kiss. This time she rolled onto him, her small body feeling dwarfed by it as Dominic undid his pants and pushed them down himself. It was then that Selena caught a glimpse of his dick which caused her to grin and bite her lip as she pressed her forehead against his.

“Ready for that second one” she whispered to him as she felt him place himself slowly inside of her. “Oh fuuuucccccckkkk….”

The air felt like it was being pressed out of her with every inch he shifted inside of her pussy. It didn’t take much effort either, her pussy was already well lubricated between her cum and his saliva. His hands rested on her hips as she felt her body open up to him.

“Hard or soft?” He whispered to her.

“Hard. I definitely like it hard. OH!” She yelped, feeling him swat her ass roughly and grip it’s lushness. “Yeah… yeah like that.” Selena whimpered through gritted teeth and a grin.

Selena began to buck her hips up and down, feeling her pussy encase his dick as she rode him. Almost instantly she let her hands travel up to her hair and throw her head back in pleasure as the grin hung on her face. Nothing made her happier than having a thick cock inside of her. Even more so, she could tell that Logan was experienced enough to let her set the pace and position. So Selena let herself ride as Dominic’s hands expired her bronzed body. Her skin was smooth and delicate, as opposed to the rough and chiseled skin on Dominic’s.

“Oh baby, give it to me gooood!” Selena whined, biting her lip and placing her hands firmly into in his chest as she twerked hips back and forth.

Dominic gave her a solid slap on the ass which caused Selena to moan as she locked eyes with the man fucking her. His hands now slipped up to her breasts and began to tweak her nipples again, providing yet another sensation for her to absorb as she noded her head in pleasure. There was an intensity, but it was far from an aggressive ride for Selena as she rocked her hips back and forth almost to a beat like the music from one of her songs. Gently biting her lip, she continued to rock, her throbbing clit sliding against his toned waist. And when she could no longer take that sensation she moved her knees and began to bounce up and down, impaling herself with his dick.

“Give it to me, Dominic. Fuck me!” Selena squealed with delight, unabashed and unashamed of her desires while her hips crashed down onto the man that had taken her to bed.

Most appealing about Dominic to Selena though were his hands. They were rough and coarse, obviously from his fighting and boxing. What Selena’s body craved though was that rough feeling of a man’s grip on her smooth hips as his hands cascaded from the sides of her tight tummy to the bones of her hips. Even her hip bone could feel the roughness of his hands. One of his hands slipped up her body now, and while she fully expected it to return to its previous location of her bouncing breast, it instead slipped around her throat and to the back of her neck. In an instant she felt his strength pull her into a brutal kiss and lock her in. Never before had someone used this kind of strength on her. Even though she was on top of him, he had found a way to pin him. She was unable to move her hips in this position though, she soon found out that wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

With a strong hand on the back of her neck, Dom kept her locked in a kiss as their tongue entangled with each other. With his other hand he steadied her and began to push deeply into her. On the first thrust Selena felt her breath fade from her body as he reached a deep cavern of pleasure within her that had never explored. That wasn’t all though, Selena soon felt him thrusting back into the deep location. And with him pinning her against her all she could do was moan through their kiss.

“MM! MMM! MMM! MMMMMM!!” Selena whimpered through an occupied mouth, feeling her mind escape her with each and every thrust.

As his thrusting picked up speed, she felt a warm sensation overtake her body as she cried out into his mouth. For the second time tonight, Selena was on the edge of an orgasm and this one seemed to be emanating from deep within her. Yet Dominic wouldn’t let go of her in this position, instead his grip tightened every time Selena tried to nudge her way out of him. And with every passing moment he increased his thrusting until finally Selena reared up with a large wind of breath. Her vision went white, her pussy went tight, and she experienced what felt an entire warm bath dashing from her stomach and out her pussy as her body shook with pleasure.

“Fuuu-uuu-uuuuck-k-k-k….” Selena roared in a rasp, every word and motion in her body being controlled for these few moments by her pleasure and not by her own will.

For what felt like an entire lifetime, but was actually only about a minute, Selena just sat there. Every nerve on fire, her body rebooting after the amount of deep pleasure it had just experienced, her vision slowly returning, and her mind seemingly returning to a normal state from what seemed like an intergalactic travel. For a solid minute, Selena felt like she was at peace with the universe while her orgasm rebooted her entire body. Sitting there on Dominic, his dick still inside her, her body twitching with every minute movement the two created, she felt almost primal.

Then the feeling started to fade. A large breath into her lung welcomed her back into the world she felt like she left. She was still naked, and in a weird way embarrassed as she blushed at Dominic who was looking up at her. With a blushing smile she shook her head and the rolled off of him.


“Mmmhmmm” Selena let escape from her lips, rolling to his side and giving him a soft kiss on the lips.

“You seem happy” Dominic chuckled.

“I… feel good…” Selena giggled as she closed her eyes. The strongest liquor couldn’t compare to the high she was feeling after her second of the night.

“One more to go” he said, as if he was ready to get to work.

“Just let me enjoy this for a few more moments…” Selena responded, moving to snuggle up beside him as she forced his arm around her.

Selena put her head on his chest. The feeling of having a strong man wrap his arms around her was something she missed, and in what had been a purely sexual night up until this point had now turned into something much deeper. She felt safe. Safe in his arms, safe in the way he held her, safe in the way he looked at him.

“How have you not… you know…” Selena finally said, her hand snaking down his body to grip his thoroughly lubricated cock. She slipped her hand up and down it, feeling the wetness she had left on him as it soaked into his skin.

“I wanted to focus on you” he said, removing a strand of hair that had been caught in the front of her face.

“Hmmmm…” she moaned before letting out a content sigh. He probably couldn’t see it, but while nuzzling deeper against him she smiled at the thought that this man wanted to focus completely on her. He made her feel special.

Selena took time to just enjoy the moment, and for all she could tell Dominic was enjoying the moment as well as his hands slipped through her sweaty dark hair and brushed his fingertips on her scalp. Inhaling yet again, she savored the way he smelled this time. The husky aroma of his body mixed with the scent of pure sex that the sheets had absorbed. It was intoxicating to her.

Was she really falling for him? What was supposed to be a completely joke of a night had quickly and passionately become something much deeper. It wasn’t just about the sex though. Sure, the last hour Selena had spent in bed with him had caused her body to feel things it had long forgotten, but this was more the way she could tell he earnestly cared about her. Selena thought about this as she watched his chest rise up and down with breath through the light of the moon peering through the windows. Was she really falling for him, or was she just “cock drunk” for him.

“Maybe I can focus on you for a bit…” Selena said through a soft sigh as she found herself rolling over onto his body.

Slowly and gently she kissed around his neck, inhaling his scent yet again as she left out a groan of delight. Her tongue swirled and swivel around tender spots on his neck before dancing itself way down to his chest. Selena took a moment to claw her nails at his chiseled pecs, her tiny hands getting lost in the size of his upper body. He was the biggest guy she’d ever been with, in more ways than one, but most notability in the prime physique he kept his body. Moving down further, Selena left her tongue dance through the lines of his abs on his stomach. Dominic let out a long and warm purr as he felt her velvet tongue smooth itself against his rough skin. Swirling it southward though, Selena felt his body tense up as she breathed a breath of warm air across his pelvis and kiss just above the small patch of skin above his cock.

Now on of her hands took a dedicated and firm grip around the base of his shaft, softly stroking it as she looked up at him. Raising up her head, she placed her full pink lips to the head of his dick and gave it a delicate kiss. Dominic roared, arching his back as he pushed his hips forward. Selena didn’t retreat though, she let him push the head of his cock into her mouth as she grown and gave it a swirl with her tongue.

“Mmmmmm….” Selena groaned, tasting him for the first time as the flavor of her cum on his cock entered her mouth.

Unlike others she had been with, his flavor was sweeter than salty. She’d read in some women’s magazine that eating and drinking pineapple caused this, and she wondering if it was a part of his diet. And while usually she would just push past the taste when pleasuring a man, she actually found herself enjoy it this time as she took more and more of him into her mouth.

“Guuuuh!” Selena gasped, instantly becoming very aware that she wasn’t going to be able to fit his entire dick in her mouth, at least not in this position.

While this saddened Selena, who wanted to give Dominic the same kind of pleasure that he gave her, it didn’t seem to sadden Dom who was rolling his body at her touch. Selena’s hands more than made up for anything missed by her mouth.

“I’ve never had a girl use her mouth on me after my dicks been inside her” he said, using a hand to stroke her hair.

“Mmmm!” Selena moaned, having completely forgotten that less than five minutes had gone by since she had cum her brains out on the dick that was currently pushing into her mouth.

She didn’t think much of it, if anything the thought of tasting her on his dick only awoke her body again to another round of pleasure. It made her feel dirty, and something about feeling dirty always made Selena feel good. Stroking him with more force now, Selena lobbed a healthy amount of spit onto his cock and pulled off of it. She wanted to try something. While continuing to jack him off, she pressed her lips to his balls and began to lap her tongue against him. Almost instantly she heard a response.

“ hell!” Dominic responded loudly. Roaring up off his back as he opened his eyes to the sight of Selena Gomez licking his sack while jacking him off.

After what he had made her feel, she wanted him to feel the same. So continuing on, Selena dabbed her tongue against his sack and jacked him off with more intensity. At one point she even let out a loud groan as she slobbered her lips against his balls. It wasn’t that she even liked doing this, but she felt the need the please him and if this was what sent him over the edge than she was more than happy to do it. After delivering a fresh glob of saliva into his dick, she heard him breathe out the word “cumming!” Selena groaned a hiss of delight and continued on dabbing her tongue against his sock for a few seconds before moving her mouth to the tip of his dick.

“Mmmmmmm!” She purred, feeling his cum blast into her mouth as she sucked him dry.

Her eyes were locked on Dominic, watching him thrash in pleasure as she used both of her hands to pull the cum out of his dick. After swallowing his load, she lowered her mouth as much as she could around his cock and swirled her tongue to clean off anything that had dropped down his shaft. After spending a healthy amount of time cleaning him off, she popped off of him with a giggle and then smiled.

“That was incredible” Dominic gasped, running his hands through his beard and over his face.

“You like having your balls played with…” Selena said with a giggle. “I’ll remember that for next time.”

Next time? Would there even be a next time? She hasn’t even thought about this as more than some kind of one night stand but even after she said the words he mind reminded her what he did and that she could never be with someone so brutal. Sure he may have been a personal trainer, but that was the supplement a consistent income. And it’s not like he introduced himself as a trainer who just so happened to fight, it was the other way around. But the emotional side of Selena’s mind was filled with pleasure she watched Dominic slump against a pillow with a wide grin on his face. The part of her that yearned to please the men she had feelings for lit up as she watched him smile, knowing that she had done well. She now lay on her stomach with her ass swaying a bit and her elbows against the bed as she looked up at him.

“I believe you said something about ‘three times’…” she said with a grin, biting her lip in anticipation as she raised her eyebrows.

“I believe I did…” Dominic responded with a chuckle. “Ready for the third?”

“I am!” Selena said, a hint of glee in her voice. “How do you want me?”

Oh the answers he could give to that. ‘On your knees and covered in my cum’, ‘with my dick in your ass’, and ‘watching another another girl suck my cum out of your twat’ were all perfectly acceptable answers.

“Actually, like that is fine.” He chose to say, rolling to his knees. Swinging a leg across her ass, he looked down at his view as Selena turned her head back to him. “Do you trust me?”

“Do I trust you?” She asked, nervousness slightly in her voice as she tried to figure out what he was gonna do.

“Simple question, this only works if you trust me.” Dom said matter of factly before slipping a finger into her pussy. At this angle, it was easy for him to slowly start circling her G-spot.

“Mmmm…. yesssss….” Selena muttered, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the soft wave of pleasure that came with having her spot stimulated.

Smirking with delight, Dom started to put pressure on her spot as he fucked her. Selena, with her face to the side and lying as if she was receiving a massage, tried to keep her mind clear and focus on the pleasure. That wasn’t that difficult of a job considering she felt a warm and glowing feeling soothing her body as she felt herself being turned on for the third time tonight. There something something special about a man who could pleasure a woman in many different kinds of way. And the fact that Dom always seemed to have a trick up his sleeve made her want to stay in bed with him as long as she could keep him pinned down. She focused back to the idea that she was being pleased by him, and that very rarely came with other lovers. She had been with selfish lovers who took more than they gave, but Dominic seemed to want to give her all the pleasure she could handle… then she felt it…

“Oh….” she clenched her teeth as she felt the intrusion of his finger gently pressing against her hole.

“I’ll go slow… trust me, you’re gonna like it.” He whispered back to her, fucking her harder against her inside spot as his other fingers moved along the outside of her asshole.

“Yes…” Selena simply whimpered, raising her ass to be played with as if she wanted more.

“You like your ass played with?” He asked with a hint of surprise.

“So much…” Selena gasped as she felt his saliva drip onto her hole to lubricate the area. “You have no idea how much I love it…”

What a surprise, Dom thought. After giving her back hole a proper rubdown, he slipped a fat finger into her ass and began to fuck it. This double penetration caught Selena to shove her head into the pillow and let out a guttural yelp of pleasure.With that intrusion over, she began to feel exactly what he had been telling her she’d feel. Soon enough Selena found herself short of breath as her body fought against the very thing it craved. The pleasure of him finger fucking her g-spot and ass, being in complete control of her emotions and pleasure kept building up. Selena felt like she couldn’t find a release valve for it though, that the pleasure and sensation would keep building until she finally just exploded or passed out. Finally she realized what he was doing.

“Please…” she begged, eyes clenched and jaw hanging open.

“Please what?” He asked her, amused that she was catching on.

“Please let me cum!” Selena whimpered, almost sounding like she was about to cry.

“Beg me” He responded, an almost forceful tone behind his voice.

“Please let me cum!!” Another yell from Selena as she gasped for breath. “I just want to cum, you’re gonna make me go insane. What do you want baby? I’ll let you do anything. Fuck my face, fuck my pussy, fuck my ass! Anything for you baby, just please let me cum!”

“Anything?” Dom asked with a hint of a grin.

“Anything baby, say the fucking word.” Another yelp of pleasure went up as she felt Dom raise the stakes and get her closer to the edge.

“Call me Daddy”

Selena felt a tingle rush up her spine as she was completely intoxicated by the thought. She realized it now, she was being dominated and a large part of her loved every second of it. It didn’t take long for her mind, body, and even part of her soul to explore the fantasy.

“Let me cum, daddy. Fuck that pussy, you make me feel so good!” Selena clenched her teeth, feeling him respond positively. “Yes daddy yesssss! I’m such a slut for you right now, make me cum and I promise I’ll be the best little slut you’ve ever had!”

And then it hit her, a gushing and crashing wave of euphoric pleasure like she had never experienced in her lifetime. The entire sensation shut her body off from every outside stimulation. Her breathing stopped, her vision went blurry, and her muscle tightly contracted and then gave way to a relaxation she’d never felt.

“Fuck” Selena cried, like she had stubbed her toe and was quietly trying to hold it it, but all the energy was leaving her body.

A sparkling started at the very tips on her toes and then faded up her legs and over her back until it caught in her lungs. She exhaled, feeling a warm liquid spray across her legs as she came. She was squirting, she didn’t even know she could do that. She wanted to look back and apologize but her jaw hung open and the only thing that came from her lips were raspy groans of primal pleasure in pulsing succession. It wasn’t going away though. Like most other orgasms she had, especially tonight, they hung around for a few moments and then reset her body. This one though was unlike any other she had experienced. It wasn’t going away, and it seemed as if as long as Dom kept rubbing within in and finger fucking her ass it wouldn’t subside. That amount of constant pleasure seemed to fry her brain, she quickly found herself wishing she could just melt into a puddle.

Short breaths and loud gasps, twitching and quivering, an unimaginable amount of cum splashing from her pussy. If she could move she would have rolled away when her body could take no more, but in this position she had been pinned down by Dom. It was part of his brilliance. She felt herself fading though, he wasn’t letting her come down from the mountain of pleasure and eventually she’d fall from it. Her body couldn’t stop shaking and quaking. Still breathing short breathes and every inch of muscle quivering, she felt the peak of pleasure for what felt like a lifetime before her vision started to fade from exhaustion. Soon enough, she passed out when she could no longer handle it.

Dom had kept her eyes on Selena the entire time, knowing exactly how long to drive her and when to pull out of her. At the moment she saw the lights in her eyes extinguish and fade to sleep, he pulled out and smiled. It was a good move he had learned. Quite honestly, Selena didn’t hang in there that long. Other girls he’d done that to had taken a while before they passed out, most didn’t pass out at all. Still though, it was cute to see Selena’s naked body passed out on his bed. He quickly grabbed a towel, wiped down her legs to remove the copious amount of cum and juice that had sprayed from within in, and even picked her up to move her to the correct part of the bed. She would out though, a content smile on her face as he placed her in the bed and covered her with the blanket.

A night well done.


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